AND NOBODY DIED IN BOSTON, EITHER: State-sponsored terrorism with Hollywood special effects


A detailed investigation of the Boston marathon bombing that reveals that it, too, was another drill with Hollywood special effects, where none of the purported victims died and the two brothers were framed for a crime they did not commit. The Boston police were calling out on bullhorns, “This is a drill! This is a drill!” The Boston Globe was tweeting that a demonstration bomb would be set off for the benefit of bomb squad activities.

There was noise and smoke but no blood, which only began to show up later. The smoke was produced by a smoke machine. It was done using amputee actors. The backpacks that blew up were black nylon, but neither brother was wearing a black nylon backpack. The older brother, Tamerlan, was killed after he had been taken into police custody. It was another sham event to undermine the 4th Amendment and Posse Comitatus, where the patsies were chosen to demonize Muslims, once again.

Those who planted the bombs were Craft International personnel, who were exposed by the alternative media already the day of the bombing. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was convicted in spite of a mountain of proof that it was a drill. There are over a dozen contributors, including six Ph.D. (current or retired) college professors and three J.D.s, who are dismayed that the government of our once-great nation has been perpetrating feigned acts of terrorism on the American people to advance its political agenda.

Among the best students and scholars of the Boston Bombing have contributed to this collection:

* Sheila Casey * Sterling Harwood, J.D., Ph.D. * Dr. Eowyn, Ph.D. * 

* Nick Kollerstrom, Ph.D. * James F. Tracy, Ph.D. *  Mike Palecek * 

* Allan William Powell * John W. Whitehead, J.D. * Craig McKee * 

* Ole Dammegard * Jim Fetzer, Ph.D. * Paul Craig Roberts, Ph.D. *
with contributions from Nathan Folks, from Lorraine Day, M.D.
and from Maret Tsarnaeva, J.D., Tamerlan and Dzhokhar’s aunt
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30 thoughts on “AND NOBODY DIED IN BOSTON, EITHER: State-sponsored terrorism with Hollywood special effects”

  1. Thank you Ed, (and anonymous). It is a lot of work, but worthwhile.
    Ed is not the only one asking for more filters, so here is a new one.
    Ii will be screening links to see if they relate to Jim's topic. I have come to believe, after looking closely at sites and "credentials" posted here, that people have whole businesses sending "traffic" to their chosen sites, both to make money and promote fear porn agendas.
    Fear porn is not the reason for this site, and from now on, only links that provide further knowledge or insight in topic will be allowed.
    GodSend please take note. Further, AA is right. You deleted a post that he responded to with some effort. I left it up, tolerantly, in order to show the debate, but if you are going to remove comments that people try to respond to, then repost them elsewhere to make the respondent seem as if their post floats in mid air, that is not acceptable.
    No, do not post any of your credentials, or any other links that are not directly related to Dr. Fetzer's fine work. You may prove you are not a click miner by remaining on this blog and staying on topic, without any directing of traffic.

  2. This investigation from Indiana shows how our totally corrupt IRS has been, is and continues to pay out billions, not millions, of borrowed and printed United States dollars to lying, cheating illegal immigrant criminals who do not even have social security numbers, but who have been lying about the number of members of their families who are not even living here, but live elsewhere outside our borders. Even the Inspector General has tried to stop this massive crime on America by both the immigrants and the criminals in our government. The Sandy Hook Scam is of the order of millions of dollars. When our government looks the other way with a multi billion dollar on going scam, and all of them know about it but do nothing, how do you expect to get anyone’s attention about the million dollar Sandy Hook scam no matter what facts one may be able to prove? Activist Angel evidently can’t see the forest for the trees. Both scams are deplorable, but this one is orders of magnitude larger, in dollars, than Sandy Hook was.

    Prosecutors: Boston bomber showed no remorse after arrest
    By Associated Press
    “ Prosecutors allege in newly released court documents that Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev showed “the opposite of remorse” when he was captured days after the 2013 attack.
    Tsarnaev was convicted last year and sentenced to death his sentencing hearing, he said he was sorry for the lives he took and the suffering he caused.
    But in documents released Wednesday, prosecutors say Tsarnaev made remorseless statements to two FBI agents after he was critically wounded in a shootout with police.
    Prosecutors argued that they should be allowed to use the statements to challenge the testimony of a nun and death penalty opponent who testified for Tsarnaev during the penalty phase of his trial.”

  4. I have to admit, GodSend, your are RIGHT!
    We are NOT worthy of your presence. Thank heavens you realized it!
    I am sure that your CAPITALIZED piles of REPTILE alien psy op FEAR PORN click mining would be just adored at other more WORTHY sites.
    Oink oink, snort snort.

  5. You delete your own posts after someone replies, then you whine about your "brilliant and truth revealing posts" going "POOF?"
    THEY will not come for you, Dr. Greer is right, and the X-Files just totally agreed.
    All your phony christian evil demon alien crap is a total human psy op. ET's are benevolent and soon we can join the family.
    Please do go cast your fake pearls in front of some other swine. That would be delightful.

  6. Save your energy folks on this one.
    It is some sort of "illegals get tax breaks" clever hook to get you to other sites. Nothing to do with false flags, this post, anything anyone here has spoken about, or anything remotely interesting.
    Whoever you are, please go peddle your stuff elsewhere. I am looking for legitimate sources and research in this blog.

  7. Another of my brilliant and truth-revealing comments has just…….POOF! – totally disappeared. It doesn't even show up as having been "removed by a blog administrator". As a result, we're just left with meaningless, surrounding comments by others. Until the moderation practices here are modified and censorship stops, this blog is no longer worthy of my presence. "Do not cast your pearls before swine" is good biblical advice! Remember, folks, THEY will come for you!

  8. Save your time, smart people.
    This just goes to a "government is satan" video SURROUNDED by advertisements for; you guessed it;
    Absolutely nothing at all to do with this topic, probably another GodSend scam disguised as patriotic bible blather.

  9. Hi Ed,
    You may notice I responded to a mumbo jumbo comment by GodSend (X Files just agreed with me!!) so as to point out his fallacies and nutjobbery, and he deleted the post I had replied to! Then reposted it, mumbo jumbo'd up, below!!
    So I don't know about the moderators suggestion that you respond to mumbo jumbo posts. If GodSend just scurries away from the debate it doesn't have much meaning.

  10. It seems like this EP fellow wants to be the moderator. Obviously, he is unaware of my credentials. Hey moderator, do you think it's appropriate to direct EP to my Web BIO and other websites/blogs? He doesn't seem to be impressed by David M. Jacobs, PhD! It may be time to check the credentials of commenters before letting them loos on this serious blog. For all we know, this EP fellow might be a HS drop-out who can't tell the difference between mumbo-jumbo gibberish and truth!

  11. Moderator… I've been following Jim Fetzer's blog for years. I've been disturbed by the mumbo-jumbo comments that have mushroomed in the last year or so. I'm pleased that Mr. Fetzer has you filtering this site's comments. However, if the comments to this post are an indication of what you and Mr. Fetzer will allow as comments, DO MORE FILTERING! Many of the comments earlier than mine and the one following are gibberish. They detract from the seriousness of Mr. Fetzer's posts. DO MORE FILTERING.

  12. Ed Perkins
    Welcome to the discussion.
    You must not have seen Jim's blog before we began moderation. There were literally hundreds of off topic, insult filled threads. Several of those posters have simply disappeared once moderation began. It has led us to believe they were people paid by comment and reply.
    Aside from a rare specific instruction by Jim, he has asked that we be liberal in our moderation policy. I can always post it again, but so far it seems clear.
    Please reply to posts you feel are too long, unreadable or idiots blather, and say why.
    You may get a more thorough policy instituted.
    I joined this community because I, like you, also believe that Jim is a rational researcher and logical thinker. Glad you are with us.

  13. Mr. Fetzer, You need to edit the comments to your posts. Most are too long and unreadable. Others are idiots' blather. Almost all detract from your posts. You're a rational researcher and a logical thinker. I like that. Demand the same from those who comment on your site.
    Thanks for putting together and publishing, "And Nobody Died…" I'm going to order it from Moon Rock Books.

  14. Since PayPal has cancelled Dr. James Tracy's PayPal donations account and an alternative payment processor for donations has not yet been set up, I think it would be a positive and timely action if it were announced that all or a portion of the proceeds from the sales of "And Nobody Died in Boston Either…" book go to Dr. Tracy's expenses in pursuing his legal case and maintaining his MemoryHoleBlog site.

    GoFundMe and PayPal are no good so I hope care is chosen in how donations to Dr. Tracy are handled. Regardless of the particular third party payment processor that is chosen, there must be independent information to Dr. Tracy of donations so that he may check that against what the third party payment processor credits to him. Perhaps a separate P O Box and email address for direct payments of checks and cash donations, but probably not credit cards, directly to Dr. Tracy is also a good option.

    These three paper print books are a big important step forward in dealing with the meltdown of the USA. I cannot speculate on the prospects of "breaking this whole thing open" and what that may accomplish to save the republic, but I do know that this book and the two previous books have been pivotal in this good and necessary fight.

  15. No, "THEY" do not "LIVE." That is a fictional film.
    "THEY" have unlimited Zero Point energy, Anti Gravity, molecular synthesis and billions of planets and asteroids to choose from, and do not need a thing from us. Just as you do not need a thing from a tribe in the Amazon Jungle. (Unless you do NOT have unlimited Zero Point energy and are part of the CABAL and want their oil or cattle grazing land).
    There is a CABAL that DOES want something! They want you to:
    1.Believe that ET's are evil and want to suck your blood.
    2. Believe that "religion" is true so you will think all ET's are "lucifer" or "satan" or "djinn;" so you will continue to be enslaved by their phony fossil fuel and drug empires.
    3. Spend lots of money on the military, in a stupid attempt to "protect" us from beings that are simply our evolutionary elder brethren.
    Imagine you are an Aborigine bow and arrow manufacturer, and profit is your motive, because you are a capitalist.
    You see a plane in the sky, and so you say to your fellow Aborigine's "We have to protect ourself from the flying serpents!" (metal looks like scales). "Everyone should give me all of the fruits and berries you have gathered in exchange for my Bows and Arrows, so we can have "security" from these horrible flying serpents filled with Ugly Blond Demons from Hellmerica!" (One of them did crash, and you were able to show them the tall blonde occupants. What a capitalist opportunity!)
    That is exactly what is going on, kind of…
    Go to or watch this:

    Love to all.

  16. We are so close to breaking this whole thing open.
    If we can avoid bizarre distractions and people who want a theology based "end times" so they can be "raptured," we might have a chance at rational, evidence bases SOLUTIONS!
    Jim is like the scholarly energizer bunny. I wish I had his work ethic along with his at-his-fingertips grasp of facts.
    Sigh. I have to settle for being handsome and talented…

  17. Here is a suggestion for Kevin: Let’s return bumper stickers and name tags to the scene with this one: “PROUD CONSPIRACY THEORIST”. Every scientist, whether in reality or not, wears the badge of “conspiracy theorist” with honor. All sciences use modeling to form mental pictures of complex physical processes hidden from detection by our five senses. Even with fancy equipment, such as X- rays or electron microscopes or the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, none of these fancy devices provide the mental pictures which only the amazing human mind is capable of providing. The “mini solar system” model of the atom or the “plum pudding” model of the nucleus or the “quark model” of the proton are all examples of “conspiracy theories”. As experimental information is developed, from measurements by many observers at different places and times in the Universe, these models are refined, we hope, to more accurately represent a mental conception of what is a “truthful” mental image of the actual process or physical structure of nature really is. Ignorant people like former president Bush likely avoided physics, mathematics, chemistry or engineering classes like the plague. This is partly why he is so ignorant and misleads all intelligent people with his foolish mocking of “conspiracy theorists’. Ignorance is bliss
    Posted here:
    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  18. Of course what Dr. Barrett is talking about in this great article is con artists who seek to deliberately fool and deceive duped members of our population in order to induce them into believing something that is false or fake or fraudulent, is true. This is garden variety fraud and deception with evil intent no different than a common criminal committing a crime in the dark of night to avoid detection. It is like the old pirate ships putting up the flag of another to fool their victims of who is looting them. No true scientist or physicist would ever, ever, ever…. engage in such dishonest antics. But ignorant politicians like Bush or Obama seek to disparage and obstruct any questioning or critical analysis of their many evil plots and deeds, provided to them by a bastion of secret criminals in the CIA or FBI, or other hired con artists, cooking up all these evil conspiracies they plotted against us, and we taxpayers paid for against all good honest citizens. This good article shows what a terrible error the University of Wisconsin made by dropping professor Dr. Barrett from their once great ranks. He is intelligent, open minded and has an astute critical attitude and analytical mind. He also has the guts to speak up about issues which most of the cowards in the academy remain deafeningly silent about. James Tracy was the only faculty member at the cesspool Florida Atlantic University, out of about 1000, with the same qualities as Kevin but was fired from a tenured position there.
    Posted at this link:
    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  19. Here is a reply I made November 11, 2015 to one of the fake "reviews" of "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook" before it was banned by Mr. Jeff Bezos owner of Amazon.Com and The Washington Post:
    "At bottom, the alleged “Sandy Hook Massacre” in Newtown, Connecticut, December 14, 2012, is a very cleverly conceived age old sympathy racket. This is one of the oldest cons in the book. There is nothing like sympathy for grieving parents or relatives of “dead” innocent kids, especially in a school, to bring dollar signs into the eyes and hands of con artists. This is the bottom line. This is why so much money is being raised by the many “families”, if they really are even related to these kids. After all, all we have are pictures of these kids. We don’t even know they are even in fact the children of the purported parents who have set up all these money machines at Go Fund Me to bring in some easy cash, like $ 1 million per family. If one hated such subjects as physics, mathematics, chemistry, engineering and a few others in school, and avoided them like the plague because other students did the same, they likely did not learn or acquire a questioning spirit or develop a critical attitude. They did not do their part in the learning process because “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”. Students used to try this scam out on me when they wanted to get out of taking a test or the final exam. They would say, “Dr. Abbe, I have to attend my Grandmother’s funeral and can’t make the exam”. If they missed the examination and I subsequently prepared a totally different one for them to take because they could have talked to other students about the one given at the earlier date, they would then criticize me that I was being unfair to them in giving them a different test. They were trying to con me. Even a parent drove from another State once about this foolishness. When I was a student at UC Berkeley, here is what happened if you missed a final examination in a physics class no matter what your “reason” or excuse or con because those professors knew, from long experience, that there was no way to prove the efficacy of a student’s claims regarding these matters. Some might lie, others tell the truth. These top professors had heard every fake excuse or sympathy story from students in the book. So, they told all the class in advance, if you miss a final examination, you have two choices: I will enter the grade of I or incomplete on your record. You may remove that incomplete grade by either taking the examination with the next course given by another professor or you may simply take the course over again. Of course taking the examination of another professor in the same course was virtually like having to take the whole class over again anyway because the two would be like night and day. This is how those professors avoided by conned by students and how they kept the standards high. The final examination at Berkeley was important because if you got an A on that test, they usually gave you an A for the course despite all previous test results because they concluded you had learned the material to a high level. It is sad when people place meaningless so called “reviews” like this one out because all they are doing is fooling themselves and evidently seek to fool others as well. Isn’t the point of all education to acquire the knowledge to AVOID being swindled, rather than being conned without even knowing you were shafted?" Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

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