Proof that The New York Times publishes Sandy Hook disinformation and propaganda

by Jim Fetzer

In an astonishing example of the duplicity of the American media, The New York Times–which is our nation’s newspaper of record–which means that it records the “official history” of the United States–has published a transparent demonstration of its duplicity and mendacity by publishing an article about the firing of Florida Atlantic University professor James Tracy, which excludes what he himself has said about his case and why the firing was legally unjustifiable and morally wrong.
The article, “Florida Professor Who Cast Doubt on Mass Shootings is Fired”, The New York Times (6 January 2016) by Lizette Alvarez, which builds the case for Tracy having harassed the Pozners–when the truth was precisely the opposite–was so sloppily done that the paper has had to publish a clarification (in fine print at the end) for reporting that Lenny Pozner had been fired rather than James Tracy. The author embeds a link to the Sandy Hook Hoax Facebook page, where Tracy lays why his actions have been directed at protecting the public interest, which The Times ignores:

That The Times has to rely upon the tedious suggestion that Tracy is a “conspiracy theorists” not only displays its perfunctory response to a serious development but betrays its complete failure to investigate any of these events to determine whether they are real or illusory. Indeed, anyone who has followed “The Real Deal” knows better, where “The Real Deal Ep #137 Staging Attacks from Sandy Hook to San Bernardino”, demonstrates that the San Bernardino event was also fake, where we even have the Craig’s List ad for extras–some with speaking roles–for San Bernardino.

Another oddity here is that the photograph of Tracy appears to have been tweaked to give him an ever-so-slighly demented appearance. Certainly, those I have seen in the past are rather different in their character, such as his official Florida Atlantic University photograph, which has been widely published. Either way, the reporter has to have known better, yet The Times makes no effort to be “fair and balanced”. At least it’s only our nation’s newspaper of record! 

Proof of The Times Duplicity

Notice the embedded link to the “Sandy Hook Hoax facebook page”, which demonstrates that Tracy was not harassing the Pozners but the Pozners were stalking him! Since he and Venonique received more than $1,000,000 in donations from a sympathetic but gullible public, Lenny appears to be worried that, if the hoax were to become public, he may have to give the money back and might even be prosecuted for fraud. So he went after Tracy with a vengeance–which means that The Times has to know better because they linked to the page where Tracy lays it out:

Tracy makes the key point that perhaps the most important objective of the faculty at institutions of higher learning is the transmission of knowledge (what is known), which is expected to be true. What properly qualifies as “knowledge” has to be substantiated by relevant evidence and based upon the principles of logic. The most people believe something to be true does not make it true. In this case, the mountain of proof that has been adduced proving that Sandy was an elaborate hoax has simply been ignored by both Florida Atlantic and by The New York Times.

Notice that The Times had to go out of its way to avoid mentioning me or the book, NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK (2015). At the minimum, in a case like this (where repeating claims made against a specific party that are unwarranted and actually provably false), a newspaper of any degree of integrity would publish some of the reasons for his stance rather than taking for granted that they have a proper understanding. That a McKnight Professor Emeritus (who happens to be a former Marine Corps officer with many publications to his credit, where this is his 31st book) stands with him along with a dozen other contributors (including six Ph.D. college professors) makes the case against him overwhelmingly less plausible. So they simply leave it out!

These are such stunning facts about Noah Pozner that only someone who was out to deliberately suppress the evidence and disseminate false information could have resorted to such tactics. Tracy was doing his best to protect the public from scams, where not only has Noah “died twice” but the death certificate that Lenny gave to Kelley Watt turns out to be an obvious fabrication: it has no file number (the space is left blank) and the estimated time of death is 11 AM (when the shooting officially took place from 9:30-9:45 AM).  The bottom of the certificate appears to be authentic and bears signatures, including that of Wayne Carver. But it has been combined with a completely contrived upper portion.
The situation is complete disgusting. Here you have OUR NATION’S NEWSPAPER OF RECORD with a reporter who knows better (because she links to the page where she can read the reasons that James Tracy has given for his attempts to defend the public from fraud), but they are suppressed in order to defend the wrongful and unwarranted decision by FAU to terminate his position, when he should be applauded and promoted for his service to the public rather than punished and condemned. The United States has become a moral cesspool run by men of no integrity, who are paying the public for suckers and saps to promote their own agenda and undermine the Constitution of the United States.
Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus on the Duluth campus of the University of Minnesota.

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127 thoughts on “Proof that The New York Times publishes Sandy Hook disinformation and propaganda”

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  2. Apsterian
    "the other entries don't make sense?"
    When have any of your entries ever made sense.
    Bravo Moderator!! I couldn't stand wading through that #@#$ comments.
    See how I didn't cuss so I don't get moderated away?
    Maybe I can look forward to reading these comment sections again.

  3. One may only account for the sheer craziness of all this by concluding that the world of officialdom has finally slipped entirely over the edge of sheer lunacy. And I could not be happier. Been waiting patiently for a lot of years for it to come to a head (as boils do), since late Sixties when I AWOKE. I'm soooo happy that I saw it coming that I was glad to see it. Ha, ha, ha.

  4. Yes Godsend, the truth about ET visitation to this planet over the centuries is finally squeaking in to some TV shows like Ancient Aliens.
    But Carpenters film "They Live" is a work of FICTION. That means it is not real.
    Of course I know about Groom Lake, or area 51, and Majestic 12. Those are also real things.
    But Jeffrey Lash, who had late stage cancer when he died, may have been a government agent, but they did not come to collect his body, like he told his girlfriend they would do, because he was not a hybrid, that was a FICTIONAL story that he told, much like Carpenter's film.
    Dr. Greer has been able to produce documentation proving that Montalk has it partially right.
    There are TRUE things, like ET's, then there are FICTIONAL things like the stories about how they want our energies/adrenal secretions/gold/planet/meat/children/legos/fingernail clippings/artwork.
    You do not need anything that an amazonian tribesperson can produce, you have access to technology that is MORE ADVANCED.
    ET's with limitless energy devices, anti gravity, molecular synthesis devices and access to billions of planets and asteroids, inhabited and otherwise, do NOT NEED anything from you.
    That is a story told to frighten you and delay the inevitable birth of our species in to the sunshine and oxygen of a galactic family.
    So, GodSend, separating Truth and Fiction becomes very important. It is much more difficult for someone that believes the fiction presented by various "holy books" around the planet.
    ET's may be "walking among us." But there isn't anything we have that they could not take any time they want, just as you could go take anything from an amazonian tribesman, or a chimpanzee, if you really wanted.
    Greer is right. We are the danger, not ET's.
    Fun talking to you. I think.

  5. Ok Steve12, I'll bite.
    You say you are an operative, and your past comments thoroughly and viciously calling us Truth Seekers all sorts of vile names, while defending the horrible criminals and murderers; certainly supports that claim. You were completely vial for months.
    Now you say you are a "sympathetic" Mossad agent, with secret information about people on this blog, that you have threatened them with, which is so duplicitous it is frightening. You say you have "mixed feelings" about the ops you have engaged in. You were pretty effective, hijacking huge threads and sucking up good people's energy.
    I hate you utterly, for instance, sympathetic now or not. I am also now responding to you, taking up my time!
    But then…. you say that the "ops" may be necessary because of the anti semitism "here and in the world in general."
    But as an op, you know well that "anti-semitism" is a false flag construction by you and your handlers! The small percentage that actually hate "jews" is nothing compared to the psy operations that manufacture such drivel. Your people even pose as Al CIAduh and wear turbans and make fake videos! (Google Adam Pearlman)
    And the people that hate "jews" really hate a culture of usury and disdain for "goyim," not a race of people…
    AND… the people who control you are not semitic , they hijacked the jewish name, but are really Khazarians and not from the land of Palestine AT ALL!
    You say you are conflicted? You are the creator of conflict.
    You "don't like the lengths" you've had to go to?
    If you are now telling the truth, you are a murderer and a child rapist, or at least an accessory to those crimes.
    It doesn't matter which you really are, the old Steve12, accessory to murder and child rape, or the new Steve12, conflicted Mossad agent who reluctantly continues to peddle disinformation to counter the disinformation you created in the first place.
    You are a monster either way. It seems you are not appearing as much now that there is moderation. Since you claim to be paid for this work, perhaps that is because you are a perfect Khazarian Mobster, you don't give a shit about anything but money.
    Perhaps all your new found contrition is simply a way of squeezing a few more sheckles out of this blog before you go rape and murder another poor child in one of your bonding rituals: then blame it on shape shifting reptile aliens.
    Conflicted my ass. You're just a con. A very evil one, because you use a considerable intellect in service to that evil.

  6. AAA: Did you ever watch any of the ANCIENT ALIENS TV programs? Did you ever see Jim Carpenter's film: "THEY LIVE"? Did you ever watch the Jeff Rense interview of David M. Jacobs, PhD and author of "WALKING AMONG US"? (or read the book?). Did you ever visit the "Montalk" website? Have you ever heard of Area 51 in Roswell and "Majesty12", NM? Are you an Anonymous Activist Angel with wings? You sound like a leftover "peacenik" from the 1960s-1970s!

  7. If there were an elite group that wanted to divide and conquer the populace, in order to enslave them, they would create a psy op where people believed that other people were secretly shape shifting reptiles (or spiders, it was a coin toss). THis would make everyone suspicious of everyone else. Then they would claim the reptiles are the ones that abduct and molest children to cover up the pedophile crimes of them and their buddies. They would even dress up as reptiles when doing the molesting, in order to confuse and frighten the children in to submission.
    Then they would send people to websites to fill the comment sections with divisive, frightening rhetoric filled with CAPITOL letters, to spread fear and mistrust. They would also claim to be religious, but actually be using the religion as a cloak of authority and as a way of achieving non profit status.
    If there were such an elite, that is how they would operate.
    Funny, that's exactly what Dr. Greer says.

  8. Thanks Skies SS
    I grew up in Show Business in Los Angeles. I don't think anyone being gay makes them shady. Unless they are pretending to be a homophobic republican.
    If I were gay, I might be more inclined to work out as much as Dr. Greer obviously does. He is sixty and built like a truck. Good for him.
    I don't think someone's private sex life devalues their work. In fact some of the most effective and valuable people we have ever had on this planet were active in their private lives.
    Maybe if Dick Cheney's heart pills didn't keep him from getting it up, he might stop trying to f*ck the world.
    Nice chatting with you Skies. See you on the next article!
    Sorry moderator, I actually think this is on topic…

  9. "What if Dr. Greer and his 550 witnesses and thousands of documents are right, and you and the current translation of the bible are wrong?"

    NOT A CHANCE! Would God Send a liar to humanity?! The truth most of us can't handle is that THEY are WALKING AMONG US, that THEY look just like us – BUT AIN'T and that THEY think of us as "Cattle" (Talmud)!

  10. With regard to Dr. Steven Greer – and mind you this is a totally separate subject – I feel it necessary to tell you that Bill Ryan of Project Avalon/Camelot had discovered years ago that Greer is a shady character.

    They found a rather disturbing profile. Although I can't remember which website now, I'm sure you can put some keywords in Google to find it – where Greer has a picture of himself shirtless, going by the name "MuscleWolf" or something like that and apparently putting himself out there for gay sex.

    While there's great truth to the UFO subject I'm afraid Dr. Greer is one of many untrustworthy characters.

    I apologize if this upsets you but I felt it necessary to inform you of what I know on this.


  11. I'll weigh in on this one. Steve12, if it is the same person, no way to know, has over many months hijacked conversations and lied repeatedly about Dr. Fetzer. Now he claims he is an operative who is "conflicted" about us and our "anti-semitism" …alleging he has second thoughts about his operative status. He has often threatened people, claiming he is "ZOG" with connections that have and will murder people.
    I don't care whether his current allegations are true, he has proven to be a genuine monster, and seems to be using a considerable intellect and facility at subterfuge in service of evil.
    And I don't even believe in evil. That's how strongly I feel.

  12. Godsend, you obviously believe in negative energy sucking reptoid aliens with a singular passion.
    What if Dr. Greer and his 550 witnesses and thousands of documents are right, and you and the current translation of the bible are wrong?
    Wouldn't it be a shame to keep shooting at beings who are advanced spiritually as well as technologically?
    They might be hoping to help, once we can "handle the truth."

  13. posted to the Chronicle for Higher Education hit piece on professor Dr. James Tracy, Ph.D. by Keven Carey.
    Here is part of the Wikipedia entry for Mr. Kevin Carey born Oct. 6, 1970 at Santa Barbara, California:
    “Carey was born in Santa Barbara, California.[1] He obtained a bachelor’s degree in political science from Binghamton University in 1992, and a Masters in Public Administration degree from The Ohio State University in 1995.[13][14]
    He lives with his wife and daughter in Washington, D.C.[2]”
    Here is a suggestion for Mr. Carey. Retract this worthless hit piece on professor Dr. James Tracy, Ph.D.. Do some real investigation of the facts yourself and especially read the only banned book which challenges the official lies about the massive Sandy Hook Hoax on America December 14, 2012: “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook” by professor Dr. James H. Fetzer, Ph.D., professor Dr. James F. Tracy, Ph.D. et al. This book was for sale for about a month on Amazon.Com for about $16.00, received mostly 5 star reviews from those who actually read the book, and sold about 500 copies before it was removed from the shelves about Dec. 1, 2015 without explanation. Nineteen other books which blindly took the sympathy party line about this incident were not banned however. The authors then decided to make this 486 page book available for free to all interested readers around the world. You can download your free copy here If you are really interested in the truth, Mr. Carey, as you claim, read the scientific evidence and facts of this book before you make insulting comments toward the only professor at Florida Atlantic University, out of about 1000, evidently with the guts and gumption and intelligence to seek the truth. Mr. Carey, you have it backwards: It is Florida Atlantic University which must be fired from its failure to instill the concepts of critical thinking, scientific analysis and the scientific method and the rules of logic in students, faculty and administrators alike.
    Mr. Kevin Carey blindly accepted the official government lies about this massive hoax on America without question and couldn’t even get them right. It looks like he has problems with understanding the scientific method and rules of scholarship and research, not the person he seeks to criticize, professor Dr. James F. Tracy, Ph.D. Don’t expect any apologies from this worthless piece of propaganda garbage publication The Chronicle of Higher Education which should change its name to The Chronicle of Lower Education and Brainwashing. It is little more than a propaganda mouthpiece for many of the current crop of institutions of lower education and brainwashing in the United States today. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  14. Skies SS
    I think you are on to something. There is a lot of misdirection going on these days. Yelling about "Obama" is really looking at one of their levers, not the puppeteers.
    In my show with Kevin Barrett last week, I pointed out that Veterans Today focuses almost exclusively on foreign information. It almost never mentions anything domestic that a brave veteran could stand up for, like phony voting machines, geoengineering, poisonous vaccines, and the false flags. I believe Jim Fetzer was fired because of his good info on stuff going on right here at home, not off in Turkey, Syria and Israel.
    Also VT never, ever, EVER talks about solutions such as hidden energy, new food growing technologies, paper ballots or alternative currencies, it's all fear porn. They also have only one guy talking a lot about our galactic family, and he only paints them as Biblical Demons of Satan. Exactly one of the psy ops that Stephen Greer in his Nov. 21 2015 expose said the cabal wants to promote.
    This whole thing is compartmentalized and everyone is being directed in different directions. It's fun to have thoughtful people talking together here without Aspertame constantly throwing his ho ho's and vitriol. I hope it lasts.

  15. Wow! What fascinating information and speculation. Thank you for contributing!!! It sure made me think.
    I think it's important to remember the role that blackmail plays in all of this. They may have enough goods on enough people to get them to look the other way when they need to. Plus they may be being manipulated as far as disclosure is concerned. If some psy op shows them an anti grav craft and then tells them that our "space friends" would love to help but are afraid of getting shot, it might go a long way toward convincing them that it's time to get rid of guns.
    Also this was a huge op for big pharma, with their health screenings and medicating (addicting) kids earlier.
    What did you mean about the crybabies whose reviews were "deleted for failing to follow the rules of Amazon?" Some of the one stars who hadn't read it?

    Really interesting post. Thanks.

  16. . Despite a Nobel Peace Prize he did not deserve, he has authorized wars around the planet causing enormous death and suffering of innocent peoples all over the world. We continue to aid that suffering by providing many billions of dollars in cash and weapons of mass destruction to other countries. He is an unindicted war criminal. He does not appear to possess a conscience and may not even be human. He acts more like a robot than a true human being. This is what happens when one is judged not on the quality of his character, because he has none, but politically correctly on the color of his skin. Anyone who observes him today, and observed him as a junior Senator from Illinois could see he was a pathological liar then and now. No one wants to call him on his lies because of the color of his skin. He is neither black nor white, but a mulatto. This is what gives him a pass at lying and cheating. This is what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. warned us against. “Judge a man on the quality of his character, not the color of his skin.” Obama has no, zero character. He is a master liar, cheater and con artist. He is not a legitimate president of our country but no court has agreed to adjudicate the issues. Congress could and should have convicted him long ago but sold all America out for the same reasons. Political correctness has poisoned America today.

  17. Our so called president is a pathological liar. In contrast to almost all other presidents, virtually everything about his history is a carefully guarded secret. The birth certificate he once produced has been shown by experts to be a fraud and forgery. If you or I did that, we would be jailed. He has been using a social security number of a dead person from the State of Connecticut. Many records about him have vanished from government archives. His college records where he allegedly went to school, and allegedly graduated, from Occidental College at Pasadena, California, to Columbia University at New York, to other alleged schools, are all a carefully guarded secret. None of his grades or papers written are available to the public. Applications for student loans and assistance are all secret. Every effort to challenge his qualifications to be president both before inauguration and after, were dismissed by every court on technicalities without discussing any issues. He claimed to have the most open administration but the facts show it is the most secret. Enormous delays and redactions and charges accompany all Freedom of Information Act Requests. He has wasted enormous amounts of money from the corrupt Obamacare to foolish decadent trips to Hawaii, weekly flights to California by Leon Panetta, all wasting enormous amounts of fuel and money and adding to global warming which they so vigorously oppose but hypocritically ignore with their own selfish actions.

  18. AA: LOTS of NSE is generated every Sunday in the MEGA-temples of CUFI {Christians United For Israel} pastors like John Hagee, Joel Osteen, Pat Robertson, Len Solomon, Chas. Stanley and MANY other lovers of Israeli Zionist Slimeball AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE of SATAN!

  19. AA: The ALIENS have CULTivated the human race like a crop which regularly yields plentiful harvests for their feeding frenzies on the NSE which THEY generate in us and then suck it up through Orifices (temples, libraries, government buildings [Capitol, the Fed, etc.]. The Vatican is one of their BIG Orifices. These are all places where IDOL WORSHIP takes place. The human race is FOOD for the ALIENS – some of which are other-dimensional! ["powers and principalities of DARKNESS in the heavenlies"].

  20. "His disingenuous comment that he was only "acknowledging" that he had information, rather than threatening to divulge it"

    You characterization as "threat" is wrong. Allan doubted me, and I offered to prove my authenticity by giving him some clues that I know things I couldn't know any other way. That's not a threat.

    Ask yourself this: did Allan apologize? No. Did I divulge the info? No.

    Some threat!

    If you read the back and forth carefully, you'll see that Allan indeed acknowledges that these "hints" are actually correct. In fact, I gave Allan an answer re: the situation I was alluding to (re: our involvement) w/o every divulging a single fact.

    Also remember this: Allan is indeed a man of integrity, and HE is the one who said I was an op in the first place.

    Re: my behavior prior to divulging that I am indeed an op, I think it's clear what my initial purpose was here; once I divulged the truth I've been nothing but respectful. What you call "threats" are attempts to provide authenticity

    But if you want to ban me, I understand. You should be skeptical of what I'm saying.

    Y. 99983.

  21. Obviously Jeff Bezos had to have been involved in taking the book off Amazon – I don't dispute that. And Jay Carney as VP might have had a hand in influencing that decision. He is after all a democratic operative and a former Obama staffer so I do think he possessed motive for taking the book down.

    But that is a seperate issue from the question of who specifically was the architect of the hoax known as Sandy Hook.

    We are talking about whether Obama specifically gave the order to fake Sandy Hook. In my view there simply isn't sufficient evidence to draw that conclusion.

    On the other hand all the evidence shows the DHS were behind it. The evidence of that is clear as daylight. It would seem FEMA conduct the drills at the behest of DHS, while the FBI – with their wide ranging contacts in the media – act as the mouthpiece in disseminating the false stories.

    How do you know President Obama must have been aware and complicit? Are you so certain agencies like the DHS/FBI can't keep certain covert operations and special projects secret enough to be above the President's clearance level?

    Heck, even Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter tried to find out the truth about UFO's, who killed JFK, etc, and they were stonewalled. Even as it pertained to 50 year old issues, apparently their clearance wasn't high enough.

    In reality U.S. Presidents function only as temporary representatives of the government. Just because it's easier to scapegoat the President doesn't make it true.

    The deep state is to blame here. I would point to Jeh Johnson of the DHS and Director Comey of the FBI. They certainly know what's going on.

    In the above thread, "Steve12" claims he is an "op" and that his threat toward Dreadnought was to "simply let him know that Mossad is watching his activities."
    Before I bother Jim with this troubling "admission" I would like to solicit responses and comments.
    Allan Powell is a highly respected, hard working and knowledgable truth seeker who has shown over and over again that he is of the highest integrity. His comment was only deleted because it was part of a dialogue which received complaints in which he was goaded in to an insult. If he really wished his comment restored, he has but to ask. He has earned any respect and consideration he can be given.
    In my time consuming assessments of past articles and their comments, "Steve12" has not shown any level of respect for others, or pursuit of the real truth. His "fights" have been nothing but irrelevant and often inappropriate distractions.
    I would like to hear from any participants who know the situation better what they know about "Steve12" and how they suggest the situation be dealt with.
    His disingenuous comment that he was only "acknowledging" that he had information, rather than threatening to divulge it, which was the case, has the scales currently tipped against his favor.
    Looking forward to input and counsel,
    The Moderator

  23. You think we need advanced ET races to generate war, violence, hate, envy, lust, idol worship, etc? They have free energy and life extension, by your own admission. What need would they have to generate those things?

  24. It is for these reasons, that I believe the claims of the above poster that Obama was like an innocent “green behind the ears kid” regarding the Sandy Hook Hoax, is just not believable or likely when all the above facts and information are considered together. Obama, Biden and Holder were and are up to their eyeballs in this terrorist attack on America. You can bet on it. So is Jay Carney who graduated from Yale University located in New Haven, Corrupticut, the totally corrupt State of the Union where all the criminal activity has been and is taking place obstructing any and all efforts by many courageous people and investigators, excluding the lying, cheating media, to discover the truth of the matter instead of all the mountain of government lies about it. Mr. Carney also likely has much inside knowledge about the hanky panky surrounding 9/11/01 as well, since he was one of the few reporters on the plane with lying cheater Bush. Is it just an “accident” or “coincidence” that Holder was not down in Corrupticut bringing charges against all the Mafia Criminals in that State government? Do you believe he does not know about all this criminal conduct by government even today? Do you believe in the tooth fairy? There is rarely 100% proof of anything. But one must draw conclusions based on the preponderance of the evidence based on the laws of physics and the most likely scenario of events. That is the best one can do. End of comment to SkiesSS

  25. However, it is unlikely Jeff Bezos paid any attention to this book until he likely heard from some of the cry babies whose reviews were deleted for failing to follow the rules of Amazon. He may then have called Mr. Carney and asked him to look into the matter. At this point he may not fully have realized the impact this book could have on our government crimes in this matter. It is unlikely Mr. Bezos had even read it, and may not have read it to this day. Who knows?
    Now let us turn to Mr. Carney. This is likely quite a different story. It is very likely Mr. Carney had and now has much insider information about the many crimes of the government regarding the evil and criminal Sandy Hook Hoax to promote the gun control agenda of the Obama Administration. It is very likely he read the book as soon as Mr. Bezos called it to his attention. This then sent alarm bells off in his head. My guess is that while he would have had the power to ban the book on his own authority, and Mr. Bezos would have supported him in doing so, because he had been there only just over six months, he called Bezos and discussed generally how this book would word to defeat the gun control agenda but carefully avoiding any mention of government complicity in these crimes. It likely was not difficult to elicit quick agreement by a very busy CEO Jeff Bezos to ban “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook” by professor Dr. James Fetzer, Ph.D. and professor Dr. James Tracy, Ph.D., et al, without disclosing all the many sordid details which Mr. Carney likely has knowledge of regarding the names of the criminals who planned and carried out this evil criminal act on all Americans that fateful day December 14, 2012.

  26. Therefore it is very likely he knew, and therefore Carney knew as well, the details of his involvement. This was basically a terrorist event carried out by our government against its citizens, a criminal act. It is highly unlikely any agency head would proceed with such a monstrous, evil plot without authorization at the presidential level. Therefore, I believe the evidence indicates premeditation of this event by Holder and Obama and Biden as well as the book and other articles by Jim Fetzer suggest. I also believe therefore that Jay Carney, as a close insider to them, also know and was aware of this government crime against America.
    Now let us move on to the period Jay Carney has been at Amazon working for Jeff Bezos, who, by the way, also purchased The Washington Post in September, 2013 for $250 Million in cash. The Washington Post was once the premiere investigative newspaper in the country and published the Watergate saga and the Pentagon Papers saga among others. Carney has been with Amazon since March 2, 2015. So, not only was he the press secretary to Obama during the implementation of the Sandy Hook Hoax in December, 2012, he was a top executive with Amazon.Com during the period when the only one of about 20 books published on Sandy Hook, which opposed the official party line, “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook” became for sale at Amazon.Com near the end of October, 2015, and remained for sale, having sold about 500 copies at a price of about $16.00 and sustained mostly 5 star reviews from those who actually read the book. But by December 1, 2015, or earlier, the book was banned by Amazon and removed from sale. Who was responsible for this act? Jay Carney? Jeff Bezos? Others? Who knows?

  27. Observe that Carney served as Obama Press Secretary from about a year before and a little over a year after the Sandy Hook Hoax event on December 14, 2012. The press corps was very hard on him for lack of transparency as promised by Obama before taking office.
    Also observe his connections to the corrupt State of Connecticut (Corrupticut) via Yale University which also produced the Clintons and Bushes, and long associations with the orthodox prejudiced powerful media, especially TIME magazine.
    “He has written and reported about the presidency of George W. Bush, and was one of a handful of reporters who were aboard Air Force One with President Bush on September 11, 2001.[4] Carney later won the 2003 Gerald R. Ford Prize for Distinguished Reporting on the Presidency.”
    Whatever Obama’s role was in the planning of Sandy Hook, if any , I think it is a fair assumption to assume Jay Carney knew about it and knows about it today. He also worked for Biden. He must know both of them are strong advocates of gun control. He must also know that Holder was a strong advocate of gun control also. Even if Obama was not in on the planning of Sandy Hook, he clearly possessed the gun control attitude before it was implemented.

  28. Mr / Ms. Moderator:
    I do not agree with you judgment on this matter. I DID NOT divulge this information. Is there no distinction between acknowledging that one has information and divulging it?

    Allan was questioning the veracity of my claims (despite his accusing me of being an op from the get go, which of course he was correct about) and I simply let him know that Mossad is watching his activities.

    Nothing was divulged though!

    That said, I respect and will abide by your decision.

    Y. 99983.

  29. Response to Skies SS above in about 6 parts:
    Information from the above link:
    James “Jay” Carney was born May 22, 1965. Next May 22, 2016 he will be age 51.
    Raised in Northern Virginia. High School Lawrenceville, New Jersey, an elitist, expensive prep school.
    A.B., Yale University, New Haven, CT, 1987, Russian and Eastern European Studies.
    1987-1990 Miami Herald
    1990-2008 TIME Magazine
    Dec.15, 2008-Jan. 27, 2011 Director Communications. Vice President Biden
    Jan. 27, 2011-May 30, 2014 White House Press Secretary for President Obama
    Sept. 2014-Feb. 2015 CNN
    “On March 2, 2015, Carney began working for Amazon as the senior vice president of Worldwide Corporate Affairs” He reports directly to Jeffrey P. Bezos, owner and founder of Amazon.Com

  30. I've tried to explain, but I don't blame you if you don't believe me. I'm sympathetic to your cause. I don't like the lengths that we've had to go to. These ops leave me with very mixed feelings.

    That said, I'm also a bit frightened about the anti-semitism here and in the world in general. Maybe in light of this these ops are necessary?

    So you see, I'm conflicted.

  31. Skies, I have been thinking along the same lines for a while.
    The "President" lives in such a bubble, spoon fed information, surrounded by sycophants. It's not like he reads Jim's blog…
    There is a lot suspicious, but he only has so many hours in a day. The cabal is perfectly capable of fooling him and most of his staff, and I'll bet any on his staff who are clued in know well enough not to say a word.
    I sure would like to know the truth!
    Even knowing what I know, how would I handle the presidency? Could I navigate the strange waters and stay alive while trying to do what good I could?
    I also don't believe that there is no difference. A Romney presidency would be handing our entire country off to the war machine and bankers without even thinking twice about the "little people."
    Nice comment

  32. If there is one thing I disagree about Sandy Hook and other media hoaxes, it's that I don't really think President Obama is the one giving the orders. I somehow doubt he is even aware of these incidents being contrived, much less the architect.

    While there are a lot of valid criticisms of the Obama administration as a whole, I think the totality of evidence points clearly at the DHS/FBI having their covert agenda and not President Obama per se. Aside from his gun control agenda which in truth pretty much all the Democrats share in common.

    I mean take San Bernardino for instance. Why would President Obama order the faking of an islamic terror incident when half his countrymen already accuse him of being a secret muslim working for the muslim brotherhood? As a politician, it seems unlikely he would deliberately try to hurt himself politically in such a way.

    Granted, it was suspicious when Obama seemed to be wiping away non-existent tears on the day Sandy Hook happened, but three years later he's crying his eyes out? Perhaps, assuming he's at all genuine, it's the cumulative effect of being informed by his staffers time & again "Mr President, sir, there's been yet another shooting".

    I will admit it's all rather odd, but I'm not sure his crying or not crying constitutes hard evidence Obama is masterminding these hoaxes himself. And surely can't be held responsible for events that didn't even happen under his watch like 9/11, or the recent Paris hoax.

    These incidents have been going on a lot longer than Obama's eight years in office.

  33. Great David. I just love a good discussion/debate.
    I am bursting with happiness over this new turn of events. I used to dread coming to the comments section here because of the lunacy. I especially love comments too, and as everyone knows I am a huge James Fetzer fan.
    I will stay tuned!

  34. Activist Angel
    your comment was not quite crossing the line, and was humorous, but please do try and be more in that "spirit" in the future.
    After spending hours going through past comments to clean them up, I can sympathize with your feelings toward him.
    I would recommend you do not provoke Apsterian/Dennis Chamberlain at all. He seems completely unstable and perhaps dangerous.
    Also this is not the first thread where Stevie12 has issued veiled threats.
    I will be working closely with Jim to further make this a safe and valuable space.
    Nice TV shows, by the way.

  35. AA: "We don't have free energy or free chocolates because we have free will."

    You must be related to Casey Stengel! FREE energy, FREE Godiva chocolates and FREE will are NOT mutually exclusive. If the ALIENS were "good" guys, THEY would let us have ALL of the above – and A LOT MORE! (400+ years youthful lifespan – without looking like Yoda). Visit the "Montalk" website and learn a few things about ALIENS and what's REALLY happening on planet Earth! (nevertheless, there are NO "good" ALIENS, no matter what "evidence" Stevie has dreamed up or what's published on the "Montalk" website! Anyone who promotes "good" ALIENS, promotes the (Sinister) ALIEN AGENDA!

    If THEY put us all in "terror pits", the human race would die out in no time! THEY have been generating (instigating wars, violence, hate, envy, lust, idol worship, etc.) NSE for thousands of years and sucking it up for breakfast, lunch, dinner and the occasional midnight snack!

  36. OK, Godsend, I really appreciate your passion. Let's assume that your motivation is not to poison Jim through guilt by association, and you really believe this non-non-violent revolution business.
    Who leads it? Where does it start? Do you have military leadership training? How do you battle such a heavily armed opponent? Do you get foreign help? Do you start with one city, or a multi pronged attack? How do you coordinate without being immediately scooped up?
    You get my point, Godsend.
    Our only hope is to realize that the real war is with the banksters who fund all the violence. We take their power with a decentralized, leaderless movement to create our own local energy, grow our own local food, set up our own local peer to peer networks for communication, and establish local debt free currency.
    That is where the real power, and the real joy of real revolution lies.

  37. Hey stevie12,
    Why would you put the kabosh on a lawsuit when you have repeatedly attacked Dr. Tracy, derided Dr. Fetzer, and defended FAU and the official Bullspit story?
    Dr. Abbe and Allan are right, and you are very wrong. But why would you spend your valuable time telling us how foolish it would be?
    Wouldn't you WANT us to waste our time so that your overlords can drain our resources and give you extra owl droppings?

  38. Stevie12 and Dreadnought.
    Due to name calling and threats, an argument thread between the two of you has been deleted.
    Please be warned that repeated violations of strictures will be met by deletion of all your comments in a post. We also ask that you refrain from personal arguments that are not relevant. Perhaps you can get a virtual room and carry on your personal business there.
    This forum is seeking to be a professional and respectful place for comment and dialogue.
    Thank you,
    The Moderator

    "Stevie12" is threatening to "expose personal information" about Dreadnought. Could we have personal threats added to the list of things we no longer have to wade through to get to thoughtful and decent people? Please?

  40. False Flag, I agree with you completely. The courts may be the only place we have hope. You notice the "pozners" don't dare take their case there.
    Further proof is that Stoogie12 thinks it won't work and discourages it. That alone would inspire me to try.

  41. Welcome to the forum, Gangstalking.
    It's great to sign on and find someone posting information instead of invective, we had a problem with that.
    My question is, the evidence of media complicity is so utterly overwhelming, what do we do with it? If I hear one more person say, "we have to wake up" without specifics, I'm going to go nuts!
    I took a picture of the poor idiots in line for the "lottery" yesterday, and really felt despair for my countrymen. But, Fox news did tell them to "buy as many tickets as they could afford" to increase their chances!!

  42. Who Controls the N.Y. Times?

    Tapes Depict Proposal to Thwart Bomb Used in Trade Center Blast:
    Published: October 28, 1993:

    Retracted the NEXT DAY:

    Correction: October 29, 1993, Friday An article yesterday about accounts of a plot to build a bomb that was eventually exploded at the World Trade Center referred imprecisely in some copies to what Federal officials knew about the plan before the blast. Transcripts of tapes made secretly by an informant, Emad A. Salem, quote him as saying he warned the Government that a bomb was being built. But the transcripts do not make clear the extent to which the Federal authorities knew that the target was the World Trade Center.


  43. When one takes all statements by Obama together, they indicate he has a clear evil goal of destruction of America by the end of his second term. I believe the Sandy Hook Hoax was the principal terrorist act against all Americans to reach that goal of destruction of our country as we know her. All those good Americans who oppose this goal have less than 12 months to reverse this carnage to our country by the criminal illegal alien in charge. The clock is ticking. Holder is not making big money. How many billions do you suppose Obama has stashed in secret accounts all over the world? He behaves much more like a paid robot than an real human being doesn't he?

  44. The massive hoax at Sandy Hook School, Newtown, Corrupticut, December 14, 2012, is the LINE IN THE SAND, which must not be crossed. All Americans must be reconvinced of the massive government lies on this terrorist act by government against its own citizens. It is clear the powers that be realize the existence of this line. This is why they are pulling out all the stops even enlisting aid from the Hollywood Perverts, the biggest liars after lawyers and Media to help them fool duped Americans. It is the job of everyone interested in truth and saving our country, to pull out all the stops to convince all Americans of this massive government lie that fateful day. This single effort could be the difference between the survival of our country. They realize this and obviously don't care what evil ends they pursue to reach those evil ends and destroy America forever. This is far greater than gun control. This is the Maginot Line of 2016.


    “White House Emailed Celebs ‘Talking Points’ to Tweet in Support of Obama’s Gun Control”
    Quote from the above article:
    Following President Obama’s January 5 executive gun control announcement, the White House emailed “talking points” to celebrities which they, in turn, tweeted out in support of the new controls.
    According to Fox News, the email said, “Below you have: short and long-term action steps, more info on POTUS’s actions, highlights from YOUR Tweets thus far (thank you!), and draft Tweets for you to build from if helpful.” It also encouraged them to use the hashtag “#StopGunViolence” and make ““make sure everyone… knows you have the President’s back.”
    The email was sent by the White House Office of Public Engagement.
    Here are some of the tweets the email suggested celebrities might want to send:
    @POTUS is taking new commonsense steps to help #StopGunViolence.
    @POTUS is taking steps to keep guns out of the wrong hands through background checks.
    FACT: Each year, more than 30,000 American lives are cut short by guns. It’s time to #StopGunViolence.
    FACT: Guns now kill as many people as cars in almost half of the U.S. It’s time to #StopGunViolence.
    @POTUS is strengthening our background check system.
    Fox News reports that actors Ashton Kutchner and Mark Ruffalo tweeted one of the suggested messages word-for-word.
    Actor Mark Ruffalo tweeted the message, including the hashtag.
    A White House spokesperson said:
    We involve creative types/athletes in just about every issue and this is one that so many people are passionate about. Yes, we want to meet people where they are so we ask celebs what issues they are interested in… All of this gets the message out further to a broad number of people which is always helpful.
    All this is why these despicable scoundrels are fighting so hard to bury anyone seeking to expose the truth about the criminal Sandy Hook Hoax at Newtown, Corrupticut, Dec. 14, 2012.

    Quote from above article:
    “Clinton’s campaign announced the endorsement in a statement to the Associated Press. Holder served President Barack Obama for five years in his position. “Our next president can’t shy away from building on the progress of President Obama,” according to his statement, “which is why Hillary Clinton is the candidate that we need in the White House.”
    He’ll also reportedly hit the campaign trail on her behalf. “
    There is evidence (see "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook" by Jim Fetzer, et al) Eric Holder is a government criminal who has been a part of the plan to use terrorism against Americans to promote the illegal gun control agenda. He has now been rewarded by the Wall Street criminals with a plum job at an obscenely high salary far more than he could be worth. He and Obama, who evidently premeditated the Sandy Hook Hoax, in Newtown, Corrupticut, should both be sitting in a jail cell for life, not running around poisoning the world protected by Secret Service thugs paid for by us lowly taxpayers. Just imagine the hypocrisy of all this if you can: Here is the former US. Attorney General coming out in support of one of the biggest liars and con artists produced by Yale University Law School in New Haven, Corrupticut, who has been selling U.S. interests for government favors along with her lying lawyer rapist husband. Obviously America is in deep expletives deleted. All Secret Service protection for all current presidents and former presidents should be immediately abolished by Congress and all funding for it must be immediately stopped.

    'American people know a liar when they see one'


    I urge professors Tracy and Fetzer to challenge Wayne LaPierre of the NRA to debate why he has been so silent about the false flag to promote gun control; namely the Sandy Hook Hoax and ask him if he has read the free book "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook"?

    A Caltech astrophysics 'rising star' professor allegedly fell in love with his student and then fired her
    Quote from above article:
    “Tenured at 37 years old, Christian Ott was a rising astrophysics professor at the California Institute of Technology, BuzzFeed News reported.
    In September, he was placed on unpaid leave for "unambiguous gender-based harassment" and restricted from stepping foot on campus until the suspension is up in July.
    Caltech remains tight-lipped about the incident, noting only that a faculty member was suspended but not identifying Ott by name.
    But the BuzzFeed investigation, published Tuesday, shone a light on the scandal and identified the two female graduate students who worked under Ott and brought the harassment complaint to Caltech's Title IX office.”
    Observe how the media did an investigation into these sexual harassment allegations, but did zero investigation into the allegations against professor James Tracy, which dealt with prejudiced media views of his research. It is this Cal Tech professor who was given a slap on the wrist but, if the allegations are true, should be fired, whereas professor Tracy was fired for doing the job he was hired and educated to a high level to do. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  49. Yes, Godsend. Almost 4 hours. His quality of research and verification is worth it.
    We don't have free energy or free chocolates because we have free will.
    There is no such thing as NSE to be "sucked out." There is Love and One consciousness that the Universe is made of.
    Why do we need to be lulled in to complacency? If NSE is what "they" wanted, what's to stop them just enslaving us in terror pits?
    It doesn't make sense. Godsend, and the finest researcher in the world, Dr. Stephen Greer, has the witnesses and documents to prove it.
    Blessings, thanks for talking.

  50. Wow anonymous, Apsterian is this Chamberlain fellow? Any chance of telling us how you know or found out? Thanks for the information. I believe he has been threatening and am glad to have this identification as protection. Stick with us, Jim is making a difference.

  51. Thanks David. I looked at the blog, (I hope you mean the one from Canada), and it had some good stuff. In the January 10 rant, I would like to hear if they are experiencing the same aluminum plane geoengineering we are. It was a bit heavy on the "jew" thing, when the bad guys are not really "jewish" they are hiding behind it like the bad guys in the US hide behind Christianity. It's important to use the right verbiage. Jews are in as much danger from these lying money changers as everyone.

  52. AA: Read David M. Jacobs' book: "WALKING AMONG US" or listen to his Rense interview! If THEY were "good" why would THEY genetically re-engineer a race of Hybrid, Humanoid, Reptilian ALIENS – like Jeffrey Lash?! The CUNNING CRITTERS want to possess planet Earth – probably the most beautiful planet in the entire Universe! (if God can be believed!)

  53. AA: Almost 4 hours! – are you kidding?! Have a look at The bottom line is that ALIENS are of SATANIC origin and nature! The "good" ones are just lulling us into complacency – before THEY suck out our NSE (Negative Spiritual Energy), brains and precious bodily fluids! If THEY were "good", we would already have unlimited FREE energy, a lifespan of about 400 years (at least) and all the Godiva chocolates (FREE) we could possibly eat! Not only that, but we could teleport ourselves to any place on Earth in a minute or so (FREE, of course)!

  54. A few more comments to above CBS article. Note CBS reporters did not ask any questions or do any investigation.


    thelowdown > xthorgoldx • 2 years ago

    Jonathan was arrested for asking questions, not threats, they're a bunch of corrupt a**** s trying to shut down those who ask questions about their conflicting stories. I heard the tape of Jonathan's call to Carver, there was NO THREAT said or implied. He simply asked questions. Logical ones. His arrest is ludicrous! THis is as close to a POLICE STATE as we'll get w/out Ovomit announcing martial law.

    5 △ ▽


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    mo up in the northeast > thelowdown • 2 years ago

    thank you. $50,000 bond is unheard of. Even a New London Day reporter said so.

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    thelowdown > mo up in the northeast • 2 years ago

    Unbelievable. smdh. At least they did have a 'formal charge' (even tho it's fraudulent) for his "Indefinite Dentention" and are allowing him legal counsel & a trial, altho we know in Obama's NWO Americans won't be privvy to such unnecessary niceties.

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    mo up in the northeast > thelowdown • 2 years ago

    That Great Sign Caper- theft of sign from SH playground in Mystic was bogus, too. Are you familiar with that? Coincided with Wolfgang Halbig's Board of meeting attendance in Newtown.

  55. Here is one of the 47 comments to the above article:
    o “mo up in the northeast V S • 2 years ago “
    “sandyhookjustice on fb is raising money for Jonathan's legal defense.Please check out that page. Incidentally Corrupticut did NOT want their boy, Wayne Carver questioned. In 2011, Ct wanted to cut back on Carver staff, and Carver threatened to quit. To appease him, they passed a law that says no juvenile autopsies are to be released to the public. Raises questions: Why wouldn't Ct. just let the jerk quit? What kind of dirt does Carver have on "officials?" Is Carver trying to hide horrors like SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) or molestation as the manner of death in a child? NO logical reason that they would exempt him from responsibility in this manner. I don't even know if the creep has retired. And SH : was a hoax- I've researched it until my eyes are computer-bleary. The hassle that Wolfgang Halbig has endured in the simple pursuit of truth is unreal. Another man confided in me he did 56 days in jail, had his apt. ransacked, and got evicted, because he too, (knowing Newtown from the 1930's was too vocal, etc. ) Horrendous treatment of very average people who only want the myriad questions about Sandy Hook, answered. Big money donated, too, have heard as much as 1/2 a billion dollars- for which we see what? 26 playgrounds? Rest is going into "pensions" imo- police are colluding like mad, and the whole thing is horrible, all-pervasive, and stomach turning.”

    CBS Report May 20, 2013
    Here is a quote of the above report:
    “A New York man has been arrested and charged with making threats to state officials.
    Avon police arrested 22-year-old Jonathan Reich of Flushing, NY early Monday afternoon on charges of harassment in the second degree.
    Reich’s charge comes as the result of an initial complaint received by the Avon Police Department on February 1.
    After investigation, Reich was suspected of making threatening phone calls to two Connecticut state officials, as well as to certain families affected by the Sandy Hook tradegy. The calls were believed to be in reaction to the investigation into the events of last December.
    The court has set Reich’s bond at $50,000. He is scheduled to appear for trial in community court on June 5.”

    It has been reported that Jonathan Reich used the name Scott Walker. The above link contains a video which appears to be a recording of his alleged telephone conversation with the secretary to medical examiner Wayne Carver. He is strong but polite and is simply asking questions which any good reporter should have asked long ago about the many anomalies regarding the discrepancies between the claims of Carver ion his famous news conference and the claims of the posners regarding the autopsy or non autopsy of Noah. Other questions are also asked. This is not a threatening telephone call. Everyone should download the above video onto a flash drive because it could be removed at any time. It is also reported elsewhere that Reich's father is himself a lawyer in NY. Evidently the State of Connecticut is illegally using its military police powers to instill fear in anyone who questions their many lies about Sandy Hook. The deafening silence of the so called "legal profession" is absolutely stunning and reprehensible in this case. What kind of despicable people are these anyway, allowing this U.S. Citizen, who only asked rude questions, to have his case extended many times without proper explanation. His treatment by the corrupt authorities in Connecticut is reprehensible, an obscenity to so called "justice" in America today.

    Sandy Hook Justice Report Episode 6
    January 9, 2016
    Listen to the above recent report by Wolfgang Halbig. Also read the disturbing article posted by Andrea K. Mitchell describing the massive corruption in the so called Justice System in the corrupt State of Connecticut regarding the arrest and illegal detainment of Johnathan Reich, who has now been held for over three years with outrageous bail on a simple misdemeanor charge, all based on what appears to be a phony claim by the goofy medical examiner Wayne Carver. No lawyer has even offered Jonathan any help. Where are the Southern Poverty Law Center lawyers? Where are all the civil rights attorneys? This state is raping all the principles of so called justice and no one is stepping up to speak up or do any thing to aid this defendant. Everything is being kept a carefully guarded secret by the full military force and power of the State just like it was in Sandy Hook itself. Americans must wake up and soon. If this can happen to him it can happen to anyone.

  59. Hi Anonymous, you know who Apsterian is? Dennis someone? I think it would be valuable to know more if you are willing. He has been the main reason I have stayed off this forum and missed out on talking to reasonable Jim Fetzer fan's (or reasonable not-fans) for the last year. I would like to think I helped Jim decide to moderate and that I might hear more from people like you.
    Nov. 27 I especially tried to reason with him, even praise him, and then decided he was a very sophisticated and deranged operative attached to Jim.

  60. Moderators note:
    After reading comments, I have deleted the thread where I replied to Apsterian. His comments have been removed from this post because of repeated foul language, even after being warned. I will not grace his comments with any replies, as that seemed to feed him somehow, he got worse.
    In the interest of free speech, we welcome him back in the next post should he care to contribute in a civilized way. He has exhausted all warnings in this one encounter, however.

  61. I am so excited about a moderator! I just replied to a couple interesting people, and now there might be enough room in these comments to have some relevant and appropriate interactions! Bye Aspertame! You suck so utterly….

  62. Wow, Europe in '63 and '64. And now you are aware of the deeper truths. I bet you would have some great stories. If you are ever in Seattle…. You can get my email off of my shows with Jim on You tube.
    Now when I pick up the NYT or Seattle Times, I tell my son "let's see what the propaganda rags are spewing today…" then we read the funnies.

  63. I always like your posts, Dr. Abbe. I bet you really did send those letters. I'm a scaredy cat and hide behind my nom de plume. Not cause they can't figure out who I am, just so bumping me off doesn't get them any extra "scare the rest of them" joo joo.

  64. Hi Godsend. I think you are brave perhaps to advocate such violence, or you are old and cowardly. Times have changed and the war will be won by economic non violent guerrilla action. All we have to do is set free the hidden energy technologies and we can be like our space family, with no need to plunder anyone any more.
    Stephen Greer, on Nov 21 2015, gave the best lecture on the truth about ET's. He said, I'm sorry, that he has the documentation to prove that ALL the "evil ET" stories, ALL abductions, and ALL the "we need to have more military money to fight them" scenarios are human created psy ops. I believe him. What need does a race with free energy, anti gravity and a galaxy filled with planets and asteroids to mine need with us? Do you need anything from an amazon jungle tribe? I think you might look past your war mongering christian demonization attitude and imagine that God set up the Universe better than those myths about satan claim.

  65. Moderator, please take note. Jim said “relevant and appropriate.” Apsterian is some sort of plant who goes by other names in other places that Jim posts (Ghengy etc.) Just like Trump and “White Supremicists” he is the perfect “guilt by association” tactic. He is not just foul, and brags about being “anti semitic,” but he capitalizes words like “satan” all the time along with convoluted posts that are not at ALL relevant or appropriate. If he is paid by the reply, it would explain why he is ALWAYS available, 24/7, to respond to anyone on Jim’s blog and drag them in to a conflict or red herring. While you are at it, please look at the posters who advocate “violent revolution” as being antithetical to any non violent movement, against Jim’s philosophy, and potentially set ups themselves. It may be more dangerous to be moderating, as prior to your arrival, Jim could always claim that he was totally not responsible for any posts since he let it be a free for all. I beg you to consider expanding your moderation to include all incitements to violence, and to respect Jim’s wish that things be kept relevant and appropriate. Good luck, I would love to see this comment section reflect people of Jim’s caliber, not the wack jobs that are trying to infiltrate and fart in the room.

    The above propaganda sympathy article, promoted by AOL, shows Obama embracing Biden. Obama talks about what it means to be a good citizen. Is being a "good citizen" lying to the gullible public about the staged fake events at Sandy Hook School on December 14, 2012, to fool them into donating over $27 million to fake victims who did not lose any kids that day all planned and carried out beginning with Obama, Holder on down to all the criminals in the State of Connecticut? Evidently Obama has a bizarre concept of what it means to be a good citizen in America today. This reprehensible AOL won't take one minute to examine and report the many lies to all Americans from the fake government scam in Newtown, CT., that fateful day about 3 years ago at Sandy Hook School. It is all documented in the formerly banned book by Amazon.Com, but now made free by the courageous author "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook" by professor Dr. James Fetzer, et al available free at

  67. Of course the Jew York Times lies. That is what comes naturally to its warmongering nature. For a few years, Mike King has been brilliantly covering incidents of its doing so, at his "Anti-New York Times" posts on line. The USA, without a Constitution, is run by revolting gangsters.

  68. I don't think you are Mossad at all. And the amount of time you spend here indicates you must be paid to do so. And these postings are all about Sandy Hook so you are involved with Connecticut. You "worried" about me? What nonsense. I have other things to do now so it's unlikely I'll post here any more.

  69. Isn’t it bad enough that that NY Times deliberately covers up horrible government crimes from federal, State of Connecticut, City of Newtown on the clear Sandy Hook Hoax, but then it publishes a hit piece gloating over the firing of the only professor at the corrupt Florida Atlantic University who sought to question and expose these horrible crimes against all Americans including the NY Times and their corrupt executive and editorial staff who should have all flunked out of journalism school or whatever schools they graduated from? If this is what the editors at the NY Times deem “public service” today, we need that like we need a hole in our heads. This would be like the NY Times publishing a hit piece on a lowly citizen whose information to police solved a local jewelry store robbery wouldn’t it? Mr. Sulzberger, why don’t you do all Americans a favor and resign or volunteer to be fired today? Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  70. But rather than do this, the NY Times CEO and Publisher Mr. Arthur O. Sulzberger Jr. evidently ordered everyone to stand down and cover up the crimes of government in this case. And to add insult to injury, this totally incompetent and corrupt CEO and Publisher of the NY Times then, rather than exhibiting some gratitude and kudos to the handful to citizens who did their due diligence, mostly at their own personal expense, without any pay, and did investigate these crimes by our government against its own citizens, this despicable worthless Publisher and CEO stands behind a hit piece on nearly the only professor at FAU with the intelligence and guts to blow the whistle on these many crimes by government against its own citizens! This is an attempt by this large influential newspaper to deliberately fool a gullible public and cover up horrible government crimes with the intent of abridging citizens’ most basic rights to possess arms as provided in our precious Constitution for which so many thousands of good souls have suffered and died defending for over two centuries.

  71. Statement about NY Times CEO and Publisher
    (Three parts below) By Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

    Professor Jim Fetzer wrote an excellent piece above demolishing the outrageous excuse of so called journalism published by failed New York Times as a hit piece against professor James F. Tracy, Ph.D. Let us think about what all this means for a moment. All newspapers have a long tradition of reporting local or national crimes and actively aiding the police, FBI or other authorities in bringing the criminals engaged in such crimes to justice. The newspaper may even solicit local citizen help in solving such crimes, and often do this. This scenario applies to the New York Times as with all other newspapers large or small. Now consider what the New York Times has done with the alleged Sandy Hook Massacre at Newtown, Ct., December 14, 2012. Rather than properly and responsibly report and investigate these events to the public, they blindly have regurgitated the official government party line about them like pabulum vomited from a baby’s mouth. Even a cursory investigation by a freshman journalism student, or even a good high school student, would have quickly revealed many serious questions about this event.

  72. And I again profess my profound confusion with you, Allan.

    You're the one who said I was an op, now I'm not because I said that I am?

    You seem a little confused. But I understand – people like me have been making your life a mess and I don't blame you for being angry

  73. Whatever you may think about the NYT when it comes to starting a fire in the fire place, I found it to be far better than the Denver Post which acted like it contained a fire retardant. Now it may well be that the edition of the NYT I had access to in Colorado was one which used a lighter paper for shipping purposes. I don't know. I avoided reading the NYT but for a while my daughter bought it. For that matter I never read the Denver Post either. While in Europe when JFK was assassinated (1963) I used to buy the NYT European addition regularly. I would sit in a cafe, read the paper and drink coffee–Germany, Austria and later on in Italy. While in Paris that winter (1964) I quit the habit. In the years later on I rarely read newspapers or listened to or watched the news, and yet I always seemed to know what was going on–nothing special or the same old things. ESP? Eavesdropping probably. In a way I admire Jim's persistence in taking the NYT to task for lazy journalism, but I know it is futile.
    There is an eternal desire for insipid lies.

  74. Here is a Fox News propaganda piece orders of magnitude worse than the one above from the NY Times which Jim demolished:
    "Florida college fires wacky professor who claimed Sandy Hook shooting was staged by government"
    Published January 06, 2016
    Facebook820 Twitter0 Email Print
    Quote from above article:
    “A wacky Florida college professor who has long insisted the Sandy Hook school shooting was staged by the government was fired Tuesday, just a month after the parents of a child killed in the 2012 Connecticut attack accused him of taunting them.
    James Tracy, a tenured associate professor of media history at Florida Atlantic University, was given his walking papers Tuesday, according to the school. Although the school did not specify its reasons, Tracy has made headlines by claiming on his blog that the school shooting, in which 20 children and six adults were killed by a mentally ill gunman, never happened. He made similar claims about the movie shooting rampage in Aurora, Colo., later that year, the 2013 Boston marathon bombing and other mass shootings.
    “Tracy is among those who have personally sought to cause our family pain and anguish by publicly demonizing our attempts to keep cherished photos of our slain son from falling into the hands of conspiracy theorists.”
    – Leonard and Veronique Pozner”

    This worthless propaganda piece does not even have an identified author and blindly accepts the false claims of the Pozner's and the official party line without question, just like the blind robots and shills they are promoting the government lies. This is deliberate public deception aiding and abetting government crimes. Fox news should be shut down. All their property in the U.S. should be confiscated by our government and their license immediately revoked. Fox news is the wacky party here. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

    quote from the article above:
    “The world’s 400 richest people lost almost $194 billion this week as world stock markets began the year with a shudder on poor economic data in China and falling oil prices.
    Forty-seven billionaires lost $1 billion or more during the worst week for U.S. stocks since 2011, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. The combined drop was almost seven times the $29 billion lost in the first five trading days of 2015. The 400 people on the index had a combined $3.7 trillion at the end of the week, compared with more than $4 trillion a year ago.”

    “ founder Jeff Bezos, the best-performing billionaire in 2015, lost the most, his fortune dropping $5.9 billion this week as shares of the world’s largest online retailer fell more than 10 percent. Bezos is the world’s fourth-richest person with $53.7 billion and more than doubled his net worth in 2015 as investors cheered profits at Amazon.”
    $250 million to buy the Washington Post was “pocket change” wasn’t’ it? Cry some tears for the Wall Street high flyers. But just remember this: “The bigger they are the harder they fall”. Say a prayer every day that the NY gambling casino CRASHES way down where it belongs and interest rates rise to at least 10% so senior citizens can stop getting the shaft at the expense of the Wall Street Crooks. Remember that about a month ago Mr. Bezos banned “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook” from his site!
    Posted by Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  76. Mr. Graham and Ms. Weymouth: Contemplate these words of wisdom from the great American Educator Horace Mann 1796-1859:
    "BE ASHAMED TO DIE UNTIL YOU HAVE WON SOME VICTORY FOR MANKIND". This action on your part could not only be the final victory for your great newspaper the Washington Post, but also for both of you and might even save our country from its impending demise. You did not pay attention to the lies and propaganda of others when you published the Watergate Scandal or the Pentagon Papers did you? Don't do it now on the Sandy Hook Hoax. Read the scientific evidence and facts which proves it in the book "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook". "When the government becomes the lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for the law". Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis. Our government is now the lawbreaker, the outlaw in town. Only courageous citizens like you can do something to reverse this trend and save America for your children and grandchildren.
    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  77. To: Mr. Donald E. Graham and Ms. Katharine Weymouth, former owners of the Washington Post: Now that you have time on your hands, why not log on to and scroll down to the cover of the recent book "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook" and download your free copy to a flash drive. Read this 486 page book. Then decide for yourselves if our government was not and is not a criminal lawbreaker at Sandy Hook School December 14, 2012 just like it was with the Pentagon Papers and Watergate nearly a half century ago when you had the guts and gumption to publish those difficult truths to the world? Then, please use your influence with the new owner of your once great newspaper to make it great again by publishing the truth of the massive fraud on America by the many criminals in our government from the federal, State of Connecticut and local Newtown Connecticut governments some 3 years ago up to this very day! This would be the final true victory of your once great newspaper before its final breath of life is choked out of it forever after. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  78. Con't. from above:
    “The announcement was greeted by what many staff members described as “shock,” a reaction shared in newsrooms across the country as one of the crown jewels of newspapers was surrendered by one of the industry’s royal families.”
    “The sale, at a price that would have been unthinkably low even a few years ago, represents the end of eight decades of ownership by the Graham family of The Post since Eugene Meyer bought The Post at auction on June 1, 1933. His son-in-law Philip L. Graham served as president of the paper from 1947 until his death in 1963. Then Graham’s widow, Katharine Graham, oversaw the paper through the publication of the Pentagon Papers alongside The New York Times and its coverage of Watergate, the political scandal that led to the resignation of Richard Nixon and also a starring role for the newspaper in the film, “All The President’s Men.””
    This transaction was the end of the line for the greatest investigative newspaper in the country with its new owner banning the book “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook” by professor Dr. James Fetzer, Ph.D., et al in just over two years later after this sale to the new owner Mr. Jeffery P. Bezos. Then comes the reprehensible piece of journalistic garbage as professor Fetzer documented above, by the same NYTimes which published this article just over two years ago. This is all a shameful disgrace to put it mildly. Posted by Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  79. NYTimes article on sale of Washington Post to Jeffery P. Bezos in two parts:
    Bezos, Amazon’s Founder, to Buy The Washington Post
    Continue reading the main story Share This Page
    Continue reading the main story
    Quotes from above article:
    “The Washington Post, the newspaper whose reporting helped topple a president and inspired a generation of journalists, is being sold for $250 million to the founder of, Jeffrey P. Bezos, in a deal that has shocked the industry.
    Donald E. Graham, chairman and chief executive of The Washington Post Company, and the third generation of the Graham family to lead the paper, told the staff about the sale late Monday afternoon. They had gathered together in the newspaper’s auditorium at the behest of the publisher, Katharine Weymouth, his niece.
    “I, along with Katharine Weymouth and our board of directors, decided to sell only after years of familiar newspaper-industry challenges made us wonder if there might be another owner who would be better for the Post (after a transaction that would be in the best interest of our shareholders),” Mr. Graham said in a written statement.”
    “The announcement was greeted by what many staff members described as “shock,” a reaction shared in newsrooms across the country as one of the crown jewels of newspapers was surrendered by one of the industry’s royal families.”
    Con't. below:

  80. Isn't this a fantastic chance to bring it to a court of law. Sandy Hook is easily proved staged by a 2 Hr research time, so their is no excuse for ignorance. Collecting funds from people with good in their heart, but duped by conman is pure evil.

  81. TPTB [Hybrid ALIENS and their MIND-CONTROLLED STOOGES, everywhere] will CRUSH any legal efforts against FAU {THEM}, just like THEY crushed all the legal efforts on behalf of attorney Edgar J. Steele, who was FRAMED, CONVICTED by a "lobotomized" Jury, SENTENCED to 50 years in the Slammmer, IMPRISONED and then EXECUTED by MEDICAL NEGLECT in a Federal, Maximum Security Penitentiary in Victorville, CA. The DoJ, FBI and State Marshalls were the primary PLOTTERS and HENCHMEN.

    Justice is DEAD in America! Liberty will soon be DEAD as well, along with prosperity for the 99%! And it's ALL by SINISTER DESIGN! There is NO HOPE for Prof. James Tracy and all other TRUTH and FREEDOM-loving Americans who singularly fight against THE MATRIX. The ONLY HOPE for Americans and America is "Seven Days in May" or REVOLUTION (ORGANIZED RESISTANCE, as during the REVOLUTIONARY WAR). Remember what that Zionist Slimeball Harold Wallace Rosenthal said in "The Hidden Tyranny" interview: "We will only be defeated by FORCE!". If you're a patriotic American, ARM yourself and your family, JOIN the RESISTANCE [] and be ready to man the barricades. Without ORGANIZATION, even the largest army in the history of the world [ARMED American Civilian Patriots] will be DEFEATED! We must all become New Hampshire lads: "Live free – or die!" and follow the advice of Thomas Jefferson: "The tree of liberty MUST be watered with the blood of tyrants and patriots!".

  82. The NYT says he got sacked for not putting in paperwork. He didn't tell them he had a blog and an internet show? Fuck me that's even worse than getting sacked on Pozner's sayso. It is a huge pile of dung with political insects of a particular religion burrowing about in it.

  83. As a post script to the above comment, after the entire sorry excuse of a University called Florida Atlantic University is shut down, just like Sandy Hook School was shut down in 2008, four years before the fake event even happened,as documented in the book, the entire despicable and shameful campus of FAU should be demolished just like the crime scene Sandy Hook School was demolished with the wrecking crew sworn to secrecy under criminal penalties. If the high crimes of government can be covered up by the massive military force and power of government in Connecticut, then the sorry excuse of a so called University in Florida which fired the only professor with the intelligence and guts and courage to speak up to government tyranny, and collectively committed high crimes against humanity, should be demolished by the same wrecking crew; dust to dust. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  84. The lawyers for professor Dr.James Tracy, Ph.D. should not accept anything less than a settlement of Ten Million Dollars ($10 million) for the massive deliberate harm to his good name by this sorry excuse called a University. Also as a part of the agreement the cowardly and gutless president John W. Kelly, Ph.D. should also be fired. If possible, all of the roughly 1000 other so called "professors" should also be fired and this sorry excuse of an institution for higher learning promptly shut down. This would do all potential future students a favor as well as the duped public supporting such a dismal failure in "higher education" in America today. This place stinks worse than a meat locker with a power failure! Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D, Physics

  85. Here is the last paragraph of the letter to Dr. John W. Kelly, president FAU in support of prof. James Tracy Dec. 11, 2015:

    Dr. Kelly, only when the faculty of Florida Atlantic University and its administration up to and including your office and your supervisors on the Board of Trustees publicly admit professor Dr. Tracy was right and you all were wrong after all, about the Sandy Hook Hoax, will anyone believe FAU is truly a great university of the world. Until that day, FAU is little more than an institution of lower indoctrination and brainwashing, not in the search for knowledge, truth and understanding, as the few remaining institutions of “:higher” learning left in the world today. Professor Dr. Tracy should be awarded The President’s Distinguished Service Medallion for outstanding courageous service to the truth.
    Yours sincerely, Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  86. Here is the first paragraph of my letter of December 11, 2015 to FAU president John Kelly in support of prof. James Tracy:

    Dr. John W. Kelly
    Office of the President
    Florida Atlantic University
    Administration Bldg., Room 339
    777 Glades Road
    Boca Raton, FL 33431
    tel: 561.297.3450
    fax: 561.297.2777
    Dear Dr. Kelly:
    Professor Dr. James F. Tracy, Ph.D., a tenured associate professor in the School of Communication and Multi Media Studies at Florida Atlantic University, is evidently a very courageous minority of one at the school where you were recently appointed the new President about a year ago, who has the courage, guts and gumption and intense desire to find the truth, to question the official dogma and evident massive government lies about the alleged Sandy Hook Massacre in Newtown, Connecticut 3 years ago next Monday December 14, 2012. Since FAU has about 1000 faculty members this amounts to a tiny fraction of 0.1% of your “esteemed” faculty willing to hold views, justified by evidence and facts, which conflict with massive media hype and brainwashing of the gullible public and possibly the remainder of the other 999 or so of your faculty members as well, many of whom hold the highest research degree.
    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  87. As long as the MSM is under the CONTROL of Zionist Slimeballs (see Protocol #12 of "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion"), there will NEVER be a forum for the "full blown public discussion" of the book or anything else that the Zionist Slimeballs want to keep under wraps! Has anyone ever heard or read about a "full blown public discussion" of 911 or the USS Liberty attack by Israel? ALL the Truth bloggers, like Jim Fetzer, are (mostly unheard) "voices, crying in the wilderness"! At this late stage of the game, the only options to restore the Constitution and the Republic are "Seven Days in May" or REVOLUTION! Anything else is wishful thinking (delusion). Remember, THEY LIVE, THEY LIE and THEY KILL!

  88. The book “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook” by Jim Fetzer, et al was published and for sale on Amazon.Com for about a month before it was banned by CEO Jeff Bezos. Then the authors made it available for free on the site and others. This has been publicized for over a month since the banning by Amazon. While the only people who could prove that the editors and writers of the NY Times, Harford courant, Sun Sentinel, NYPost, AOL, NBC and other news outlets had read this book would be a US Attorney questioning these people under oath, it is very likely all of them have downloaded the free copies available for this book, along with the millions of others reported to have done so, and read every word of it. Yet they obviously are bending over backward to avoid even referencing it, let alone discuss all the many contradictions this book poses for the official lies of Sandy Hook by government at every level, federal, State of Connecticut and Newtown Connecticut. These news outlets have a basic responsibility to the public to promote the public interest and that does not mean deliberately lying to the public about crimes of its own government. But that is exactly what is and has been going on here. The whole reason this book was produced was exactly because those responsible for properly and honestly investigating the events at Sandy Hook School Dec. 14, 2012, failed to do so. They are still failing to do so. The best result that would happen now would be a full blown public discussion of the book. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  89. Any American who is not already heavily ARMED, can expect to be carted off to Room 101 in the nearest FEMA Concentration Camp, sooner or later – UNLESS they fall victim to one or more of the 1.2+billion rounds of ammo, fired by one of the DHS GOONS! [aka Hybrid ALIENS].

    "All that is required for EVIL to succeed, is for good men to DO NOTHING!" (Edmund Burke). Thinking and blogging is NOT DOing!

  90. Is America not paying attention? This is a university professor being fired for teaching something that a member of the public didn't like to hear. "Don't teach that" is followed by "Don't say that" which is usually followed by "Don't think that" and then finally, "It's illegal to think that". It's obvious that in Orwellian times, more of us need to assume an integrity commensurate to Orwell's example. Allan Powell

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