Will the real “Hillary Clinton” please stand up?

Jim Fetzer

This morning I sent a Letter to the Editor of the Wisconsin State Journal about the body double in New York as follows. But the letter had hardly had time to arrive when a third version of Hillary showed up on the plane to Greensboro, NC:

From: “James Fetzer” <jfetzer@d.umn.edu>
To: wsjopine@madison.com
Sent: Thursday, September 15, 2016 9:23:39 AM

Subject: WSJ/AP played by Hillary body-double


The AP story, “Doctor: Clinton recovering well is ‘fit to
serve'”, WSJ (15 September 2016, p. A11) features a 
photo of a woman who is not Hillary Clinton: she is 6″ 
shorter, 35-40 pounds lighter and looks at least 10 
years younger!

She IS the woman who came out of the building where
Chelsea’s apartment, but this was a ruse to fool the public 
into thinking Hillary is doing well, when the circumstances
of her medical history suggest the opposite. She is NOT
Hillary Clinton.

She needs help negotiating stairs; has frozen up at campaign
rallies; has had bizarre “bobble head” moments; has had 
coughing fits that have even stunned the press; has a medical 
handler with her at all times; collapsed at the 9/11 memorial; 
and more.

The WSJ ought to have followed the lead of USA TODAY, 
“The Internet thinks Hillary has a body double” (13 September 
2015), which featured many photo comparisons that leave no 
doubt about it, where other articles provide even more 
powerful proof:

The situation is outrageous. Hillary has severe health 
problems. WABC-TV actually announced “BREAKING 
NEWS!” that she had already died. The WSJ surely can 
do better than to serve as a propaganda organ for the DNC 
and the Clinton campaign.

Wednesday, while I was in the studio with Mitch for “The 
Mitch Henck Show”, he reported that his daughter, who was 
unaware of the controversy and is no conspiracy theorist, 
spontaneously observed, “That’s not Hillary!” Perhaps the 
public deserves to know.

James H. Fetzer, Ph.D.

800 Violet Lane
Oregon, WI 53575

And the evidence continues to mount, such as this study from Europe:

My Letter to the Editor had not had time to be reviewed when a THIRD
“Hillary Clinton” appeared on the plane en route to Greensboro, NC:

For the purpose of comparison, here is an authentic photograph of Hillary Clinton to compare with the others. They aren’t even close. This is stunning!

Voice analysis confirms the obvious: these are not one and the same person:

We are confronting the most brazen political move in American history. When will the press begin to fulfill its ethical obligations to the American people? Will the real “Hillary Clinton” please stand up?

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

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100 thoughts on “Will the real “Hillary Clinton” please stand up?”

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  6. It really ain't that hard, it's her neck. If you look at the real Hillary and one of her doubles, the latest who did the debate, you will notice that her neck is smooth. hardly any wrinkles. Old ladies have wrinkled necks and especially that old lady. This one has a line across her neck, that's how you know which one she is. This one is just a darned good actor! Academy Award if you will.
    We can look at different "pretend" illnesses or attachments, or whatever, but, as long as we look at it all as fake, we will see the differences and the changes.
    She is very, very ill, and could not have withstood that debate. She was coached and well prepared and she knew exactly how to act, just like Hillary.
    We are in a real live Twilight Zone reality show, and I am here to tell you, we are not looking at the real one. The last time we actually saw her was 911, and she barely made it there.
    Forget about getting proof, or leaked information from these characters.
    Watch this video https://twitter.com/KLSouth/status/781228440024408064
    And then watch this one..
    Then sit back, have a beer and a slice of apple pie, and watch the show. None of this is real.
    Do you remember that video of when Obama announced that they had killed Osama? Do you remember how staged it looked. How about the situation room? How about having that POTUS podium in the oval office? How about all the photo opts with the Obama family? And I heard tell, it ain't like it seems.
    How about the scripted and redacted news reports we get. Yes, we are in the Twilight Zone and truth is stranger than fiction, my friend.

    From The Moderator

    We must be winning, otherwise I would not be overwhelmed with the assault on our comment section.
    Evil trolls with no conscience, who do not have any concept of joy, compassion, community, friendship or an instinct to protect children are pulling out the stops.

    These fiends, who enable the rape of children and who should not be able to look themselves in a mirror without vomiting, are pretending to be other commenters; hijacking threads; changing their names; offering fame and riches in exchange for satanic vows, and promoting strange products. I know you forgive me if it takes me a bit to delete them. If you must respond, please follow Stephens example and include the tidbits but have your comment be a "stand alone…" not a "reply." That way when I dump them your work is not deleted, and they do not get money for replies to their comments.

    I have no idea how I will continue to deal with these seemingly irredeemable pieces of human filth, but I will do my best.

    To our good community, please stay with us, and together we will continue to discuss, debate and disseminate all the ideas and truths that good and brave people like Dr. Fetzer continue to share with us.

    I am undaunted and more determined than ever to help clean up my little corner of decency.

    Thanks for your support.

  8. Thank you, MISTER MODERATOR. It is rather surprising how much shill work is out there. I just love that our tax dollars, via Uncle Scam, are paying these creeps to obstruct the truth.

    Here's what I got back from my friend:

    Blogger never makes things easy.

    The only way you can properly block someone in Blogger is if they're already a follower. First off, Steve12 is not an official follower, and second, you said yourself that he often posts as Anonymous, so even if he was blocked as Steve12 he'd just make an Anonymous post or another account and keep on being annoying.

    Really, the moderator has two options – enable Comment Moderation, or just send any comment that he believes to be Steve12 to Spam. By sending it to Spam, Steve12's account (and any account he posts under) will be seen as spam by Google, and eventually anything Steve12 posts will automatically be sent to the blog's Spam folder. Once Steve12 sees that his comments aren't going through, he'll stop, which is ALMOST like being blocked.

    It's not pretty, but it's something.

    Moderator, you may already know about this, but I didn't. So I tested it with a couple very old comments on my own blogs.

    At first, I mistakenly thought this action was to be taken at the point where the unwanted comment appears, but it isn't. It's all done from the Dashboard.

    You go into the blog's Dashboard, and immediately to the left of where it says "View Blog" is a tiny downward-pointing Arrow. Click that and a Pop-Up Menu appears. Then click "Comments" and it'll take you to the Dashboard's own Comment Page.

    When you run your cursor over a comment, below it you'll see three options appear: "Remove Content" / "Delete" / "Spam".

    Clicking "Spam" removes every single trace that the comment ever even existed, and reports it to the system as Spam. Apparently doing this enough times prevents future comments from the same person's system from ever appearing in the first place.

    Good luck ridding Mr. Fetzer's blog of this demon-possessed vessel!

    ~ D-FensDogG

  9. Thank you, Stephen. What a nice message. i completely understand. My blood has been made to boil by the provocateurs on this site many times. It is the reason I asked Jim if I could help. I spent many hours going back through posts and deleting literally hundreds of comments in hijacked threads by the likes of your nemesis and a few others. I had no idea the business of wasting good people's time by goading them in to turning a comment section toxic was so lucrative. If your buddy knows the trick, I would be thrilled, but I think they don't let you do it on purpose for some nefarious reason that I could probably speculate about.
    Knowing there is room for people like you here and that you read Jim's work and join in the discussion make all my efforts worthwhile.

    First, I want to SINCERELY apologize for the couple of snide remarks I made regarding your moderating. I was DEFINITELY out of line and I'm sorry.

    I realized, of course, that you had a whole other REAL and more IMPORTANT life ongoing, beyond this moderating service you provide for Mr. Fetzer. I knew that, and it SHOULD have prevented me from criticizing your unpaid efforts here. That won't happen again. I was just caught up in the moment while working out on PunchingBag12.

    Secondly, thanks so much for the kind, complimentary comment. I didn't deserve it. You're apparently a more level-headed, and nicer person than I am. I will try to follow your example in the future.

    I really don't mind the stuffs Dr. Ped O'File 12 says to me because he's fun to toy with and always comes out on the losing end.

    But it irritates me when I see him calling others things like "pedofile" and saying their mother is a whore (or whatever other junior high school taunt his phony-PhD mind can muster).

    From now on, I shall endeavor to just ignore his comments… unless he gives me another "pedofile", "shear stupidity", or "site evidence". I'm only human and I can't resist the temptation to jump all over "scientific PhD" material like that.

    Thanks for your responses, and again a heartfelt apology for getting cranky toward you.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

    POSTSCRIPT: I have a good friend who also blogs at Blogspot and he was a professional I.T. guy. I will make a point of asking him whether or not there's something you can do to specifically prevent Steve12 from posting comments here in the future. If I get a promising answer, I will return and pass that information on to you here. If there's a way to do it, my buddy will know it.

  11. Nice observations, Jeannon. I think they are seriously throwing down as many false trails, doubles and red herrings as possible. Remember JIm's great article on 911 and all the onion layers? I think I'll ask him to point me to it, I keep referencing it.
    When it comes to video analysis, I really like this guy, here is his latest which is a full recap, there are shorter ones on his site.

  12. Thanks for the advice Stephen. I am sure there is some deep shitty reason why this blog system does not allow me to put anyone on a "block this caller" list. I do not have the time or patience to try your method, so for now these comments are up until I can get to them. Sorry to all for that, I am an unpaid James Fetzer fan and appreciate your input and advice.

  13. Hi Stephen, slow ass Moderator here. I think you're including tidbits of that despicable un named shill and then responding to them is a great idea. I have a life beyond this (where my shit IS together, thank you) and can not stay on this every minute of every day. You are right, he gets paid by reply so I simply delete every one of his posts.
    Yours, however are funny, and it took a great while for him and another couple commenters to be simply deleted as soon as I see their name. Your method of including some of his BS, then gracing us with your witty and intelligent response is a lot of fun. I hated having to ban anyone, but this site is now gaining the likes of you, Jeannon, Mad, AA and other enjoyable on line community members, now that it is reluctantly moderated.
    Sorry again for my slow ass, but look on the bright side, it led us to have a good time reading your repartee.

    Dear Moderator, I don't know if there is a way to specifically block the useless, time-wasting Steve12. However, what you might seriously consider doing is going into your blog's Dashboard and activating the "COMMENT MODERATION".

    This will prevent ANY COMMENTS from automatically posting anywhere on the blog. All comments will be held in limbo in your Dashboard until you decide to either click "Delete" or "Publish".

    Of course the downside to this is that no one's comment gets displayed until you've found the time to view and evaluate them. It slows down the dialogue process, but I think it's worth it. I use "COMMENT MODERATION" on all my blogs and it prevents assholes like Steve12 from ruining my comment sections.

    Another advantage to "COMMENT MODERATION" is that even when Steve12 signs in under another pseudonym, his crap still won't see the light of day because you'll recognize it as him in the Dashboard and click "Delete".

    I'd rather have slower dialogue than a comment section full of childish graffiti. Just my two cents.

    ~ D-FensDogG

  15. As far as the Killary topic is concerned, we are being bombarded with one weaponized falsified video after another and ways to obtain some kind of preliminary basic evaluation or assessment of the video's validity appears increasing unavailable. All that is left here is looking like a place where seeking reason and truth is no longer the game.

    We have to even consider that there are a plethora of total CGI-type entities on the national political scene. The only way we have to get positive identification of a person is their DNA and we have to rely on some governmental entity to provide us that information in compliance with some law or regulation.

    I feel kind of sad that Dr. Fetzer's blog apparently no longer has any reasonable moderation and that it has degenerated into this nonsense we now see here.

  16. >>… #GONNAHAPPEN

    DR. PED O'FILE 12, I thought you said it was #nevergonnahappen. Find a mind and then make it up, will ya?

    >>… "He doesn't know much about music"

    Ooooh! How shall I ever recover from such a vicious barb? (Careful, 12-Year-Old. Don't lean on that straw, it won't support you.)

    >>… "I'm not reading all that."

    DR. PED O'FILE 12, was that just too many big words for your PhD-awarded brain to process? (However, we BOTH know that you read every single one of those words. I love it when trolls say they didn't read a person's response, contradicting well-known traits of human nature. And you being a doctor should know better'n trying to pass that silliness off on me.)

    I'm done correcting your punctuation. Too much work for no pay. Which brings up two questions I want to ask you:

    1: When do you conduct your "science" work? You know, that stuff you acquired a PhD in order to do? You seem to hang around this blog continuously, night and day for no pay. So when do you actually work and earn money? How can you always be HERE with the immediate (but "cleverless", junior high school playground-level) responses and do "science" work at the same time?

    2: What is your obsessive interest in this blog? You say we're a bunch of fools who believe in Santa Claus (aka Conspiracies) and you spend an untold amount of time ridiculing us and engaging in pointless, childish arguments. But WHY? If everything we believe is false and will come to nothing, why waste your time telling us that over and over? Aren't there more "REAL" things for you to be doing? I mean, a "scientist" like you must have important work to do, so why do you waste so much of your valuable time HERE?

    If we really DID believe in Santa Claus — a fat man in a red suit who laughs "Ho-Ho-Ho!" — would you spend a lot of your valuable time here calling us fools over and over? If not, then why do it over equally nonexistent conspiracies? What's with your obsession here?

    ~ D-FensDogG

  17. DR. PED O'FILE 12 ~

    [One thing I've learned is that every time I reply to you by clicking "REPLY", my responses disappear when the slow-moving Moderator much later deletes your comments. But my comments should NOT be removed because I cut your ass up like a surgeon bent on murder!! So, from now on, all my comments will be NEWLY ORIGINATED, and NOT "piggybacked" on to your ShitPileRetardatedRemarks. I'm sick and tired of the Moderator coming in very, very late and ruining my anti-ShitPile12 art!!]

    Ha!-Ha! I love it EVERY TIME YOU REPLY to me because it PROVES that I've shoved "a bug so far up your ass you don't know whether to shit or wind your wristwatch".

    I post ONE comment and you reply with THREE — one of which you delete because your brain is so satanically eaten by worms that you really aren't SURE how the phuq to respond to me!

    How do you like a Godly person like me pulling out the wiring in your one-ounce, .0666-IQ brain?

    The very fact that you keep trying to engage with me, while always getting your stupid head knocked off, PROVES how incredibly brainless you are. But me, I LOVE IT!…

    **[Stay out of this, Moderator! Just leave us the phuq alone!]**

    …Well, actually, SHITPILE12, you probably get paid by Uncle Scam according to how many comment replies you receive, so even getting your ass kicked by me over and over again is money in your Schlitz Malt Liquor pocket.

    Here's the comment you posted and later decided to delete:

    "You got em again McCarthy. I'm a bad speller. What a burn.

    "My MS WOrd has spell check. Worked great on my dissertation.

    "You on the other hand, are a misfit loser who believes there's 26 different Hillary Clintons and has likely never kissed a girl.

    "I'll take being a bad speller…."

    To begin with, your punctuation is as bad as your spelling, MR. PHONY-PhD.

    DR. Ped O'File 12, there are 2 commas missing from your commentard above. Show me now where they SHOULD have been placed.

    In the short comment that your satanically, worm-eaten brain decided to ACTUALLY LEAVE POSTED, you dropped two commas. Where SHOULD they have been, "professor"?

    [I'm not even going to mention the "THAT THAT", which is TOTALLY INEXCUSABLE! I could easily explain how to avoid grammatically FUCKED-UP wording like that but… your empty, zombie-like cranium would never be able to retain it.]

    Also, show me where I said there are "26 Hillary Clintons".

    Yeah, I kissed "girls"… when I was a "boy". Unlike you, who kisses "boys" while you're a "man"… so-called.

    [Don't you EVER get tired of getting your ass kicked by me, ShitPile12? I mean, I'm OBVIOUSLY 50 or more I.Q. points above you. And in terms of cleverness, it's like Boy George (you) versus Mark Twain (me). However… there's nothing wrong with you that $100. and a brain wouldn't fix.]

    I hope the Moderator here NEVER gets his shit together, because I LOVE our comment section exchanges. Being a rebel — and despite what my Mom forbid me to do — I've always wanted to hit a girl… and now I AM!

    Keep those slaps coming, SCIENTIST WITH UNLIMITED TIME ON YOUR HANDS, and I will continue to respond with hard rights to your brainless temple.

    I love the fact that YOU LOVE getting your ass kicked in comment sections!!

    ~ D-FensDogG

  18. >>… "pedofile"

    Ha!-Ha! Is that a file where the pedos are kept?

    ShitPile12, the "scientist" with a "PhD" and a whole helluva lotta free time on his hands, has now added "pedofile" to his very spe-eee-cial vocabulary.

    When the "PEDOFILE" scientist is not in his laboratory "SHEARING STUPIDITY", he goes outdoors to "SITE EVIDENCE".

    I sense a new nickname coming on…
    Dr. Ped O'File 12.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

  19. "I am too chicken shit to do it." You first fucko. Are you having flashbacks of yourself on the playground getting your ass kicked? You think you are going to send your big brother over to my house and do what? You are a fuckless dickless dweeb.

  20. You are going to come to me? Really…

    You mean you are going to crawl on to an airplane in Tel Aviv and fly to Florida? So if I give you the address of some asshole I don't like… you personally will come and kill him? You are a fucking idiot beyond all stupidity. I thought Jews were supposed to have high I.Q.s with your bullshit rabid rabbit rabbi breeding programs. I guess you just ruined that fantasy for everybody.

  21. Anonymous: Interesting… that's an angle I missed before. Thanks. I have no issue thinking Israel would be low enough to do it. Furthermore the insanity of using uranium to boil water and Monsanto will be the end of mankind. God help us sir we are all not that stupid.

  22. I hear ya brother. I understand completely and agree. They must think they have a chance to pull it off if they are going that far with 3.0… sigh. I am not much into the occult, but I have this strange feeling they would sacrifice children constantly to empower this witch if it did anything. This is one hell of a horse race. Good versus evil right down to the finish line. To win Trump will need to beat her by a large margin just to overcome the rigging.

  23. McCarthy: Great thought process. I can certainly see it happening. The question is of course would we be able to blow it wide open if they did do it? We would definitely try bro. Keep those scary thoughts flowing.

  24. UPDATE friends: I just watched whoever it was live in Orlando (God help me) and she was absolutely wonderful. She was attractive, warm, charming, perky, alive with energy, uplifting, looked about 50, and gave a terrific speech without any screechyness. There were no men standing next to her and she bounced off the stage like a dancer. For these reasons I think it is 3.0, but I am mortified either way. If I'm right, that actress is really reaching her stride and starting to enjoy her chance to play "helper of the disabled." She also can pull it off all the way if that really was live without voice morphing or CGI. If I am wrong, and that is Hillary returned? … then we have been totally punked. They have played the game of low expectations so well that all they had to do was adjust her medications, pump her full of fetus blood and whammo, she's actually a warm and eloquent sexy 68 year old and going to skate right in to the presidency. Thank god I have you all to talk to.

  25. JEANNON I really like your thought processes. I agree that they could have purposely thrown a red herring at us for the sole reason of making us think she crawled out of the casket one more time. I agree the video is no proof that she is even upright. They might have even faked her weaving around. And to that I say: That is just sick! How low will these scumbags go?

  26. We have established THEIR record of hitting us with falsified videos and still photographs of what is represented to be the real Hillary Clinton.

    Therefore any and all such new videos presented to us of what are said to be a her most recent live appearances must undergo some form of uniform objective testing procedures by unpurchased individuals. We must obtain this information before we respond to the newer issues of such things as…

    how depressed and weak and sick she looks

    or her left eye wandering and crossing – esotropia or whatever.

    and whatever other new issues are shot at us to start talking about. I just submitted a comment of this same content at ,,,http://www.targetliberty.com/2016/09/hillary-continues-to-fall-apart-now-she.html#comment-form… but it has not been accepted yet.

    While responding to these new issues about Hillary, we must, of course, assume and accept that the basic video is the real deal. We must not bite that bait until we have some reasonable verifications of the basic video and that is extremely difficult to obtain in our current environment.


  27. Israel and Fukushima. As crazy as it sounds, yes.. It was Israel… It's true!!

    information I have is – off the top of my head so it's just a summation & gist but – Israel was selling stolen uranium to Japan – stolen from the US – the uranium was junk – and Japan was going to blow the whistle…

    So what do criminals do when they're about to get caught? They create chaos and diversions so whistleblowers or victims don't have the time or resources to tell their truth…they're too busy trying to survive these attacks.. In this case… FUKUSHIMA.

    Israel used Stuxnet to create the Fukushima disaster.

    "Stuxnet was specifically designed to attack supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) computer systems. These systems control everything from electrical power grids and chemical processing plants to the computers that operate traffic light and rail systems. Stuxnet disabled SCADA systems not only in Iran but also in India (where India's satellite program may have been severely impacted), Pakistan, Indonesia, Germany, Canada, China, Malaysia, South Korea, Russia, Kazakhstan, United Kingdom, Finland, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Brazil, Australia, Brunei, Netherlands, Taiwan, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Thailand, Belarus, Denmark, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, and the United States. Stuxnet was found on 63 computers in Japan. New Zealand, Japan, and Hong Kong issued alerts about Stuxnet's impact on their SCADA systems. Britain's integrated national rail transport network was reported to be particularly vulnerable to Stuxnet. Turkey reacted to Stuxnet by mandating a ″National Virtual Environment Security Policy.″

  28. Here is the latest Hillary video clip of Hillary wearing a royal blue top within a Mark Dice commentary video that is being promoted by Rense.com.


    Mark Dice
    Mark Dice

    I personally see more Sunsteinian trickery in this clip of Hillary.
    So Hillary does appear depressed and sleepy eyed and appear to warrant all the witty commentary by Mark Dice, but it seems to me that could be deliberately planned so that we are more likely to believe that yes, Hillary really has been very sick but she is up and reasonably well now and she speaks coherently during this real interview. Not!

    There are many artificial appearing features of this video clip. The blue top she is wearing and her shoulders never budge one bit when she turns her head while speaking. That is extremely odd and it is almost as if that solid color plain top is chosen to make that non-movement less noticeable.

    Her outline in the video appears odd or photoshopped in some way to me.

    She uncharacteristically does not smile or show her top front teeth at all in this video. Her mouth and lips seem to be almost held in a static pursed position.

    The large furrows around her mouth and nose, called clown lines, are basically absent. The many smaller wrinkles on her cheeks are not visible. She is wearing a new plain hair style like someone who just is walking out of a long hospital stay and cannot bother with styling of the hair, and that could be deliberate impression created as well.

    This video of Hillary also shows her wearing no earring and almost no neck jewelry visible and that is not her usual presentation.

    Also she is clearly wearing much more makeup with cheek rouge very heavy and prominent. That is to give the idea that yes, she has been through major health problems lately so heavy makeup is necessary.

    I hope others can see that this video is not to automatically be taken as the real Hillary giving a real un-photoshopped real video interview.

    It is all planned psyop presentation to make you think this is the real Hillary while letting you believe that all your suspicions about her failing health are true but any suspicions about her having died are not true.

    No sale.

  29. ​Great catch by this YouTuber! The cell phone images give this away as a total "Wag The Dog" hoax. And one commenter also noted that the large, blonde guy with short hair in the suit never even looks at Hellary as she walks by. He's standing there like he's watching for her to emerge, but then when she does, she walks right past him but his head never turns to watch her as she's passing by just a few feet from him. Unless he's supposed to be a S.S. agent watching "her back", it makes NO SENSE.


    ABC news anchor Joe Torres said Hellary Clinton is dead (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AG7npBRaS7Y) + Rahm Emanuel said, "You never let a serious crisis go to waste." (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pb-YuhFWCr4) = The Thought I Had While Watching That Video above:

    I am NOT saying this will happen. This is pure speculation. But watching that video, an idea occurred to me… What if Hellary really IS already dead, and during the first debate when the entire country is watching it on live TV, they fake a "JFK-thang". One of her body doubles rigged ahead of time with some exploding blood capsules pretends to get shot by a fake Donald Trump supporter? BOOM!-BOOM!-BOOM! The blood flies, the Secret Service Agents swarm as Hellary collapses on live TV a la Howard Beale in the movie 'Network'. The cameras follow as the "Trump Supporter" is chased and apprehended (or gunned down).

    Woooo! Wouldn't THAT change the entire election scenario and voter momentum?!

    The DNC replaces Hellary with Biden (or whoever 'The Wizards Behind The Curtain' want), public opinion turns drastically against Trump and his "Deplorable", murderous supporters.

    The real Hellary Clinton gets buried in a closed casket ceremony, the DNC gets all the sympathy votes, Trump loses the election and the New World Order "progresses" on its merry way.

    Pure speculation but, boy, wouldn't THAT be an A+ example of "not letting a serious crisis go to waste"?

    ~ Stephen T. McCarthy

  30. Hey everyone. The brilliant Chance George (Jim Fetzer's producer at Media Broadcasting Center in Canada) has created a blog of his own. If you look past his spelling errors, his research is groundbreaking. Don't miss his one on the "Georgia Guidestones" guy.
    thechancegeorgeblog.com Hope to see you there.

  31. I think you are right. If there is voice processing it happens after they record it. (I may eat my words) The manipulations are not occurring in real time… at least not yet.

    Yeah where are the airport sounds? I think they need to hire James Cameron… he would have been more thorough. They should have just used a still picture of the airplane behind her. Only a moron would believe that she is talking in front of an airplane. Why was the guy standing there? Obviously to make it look like it was in real time… which it wasn't. Its all total crap. Hey go stand there but make sure you fidget around so we can make some wallpaper backdrop.

    "We need to work with Silicon valley…" "We need to build up trust between Police and the Muslim community…" Just gag… gag, spit. I just threw up in my own mouth. It's all I can do.

    Why do we want Trump? The biggest number one reason: He is not that lying evil thieving murdering (add unending line of descriptors) sack of putrid pus. You know it's a crazy world when Trump, the billionaire, is the underdog. Yes weirder and weirder.

  32. Oh God! 3.0 for sure!! Look at her perky actress body language, much more range of non verbal expression than hag 1.0 ever had! The set up question was pretty obvious too (little girl now knows she can grow up to be an actress playing a presidential candidate). I suspect 3.0 has to be in super controlled conditions so that they can only record her with approved tech that is connected to the voice morphing device. Just my suspicion. Look at this alleged news conference in front of a plane today with no airport sounds around her! She's talking to reporters? Who? Let's see their faces. She is pretty good though. I suspect, as a vocal teacher, that she has the "accent" and rythem down but has to have her pitch upped or lowered a bit by the tech. https://www.c-span.org/video/?415478-101/hillary-clinton-speaks-reporters-weekend-terrorist-attacks
    God help me, I AM memorized by this…

  33. Sept 17, 2016 Is Hillary dead: 3 different Hillary's in One Week! Compare Pictures!

    Author does good job.

    ALL THREE 1.0, 2.0, 3.0

    3.0 has wider space between eyes and looks younger, sexier, more hair and more feminine.

    1.0 Looks like a tired old hag that's been drug through the ringer twice. Put her back in her wheelchair and roll her into oncoming traffic. Just die already. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQZyQC2Mr5k

  34. AA: Popcorn with a high brown! Check bro! Cooking up a batch right now.

    Why aren't more people mesmerized by this? Obvious they will continue to use forums instead of a debates as they pull these high tech shenanigans. Maybe Trump could get someone to spill the beans for him?
    I mean how many 'Total Recall' moments do we need? Bzzzzzz bzzzzzz This is better than the chicken neck thing Killary did!

  35. Jim Stone gets a little over the edge for me sometimes. I am referring to his theory of the usage of a nuke to create Fukushima meltdown tidal wave, although I must admit he might have been right. Who knows? Israel did have access.

    Jim Stone is not the only one that has gathered evidence that they used green screen technology to create Hilary's last appearance in NC. Did they use this same thing for plane video? Google Jim Stone freelance page. Hilary totally DISAPPEARS for a FRAME and the flag background stays. Kinda reminds me of the fake green bar background layer on Obango's birth certificate.

    Maybe the reason Hilary looks so young is that they are using Avatar technology? Or some combination of it? They could still be using a body double, but people, we have what appears to be some form of composite CGI presidential candidate. This would explain how a body double could sound so convincing. The entire image of Hilary's body and sound and all could have been computer manipulated and regenerated. Strange they would spend so much effort to put that out and still leave a flaw like that in the video. Its almost like it is a signature in the corner of the painting by the artist. They were sloppy with shadows also.

    Could it get any wackier than this? I don't know about you but this just flipped my popcorn maker to high.

  36. A child will instantly recognize her or his mother–not through a careful analysis of features and so forth but through feeling. People project who they are which is why tests have shown that within seconds we determine whether we can or can not trust the person or whether we want to interact socially with them. Now I have walked dogs for years and come across hundreds of other dog walkers. I can now tell at a distance a great deal about a person by the shape of their body and their gait. I believe they may be using old videos to replace current ones such as when Hilary boards plane for the Thursday rally. It was definitely Hilary — but maybe from two or three years ago. Given a good director we may never figure out exactly what is going on. Hilary or her doubles could win the election and then she could become incapacitated. A double might even give the Inaugural Speech. We currently have a President who has thus far not presented any authentic documents that reveal where or when he was born. We can not be sure of his parentage. Yet to doubt this is to be immediately disparaged.

  37. I agree JEANNON. A very thoughtful laser precise comment. Makes you ponder how and why the average person cannot perceive as much. What is missing inside their heads? It seems to be more than just a lack of raw intelligence but more a weakness of character and a lack of courage. Anymore I call them 'spineless maggots'.

    I now find myself looking at videos asking myself which version of Hillary it is. Do I see the mole? Is that real chicken neck or just make-up? Is that Hillary's fat hips or a Santa suit?

    It is overwhelming at how many people just glaze-over when trying to mention any of this. To get people to take a Hilary double as something serious is akin to telling them uncle Bob took a ride on a UFO with an over-endowed green space alien and he liked it a bit too much. Just a good laugh.

    There was a woman who told me she didn't want to read Fetzer's book on Sandy Hook because… get this… she didn't want her friends to think she was crazy. She didn't care whether she understood reality or not. She even used to work at the Newtown Bee and initially was interested and had me email it to her.

    It is not just women who are idiots. The women don't respond violently they just look back silently with varying degrees of disinterest. But some of the men who hold these positions of utter ignorance, who refuse to look at any info, are the absolute worse. One idiot concerning Sandy Hook started screaming, "They would never use children!" "911 was a tragedy!" Of course when I told him once more no children died at SH and the steel columns were 6 inches thick at the base of the towers and they vaporized 70% of the buildings it made no difference. Nothing makes any difference to these brainwashed retards because the TV loves them and owns them.

  38. Over the last year or so I have seen maybe twenty head shots of what was presented to be Hillary Clinton that I immediately thought “that is not Hillary Clinton.”

    It is much easier to pull off this scam if only a head still shot is involved. Use the constant wide smile Hillary always wears. Keep those cheek wrinkles sort of buried in that big grin. Hold the head up to hide the double’s lack of double chin and jowls. Keep facial expression, including non-relaxed eye area in artificial pose. Hillary does all these things facial expression tricks for her purposes but the double does the exact same tricks for the sole purpose of looking like Hillary. (Of course the make up and hair are major helps and most easy to imitate and clothing style is easy peasy too.)

    But here we are dealing with “body doubles” and it is much harder to match bodies. The non-matching bodies is marked and just a big deal breaker for me — forget the head likeness.

    After studying these deceptions for many years, I know there are many who will say about this body doubles issue something like ‘Oh, they could never get away with this. There are just too many people around who would tell the truth and expose the deception. So you conspiracy nuts ought to just give it up.’

    I do not know if this is “the most brazen political move in American history” but the blatancy of these general and various hoaxes and deceptions has been over the top for a long time and nothing ever happens. Maybe the absurdity and blatancy are part of the manipulation method. They always get away with it no matter how absurd it is. Nobody goes to prison and no heads roll.

    …and the beat goes on.

  39. My two cents is that it was just gum. She sounds like Hilary because she has been groomed to talk and use Hilary's mannerisms. I wonder how many women they went through to find her. Somehow we need to find out her real name and where she came from.

  40. I agree. I took a before and after photo (from the plane) that had virtually indentical angles and resized one to match the other. The basic geometries were dead on. So it is Hillary with some seriously good makeup.sigh.

  41. Looks more like Hilary from 15 years ago… This woman is chipper, younger, enthusiastic with different ears, nose, and weight. Hilary was using handrails and walkers and she just bounded up the stairs like a bunny. Dare I say sexier? I want to see the swimsuit edition. Ewwww just ewwwww… I grossed myself out. spit spit spit…

  42. Whoever was Hilary today is so good a semblance that I can see no reason for this person to not be even elected and serve as President. Even after eight years we still do not have documented proof of who Obama is, so this is perhaps the next step.

  43. The woman ascending the stairs to board the plane today was definitely Hilary. She has a very distinct vibration and body movement which would extremely difficult to imitate. Likewise inside the plane it was her voice and facial gestures. And she looked the way people do when they have been out of circulation due to illness. So Hilary is still around unless all the videos are from an earlier time.

  44. Practice, practice, practice! If Hillary has been struggling for a few years now, an actress who is very good with linguistics (think Meryl Streep) can easily pull this off. And it wouldn't require someone of Streep's celebrity.

    Some people are just more of "natural" at this, but I'm sure this woman (who is NOT Hillary has been with a voice coach, etc. After all, these "look-a-likes" as celebrities actually make a career out of it; although it would be be pretty damn difficult to take a job where you need thunder thighs and kankles

  45. zevonmanic
    CHUCK TODD: Did anyone else see the screen shot of Chuck Todd's tweet? It said, "Hillary Clinton has been admitted into "such and such Hospital" and is listed in Critical Condition. It lasted about three minutes before it was yanked?

  46. As an critical care MD this is plausible and describes what could be happening… She is brain dead, in septic shock, heart will stop soon…tragic ending for this poor soul. ?disinformation? What's next…? BE AFRAID.

  47. Fraud, lies and deception. That is all we have ever received from the Clinton's. Bill Clinton was impeached for good reason. They are a pair of liars. Absolutely nothing surprises me. They are drunk with power and will do anything to hold onto what is quickly slipping from their feeble grasp.

  48. Dear Dr. Jim Fetzer

    Just want to say how much I enjoy all that you do. I listened to you speak of how your wife does not believe you. What a weight that must be for you. I too struggle with my girlfriend. It is infuriating sometimes. But keep hope. Mine has recently come around. Miracles can happen.

  49. Jim, this was given to me by an inside anon who is pretty deep. http://pastebin.com/raw/sih4HpjD

    It is a nurse's log of what has been and is being done with the real Hillary in hospital. Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) is a data encryption and decryption computer program that provides cryptographic privacy and authentication for data communication. Third spacing occurs when to much fluid moves from the intravascular space or blood vessels into the interstitial or third space which is the non-functional area between cells. this can cause potentially serious problems such as Adema, reduced cardiac output, and hypotension.

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