The Chronicle of Higher Education buckles to the “official account” of Sandy Hook

by Jim Fetzer 

It’s bad enough when The New York Times and The Washington Post publish propaganda and disinformation about Sandy Hook. But now The Chronicle of Higher Eduction has published one of the most disgraceful and contemptible articles I have encountered in my entire life. Authored by one Kevin Carey, it has no redeeming merit: even in relation to issues of academic freedom, it reflects a completely corrupt and grossly unethical conception. Here are some extracts and my reply, where you can find the text in full on-line. As of this date and time, The Chronicle has yet to publish my response.

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This photo, Exhibit 26, was not included in my submission.
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Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus the University of Minnesota Duluth. 
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25 thoughts on “The Chronicle of Higher Education buckles to the “official account” of Sandy Hook”

  1. Dachsie said…
    "But you can’t get the information from watching the tele or movies from the Hollywood Perverts. This is why reading is the most important part of all education, because it is from reading the thoughts of others which leads to brain development and brain function. "

    Excellent comments as always from Dr. Abbe. Thank you.

    The Catholic Church meltdown is completely analogous to what is happening in regarding to academic freedom, First Amendment, and Free Speech.

    Here is an excerpt from an article about this…

    "Any news outfit worth its value must be free and independent of the entities it reports on. Anything else is called a conflict of interest. No editor, no reporter is going to do an unflattering exposé on the guys (or bishops) who sign their paychecks. Ain't. Gonna'. Happen."


    The WaPo article title begging the question assuming death of a child at Sandy Hook is I think also quite analogous to a recent development in the 9-11 "truth" searching efforts of Dr. Kevin Barrett, founding member of the Scientific Panel for the Investigation of 9/11 .

    See PressTV piece here…

    ‘Trump could be taken out if he would tell full truth about 9/11’

    Now, PressTV has chosen not to accept any of my comments for a very long time and they rejected the comment I submitted about this 9-11 truth matter I submitted yesterday.

    I replied to a comment …

    Ed Rynearson>

    Barrett is using Trump as vehicle for gaining press attention and is under no illusion that Trump is anything other than a tool of the usual suspects im my opinion

    and her is my comment that was rejected by PressTV moderators…

    DachsieLady1 minute ago
    B I N GO ! Ed Rynearson comment is THE best.

    My take is regarding ….

    "Dr. Barrett, a founding member of the Scientific Panel for the Investigation of 9/11"

    Why would Dr. Barrett, a Muslim faith adherent, be associated with this so called "scientific panel" that heretofore has avoided looking at WHO did 9-11 and have worshiped at the altar of Dr. Steven Jones and what I call the "nanothermite gang." But now this "scientific panel" going on about the WHO did 9-11 but they are claiming it is the Saudis.

    This new "theory" ASSUMES that there were real hijackers who were Islamic "terrorists" but these bad guys were aided financially by the Saudis.

    It is all a big lie and further diversion to distract from the truth about 9-11 and Dr. Barrett ought to disassociate himself immediately if he cares about 9-11 truth.

    The comment will be published after moderation


    The Steven Jones and Nanothermite Gang factions always want to maintain real hijacked commericial airliners with real Islamic terrorist hijackers. This gang does this is sly, subtle ways and have primarily had this as their main agenda since they began their OPeration.

    As far as 9-11 truth seeking goes, seems THEY are trying to steer us back to the old

    MIHOP made it happen on purpose


    LIHOP let it happen on purpose


    Folks, it is all about how you define IT

    Both MIHOP and LIHOP falsely define IT.
    Both assume or take for granted real commercial airliners being hijacked by real Islamic terrorists.

  2. I emailed this website to ask why a Professor Emeritus, whose qualifications match or exceed anyone who writes for that site, is not permitted to have is comment posted to the website. I got no response yet and I am not anticipating one.

  3. No, dear GodSend, I don't believe I will find the specific answers to the specific questions I asked by wading through your blog.
    I have a blog I support, and you and I are commenting on it.
    I would like your answers to be part of this blog record as well.
    Please review and answer my specific questions for everyone to see, rather than sending us to your blog. I am stingy with my clicks.
    Looking forward to your honest response,
    Activist Angel

  4. Godsend, what is your goal? I know you claim to believe that we should all suspect one another of being a secret demon reptoid alien from satan, that is clear. But why suggest Jim should not go on record and rebut a major publication's false reporting?
    Who is your target audience? Fetzer Fans? The nutjobs and ops that seem to have fled now that there is moderation?
    It is appropriate for Jim to have, on record, a serious piece of actual scholarship to refute the phony piece of faux scholarship that this "journal" vomited forth.
    Could you come out clearly and tell us what you would have us do, what actions we should take, if we believed your semi biblical account of alien covert invasion and the futility of Jim's response to "every zionist publication?"
    I really want to know your proposed plan of action, other than "give up, suspect your neighbor and be afraid."

  5. Here is a post I put up at an article about the closing of Wal Mart stores. It was allowed. If just one person reads the book as a result, it is worth it. Remember the main line corrupt media is deliberately censoring any information about this book. They are protecting government lies and violating both the law and their empty promises to uphold the public interest. I urge all others to do the same whenever the opportunity presents itself:
    wjabbe • 17 minutes ago
    Everyone should also consider the effect of Amazon.Com on these brick and mortar stores of America which pay both sales tax and property tax to government. Amazon has been operating on razor thin profits or losses, undercutting even Wal Mart, with the goal of changing the face of America and demolishing main street America. Fair Competition is one thing. But fixed competition is another made possible by bloated profits at the gambling casino NY Stock Exchange by artificially low or zero percent interest rates forced by the corrupt Federal Reserve Bank and which ultimately come from the hard earned life savings of senior citizens. Amazon is doing what Wal Mart was formerly accused of, but in a totally unfair and destructive manner. This is why a continued drop at the Wall Street racket will slow down the destruction of small town America which is its backbone. Amazon.Com also believes in banning books which prove with evidence and facts that all Americans were fleeced and had by the Sandy Hook terrorist hoax Dec. 14, 2012 at Sandy Hook School at Newtown, Corrupticut. Read it in the free book "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook", but some good hearted Americans were fleeced out of over $27 Million or about $1 million per family while the government does nothing to the perps.

    quote from above link:
    Kevin Carey
    “Kevin Carey directs the education policy program at New America. His writing has appeared in The New York Times, Slate, The New Republic, The American Prospect, Washingtonian, Democracy, and other publications. He is a contributing writer for The Chronicle of Higher Education and edits the annual Washington Monthly college guide. His work was anthologized in Best American Legal Writing and has received two Education Writers Association awards for commentary.
    Prior to joining New America, Carey worked as the policy director of Education Sector, and as an analyst at the Education Trust and the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. He has also worked for the Indiana Senate Finance Committee and as Indiana’s Assistant State Budget Director. Carey is a graduate of Binghamton University and the Ohio State University. He lives with his wife and daughter in Washington, D.C.”
    Watch the video and see some of the supporters of this organization: John McCain and Hillary Clinton. This tells you something. Here is Mr. Carey’s e mail address published above if you want to tell him what a great writer he is:
    I decided, and I believe Jim came to the same conclusion, that the Editor in Chief of the Chronicle for Higher Education, one Michael G. Riley, reached down to the bottom of the barrel when they asked this non researcher to write the hit piece on professor Dr. James Tracy. I think Jim described him perfectly. I came to the conclusion many years ago that this publication is worthless propaganda garbage about the corrupt world of the Academy in America today. Obviously it is a successful money machine to pay all those low level dupes who operate it. If this had been a paper for a graduate course he would have received an F. It is claimed in some articles he teaches Education Policy at Johns Hopkins University but I was not able to verify that from any of their websites. The statement seems to be omitted above. I sent him my short statement; no reply expected. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D, Physics

  7. Does Jim intend to publish a post for every Zionist publication which denies, contrary to the evidence presented in "NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK", that the Sandy Hook "Mass Shooting" was a HOAX? If so, what's the point of beating a dead horse which is already dead, over and over again and expecting different results (Einstein's definition of insanity)?

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  9. Only in America could being called a "truther" be considered a negative thing. Surely this language came straight from Langley just like "conspiracy theorist" after they murdered JFK. The sad part is they have some people afraid to look at the evidence for fear of being politically incorrect.

  10. Only in America could being called a "truther" be considered a negative thing. Surely this language came straight from Langley just like "conspiracy theorist" after they murdered JFK. The sad part is they have some people afraid to look at the evidence for fear of being politically incorrect.

  11. Clearly, institutions of higher learning and journalists, Kevin Carey included, are not in the business of promoting factual information. To the contrary, they inspire and reflect the "deranged" (Mr. Carey's word) population of this society who refuses to accept the facts (aka "reality, truth, things as they really are")of the Sandy Hook event.

    I URGE you to seek the truth:

  12. Your article in ‘The Chronicle of Higher Education’ is an attack on free speech and academic liberty. That the author has no knowledge of the details of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting shows that his article was a hatchet job to attack Prof. James Tracy. Tracy was acting in the highest spirit of protecting the public against a treasonous plot by the Obama regime. Also the ‘crisis actors’ like Lenny Pozner are raking millions of dollars from Government gifts and donations from a gullible public. James Tracy was trying to protect the public from further fraud. Tenure is in real jeopardy now that these actions have been taken against Prof. Tracy. ‘The Chronicle of Higher Education’ has joined in on these attacks. It’s a shameful for day for the University, for your Chronicle, ‘The New York Times’ and ‘The Washington Post.’

  13. Second Comment, also awaiting moderation by the alleged Higher Education Chronicle:

    First they came for the professor that said "hood" in a classroom, an charged him with micro aggression. But I didn't speak up, cause I have no idea what hood means.
    Then they came for the professor that said "muslims and christians worship the same god." But i didn't speak up because I don't really know much about abrahamic theology.
    Then they came for the professors who said that two planes can't demolish three buildings in to dust at free fall speed in seconds. But I didn't speak out because I saw it on television.
    Then they came for the professor who asked why no Medivac helicopters or ambulances were sent to check out whether any of 26 victims might still be alive, and asked why donation pages were set up the day before the shooting, and asked why there were photographs from the day before showing the actors getting ready when there weren't any broken windows yet; and many other questions.
    But I didn't speak up because Mark Twain was right, it is easier to fool someone than convince them they are being fooled.
    Academic freedom is under attack. If you don't speak up, who will?

  14. Here is my comment, now awaiting "approval" by the chronicle of Higher Education:
    Are the people commenting on this article members of the academic community? I can't believe what I am hearing. Dr. Tracy teaches media studies. He and Dr. James Fetzer, author of Nobody Died At Sandy Hook have presented evidence; easily enough to stand up in a court of law.

    How dare any of you condemn them for being "truthers" when history has shown us time and again that exposing the lies of those in power is the most valuable thing an "academic" can do?

    Shame on all of you for not knowing the real facts of this case. Dr. Tracy never harassed anyone, in fact it was the opposite. He has now been harassed out of a job that he was doing very well.

    Dr. Fetzers book is available free on line, I have read it, you have not. His blog, is scholarly in ways you chirping magpies of propaganda can only dream of.

    I won't cite the mountains of evidence, or astounding photographic refutation of the official story, I will just ask one question:

    If the "Pozners" really were harassed, and really have a son who was killed at Sandy Hook, why don't they sue Dr. Tracy and even FAU in court?
    I will tell you why. Because they would have to produce the very evidence Dr. Tracy eventually asked for in response to their constant harassment, defamation of character and fraud.

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