5 threats Trump poses, and 6 plans to stop him

Trump: the loosest cannon

Underneath all the familiar charges leveled at Trump, there is one that has the shadow government deep in thought.
by Jon Rappoport
March 20, 2016
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Note: When I say “GOP,” I also include “Globalist.”  Both major Parties are in the pocket of Rockefeller Globalists.

—Here cometh the loose-talking cowboy and hustler, walking into the saloon; The Donald; and the customers are cheering.



What went wrong?  What in the world went wrong?

The first 4 threats Trump poses:

Threat One: The way he talks.  It isn’t measured sing-song generality, which is the standard form of hypnotic prose in America for both politicians and media.  The rise and fall of empty words isn’t his style, and believe me, that is disturbing to the establishment.

Big-time politics and news in the US must be delivered in hypnotic cadence—otherwise they fall apart, because they have no inherent substance.  But everything Trump is advocating is carried on the waves of far different rhythms—casual, direct, non-teleprompter, jump-around, zig-zag, off the cuff; as if, out of some bygone era, he’s saying: “Hey kid, here’s a dime, run down to the corner and get me a newspaper, and here’s a nickel for yourself…”

Blown dry, androidal, high-flying, empty, sentimental, super-clean, sing-song—these are qualities drilled into, or already possessed by, successful pols and media stars.  Trump cuts across and buries that style.  He’s a disruptor, and he violates the cardinal rule, which is:

Don’t wake the children.

I can’t emphasize too strongly what a threat that poses to the status quo, which can only sustain itself through a tacit agreement, on all sides, to engage in trance-inducing speech.

On top of all this, Trump is delivering messages that are beyond the pale, according to current standards of political correctness.  Another jolt.

Trump is doing one of these:

“Listen, folks, they’re all lying to you.  You know who I’m talking about.  Last month I was in Cincinnati and this reporter came up to me, I could see she was all ready to do me in, you know?  She had this big question she wanted to ask me, like she was going to kill me with it—I’ve known lots of people like that, you have, too.  People all over the country are out of work but all she can think about is her pet question…jobs, we’ve got to bring them back…I’m calling those companies that went overseas and telling them, pack your bags and come back or you’re going to face…(pointing) he knows what I mean…I can see it on your face, what’s your name?…I’ll bet you know someone close to you who was thrown out of his job, or maybe you were…”

Trump comes across every which way.  Right side up, inside out, sideways.      

Threat Two:  He gets in the face of media personalities and slaps them down and topples them from their pedestals.  He doesn’t bow.  He doesn’t play the game.  On a moment’s notice, not by script, he attacks when ruffled.  He doesn’t care.  This amounts to a declaration of war against media hegemony and media hypnosis.  This is akin to a person telling a hypnotist, “Hey, take that pendulum out of my face, you idiot.  I don’t need to go to sleep.  I’m awake.”  Media are supposed to be the providers of every slice and tidbit of information that’s important.  They’re the eyes, ears, and mouths for the public.  Trump is telling them to shut up and go away.  His attitude flies in the face of the Program.

Threat Three: He knows what Globalist trade treaties have done to destroy jobs in America.  He knows the American economy hasn’t come back after the 2008 crash.  He doesn’t care who has signed on to these treaties.  He says he’s going to make new deals and change the landscape and bring back jobs.

Whether he will or not, whether he can or not, he’s exposing the Globalist agenda, as well as the politicians on both sides of the aisle who have surrendered their minds and souls to it.

This Globalist agenda is the real third rail of politics, and Trump is not only stepping on it, he’s licking his fingers and putting his hand on the electricity and living (so far) to tell the tale.  Once again, he doesn’t appear to care.

Is he for real?  Is he a fake?  Regardless, he’s talking about what is supposed to remain hidden, and he’s clicking with people all over the country who have lost their jobs to the insane trade policy of the Rockefeller forces.

This is verboten.  This can’t happen.  But it is happening.

And he isn’t going into a long song and dance about the theory of Globalism.  He’s keeping it tight and simple.  He’s keeping it emotional.  He’s actually speaking a real language real people can understand and want to understand.  In other words, he’s committing a grave crime.

He’s telling people their jobs and money and prosperity have been stolen and he’s going to get them back.

Threat Four:  Immigration.  In a nation that already has 60 million immigrants living here, which makes it the number one “importer” of immigrants, per capita, in the world, and generous to the hilt by most standards, he’s saying: yes, but now there is a problem, a very serious problem—and he’s going to solve it.  The problem is crime, drugs, potential terrorism.  And since the federal government admits it has no proper screening program to spot terrorists, he’s going to put a pause on allowing Muslim immigrants to enter the US.  What could the man say that is more politically incorrect?

Whether you agree or disagree with any or every item of his proposal, consider what he’s wreaking on his comfortable liberal opposition—the people who believe open borders should be endless and forever, people who would never, under any circumstances, put a ceiling on it, because they only care about being seen as tolerant and kind and generous and self-effacing and wonderful…people who would, if necessary, walk down streets naked in the rain carrying whips and flagellating themselves to prove their motives are pure.

Based on these four points (I’m saving the best for the end, for later), Trump is a clear and present danger to the political establishment—both Parties and their Globalist handlers.

He’s a “narcissist, a Hitler, a Mussolini, a Stalin, a loon.”

The GOP, his own Party, is the first line of defense.  They must try to sweep him off the board.  What can they do?

One: Change the nominating rules so Rubio and Kasich can easily shift their delegates to Cruz.  Right now, for example, those three men have 703 delegates among them.  Trump has 671.

Two: Induce a complete deadlock at the Convention and bring in a “compromise” candidate from the closet.  For instance, Mitt Romney.  Creating that deadlock could involve more rule changes that would strip delegates away from Trump by declaring they aren’t bound to vote for him.

Three: Let Trump have the nomination, but then back/encourage a third-party or independent candidate to run.  This would be a person who’d obviously suck votes away from Trump in the general election, giving Hillary a walk in the park to the White House.

Or alternatively: allow a straight-on Trump vs. Hillary contest, and rig enough voting machines to make sure Hillary achieves victory in key states.

Four: Covertly back more riots leading up to the Convention, casting Trump as the cause, as the “divisive one” leading the nation over a cliff.  The “law of consequences”—support Trump and this is what you get; you get fear; you get looking over your shoulder as you walk down the street.

Another version of the op: stage a grisly crime and set up a “racist Trump patsy” as the perpetrator.

Another version: stage so many violent protests the message is clear: vote for Trump and this will be a nation in permanent chaos.

Five: If all else fails, the campaign to stop Trump could be taken out of the GOP’s hands, and he would be rubbed out.

Those people calculating the success of any of these five strategies would certainly be considering blowback from Trump’s supporters.  The risks are many.  Exposure is a virtual certainty.

“Cooler heads” would be saying: “Look, give him the nomination.  Hillary’s going to win anyway.”

And if by a miracle Trump somehow gains the Presidency, the sixth option is:

“Let’s get serious.”  People with deep knowledge of the political establishment and significant clout would approach him and let him know, in no uncertain terms, that his radical plans are destined to fail.  Therefore, compromise is in order.  What would President Trump settle for in the real world?  What would he give up?

Those are questions whose answers would define his Presidency.  He could just step back into his familiar role as the ordinary maker of the ordinary deal.

But before deciding whether to capitulate, Trump might, on the spur of the moment, arrange a sit-down with, say, President Putin.  He might lay his cards on the table and say, “Look, this is what I’m trying to do at home, and this is the opposition I’m facing.  I think we have issues in common.  How can we help each other?”

If that happened, Trump would drive the American neocons out of their minds.

And so now we’ve come to the fifth and greatest threat Trump poses: 

His unpredictability.

As President, he could meet with any world leader at the drop of a hat.  He could consult all sorts of unconventional sources.  He could find out that solutions to national problems are available outside normal channels.  Who knows?

Who knows what an un-vetted President, with a large sense of curiosity, might find out, vis-a-vis a number of issues the public is also quite curious about?

This is why men who have operated in the shadows for a long time are truly worried.

Trump has no visible pattern.  When he talks, one idea sparks another and then he goes off on a third.  A man like that, with the clout of the Presidency, rummaging around in the halls and basements of power and secrets?  Are you kidding?

Pick your issue.  Chemtrails?  Black-budget ops?  The extent of NSA spying on US government officials and subsequent blackmail?  Extant technologies far in advance of what has been shown to the people?  Including suppressed energy technologies?

Might Trump be just the sort of unhinged cowboy who would wander into one of these forbidden areas and start shooting his mouth off?

What does he care about propriety or the rules of the game?  He’s Donny Trump who came out the Bronx, where he was hustling commercial buildings; he parlayed his wins into bigger and bigger properties downtown, he went bankrupt three or four times, he dealt with the mafia princes of concrete in NYC, he fired everybody in sight on The Apprentice

He’s the loosest cannon.

Conspiracy researchers cite their prime reasons for the 1963 assassination of JFK, but there is one possibility they rarely, if ever, mention.  It’s just the sort of project a wandering bored-in-the-middle-of-the-night Trump might come upon.


For some 90 years, it’s lain fallow, up in the state of Maine.  The basis of it is quite simple.  It’s a way to provide energy for the people that doesn’t involve conventional resources buried under the ground:

Off-shore turbines.

Taking advantage of the daily difference between high and low tides, ocean water literally turns the wheel and produces electricity.

For decades, utility companies and governments in the US and Canada and town councils and all sorts of other players have fought and delayed and blocked Passamaquoddy.  JFK’s interest in it started when he was a Massachusetts Senator, and when he was President he ordered a report on its status.  He was more than interested in it.

He saw the implications.  If off-shore turbines in Maine could produce a great deal of electricity, how many other inlets off the coast of America could fit that bill?  And why only in America?

Since JFK’s death, technical research has been done, in fact, on very small turbines that would sit in the flow of rivers and yield up electricity for small communities all over the world.

Bone-headed academics have declared that water-turbine energy isn’t cost effective.  The truth is, with a tiny fraction of the government money and a fraction of the favors and loopholes that have been bestowed on the oil and nuclear industries, water-turbines could change a great deal of the energy picture today.

I point this out as merely one example of the sort of secret a properly vetted US President isn’t supposed to query or expose.  Presidents know the rules of the game.  In most cases, they behave.

But suddenly…an intruder in the Oval Office?  A man who is either pretending to be, or is, a rabid populist?  A man who loves to talk and talk and talk in front of his people?  A man who doesn’t seem to assess consequences in the way that other groomed candidates do?  A man who has no discernible pattern?

“Listen, everybody, I just found out about something JFK was working on.  It’s fantastic.  In fact, it’s super-fantastic.  Let me tell you all about it.  Those media jerks and professors will say it doesn’t work, but President Kennedy, who was a truly great guy, thought it would.  Some super-educated friends of mine have been studying it and they agree.  They’ve got a whole lot of degrees and credentials behind their names…It’s called Passamaquoddy…”

There are people in the shadows with a great deal of power who couldn’t care less about the morality of Trump’s stance on immigration.  What they do care about, what they do guard are the boundaries of this propped-up fantasy world of scarcity we live in together.  That is their first concern.

The idea of a sitting President hunting and pecking and stumbling around in secrets whose exposure would crack that system puts their teeth on edge.

What about this strange man, Trump, who, for whatever reasons, likes to stick his hand in dark places and pull rabbits out of rabbit holes?

That would be a cause for great concern.

That would be a threat that demands action.

To grasp this situation, you have to look past the op to divide America into two warring camps.  You have to look past the media piling on as they try to make Trump into the destroyer of all human civilization.  You have to look past the attempt to elevate his enemies into saviors of humanity.  You have to look past obvious strategies to bring in agents to stir the pot, step up violence, and threaten peaceful communities.

According to the unspoken rules of political life in this country, no un-vetted President must ever move into the White House.  It must not happen.  Presidents have to understand their roles and their assignments.

Trump isn’t merely another puppet set up to hand the election to his opponent, Hillary Clinton.  At the start, Hillary’s allies may have seen it that way, encouraged him, helped push him out on the national stage.  But then things spiraled out of control.

Once in a while, that happens.  A plan falls apart and the supposed dupe takes on a life of his own.  He exceeds the limits.  He strikes a nerve in the public.  He starts listening to himself and realizes he might actually believe in his own ideas.

As of now, the men who operate the levers of this country at several upper strata see Trump as a wild card.

And they don’t like what they see.

They don’t like it at all.

In his better moments, this crazy cowboy seems to have a penchant for solutions that actually work.  He isn’t mired down in standard actions designed to yield up more stagnation and more despair.

That makes him both unpredictable and dangerous, because there are real secrets that have been buried over the years—secrets that could restore prosperity and abundance for populations.

He might be crazy enough to unearth them and hold them up and talk about them, and new allies might come to his aid.

This is what is at the bottom of elite fear about the candidate who was never supposed to jump up out of nowhere.

Don’t assume such a threat could never, ever come in the form of a wise-cracking self-inflating hustler from way back.  Don’t assume there is some correct archetype of the person who will blow the lid off the grave of secrets.  This isn’t a spy novel in which the hero fits the reader’s fantasy.  This is the American Empire, and it has been ruled, for a long time, by lunatics.

It might not be a surprise that a wild-talking cowboy exposes a few of their holy of holies.

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  1. ALL presidents and presidential candidates since Bush Sr (and many before Bush Sr) have been (Hidden) Hand-picked by ALIENS, with Israeli Zionist Slimeballs acting as their AGENTS. Trump, however, is a DECOY, with Hellfire Hillary already "selected" to occupy the WH and increase the REIGN OF TERROR over the American People! The (Zionist-controlled) MSM is dutifully reporting on the pre-selection "Theater of the ABSURD", in which Trump is a main actor, playing a scripted role.

    The ALIENS are extremely cunning and diabolical CONTROL FREAKS.

  2. I don't think Trump is controlled by the elite. He took none of their money and against most if all of their policies – strong supporter of the second amendment, against immigration, fairer trade and non-interventionist foreign policy.

  3. "…the men who operate the levers of this country…"

    According to Edward Snowden, those who operate the levers [of power] of this country are not men at all – THEY are ALIENS. Preston James, PhD, figured it out!

    If still in doubt, read "Walking Among Us" (David M. Jacobs, PhD).

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