San Bernardino story shot full of holes by patsies’ attorney

By Kevin Barrett

As CNN has reported, an attorney in the case has stated bluntly that the government’s account of what happened in San Bernadino “does not add up.”

One think we know for sure: The government is lying. So what really happened? Here are some obvious questions that the mainstream media is afraid to ask.

    1. Since the windows of the couple’s SUV were found rolled up and blown out, how could the couple have initiated a gun battle with police through rolled-up windows? Nobody is going to fire assault weapons through rolled-up vehicle windows. The logical inference is that the police executed these people in cold blood. There was no “shootout.”
    2. Both victims were found dead in handcuffs. Are we supposed to believe that they initiated a gun battle with police while wearing handcuffs and shooting through rolled-up windows?! It seems that the two patsies were handcuffed, set in place for execution according to a scripted plan, and summarily shot dead.

  1. 3. If the alleged shooters really “had contact with Syrian al Qaeda-affiliated group AND al Shabaab in Somalia” why wouldn’t the authorities make every effort to capture them alive so they could be interrogated, and their alleged terror network dismantled? This same question comes up every time the authorities summarily execute terror suspects and/or witnesses – Bin Laden, Mohamed Merah, the Charlie Hebdo patsies, Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev and key witness Ibragim Todash
  1. 4. If the couple was really part of a terrorist network, would the FBI let the media ransack the crime scene?
  2. 5. If this supposed radical Muslim Bonnie-and-Clyde acted alone, who was the third gunman reported by multiple eyewitnesses?
  3. 6. Could the five foot tall, under-125-pound woman really have handled: A tactic vest • Body armor • Smith & Wesson M&P .223 Caliber Assault rifle • Magazine re-loading clips • Hand gun • Spare pipe bomb, detonator…and then tweeted her allegiance to Islamic State exactly one minute after the shooting began? “She posted a pledge of allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi on Facebook while the shooting was happening, three U.S. officials familiar with the investigation told CNN.

7. Why would Inland Regional Center conduct active shooter drills “every month or so” as reported by the Los Angeles Times

8. Is it just a coincidence that the only center for disabled people in the world that conducts active shooter drills every month (I challenge readers to find another one) happened to be the place where either (a) a huge mass shooting just happened to erupt, or (b) a drill went live?

9. And if it’s just a coincidence, were the 46 drills of 9/11 also a coincidence, Peter Power’s terror drills on 7/7/2005 yet another coincidence, the Boston Marathon bomb drills one more coincidence, the multiple-location active shooter exercises in Paris on 11/13 just another coincidence…and to accept all this “coincidence,” do you have to be a batshit-crazy coincidence theorist? 

To listen to Kevin Barrett’s PressTV interview, click here.

10. If this were really “radical Islamic terrorism,” why would the perpetrators kill a bunch of disabled people, rather than targeting high-level individuals who are responsible for the murder of more than a million Muslims since the 9/11/2001 neocon propaganda stunt?

If we ever hear: “This just in! Radical Muslim terrorists have slaughtered Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, Dov Zakheim, and the other architects of the genocidal War on Islam in General and Palestine in Particular launched by the 9/11 inside job,” I just might believe it. Until that day, we are safe in assuming that the increasingly ridiculous stories of alleged radical Islamist attacks on random civilians that no Muslim would ever want to harm – like virtually all alleged Islamic terror plots since 9/11, according to Aaronson’s detailed investigation – are part of the same Gladio B program launched by the 9/11 neocon coup d’état.
(For more information on suspected false flag events, don’t miss the False Flag Islamophobia Conference simulcast live from Paris, France next Saturday, December 12th, noon to 4 pm Eastern Time.)
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50 thoughts on “San Bernardino story shot full of holes by patsies’ attorney”

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  7. This stinks to high heaven…one thing above all; the so called terrorists were armed with homemade bombs… mean to tell me that the press was given permission to enter the apartment before it was cleared by EOD? If these were jihadi’s as claimed…don’t you think they would have boobytrapped their location? And supposedly more bombs were found at the apartment. Something is not right

  8. 3. By far the most important, and the truth that at all costs must be protected by Apsterian and his overlords, is that the Universe is not gravity based, but Electro Magnetic. Google “Electric Universe.” Textbooks were rewritten by JP Morgan after he destroyed Tesla’s lab so that students have been lied to for 100 years. The truth is that space is not “empty,” and that light travels through an invisible medium, just like sound. We breathe sound’s invisible medium, air, and soon we will gain energy from space’s invisible medium, the quantum field, some call it Ether or Plasma or Zero Point energy. IF APSTERIAN WERE REAL, HE WOULD KNOW AND TALK ABOUT THIS. HE IS NOT. HE IS A LIAR.
    This is the truth that must be hidden by Apsterian and his masters at all costs. I am frightened to post it. Murder is the least of the actions by the Cabal to protect this secret. Apsterian must hijack comments, promote phony satanic propaganda and distract, dismiss and discredit to earn his reward. The fact that they placed someone as obviously brilliant and bombastic as Apsterian to Dr. Fetzer shows how important Jim is. When this truth is revealed (it’s not that ET’s are real, it’s HOW THEY GOT HERE) we can all grow our own food in the winter, desalinate all the water we want, and send Apsterian and his Oil masters back to the desert to ride camels. No more oil, nuclear waste, hunger, slavery, pollution… the real “Thousand years peace.”
    I beg you, do not allow this poser to hijack your thoughts and enrage you with insults. Please just skip over him and we can seek out like minded supporters of someone as genius and effective as Jim Fetzer. I will close with one last reasonable question, what does Apsterian have to gain from monitoring and responding to every single post, by everyone, every day, on James Fetzer’s blog? Look at what he says, what does he have to gain? Only the reward from his masters.

  9. Carlos is a fraud. Just because he "drove a giant truck with flags all over it commemorating his veteran son" doesn't mean he isn't a fraud in regards to the Boston Red Paint Hoax.

    There is a very good video that tells all about Carlos and his partner in slime, as well as numerous on the marathon silliness, which was laughably fake.

    No, not everything is a hoax. Nice try, though. But Sandy Hook and Boston both are and the evidence is overwhelming that they are.

  10. Keep in mind that piece of shite wife beater Barrett is on record as still stuck like a woolly mammoth in the "pull it" tar pit.
    I mean,if you are so nuts that you can't figure out that one how could anyone take you seriously?
    Of course I mean anyone besides the 7 crazy lunatics who comprise this nutty Fetzer cult.

  11. Godsend, you do not understand the function Ap performs. I think his posts here are essential. Sit and think about the method of Apsterian. Truth vs lies. It is essential. He has the most precise focal point. Anybody with any sense must use Ap's focal point. Sit and think about it for a while. Forget your end explanations of who is doing what. You need to attend on the method not the end explanation which contradicts your end explanation. He is a shill exposer extraordinaire. Do not disparage him. Think.

  12. If we eliminate all the garbage comments dumped into this post by Apster, Steve12, Dread and the odd Anon, we will be left with a civilized, intelligent, relevant and enlightening discussion! Are you listening, Jim, or are you content to have your posts turned into dumpsters?

  13. "Do not cast your pearls before swine" (translation: do not endlessly argue with moronic baboons). Endlessly arguing with the likes of Steve12 and Apster is doing the same thing over and over again – and expecting different results (Einstein's definition of INSANITY). Repeatedly arguing with a filthy-mouthed, hate-spewing, moronic baboon like Apster is a step beyond insanity!

  14. "parents who incidentally traipse around America getting $10,000 a time "

    Oh stop being so literal. It's an expression.

    "I live in a world where if two things look the same, you can proceed on an assumption that they are until it is proven they are not. "

    No. The limitations of your visual system are not the limitations of the universe.

    Most of those people don't even look that similar, TBH. But either way, that two people look alike is simply insufficient, especially where technology provides more dispositive methods. When viewing faces we have not seen in many viewing conditions (angle, lighting, etc) or in ecologically valid viewing conditions (pic vs. tape vs. real life) out accuracy plummets – especially if we constrict the space to people who do look somewhat alike

    And those people don't even look that much alike to me…

  15. Allan seems to think he's going to goad me into divulging my identity by coyly asserting that I'm not who I say that I am. I suppose at that point I'll say I'm XXX so that I can prove him wrong?

    But that's not going to happen.

    You might be able to find out who I am via other means, I can't control that of course.

  16. Alicia Hannan, Carlos Soto, Sally Cox, Bob Leukhart , Terri Rousseau all at both Sandy Hook and Boston. Their images are on the Real Deal programs.You better get some instructions from your supoervisor once other FEMA personnel names are mentioned. Alicia also paraded up and down out front of Boston court with the fake cowboy Carlos Arredondo who wheeled the fake Jeff Baum in the wheelchair after he had his fake legs blown off in a fake explosion, remember that. Fake and back on track. Alicia is ec FBI silly girl put her c.v. on Linkedin, put a Conn State police uniform and a wig on and dragged all those autistic kids across the car park. Wicked bitch.

  17. A thousand times you stared into the heart of insanity. How profound. A thousand times. So probably more than twice a sentence. Do you expect anyone to believe you any further? You are very sill if you do. I live in a world where if two things look the same, you can proceed on an assumption that they are until it is proven they are not. You haven't done that but you assert that even in the absence of your proving the two not to be the same, they cannot be because the method of looking at things and seeing if they seem to be the same advances no point. I expect you to shortly come up with the Aristophanic argument about the mosquito and whether the noise comes from the arse or the mouth. We are having great fun with you while you waste taxpayers' money.

  18. Alicia Hannan, Carlos Soto, Sally Cox, Bob Leukhart , Terri Rousseau all at both Sandy Hook and Boston. Their images are on the Real Deal programs.You better get some instructions from your supoervisor once other FEMA personnel names are mentioned. Alicia also paraded up and down out front of Boston court with the fake cowboy Carlos Arredondo who wheeled the fake Jeff Baum in the wheelchair after he had his fake legs blown off in a fake explosion, remember that. Fake and back on track. Alicia is ec FBI silly girl put her c.v. on Linkedin, put a Conn State police uniform and a wig on and dragged all those autistic kids across the car park. Wicked bitch.

  19. Multiple wheels perhaps and the boxes on the form dictate the size of type. James Gill OCME of Conn will not verify the Death Certificate I received personally from Lenny Posner. Nothing whatsoever to gain by doing that unless the Certificate was faked. I have put Posner at Bsoton too in the "crowd" where the Bomb exploded. He hasn't come out and denied any of that. But no number of images are convincing for you are they? Not a natural position and you dig yourself in further and further. The four bullets?

  20. Thumbs down on Becky Roth. As Fetzer correctly PROVED: NO PLANES crashed on 911. She has the Israeli connection and some other things right but NO PLANES CRASHING is a critical part of 911 truth.

    It appears the idea of ALIENS is alien to you and a lot of other folks. Sorry, but THEY LIVE, are as real as you and I and THEY even look just like us – BUT AIN'T! Did you ever watch the William Pawelec interview? Did you ever hear of Phil Schneider? Did you ever hear of Roswell and Area 51? Did you ever read "WALKING AMONG US"? Did you ever watch ANCIENT ALIENS? Did you ever study my WordPress blog for COMPELLING evidence of ALIENS? Did you ever visit the Montalk website? The EVIDENCE of an ALIEN presence on planet Earth is ALL AROUND US! (including Mars and the Moon). Have you read (in the Bible) that Satan has been cast out of Heaven and onto Earth, along with his demonic seed? Do you know that Satan (Dragon) is reptilian in origin and nature and is also known as the GREAT DECEIVER?

    My following comments are 100% certified TRUE!

    "Actually, it's an other-worldly power, (now openly manifesting in our dimension) which invaded planet Earth eons ago – ALIENS of satanic origin and nature (biblical interpretation). That origin and nature is REPTILIAN, coming from that Serpent, Dragon, Devil, Satan, aka the GREAT DECEIVER and "Father of LIES". It's simple, really, once you are clued in to the spiritual dimension – the origin and nature of GOOD (God) and EVIL (Devil). ;)"

    I thought about separating the wheat from the chaff but once they're separated, there is nothing left to separate! Beating a dead horse borders on the insane. Apster and Steve12 have been repeatedly beaten dead here beyond recognition. Have you heard what the street sweeper said to the dead horse? (I'll take no more shit from you!). Why not do likewise!

  21. Hey, Jim (Fetzer),

    While your commitment to free speech on your blog is admirable, watching Apster and Steve12 hurl off-topic excrement at each other ad nauseum has lost its entertainment (and any other) value long ago! Do you want your blog to be turned into a cesspool by a few moronic baboons?

  22. Clearly, the FBI (at a minimum) is heavily involved in the SB "mass shooting" COVER-UP, taking control of the "investigation"! It's NOT an investigation, it's a COVER-UP of a Federal CRIME ("setting up" [for several years prior] and then murdering Farook and Malik).

    NO Federal Agency can be trusted to serve the interests of the American People! THEY are ALL infested by CRIMINALS, Zionist Slimeballs and hybrid, reptilian ALIENS (like Jeffrey Lash).

  23. The Constitution-loving Jim Fetzer supports this guy:

    "…[I]f the current Republican front-runner is any indication of things to come, large swathes of the party have already abandoned their talk of 'constitutional conservatism' and 'limited government' and embraced a flat-out authoritarianism, at least as preached by 'The Donald.' Whatever else he might be, the idea of Trump as a paladin of civil liberties should make one howl with terrible laughter. Since he announced his candidacy, Trump has threatened to ignore those who are carping about free speech and shut down parts of the Internet; he has promised to summarily deport those who are suspected of being illegal immigrants, without due process of law; he has endorsed extensive campaign-finance regulations that fly directly in the face of the First Amendment; he has vowed to restrict the Second Amendment rights of those on the terror watch list, again without due process; he has praised Franklin Roosevelt’s internment of American citizens, suggested that natural-born Americans can be deported against their will, and proposed that American Muslims be barred from reentering the country; he has described as 'wonderful' a Supreme Court ruling that obliterated the 'public use' limitations on the invocation of eminent domain; and he has refused to rule out registering Americans on the basis of their faith. Worse still, he has responded to the criticism that these positions have generated by channeling his inner Nancy Pelosi: 'Are you serious?'"

  24. All I learned for sure from Chesley is that Farook and wife were real people and were really married and that one or both of them had family members who hired him. His reference to where he got the information about the bodies being in the back seat of an SUV was extremely vague, so he is operating on very shaky evendence sources too.

    We need a “book” NOW about San Bernadino in the exact vein of the Nobody Died at Sandy Hook book. Needed NOW… all in one place, documented as much as possible…updated day by day. That this documentation and exposure of what makes SB a fraud be done NOW is important as it coulp stop usefulness of this event from the beginning and would disable their weapon before it is fired.

    All the good doses of SB truth are diluted because they are scattered all over the web from hundreds of writers and commenters. Rapid fire exposure needs to happen just as the rapid fire perpetration of these false events is being inflicted on us. We do not have three years to wait for the book.

    Bennett was correct in saying we have to look at how this SB event plays in with our foreign policy and what is playing out in Syria and the Middle East. When you look at SB event in those larger terms, the discussion of gun control, though important and true, pales in importance compared to the possibility of a nuclear war that could be tripped off any minute.
    Dr. Kevin MacDonald, John Friend, Tim Murdock on Red Ice Radio very good in getting full big picture context to view San Bernadino event. Hour 1 may be on YT.

    When they are pulling off-the-shelf, ready to go, one false event after another, I get really vexed when I hear one word mentioned about political races or candidates. That has no meaning for any of us now. There is one entity, call it “the hidden hand” or “the brotherhood of darkness or whatever, that is running the whole show and no political party or candidate can change that reality.

    Stay focused on exposing on the record as surely as we can each day on the false event du jour.

    That photo of that handcuffed body on the pavement, begs many questions. It is female in a hijab. All the false looking things about that photo needs to exposed all in one place now.

    Certain alternative Internet radio networks operate within a ruling establishment alternative philosophy or interpretation of false events. The show hosts are on an ever tightened leash as to what they can and cannot say and who they can have as guests. Any discussion of ALL alternative hypotheses must stop. If I am correct that there is an alternative network ruling philosophy adhered to, then I wonder how long Dr. Barrett will be allowed to stay on NoLies Radio and keep exposing how Muslims are being used in all of these false events.

    Dr. Barrett also points out Saudi Arabia’s close connection to Israel. The Wahabis are a subset or branch of the dominant Sunni Saudi sect and the Wahabis are thought to be fascistic or “NAZI-like” in brutal extreme behavior, so you have US/Israel/Saudi Arabia/Turkey all acting like fascist “NAZIs.” That puzzle picture is not meant to be put together.

    A network’s take on 9-11 determines their take on Sandy Hook and Sandy Hook determines their take on San Bernadino… you get the idea. “Muslims all bad” appears to be shaping up as establishment alternative philosophy these days for many “alternative” networks. Even when it appears that hosts and guests are having discussions far outside that network’s philosophy, that is becoming more tightly controlled every day. SB event seems to be a major fault line or split happening now in alternative truth seeking.

  25. These issues you raise are distinct from each other. Bad, well it's bad in relation to the Quakers, the Jehovah's Witnesses etc. It wants to dominate me and the world and I despise that idea, the Christian method gives you free will, the Muslim doesn't.

    I don't see any Muslims blamed for Sandy Hook, nor the reporter shooting nor the black church shooting. They are added in the mix, they are handy for the powers to resort to but that doesn't mean I otherwise agree with their ideals. I don't and I think Ibn Wariq is pretty much on the money with his view that Islam is simply all made up as is the prophet Mohammed. Yes I am saying Kevin is part of a bad Religion. It's delusional and dangerous and is fostered in countries where ignorance and superstition are lauded over science and female equality to name but two aspects. I didn't know he was Muslim and frankly didn't care one way or the other. The day he tries to convince me that Mohammed on a flying horse actually happened and that I must believe it too, I might have some concern about him. If until then he comes out with rational stuff, his religion is irrelevant. I really don't like all this Muslims are victims nonsense either. If you wander around claiming your religious views outweigh everyone else's, you would surely expect to be shunned. You can find my comment how you wish, that's part of my informed post enlightenment view of the world. If it is irrational, by your attitude, on the example of Kevin's belief and his entitlement to his irrational religious belief, I should be allowed it in any case, shouldn't I? Allan Powell

  26. Even every telephone or private conversation of every government official should be recorded and published, from the president on down. NOTHING should be secret in government. It is government enforced secrecy, at the point of their government guns and weapons, which is the root of all our problems in America and most of the world today. It would be much more difficult for the handful of totally corrupt major media to fool the gullible dupes in the public if there were no military style enforced secrecy in our government at any level or any shape or form period. This is just another one of the failures of our great Founders of America who failed to address this basic issue of corruption in government.

  27. American kids are told in grade school that we do not have an aristocracy in America, but a democracy where our president is not a king or queen, but just an “ordinary citizen” like you and I. “Anybody can be elected president”. Just look at outlaw BO or former outlaw Bush or outlaw Clinton, etc. If our elected president is just an ordinary citizen like everybody else, whey then is he or she treated like royalty with full time armed guards protecting him while the rest of us must take our chances in society and at the same time, this very government seeks to disarm us lowly citizens of our basic rights to own guns provided by our Constitution? Why do members of congress retire with lavish salaries paid for by our taxes, forced from us at the point of their guns and weapons? Why don’t they just return to society and get a job just like everyone else if we don’t have an aristocracy? These are just a few examples. Let’s demand our lawmakers change the laws and immediately abolish all armed protection for any current presidents or former presidents period. Let them take their chances just like ordinary citizens do every day in our society. Also immediately end all lavish government taxpayer paid pensions for these bought and paid for scoundrels in Congress. Let’s end all secrecy in government as well. After all, most foreign countries already know our “secrets” instantly anyway; all government military enforced secrecy does is keep duped American taxpayers from knowing all the criminal machinations of government officials planned and carried out surreptitiously in secret, behind those massive steel prison doors inside of which they carry out their outlaw and lawbreaking intents and efforts against all Americans in secret, such as all these false flag attacks to induce duped Americans into perpetual wars around the planet mostly for the benefit of a few outlaws and criminals hidden in secret.

  28. Bad religion, based on what? Your own research proves Muslims are frequently and even increasingly framed for crimes they didn't commit.

    I find your comment irrational given all that's been exposed Allan.

    Even the guy who wrote this article is Muslim. Are you saying Kevin is part of a bad religion too?

  29. If Dr. Barrett is correct in his analysis and claims, also supported by Dr. Fetzer and others, many people employed directly or indirectly by our own government are guilty of horrible crimes from murder, fraud and deception, common lying, and more, beginning at the top all planned in secret. Obviously our government agencies and institutions are totally incapable of objectively investigating these crimes of government, let alone indicting anyone for these crimes and arresting and charging them in existing corrupt conflicted courts by conflicted members of our so called Justice Department. Evidently it is our own government which now is the outlaw in town or lawbreaker. The $64,000 question is then, how can the criminals in our own government, who planned, carried out or aided and abetted these horrible crimes, be brought to justice in a peaceful non violent manner without using the very violence and criminal activity they used against all Americans to fool them into WWIII?

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