“False Flags are Real – Professor Jim Fetzer”, Portland, OR (21 February 2016)

by Jim Fetzer

It was my great pleasure to be invited to speak in Seattle, WA, and in Portland, OR, this past weekend. The request was for me to cover a range of “false flag” attacks, where I gave a “bare bones” presentation focusing on some of the key issues that expose them as frauds (or, at least, as having occurred completely differently than we have been told by our government. I addressed aspects of 9/11, Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing, San Bernardino and Paris, where contemporary events cannot be understood apart from the framework that their understanding affords. Here is the announcement of and the presentation from Portland, where the Seattle video should not be far behind.

“False Flags are Real” (Portland, OR, 21 February 2016)

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4 thoughts on ““False Flags are Real – Professor Jim Fetzer”, Portland, OR (21 February 2016)”

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  3. The whole pharmaceutical industry is quite remarkable. In his video The Truth About Cancer, Ty Bollinger presents solid evidence that cancer drugs are ineffective and the doctors know it. This is horrifying information for anyone that has seen someone suffer through the cancer treatments only to lose the battle having sacrificed their last days to add purely to increase pharmaceutical company profits. Do cancer doctors tell their patients there is a 2% survival rate achieved with pharmaceuticals? Is it surprising that the modern medical system is controlled by the Rockefellers and Carnegies?

    The pharmaceutical companies also profit from vaccinations which are causing permanent injuries and even death in men, women and children, but they are protected from legal action by the government. The truth about vaccinations is even more horrifying than the injuries they admit to, because there are likely live cancer viruses in vaccinations as proven by Mr. Horwin when his 2 year old son died of cancer from the monkey virus (SV40) http://www.sv40foundation.org/Alexander.html . There’s also a strong possibility that vaccinations are contaminated with the immortal cancer cells of Henrietta Lacks (HeLa cells). They will never allow this to be proven in a court of law because it would destroy people’s faith in the medical system.

    Today Rockefeller allegedly holds the patent for the Zika virus which the government is working to fast track. The propaganda related to increase in babies being born with small brains in Brazil is being used to fuel fear so everyone will line up for their vaccination, but some experts are attributing the outbreak directly to Brazil’s compliance with the CDC recommendations to vaccinate pregnant women with Tdap which started in 2015. Are vaccinations being administered in massive amount purely to fuel the profits of pharmaceutical companies or is there an even more sinister motive?

  4. A lie can be overt, covert or by omission or any combination of the three. Lies in the cancer medical field are especially egregious. People in the orthodoxy often feel any non orthodox treatments are worthless, while the non orthodox group may exaggerate the efficacy of their treatments. All sorts of ad hominem attacks appear from both sides. All orthodox cancer treatments are life threatening, very expensive and all that insurance will pay for. They have an abysmal record yet are defended by the doctors and pharmaceutical companies who profit from them, while at the same time the police power of the corrupt FDA is used to shut down any alternative treatments. There have been many promising alternative treatments over the years but all have been obstructed and unscientifically “studied” by liars called scientists. Some are documented in the books by Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D. “The Cancer Syndrome”, 1980 and its two sequels “The Cancer Industry”, 1989 and 1996 with about 500 pages and 500 references. Despite the expenditure of an estimated $100 billion and $1 trillion on cancer research, the cancer generals can’t, or won’t even tell you what cancer is, let alone how to cure it in the human body. Obviously the time is long overdue for them to be fired.

    The late Bradley Smith, a very courageous fighter for the truth, recently died. My brief friendship with him got off to a rocky start, but we realized with had much in common both having grown up in California. He is just another tragic victim among about another 500,000 this year, to have died from the corrupt and failed war on cancer. I hope he is at a better place now. Here is an article celebrating the life of a man of intelligence and courage: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2016/02/24/remembering-bradley-r-i-p/
    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

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