The War over Sandy Hook Truth being waged on

by Jim Fetzer

A titanic war is taking place on over this book. Everyone who has read the book has posted a 5-STAR review. A blizzard of 1-STAR reviews is appearing from a legion of phonies, trolls and shills. Check it out. You won’t believe it. Unreal!

Here is an astonishing interview with Scott Wilson, who attended Wolfgang’s FOIA hearings and exposes aspects of Sandy Hook and the Newtown community that have simply floored me. This is another show you are going to want to widely share:

The Real Deal Ep #124 More Light on Dark Recesses of Sandy Hook”

Please send links to the Prologue and my video introduction everywhere you can. I am doing everything I can to expose the truth. But I can’t do it all by myself. We have a huge advantage over the perps: We can prove what we claim. They can’t.

“Prologue: Sandy Hook: Was it reality or an illusion?”

Even if you are unable to compose a review of the book because you have not yet read it, you can still contribute by going after the trolls and shills who are attacking it. If you care about 9/11 Truth, GET INVOLVED!
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27 thoughts on “The War over Sandy Hook Truth being waged on”

  1. Dr. Fetzer is organizing a field trip to the US Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Museum for all his groupies! Tickets are $2,000 each paid in advance to the Dr. Fetzer Foundation.

    The US Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Museum is located on the corner of Ardennes St. and Marion St. on Fort Bragg, N.C. The museum is open 11 a.m. through 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Admission is free.

    Military information support operations (MISO) play an important role in DOD communications efforts through the planned use of directed programs specifically designed to support USG and DOD activities and policies. MISO are planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to select Internet audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of the U S government, organizations, groups, and individuals in a manner favorable to the originator’s objectives. Military information support (MIS) professionals follow a deliberate process that aligns commander’s objectives with an analysis of the environment; select relevant TAs; develop focused, culturally, and environmentally attuned messages and actions; employ sophisticated media delivery means; and produce observable, measurable behavioral responses.

  2. A "9/11 Truther" who disrupted a press conference after the Super Bowl in New Jersey confronted the sister of a teacher killed in the mass shooting at a Connecticut school during a charity event held in her honor, reports say.

    Matthew Mills, 32, of Brooklyn, N.Y. was charged with second-degree breach of peace Saturday after approaching Jillian Soto and telling her the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. never took place, reported.

    Mills was also arrested following Super Bowl XLVIII at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford in 2014. Mills burst on to the podium during a post-game press conference, grabbing a microphone from a player and shouting, "Investigate 9/11! 9/11 was perpetrated by people in our own government!"

    At Saturday's Vicky Soto 5K Race in Stratford, Conn., Mills' alleged antics brought Soto and another sibling to tears. He shoved a photo of the Soto family in Jillian Soto's face and loudly told her that her sister never existed, cops told the Connecticut Post.

    Vicky Soto is credited with helping some members of her first-grade class escape the shooting that left 20 students and six adult staff members dead.

    Saturday's event helped raise money for scholarships in Soto's name.

    Mills defended his actions in an interview with, saying he donated money to run in the race and "politely" asked Jillian Soto a question about a picture he said might have been altered.

    Mills posted a $10,000 bond and is due next week in Bridgeport Superior Court.

  3. What are u?–just a suck-up, right?–simple way of characterizing things, speaking the real truth, most accurately. Is this too "psy-ops like comment"?–ho ho ho ho. U urself?–u're more like dog-shit out in the front-yard, I'd say, ho ho ho ho

  4. Exactly Who, What Fetzer Is, In Scheme Of Things

    Sorry William, but I'm too dedicated ANTI-SEMITE (Christian) to allow for Fetzer's idiot "non-Talmudic Jews" to getting by–I mean, HOW GODDAM STUPID and "politically correct" can anyone get? And this is someone (Fetzer) thoroughly established, "emeritus," w. 30 + yrs of experience–is there any wonder the students and graduates of these morons are such idiots, typical of the ENTIRE, putrid, filthy, stinking satanic culture? "Non-Talmudic Jews"–I kid u not, people–and this is someone w. Ph.d, ho ho ho ho ho

    Sorry William, but the "small-mind" is not mine, buddy–which u ought to think more seriously about. U think Aristotle is "irrelevant"?–well then, so u think about science, logic, and reasoning/rationality in general too, eh?

    And didja know that Ph.ds like Fetzer teaching the idiot, stupid crap he does for "ethics" and "philosophy" are surely behind the Jew S A responsible for up to 20 + million deaths resulting fm imperialist interventions since WWII?–see Over a million people have been killed just in Iraq since the illegal US/NATO invasion of 2003.

    See William, u gotta face-up to the evermore urgent fact–WE'RE NEXT ON THE MASS-MURDER LIST these Jews and Jewwies have all drawn up, inspired fm "Agenda-21," among the other "policies."

    Fetzer doesn't understand what MONEY is, can't tell the diff. btwn real, honest money and fraudulent "currency," hence we have the master, Jew, criminals over-seeing everything at the top, TOTALLY in control, while JFK, 9/11, and Sandy hoax go on, but Fetzer doesn't even have clue regarding the currency system.

    Meantime we're having barium and aluminum sprayed and falling on us and food-crops, fluoride put in drinking water supplies, GMOs and other poison additives forced down our throats, not to mention the forced, toxic vaccines and the electro-magnetic poisoning, on-going even as we speak.

    And observe the cowardly indifference, not to mention gross, putrid IGNORANCE Fetzer displays as these Jews and satanists push aside and suppress Fetzer's own cultural heritage in way of Christianity–notice Fetzer hasn't even a clue, isn't terribly, particularly bothered by it?

    So u see, William, unlike u, I see Fetzer as INTEGRAL part of the problem, he being "emeritus," etc. And I note that real patriots' only chance for any sort of serious resistance is the inevitable falling-out among the top masterminds as the stock of slaves and dupes is steadily reduced, the masterminds looking at one another, suspecting the typical, inevitable double-cross fm fellow criminals ("no honor among thieves"). Fetzer is very much precisely one of these sort, even if at lower-level, sociologically, imagining there are "non-Talmudic Jews." Ho ho ho ho. U're one w. the "small-mind," William.

  5. Dr Fetzer has done a good job of researching various events in our society and in bringing people together at conferences on them. These are things we might have expected the media to have done. It hasn't and won't. To find fault with his philosophical positions seems rather small minded. Yes, I am not a fan of Aristotle; but that is rather irrelevant presently. So I would recommend that responders concentrate on the subject which is the book. When Fetzer publishes something on Aristotle or ethics that will be the time to get into that type of discussion!

  6. Dr. Fetzer,
    I am thrilled to see you are no longer wasting your valuable time responding to Apsterian or Goldstein.
    I wish I could kindly ask them to go away, so I don't have to wade through their strange psy-op like comments. And they write so terribly too!
    As usual, you not only have the research chops, but the writing chops to present your ideas in a common sense, cogent fashion.
    Never give up, and know there are those of us out there shaking our heads when "commenters" like those mentioned above spend absurd amounts of time farting in your room.

  7. All "Discussions" Are Sufficiently Covered On Comments Pages

    The discussion is already here and well-noted on these comment pages, and other pages too. Fetzer is already scheduled to have discussion w. Michael A. Hoffman II (, as Fetzer has already noted, regarding subject of Talmud and Judaism.

    Fetzer also ought to have a discussion w. someone fm, or perhaps G. Edward Griffin ( on subject of MONEY and banking, US Federal Reserve Bank, etc.

  8. ZOG "Narrative" Upheld Only By Criminal, Military Threats, Intimidation

    Yes, BUT actually, the real weak-link is the OBVIOUS obstruction(s) of justice, malfeasances, and outright fraud committed by the various officials, bureaucrats, politicians, and judges regarding Newtown and state of Corrupticut, not to mention the gross criminals at the "federal" level. And all this has been well and excellently probed and explored by our hero, Wolfgang Halbig, who has done yeoman's work, truly.

    I'm actually amazed Wolfgang found a lawyer who would half-way cooperate and try to doing a decent job–those people are easily bribed and extorted, no less than the judges, especially, who are hand-picked according to their corrupt nature and status and wouldn't be in their positions UNLESS they were "reliable" to the establishment.

    There's no worse and more blatant "weak link" than Monte Frank, the Jew shyster who represented the Sandy hoax powers, who told Wolfgang's witnesses, duly subpoena'd, to not show-up to the hearings.

    Don't forget the cops who physically barred Wolfgang fm entering the United Way offices, and the Florida cops who relayed the threat to arrest him if he continued to persist. Then there was Gov. Malloy, ho ho ho, who blatantly and brazenly lied to Wolfgang on video, insisting he never said what he's already on video record having said, ho ho ho ho–PATHETIC.

    But note: all of this gross, putrid corruption and lying will STAND–long as US Federal Reserve Bank legalized COUNTERFEITING continues to print-out and digitalize "currency" which is accepted by the people, and this will continue long as US military and powers continue to extort and intimidate people world-wide, forcing consumers of oil energy to pay in terms of US Dollars ("petro-dollars"), etc.

  9. Fetzer's Short-Comings Are Not Minor

    I rather agree w. Goldstein, above, and would pt. out that "peer-reviewed journals" are (a) over-rated, generally, (b) extremely fraudulent in many ways, and have been proven to be so.

    I further note Fetzer is tried and true member of a distinct "ESTABLISHMENT" w. certain standards which Fetzer meets as "emeritus" for over 30 yrs, as we understand–and there are serious problems and issues implicit and involved.

    As a keen student of philosophy myself, I can attest Fetzer is quite WEAK in certain respects for philosophy. For one thing he has basic problems for grasp of ETHICS–which is simply logic btwn ends and means, Fetzer entertaining known frauds and failures like Immanuel Kant and Jeremy Bentham, for examples.

    Similarly, in metaphysics, Fetzer seems to have distinct difficulty, not even fully grasping Aristotle and/or Platonic principles and implications.

    Without any doubt, Fetzer FAILS signally for the basic philosophic task of perspective and CONTEXT, not capable of placing Sandy hoax, Boston bombing, and all the other recent fakes and frauds perpetrated by ZOG in way of "shootings," etc., or JFK and related assassinations, and 9/11 incident within context, especially historical context, within and under the larger fraud entailed by CENTRAL-BANKING. For these bankers are un-questionably the master-criminals who control and dominate our present society and culture.

    And of course, as I've noted, Fetzer seems to be totally "at sea" when it comes to Christian philosophy vs. the satanism of Judaism and Talmud and how this all plays-out in practice and in history.

    So we see Fetzer has some SERIOUS problems for his knowledge and practice of the philosophic endeavor, art, and craft, though one must give him some credit as he strives and struggles, for example, to noting and grasping the actual facts for such as JFK and lately, Sandy hoax. Fetzer seems to be at his best, basically as scientist and observer, for noting the facts and details for Sandy hoax, and then generalizing, in his limited manner, to limited conclusion(s) it was essentially a drill which then suffered "mission-creep," so to speak, regarding larger issue of gun-control and respect for US Constitution.

    Surely, a great issue for Fetzer regards that of MONEY, what it really is and must be, and then the implications. After that (money), Fetzer surely needs to come to grips w. the satanic nature of our present society and how it got that way, and then most specifically, the nature, meaning, and implications of Judaism–Talmudism.

    But without doubt, Fetzer could be lots worse, and in our present sad state, we ought to be willing to count our blessings such as they are.

  10. I'm sorry but to say he is not a "real" researcher is a bit inaccurate. No body can possibly publish as many technical philosophy articles in peer-reviewed journals without having something new to say. As far as his 9/11 research, he almost always gives the reference to where he got his info.


    Dr. Fetzer is a seasoned entertainer who has kept us laughing for years. His best attributes are diversion and group-think.

    As a 74 year old clown, Dr. Fetzer is loved and respected by those in the same profession. Maybe Dr. Fetzer should take his wife, Janice, on a Sunday drive to visit The International Clown Hall of Fame and Research Center in Baraboo, WI which is only an hour drive from their home in Oregon, WI.

    Here are the directions but call ahead to make an appointment:

    Get on US-14 W in Fitchburg from E Richards Rd and Co Hwy Mm N 5 min (2.1 mi)
    Take US-12 W to South Blvd in Baraboo 53 min (48.9 mi)
    Continue on South Blvd. Drive to 4th St

    Dr. Fetzer is not a real researcher, Dr. Fetzer latches onto other people’s research, and if Dr. Fetzer likes it, Dr. Fetzer inserts himself into the picture and makes it his own. This is a form of plagiarism…let’s look at some of Dr. Fetzer’s actions of the past concerning 9/11…

    1.) First Dr. Fetzer aligns himself with the nano thermite crowd, promotes them, then discredits them.

    2.) Then Dr. Fetzer aligns himself with the Directed Energy Weapon crowd and Dr. Judy Wood, promotes them, then discredits them.

    3.) Now Dr. Fetzer has aligned himself with the mini nuke crowd, is promoting them, but what do you think is gonna happen next?

    I wonder if Dr. Fetzer's wife, Janice, and children, Bret and Sarah, have to listen to his rants and ravings too.

  12. Scott Walker is a very interesting guest and I appreciate his comments.

    I have a few questions and comments about this show.

    The first minute or so was no audio and Media Broadcasting Center [ ] has been having increasing technical outages related to Dr. Fetzer's show and we should expect more of this as the show is "over the target."

    Was curious as to occupation of Scott Wilson. He mentioned he gives talks at prisons to advise against drug usage and give hope to incarcerated addicts, or something to that effect, so that makes me think he may be a social worker or in one of the helping / counseling professions.
    Mr. Wilson mentioned he "ran" the license plate numbers he picked up from the cars around the School of Rock facility in a city I guess about 30 or 40 miles from Newtown and the check he ran revealed that the vehicles were licensed in Newtown. Usually only employees of some governmental agency have the machines or the computer database access codes that allow "running" license plate numbers to give information about a vehicle, where it was registered and to whom the vehicle was registered. So I wonder if Mr. Wilson is employed at some governmental agency.

    I was curious about the name of the Ct. state senator whose grandson committed the alleged crime for which Mr. Wilson's own son was convicted.

    I looked up the long gun Ct. state law and the senator's name associated with it is Donald E. Williams Jr. …

    General Assembly Bill No. 1160
    January Session, 2013 LCO No. 5428
    Referred to Committee on NO COMMITTEE
    Introduced by:
    SEN. WILLIAMS, 29th Dist.
    REP. SHARKEY, 88th Dist.

    Ex-state senator Williams is suddenly no longer a state senator according to…

    legislator photo
    Donald E. Williams Jr. (Inactive)

    Donald E. Williams Jr. no longer serves in the Connecticut General Assembly.
    Available Terms:

    2013-2014 "

    If ex-senator Willaims is the one Mr. Wilson said had a grandson who actually committed the alleged crime his own son was convicted for, it seems to be another anomaly as to why this senator only served two terms and apparently abruptly left office after his second term. It would appear that payoffs and reprisals, kickbacks with maybe a little bribery and extortion added to the mix might be involved in this 2009 alleged crime of these young people and connecting all to the Sandy Hook B movie.

    The search facility on MemoryHoleBlog site of Dr. James Tracy is not very good but enter term "Potemkin" and you may find some interesting discussion there by commenters about Newtown being a Potemkin Village. The guest said the whole Newtown feeling is "strange." There are some indications that the whole town was planned by the CIA and somehow morphed into a Potemkin Village a few years before Sandy Hook event.

    I see this overwhelming governmental corruption and multiple "false flag" events being perpetrated upon we the people as being of a truly Satanic / Luciferian nature. Would suggest reading Hugh Akins' book, Synagogue Rising,
    available at

    and visiting Craig Heimbichner's website

    Heunbichner wrote Blood on the Altar and
    he ties the Satanic / occultic together very nicely to what is happening in the USA right now, with the Sandy Hook event being one scene in the Big Lie Big Movie.

  13. The so-called medical examiner doofus is just ONE of the weak links. ("It's wasn't a tent… it was this huge.. THING! HA!") What a goof ball. But there are so many weak links because the whole thing is so farcical. Gene Rosen? Good lord, what a phony clown. "Their faces were frozen with fear!" (dry cry, dry cry)

    No EMTs rushing in, no bodies being rushed out, no medivac choppers landing on the massive lawn, people walking in circles at the fire station, people BRINGING THEIR CHILDREN!, everyone must sign in, filthy school, Robbie "Chuckles" Parker, parents not ID'ing their own kids or even SEEING them before burial????? etc etc etc.

    The whole charade is one big weak link. Anyone believing this crap hasn't read anything about it other than the original phony accounts, has their head stuck in the sand, or is a shill.

  14. Did an internet post noting that in my perception the Medical Examiner is the weak link in the government narrative and that my view he should lawyer up and seek personal security. If my perception is correct, he may end up dead!!

  15. Fetzer & Co. Had To Know This Trolling Would Happen By COUNTERFEITERS & Satanists

    Yes, absolutely–on any HONEST sort of forum whatsoever just such a blizzard of troll comments is PRECISELY what anyone w. brains would expect.

    For we KNOW absolutely Sandy hoax was AND STILL IS topmost priority for PSY-OPS by satanic ZOG regime financing things w. OCEANS of ZOG-bux printed-out by the tons, also digitalized on computer screens.

    So Fetzer should feel gratified he's target of such lie campaign by ZOG–precisely what he would/should expect. Amazon needs not, and shouldn't make any special effort to "delete" anything, as it's excellent record to see ZOG's feeble attempts to continue deceiving the people.

  16. The strange thing about those 1-star reviews is that they are usually only one or two sentences all using the ad-hominem fallacy–probably all written by the same person on different user names. Amazon should delete those reviews which say "This book is garbage" but which do not explain what the authors got wrong!

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