AMERICA NUKED ON 9/11: Targeting a book to promote 9/11 research

Jim Fetzer

The Cambridge University Press journal, Behavioral and Brain Sciences, became an instant sensation by publishing target articles on specific, well-defined subjects and inviting experts from around the world to post critical commentaries about it, which has resulted in significant advances in research. During the 9/11 Truth Teleconference on 31 August 2016, I proposed that the new book about 9/11,

which has 15 contributors, might serve a similar purpose and thereby similarly significantly advance 9/11 research. Here are some of the important reasons to believe that we ought to adopt that suggestion.

The book is divided into 28 chapters, where the core falls into 8 sections that, in reverse order, focus upon “9/11 Limited Hangouts”, “The Myth of Nanothermite”, “The 9/11 Crash Sites”, “The Pentagon: What didn’t Happen”, “New York was Nuked on 9/11”, “What happened on 9/11”, and “9/11: Who was responsible and why”, Parts I and II, with three chapters each. It has a Preface and a Prologue as well as an Epilogue and an Afterword with an Index. Softcover, 458 pages, 338 photos, priced low at $20.

There are three major groups in 9/11 research–A&E911, which supports the use of nanothermite and focuses on Building 7; Judy Wood and DEWs, which promotes Directed Energy Weapons and no planes theory; and Scholars for 9/11 Truth, which advances the use of mini or micro nukes to blow apart the Twin Towers and likewise contends that none of the official 9/11 aircraft actually crashed on 9/11. The contributors explain why A&E911 is right about Building 7 but wrong about nanothermite and why Judy Wood and DEWs is right about no planes but wrong about DEWs.

Because the arguments and evidence presented are specific and detailed, the book facilitates a level of intellectual engagement that is missing from most discussions about 9/11. In relation to nanothermite, for example, three chapters explain that it is a law of materials science that, in order for an explosive to blow apart a material, it must have a detonation velocity equal to or greater than the speed of sound in that material. The speed of sound in concrete is 3,200 m/s; in steel, it is 6,100 m/s; but the highest detonation velocity attributed to nanothermite in the scientific literature is only 895 m/s. And the three chapters in the book that make these points were originally published in 2011–over 5 years ago!

The Latest from A&E911

That makes it obvious that those who want to defend the use of nanothermite in the destruction of the Twin Towers need to explain what else was used to bring that effect about. While it is certainly true that something else could have been added to make it explosive, A&E911 has been reluctant to say what that something else could have been. The same, of course, could be said of toothpaste, which is also non-explosive but could be made explosive by adding an explosive to it. After all these years, it is not unreasonable to expect that A&E911 should have an answer to that question. But that does not seem to be the case. Here is a report about the state of its research on 9/11, which has just appeared:

While the article presents proof that the “official narrative” of 9/11 cannot be sustained, it does not advance anything that has not been widely known with the 9/11 research community in the past. If you compare these propositions with my own “20 reasons the ‘official account’ of 9/11 is wrong”, for example, you can see that the latest from A&E911 does not significantly advance our knowledge and understanding beyond what was available then, where “20 reasons” was originally published on 9/11 of 2011! Surely we should be able to expect more from an organization that has such a high profile and tends to consume the attention of the public and media. Just compare their respective contents:

Judy Wood and DEWs

Indeed, some might be tempted to argue that the earlier article covered more ground that the latest from A&E. But Judy Wood and DEWs have not been doing any better. Consider, for example, that a review of her book, WHERE DID THE TOWERS GO? (2010), which I originally published on 20 May 2012, was subsequently downgraded from 5-star to 3-star on the basis of research presented during The Vancouver Hearings, which were held in June 2012. It has been subject to attack around 7,500 times now. But denouncing evidence of the use of nukes does not explain it away, where Judy has displayed the unscientific attitude of ignoring it. A scientist would instead take into account new evidence not previously considered and adapt their theory appropriately by accepting hypotheses that had been previously rejected, rejecting hypotheses previously accepted, leaving others in suspense:

The point is that the specificity of the arguments presented in this new book make it possible to make advances by citing specific propositions that are laid out in detail with the evidence supporting them, which enables those who disagree to explain what they have wrong and how we know. Otherwise, we are left in the muddle of having to deal with distorted versions of those arguments, which do not come to grips with the evidence and leaving issues hanging. That was exhibited perfectly during the 9/11 Truth Teleconference, when Adam Ruff and Wayne Costa challenged my explanation of how we know that this was a nuclear event, which were nice illustrations of the point that I am making here.

Objections raised during the call

I observed that the conversion of material into very fine dust and the vaporization of 60-80,000 tons of steel are indicative of the use of nukes as well as the destruction of the buildings to or even below ground level. Wayne Costa replied that elements “that shouldn’t be there” does not take into account that some of those elements could have been present because of naturally occurring concentrations of those elements or from other sources. That sounded persuasive but, as the book explains, they would not have been there in the quantities discovered and the correlations between them had this not been a nuclear event. There would have been less likelihood of misunderstanding using the book as a basis.
Adam Ruff contended that there would have been no reason to use nukes because everything that was done could have been done with nanothermite and explosives. Ruff said that there was “a giant pile of debris”, but ignored the point that there was no massive stack of debris in the towers’ footprints! Comparisons with Building 7 are instructive here, because experience with controlled demolitions have shown that they leave a stack of debris equal to about 12% of their original heights. At 47 floors, WTC-7 left just that residue in a stack of debris 5.5 floors high. But that was not true of the Twin Towers, which, had they been demolished as Ruff suggests, should have left debris piles 14-15 floors high but did not:
Compare the debris from WTC-7 (left) with that from WTC-1 (right), which should have been more than twice as high.
Indeed, while it is appropriate to describe the destruction of WTC-7 as a “controlled demolition”, it is not appropriate to use the same phrase for the Twin Towers, which were “demolitions under control” but lacked the characteristics of controlled demolitions. The reason for having to have used a novel technique for their destruction appears to have been to protect the bathtub, which was an enormous dike within which the towers were constructed to protect them from Hudson River water. Had the bathtub been breeched, it would have flooded beneath lower Manhattan, the most valuable real estate in the world, including the subway and PATH train tunnels, which they wanted at all cost to avoid.
The use of mini or micro nukes, which have dialable radii and can be directed upward, means that the destruction of the Twin Towers qualified as the use of “Directed Energy Weapons”, which, according to Judy Wood, are devices that provide far more energy than conventional and can be directed. Set at 100′ in the core columns, they would have had a diameter of 200′ for buildings that were 208′ on a side. Their use enabled the destruction of both buildings from the top down in an effort to simulate collapse. But they were being blown apart in every direction and converted into millions of cubic yards of very fine dust. And this appears to be how it was done as the USGS dust studies substantiate.

Other arguments could be made, of course, including that the final spire of the North Tower seems to run counter to the use of nukes. But even at Hiroshima, the scaffolding of a lone church remained after the enormous blast had done its damage. And these were mini or micro nukes, whose use has also been confirmed by the debilitating medical maladies incurred by first responders and residents of the area, which include non-Hodgkins lymphoma, leukemia, thyroid, pancreatic, brain, esophageal, prostate and blood and plasma cancers at rates far above normal, which Jeff Prager was among the first to point out and where recent estimates have placed the number affected at close to 70,000.
For those who regard characterizing A&E911 and Judy Wood and DEWs as “limited hangouts”, the argument is straightforward. We have three major problems to solve about 9/11: the WHO, the HOW and the WHY. Both of those organizations only address the HOW and refuse to explain the WHO or the WHY. That is simply absurd for 9/11 Truth organizations. Only Scholars for 9/11 Truth addresses all three. AMERICA NUKED ON 9/11: Compliments of the CIA, the Neocons in the DOD and the Mossad (2016) lays out the evidence in detail. But we make no claims to infallibility–and the best test of the validity of our case is critical attempts to refute it, which can be accomplished if we make this book the target for scrutiny and criticism and thereby advance the cause of exposing 9/11 Truth.
Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth and the founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth.

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423 thoughts on “AMERICA NUKED ON 9/11: Targeting a book to promote 9/11 research”

  1. On September 11, 2013, from the parking lot of an auto repair shop here in Puna, Hawaii, we did a podcast interview on the demolition systems installed at the WTCs during construction, and how the basements were zapped out by nuke technology in about 0.30 seconds. This technology refined could help us create a catchers mitt under Fukushima if the British/freemason deathstar retards have not caused too much delay. I am REALLY getting sick of their breathing my air. I see somebody took down the interview, but I am in more rehearsed better shape now to provide more details regarding this installation. I will minimize anecdotes. The getting smacked good for lying was after dad returned from the first trip to NYC to talk with the Rockefeller developers regarding the future WTC project. Dad’s signature might be on the largest contract order for structural steel in the history of the U.S..The bad guys know where I am for a few years now. On the other hand, my last visitor was another general. Read about the jesuit/British Empire campaign to destroy the U.S. in Avro Manhattan’s 1977 book, ‘The Vatican Moscow Washington Alliance so you can see how traitors within the U.S. created Sandy Hook as BAIT to catch patriotic researchers and destroy them economically or by conventional poison darts on the street. Let us do an updated WTC demolition interview. ditch the visceral fat and do supplements. I am being gang stalked these days. Maybe you, too. They make the target worry themselves into sleeplessness and then a heart attack. This battle is real and will go on for awhile. Unfortunate about the lawsuit. The bitch judge is obviously crooked as a dog’s hind leg. Say hi to everybody. If Stew Webb wants to ask questions, please have him take part. He is a good man, and about the ONLY other individual I know who has been going toe to toe with real dumass Satanists for nearly as many years as I have. Stew would know what questions concerning materials and the simplicity of ordering exploding bolts through NASA’s supplier. Yo kids still seem as lost as any parakeet on this. With so much 9-11 GARBAGE out there, I can be patient with a bit of residual knuckle dragging. I was there in the room for a lot of this stuff over 50 years ago now. My story has not, nor will it, change. You peopple keep dragging your heels and I may end up dead from old age or a gun shot. 20 Killary Stab Kitty Clinton witnesses dead or missing in a single 72 hour period 2 weeks ago. FBI Division5, CIA, MI-6, contract hit men( a Mexican gang hit man can be had for about $250,00 I am told). Let’s do a tour. The internet is controlled opposition, and nerds don’t care. Hawaii is too hot. Intense brain activity needs cooler weather.

    1. you lost me there mate ??? You put up a YouTube video interview and are planning on doing another with less lateral rhetoric??? … then you REALLY lost me on the rest … ???

      1. If you can not keep up or ask a relevant question, don’t bother me. And don’t call me mate. Sir Paul McCartney asked to be my Facebook friend and followed my material quote well. He did not even call me ‘mate’. What is your question? Fetzer already eliminated all of the COMMENTS questions and statements made by others regarding the absent interview at “Jim Fetzer’s The Real Deal”. Many thousands know about what I write of, but are too chickenshit to let their presence be known to strangers, and different computer algorithms keep them blocked. There are too many witnesses to murder and truth is eternal. Quick, like a bunny. What is your question?

      2. Dr…I have no dog in this race, but anyone commenting on an article almost 4 years old would give me great pause.

    2. That WAS a good interview, except for my referring to my fathers death. He died in spirit when the news of the Kellogg system was to be installed in Manhattan and the Rockefeller people took over and provided illegal materials, procedures and short cuts to minimize losses when the corrosion problem between the exterior aluminum and base structural steel panels would not be solved with Rockefeller provided fraudulent “ALCHEMY” texts. This event began weeks after the Kellogg system tests were carried out in 1969. At this time father was 43 years old. He traded in his body in 1994, less than 2 days before hurricane Iniki made a right angle turn and wiped out the Hyatt-Regency on Kauai that he had just been project manager over. 1969 is also the time I began my campaign to get word out about this series of events around Seattle. Fortunate for me, a few of the people over here that I told 1994-2012 REMEMBER my warnings about it. They contacted me. In the few years following 1969, offices of democrat party congressmen Lowry, McDermott, Dicks, and Unsold were contacted, all in personal meetings with one or more staffers. Not even one of them bothered to spend a whopping $2.00 on long distance calls to the WTC engineering(maintenance) department to confirm or deny my claims. Look at the mess. Millions of innocent people dead. Fortunately a few friends have with stealth contacted me to see if I was O.K.. I am one radically pissed off individual. ARE THERE MILITARY TRIBUNALS NOT CONTROLLED BY TREASONOUS CHENEY/RUMSFELD OFFICERS? You dropped the ball Mr. Fetzer. Why? Everything I said was true, and many have died to maintain others’ lies about who and how and why the WTC was attacked. Queen Elizabeth, HERSELF, bargained with the Rockefeller brothers 1965 to have the twin tower prototypes fitted with Kellogg fission/fusion devices. KELLOGG PERSONNEL TOLD ME TO MY FACE 1966-1969 how the devices and systems worked. Not all that sophisticated or genius. ” Like two 1,200 foot tall breeder reactors.” Get me out of here. The local police have been warned by me that I expect another attempt or two on my life and I have been advised I must and may defend myself. I want to get back to Seattle and help develop necessary hardware to filter out Fukushima radiation. We now have inadequate management on the job.

      1. A WIZARD idea. A new interview, 2 hours again. I can advise Dr. Fetzer on 9-11, dietary suppliments, good beer, and fun exercise and he can advise me on how to sleep at night.

      2. This looks like a massive distraction. I don’t recall our interview, but you appear to have an inflated opinion of yourself. My guess is that the SWISS RESEARCH REPORT is making waves and getting around so it was incumbent to attempt some kind of smear. I am frankly not impressed.

      1. So why is it here, Will? Why bother with something so dated? I am baffled.

      2. I vote for distraction. That Swiss article is a blockbuster that is almost impossible to refute.
        As much as i NOW dislike what happened to Zero Hedge, I posted those thirty points (took three postings as they now have a word limit since Goggle got involved and are censoring like crazy) several times on different articles and last I looked, there was not ONE down vote…which is very rare when I post.

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  3. Is March 25th the real New Year?
    Jesuits changed the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar in Russia.
    Is Patriarch Kirill Jesuit trained?
    I would've thought Jon Phelps would be a targeted individual by now, considering his indepth revelations, but no, only innocent ordinary citizens are targeted and EMF tortured…ordinary citizens who have no voice are targeted by the online criminal paedophile perps

  4. Clarification: The photo of the white cell phone was not part of nor connected to the TV Ontario Twitter account. It was seperate….the two entities showed up on my cell consecutively, not combined.
    Considering all that has been and still is happening to me from the EMF torture, I cannit recall which image showed itself first…the photo of the white cell phone(the photo took up the entire screen of my cell phone)or the TV Ontario Twitter account page, but they both were in quick succession of each other

  5. PJJ, do you remember my Tweets on Twitter in the early part of 2015 where I descibed an incident…

    I was in my Twitter account,(not too long)when the Twitter account for TV Ontario suddenly appeared, an account I did not follow, now was it following my Twitter account. Then suddenly there was a photo of a white cell phone lying on a dark surface. It appeared just long enough for me to take a good look at it then vanished.
    I immediately Tweeted what had happened to my sweetliberty Twitter account to tell you what about it.
    If I remember correctly, shortly there after you(or someone) put up an article in your name on VT with the first word of the article heading being "Caught!"
    Do you remember this PrestonJJ?
    The cell phone I was using at the time was a white Blackberry I had purchased from Future Shop in Nov 2014

  6. Perps now say I'm not going to be wble to comment here any more do I'll have no voice at all. They took every other means of communication from me and this comment section.
    So sorry to disappoint y'all but I am Being TORTURED and all

  7. Perps like to up the attack torture of me to get me so upset I respond in the only way I can, which is to attack them back here…then they ease back on their torture of me.
    Every time, they crank up their torture of me until I come here and spew venom at them, then they stop the cranked torture and ease off on it considerably…then they say "You did good"

  8. Tell us fuktard McCain…how much human flesh have eaten? How much of it was from sexually abused children you then had murdered…seems it would be nothing for you to do, considering all those innocent soldiers you sent to their deaths for your BS wars and illegal traficking in just about everything imaginable.
    Please God, tell me US Senator from Arizona John McCain is going to jail for all his sickening, horrendous crimes against us all

  9. PrestnJJ, have I told you lately that I love you?
    As I write this letter, the bottom line is the very thought of you is the sweetest sound in town, in fact the only game- and red roses too.

    sixes and love always, husband

  10. The perps changed the "Comment as" section so I couldn't log in under anonymous…they took the anonymous option away earlier yesterday…said it was "nice surprise for me."
    Hope we have a nice surprise for them

  11. False Flag shooting at Ping Pong Pizza.
    I bet no one saw that coming either…
    Tic toc paedophile cannibals.

    The 60,000 Nazis who came to US after WW2 in Operation Paperclip were Swiss Nazis, were they not?

  12. There's more information showing this person is a perp. I have the physical material to prove it – what this person wrote, the different pieces of paper and tape used…person made sure to make a big deal with using the tape 'cause the perps saw me using the same type in my home at very time this was taking place

  13. I still have the scarf, don't I John McCain? You know, the one I eventually had to cut from the railing (to get it down from there, because you had wanted me to make sure it was nice and tight, that night, remember John McCain?
    In fact, as you know, John McCain, I still wear that scarf, the one with the raw edge, the edge tat was cut from my upstairs railing in the summer of 2014 when you played with life…and my death – remember the razer blade and the bathtub, the terror fiascos you put me through?

  14. Another thing the perps have been saying this year to me…"You better put it down quick" – meaning if I thought of something else to tell about them and they are going to take it way by messing with my memory, or if I think of some flippant comment to write about them or a situation comment

  15. Every day perps watch as I search VT Radio for newest guest interveiw of yours PJJ, with Mike Harris. Same as they laugh and make fun of how I search for your articles, comments.
    Perps always say they control when you can or cannot put up articles and/or comnents and what you write in them(in most of them, and at least some content in all of them…same as all the other journalists at VT, including any radio broadcasts, but I've known this for three years; of course not only VT is controlled like this.
    The control on internet media news is stunning, no matter what site/radio program.
    Where are the stories about the original Constitution of the United States not being in place? That it was illegally replaced long ago by a bogus, second Constitution that was not signed nor ratified…how about the original Thirteenth Amendment? How about articles on the Global Debt Facility and The United States of America's share of the gold/precious metal being held there waiting only to be asked for…why do we all have to cower in fear of our lives for speaking or writing of these issues/subjects? Why?

  16. I could be you all hundreds of other horrible things the sick perps do to me except when I think about them to write down, or remember to to put here, the perps block them from me.
    Each and every time I write here, it is 'fun time' for the perps as they laugh while they block my mind from choosing what words, how to spell even simple words, or making a word/s of their choosing stay and stay till they decide to take it away

  17. The snakes are scheming, dertermined to 'find' some way to 'get me'.(I cannot lock the garage)
    The watch and plot every day…
    The more nervous they make me, the more the more they reinforce it, endless compounding as they the criminals scheme and plot…sounds ridiculous, doesn't it(?)…wish it were all a bad joke. Those that know them know exactly what I'm talking of, and remember, the snakes are always upping their EMF hold of my brain/body processes, inducing, always inducing their EMF fear and anxiety in me, wearing down, wearing down, as the workd looks on and nothing is done to kill these murdering bastards

  18. Most of us have no idea how we've been misled for centuries and centuries concerning just about everything.

    YouTube Video: "Jesuits Erasing Our Flat Earth"- Documentary
    MIG MAG YouTube Channel

    (induced heart palpitations all evening, sexual attacks)

  19. Perps say if write and send any letters, they will take over my bank accounts.

    All this three years of Wanta/McCain crap because THEY criminally attacked an innocent, disabled woman on her own, because THEY were so GUILTY of such HORRENDOUS murderous crimes, even cannibalism of helpless little children.
    What is being done to stop this sickness?

  20. PJJ, how often do you bathe/shower?
    (not a personal question, a hypothetical one)
    How often would it be under the circumstances I have describing for the last two or more years? How often would a person want to do any personal type care if it were happening to them every second of their life…non stop snearing, gawking, always sexual perversion commenting, snickering, goading, threatening, causing more and more pain to your body because you are taking care of yourself….the list of cruelity is too long and numerous to say…excluding the fact I am forced to publically talk of it.
    Would you want to see your tormentor dead?

  21. Right from the beginning, Wanta has done everything he possibly can, including EMF attacking me to shut me up. Why is that Mr. wanta? You have SO much criminal activity to hide is the reason, and you STILL want me silenced as try and murder me off.
    All people have a right to know about your horrendous criminality and murderous illegal captivity of me, stealing me from Preston, abusing me to the very core of my being, then trying to twist ALL the facts of what you have done and are STILL doing to me daily, and blame the very man who deeply lives me and would give his life for me, Dr. Preston James.
    As far as I'm concerned, you're not fit to breathe the same air as the rest of us.

  22. PJJ, please know I am under no illusion that there may be an ongoing court case at this time. There may be and there may not be…we may have to wait till January, after the inaugeration, is how I see it

  23. I have not forgottenyour photo, Mr. jim Dean…the one on VT where you are sitting at a computer screen wearing a short sleeved shirt,(red?) and your right arm is promenently displayed. I knew what meant…it meant the upstanding good guys at VT were solidly standing with me and Preston…you wonderful people would literally give your right arm to defend us. I hope you know how much that photo meant to me. Thank you. Bless you and your dear wife Erica

  24. Perps keep saying it isn't them that's causing the chargers not to work and that I have somehoe damaged them because I leave them plugged into my phone too long as I use it.
    I have fallen asleep listening to PJJ's video several times with it plugged in

  25. You're such a creep, Wanta. I pray you never see the light of day again. I pray you are put away forever so you can never do any harm to another person. I hope John McCain rots in jail right along with you

  26. I don't know why the last word in my above comment didn't show up. I clearly keyed it in….the word is 'stronger'.

    Wanta perps knew I how much it meant to me to see you breathing, alive.
    That's why they put all those 'breathing' sounds by Mike Harris in the broadcast with you and he…not the most recent one but the one before the lastest(I haven't listened to the most recent…it hasn't been posted)
    Wanta perps were making fun of me by putting that breathing noise in that video

  27. Seeing you in your videos, seeing you breathing brought a sense of reality to the surrealism I have been living through, PJJ.
    Whomever put that tear in your eye on your VT photo…it has helped me to be stronger

  28. How many times, PrestonJJ, were you made to put up articles, photos, song videos that perps wanted you to so that I might I think they were from you? The perps hoping I'd believe you were involved in my abuction and torture. Their scheme was two-three-fold.
    I knew all along they were from the perps…such as the early 2015 article with the photo of Faye Dunnaway in a pose with bare legs, and the Barbra Streisand song.. "I'm like a prisoner, captured by your eyes; I've been taken and I've been hypnotized…'
    I knew they weren't from you. As I said before, I hadn't believed you put up any of the songs on your articles since early months of 2014.
    Also, the perps were hoping to persuade other readers into thinking they were coming from you, to put them off from knowing the truth

  29. In their awe inspiring great wisdom, Our Dear Leaders in the West have decided to abolish the Russian Propaganda of "caring".
    Yes, caring is too scary to fathom.

    Why just look and see how much caring for his people and country that… that…dare I say it(?)…Honorable President Vladimir Putin is guilty of in the eyes of Our Great Western Leaders.

  30. Anyone notice how quickly Mike Harris' Tues of this week broadcast went up to access? That was a red flag…they're never put up that quickly, so I didn't bother listening to it for a couple of days then when I did listen, I didn't listen to the whole broadcast.
    You'll all notice that twice now when ask PrestonJJ "where are you?", he has been on the very next broadcast. The perps make sure I am not aware so that I miss it, then the broadcast isn't posted in a timely manner. This is why I asked PrestonJJ yesterday if it could be posted soon.
    I am completely at the perps mercy, which is strange because they haven't any mercy at all as we all know, right John McKonn?

  31. Since Oct this year, the perps have been and are determined to make me believe absolutely nothing is being done legally against them at this time.
    Also, they do their best to convince me they are hackee into my newest cell phone, the Blackphone.
    Today and on the 30th of Nov, they changed the password to my online banking then changed it back again.
    Before I was finished today, before I pressed the continue button while doing transactions, they had already interferred, so when I pressed it to continue, it told me "This transaction has already been submitted"….but of course I hadn't submitted it yet.
    This has never happened before.
    So now they have one more way to make make my life more miserable…they know how important it is for me to pay bills on time

  32. Something else….the perps can induce a strong compulsion to either try and force you to do something against your will. It was the recognition of this induced forcing that made me realilize it was coming from the perps and I was able to tug back and stop their inducement. Imagine how this is used on innocent unsuspecting children in grasp of perps
    They have induced this strong compulsion in me several times or more that I am aware of

  33. Almost every time I try and understand what I'm reading, the perps use their old standby…inducing their ability to prevent me, as I have said to you many times before PJJ, from doing so.
    They use a semi-subliminal type of chatter to push their induced intrusive suggestive chatter as I read. It is much quieter than their usual chatter, barely audible at all yet extremely pervasive. God knows what real subliminal crap they do to me.
    They still attack me when I'm sleeping, induced dreams, then come on strong the minute I open my eyes.

    Also, for quite some time, when I think of the audacity of their intimmidation tactics, such as the recent "front porch fiasco", the perps have been saying " In for a penny, in for a pound", using this expression as a goading of me…not being American that is

  34. It seems Andrew Breitbart left an interesting Tweet on Twitter in 2011, that had 866 re-Tweets and 846 "likes". The date is 4 Feb 2011
    This is from a C. Ervana YouTube account video: "Assange, Breitbart warned us!…"
    I came across the video in the list of videos below the one I watching.
    @Andrew Breitbart's Tweet reads:
    " How prog-guru John Podesta isn't a household name as world class underage sex slave op cover-upper defending unspeakable dregs is beyond me".

    Just what is it the good guy Intel know? How many innocent babies and children have been murdered since 2011? Who's babies were they?
    Seems the entire world is enraged by the PizzaGate findings…it's not going to go away.
    And now, it appears the Daily Show is going to have guests talking about all this, no doubt to try and trash the subject as bogus…but it's too late for that, way too late for that.
    What do the perps expect… 7 billion people are going to except this evil?
    How many journalists and other good people have been murdered for being stand-up good people wanting to do what is right? We're so sick of the sickness of these perps.
    As I write, the EMF perps chatter on as they usually do, saying, watching, looking for something they can use against me or the subject I talk about. They tell me on a regular basis…"you have good ideas we use"- this has been said to me too nany times to count

  35. Am thinking is all…
    At the border between two countries, there are two people – one on either side of the border. One person has a gun (illegal gun at that) and deliberately aims the illegal weapon at the person just across the border and shoots to kill this person and the bullet does kill the person on the other side of the border. Where was the person murdered?
    Would there be extradition?
    Unnecessary costs of trial taken into account?

  36. McCain perps KNOW how weary I am from all the torture I must endure from them. They kniw I am mostly bedridden from their non stop torture of me….am barely able to funtion normally and am becoming weaker as week goes by. They see how I struggle daily with their abuseive threats and torture. Are they waiting till I can no longer cope at all so they can induce their final solution?

  37. Has my sweet PrestonJJ been monitoring the EMF attacking of me by the criminals John McCain and Lee Wanta? No doubt he has…Preston has done absolutely everything in his power to help me, help us bring these sick people to justice.
    How many others are McCain and Wanta EMF attacking that have come forward about their torture by McCain and Wanta?

  38. A person being tortured by you the way you have been torturing me, would have to be completely SANE in order to put up with your twisted insanity, US Senator John F. McCain.
    You know what the F stands for, don't ya McCain?

  39. Each time I write a comment the perps are here judging, babbling on as to whether, in their opinion, I am telling the truth of each situation I explain about.
    Of course, I never ever pass their twisted interpretation of facts.
    This judging and commenting chatter from the perps is non stop no matter what I do. They really like to crank it up while I'm in the kitchen especially, or at times when they decide they will use their chatter to keep me awake.

    John McCain, did you try to make me fall into some sort of conflict of interest recently with your mind control, control of my life, control of knowing how desperate I seek help, words if encouragement, or just plain understand what the heck us going on to help stop the torture.
    Did you make Max Keiser, on his broadcast program and others on Mr. Mike Harris' radio broadcast say certain things you'd hope I'd hear and act on them?

  40. More threats of death to me if I decide to go outside and collect my mail this evening where I live.
    All night the perps have been inducing their painful pressure behind my eyes. They do it any time they wish. They like to attack as soon as stir awake, or any time they're pissed , which is all the time, but they like to cause this pain and pressure behind my eyes very often. .they love to see me taje pain medicine because they know I do not usually take pain medication. They have pushed and pushed the induced pain in my body till I would have no choice but to take pain madication for weeks on end – I wasn't able to sleep or get around my house without the pain meds…they made me very sleepy. The pain medication that took the pain away for me is called "Aleve". Other pain medication did not work. I got the dosage somehow mixed up even though a good friend explicitly said only one every twelve hours, as is on the directions label. I was taking two instead of one and not waiting the twelve hours in-between. The induced pain for weeks at a time – 5,6,7, weeks at a time depending on which set-in of their weeks long induced excruciating pain period I'm talking about. It was Mr. Mike Harris who gave me a heads' up about an induced overdose by the perps, earlier this year after I'd mentioned this on my Facebook or to PrestonJJ in a message to Preston using my login at VT. I would send many messages to Preston on his article boards.They were not made public.
    Once again, this is a small part of cruelty John MCCain has put me through in his neverending torture of me

  41. By the way, I hope the owner of noticed a few weeks ago how his follower count on his Twitter account kept fluctuating around the number "69" for several days. That was a "number message" to me. Perps would watch as I went to this Twitter account every day. Y'all should hear the perps when I simply use the microwave….all those numbers for them to snicker about like naughty little boys

  42. Paedophile cannibal loving John MCCain, have you been charged with the attempted murder of me? A murder you've been trying to to do for almost three years? Have you, John McCain, been legally charged with each and every other evil wicked deed you have done/have been doing/still are doing to me each and every day? I wonder just how many charges there are against you and how many other people have charges against you all tied in with what you did to me and Preston

  43. Why are your EMF perps suddenly starting to freeze my body after I posted my last comment Kreepo-Konman- Klown-McKlown? How's all those tiny dead children, McKreep?
    Why are there so many pictures and photos on the net that show you as such a gross hunan being, JohnGirl?

  44. Gee, I can access Twitter today.
    Why did you tell your perps to make it accessable to me again, McCain? Why did you stop me from accessing one of my favourite Twitter accounts/websites to go to, John McVain? Why did you EMF attack me? Why are all your buddies thugs, criminals, paedoohiles and cannibals, Koward McKlown?

  45. Short article on "Eastern Allepo Completely Liberated"…in the article, you should read what the EU has to say about that!
    NATO truly is our collective enemy – how horrible it is to know and understand how we,the populations living in the NATO countries, have been so used by the murderous traitors at it's helm.
    Decades of their endless dumbing down mainstream media bias and lies have forced Western populations to be unknowingly part of NATO's bloody murderous holocaust on the rest of the world…and now that the whole thing has been laid bare for the entire world to see, they are still blatently at it, whining while running to the head of the snake, the UN, because the innocent people of Allepo are being liberated from monsterous least one of the heads of this multi-headed Hydra, at least.
    These are the very same Western made terrorists that the enemy-within-Nazi- NATO is now bringing to our western shores.

  46. Hope you all remember Lee Wanta took over my gmail account two or more years ago and changed the password.
    He still uses it to change Google/Youtube settings I try and set…he controls my internet, knowing all my internet service provider info, including my account number with them -Start Communications

  47. Easing up does not not mean it stops…especially using my eyes and ears to HEAR and SEE through – that part never lets up or stops ever.
    I have been closing my eyes for three years to muster a tiny bit of human dignity for myself, albeit not really any at all, but it's the one sense I can use to help get me through the evil perps' voyueristic torture and cruelty.
    Think of how many thousands and thousands, including little children, including thousands who have no idea it is happening to them, this horrendous totally unnecessary criminal spying and torture

  48. Why are a lot of news websites, journalists, radio hosts using so much foul language these past months?
    Could it be their controllers are demanding it so the bigger news controllers can say "Look…just look at the foul languge alternative news uses!"

  49. In order to fuel more orchestrated divisive racial tensions, the "controllers" would limit internet access to certain groups but not others if they could, but they can't….they attack us all equally together when they threaten our internet and real information, so why do populations allow themselves to be divided into racial/ethnic/religious groups to be used by the controllers to devide us and conquer us? Please stop allowing them to divide us.

  50. Washington Post says Kerry is desperate to stop ISIS from being defeated…
    From website Pravda: 'Russia Will Not Stop: Allepo will be taken prior to Trump's inauguration 28.11.2016
    (A useless ad for free application is blocking this article on Pravda…must be imporant information)

  51. Remember the "neighbour" I told you about, PrestonJJ? The one who moved in a year ago, whose father couldn't remember that fact and said it was "two and a half" years ago?…
    Passive aggressive…
    If someone decided to rake up leaves on a shared townhouse lawn, would they put them on their neighbours' porch?

  52. Now the perps are saying "It all doesn't matter now because the torture will be over very very soon and you and Preston will be together. Can't you tell by how we are sometimes easing up on the your torture at times?" – that is what the perps are saying, and yes, there are small breaks in their torture of me in that it eases up at times, but for long and not often

  53. Considering the illegal criminal restrants pushed upon us, PrestonJJ and I have had an emormous amount of comminication between us(and I have had almost as much with our dear good friends at VT who acted as stand ins for PrestonJJ, and also gave me lots of vital information and encouraging, faithful help, I so needed to keep going).
    You see, I could/would use my Twitter/Facebook to post loving photos, phrases, words, colours, songs, and Preston would let me know he understood by putting indicaters in his articles and radio talks. It was so easy for us to do…to pick up on and use each others little messages to each other.
    For example, a simple picture of a loving couple together was hymn and me; a couple walking in a park, or over a bridge hand in hand; the word "button" meant love…from the words of the song "You Belong To Me"("button up your overcoat, when the wind is free, take good care of yourself, you belong to me") – I would say it often in my Twitter feed and post photos of a husband and wife wrapped in the same overcoat, laughing together. I know the name of the famous couple but the perps are blocking their names…wait I've got it 'cause I looked up a movie she starred in – Audrey Hepburn and her husband.
    This is only a very small example of how PrestonJJ and I comunicated, and remenber, our dear friends stood in for Preston hundreds of times using Preston and my words when it wasn't safe for Preston to.
    It all has been SO easy for us keep in touch, to keep our deep devotion of love to one another alive and strong, and I know it is only the cruel heartless criminals who pretend Preston and I couldn't have had a deep and endring loving relationship with each other, because they didn't want me to have anybody at all to protect me so they could eventually murder me because of what they did to me and because of what they revealed to me

  54. Absolutely every Human Right has been taken from me, stolen by the worst possible people. I am tortured by the minute, nay, the second of every hour of every day, going on three years.
    My husband to be has had to be silent, for the most part, but standing by me and helping me as best he could/can – and so have the rest of the GOOD people at VT.
    The perps now say even if I order food to be delivered to my home, it will be poisoned somehow by Wanta/McCain operatives…I haven't a phone that works anyway, besides, the perps do as they please with my phone calls/texrs anytime they want.Not even taking a cab is safe. Far too many "coincidental" conversations started by the eight or more cab drivers have proven this over the last three years

  55. From Enrico Ivanov
    White Helmets are terrorists

    The Syrian White Helmets are a slur on genuine and hard working civil defense organizations worldwide. They are intrinsically embedded into the Western propaganda campaign to topple Assad in the bloodiest manner through an extensive network of terrorist jihadis trying to replicate Libya, but X10.
    Hence, they have a monopoly and total stranglehold on "news", basically jihadi news repackaged into meaningless US soundbites.
    So the next time you hear a US official speaking on Russian " warcrimes", behind him is a macabre ventriloquist act

  56. Earlier this year I tried joining, as an alternative to Twitter, but perps stopped me. sent a message to my phone in order to continue the sign up, and then immediately after that, another one was sent to my phone number- a bogus one from the perps

  57. I meant to say the perps pick and choose whatever they decide…it could be irrelevent to them what I comment about, but they will hassle me anyway, or could be something that genuinely ticks them off. Do you understand?
    It's all part of their easy-to-see- through game of trying to keep me/us all off balance….too stupid to live arseholes that they are.

    The "prove-you-are-not-a-robot puzzle this time is: choose which dishes are are pasta dishes

  58. Last week(and before Tues Harris radio broadcast) I remembered a 2015 radio broadcast wherein Mr. Harris mentioned our PrestonJJ being on dialysis.

    Remember, I have told you all of the perps' constant pushng of their sexual perversion chatter and/or constant sexual innuendo and death….you can imagine how the perps snicker and laugh about PrestonJJ, my husband to be

  59. Yes, I know the perps induce their brand of never ending frustation into me to keep me in a constant state of upset. As long as they are interferring with my body and mind, there is nothing I can do except keep learning to recognize it when I can…they are so sneaky in their manipulations. It's obvious they use this to try and portray me as they want me to be. It is very difficult to keep on top of/not react to their evil inducing at times

  60. PJJ, I'll have another Blue Christmas this year without you.
    Last Christmas, a family member gave me three bottles of wine and a bottle of champagne. I gave the wine away to other family members and kept the champagne…perhaps I'll open it this Christmas/New Year to give a toast to you and I
    PSI Love You

  61. The Twitter owner's name is Jack Dorsey and people have captureed his messages about paedophile/spirit cooking crap and they put then in article for the world to see. See ? No wonder Wanta and his creepy friends can do all the sick things they do to innocent peopke by using what we thought were safe social networks to share our photos of family and friends with each other, but no, the ordinary internet and social sites are mere lures to draw us into the sickening world of cannibals, paedophiles, and despicable horrendous murdering

  62. There is a definite relationship between the owner of Twitter and the recent paedophile revelations and Wanta is deleting my comnents here about his own connection with Twitrer and all the rotten things ge put ne through using Twitter. Stop deleting my comnents Wanta you creep!! You know full well this Jack guy who owns Twitter has been outed as a suspected paedophile and worse. It's all over tge net, including how hus own Twitrer account was suspended

  63. "You'll never win, we're too stong", is what is being said lately, along with laughter.
    Perps also say they are taking down everything I say and do to be held against me.
    I say back to them.. well, you can imagine what I say back, I don't tell you all, am sure

  64. Who covered up for ya, Wanta? How did an innocent man go to jail for your appalling crimes at the BC pig farm?

    (I stopped filling in the verification step to tske a good look at the photos. I had to çhoose 'pick-up trucks'. There were photos of: water, a boat that looked very much like a ferryboat tied to a dock, an old bus, and a photo of what looked like a bunch of scrap farm implements in front of a barn and there were three photos of pick-up trucks, all on the right side in a horrizontal row. Perps knew I was studying the photos this time to remember them and descibe them in a comment after I published this one,…and then the puzzle question with the photos I've just described disappeared before I was able to press the publish button. I did nothing different than any other time I go through the puzzle and tick off photos , yet the puzzle vanished as was studying the photos…and it was only for several seconds, less than 20. I've taken longer than that to solve the puzzle, many times before)

  65. Who covered up for ya, Wanta? How did an innocent man go to jail for your appalling crimes at the BC pig farm?

    (I stopped filling in the verification step to tske a good look at the photos. I had to çhoose 'pick-up trucks'. There were photos of: water, a boat that looked very much like a ferryboat tied to a dock, an old bus, and a photo of what looked like a bunch of scrap farm implements in front of a barn and there were three photos of pick-up trucks, all on the right side in a horrizontal row. Perps knew I was studying the photos this time to remember them and descibe them in a comment after I published this one,…and then the puzzle question with the photos I've just described disappeared before I was able to press the publish button. I did nothing different than any other time I go through the puzzle and tick off photos , yet the puzzle vanished as was studying the photos…and it was only for several seconds, less than 20. I've taken longer than that to solve the puzzle, many times before)

  66. Things fukard says:
    -my case is special
    -I would've been released long ago, but it's personal "between arsewipe and me
    -it's the mind…worthy apponent
    -anything to slow you down
    -buying time; this has been said for the longest time

  67. Three fuking years Preston! Three years and you say now help is on the way??????????????!???????
    Another three years of putting up with the filth and torture??!!¡??????????
    And STOP fuking letting me know tgat saw you saw this comment by posting sone stupid reference to it sonewhere, oh great friends of mine.
    At least then I'll know it's coming from the sick fukers John McCain and canibal Lee Wanta you work for

  68. The perps are now telling me they don't like a website I've come across and am viewing at this time.
    The name of the site is:
    Could it be because it has lots of talk about recent paedophile revelations?

  69. The sickest, most vile canibal paedophiles RUN your country America, and you allow them to.
    You allow these slimy scum to EMF torture innocent little children and tiny babies AS the children are being sexually brutalized and horribly murdered then eaten…and now, you sick bastards are allowing the very perps who do this to cover it all up in the perps' just as abusively sick media.
    For the most part, women and children have been abandoned by heterosexual men for decades…and this statement is NOT radical feminism.
    Man up, take responsibilty and bloody well DO something instead whining about radical feminism. Y'all sound as bad as the twisted pansies running your lives

  70. Perps like to talk about womens menstrual cycle blood…they especially like to block this from my memory after they chatter on about it, but I caught it this time. Perps been talking of this for quite some time. Pigs.

  71. There is no doubt in my mind Twitter is controlled/owned by human flesh eating paedophiles.
    The incredible difficulties Twitter allowed perp Wanta to torture me by, the blocking of great Twitter accounts that give us all important info we need to know about.
    Also,there are all kinds of people on Twitter talking about Twitter-The-Turncoat-Operation canceling accounts that tell the world about the horrific PizzaGate crimes and the people involved in these sickening crimes against small children and tiny babies, our children

  72. PJJ hon, the criminal perps' ability to literally see through peoples' eyes for complete control of the human population gives a whole new meaning to the term 'compound eyes' when referring to cockroaches or insects in general

  73. So…criminal paedo human-flesh-eating-Mole-Rat-Wanta and friends(that would be you, "not-acceptable-John are outing themselves as illegal controllers of internet viewing and cahoots with Twitter. Just what is Twitter? Are paedophiles also running Twitter?
    By the way, whenever I write about paedos consuming human flesh, it just so happens that when I go through the "prove you've not a robot" thingy in order to post my comment, the pictures shown for me to "tick off" just so happen to be photos of food. Coincidence I'm sure…this has been happening each time.
    Also, perps make sure to throw in difficult puzzles to solve, attack my eyes, put up little messages aimed at me in the photos about other things I comment about. Sound silly? Well maybe , but it is none the less true. This is what the perps are capable of whether one believes it or not. Your disbelief only allows the perps controlling us to keep right on controlling us

  74. Starting "Anonymous" comment October 23, 2016 at 2:00am, and including all of the rest of the "Anonymous" comments after and since, are from me – Em Thomas, which is my Facebook name with an avatar of President Vladimir Putin holding in one of his hands, a bar of gold(he has a glove in his hand, but is not wearing it, only using it to hold the gold bar)

  75. The perps are and have been always letting me know how control they have over the internet, journaists, and especially certain websites, especially VT and it's journalistic offerings, the many shill/troll accounts on the net, Facebook and Twitter. Others who as aware as I am about this know the perps many ways ofcontrol of info on the net to mislead, and in my case at least, to scare me off from telling about the perps

  76. And PJJ…yes, I recognize those words you use in your article as ones I myself used in a comment on VT in 2013 – "…to buy anyone and everyone"
    (Once again the perps prevent me from the exact words that I easily remember and recognized immediately when I read them in your article.
    Also I have not forgotten my comment about about "Angels cry out for justice because of all the innocent blood spilt through the centuries (the blood soaked earth)

  77. There is a technology for accessing the internet that appears to be being mostly kept away from the general population,(I am being attacked by the perps while I try and key in what I want to say here…the perps pick and choose when and what they decide to stop me/make it difficult for me to keep my thoughts together when I have something I want to say in this comment section – whether it's deemed "important" or irrelevent to them to keep me from saying it, and of course I understand why they do it, as do everyone else)at least until recently. The tecnology is known as LiFi and it's so many ways safer for people to use rather than WiFi.
    France is beginning to use it and now Canada has a company out of Montreal…it figures the technology would be kept mostly hushed up about, because it is far safer, also internet criminals would have a more difficult time hacking into innocent peoples' lives if they were using LiFi

  78. I wasn't interested in computers or the net for many years and in fact purchased my first computer in 2005, a Dell 8300 with windows XP and the old type of monitor came with it. I enjoyed playing solitaire and reading with it. I cried when Wanta trashed it, made it not work any more, in early 2014. Also, I knew I wouldn't be able to afford another computer, at least as good as the he trashed. That's why I pawned gold jewlery to purchase a used laptop, which Wanta also trashed after I'd had it for only a couple of months

  79. Parts of the perp's 'mind guidence' is to mess with a part of your short term memory…there is a strong component of this part of their torture to have their victim(me)relive their trigger words each day so you live in continual stress,upsettness.
    Added to the perps' induced anxiety/stress, a victim is living a sort of Groundhog Day movie type of existance every day. Even something as simple as remembering how to spell familiar words becomes a problem for victim
    This is along with everything else I have been describing for the past two years or more.
    Also there is a continual addition to the untold hundreds of trigger words they have induced your mind and body to react to…almost a fear, a physical whincing, when the perps say it or you come across it – numbers, photos, proper nouns, place names, settings, sounds you hear – the list is as unending as this particular part of the torture is

  80. Take a guess where the perps are centering most of their induced pain in my body? If you guessed my right underarm area, you guessed right!
    How about a great big shout out to hang YOU BABY EATERS! from us all? That would help ease the pain.
    Hey twisted Valley dudette and company…there's lots of rope waitin' for you

  81. Ok, here's the latest…perps are upset because I keep bringing up about canibalism…they recken if I keep mentioning canlbalism in a comment section where John McCain's name is mentioned, America Firster (included of course human beings Firsters) Intel will start dumbing what they know about McCain onto the internet…

  82. You can tell the perps are criminal thugs…they keep sayin' "Ya think you're smart don't ya?
    I keep waiting for them to say 'see' Cagney style.
    Dear perps, the entire world is smarter than you are…we know what to eat and what not to eat, and well, you easily make us look really really clever

  83. The Pope thinks he God…anyone else that went around proclaiming they were God would be thrown in a looney bin, but somehow Popes even get away with proclaiming to the rest of the world that they"re God and a good number of fools accept it.
    We'll need bigger looney bins…

  84. PJJ hon, the perps are making sure I won't be able to read any of your comments on your new article. They cause the board not to show any comments. How do I know this? At first, there weren't any comments, but then three appeared, and when I refreshed the page, they were gone, although in the main 'comments' section at VT it clearly shows theee were recent comments on your board, two of the comments by "Agin", whomever that commenter is

  85. I think the reason I remembered the perps having said what I wrote in the above comment (and the perps saying it again recently) is because I'm always threated with harm/death from the perps…never stops; and soI try and put this into some kind of perspective…try and rationalize their death threats with reality I'm living during all these threats.
    The perps keep involving others in their torture of me as time goes on, now it's Clinton, as I've mentioned recently.
    The perps use my rationalization to up the ante of their induced fear…something they just keep doing. As before, I ratiinalize if there were such 'big' players doing this to me rather than only Wanta and McCain, then 'they' would've made sure to 'take me out' rather than constant threats of it.
    This has been my thinking once again recently, and sure enough the perps have added Clinton and also threats of real death to me this time rather than endless threats. They talk of poison(again), and being shot if I leave my house.
    So, it only stands to reason, considering the above memory and the perps saying it again in recent days, that they are considering to finally make good on their death threats to me

  86. I've remembered something the perps have said for some time now…
    They've said "You know I always take some time to think, then decide what to do next. You give me good ideas to use against you."…
    Anyway,something along those lines

  87. Now perps sayin' "You know this is just a private rogue element that's doing this to you…it's still going to done to people." – their meaning being this see-through-our-eyes-torture is still going to be done to the population by bigger criminal outfits/organizations

  88. Perps were sayin' "Don't post that!", meaning the comment I posted above.
    I gave them my usual reply when they threaten me(which is just about all the time) " What are you going to do, torture me?"
    No wonder I'm continually thirsty for water…the non stop heating of my body the perps inflict on me is never ending

  89. Came across an article the other day titled " John McCain stands in the way of Trump's rapprochment with Russia", on The Duran website.
    In the comments section, Bradley James writes: " While insane McCain pushes for ww3 he says nothing about his pedophile friends in DC".
    Bradley goes on to give a link to a Titus Frost YouTube video – "PizzaGate – DNC Pedophile Ring exposed by Podesta's Emails – Obama, Clinton, Andrew Cline…" Published Nov 15 2016

    Considering what insane McCain has been doing to me, and the sicko Wanta has been telling me, why is it, really, that McCain is silent about this these sickening revelations?
    There's obviously a connection to McCain and Wanta that many people know about, is how I see it sitting here being tortured by these scum of the universe who did this to me and PrestonJJ

  90. PJJ…just finished watching your green shirt interview with Prof Fetzer (again). At the end, as you and Prof Fetzer were saying thank you and goodbye, and I was smiling big smiles, having so thoroughly enjoyed the video once again, the perps said they're going to take your video away so I wouldn't be able to see it any more…to make me ever so sad not to be able to see/hear you.

    (they did this with music videos I once enjoyed on YouTube)

    Now they're saying (once again) "What do expect, this is torture"

  91. The perps will not stop inducing my heart rate to speed up. Every day, every day, almost non stop, they attack my heart and make it un- naturaully race, actually jump in my chest. Induced every day by these criminals who get away with the most sickening paedophilia, EMF induced torture and murder, are allowed to freely get away with all these wicked crimes to able to repeat them, time and again

  92. Perps really hammering me all night and morning
    …oh, and I keep forgetting to say the perps say RT account in Britain was frozen because of me, Russian News Networks are be being attacked/becoming nit available to west because of me, even though tge perps says they're ones who write the articles on these sites.
    Go figure…

  93. Husband…'know what I keep sayin' to the perps, and have been for two years?

    I tell them they picked on the wrong people this time.
    You wouldn't believe the inventive ways I have learned to dis these cowardly creeps, nor how colourfully I let McCain and Wanta know exactly what they are.
    I get a real kick out of the many insulting words, phrases even gestures I pummel these cowardly creeps with.
    They call me 'wild' at times – I call them….well, everything I can and then some

  94. Husband, I've been sleeping and sleeping…seems I can't get enough sleep. I wake and want to go back to sleep. For a long time I have thought "If only I could sleep for two solid weeks".
    So, lately I've been taking natural sleep aid, such as chamomile tea, which has been helping me better able to sleep…big smiles.

    PSI Love you. Remember your overcoat
    I'm always with you Preston Jim James, husband of mine. Always

  95. So, America, are you going to put your original Constitution back into effect?
    The second bogus one that was put in its stead was neither signed nor ratified.
    When will you hold a Constitutional Convention?
    Until you do this America, the good Mr. Donald Trump becoming your new President isn't going to save your country…your original Constitution HAS to go back into effect… simple as that.
    The only way is to have the Constitutiinal Convention many States have been demanding for years, decades in fact

    Seeing as I've nothing to loose, I nay as well keep talking.
    I'll the torture the perps as much as they've tortured me before they "do me in", as they say.
    PJJ, you can be assured that I never ever let up on insulting these creeps any way I can.

    Sixes, always husband

  96. You should hear these sick twisted perps and their cruelty.
    Decades and decades of fine tuning their EMF V2K torture, probably under Bush #1…the creeps started on this method of torture long before that, in fact in the early 1950's is what I've recently read, and all this time it has mostly been kept under wraps, away from the very victims it is used on, away from he general population while being cruelly used on babies, children adults(I've read recently too, the perps even use it on animals).
    Decades and decades of literly crushing the life out of any living entity the perps so wish.

    It doesn't take much imagination to know what they've been doing to little children and babies combined with the perps' paedophile life style. The perps' non-stop sexual inuendo is most likely just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to children.
    It has been said about 15% of the population is resistant to this cruel torture…if I'm one them, let me tell you, it has been a struggle but a winning one in that I learned by questioning, rationalizing, using common sense, logic and just plain old realizing no God loving human being would do this to another human, let alone to our children to be used for sadistic sexual entertainment then murdered off/suicided….and from what I've read recently, even protected under the sick banner of "National Security"?
    The United States of America has been kidnapped and horribly, wickedly abused by these sick twisted individuals who refer to themselves as elites…but elite what? What the hell are they? Mere words cannot adequetely describe this psychotic group of individuals hiding and running such an inhuman program.
    Thank God there are dedicated Intel, Law Enforcement and Journalists exposing these un-human heartless bloodsuckers of our society.
    And each time I speak up and say something, such as now, the perps say "You did good." Every time, they say those words…it is an addition of the last few months.
    Also they say "We may be going down but you won't be around to be free of us, enjoy any kind of life without us always in it, or killing you before we're done"

    And remember…. This torture is used on hundreds of thousands of children, hundreds every day, all under the guise of National Paedophile Security

  97. So, once again the arsewipe perps think they're so clever. After I post of them interferring for over ten minutes with VT radio, it suddenly works but now I'll have to wait the five minutes or more before the sound begins.
    When I say they interfere, I mean the start/play button is stopped from functioning…instead of staying the colour it is, red, the play button turns a grey colour and won't respond.
    They did this with my other phone too.
    I don't know how it's done. I can only describe it. They do it with other videos on other sites, such as RT and others.
    Small criminal minds and tiny shrunken "parts"(two important parts missing altogether) may be the perps only excuse that they'll be able to use as a defense, one day soon

  98. Perps coming down hard on me for they know I tell the truth.
    My Grandmother's father had a farm in Port Arthur(?), my Father talked of a farm and his Grandfather, my Great-Grandfather, whom his daughter, my Grandmother took after in hair/skin colour and brown eyes

  99. My Grandmother was the sweetest person I'd ever known. This tiny dark haired gem of a grandmother was completey devoted to her children and grandchildren.
    I respected and loved her deeply.

    Port Arthur, on Lake Superior Ont Canada, was where she and my Grandfather lived in the early days

  100. It takes up to (and over) five minutes for the sound to work on all VT radio broadcasts, also most other videos on sites, except YouTube.
    And just now, news video on RT has no sound at all…and yes, I checked the video sound icon as to whether or not it was turned on

  101. Ever notice the over-the-top arm-stretched-out pointing, and great big open-mouthed 'smiles' or other such gestures/poses some 'elites' are caught in, in photos?
    Currious isn't it, that they seem to continuiously portray such forced over-the-top comardery, when for the most part, they mean us no good at all.
    I sometimes wonder if this a way to spot the psychopaths in our midst…at the the very least, didn't they learn that pointing was bad manners?

  102. …surely by now, I don't have to mention that the perps also hear every detail of a person's life – every detail.
    They hear every conversation you have with another person, or the conversations of people around you.
    Surely I don't have to mention this

    Whomever you are that may be reading these words, picture yourself, your family, your company business, your completeclife and that of others in it and around you…all being affected in the exact same way I am, except you may not know it for the perps DO NOT have to induce pain, discomfort. Do you get that?

    This is our future dear people, including tiny children, unless we stop it

  103. As I've said before, each time I want to make myself something to eat, go into the kitchen at all, the perps up their attacks on ne. This has never changed. Simply making and enjoying cup of tea becomes an ordeal I am put through by the perps….expand the term ordeal to every tiny aspect of life the perps interfere with and yoy may have an idea of their neverending torure, compound it by the FACT they are seeing through your eyes at the same time, so they know they are causing you to have an accident of some sort in your home.
    Remember, it never stops nor ends.
    Did I mention the neverending sick sexual inuendo to any word or number even, or everyday task? Yes, I have mentioned this seveeal times.

    So, dear people, this EMF torture in some form or another is meant to be used on us all at some point in the near future, but especially accessing the brain's ocular system….perps do not have to induce pain nor chatter, but who knows what else will be nduced as they see through each persons' eyes, including little children…

  104. Perps really cranking up the pain today, all over my body. Also, there was a tiny break from their induced anxiety, heart palpitations and 'mind guidence', perhaps for half a day but as I'm writing here, it did not last.
    The perps try to sneak it in on me, this induced anxiety,(perhaps some sort of yet another stupid game of theirs) but I can ALWAYS tell what they're doing and when they're doing it. Their inducements are so un natural it is more than easy to be aware of their intrusions of my body and mind, not that I don't physically suffer the consequences of their induces manipulations

  105. Husband, our 'North to Alaska' gold wedding band is perfect, just like our love for one another…and although at one time I told you on my Twitter it would break my heart to see you on video and not here beside me,(referring to the VT TV that was talked about a year or two ago) in your wisdom, you knew the importance and significance of going ahead and doing so anyway.
    Under Almighty God…you can see why I referred to you husband, as boss. You understand? Yes of course you do. Husband and wife together, yet ultimately husband, your decision

  106. Preston do you want me to turn off the WIFI in my home for a period of time?
    The perps attacked me long before I had WIFI, and would never have had it in my home if all this didn't happen to me. If I could access the internet with cable using a cell phone, I would.
    I will start turning off the WIFI at a regular time for a few days.. .no wait, I cannot do that because the perps have my sleeping hours all messed up.
    It is turned off though when I'm sleeping, most of the time,that is.
    Lately I've been going to sleep after 6am and turning it off each time

  107. I'm just about done in fighting for my life for so long, PJJ, with no positive results this torture will end.
    If you all are trying to somehow get some sort of message to me, it ain't working.
    Just because I know my thoughts, emotions are being manipulated by EMF criminals and fightvagainst them constantly, does not mean the criminals cruelty hasn't taken toll. Every nano second of my existence is cruelly manipulated by the perps, including their online interference.
    For less than a week, I have been reading Tweets, then some of the articles of David Icke…then an article is put up supposedly by you, PJJ, with a video that Icke is featuring. Perps laugh and laugh and induce their doubt and suspicious chatter and the the crap they can to confuse me, try to make me look stupid for if I want to tell you what hey do and say. On and on it goes, this being only a tiny window on their never ending mixture of cruel ways to confuse that are NEVER ENDING….this is their method of breaking a person down to be more susceptible to their induced suicide

  108. PJJ I don't like hearing you reduced to complete blathering idiocy as your Nazi masters demand.

    And as far as I'm concerned all this talk of Satinism, whether true or not, is the excuse used by the criminal paedophiles…the ones at top of the murderous paedophile hierarchy could care less what their lackeys call themselves or do as long as they keep supplying those kiddies, right?

  109. Just tried listening to your latest with Rense, PJJ….maybe ten minutes or so then I stopoed. Am finished playing this stupud game of finding 'nuggets of truth' in your Nazi boss' crap.

    Ony a handful of Nazis were tried after WW2, the rest of 70,000 Nazis went to the west, mostly to the US and they have been in charge ever since, right McCain?
    All media is Nazi controlled. All journalists are Nazi controlled, not Jewish controlled.
    If this is too stong for you all, fine….lose your country, the one you thought was yours, the one your fathers, grandfathers gave their lives for against the very same enemy inside the gate today.
    Trump was your saving grace, but he'll be put in line too.
    And your enemy now uses EMF to tap into your brain's unique electrical pulses to utilize your brain's ocular system. How's that for complete control?

  110. Perps say they have control of and post to Karen Hudes Facebook and Twitter account, also same for Twitter account.
    I'm not reading any more of your articles, PrestonJJ, nor the one supposedly put up by you today.

    PS. Tell McCain And Wanta to go fuk themselves

  111. How to tell media is owned by the paedophile perpetrators of these horrendous crimes against little children, our children?
    When they describe these sickening murderous crimes as 'scandals'.
    The Franklin Scandal, and in recent days, the Podesta Scandal, and that other twisted individual who's name begins with a 'W'…not forgetting of course, the online criminal human flesh eating paedophile whose name also begins with a 'W' who is, by the way, not on the 'deep net', but the ordinary everyday internet, lurking on popular websites, ready to strike anyone at anytime he so chooses.
    Considering how Wanta viciously attaked me from the VT site and has been commandeering my life, including my Facebook account and Twitter account only shows proof

  112. More fuking cover up of human flesh eating sicko Wanta and McCain.
    You filthy twisted child eating murderers


  113. Perps said "go downstairs and bring the poison back up and drink it".
    So, here it is beside me once again, waiting for perps eventual induced suicide of me.This game, as all of you know, is going to end in only obe way

  114. Ijust remembered something…it's related to my other two comments above.
    I remembered this the other day but it somehow 'left' my memory till now.
    I have mentioned this before in my Facebook, I think….
    When Wanta was setting in his EMF in my brain( but I was being completely tricked at the time into believing… -this is so difficult to explain PJJ, especially when tge perps are interferring constantly with h my thought processes as I try and gather my thoughts together to put it down here. How they laugh at my inability because of their induced interference in my thoughts.
    Wanta made chatter quieter and quieter and made it appear to come from different areas inside my skull, but especially from the lower back area of my skull.
    He would ask "Where is it now?" – meaning, what side, left or right, lower or upper.
    He would attach words, phrases, to my thought processes, sometimes causing them to stick there, attached it seemed, to my own. He could put very clear images into my mind, and still does on a regular basis

  115. PJJ, I cannot sleep, although am tired enough to.
    I've been thinking of all the threats Wanta perp has been threatening me with, also perps lately saying,(which I wrote in a comment here a few days ago) I'm just too nice and they'd have to bring out the big guns(against me, is what they meant), which of course is another threat.
    I think of the VT going to the Mideast in Dec 2014 and their food poisoned and illegal drugs planted in their hotel room…
    I do not do drugs nor buy drugs, illegal drugs is what I am talking about. I have mentioned this subject to you before in a personal message to you.
    I am postive Wanta would, if he could, arrange to plant illegal drugs on my property. I have no doubt about this. He's done just about everything else to try and he rid of me.

  116. PJJ, about ten-fifteen minutes ago, someone opened my garage door, then a minute later, closed it, maybe a bit more than a minute later closed it. It certainly sounded like it was my garage door, and I've lived here for twenry years.
    I went outside and took a look around but didn't see anyone. I opened the garage door, turned on the light, the light didn't work.
    My friend Tunde is here again tonight upstairs sleeping. Her car is in the driveway

  117. PJJ, the perps used to use lots of numbers as 'trigger words', words to make me, force me, to become uncomfortable seeing them in print or hearing…but now, there's only a few(compared with how many they used for a long time, before 6-9 months ago) of them that they mainly use now..the numbers 5, 9, 12, 14, 19, 21, 23, 24, 29,31, 57, 59, numbers in the sixties
    Actual words they have induced and conditioned me to react to with an uncomfortable feeling/negative effect on my mind are:

    (By the way, Preston,let me stop right here and say this before the perps take this thought away… we would never have had to do this unusal and achingly inhuman way for two peoole in love to have to communicate with each other with, if we weren't completely forced to do so by the unbelievably cruel Lee Wanta.And considering how over the top Wanta's control of what is written and said at VT, I believe you and I, Preston dear, have done a darn good job of understanding each other these past three years. I may of course get some things not quite right, but hell, look what I've been up against, what we both have been up against – a monster, a decades long and known criminal using every diabolical means at his dispisal to stop us from communicating!)

    Back to Wanta's trigger words to induce negative corruption-like chatter into my brain's electrical activity…
    Common everyday names, names of places, names of plants and animals, food stuffs, so many ordinary everyday words used to keep me in a constant state of uneasiness…and this only a portion of his induced controlling mechanisms he has been using on me, his cruel and unusal torture of an innocent person who absolutely did nothing illegal. Indeed, who is it that allows Wanta's unbridled and unaccounted for criminal torture of unsuspecting adults and children? How can he get away with doing this to people for such a long time? My God, ordinary people doing an everyday ordinary activity, that of being online, on the internet innocently signing up to become members of online sites, only to be EMF attacked and tortured just because… that's it, just because – no other reason, no reason is needed by the criminal perps

  118. Since my last comment, the perps have toned down their hate filled chatter, that is till juat a few minutes ago when I started watching/listening to you, PJJ, your 9/11 conference with Prof. Fetzer, – the one where you're wearing your green shirt and new hair piece.
    The perps never let me listen to it peace. They natter on, forcing their devious interpretation and stupid meaning to your conversation with Prof. Fetzer, rather than allow me to just listen

  119. After my last comment, the one of the perps saying their happy about the US city riots, I went into the kitchen to grab a bite to eat and soon after, the perps said "Did you think us paedophiles were going to go down so easily?"
    I quickly wrote it down then made some supper and now am putting here…
    So, I can't help but wonder what the bad guys are scheming/hiding while the manufactured riots are taking people's attention away….am sure hundreds of thousands of others, if not more, are thinking the same thing

  120. PJJ, my heart is always with you. I am quite used to not seeing an article of yours and/or artilces in your name that do convey what's in your heart…
    How our journalists suffer…how we all suffer under the weight of this fifth column.
    PSI Love you more than ever before

  121. After several times trying to access the site, this is what finally came up:
    Katehon.con says
    An Ajax HTTP request terminated abnormally
    Debugging information follows.
    Status Text: error
    Response Text:
    Ready State: 0

    Oh, and perps want me to make sure I now say Hillary Clinton is now responsible rather than Lee Wanta.
    See? I told you he blames everyone else except himself.
    Perps having a hay day these past several hours with their torture and chatter, even going so far as to say 'I dare you to write that!", meanung, what they said about Ms. Clinton.
    They think this is some sort of joke

  122. You know, I haven't said anything that wasn't already known about Wanta. Authorities have known about his criminality for a very long time and it was only a matter of tic toc time before he was brought to justice.
    The perp keeps saying he's taking 'everyone with him', whatever that means, including me and Preston.
    It appears Wanta means more of the same criminal behaviour. His threats of harm and death to me never stop, not even for a day.
    (Wanta whines continually it's everybody's fault but his)

  123. The evil ones are preventing me from reading the Katehon website, at this time…they really hate the fact they're on their way out.
    And yes, they still have control of my internet connection; on No Lies Radio site, the area my connection is coming from still says that place in California.
    Hey flesh eating turd-guy, why you no have journalists writing about your bogus goofball "high speed train?", did you lose your beanie white hat with the twirlie thingy on top?

  124. PJJ, I'm just starting to gently look around for tonights' election results, which appear to be not quite be finished…
    My friend Tunde is here, staying overnight to get away from spoiled grown up kids, lol. She's upstairs sleeping now, after a cuppa together and chewing the fat about spoiled brats. I'll be awake for most of the night, as my days and nights have been turned around again by you know who…

    PSI Love You.
    I pray election results will be a postive…am going back to listening to music for a while

  125. Sooo…am not interested in finding out how the voting's going today, besides, it takes away another chance for the perps to mess with me with their induced crapola.
    Am listening to Preston Tenders, Mercy Me, Chris Tomlin(Whom Shall I Fear [God Of Angel Armies] [Lyrics]
    Chris Tomlin VEVO 46,709,476 views
    Indeed, whom shall we fear with Almighty God and His Angel Armies on our side?

    (and other sweet PrestonJJ songs from hymn to me and I to hymn)

    There'll be plenty of time later to catch up on the rat race…
    Won't be listening to radio broadcast "Short End of the Stick" with our dear Mike Harris, either.

    PSI Love you and always thinking of you, husband PJJ

    Thank you so much, Professor Fetzer for allowing me to send messages to our PrestonJJ through your blog. Bless you

  126. At one time, I had a photo of Bedonkohe Apache Geronimo as an avatar…like the rest of us, he was an ordinary person pushed into extraordinary circumstances and his response was extraordinarily efficent, considering the evil that ambushed and crashed into his sacred life.

  127. PrestonJJ, you and I started our colour co ordinated songs to each other in late 2013 and into early 2014.
    Wanta threw up so many derogatory articles and comments aimed at me to discourage me from continuing our budding relationship while we were communicating to each other this way, until he finally attacked me in all the ways I have previously stated.
    It is now late 2016. Why am I now seeing our colour combinations – fuchsia and aqua seemingly all over the sites I go to, whether the colours are together, as ours were, or seperate? There is no mistake in what I am saying here. Is this another way of discounting/making light of our very real communicating to each other? What's going on here?
    (The perps are laughing and saying "you thought you were so smart")
    I'm so hesitant to post this because of all the flack I'm recieving, because for days now I have been seeing more and of this colour combinatiin….on RT, Fox News, seveeal different places on the net. Perps say I don't know what I'm talking about.

    PSI Love you, dear PrestonJJ. Thank you for who you are

  128. So, all this time, Wanta has tried to make me believe, (that is when he wasn't trying to to get me to believe my PrestonJJ and other good people at VT were torturing me),that he was/is a Jesuit, a DVD operative, German, Polish…now a new label has been added – the other day perp said he is Jewish. That the newest one.
    Whatever…I'm just letting authorities know what the Wanta perp say/have said to me.

  129. How odd…
    I came across a comment by someone named "C Marie Santilli", after glancing through an article on the ' site. The article title, from Nov 1st is: "Breaking: FBI Confirms Evidence of Huge Underground Clinton Sex Network".

    C Marie Santilli says in her Facebook comment:
    9yr old thread talking about bill and sex games(then she gives this link):

    Of course it was name rumplestiltskin that caught my eye, considering perp Wanta wanted me to call him by that name in 2015, as I've mentioned on my Facebook account
    (Have no idea what this may or may not mean, it was a currious comment link for me to come across, is all. The link is still live at this time)

  130. Food…NYPD Detective Rothstein…I remember thinking the word might mean something in another context but couldn't figure it out, but now a lightbulb came on when I started to read an article "Internet On Fire With Speculation That The Podesta Emails Contain Code For Child Sex".
    As soon I read the word " food" the ligtbulb came on

  131. The first thing I did when I went to the internet today was to play the song dedicated to our brave Journalists, Intel, and Military,
    'Chain Gang' by the beautiful and legendary Sam Cooke.
    I think of and play that song regularly and dedicate it every time to you all and our dearest Karen.

    PSI Love you, PJJ, my pure clear water

  132. What I wrote above, about Wanta saying he wants to be right for once…he's being saying this for quite some time. What I wrote the other day was his latest. He has been eluding to this three year thing, as I say, for quute some time, for up to two years at least, on and off. He would use it to make me loose hope, that his cruelty would be continuing for so long, considering all the torture he'd bee/has been putting me through.
    I decided this time to write down this particular little piece of cruelty, while it still fresh

  133. I sent you an email one time, Preston dear, after you gently made fun of Larry Silerstein by likening him to a cockroach…it made me laugh so much I sent you an email indicating as much. This was at a time when Wanta trolls were doing their best to scare me into not emailing you, and for the most part, I wasn't becausecI thought it would be getting you into some sort of trouble.
    I know now it was part of an elaborate scheme to keep us from one another by the criminal minds lurking in the dark behind the scenes at VT.
    By the way, the perps are back to implanting/directing whatever it is they do into my dreams as I sleep, then upon waking, the perps try to force their interpretation on me with their background chatter, as they've done before

  134. PJJ, going through your articles from summer, fall and winter of 2013, I see that many of my comments(sweetliberty) have been deleted by Wanta, the deleting guy.
    A comment back to 'Last Cowboy' when he asked me if I was sure there were no Aliens is gone. I definitely remember answering his comment.
    Also, it was very rare indeed that I did not mention Karen Hudes on your boards, PJJ, but I've looked through your articles from the time period I stated above.
    I know Wanta was lying to the world about monies he was owed, when in fact he was talking of the monies/precious metals from the Global Debt Facility that Lee Wanta was writing about that didn't belong to him.
    Why has Wanta tried to eliminate all my comments with links to Karen Hudes? I remember thanking you for allowing me to put those links on your boards.
    So, once again Lee Wanta is using underhanded methods by deleting my comments on your boards, PrestonJJ my love

  135. So…I was using (Google)Chrome's Bing and them Fort Russ suddenly became unavailable to me for some strange reason, so I switched browsers to the Google browser itself, and the site Fort Russ comes in just fine, no problems at all….also, my general location of where I live is now back at the bottom of the search page – it went completely missing for several days(funny that…I'll check the 'No Lies Radio site' and see if the perps still have that mucked up on me)

  136. PJJ, I've recently added colloidal silver and oregano oil to my vitamin regiment,k? I do remember you talking of them, along with eating lots of eggs. (Personal silly message to PJJ – hopefully adding these last two items will do the trix needed to see you sooner)
    PSI Love you sweetly, deeply,

  137. Wanta says he wants to be right for once…
    Back in 2014 he used Twitter and his "mind guidance" to inform me he was going to keep my stolen information(that he stole to try and blackmail me)for three years. Said he had it in a "safe windowless location" – his exact words. Then he sent his blackmail material to my home by post, which I still have.
    Well, Mr. Wanta, your feeble attempt to silence me with your criminal stupidity hasn't worked, has it?
    In fact, your stupidity, along with your alcohol addiction(and yes, Wanta has commented so many times about his 'little alcohol problem' it's difficult to say just how many times he's battered on about it in incessant whining) has probably sped up your downfall.
    So, what Crying in his drink Wants wants to say is "at least he got the three years 'right', in that he has been torturing me and PrestonJJ for almost that amount of time.
    My,my, what a clever fellow he is…so clever in fact, he went well out of his way to prove to me he could utilize his victims' ocular system and use their eyes for hunting kiddies to paedophile

  138. Mr. Wanta, if what I've been saying about what you've been doing to me(and PrestonJJ) for going on three years isn't true, why haven't you sued me for saying there is a long criminal dossier on you and your involvement in horrendous crimes
    Why is it you only do more of the same to me…that is, you do your best to silence me, even going so far as to EMF torture me daily since spring 2014?
    Why are you trying to show the world I'm somehow deficient? Why are you deleting my (and even some of Preston's comments back me, and at times leaving my answer comments to people but you take delete their question to me…if fact, just messing up comments of mine from the VT from the last three or more years s! Why is that Mr. Wanta?
    The entire VT family(that excludes you, Mr. Wanta, and whoever else lurks in the darkness with you)know what you have been doing with my comments on this VT board; we all know you've been preventing me from using my member login to post on VT for quite some time, and I've had to use my Facebook account, which you are hacked into, Mr Wanta, and you have been deleting my Facebook entries since I opened it last fall,2015.
    Why did hack my Twitter accounts?
    Why are you constantly trying to prove Preston and I do not have a loving relationship, Mr. Wanta?
    Why is it that you, Mr. Wanta are exposing yourself through all these devious and criminal actions against me and my husband to be, rather than doing something aboveboard and legal?

  139. My location or approximate location(is what my browser Google Bing would say) no longer shows up at all on Bing, yet still shows up on as coming from California on the site I mentioned before. What tricks and twisted criminal activity is Wanta pulling now? Perp keeps saying he's in this cell phone too now…well there's only one way he could…same way he hacked my Blackberry

  140. …you used to put up your articles late on a Thurs night, or after midnight. I remember, PJJ. I once emailed you, asking when you'd put up your next article because it had been ten days since your last one. I called you boss, in that email. I said boss because you were my husband to be…

  141. How telling…when VT has shown itself to be Catholic, yet not one peep about what's going on in Italy. Not one peep!
    Nor anything about how the Pope has slinked away not even returnng for important events.
    Will VT mention anything now about the earthquakes that have been happening for days now in Italy?
    See? The ones who really control VT haven't a Godly bone in their body, only a black satanic heart, if they have a human heart at all

  142. Nothing is being for me legally is there?
    I have to keep on being tortured day and night day and night
    All my banking information, every detail of my life and my childs' life gawked at by brutal criminals every day of my life because of an online paedopgile ring that no one will do anything about!!!!
    What the hell is wrong with you people to allow this unmitigated cruelity to continue for years on end???

  143. The perps are trying to con-vince me lately that you are no longer a part of VT and that any comments under your name are now being put up on boards by the perps at VT only…the perps never stop trying to break my heart, my resolve

  144. I can look it up (that is if the perps don't stop me by continually freezing the VT site with their bogus virus page, that is)…but I do remember our connection to each other one time in the comments section of a particular article of yours, PJJ.
    You had asked a question at the end of your article and I responded with an answer comment, saying "…from Russia with love".
    Your comment back to me was rather technical except for the part I understood completely…"honeymoon". I knew for certain you and I were truly connecting with our message of love for one another. Do remember? Yes, of course you do. I put this comment/message to each other in my Facebook timeline not too long ago when I was was listening to Short End of the Stick, as it was playing live and I was listening to it in real time.
    The perps are inducing their block on my ability to detail this comment to you in a more detailed way, PJJ.
    I will try and look up the article, but will not be surprised if our comments to each other are gone now – that is if the perps do not stop me with their stupid virus page they throw up on the VT to freeze the page when I access VT

  145. This is weird….other times when I would go to Dr. Barretts' "No Lies Radio", it would show a Canadian flag and my area, but when I access the site…lasr night and today, it doesn't show a Canadian flag and my area when I go to the site. Instead, at the time I access it, and all the the time I'm on the site, it shows an American flag and place called " Mountain View, California".
    Why would that be? I've logged out of the site several times then back in, but each time it is the same – it does not show a Canadian flag and my area, just the American flag and a place "Mountain View, California".
    Have no idea why or what this means, PJJ, but thought I should let you know.
    PSI Love you

  146. I can't tell you how much the perps are doing me in…they're really taking my personality away, numbing it, numbing who I am, nunbing my memory, feelings, and then upping their induced fear, doubt to the nth degree, PJJ. So much induced negativity, palpitations, anxiety….also they say it's coming from above them, their orders are from McCain's boss, is was the arsewipes say, and as I write this, they're saying "Remember, the police didn't believe you…"

  147. Perps playing games with where my IP address comes from…so sick of them and their evil.
    They're in a mode lately to try and make me doubt whether I should be writing to you PJJ and telling you what they're doing(perps are in uber drive now, pushing me every way to believe whatever I tell you lately is going to only prove there's somethibg wrong with me)
    By the way, the incidences with the two peopke at the senior centre were just the more blatant ones. There were a couple of incidences before and a few after by others…small, almost insignificant but little barbs just the same.
    There must be good news somewhere concerning this mess the perps are in. They usually clamp down on my being able to find out any positives, as is the case of late.

    PSI love you. Thank you. Bless you and the others doing what they can to help us

  148. There is SO much extremely important information concerning the safety of all citizens that ALL of us should be told about, yet VeteransToday remains absolutely silent on these extremely important issues. For all intents and purposes, VT may as well be CNN on steriods…which is probably Wanta's and McCain's favourite mind numbing TV channel
    – EM
    PSI Love you husband.
    (The perps are saying there is no way for you to tell whether or not this me commenting, and they're saying they'll start putting up comments and atribute them to me)

  149. For quite a while now, a couple of months or more, the perps keep saying they can do whatever they want because no one can touch them, meaning legally.
    So, after they plant a plant into my day, the perps' refrain is "Why do think we keep doing this? Why do you think we can keep doing this? It's because no one can touch us"

  150. Oh yeah, I'd given Banano-Randy a slip of papee with Karen's info on it and a while later, he wanted another web address for me to write on it. He went through his wallet and made sure to pull out a piece of paper with the name 'goldie' and a phone number on it for me to see

  151. The perps say they have people working for "freemasons" everywhere around the area I live to make my life even more of a living hell, and now threaten police action of some sort against me because I was thinking of wanting to invite the Honourable President Vladimir Putin, or his legal representative, to my home.
    The perps' non stop threats of death to me and family if I try to do something, anything to help myself maje ne very afraid, almost frozen with fear

  152. Angels at VT(and I've already said who they are, even on my Twitter, I Referred to you all as God's Angel Army Is Always By My Side, from the song of the same name), I know for fact you all were/are desperate to save my life from from the evil perps who EMF attacked me and then tried to involve you goid people in their diabolical ruthless attack on me. The perps even used your names on comments and articles, forced you to write and say things that would try to convince me you all were part of stealing from me my emails, hacking my computers and cell phones, tapping my phone, sending blackmail to my home, EMF torturing me.
    Whatever my dear Preston and our friends conveyed to me to understand what was going on, was to help save my life, as any good and just and upstanding, caring individuals who do in the circumstances. My God, the criminal perps were out to kill an innocent woman and the good people at VT knew this, and know the criminals still intend to do this…Em Thomas

  153. I had a picture of Johnny Cash as the header on my Twitter account because of what it represented to Preston and I…the song, "I walk The Line", and it's special meaning to us, our devotion to each other.
    The words bouquet, flowers, roses, psi, angel, Almighty God, twins, fish/fishing(all things indicating fishing), green(From the Barbra Streisand song " Evergreen"),Christmas, snow, ice, cold, north, east,(words indicating cold would mean Canada, where I live) were also communication words between Preston and I

  154. Am I susposed to be giving more evidence that I was a comment member of VT and PJJ and I were becoming closer and have been communicating with each other on a romantic and deep friendship level since December 2016? And our dear friends Jim Dean, Mike Harris, Gordon Duff, Kevin Barrett, Allen Roland, Jonas Alexis, and others have been helping PJJ and I stay in touch, letting me know PJJ deeply cares as much for me as I do hymn, these years since December 2016.
    These are more ways we all communicated to stay in touch…
    Beatles songs~
    The words smile, laugh, heart, hard core(means the same as deeply, as in deeply love you, although the perps twist it and use it in their diabolical filth chatter)
    The letters o,x,v,double vowels, consonants
    The words: line( from the song "I Walk The Line by Johnny Cash), heirarchy, archie, edicts, edith, mass(meaning prayer), baby, child, father, grandfather, gold, silver, still,soon, water, sea, car(from the photo I put up in my Twitter about Minnesota that read "Come for the…and stay because your car won't start") – the perps are messing around with my memory as I key all this in. When are they going to be gone, PJJ?

  155. miningawareness.wordpress Oct 14 article on Switzerland sending it's nuclear waste to US to be buried, also to UK.
    Six of each even when not present in comment, they're still in my heart, even if upset, they are always there for you

  156. I remembered…horse is another term for herion. When is Afghanistan going to ask China and Russia for help in eliminating the murderous illegal drug operations on their soil?

    L U Bunches Husband of mine

  157. The Twitter account Martin Hume was an account the perps pushed me into believing was your account, PJJ. I followed this account on my Twitter, but my account was stolen by the Wanta perps. Now, if I go to the seniors centre there will be a reference to my writing this

  158. The perps say they want everyone else dead because they're better than us. They've been saying this to me for some time now. Also, they've been saying they're afraid of me and what I know about them…what a silly thing to say considering the untold numbers of victims they EMF torture. The perps still say I will never see you in person, PJJ

  159. I remember a comment I made once on VT about the weird mural ceiling thingy at the UN…said it looked as if Mother Nature was vomiting on the heartless ones below it (was this the artist's intention? I still see it the same…our sick earth, God's beautiful creation in need of healing

  160. For two years at least, I had come to the conclusion your brother was killed in that mysterious vehicle accident. I believe you'd said the victim was a relative of your Mother when I first heard you speak of this suspicious accident after he found illegal drugs in the coffins of the fallen US military soldiers. The pain that must be in your heart from this is why I've not wanted to mention it…makes me cry even now to think of your great loss

  161. Of course this me, Em Thomas, PrestonJJs' wife to be.
    How can these wicked people keep getting away with such criminality. Now they're saying they've already put the offending material on the computers there.
    Jeanette, who said she only came in on Wednesdays, was at the centre and her and Randy Banana made sure to be together at her small office with the doir open and big smiles as they both together said hi to me as I walked pass.

  162. Back in the fall of 2015 when I opened my Facebook account and started writing what Wanta did to me and who he tried to blame it on and how he was doing it, the EMF perps frightened me into writing on my Facebok account that It was just a fairytale, that I was just making it up. They frightened me into writing it because they said what I was writing would get Preston in deep trouble, also, it would make me appear crazy, so that's why I wrote that. They kept scaring me and hurting me and threatening to hurt/kill Preston, my child and me. The EMF was stronger than or else I wasn't as able to cope with it as much as I can now.
    Tonight, the EMF perpd are saying they're going plant porn on the computers at the seniors centre, the ones I use and blame me….make it look like I did it

  163. Yesterday and the day before, I was searching for Russian and Greek Orthodox churches in the area I live. Remember, Wanta never stops implicating you all in his and McCain's diabolical evil. Never ever stops pushing this shyte into my brain

  164. Fell asleep listening to you once again ..your video here on Mr. Fetzers' blog. Actually, it was twice…I fell asleep, woke up, the vidio had stopped so I started it again and listened till I fell asleep again.

  165. Today, it was a guy named Randy…who said he hands out fruit…he offered me a banana…I took it and ate it.
    He had a big sob story of his life, but turned to the Holocaust….seemed he wanted my opinion on it and seemed to want to put words in my mouth, such as to say did I blame the 'upper jews' for what happened to the ordinary jewish people. Said he knew nothing of computers(missd my home bus stop 'cause I was writing down the things he was saying to me)
    The EMF perps were coming on strong when Randy was blabbering at me with their usual crap, trying to un-nerve me.Can't think of much else right now of what was said, except I did my best to tell him Karen Hudes' message.

    PSI Love you, husband of mine

  166. Yesterday a person named Jeanette in an office next to the computer I was using ( have a sister by that name)at the senior centre made a point of showing me a brochure of counceling services and seemed to stress the bereavement part of the counceling services, going so far as to stress how she will stick one in a neighbours' mail when she knows they've had a 'loss' in their family.Said a person doesn't have to be a member of the centre to recieve these counceling services…. I am not a member yet, am waiting for Nov 1st, the start of 2017 year. Was told no problem to wait and welcome, as everyone else to the facilities even without membership.
    Said she has a son with a YouTube channel. Said she is from the East Indies. Said her son was 6 months old when they moved from there. She wrote down the YouTube channel. I have it in my purse….speaking of my purse, it seems to be of sone sort of impirtance lately to perps…talks of it being stolen from me are frequent of late, apparently because of what I am carrying in it.
    Thought I'd let you know this, PJJ. Love you always, my husband

  167. I included a link that contained a photo of a woman with long wavy blond hair sitting on a rocky hillside with a picnic basket and contents,ready for a picnic. She was smiling. She is Welsh, an advocate against paedophillia. Also, I followed her account on Twitter. The link was about Gladio in Europe. I posted it on Preston's article, early 2015(?). Preston would then use the word Gladio in subsequent articles. To us it was a connection word between us like so many other words.(words with the letter v,…I posted to my Twitter this letter for Preston, and the word victory, in 2015, but that Twitter account was stolen) The word Gladio had a special meaning for me to Preston – a meaning of love and happiness, a beautiful life's picnic, hymn and I together in love & happiness. I had posted to VT once that I had lived in Wales. I believe it was on one of Mr.Duff's articles, in my comment on that board. Also, I had asked Mr. Duff if the history of the British Isles had seeped into him when he visited there…something like that. In a way, I was conveying to Preston it was me in the photo sitting on the hillside waiting for hymn and I to be together in person,so our beautiful life's picnic could begin, he and I finally being married and sharing our life. Wanta has done such evil against us in keeping us apart. This comment is for hymn

  168. Amazing what you put together Jim, & I know the incredible time & effort you put into it. I would highly suggest you check out this pod cast on truth frequency radio with Zachary Hubbard, he has some info you might wish to integrate into your file on the subject of 9/11 here is the link. although you may be able to get to it via his youtube channel as well.

  169. One on each floor carried in the brief cases of a hypnotically compliant office worker, who was "told to sit near the weak point of the building. The world who as we all know is also hypnotically compliant were fed "brain messages" of images of planes hitting the twin towers. I know it's true because I read it on the internet, honestly.

  170. No, just an ordinary guy & ex Firefighter from the UK. I just can't believe how many nut jobs there are in the US (GodSend being a perfect example) that have to find any reason but the obvious, so as to justify their hatred of the establishment. Remote controlled planes, nuclear explosions, missiles & even control of the media to show false images of planes striking the towers. The conspiracy theorists are very sick minded individuals who spend too much time in their basement lairs reading the crazy utterances of fellow loon pots. Time you all grew up.

    1. You just proved yourself a fool. Raytheon remote control, scrap yard military jet or two, multiple nuclear fusion reactors emitting neutrons sending low level isotopes supercritical, CNN contracted 3 FAKE impact videos, the Council on Foreign Relations with Tavistock and the British Institute of International Affairs managed the lies and propaganda, Not theory, bucko. ALL PROVEN, and in evidence.

      1. “howardtlewisiii says:
        June 20, 2019 at 11:54 pm

        You just proved yourself a fool. Raytheon remote control, scrap yard military jet or two, multiple nuclear fusion reactors emitting neutrons sending low level isotopes supercritical, CNN contracted 3 FAKE impact videos, the Council on Foreign Relations with Tavistock and the British Institute of International Affairs managed the lies and propaganda, Not theory, bucko. ALL PROVEN, and in evidence.

        This Howard T. Lewis III is the person I was referring to in another thread here on not long ago. Dr. Fetzer did have Mr. Lewis on his radio show several years ago. Cannot remember whether it was the show called “The Real Deal” or one of his other show series with another title.

        Here is part of a comment I made, as DachsieLady then, on THAT thread referring to “One fellow” who now posts again today on a 2016 article here making the same claims.

        “Dr. Fetzer has had at least one and I think maybe two guests on his radio shows over the years that have the idea that there are “bombs” built into the basements of all the large skyscrapers in NYC. One fellow said his father was a construction and real estate developer in NYC and and he had seen papers showing the building codes that actually required this for most all buildings. I forget the reason for these laws but it was something about in certain dire emergency situations there needed to be a way to take these buildings down fast and clean and clear, as much as possible. I cannot recall if they had to be nukes, and seem to recall that other explosive agents were supposedly used. In fact, way back then, I guess in about the 1930s and 1940s when the first really tall buildings went in, I do not think mini nukes and micro nukes were even in existence so it was probably the standard demolition explosives then.”



        I continue to make the same point about these claims that “bombs” were built in to the WTC towers at the time of original construction.


      2. I would think there would have to be ways around the law for something of this nature. I believe you and I have been through this before.
        No way would they want the average American to know there were nukes beneath skyscrapers…there would be incredible panic and protest. The masses do not react well to this kind of thing.
        I have read Khalezov’s 911-thology several times and corresponded with him while he was in prison in Bangkok on some trumped up charges.
        A dear and now passed friend of mine edited that book as it was being written, as English is not Dmitri’s primary language….although he does very well. So, I was privy to the book as it was being written (actually revised and added to, as the first was driven off line several years previously). I made it almost a religion to ask my friend, Andy, many, many times if he believed Dmitri (he actually met with him in person several times although the editing was done through emails). He consistently assured me the man was legit.
        It’s a very long book and highly technical at points, but so well done and absolutely worth the read just for the knowledge imparted regarding many areas.
        I believe most of what he has written. Dr. Fetzer and I agree the buildings were nuked. We seem to disagree as to the types of nukes and when and how they were brought in.
        What Dmitri has penned in 1096 pages makes more sense than anything I have read thus far…..and certainly more than Judy Wood’s ideas.

      3. Will says:
        June 21, 2019 at 11:33 am

        “I would think there would have to be ways around the law for something of this nature. ”

        The WTC towers were constructed in 1973. At the time they were the tallest buildings in the world.

        I have read about “false flag”, or what I call “false events”, on US soil and those on foreign soil for decades now.

        Considering that the “Powers that be” or what I call the “One World Death and Slavery System for ALL” gang have gotten away with all these false events, events that directly or indirectly killed tens of thousands of innocent people, I cannot rule out the possibility now, though I still have a hard time buying it, that THEY just might have been are are able to have “ways to get around the law.”

        I have noticed lately that even the earliest website of Dr. Fetzer’s devoted solely to the study of 9-11 no longer seems to have real discussion of the event and no longer seem devoted to bringing to “the table” new information that has and is still coming out that sheds light on the WHO WHAT WHEN AND WHERE of 9-11.

        To me, the entire U S government, all levels – federal state and local, have completely operated upon the official false narratives on these US false events and almost never even mention the events, and that is why I have a total disconnect with our elected officials and bureaucrats, to say nothing of the entire mainstream media apparatus, including Fox News.

      4. Agreed. We live in a nation and likely a world in which laws mean nothing if to omit them or break them or ignore them would benefit whatever agenda they are pushing. Certainly, Dr. Fetzer’s recent time in that kangaroo court is an example.
        I worked a few blocks away (for Allied Chemical on Rector Street) as those towers were going up and would go out at lunch and watch them dig the foundation…huge dump truck coming and going way the hell down into the depth of the site. Interestingly enough, they blocked a way to view this for a short length of time. I cannot remember how long. I can only speculate this was when the devices were set.

  171. Wonderful presentation of the subject, Jim. I wish more researchers were more courageous, open minded, and diligent as you. You are a one man machine. I am disappointed to learn that this new 15 year anniversary will be centered on the most prominent limited hang-out communities.

  172. Rob, is that you? Jim's academic credentials far outshines yours and the lamest conspiracy of all is the one you are promoting. Your guilt by association tactics don't work here. Go hang your hand in shame somewhere else.

    1. Low radioactive isotopes mixed in with the primer paint. These isotopes were sent ‘super-critical’, an out of control nuclear fission which created enough heat in the thin coats of fuel and matrix to vaporize the thin steel. The truck size sections were, of course, set up with conventional demolition gear to break up into these dimensions.

      1. One fusion reactor to create a neutron flux in the subbasement. One up topside which fell through the building enriching the low radioactive particles as it fell. This system was tested at White Sands or someplace south of queen Elizabeth II’s Idaho state ARCO two weeks after the lower level nuke was tested at ARCO, early 1969. The Seattle engineers would not find out these systems would be installed in the Manhattan edifices until two meetings at our home in Seattle a few months later. THAT is when my father bailed out and cursed those doing it. NOBODY believed us. Friends, congressional offices, etc.. Individuals at Seattle’s Fort Lawton U.S. Army base knew already. They rest surely do now.

  173. Either this is a parody blog designed to attract very sick people regurgitating extreme conspiracy theories so we can all have a good laugh at them, or it's a genuine blog run by a so called academic, that attracts very sick people that we can get very angry with for disrespecting those who died on the planes and those on the ground, who suffered at the hands of Islamic terrorists. Hang your heads in shame.

  174. Nice work Jim. Was curious if you agreed with the money trail, geo-political control, massive high crimes etc… that is laid out in the vid: "9/11 False Flag Conspiracy – Finally Solved (Names, Connections, Motives)" – the information I learned coupled with your work is collectively hitting the nail on the head resulting in a conclusive fashion to me. Thanks brother.

  175. And the argument that the debris was not in their footprints because it was blown outward reflects the fact that the buildings were being blow apart in every direction and converted into millions of public yards of very fine dust. So the promise you use to dismiss the absence of massive pile of debris in their footprints is itself proof that these weren't collapses. Q.E.D.

  176. And of course you are not taking into account the results of the US Geological Survey dust sample studies or the epidemiological data about first responders and other residents of the area. The idea that 110 story buildings would have less debris in their footprints than a 47 story building suggests to me that you are not really serious about any of this. But keep on truckin'.

  177. There is a vast amount of experience with classic controlled demolitions, where the typical result is a stack of debris equal to about 12% of the height of the building. That was true of WTC-7 and, had the Twin Towers collapsed, it would have been true of them, too. But there was no corresponding pile of debris, which means that they did not collapse. This is not a difficult inference but elementary. They were destroyed to or even below ground level.

    1. Though it may cause you to cry in your pillow, read my comments. Kellogg engineers (plural) told me how the systems worked back 1966 through 1969 from across the table. I had a Coca Cola. They were into Bourbon and Scotch. AND beer.

  178. I am surprised R. Gage doesn´t use conclusions – results of Czech research team published in the book of prof. Ivan Nemec. Even my comments about it were wiped out from fb page of AE some time ago… AE is rising money for Alaska University team for WTC7 research, and they don´t use Twin Towers research which was done without rising any money by AE…

  179. It would be a good idea to use conclusions of Czech scientists in the text of Your book. They were published in this book:

    Twin Towers Collapse Independent Computer Model of Czech experts /team of AE member Ivan Nemec from Brno Technical University/

    Richard Gage has this book, and was in e-mail contact with prof. Nemec – during his 2015 Europe tour (Mr. Gage missed the plane to Wienna, I travelled there from Brno in May with Ivan Nemec).

    E-mail contact to Ivan Němec:

    Institute of Structural Mechanics – associate professor

    Few words from the book which is full of diferentIal equations and tables:


    „The book is inspired by the fall of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, but all the derivations and formulae are valid for a collapse of an arbitrariy high- rise building. The computer simulations are performed on a building with the same geometry“ …

    „Several additional parameters, such as the value of damping ratio, the share of the mass falling beyond the building perimeter and the average resistence of the columns to the fall have been introduced. „

    „The book is not interested in the cause of the fall, but it studies the dynamics of the fall itself, especially the speed and the extent of the collapse. Some conclusions regarding the fall of the WTC Twin Towers collapse have been made.“

    „Impossibility of the mechanism of the collapse presented in the final report of NIST is proved which imply the need of an additional investigation of the collapse of the Twin Towers od the World Trade center. „



    „In this probable combination of parameters we can see that the collapse was arrested after approximately 100 meters. The most of the building reamined standing. But this also was not observed in the case of collapse of the WTC 1 building.“

    „In both solutions it was supposed that the columns did not cause any resistance to the fall, no mass fell outside the building perimeter and there was no damping. The fall is braked only by the impact of the falling mass into the motionless mass of the floors below the crushing front, and this is an inevitable brake on the fall caused by the law of conservation of inertia, which is one of the free basic laws of mechanics. However the real collapse of the WTC1 tower was still faster. It leeds to the conclusion that the mechanics of the fall must be different than supposed by the NIST report and also by the authors of this book, and that the falling mass did not hit a motionless mass below it, but rather a mass which had started to fall before the impact of the falling mass occured. „

  180. I have to admit, I love agreeing with someone who agrees with me… but… you are 100% correct on all points anyway 😉

    WTC7 did not have the exterior walls blown out as WTC1 & WTC2, so the prefab wall panels simply stacked up like a house of cards, neatly in the footprint of the foundation. The perimeter streets around WTC7 were nearly free from debris from its collapse, the majority of the debris was from WTC1

  181. Right on Fandango. Fetzer is using this 12% figure and failing to realize the height of the buildings would have allowed for further dispersion of debris. Pictures of 200 Vesey St. show that the perimeter beams were thrown at at least 600 feet. This gives the rubble fall-out area for the steel over one million square feet. You can tell by the pictures that the concrete was largely turned into dust.
    This 12% figure is not applicable in this case. Fetzer presents this as a fact when it is a mere extrapolation based on the routine demolitions of smaller buildings.
    The rubble-pile for WTC 7 was proportionately larger that WTC 1 for two reasons:
    1) It was a shorter building
    2) It exploded from the bottom up (in the usual manner) and not from the top-down as seen in the main buildings.

  182. Not to go on a sidetrack argument, but, I had the 4" depth correct. If there were variances as you suggest, they were minor in total.

    Please advise where where I can cross check your figure of vaporization of 60-80,000 tons of steel. I recall hundreds of dump trucks carting away nicely severed sections of steel beams off to Fresh Kills for many weeks:

  183. Egad! Underwriter Laboratories certified the steel up to 2000*F for three or four hours with no adverse effects. NIST studied 236 samples of steel from the towers and found that 233 had not been exposed to temperatures above 500*F and the other three not above 1200*F. The fires only burned in the South Tower for about one hour and in the North an hour and a half. So these fires burned neither hot enough nor long enough to have done any damage to the steel.

  184. Nice try! WTC-7 had subbasements, too, yet it had a debris pile that extended 5.5 floors above ground level. I am dismayed by posts like this. He doesn't even have the depth of the concrete right, where there were 4" V-shaped groves in the steel trusses, which meant that there was a variance between 4" and 8" deep of concrete on each floor–not to mention the USGS dust studies and medical maladies.

  185. Each floor was 4 inches of poured concrete reinforced with rebar. 110 floors X 4" = 36 feet of concrete, or three stories. And considering there were at least six basement levels that could soak up most of those 36 feet of concrete, the resulting piles were just about right.

    1. This WAS NOT conventional silica/water based Portland cement. It was a resin/filler material lighter and more flexible and strong. This stuff incinerated and denatured like a loaf of bread in a freon atmosphere so it did not oxidize and burst into flame. NO PULVERIZING involved. More of a ‘poof’. The dust circled the globe.

  186. Do you know HOW hot? Probably 800 Celsius. That's half the value needed to melt structural steel.

    "Well, it burned for over an hour". Yeah, and many wood stoves and furnaces burn all winter long without collapsing. Hot metal isn't weak metal. It's when it approaches its melting point that it weakens.

    9/11 DID happen a long time ago. Look at what happened because of it. Look at the war in Iraq. Look at the patriot act. Look at all of the freedom lost. 9/11 was the tip of a very oppressive iceberg. That's why it's still important.

    1. Again, seek out the FDNY infrared imaging, which DETERMINED that the steel was no where near hot enough during the fires to weaken the steel.

    1. Perhaps you were in the gang of mercenaries who retriggered the nuke demolition system and installed the steel cutters everybody can see severing the vertical corner columns at the impact levels shortly after impacts.

  187. Then there would have been a massive pile of debris equal to about 12% of the height of the original. For WTC-7 at 47 floors, the debris was 5.5 floors high. For the Twin Towers at 110 floors, it would have been more than double that around 13-14 floors high–but it isn't there. You need to give this more thought. Your hypothesis has been falsified by the observable evidence.

    1. Jim, I have read a study where there was not enough time for the steel to reach a point of failure. It investigated the “heat transfer properties” of structural steel. For the uneducated in heat transfer, it takes time for something to absorb heat. And not all materials absorb heat at the same rate. And therein lies the truth. Also there would have been between 2-3 inches of fireproofing on the structural steel. As a professional engineer I have inspected many applications of fireproofing and most of the time it is applied much thicker than the design thickness. Also I have done many pull tests for adhesion and never had a test fail. That stuff sticks. And what about the sprinkler system? You are so correct with the debris pile. Demo experts have equations that can exactly predict the height of the rubble. But in this case there was no rubble. Unless one understands properties of materials, mechanics of materials, structural analysis, structural steel design, heat transfer, fire protection and physics, all one has about the Twin Towers is an opinion based on bullshit.

      1. Yes. These buildings were massive heat sinks, where it would have been practically impossible to heat up any specific section to cause it to weaken, much less melt, because the heat would be dissipated throughout the structure. Thanks for reminding me. It’s a rather obvious and extremely telling point. Those fires no only did not burn hot enough or long enough, but it would not have been possible to localized the heat in specific portions of the intricate, lattice steel structure. You are spot on! Thanks for this.

      2. Find the FDNY infrared images taken to locate the hottest zones in the ongoing kerosene jet fuel fires. No area got over 2000 degrees and the areas reaching 1200 were no larger than a medium sized house. THIS in structures 208 feet on a side, and 1,100 feet tall. Negligible heat except for the offices’ contents.

      3. The enrichment of the low radioactive material incoporated into the paint throughout to facilitate demolition vaporized, not pulverized, steel and the resin based cement used throughout, which was incinerated to dust very abruptly. All in a freon atmosphere.

    2. WTC7 was closer to traditional post-and-beam construction, with a less efficient material to structural interior volume. Also, it was not vaporized in high heat like the towers. If you include the radioactive cloud, the pile of debris was much larger.

  188. When top-tier Zionist Slimeballs and Israel-FIRSTers are "taken out of circulation", THEY will start to PANIC!

    There are MANY easy targets, WALKING AMONG US!

    I think that's what Dr. Alan Sabrosky meant when he said [several years ago] "WE ARE COMING FOR YOU!"

  189. DN: There have already been movements to quit paying taxes (Schiff, et al) and they have failed! The mindless masses will not be roused out of their lethargy until DISASTER strikes close to home – if then! It will take individual initiative and ACTION by courageous HEROES like Edward Snowden and Mordechai Vanunu. The vast herd of American Sheeple is easily placated by daily rations of TV, sports, beer and other titillation! They may wake up in large numbers when they and their children are starving and/or homeless!

  190. Because AOT, multiples methods where used. If the only method you think happened then there would have been forty stories or rubble. Your method does not explain the small amount of rubble and most things turning into fine powder.

  191. You can start by refusing to pay your taxes and divesting from Israel and the machine. The machine wants your money and where GS is that this movement to quit paying taxes until the people's voice is heard will climax when there is an official proposal to tax your carbon footprint. If this doesn't wake the masses, nothing will.

  192. It appears that Jim Fetzer is an ex-Officer of a different USMC than Dr. Alan Sabrosky, who said: "It is 100% CERTAIN that Israel{Mossad} did 911" and "WE ARE COMING FOR YOU!" – United States Mouse Corps! – The Mouse That Roared!

    It will take FORCE to defeat the Israeli Zionist Slimeballs and their ALIEN Masters! [Harold Wallace Rosenthal – "The Hidden Tyranny"].

  193. Jim I want to read your book. I would like to know if you have read Joseph P. Farrell's new book, "Hidden Finance, Rogue Networks, and Secret Sorcery: The Fascist International, 9/11, and Penetrated Operations"? It is excellent!

  194. Velocity be dammed.

    Nanothermite was used in conjunction to conventional explosives. The nanothermite was ignited at critical intersections of the steel frame to weaken the area first, followed by the conventional explosive charges. This allowed a much smaller conventional charge to accomplish the destruction of each joint, so the sound of the explosions could be effectively muffled.

    All of the nanothermite and conventional charges were placed on the inner core columns, so the exterior walls would block the sound and flashes from spectators, and the shock wave then blew outward the exterior walls in a perfectly computer synchronized wave.

  195. Jim: I have a serious question and I hope this is clear. Don't you think there is diminishing returns on 9/11 research and what effect it has on people understanding what happened on that day? I think too many people hit a wall, come to some half-baked conclusion about this subject area and have moved on. What more can be wrote and said until critical mass has been reached?

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