Proof Boston Marathon Bombing was Faked in Three Easy Steps: #1, #2, #3

by Jim Fetzer

The heart-wrenching story of yesterday, the third anniversary running of the Boston marathon since the bombing of 15 April 2013–was the story of a victim who had lost a leg but was going to run in the marathon! Her name may have actually been Adrianne Haset, but her story was complete fiction: nobody died during the Boston marathon. It was an elaborate charade with amputee crisis actors, fake Hollywood blood and even a studio-grade smoke machine. If ever an event was done with “smoke and mirrors”, it was the Boston marathon bombing.

We have a video where you can hear the police on bullhorns calling out, “This is a drill! This is a drill!” We have tweets from The Boston Globe reporting that a demonstration bomb will be set off during the marathon “for the benefit of bomb squad activities” and that one will be set off “in one minute in front of the library”, and one minute later, one explodes opposite the Boston Public Library. But millions of Americans have been taken in by the deception, where many have sent donations and the US government extended an $8.4m grant to the survivors:
As a former Marine Corps artillery officer, I can attest that those explosions were puff pieces that were not powerful enough to kill anyone. We have smoke and bodies missing limbs, but we have no blood. That, as Lorraine Day, M.D., Chief of Trauma Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital for 25 years has explained, is a physiological impossibility. You cannot have limbs blown from bodies by explosives without having blood all over the place. But it only shows up later and it is not real blood but Hollywood blood, which came out of tubes: 

The Three “Jeff Bauman”s 

Jeff Bauman #1 can be seen in photos and videos taken during the Boston event, where a man in a gray hoodie attaches a false prosthesis with a bone extension under the cover of the smoke from the machine. Had his injuries been real, he would have been unconscious in one minute and dead in two from the bleed out. Instead, he keeps his head raised above the Boston pavement (where people spit) and awaits his rescue by the actor, Carlos Arredondo:

We have been able to identify Jeff Bauman #1 as former Army Lt. Nick Vogt, who lost his legs below the knees and his left pinky (little finger) in Afghanistan. An excellent study by Dr. Eowyn, “The Boston Bombing: The Case of the Missing Pinky”, has confirmed it. Here is a photo of Lt. Vogt, where his missing left little-finger is apparent; and here is another of Jeff Bauman #1, where, remarkably, he has no left little-finger, either:

Notice the fake blood, which does not change color, while real blood deoxygenates and turns dark, as the scene from Cairo shows. Notice also keeping his head raised so it is not on the sidewalk, which displays a degree of delicacy not ordinarily expected of a man who has just had his legs blown off below the knees. But of course he actually lost them in the Middle East along with his left pinky, which gives Nick Vogt’s game away. Consider the comparison:

As though that were not remarkable enough, Jeff Bauman #3 shows up at a baseball game, pushed in his wheelchair by none other than Carlos Arredondo, hero of the Boston bombing, who had helped place Jeff Bauman #1 in his wheelchair on the scene 15 April 2013. But now he is missing all of his legs: he doesn’t even have any thighs! So we have Jeff #1 with only nine fingers but with his legs blown off below the knees; Jeff #2 with all ten fingers but with his legs blown off above the knees; and Jeff #3 with ten fingers but no legs at all! And the media missed this?

Well, not quite all. The Daily Mail of the UK wanted to feature Jeff Bauman #3 at a Red Sox’s game in Fenway Park, but they had a problem with showing him in Boston on the day of the bombing, because his legs were only missing below the knees. So they did what any inventive publication would do–they blurred them out so no one could see the difference!  You may think this is not standard journalistic practice; but while it might not have been in the past, it has become routine here in the United States, where other major publications are now catching up!

                                    If anyone has harbored any doubts about whether the mass media are keeping us free, rest assured that they are doing what they can to assist the administration in its efforts to propagate information to the public. In case someone has missed the significance of the three “Jeff Bauman”s, here is a summary of the Boston bombing, where I interviewed Gary King about his astute observation of the third “Jeff Bauman“, who may well become the most famous of the three, if the government and the mass media have their way! Welcome to Boston!

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  3. I hope there are moderators or somebodies-minding-the-shop on this site. Here is a story we’ve never heard at anytime – Boston marathon bombing : “Boston Athletic Association Rallies Around One Of Their Own.”
    B.A.A. CEO Thomas Grilk is the brother of marathon bombing survivor Adrianne Haslet.
    Excerpt – “Following the crash, Haslet’s brother Thomas Grilk spoke out on Facebook, explaining that his sister had broken three different bones, as well as dislocated her shoulder.
    “If there’s a fairness in this universe one wonders where it is,” Grilk, the executive director of the Boston Athletic Association, said, according to CBS Boston.

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  7. Mr. Fetzer,

    I applaud the work you have done on this case and on Sandy Hook as well. I have followed your work for several months now and I must say you have been spot on, for the most part. The reason I say for the most part is because while conducting my own research into the Boston matter, I found a pretty significant discrepancy in one of the arguments you bring up in your talks quite frequently and I just cant imagine someone as sharp as yourself missing a detail such as this by accident. Therefore leading me to believe that it may not have been accidental that the detail was simply overlooked.

    The discrepancy I speak of has to do with the Boston Globe tweets by officials regarding the controlled explosion taking place in one minute across from the library as a part of bomb squad activities, just before the first explosion had occurred. The problem with that argument is that the time of that particular Boston Globe tweet (which is still available on twitter as of the time of this comment) reads 12:53pm which is expected obviously because we are located on the west coast. Therefore the time in Boston would have been 3:53pm which would be an hour plus 4 minutes after the bombs were reported to have occurred at 2:49pm Eastern time.

    Now I hate jumping to conclusions, which is why I decided to reach out to you directly in hopes that you might be willing to clarify this discrepancy for me, as I would greatly appreciate it. I mean it truly is hard enough already trying to separate the real deal from the fake fucks in the midst of all the lies and deception we are bombarded with daily by piece of shit politicians and less than honorable intelligence agencies. And I would absolutely hate to find out that you had actually stooped to their level by knowingly incorporating false information into your lectures because that would make you the same as them and I would pretty much be forced to go back to square one and start over trying to figure all this shit out.

    Again, any feedback on this matter would be greatly appreciated, as I could get back to my research knowing I can confidently site your work as a reliable source of information and that Professor Jim Fetzer is in fact the honorable Marine and scholar that he portrays himself to be.

    Thank you sir for your time.


    Aaron M. Farrar

  8. "attacking other posters" (Moderator)

    Well, Moderator, what do you call the AA (Activist Asshole) attack on me (above)??? Furthermore, I never called for violence against AA or anyone else. I called for AA and other hybrid, humanoid ALIENS, WALKING AMONG US, [Dr. David M. Jacobs] to be IDed with DNA tests. Naturally, PROVEN ALIENS must be exterminated – before THEY exterminate us!

  9. Wow, I was crazy enough to actually look at Jerky's link to "rational wiki!" It was not rational at all and did not refute any of the real evidence, At the bottom were "footnotes" that were all links to lying corporate murderer pedophile news organizations.
    Jerky has aptly named himself.

  10. I don't get "Jerky". Does this article and the videos embedded provide a comprehensive exposition of how we know that the Boston bombing was fake? I think the answer is obvious, where Jerky does not offer a single reason to believe it was real or for disputing any of the proof that has been offered here. He does not seem to be seeking the truth about Boston but attempting to trivialize the evidence presented.

  11. Logic isn't taught in elementary schools, neither deductive nor inductive. I spent 35 years offering college courses in logic, critical thinking and scientific reasoning. If you already know logic, good for you, but most Americans do not.

  12. We are dealing with that issue on "The New JFK Show" on "The Real Deal" during the second hours on Wednesdays. It looks very much as though the man with Lee Oswald is indeed the father of Ted Cruz.

  13. Nobody died AT the Boston bombing. Tamerlan appears to have been murdered while in police custody and their friend was shot to death by the FBI in Florida. We have a note about both–and the MIT security guard–on the copyright page. The point is the bombing itself was a charade.

  14. After almost 4 mins of video I was still being lectured on elementary school logic…drawing conclusions from premises and all that! LOL! I don't need to be condescended to! Just state your (dubious) case!

  15. In respect to the Boston Bruins image, which has the gentleman's left-hand facing away instead of toward the camera, How can a determination be made that he is, quote, "displaying all ten of his fingers"?

  16. Here was my comment on her facebook page:
    People really did die as a result of the Boston "bombing," Adrianne. Wouldn't it be terrible to profit from that misery?…make a bunch of money off of the killing, maiming or railroading of other human beings? As an actress perhaps you can imagine how that would feel. Soon the state is going to execute the other brother. I bet that is an emotional situation for you…they are going to kill another person as part of this scenario… good thing you have a donations page to help you through.

  17. Dr. Fetzer, I know this is off topic, but are you looking into the possible connection between the father of Ted Cruz and Lee Harvey Oswald? Was he the hispanic man handing out the "Hands off of Cuba" flyers with Oswald in New Orleans in 1963?

  18. ThomasT, that was a pretty good synopsis. Ties in to what Fulford talks about. I hope it really does happen. A global jubilee or "reset" still leaves all that land in the hands of the cabal that they have been buying all over the world… I think?

  19. Hi Merryl. It turns out that Google is evil and has new "algorithms"…programs that censor searches… to keep us from learning about things.
    Startpage is another search engine like google that does not record where you go and allows some of that censored content to come through. is another good search engine.
    Good luck, glad you are with us.

  20. James Fetzer does an excellent job in explaining the "Boston Bombing". I KNOW that the brothers are INNOCENT, and what I thought was really TERRIBLE is that they wanted to DIG UP THE DEAD BROTHER'S BODY and do horrible things it. They were like people with torches and pitchforks. It is AMAZING how EASILY people can be CONTROLLED. So sad.)

  21. j.a., is she able to delete your questions from her fb page? I don't do facebook so I don't know the full extent of their evilness. I would like to see your questions!
    Glad to have you on the Fetzer site.

  22. Wow, j.a! Good for you. I got so sick thinking of those boys when I looked at her blood money page. I wanted to send her a comment like, "Some people really did die, how do you feel about that?" But I'm a chicken. "They" are cracking down on commenters and facebook posters.

  23. I´ve put this comment on her page, we will see if she will reply:
    "I am glad that the owner of the black backpack didn´t attack this year´s Boston marathon. He is not in prison. Jahar had white backpack, and was sentenced to death. It was rather terrifying what American trial and jury did. I´ve informed Amnesty International about the case. True perpetrator is free."

  24. Point Taken Activist Angel.
    I too have reached my limit.
    There is a new protocol. Posts that are not on topic, attacking other posters, obvious advertisements, as well as even subtly advocating violence will be deleted at my discretion.
    It is time to leave room and an enjoyable space for the commenters that have something valuable to add to the discussion.
    Any complaints can be taken up with Jim.

  25. Wow, GodSend. If I am a shapeshifting ALIEN "controller," does that mean it would be ok for you to kill me?
    Does that put me out of the definition of "child of God" so that you can ignore the 10 commandments?
    Is that what your psy op is, and why your comments are not disappearing? Are you helping justify the murder of human beings by calling them Zombies or Aliens? You constantly advocate violence on this site, you never talk about the articles or their content, and you are one of the most hypocritical alleged "christians" I have ever encountered.
    Moderator: since this nut job has frequently cited movies and scenarios where aliens disguised as humans must be slaughtered by righteous religious extremists, I purport that in this post he is specifically calling for me and many other human beings to be murdered based on his bearing of false witness. GodSend does not offer anything of value to these discussions, ever, and simply replysturbates all over himself in front of everyone. I hope there is some moderation available.

  26. Great stuff as usual. Top paragraph has a grammar mistake, rare for you, "may have actually be."
    Jim you know how I feel about the use of the term "The Government" as if a constitutionally elected body is responsible. Our government does not need to be overthrown, it needs to be reinstated. The people who have hijacked many institutions of our government are murderous offshore banksters and their lackeys. It is they that are trying to kill the people of the United States slowly by poison and economic conquest. You know i think that verbiage is very important. Ranting about "The Government" plays in to the hands of the propagandists who would like nothing better than complete freedom to corporatize and enslave the people by turning them away from their only hope, the constitution and it's defenders.

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