has not banned 19 other books on Sandy Hook

by Jim Fetzer with Dr. Eowyn

Among the striking new developments in relation to the book ban of NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK (2015) by, Mike Palecek, Series Editor, and I, the book’s editor, have found an alternative printer/distributor,, which also carries AND I SUPPOSE WE DIDN’T GO TO THE MOON, EITHER? (2015) and will be carrying other Moon Rock Books. Check it out and let others know. The pdf will remain available to the public for free:

This is the most important development by making the book again available as a bound volume, where we had published the photos in black-and-white to keep the cost down, but where now you can have the best of both worlds: the bound volume to read and review PLUS the photographs in vivid color at your finger tips by downloading the pdf from and many other web sites.

Top 5 Vilified Books

Natural News, which has a pair of excellent articles about the book and its banning–has now published “The five most important books of 2015 that have been vilified, attacked or outright censored” (2 December 2015), cites NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK (2015) as perhaps its most controversial choice, which addresses “false flag” terrorism as a technique used by Western governments to promote the political agendas of their administrations, including the Obama:

Natural News included a link to download the pdf from its site and another to an interview I did with Dave Gahary of American Free Press, which was among the very first. As if more proof were needed that banned the book for political reasons, Dr. Eowyn,, has now published a demonstration that it has not banned 19 other books about Sandy Hook, where the difference is that the other 19 support the government’s official narrative.

Dr. Eowyn’s Demonstration

Like many other sites, Dr. Eowyn has provided a link to download the pdf of NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK (2015), which you might want to keep on a memory stick where it cannot be deleted. Obama and are going bananas over this book, which reveals the lack of legitimacy of the Obama administration and the techniques that it employs to keep the public in a perpetual state of fear.

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63 thoughts on “ has not banned 19 other books on Sandy Hook”

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    This is the truth that must be hidden by Apsterian and his masters at all costs. I am frightened to post it. Murder is the least of the actions by the Cabal to protect this secret. Apsterian must hijack comments, promote phony satanic propaganda and distract, dismiss and discredit to earn his reward. The fact that they placed someone as obviously brilliant and bombastic as Apsterian to Dr. Fetzer shows how important Jim is. When this truth is revealed (it’s not that ET’s are real, it’s HOW THEY GOT HERE) we can all grow our own food in the winter, desalinate all the water we want, and send Apsterian and his Oil masters back to the desert to ride camels. No more oil, nuclear waste, hunger, slavery, pollution… the real “Thousand years peace.”
    I beg you, do not allow this poser to hijack your thoughts and enrage you with insults. Please just skip over him and we can seek out like minded supporters of someone as genius and effective as Jim Fetzer. I will close with one last reasonable question, what does Apsterian have to gain from monitoring and responding to every single post, by everyone, every day, on James Fetzer’s blog? Look at what he says, what does he have to gain? Only the reward from his masters.

  8. Apsterian, are you capable of the "art of dialectic" that you claim women are so putrid at? Or is name calling and fanaticism all you got in that small arsenal of yours? Perhaps you are compensating for something. On the one hand, you talk about God’s grace and mercy. Then you are calling someone’s soul “putrid and putrescent.” The real teachings of Christ talk about the beauty of God’s creation and do not speak of anything similar to all sinners being doomed. There is also no farm animals, purgatory, rapture, three kings, a birthday on Dec. 25 or a little drummer boy anywhere in that insane book. There are, however, instructions to stone anyone wearing two fabrics. What are you wearing Apsterian? Had any shellfish lately? Off to the stoning with you! Slavery was spelled out real nice in your Holly Bibble too. Down with that? The truth is that God could only create out of Himself. That means we are as sinless and beautiful as He is. All that we have been allowed to “dream” about, imagining that we are separate from the Father, will be washed away and the true purity of our Christ nature acknowledged and restored to our awareness. Sin is an ancient archery term for “miss the mark.”
    And our poor star family sits there, looking down at us, their cousins, hoping for the day they can birth us in to our galactic community. Religious zealots like you are pretty much holding up the whole thing. They have free energy, anti gravity, healing technology and lots and lots of planets and asteroids to mine and colonize. Why in the world would “they” want to “inhabit” your body anyway? Are like, really hot or something? I kind of doubt it. The undeniable fact, oh christian soldier, is that any race with their technology could “have their way” with us any time they wanted. Any argument that they are held back by a God Shield is simply re wrapped barbaric tribalism. Want to test my theory? Go in to the amazon jungle with a rifle, a sound system and some solar power and see if it’s fun to be a Demon to those people. It’s what you would be. You would miss the grocery store real fast. Your amazing arrogance that you have anything ET’s would want is the true hubris and lack of humility that Christ warned about. Just as there are evolved people who care about others, so it is true with societies vastly older and more advanced than ours. We have free will. Only when we can “handle it” will be be gifted with the knowledge that we are not alone, and there are beings who care about us with a great deal to learn from.

  9. Uninvited troops on the ground in Syria (by anyone) would be a declaration of war against Syria. I think Putin has made it clear that he will defend Syria in such a situation. That means that Russian bombers (and cruise missiles from the Russian sub now on station off the Syrian coast) will HAMMER Turkish or American or Israeli troops on the ground in Syria. Besides that, a Turkey shoot is coming – a little late for Thanksgiving but just in time for Christmas! 😉

  10. See Dr. Barrett's article on San Bernardino Hoax at VT. Among all the other issues this shows, is the glaring dismal failure of education in America at every level, from grade school to junior high school, to high school, to college and more. The more education Americans receive, the dumber they become. They seem to possess, no, zero critical thinking abilities of reason combined with common sense and knowledge of human nature. They do not know what the phrase “out of character” means. They do not know the meaning of analysis They are lazy because all they want to do is watch a screen with a speaker providing them the lies of the day, carefully orchestrated to kill a few more of their limited brain cells and further brainwash them. All this would make Joseph Goebbels proud. In short, Americans are lazy, ignorant, uncritical, the most easily fooled saps on planet earth and deserve their plight and imminent return to life in the dark ages of the past. I wouldn’t be surprised to see many Americans jumping out of windows of high rise buildings thinking they can defy the laws of physics and fly.

  11. The Amazon.Com CEO Jeff Bezos has cleverly and coyly, so far, remained out of the limelight and kept his secret machinations to evidently destroy main street brick and mortar America and cover up government crimes disguised and hidden from public exposure. He is reported to have paid $250 million in cash for the former muckraking newspaper Washington Post of Watergate fame, which is now on its death bed. Does anyone think he intends to use its classified ads to promote his “book” and other retail business? He is challenging every store front business in America even giant WalMart with razor thin profit margins, or losses, provided by capital (this does not mean DC but MONEY) from his bankster friends and cronies on Wall Street who use zero percent interest rates dictated by the corrupt Federal Reserve Bank to fund his impending destruction of brick and mortar main street America as we know her, while censoring any books and information proving our government is a criminal lawbreaker. The irony of all this is this massive funding is coming out of the hides of the life savings of mostly senior citizens of America to run the gambling casino racket on Wall Street. Without their massive funding Bezos’ business would be dead.

  12. As usual, Jim Stone has analyzed the latest SB "mass shooting" and put the pieces of another HOAX together – this time with some real victims, the Muslim "shooters" (actually, the "POLICE" were the shooters of the Muslim "shooters") :

    Keep an eye on the Jim Stone website for the latest analysis because the SB "mass shooting" official story is getting weirder and weirder!

  13. Shouldn't Jim and his fellow truthers be locked up in Wal-Mart (or already at a FEMA camp) right now because of Jade Helm? At least that's what he was assuring us over the summer. In fact he said he was certain Jade Helm was the real deal! Haven't heard a peep about it since then.

  14. A succinct, incisive, stunning investigative article by Katherine Frisk in VeteransToday, documents how the outlaw government of the U.S. protects common thieves robbing or stealing oil from half way around the world and selling it back to the U.S. The title of the article is "Who Owns ISIS". Maybe the name of America should be changed to
    "Gangster Nation of common thieves." Specific individuals are named including pictures of their ugly faces.

  15. Rupert Murdock is in the news censoring business. Jeff Bezos, the top 1986 Summa Cum Laude Electrical Engineering graduate of Princeton University, CEO of Amazon.Com, is in the book censoring business. Are not these two propaganda artists birds of a feather or kissing cousins? Murdock censors news information documenting criminal conduct of our government, while Bezos censors books with information documenting criminal conduct of our government like "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook". Is not a person who aids and abets criminal conduct also a criminal themselves? Is not the act of censoring criminal conduct of the United States Government aiding and abetting criminal behavior against all Americans? Why would Murdock and Bezos want to protect criminal conduct by our government from public exposure? Any suggestions? When the government becomes the lawbreaker, and others who aid and abet that lawbreaking also become lawbreakers, how do any of these lawbreakers get brought before the "bar of justice"? Where is that "bar of justice"? Where is the police force to arrest and bring these criminals before the bar of justice? Is not "justice" in America really a myth which does not exist in reality at all?

  16. In the book, you are figuring the number or rounds shot in a certain time frame. You ended up with 1 per second figuring in the misses and mag changes. One thing you forgot. The room changes. All the 'victims' weren't in the same room, correct?

  17. As usual, Jim Stone has analyzed the latest SB "mass shooting" and put the pieces of another HOAX together – this time with some real victims, the Muslim "shooters" (actually, the "POLICE" were the shooters of the Muslim "shooters") :

    Keep an eye on the Jim Stone website for the latest analysis because the SB "mass shooting" official story is getting weirder and weirder!

  18. Professor Fetzer, I'm aware of the claims pertaining to the Apollo hoax theory and I can assure you, that while some of the research has been of value to a certain degree, the conclusion is based largely on misunderstood data points.

    As documented by Joseph P. Farrell who has done extensive research on Operation Paperclip, which brought thousands of German scientists to the U.S. Well before the end of the second World War the Germans were working on very advanced projects related to unconventional propulsion systems such as Die Glocke, Victor Schauberger's repulsine device, among others. And these technologies were of course incorporated into the U.S military industrial complex and the space race.

    There is every reason to believe the technology was and is available to get man to the moon and back. I highly recommend you interview Dr. Farrell.

    His website is

  19. If anything the Professor was more than fair in allowing the gentleman a full half hour, and following up with a respectful rebuttal was fair game as well.

    It's amazing some people still think the Earth is flat in the 21st century, coupled with even more bizarre claims such as the Moon being a transparent object, the Sun revolving around the Earth, etc.

    I think it would've been more appropriate to dissect the latest shooter hoax. There's already so much dirt on this case and it hasn't even been 48 hours. Classic false flag, with extra cheese.

  20. The tell is that Emmanuel Goldstein lies.

    "The “tell” was Dr. Fetzer’s and Mr. Halbig’s meeting in front of the Sandy Hook School Board. Dr. Fetzer, in front of the School Board, did not say “nobody died,” but the contrary. Dr. Fetzer acknowledged that people died at the Sandy Hook shooting event."

    Dr. Fetzer's three minute testimony begins at 3:45 on this video.

  21. And I forgot to ask what detail of deception did you expose on the Sandy Hook incident during the two years that the official police "evidence" was out there in the public domain only I'm having a hard time finding your accreditation for any of the obvious points that an utterly worthless bastard like myself seems to have discovered while you, I presume, did not? Allan Powell

  22. TTS: It is a recent article. The jist of the article is James Preston indicates officials at the department of education have indicated SH was a fema drill, no one died and it was used to promote gun confiscation.

  23. I've taken your advice about believing in nothing but the bible, now given that I am a fellow christian soldier, did Orwell go to Heaven or Hell oh and because I had previously been an atheist how much time should I expect in Purgatory? Allan Powell

  24. Why didn't Jim let David Weiss respond to Jim's so-called "critique" of David? Seemed like a parody of a real debate when there's no actual back and forth. Not sure how much effort Jim put into that show.

  25. Veronique also says little Noah copped 11 shots whereas the PM examination by Carver says three and the Death Investigation Report says 1 shot. She's a complete ball of bullshit on legs. She says she got a tattoo to celebrate little Noah, for a Jew? And Jews don't do open coffins either. Allan Powell

  26. "where the difference is that the other 19 support the government's official narrative."
    Nothing gets censored that supports the elite agenda- that quote says it all. TBH, as long as Jews are in charge, expect false flags to continue and censorship of their exposure as well. There are no break throughs here till you remove them from power
    Look what Germany did in 5 years while everyone else was suffering in the 30s. Jews are a goyim nightmare. The more freedom they have, the less we have

  27. And I was also wondering if Dr Fetzer considered alternative means of selling his book such as fishpond or book depository.

    David Norton: there are quite a number of VT articles on Sandy Hook, did you have an exact title or link to the one you mean?

  28. Many thanks to all involved in researching for the book, and making it available for all. I am about a quarter of the way through it.

    It struck me that on p. 63, Veronique Pozner, mother of young Noah, is recorded as making the comment: "This was a live, warm, energetic little boy whose life was snuffed
    out in a fraction of a second because our schools are so defenseless.” It appears from her comment that she would prefer armed guards in every school. How does her comment compare with the attitudes of the other parents? It is evidently not consistent with a gun control agenda, if it were a conspiracy by those with such views.

  29. Apparently, TPTB have discovered that Americans will no longer believe the "shooting" HOAXES are real unless there are real victims! We can expect more STAGED HOAXES but with real victims and with real blood. THEY could care less!

  30. The blood (real or imaginary) of "shooters" and "victims" in SB has not yet dried and already the Editorial Board of that Zionist RAG, the NYT, has called for GUN CONTROL across America, echoing ObamaRahm-a and ignoring the fact that these "shootings" are STAGED HOAXES and have a sinister agenda: KILL the 2nd Amendment and DISARM Americans. The good news is that at the present rate of gun sales, there will soon be 200,000,000 heavily armed Americans, ready to confront the DHS at the OK Corral or in their neighborhood!

  31. As usual, the "shooters" have been conveniently shot dead by Police. Dead men (and women) tell no tales! There may be FAR more hybrid ALIENS WALKING AMONG US (David M. Jacobs) than we can possibly imagine!

  32. WND allowed this comment to the above article posted on their website:
    wjabbe • 10 minutes ago

    Obviously the ignorant authors of this article have not read the mountains of evidence and facts that Sandy Hook was the age old sympathy scam. Read the free 426 page book, the only book on Sandy Hook banned by Amazon, "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook" by professor Dr. Jim Fetzer, Ph.D., et al free at Even the donation web sites were up the day before this "crime". There is not one iota of scientific proof that anyone died. The Newtown school board has obstructed release of simple public information and can't even remember if they approved the trip to the Super Bowl!. Americans love to be fleeced by their own government. The only conspiracy here was that of the local, State of Connecticut and Federal to fool its own citizens into giving up their basic rights to own and possess guns.

  33. THEY (Feds and Zionist-controlled MSM) are building an enormous and preposterous HOUSE OF LIES – which will collapse with just a little Alternative Media research. We have reached the Orwellian "White is Black" stage, aka "The Emperor's New Clothes"! How much more of this "official" horseshit will the American SHEEPLE swallow?

  34. Should we consider it "strange" that yet another "drill" was going on in the vicinity of the SB "mass shooting" and that ObamaRahm-a's knee-jerk reaction was to call for GUN CONTROL?! Were the "shooters" (still unidentified) and the shooting an integral part of the "drill"? Who stages all these "drills", one wonders?!

  35. Here is a good one. Evidently they have not read, or do not believe, or would not read in any case, “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook”
    December 2, 2015
    “San Bernardino shooting: The worst since Newtown”
    By Jon Schuppe, Elizabeth Chuck and Helen Kwong
    “With a reported 14 people killed and another 14 wounded, Wednesday’s gun attack at Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California, is one of the deadliest mass shootings in modern American history, and the worst since 27 people were killed in Newtown, Connecticut, in 2012.”
    “27 killed. On Dec. 14, 2012, 20-year-old Adam Lanza killed 28 people, including himself, his mother, 20 elementary school kids and six school staff and faculty at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Lanza suffered from extreme mental health issues that weren’t treated, and was preoccupied with violence, a report from state officials found. He also had easy access to weapons, the report said.”

  36. Regarding Victor Thorn’s book…

    American Free Press YouTube Channel

    Feb 20, 2013

    1st Book on Sandy Hook!
    American Free Press

    American Free Press's record in covering Sandy Hook has been dodgy and dismal. AFP is where Spingola, C W Wade, Michael Piper (RIP), and Mark Glen (The Ugly Truth) and other Sandy Hook official story supporters came from or are or were closely associated with.

    The personable Dave Gahary is supposed to do damage control after all those guys did serious damage to AFP's subscribership. So Dave Gahary did the old "fair and balanced" coverage to save AFP from tanking.

    Thorne and Gahary in this YT video dance around the Sandy Hook issue. This 32 page book IS NOT the "all in one place" comprehensive book you can just hand to people Thorne described it as. Thorne said he can't read the media's mind so he will let his audience decide what was the media's motivation in telling very deliberate lies. This obvious cop out is not excused by the book’s early release after the event. His main focus is the media and seemed to refer to "the government" as a separate entity from the media.

    Two of the unique qualities of Nobody Died book are that it truly is thorough and comprehensive and covers the quality evidence from many sources and fully references all in this 425 page book, and there are many photographs for people with Daniel Malloy's challenges. This takes all the hard earned information away from “the conspiracy world” of i hundreds of websites and articles and videos and audios.

    The paper book is tangible personal property. The horse is out of the barn.

    When someone wants to challenge you about Sandy Hook truth and you want to just keep the exchange brief with no discussion, having the book to point to is a wonderful weapon. Just say all the evidence is here and fully documented.

    Internet discussions can be squelched broadcasts can be electronically compromised but truth in writing on paper is something they can’t destroy.

    December 2, 2015 at 3:03 PM

  37. There is now a MOUNTAIN of evidence that a LIAR, TRAITOR and CRIMINAL occupies the WH, placed there by Israeli Zionist Slimeballs and their America-based katzas and sayanim. In the 1970s, Senator Fulbright described the Senate as "Israel-Occupied Territory". Today, ALL OF AMERICA, including the entire CONgress, WH and Federal Agencies (in addition to the MSM) is ISRAEL-OCCUPIED TERRITORY! The Sandy Hook HOAX is just one CRIME among MANY! And now we have PROOF (supplied by Russia) that the ObamaRahm-a Administration has been IGNORING massive oil purchases (stolen from Iraq) by Turkey from the Mossad/CIA-created ISIS/ISIL! Times are getting DESPERATE for ObamaRahm-a, so look for 911-II and a declaration of "National Emergency" and/or MARTIAL LAW and formal suspension of the Constitution!

  38. Today, we are witnessing yet another feeding frenzy by the Zionist-controlled MSM about the San Bernardino, CA alleged "Mass Shooting". Time will tell just how REAL this incident is – perhaps a little more real than the Sandy Hook HOAX, but probably staged as well. The timing is certainly suspicious! THEY are likely "piling on" to spread IRRATIONAL FEAR!

  39. Some more information on book no. 11:

    Victor Thorn, Sandy Hook: A Critical Analysis of the Media's Pathetic Practices and and How They Spawned a Wave of Alternate Conspiracy Theories, Poisoned Pen Publishing, 2013.

    While Thorn's book, which has not even one review on Amazon, questions what he calls the media's "confused reporting" on Sandy Hook, he does not offer an alternative explanation for Sandy Hook. How could he? – since his book was published in January 2013, mere weeks after the alleged massacre. That, and the book's short length (32 pages), render it nonthreatening.

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