6 thoughts on “False Flags: From 9/11 to Sandy Hook and Beyond, Seattle (20 February 2016)”

  1. What,you don't think that the space program was faked for 50 years?
    You actually believe that Pauk MacCartney DIDN'T die and was replaced by a doppelganger? The proof is all over the Beatle album covers and music.
    You don't think that Larry the Jew confessed that the FDNY "made that decision" to blow up Tower 7?
    You haven't realized that Judy Wood is a scientist on par with Tesla and Einstein?

    No,dumbass,you are the nutjob.Fetzer is beyond reproach.
    Just look at the man,he oozes credibility.

  2. PS Are the MASS MIGRATIONS of millions into Europe and America part of the ALIEN AGENDA? YOU BETCHA! And what is the new religion of the NWO, as already practiced in Germany, Canada and Australia? You guessed it: HOLOCAUSTIANITY, a denomination of SATANISM!

  3. All these False-Flag events (USS Liberty attack, Beirut USMC Barracks attack, 911, 311, etc.) and (Mass) Shooting HOAXES (Boston Marathon, Sandy Hook, San Bernardino, Paris, etc.) are not isolated events but the sinister work of the "HIDDEN HAND", designed to promote a HIDDEN AGENDA. When you add the distortion of truth by the (Zionist-controlled) MSM, MASS SURVEILLANCE activities of several Federal Agencies (NSA, CIA, FBI, etc.) and MISINFORMATION and CONCEALMENT of vital information by NASA/JPL, etc., a DIABOLICAL DESIGN behind all these events emerges: the ENSLAVEMENT of the HUMAN RACE and the DESTRUCTION of the HUMAN HABITAT (311 and Nuclear Radiation poisoning of the planet). The "HIDDEN HAND" is Zionist Israel, aka "Synagogue of Satan", acting as AGENTS for the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE of SATAN!

    America has become Zionist Israel's ATTACK DOG on the American People and on the Human Race! The entire political leadership of America (since the Dubya Administration, if not before) is now MIND-CONTROLLED by ALIENS as well as INFESTED with hybrid, humanoid, reptilian CRITTERS, genetically re-engineered in DUMBs, following the ALIEN ABDUCTIONS and Cattle Mutilations of earlier years.

    Edward Snowden revealed that the Federal Gov't has been CONTROLLED by ALIENS since the 1950s, at least! THEY LIVE and look just like us – BUT AIN'T! Read "Walking Among Us" and watch the YT interview of William Pawelec. THEY are COLD and conscience-less CONTROL FREAKS! And that's just for starters! 😉

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