A Movable Farce – The Fabricated Bastille Day Attack in Pictures

Scott L. Alexander
You would think that by now the elite, along with their all too willing partners in the mainstream corporate western media, would have learned from their mistakes and begin staging more realistic attacks, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. After all, as the old adage says, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”
I am sure that in the coming days many more revelations will be brought to light which show the latest attack in France to be just another contrived event in a long line of false flag attacks. It appears that each event gets more and more ridiculous and implausible. Ladies and gentlemen, we are being played for fools.
Instead of writing a lengthy article chronicling the attacks that occurred in Nice, France during the Bastille Day celebrations on July 14, 2016 I have decided to let the many photographs do most of my talking. By the end of this presentation there should be no doubt that what occurred in France was nothing more than theater with special effects. Let’s get started.
The truck shown below is reported to have driven through a crowd of men, women and children killing at least eighty and injuring more than one hundred. A video is posted online of said truck, but does not show anyone being struck. All you hear is a lot of screaming for emotional effect.


Just like Sandy Hook, the Boston Bombing, San Bernardino and Orlando there is a staggering absence of blood. It was reported that the driver of the white truck ran over and dragged bodies for more than a mile. If this were true there should have been not only blood but severed limbs, intestines, tissue fragments, brain matter, etc. 

Who are these people? And why are they allowed to just sit around and mingle among the deceased in the midst of an active crime scene? These people show no concern. It’s as though the bodies aren’t even there. Why are there no police officers securing the area and/or medics to transport these poor souls?

Check out the police officer, second from the right. He actually appears to be laughing!


Seriously. This looks more like a Saturday night on Venice Beach than a mass killing. Once again, where is all the blood?


Why are first responders wasting time and effort transporting a man who has no apparent injuries when there is a whole road filled with dying men, women and children?

This is either the world’s largest triage tag, or the medical personnel are visually impaired.

Just like Dallas we see the French version of the Keystone Cops. This is obviously a staged photo.

Again, what purpose does this serve? The blurry background is purely there to add effect and a sense of tension for the viewer.

I suppose they set up all of these cots so the injured can just lay down and die. Where are all of the medical supplies for the wounded? There’s no monitors, oxygen tanks, IV stands, bandages…nothing. It’s as if this photo was staged or something. I know! Maybe the wounded were taken somewhere else…like a hospital?!



There may not be alcohol, but at least they have plenty of False Flag Brand Bottled Water! These people sure do looked relaxed and stress-free.

This photo is just another example of psychological imprinting and operant conditioning to get us accustomed to a total police state. This location doesn’t even appear to be in the same vicinity of the so-called “mass slaughter”.


Here is another photo being used for psychological impact. We are suppose to assume that this is a dead child. What could be more heart-wrenching than the thought of innocent children being killed in such a tragedy? Upon closer inspection, the dimensions of this body, when compared with the size of the doll, appear to be a fully-grown adult.

Those who think this was real may find this presentation to be in poor taste. I did not set out to offend anyone. That was never my intention. My point was to use a bit of humor in order to point out what should be obvious. Having been in law enforcement for the past twenty-four years – and having spent fifteen of those years as a detective – I know what a real crime scene looks like … and it looks nothing like what you have just witnessed. You cannot have more than one hundred mangled bodies dragged through a city street by a semi truck without there also being trails of blood and body parts. It’s simply impossible.

Scott Alexander has spent 24 years as a police officer and 15 as a detective. His experience with real destruction and real deaths makes it more difficult to pull the wool over his eyes than for most of us. 
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153 thoughts on “A Movable Farce – The Fabricated Bastille Day Attack in Pictures”

  1. Are you all serious? Nothing but a small collection of photos with no context other than that given by the blog writer are the only 'proof' of a hoax? That plus, comment after comment repeating the "it's a hoax think for yourself" conspiracy mantra?
    Seriously, when a chorus of people all chant "it's all a hoax believe nothing sheeple" it really does beg the question who are the real Sheeple here? Because there is certainly enough of them to count as a flock.
    It would certainly take someone with only the intelligence of a sheep to think this small collection of some photos without a context proved anything except the obvious, that there is no proof of anything except a lack of context here with an accompanying, cynical text making claims that cannot be backed up using only these photographs alone.
    Baaah! Indeed.

  2. The False flag Port Arthur massacre in Tasmania, Australia in 1996 had real victims. The patsy Martin Bryant, a mentally disabled man (IQ of an eleven year old) remains in prison on totally trumped up evidence.

  3. Ludicrous. This article is written by a complete effin moron. You disrespectful arse hole. It does not take long to find graphic images of the events that night.
    You sicken me , to post something like this with obviously no research what's ever.
    You've put your hand far to far down the rabbit hole .. far to far.

  4. you're calling someone a moron when you don't even know what side the french drive on?
    you got rid of a friend based on your ignorance? I'm sure that friend is happy to have you out of his/her life

  5. Didya CHECK the real-imitation Hollywood bullet-hole stickers plastered over the truck windshield? (b4 the gendarmerie smashed the glass to destroy their fake evidence)
    Did you see how the "bodies" were covered with ghoul sheets, but not a singke paramedic anywhere in sight?
    Did you notice, not a drop of blood spilled on the road anywhere?
    Looks like you failed with honors, Sherlock…

  6. do you think it's normal for people to get run over by a speeding truck, yet no visible wounds? Just bodies laying there with a trickle of blood from beneath their bodies?

    Do you think it's normal for a truck to continue for 20-30 minutes (in 1 kilometer!) without people moving 2 feet out of the way?

    Do you think it's normal for anybody, (in a state of emergency) to stroll casually through carnage filming, holding hands, riding bicycles? Where are the cops? The medics? Where did the sheets come from? Where are the dozens of ambulances taking the wounded and dead?

    Just like Orlando, Sandy Hoax, boston, etc.

    You cannot answer these questions, right? Just keep asking your same stupid question without using logic. Stay asleep. I mean, you have other things to waste your time on, right? You have to watch Game of Thrones. You have Pokémon to catch!

  7. OH, and let's not forget that France was rocked with massive protests from the people in the last 2 weeks. People who realize that France is turning into a police state. Of course, the USA/Government/Media hardly reported on these huge protests.

    And then lo and behold, the day the State of Emergency lifted this happened. And now they continue the State of Emergency, and more bombing of Syria (oopsie, Isisrael).

    And boy, with a nation in a State of Emergency, why did it take so long to take down the truck? For 20-30 minutes? In just a kilometer? WTF?

    And as usual, the photos show no police or ambulances or medics near the 'bodies,' just random people who just happen to be let in a crime scene.

    And I saw a photo of some sheep with their hands raised. The young girl in front was smiling. Yep, it's hilarious. Like Bush and Obama dancing and laughing and making jokes at the fake funeral of the pigs who weren't killed in Dallas (another superhuman terrorist 'shot' 12 cops….sure he did. Suuuuure he did.)

    Life ain't like the movies, people. It's fake like this crap.

  8. Jim,

    Thanks for the story.

    Yes, I watched the video of some stranger who just happened to be allowed to walk through a crime scene. People are walking hand-in-hand, dudes on bikes are strolling by. What a joke.

    Yes, at first the bodies looked real. Then I noticed that none of the bodies had any type of wounds on them. No scrapes, severed limbs, no bloody streaks of gore on the street. Yet the 'bodies' have a trickle of blood coming from beneath the bodies. Wounds you can't see. This isn't what people who are ran over look like. Ever see a deer in the highway? It's been dragged and reduced to pulp.

    The news tells me I'm watching a truck run over people, but I haven't seen what they described.

    Funny, that day the State of Emergency was ending, and of course the fake president is continuing the state of emergency, and talking about more bombs on Syria (ISISrael).

    Yep, it's fake as hell. People are idiots, fools and morons and I don't care about them anymore. If you accept this crap as true without further investigation, then you're just as guilty.

    Fuck 'em all.

  9. Incredible. Everyone who shows the "graphic video" we have all been looking for show the SAME EXACT VIDEO. Within 20 mins of the attack that video surfaced with All faces already blurred out. I've talked to people in the medical profession about that video. They can clearly see the blood is fake as hell. It is NOT THAT COLOR. My god people are lemmings. This is one of the most obvious false flags I've ever seen.

  10. Excellent point. The timing must always be considered–what else happened the week, the day before, or day of? Keeping Hillary's criminality (Clinton Foundation) off front page news is an ongoing Cabal/Soros modus operandi.

  11. Look at these fake liars claiming "they were there". You're so full of shit. Do you get paid by the rod, asshole? There is ZERO proof a truck touched anyone and there is NO BLOOD, you fucking lying liece of shit.

  12. What I find distressing is the way conspiracy theorists carefully select photos without context, and then construct a tissue of fairy stories that make them seem like the oh, so wise ones who are the only ones intelligent enough to see what is "going on". Their lack of regard for the people killed, while promoting their egos and sense of superiority over the stupid cattle who can't see the conspiracy is an abomination. For all we know, they might be deliberately stirring up the paranoia for either their own purposes (see above), or for the powers that be, who want confusion and paranoia.

  13. The irony is, if it were fake they wouldn't make the "mistakes" you claim they did. If they wanted to deceive us they would do such a good job that it would be impossible for us to tell. And that is what is far more frigtening than what you are dreaming up (and which is being neatly unpicked by respondents here.

  14. TWIN TOWER LIES…THE GREATEST LIE OF ALL TIME….THE 3RD tower was never bombed but collapse, go see the U-TUBE American Engineers and Architects..they have analyse the entire bombing, fire and attacks…no way an AIRCRAFT with just FUEL can bring down the Twin Towers,,…NO WAY

  15. While I would generally agree that the bulk of these events are staged, particularly in the US. This is not one of them. There is ample video evidence showing dismember, twisted bodies all over the road and plenty of blood. Youre wrong this time James. Way wrong.

  16. To what medical school do you subscribe. People don't died from broken bones.

    I am surprised they are so few sock puppets and astroturfers for the U.S. Luciferian cabal posting on this thread.

    The comment should bring out the trolls.

  17. Oh man that is some of the most uninformed, self satisfied, disrespectful piece of ghoul hypothesising I have seen in a long time because thats all it is, a hypothesis. It hasn't even made it to theory yet being so weak in evidence. And if it doesn't stand up to scrutiny then what? Is that any way to talk about possible gruesome murders. Nice fking work at least try and present with some sense of human decency. Piss poor.

  18. no bodys on the ground my same toughts as the OP detective/police. There should be bodys lazed on the ground and what the fuck is this horrible scripted scene, that truck was like 20 km/h and people screamnd in all directions, what footages are those ,impressive only one filmed from a verz akward angle from all those people ….BULLSHIT

  19. I just watched this and if, and I say if this is true, then why would everyone be laying in the middle of the street? If they were "plowed" over, they would be falling to the side of the road. If they were run over, it would look like road kill. Please forgive me.

  20. So you won't beleive people died if you don't see blood? Here's blood for you … and yes, people do die in False Flag Events… some times it's all played with actors, others we have a mixture of truth and acting, and other times, as it seems to me in this case… the question is WHO commited the crime or WHO induced the killer to commit it? Was he a mad man? Was he a MK ULTRA? Was he a terrorist? What ever the answer…¡prove it!

  21. Side windows are made of stressed glass, which shatters into small pieces. Windshields are made like a sandwich with a flexible substance in the middle that holds the glass together and prevents shattering. Bullets will not cause the windshield to shatter the same way side windows shatter.

  22. (1) Fake video footage – figures added into fake footage, just like 9/11.
    (2) Investigation led by Anti-Terrorist Unit
    (3) Truck Driver – Tunisian with ID in truck (convenient)
    (4) Media snow-storm – wall to wall coverage on all channels
    (5) 77 casualties; on 15/7 = 13; Year 2016 (1+6 is 7)
    (6) Attack in Avenue de Englais
    (7) Attack blamed immediately upon ISIS (even though no evidence of their involvement)
    (8) Hollande urges John Kerry to act to intervene in SYRIA (the guy is Tunisian according to the ID 'left at the scene!') to attack Assad! – Totally contrary.
    (9) Possibly another attack on France to keep France in line once more.
    (10) Emergency martial law due to be lifted in France – to be extended by 3 months!
    (11) Bastille Day – Representing Liberty; used to impose the opposite on French people!)
    (12) Emergency meeting of French security committee rushed through – Hollande flown to Paris.. all carefully choreographed.
    (13) Truck driver had 'grenades' but never used them; just as Hebdo brothers didn't use RPGs).
    (14) Truck video shows the truck creeping along; no evidence of a frenzied race through a crowded street.




  23. Excellent piece! The number of ticks, fleas, and parasitic flies from the Israeli propaganda for welfare brigade and the Pentagon keyboard warriors further validates Mr. Alexander's case. Genuine numbskulls don't frequent blogs like this. Just sold out propagandists from the mercenary imperial forces for the western oligarchs who benefit from graphic political farce such as "The Nice Attack". I would add the condition of the windshield to the list of highly improbable connected to this case. I would expect it to have shattered from 1-3 human impacts in. By the 80th or so, I would not expect much of it to be left in the frame. I have had the relatively unique experience of having been shot at through the window of my car. that window shattered instantly with one shot from a small caliber pistol. Several bumps in the road later, 3/4 of that window was a pile of tempered glass pellets scattered about that area of my vehicle. In the unlikely event the windshield survived striking 100 people, I would not expect it to survive a dozen or more shots from law enforcement without being reduced to piles of pelleted glass. Perhaps we will be told that the glass was not regulation, an import from ISIS-controlled Syria.

  24. Seems like they are using soap opera quality scriptwriters and directors for these Hollywood productions of falsehood. They don't care that they are poorly created because what are we going to do about it anyway? We don't believe them but the purpose is accomplished for the phony news media to write about the events as if they were "real news". The 50% of the population that believe they are true is all that is needed to continue the Arab/Muslim hatred and distrust to condone future warring against innocent people and nations for that damn Jewish agenda of Eretz Israel.

  25. Scott Alexander, you are a disgusting cunt and a stupid fucking cunt at that. The idea that anyone could set up something like this as a fake is laughable. What did the authorities do? Did they clear 2km of road and put in thousands of actors on one of the busiest nights of the year? Are all those actors expected to keep their mouths shut about this giant hoax? You're a pathetic, evil scumbag. Go and kill yourself and do the world a favour. Not everything bad that happens is fake. There really are bad people in the world. You, you sick twat, are one of them.

  26. Your pictures show nothing and mean nothing. Seeing raw video of bodies lining the street shows it all. Just because there are no mangled bodies from the truck mowing them down doesn't constitute limbs and entrails all over he place. I have seen several pedestrians getting hit by vehicles high speed and run over as well. Very little and sometimes no blood. I just watched a 20 minute clip of videos of people getting hit and one guys head got run over by a large truck and he got up and staggered away. This is no freaking hoax. Just like no planes ever hit the world trade centers. Load of bullshit.

  27. I have no real way of knowing if this is a hoax or not but I think I do think it would be a far greater injustice to the people of Nice if everyone sat idle and just went with what mainstream reports because we know they continually manufacture hype, be it to sell a story or be it that there is something far more sinister going on.

  28. I would like the AIV (or VIA) logo on the back door of the truck verified to ascertain whether the MSM images of the truck were flipped, as the truck appears left hand drive in the pics. The amount of blood is consistent with this type injury (although I would expect missing limbs or severe crush wounds in some cases). There should not be much blood, I know this as I have shot and butchered thousands of animals for food. Although it does appear real to me this would be a great way to keep the state of emergency going during this onset of french financial collapse coming soon, and to distract from the 911 28 pages released on the same day…

  29. I had an ignorant friend (now ex friend) on Facebook, say that this whole nightmare was fabricated. Sighting one comment that "why are there no bullets on the drivers side ?" Really ? In Europe the driver sits on the opposite side of a vehicle (passenger side in USA) What a moron.

  30. well the facts don't support you so far Andrea. His ex wifes neighbour said "Mohamed only started visiting a mosque in April." which supports a rapid radicalisation. He had contact with a jihadist, and he shouted a classic jihadist war cry according to witnesses. Further he mysteriously came by a large sum of money which he gave away. No doubt his mental state was a factor, but claiming no likelihood of religious motivation being a factor is simply ridiculous at this stage. And Adolf Hitler tried to replace Christianity with a Nazi religion. Crucifixes were taken down from schools and replaced with pictures of Adolf. He was not a Christian at the time he formulated his own religion, nor did he try to defend them.

  31. looking for the truth is not an insult to anyone, stop using insults and hate to justify your beliefs in the mainstream media and grow a brain … first ask yourself why the truck is spotless after hitting 80 people, not a drop of blood, or how the truck could even be there since access had been blocked… start to think instead of repeating what you hear

  32. well, the guy at second 7 in your first link lays on his own blood but no injury can be seen, no body part has been crushed … it's all a hoax, we have not seen ONE amateur video of the truck driving over people although there were thousands of people with a phone …

  33. But I guess not a word from anti-conspiracy theorists like you about headline after headline saying all over the controlled media world: "Truck kills 80+". You think "conspiracy theorists" are kooks while you people bath with joy in the sudsy bath of UTTER BULLSHIT and false narrative fiction the mainstream media weaves.

  34. Hey, do you know that a third of those bodies are of Muslim people and that Isis killed far more Muslims than Christians? THis is not created by Muslims! This is created by assassins and psychopaths! Saying that Isis is Muslim is like saying that Hitler is Christianism!

  35. Hey genius! Trucks are a work tool and if one out of hundreds of millions kills 80 people it doesn't make it a gun, which has the sole purpose to kill and (duh) that's why guns are restricted in civilised countries and trucks are not! (Btw you do need a special driver's licence)

  36. “Terrorism” was invented by Israeli Zionist Slimeballs, acting as AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE of SATAN! THEY LIVE – and THEY CONTROL Western governments which are promoting the ALIEN AGENDA. The American and French and German (among others) governments and their Agencies are INFESTED by the genetically re-engineered, “new and improved”, hybrid, humanoid, reptilian Race of ALIEN CRITTERS. ENSLAVEMENT and DESTRUCTION of the Human Race is their ultimate AGENDA! Don’t believe it – yet? YOU WILL! THEY are WALKING AMONG US [David M. Jacobs, PhD] – including in Nice, France! 84 alleged “DEAD”, 200+ alleged “INJURED” and hit/dragged by a Semi truck – and NO BLOOD, anywhere! It is now OBVIOUS that THEY are supremely ARROGANT, practice MIND CONTROL but have NO COMMON SENSE – like Jeffrey Lash and all the “mass shooting” HOAXES and STAGED acts of “terrorism” emotion-less Crisis Actors! We are now living in the TWILIGHT ZONE (Mandela Effect). SATANIC DECEPTION [Mossad Motto] is EVERYWHERE, especially in governments, political parties, organized religion [CUFI] and the MSM!

  37. Yes, the ones behind these "attacks" are not above sacrificing a few (or more than a few) lives to further the agenda. Which again, for the idiots that can't figure it out, is centralized control of the population, and world government– and certainly no guns i the hands of private citizens.

  38. This is even more phoney! The camera kept panning when the truck stoppped, then just shot the ground. You can't see anything at all. Moreover, there was someone looking up the street, as if in anticipation of this truck. I don't believe it, sorry. Never saw a single real person get hit.

  39. "Muslim-created", not a bigot, are you? And you believe so gullibly, don't you? Screw you if you're offended by those who question.
    we've seen so many fake ones, e.g., Sna Bernardino, Aurora, Sandy Hook, Orlando– why should we believe this is true? Especially when it looks so sloppily done?

  40. wtf?! why is nobody talking about banning trucks in nice like they are trying to ban firearms in the US. The truck in nice supposedly killed more than people with guns guns did in the Orlando, San Bernandino and Sandy Hook hoaxes. #BANTRUCKSINNICE LOL

  41. Start seeing with your eyes and not your ears. Quit believing everything the "green screen queens" tell you. It's time to think for your self, if your fluoride soaked brain is capable critical analysis.

  42. Amazing how foolish much of the nonsense posted in locations like this can be. There's little hope for humanity if this is as close as some people can get to rationality. Posting this farrago of bullshit is an insult to the victims of the muslim-created outrage when the bodies are as yet hardly cold. The author of the excrement in the above fantasy is a fool and a knave.

  43. The thing I find very strange about that clip is that the person holding the camera continues to rotate even after the truck is clearly seen careening out of control and hitting people and fast approaching. Surely their flight response would have kicked in.

  44. I live in Nice, and speak French. Here is a graphic video with some blood, if that's what you are looking for. Many may just have died of broken bones and internal bleeding, not all had family there, so some are just lying there. I think you underestimate the effects of shock, making people act like nothing for 12 hours, then collapse: https://youtu.be/iZxPiYfW3rQ
    The people in the Negresco you laugh at were not the wounded: they heard shots and ran for cover, and were let in to rest, react, hide. Both can be true: people may be killed, but it wasn't just a lone crazy guy by accident. My personal take: the guy was non-religious, not radicalized, divorced in 2012 with an anger management problem known to authorities, a Tunisian-French, ripe for becoming a patsy. They can't justify how the truck got on the Prom (closed to traffic for these things); initial reports, now gone, said the guns and grenades in the truck were plastic, fakes. Reports of escapes and hostages were false. He never left the truck…Perhaps it was remote controlled? or, that's him escaping in the first few secs here: https://youtu.be/JhFpLgFCetk .
    So far, I do not personally know of anyone who has lost family or friends, or even friends of friends…but I'm not the social type. And for sure, ALL the governments are using it to wreck havoc in Syria, suspend the rule of law, and control and frighten the people. That you've got right!!

  45. After Shady Hoax, it's safest to regard every event first and foremost as a false flag.
    The only surprise this time is the evidence of fakery appeared so quick, the fraud so blatantly obvious and the conclusions so convincing.

  46. Jay Tee – "How little blood is in the human body"? (Your question)
    I did a search. Here you go, to help YOUR crappy (nonexistent) reporting: http://wonderopolis.org/wonder/how-much-blood-is-in-your-body/
    "Scientists estimate the volume of blood in a human body to be approximately 7 percent of body weight. An average adult body with a weight of 150 to 180 pounds will contain approximately 4.7 to 5.5 liters (1.2 to 1.5 gallons) of blood. An average child with a body weight of 80 pounds will have approximately half the amount of blood as an adult."

  47. I personally do not care if anyone is "offended" this is all fake terror to feed to the gullible masses. Time to wake up and if you are to lazy to see the truth than you deserve everything that they have planned for you. The truth is to easily available and in this age of technology ignorance is a conscious choice.

  48. Truck Attack in Nice, France on Bastille Day

    "State of Emergency is here to stay", says French Government.
    …in other words, freedom and liberty is no longer a right…it is a government privilege.

    By Scott Bennett

    Just a quick analysis of the French attack/truck event/ orchestrated incident.
    Well sadly it seems that, once again, we are being force-fed grainy videos, images, and half-baked suppositions about some kind of “truck assault and shooting attack” in Nice, France. First of all, we should remind ourselves not to rush into ANY conclusions about this, nor trust ANYONE but ourselves (and our gut), and verify EVERYTHING. We should also immediately draw a timeline, list, and map of everything that was going on in the world in every country that is considered significant or strange or problematic for the U.S.-Israel-NATO at the time of this attack. Why? To see who really benefits from this attack of course, and what new policies are proposed and others ignored or conveniently forgotten (such as the forced transgender redefinition laws President Obama is forcing upon American school districts); as well as which debts are erased, what banks are rescued from failure, and what governments and leaders are branded a new enemy or non-compliant regime, justifying military interventions.
    After these lights are fixed upon the suspicious issues to be inspected, we may begin to see a surface layer of paint gradually start to melt and wash away, revealing underneath an entirely new and horrific conclusion: 1) either that this French event was an authentic and a real attack by a really disturbed human who deserves to be killed in the most disturbing way human imagination can muster in order to send a message to others; or
    2) it was artificially contrived in order to achieve some political objective through psychological warfare strategy and use of black-flag operations. Time, and effort, will tell.

  49. It happened yesterday and you are asking for lists it was a false event? How big of a moron are you? The average wouldn't even gather enough in a month to figure it out one way or another and you wants lists just short of the ink drying. You're a pathetic, souless punk.

  50. Great photos! Love the captions!!
    I was laughing along with the police officer once Scott and Jim got a hold of these images.
    Thank you for a bit of humor. God knows we need it.
    Good folks are ON IT!!

  51. Have you ever been to a site with a mass murder such as this? Do you know how little blood there is in a human body? Did you realize that the truck was striking people for approx. 2 Km (a mile or so) and that the media and people WERE being controlled in the areas worst-struck?
    Do you think there are thousands of police in the Nice police force? Have you never seen someone so horrified they laughed rather than cry?
    Crappy reporting, nasty thinking.

    You are a sick individual, simply put.
    Have a nice conspiracy.

  52. How can every single attack be a false flag? I know some are (and don't know for sure about this one) but do you know how insane people look when they declare everything fake within 24 hrs of an event?

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