JFK: Jim Fetzer replies to Jim DiEugenio’s Attack on his research

By Jim Fetzer

As it happens, Jim DiEugenio, a familiar student of JFK and expert on Jim Garrison, has published an attack upon me in CTKA in two parts, entitled


    “The Decline and Fall of Jim Fetzer (Part 2)”

Having discovered these articles, I have gone about replying to each of the criticisms he has advanced against me here:

* how many shots / how many hits

* the Secret Service set up JFK

* identifying “the three tramps”

* pivotal role of Lyndon Johnson


* the gross medical anomalies

* the use of the term, “fetzering”

* the alteration of the Zapruder film

* Groden’s “autopsy photographs”

* the bullet hole in the windshield

* Judyth Baker’s authenticity

* the man in the doorway

* more on the man in the doorway

* Peter Janney’s MARY’S MOSAIC

* Thompson/Groden/DiEugenio

* on Phil Nelson

* LBJ ducking down

* on “Mac”‘s fingerprint

* on Gregory Douglas

* on George H.W. Bush

* nanothermite on 9/11

* Scholars for 9/11 Truth

* “Hannity & Colmes” (x 2)


* Lectures and Conferences

* The Faking of Flight 175 

[For more on 9/11, see especially “The Real Deal Ep #103 9/11: Who was responsible and why” with Dennis Cimino]

* creating the cut-outs on the tower facades

* how we know that nobody died at Sandy Hook

* the Boston bombing charade

* the death and replacement of Paul McCartney

* the “official narrative” of the Holocaust

* my research has been collaborative

* six JFK shooters identified

* my books and shows
Would this could have been accomplished in briefer compass. But it is easy to lie and can be complicated to elaborate the truth.
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10 thoughts on “JFK: Jim Fetzer replies to Jim DiEugenio’s Attack on his research”

  1. first you tell him "… i'm glad you're here" then you've the gaul to impute cowardice to him. Where do you think propaganda wars end up. Huh? While they're building fema camps for 'terrorists" and publically calling for the death of the white middle class.

    You'd argue,no doubt, that General Washington and Co aught to have forgiven tyrants rather than destroying them? You gutless fake little christian. "Sell your coat and buy a sword". See, anyone can quote scripture.

  2. Emmanuel Goldstein is an evil troll.
    Here is the truth about him:
    Mr. Thomas Potter – Cyberbully Task Force
    Known Aliases: Amanda Reckonwith, Emmanuel Goldstein
    Those who find themselves hounded or harassed by Mr. Thomas Potter should contact:
    Olmsted Falls Police Department 
26100 Bagley Road Olmsted Falls, Ohio 44138
Phone:(440) 235-3145 (Non Emergency Number)

    (They are aware of his antics, and more than willing to assist)

    Here is Mr. Thomas Potter's personal and legal information (in case you need to file charges against him)
    Thomas Leon Potter
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    POTTER, THOMAS L was born in 1952 and registered to vote in OLMSTED FALLS, OHIO, U.S.A 289,176 .

  3. Godsend, you constantly seem to be advocating violence. Your code words are not subtle, nor are your references.
    I know you believe in a biblical worldview, you talk about it all the time. But what about the true words of Christ? Forgiveness? Love thine enemy? All these things I do, ye can do and more?
    We are not in a hot war. We are fighting economic and propagandistic enemies.
    The answer is to use our real strength.
    How do we spend our money?
    What do we learn and teach others?
    This is not a "blood of patriots and tyrants" war, it is a war for the truth, which will set us free.
    I am responding to you because I am glad you are here, and hope that you are sincere in your desire to contribute.
    Your picture seems to indicate you are an elder. When you talk about "blood" and "watering trees of liberty" and all that, do you mean young people? Or are you committing to being on the front lines and spilling your own blood?

  4. Activist, I have been making that point on "The Raw Deal" on tenseradio.com T/Th. My show on Monday will feature my two latest shows, where I explain what's going on and the role of George Soros in pitting Bernie against Trump.

  5. The Real Deal is great, as usual. I wish Jim would make a bigger point that the "Bernie supporters" are most likely part of the scheme. I am a Bernie supporter, and none of us would ever wave a communist flag (or disrupt an event). It is a clever plot on the pedophile warlord media's part to demonize Trump and Sanders at the same time.
    Plus the "Bernie supporter" doing the hitler salute in a Trump shirt? …Old White Woman. We know who they really support.
    Also read some of this DiEugenio guy and he is totally boring in his long dull attempts to paint Jim as a "bad researcher." No one who reads or knows Jim could believe anything like that, so I hope Jim is done wasting his time on this guy.

  6. Jim Fetzer may be a tireless, brilliant campaigner for truth, but we will not win until the tree of liberty has been liberally watered with the blood of tyrants and patriots! Unfortunately, the tyrants vastly outnumber the patriots. 🙁

    What we need is "Seven Days in May" (or any other convenient month). Liberty is threatening to become just a state of mind.

  7. I'm not an expert on the JfK assassination. So I cannot claim to judge whose interpretation is more correct in that instance.

    But I am on 9/11 – and here DiEugenio demonstrates his complete deficiency and undermines his whole article.

    The work of Judy Wood and Morgan Reynolds is incorrect because it is 'wildly fantastic'. That's not an argument. 9/11 itself was wildly fantastic. Does that mean that 9/11 didn't happen?

    His reference to 'space beams' rather that 'directed energy weapons' also suggests dishonestly on his part. The latter are very real and NIST (in their 9/11 investigation) actually subcontracted out parts of it to two companies heavily involved in DEW: Applied Research Associates (ARA) and SAIC.

    Just a coincidence I'm sure.

    And his dismissal of TV fakery is almost laughably ignorant as any perusal of 9/11 Octopus and September Clues PROVES over and over again.

    If his analysis is so deficient in this area it dosn't give me confidence about the rest of his article.

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