Media Analyst submits Amicus Curiae Brief in Sandy Hook Soto v Bushmaster Show Trial

February 2, 2017:10:30 PM ET
Contact: Will Shanley 475-655-4575
Media Analyst Files Motion to Submit Amicus Curiae Brief in Sandy Hook Made-for-TV Massacre Soto v Bushmaster Show Trial Now Before Connecticut Supreme Court
Media Analyst Will Shanley today filed the attached motion in the Connecticut Supreme Court.
“In analyzing any system, we look at the largest possible context, and at Sandy Hook, that would be the evacuation of 469 students from Sandy Hook Elementary School on the day of the massacre, December 14, 2012,” Mr. Shanley said. “The only problem is there are only two official photos of the evacuation that day, one which we can prove was staged, and videotapes from three Connecticut State Police car dashcams that show no evacuation, all of which are from Connecticut States Attorney Stephen A. Sedensky’s official report.”
Shanley went on to say:
“Today I filed this motion to submit an amicus curiae brief in Soto v Bushmaster now before the Connecticut Supreme Court which proves Sedensky’s official report of the Sandy Hook Massacre to be entirely fraudulent.”
Mr. Shanley refers recipients of this news release to his attached motion.
For further information, or questions about the motion, contact Will Shanley


Docket # FBTCV156048103S (# SC 19832)
Docket # FBTCV156048103S (# SC 19833)
Comes now, William Brandon Shanley, not a lawyer, but a son of Connecticut, a Son of God, a Citizen Advocate, a filmmaker, broadcast journalist, editor of books on Quantum Science, and media analyst with forty years’ experience analyzing pseudo-events in U.S. Presidential Elections and Mass Events with a Motion to Submit an Amicus Curiae Brief in the above-captioned case.
Shanley Background 
Mr. Shanley’s relevant background includes making the documentary feature, The Made-for-TV Election starring Martin Sheen (1986), which introduced a new paradigm in news analysis by isolating the role of 33 television-based, pseudo-events in the outcome of the tectonic Carter-Reagan-Anderson election of 1980; media analysis work for CNN Executive Management analyzing CNN, MSNBC and Fox News Channel coverage of the 1996 Presidential Election, the TWA 800 Explosion, Olympic Park Bombing, and numerous other mass news events; knowledge of news gathering and writing since he first began working in Connecticut radio in 1967 at age 16; writing news at CNN post-9/11 and during the launch of the War in Afghanistan; and, as an editor of popular books on the most advanced physical theories, Quantum Physics, published in English, German and Japanese. (For more detail, see Shanley Credits.)
[Note: Mr. Shanley hastens to add he is not a gun advocate, does not own a gun and when he was first interviewed about Sandy Hook by Huk Magazine, on December 19, 2012, he believed the “official story,” citing the concentration of guns in America as having given rise to the event.
For additional background information about Mr. Shanley’s efforts to expose the “Sandy Hook Massacre” as Fake News, see Mr. Shanley’s letter to US House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Government Reform and the US Senate Committee of Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. While the letter asserts there is no physical evidence to support the government narrative known as the “Sandy Hook Massacre,” alternatively, the letter does contain a plethora of physical evidence to support his assertion that the “tragedy” is actually a series of pseudo-events, or simulations, which once publicized by “news” organizations, took on a life of their own. This evidence is in the form of exhibits from Mr. Shanley’s lawsuits filed in US District Court in 2014 against news media for fraud, terrorism and obstruction of justice for co-producing the psy-op with criminal elements in the Obama, Malloy and Newtown governments.]
Shanley Claim: No Jurisdiction
It is Mr. Shanley’s assertion that State’s Attorney Stephen J. Sedensky III’s official report is a work of fiction, an artifice designed to defeat the Public’s Right to Know, to corrupt jurisprudence and to subvert the Constitutions of the United States of America and the State of Connecticut in a blatant effort to shackle the Second Amendment.
Incredibly, Mr. Sedensky provides no evidence to posit that a crime was even committed at Sandy Hook Elementary School: no causal nexus, no names of victims, no birth or death certifications, no ages, articles of clothing, no school records, no documentary records of any kind proving the victims are real or that they are actually children of the plaintiffs seeking damages in this case. By failing to provide prima facie evidence sufficient to posit that a crime was committed at SHES, and that the evidence (Mr. Sedensky’s Report) is not what it purports to be, there is no criminal jurisdiction for the courts to hear this case, and the court has no other choice than to dismiss the Plaintiffs’ complaint.
As it relates to authentication, this section operates in conjunction with Section 1-1 (d) (2) and Article IX of the Code. The preliminary issue, decided by the court, is whether the proponent has offered a satisfactory foundation from which the finder of fact could reasonably determine that the evidence is what it purports to be. The court makes this preliminary determination in light of the authentication requirements of Article IX. Once a prima facie showing of authenticity has been made to the court, the evidence, if otherwise admissible, goes to the fact finder, and it is for the fact finder ultimately to resolve whether evidence submitted for its consideration is what the proponent claims it to be. State v. Carpenter, 275 Conn. 785, 856–57, 882 A.2d 604 (2005); State v. Colon, 272 Conn. 106, 188–89, 864 A.2d 666 (2004); State v. Shah, 134 Conn. App. 581, 593, 39 A.3d 1165 (2012).
In his official report of the Shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School and 36 Yogananda Street, Newtown, Connecticut, December 14, 2012, State’s Attorney Stephen J. Sedensky III seeks “to identify the person or persons criminally responsible for the twenty-seven homicides that occurred in Newtown, Connecticut, on the morning of December 14, 2012, to determine what crimes were committed, and to indicate if there will be any state prosecutions as a result of the incident.” (page 1)
Mr. Sedensky continues:
“On the morning of December 14, 2012, the shooter, age 20, heavily armed, went to Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES) in Newtown, where he shot his way into the locked school building with a Bushmaster Model XM15-E2S rifle. He then shot and killed the principal and school psychologist as they were in the north hallway of the school responding to the noise of the shooter coming into the school. The shooter also shot and injured two other staff members who were also in the hallway… In the course of his rampage the shooter committed a number of crimes in violation of our Connecticut Penal Code. The most significant are those where lives were taken and people were physically injured. In Sandy Hook Elementary School, the crime of Murder under Special Circumstances, in violation of C.G.S. Sec. 53a-54b, was committed twenty-six times and Attempted Murder under Special Circumstances in violation of C.G.S. Secs. 53a-49 and 53a-54b was committed twice as it relates to the two individuals who were shot by the shooter and survived. The crime of Murder in violation of C.G.S. Sec. 53a-54 was committed by the shooter in killing his mother.” (page 3)
Astonishingly, despite his claims, Mr. Sedensky provides no evidence any of this actually happened.
No Causal Nexus between Bushmaster and Bullets
In his official report, Mr. Sedensky fails to present a causal nexus between the Bushmaster and the bullets and thus fails to prove that said crimes were committed by the “shooter.” Further, there are no fingerprints or DNA linking the shooter and the Bushmaster.
Mr. Sedensky cites twenty six homicides with the Bushmaster, however, on page 37, in footnote 53, Mr. Sedensky states:
“No positive identification could be made to any of the bullet evidence submissions noted … … in 5.56 mm caliber. The physical condition of the bullet jacket surfaces were severely damaged and corroded. They all lacked individual striated marks of sufficient agreement for the identification process. The test fires also exhibited a lack of individual striated marks on the bullet surface for comparison purposes. This condition can be caused by fouling in the barrel of the rifle and the ammunition itself. The Bushmaster rifle cannot be eliminated as having fired the 5.56 caliber bullet evidence examined,” quoting from the 6/19/13 Forensic Science Laboratory report.” 
In other words, even though Mr. Sedensky states that “The Bushmaster rifle cannot be eliminated as having fired the 5.56 caliber bullet evidence examined,” ballistics tests do not show a match between the Bushmaster and the more than 150 bullets. Hence, there is no proven link between the bullets, the purported weapon and the alleged shooter. Without a causal nexus, there is insufficient evidence that “the shooter” committed twenty-six “homicides” with the Bushmaster.
No Victim Names, Ages, Birth Certificates, Death Certifications, or evidence the “victims” even existed.
We will show that the official report does not contain the names, ages, birth certificates, death certifications, articles of clothing, school records, photos, family photos, or any other evidence that  20 children were the victims of homicide on December 14, 2012. Moreover, we will show how the photographs that have been circulated by news media of “victim families” have been “Photoshopped,” and the one death certification that has been presented, that of Noah Pozner, is an obvious fake. Why would it be necessary to mock up family photos and fake a birth certificate if these “families” were real?
No Grand Jury, No Indictment, No Coroner’s Inquest, No Jury, No Trial, No Conviction, and a Made-for-Media Verdict!
With Mr. Sedensky’s report, we are literally thrust “through the looking-glass” into the Court of the Red King and Queen of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, wherein the foul-tempered Red Queen, always in a blind fury, is quick to give death sentences at the slightest offense, “Off with their heads!”— a verdict before the trial!
In his official report, Mr. Sedensky, a prosecuting attorney, usurps the role of both judge and jury, and declares the case to be “closed.” Mr. Sedensky’s claim is such an obvious perversion of jurisprudence that we are astonished that none of Connecticut’s great jurists, newspapermen or women, news broadcasters, academics, or civic leaders have gone on record since its publication three years to object to this obvious miscarriage of justice by Mr. Sedensky — clearly an act of tyranny.
Could it be that the plan of the Sandy Hook conspirators from the beginning was to corrupt our Constitutional Separation of Powers and Checks and Balances between the executive, legislative, judicial and fourth estate to achieve their goals? To subvert the People’s Right to Know? To invert the Golden Rule, “Love thy neighbor as thyself,” causing neighbors to distrust another far and wide by spreading a pathology of fear?
What Really Happened?
So what really happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES) on December 14, 2012? And why were no med-evac helicopters called to the slaughter of 20 children and 6 adults, why were EMTs turned away from the bloodbath, why were emergency protocols set aside and drill protocols used instead, and why can no one in officialdom tell us who cleaned up the blood and human carnage?
“Nature Does Not Lie”
As the late, renowned physicist Richard Feynman has said, “Nature does not lie.”
But people do.
And as much as we would wish it to be otherwise, unfortunately, we recognize that government officials and news media have a long history of lying to the public and conspiring to devise pseudo-events, or Fake News, to deceive the public – the Warren Report on the JFK Assassination, the Gulf of Tonkin Attacks leading to the Vietnam War, 9/11 WTC Bombings, and Weapons of Mass Destruction – are but a few examples of official lies and deceits that have cost America and the world trillions of dollars and millions of lives.
As such, to grow and learn, we must finally recognize that “authority does not equal truth,” but you wouldn’t know this from watching or reading mainstream (MSM) news in Connecticut, in America, or much of the world, where only an official, monolithic, mechanistic point-of-view is allowed.
As such, in our Amicus Curiae Brief we will rely on physical evidence including photographs, videotape, internet records, and documents to prove to the Court what is real and what is fake.
DHS-FEMA-DESPP Drill at SHES December 13-14, 2012
In our Amicus Curiae Brief, we will provide overwhelming evidence that the Sandy Hook Massacre was actually a Department of Homeland Security – Federal Emergency Management – Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection exercise in which no one died. Evidence supporting this claim includes:
1)    the Federal Emergency Management “Site Activation” Manual for a “single shooter, mass casualty” exercise at SHES December 13-14, 2012;
2)    evidence the school was abandoned after 2008 for biohazards and failure to meet ADA requirements;
3) a photo of the staging of the “official” Connecticut State Police photo of children being evacuated from the school to get “the best shot” that screamed from front pages and TV screens everywhere, terrorizing the world;
4) dashcam videos from three Connecticut State Police (CTSP) cars parked in the SHES parking lot showing no evacuation, contradicting officially “authenticated” 911 and CTSP communications;
5) the “Bible of Sandy Hook,” Nobody Died At Sandy Hook, James H. Fetzer and Mike Palecek, editors, Moon Rock Books: 2015, an unprecedented work of forensic journalism by six current and retired college professors with Ph.Ds, one with a J.D., and six other lucid investigators from US, Britain and Australia. This deep and broad forensic investigation contains hundreds of pages of documentary evidence, including:
·      proof of Sandy Hook “victim” fundraising websites up as many as three days before the “massacre”;
·      Internet Archive records showing no internet usage at SHES from 2008 until one month before the drill;
·      official CTSP photos (released under FOIA thanks to efforts of Wolfgang Halbig) showing an abandoned school stacked with boxes;
·      photo of government perpetrators drilling “bullet holes” into the side of SHES;
·      photo of drill rehearsal of December 13, 2012 with CTSP Swat vehicle with State Medical Examiner Wayne Carver II waiting for his medical tent to arrive. The yellow police tape is already up, the flag is flying at full mast, yet, we can clearly see that no windows have been shot out of classroom 10.
·      It was on December 13, 2012, the day before the massacre, that the Social Security Death Index first listed alleged shooter, Adam Lanza, dead!
·       FBI National Crime Statistics record violent deaths in Newtown in 2012 as “0.” (Note: When Mr. Shanley wrote to the FBI publications division to find out who provided the FBI with this information, he was told, “the Connecticut State Police.” In short order, the CTSP released their own report, showing violent deaths in Newtown as “0” with an asterisk directing readers to a footnote: “Does NOT include 27 victims of Newtown Mass Shooting”).
·      Evidence the Social Security Death Index does not contain any “victim” names.
These are but a handful of highlights from the mountain of physical evidence proving the entire nightmare to be a horrendous, unprecedented fraud, a billion-dollar “act of lunacy” by criminal co-conspirators of the Obama, Malloy and Newtown governments, the news media and the fake FEMA families (“crisis actors”) who were “astro-turfed” into the Newtown community over a period of several years – some of whom, according to Newtown property records, received houses on Christmas Day in 2009 for $0 when town offices were closed!
Clearly, this “slaughter” of gorgeous little children was designed to stampede the public and legislators into supporting the passage of laws and executive orders to designed subvert Constitutional Rights. And it worked! Within 30 days of Sandy Hook, President Obama signed 23 executive orders constraining gun rights and the Connecticut General Assembly passed four gun control laws related to Sandy Hook in 2013 alone.
Only in Newtown?
How does one go about getting a small town such as Newtown to participate in an evil lie such as the Sandy Hook Massacre?
This is a simple, as well as profound and deep question.
A simple answer is fear: fear of government persecution, fear of being ridiculed, fear of being called “vile,” as Lennie Pozner has called the hundreds of independent researchers in the pages of the Hartford Courant for pursuing Truth and Justice.
But Mr. Shanley asserts that it is also a combination of Newtown’s unique history as the site for the old Fairfield Hills insane asylum, wherein so much suffering, terror and madness soaked into the water and radiated out into the populous, flora and fauna for more than 50 years: lobotomies, shock treatments, patients unwittingly injected with diseases and new drugs, reports of murder and torture, Yale and Fairfield University CIA MK-ULTRA experiments, and sadly, sometimes unwanted children institutionalized by loveless parents and the State of Connecticut as a convenience.
Newtown is also home of the International Church of Satan. Satanists, like psychopaths, feed off human suffering. They worship the lowest dimensions of the human personality found in Dante’s Inferno, Hell. Some believe that by raping pre-pubescent children, they will attain powers from fallen angels and demons.
This same Newtown ground today is the site of Garner State Prison for the criminally insane and the Newtown Town Hall. 
And finally, it is the root of all evil, the “love of money,” millions of public dollars broadcast throughout the Newtown region by the Obama, Malloy and Newtown governments.
This inversion of all the is Good, True and Just is not the end of the story but only the beginning.
Twenty-three miles as the crow flies from the Bridgeport, Connecticut grave of the creator of the “Greatest Show on Earth,” P.T. Barnum, is the grave of Sandy Hook Elementary School (circa 1950-2014), where now stands the new, $50 million Sandy Hook Elementary School, a monument to the “Most Insane Show on Earth” that will be remembered for all time.
In Conclusion
If you were from another planet and asked to investigate the tragedy at Sandy Hook, you would ask “Where is the evidence?” But there would be none for you to see. It is all missing or has been studiously removed. All you would be see and hear would be TV and newspaper reports filled with Sandy Hook Massacre family members crying (and parent Robbie Parker laughing) directing you to their fundraising sites. But these are not real families. To them Sandy Hook is a game. A game they have won so far and one that has made them all rich.
But as you dug deeper, and moved beyond the images, what you would find if what we found to be overwhelming evidence consistent with criminal conduct: the destruction of crime scenes (SHES and Lanza home); suppression of public documents; gag orders; threats to, and imprisonment of, independent researchers; accidents, deaths and disappearances of witnesses, legislators, and independent investigators; falsification of official records; tens of thousands of hours logged by state employees involved in faking events, orchestrating and managing an on-going cover-up; fake gun control opponents; “show trials” to make the simulation real – Soto v Bushmaster and Lewis v Town  of Newtown; total MSM censorship and failure to investigate ANY evidence that contradicts the official story; refusal of Obama, Malloy, Newtown government co-conspirators to investigate anomalies, hold press conferences or answer any questions to ensure that the rule of law is being upheld and Public’s Right to Know is being honored.
As Mr. Shanley has asserted to Congress, as well as Danbury Superior Court Judge Saban and Fairfield Superior Court Judge Bellis (both judges denied his Motion to Submit Amicus Curiae brief), the Sandy Hook Massacre represents the greatest act of treason in Connecticut since Tories of New England sought to succeed from the United States at the 1815 Hartford Convention. As for the United States the America as a whole, it may represent the greatest act of treason since the Civil War.
The crimes of the Sandy Hook conspirators are much greater than Watergate because they involve a pathology in the psyche of the entire American government that must be identified and brought into the light so remedial acts may be fashioned. Otherwise, in Mr. Shanley’s opinion, our nation has may have no future except as a Praetorian guard of totalitarian evil run by elite deviants and satanic pedophiles who, from the People’s palaces and temples, misdirect the People’s wealth to terrorize, herd and exploit them like industrial farm animals.
Let this message go forth from Connecticut to the rest of the world: this madness must now end! Thankfully, there is a new sheriff in town who knows the facts of life about Sandy Hook necessary to drain the Newtown swamp.
Given the historic nature of this case, it is Mr. Shanley’s request that he be permitted to present his Amicus Curiae Brief to the Court both in person and in writing. In support of his brief, it is Mr. Shanley’s intention to present witnesses who have spent four years investigating the crimes of Sandy Hook:
James H. Fetzer, Ph.D., McKnight Professor Emeritus, University of Minnesota, Duluth.
Wolfgang Halbig, former Florida state police officer, US customs inspector, school principal and Executive Director of the National Institute for School and Workplace Safety.
James Tracy, Ph.D., former Associate Professor of Media Studies, Florida Atlantic University.
Wherefore, in an effort to restore sanity to the government of the State of Connecticut and the United States of America, William Brandon Shanley respectfully submits this Motion to Submit an Amicus Curiae Brief to the Connecticut Supreme Court.
s/s William Brandon Shanley
William Brandon Shanley
56 Avon Street #3
New Haven, CT 06511
I, William Brandon Shanley, hereby certify that a copy of this Motion was delivered electronically to the last known e-mail address of each counsel of record for whom an e-mail address has been provided on February 1, 2017 to the following parties of record; and (2) has been redacted and does not contain any names or other personal identifying information that is prohibited from disclosure by rule, statute, court order or case law.
s/s William Brandon Shanley
William Brandon Shanley
56 Avon Street #3
New Haven, CT 06511
Koskoff, Koskoff & Bender, PC
350 Fairfield Avenue
Bridgeport, CT 06604
Diserio, Martin, O’Connor & Catiglioni
1 Atlantic Street
Stamford, CT 06901
Andrew A. Lothson, PhV
Swanson, Martin & Bell
330 N. Wabash
Suite 3300
Chicago, IL 60611
James B. Vogts, PhV
Swanson, Martin & Bell
330 N. Wabash
Suite 3300
Chicago, IL 60611
Renzulli Law Firm
81 Main Street
Suite 508
White Plains, NY 10601
David LaGuercia
Berry Law Firm
107 Old Windsor Road
2nd Floor
Bloomfield, CT 06002 

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10 thoughts on “Media Analyst submits Amicus Curiae Brief in Sandy Hook Soto v Bushmaster Show Trial”

  1. Great work James! My wife pointed out that she noticed there were no Christmas decorations in the windows of the school! Since this being mid December, one would expect to see Christmas ornaments or maybe even trees inside the school.

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  3. I wholeheartedly agree with the other commentary and wish that the majority of the population would /could wake up. From my personal experience, having left my country, the United States, twenty years ago I only became fully and terrifyingly aware of the constant and unrelenting propaganda that we as a citizenry are subjected to. I have had the opportunity and ability to wake up to this, but people who continue to live there are, for the most part, not even aware of anything more than the occasional "attempt to sway" our opinions by the propaganda apparatus. Again, many thanks for this wonderful information!!

  4. The wagons of deceit have been circled tightly in the massive Sandy Hook Hoax or sympathy scam on America. These despicable so and so's have come this far and won't admit wrongdoing easily. I hate to say this Mr. Shanley but I believe they will find a way to ignore your herculean effort. Lawyers are masters at obfuscation and deceit. Lying and cheating is their specialty and expertise. This is the only "profession" which is taught to lie and cheat in law school. In fact, law schools should not be a part of any so called University because the goals are at odds with the search for knowledge truth and understanding. Lying and cheating are the antithesis of the goals of any true university. This bad reputation of the so called "law" goes back centuries in history. Even in the mythical society of Utopia, lawyers were banned because they "disguise matters". This was in the year about 1516. John Keats is quoted, "I think we may class the lawyer in the natural history of monsters." These are quoted from Carey's book below pp. 330-331. We have not reached the issue yet in Sandy Hook. Perhaps we never will. Justice delayed is justice denied. This is the goal of all lawyers to delay any address of the issues until every witness is dead and gone. It will take some very dramatic event to open up the casket of Sandy Hook to the open air of truth. This event may or may not ever happen in our lifetimes. The power of propaganda is extremely powerful. Propaganda lies are at the bottom of the Sandy Hook Hoax. "The great masses of the people…will more easily fall victims to a big lie than a small one." Adolph Hitler quoted from "IBM and the Corruption of Justice in America" by Earl Carey, Bismarck House, St. Louis, 1992, page 313. Joseph Paul Goebbels is smiling today. Unfortunately most ignorant kids today have likely never even heard of him. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  5. Thank you Mr. Shanley for this great effort. You appear to one of the small handful of citizens of Connecticut who still possess the powers of intelligence, reason and sanity and courage to speak up to liars and cheaters and con artists. And just think of the many experts in crime scene investigations in the FBI and U.S. Justice Dept, not to mention the thousands of medical examiners and crime scene investigators around the country and even the distinguished Henry Lee, Ph.D, formerly the top investigator of Connecticut and now a professor at a University there, who have all clammed up and adopted deafening silence to an obvious fraud and con on every U.S. Citizen of America by government at every level. This situation is worse than disgraceful and shameful; it is depravity at the lowest level to which government has sunk like the Titanic. Government has drowned, died a horrible intellectual death and no one even noticed. If I had not witnessed this with my own eyes and ears and senses I wouldn't have believed this could have happened in America today. Why is it necessary for you to document all this when under any normal sane circumstances, all this would have been handled internally by honest crime scene investigators who would have declared this whole event nothing but a total fake fraud farce expletives deleted some four years ago as any honest crime scene investigator would have done and do every day in this country when the physical and scientific evidence does not fit the alleged crime and crime scene? By the way the alleged crime scene has been conveniently destroyed so no one can confirm anything anymore although every investigator was prevented from examining the crime scene by the full military force and power of government right from the beginning of this scam anyway. It is as if the air of this country has been contaminated with some horrible toxic substance which has destroyed the brain cells of most of the population and the cells which provide courage to speak up to lies and deception and fraud by government officials themselves. Malloy boldly lied directly on camera to Wolfgang and didn't flinch. Obviously something is very wrong in Dodge. Clearly the inmates have taken over the asylum in America today and no one seems to even know or care with the exception of a relatively tiny few. It is like an Agatha Christy novel in spades where nearly the whole State of Connecticut and the rest of the country are accessories to criminal fraud but no one cares. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

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