Removed article on SANDY HOOK BOOK BAN has been found

by Jim Fetzer

While it’s one thing for to ban NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK (2015), which proves that the events in Newtown, CT, on 14 December 2012 were an elaborate hoax–for which there was a rehearsal the day before–it is another for, Alex Jones’ website (based on the premises that we are engaged in an information war for your mind) to pull an article that reports on a stellar instance of precisely that taking place. The hypocrisy of disappearing such an obvious example that proves the case for has stunned and astonished me. has published about Sandy Hook before. It published “MASSIVE MEGA-COVER UP: RETIRED FBI AGENT INVESTIGATES SANDY HOOK. Retired Nave Seal Says Sandy Hook doesn’t add up” (7 July 2015), for example, where an article about banning NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK should have been an obvious development for to cover. I want to share the article here and invite any comments or conjectures about why it was taken down. 

Among our most important proofs that Sandy Hook was an elaborate hoax are photographs unearthed by Allan William Powell from Australia, where we published 50 of the furnishing of the Lanza home in Ch. 7, including one of the Nancy Lanza bedroom (where you can see red stuff on the bed–but it is not blood; a form used to record the furnishing on a wooden chest; and a blue moving pad beneath the left leg of the bed, which they forgot to remove) and another 50 of refurbishing the school for its use as the stage in Ch. 8, including Exhibit 26, where the SWAT team is already there, the windows of Classroom 10 are not shot out, crime scene tape is up for a crime that has yet to be committed and Wayne Carver, M.E., is standing awaiting the arrival of his tent:

We also included photos showing the windows of Classroom 10 BEFORE and AFTER the alleged shooting and of the perps drilling a series of holes in the window frame to simulate bullet holes, which make it obvious that the four windows which can be seen above the SWAT vehicle are not yet “shot out”, which confirms that this photo was taken BEFORE the alleged shooting had taken place. These photos are all in Ch. 7:

These photos not only confirm that Exhibit 26 (above) was taken BEFORE the alleged shooting (since the windows of Classroom 10 are undamaged) but also demonstrate that the perps did there work too well by drilling those simulated bullet holes at 50* angles and parallel with one another, which would have been impossible in an actual shooting. I was therefore struck that the image corresponding to Exhibit 26 that was published by had a better version and an attribution to the CONNECTICUT STATE POLICE, which thereby verifies their participation in the scam:

There was more to the article, but nothing that seems to be to have been reason for it to have been taken down. That it provides “IMAGE CREDITS CONNECTICUT STATE POLICE”, on the other hand, must have caused panic among the participants, since here is one of the web’s major sites offering conclusive proof that the CONNECTICUT STATE POLICE were on the crime scene BEFORE the crime had been committed and were therefore participants in perpetrating an elaborate hoax on the American public. THAT had to be taken down!

This forces me to conclude that Alex Jones is an internet eunuch who doesn’t have the balls to stand up against the powers that be when real issues are on the line. He could prove that I am wrong by restoring the article, but by taking the original down, he has already proven that I am right. This may come as a shock, but those of us who have followed him closely in the past have noticed that he does not mention Israeli complicity in 9/11, in spite of a mass of evidence, and that he has made no effort to bring me on to discuss the banning of NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK.

Here are a few articles by others who have had the balls to stand up about the book’s ban:  

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, “CENSORSHIP SHOCK: bans investigative book NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK because it disagrees with government version of what happened”

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, “Amazon is the new Ministry of Truth: An interview with Jim Fetzer, editor of the Sandy Hook book BANNED by

Glenn Candy, BeforeItsNews, “New Photos Prove Sandy Hook Staged: Amazon freaks out!” 

The Government Rag, “Amazon Suppresses and Bans NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK” 

I have been interviewed by Jeff Rense, James F. TracyDave Gahary of American Free Press, Joyce Riley of “The Power Hour”, Michael Rivero, Pete Santilli, Mark Windows of “Windows on the World” (UK) and many other courageous journalists, but not by Alex Jones, who claims to be leading the fight for truth and freedom in the Western world.

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119 thoughts on “Removed article on SANDY HOOK BOOK BAN has been found”

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  6. Alex Jones was really freaked out after Andrew Breitbart's death. He said repeatedly that he is healthy and that he would never, ever commit suicide, and that if he dies mysteriously, it is because he has been murdered.

  7. Don't forget Andrew Breitbart. His sudden death was allegedly due to "natural causes," and the news organization Breitbart started has always stuck with the official story.

    One of the coroner's who worked on the autopsy died of arsenic poisoning the same day Breitbart's autopsy results were released. See here:

    And here:

    The coroner was only 61 years old. There hasn't really been much coverage of his death since he died because, I assume, the people closest to him don't want to die a mysterious death.

    Breitbart News is now a Zionist news organization and cannot be trusted. They published this article less than a month ago basically saying as much.

  8. I just sent Adan Salazar, the article's author, an email for an explanation. My guess is that Alex was told to pull the article by the Feds or lose his whole organization (by being framed) or possibly a death threat to his family.

  9. I don't follow what you are trying to say. I brought the images up in this post, not the previous poster. Nobody criticised the photos. And I do not have to defend myself and was not doing so, I was attacking people like yourself who cannot see what is in front of your very nose. And if my motive is other than pure, what is it? You really do talk nonsense, Do people have to listen to you in real life? Allan Powell

  10. Thanks for foreign language instruction.You better declare yourself the reincarnation of Shakespeare inspired by Big Brother to create the new language Apsterian. At present you are its only native speaker, but keep trying – maybe you'll find somebody else who wants to learn it by your advertising here online.

  11. Good suggestion, Steve. You are wrong about Fetzer. Fetzer is highly intelligent and his mind is very well trained. He's not in this for the money. Fetzer is applying his scientific skill to problems of great significance.

  12. Your problem is you "don't know what that means". Jim Fetzer pointed out the the "ball" which was filmed on collision course with one of the two WTC towers (in connection with energy weapon destruction hypothesis by Dr Judy Woods) could also be a manipulation.
    What really is amusing is the jump from matter to person – above done by a critic of the photographs who attacts the compentence of the instructor and now the defense "but my motive is pure".

  13. I also forgot to say that the entry holes are exactly on a horizontal plane too, I mean by that that four of the shots remained parallel to the floor in their trajectory. I can only see that as faked ballistics effects and unnatural free standing shooting. Can any one with more firearms experience with me weigh in on this to comment on how impossible the four shots through the window frame are please? Cheers Allan Powell

  14. There is another group Professor Dr. Fetzer should have been interviewed by: The National Rifle Association which is supposedly against gun control the main reason for this government planned and executed hoax beginning with Holder and Obama and FEMA of the Federal Government, then to Maloy and Connecticut State Police and corrupt lawyer Sedensky, goofy medical examiner and the cop who threatened all Americans if they challenged these many lies, on down to Newtown Police and totally corrupt lying cheating school board aided by their lying cheating lawyer.

    J. Marvin Herndon is well
    trained: B.A. in physics
    (UCSD), Ph.D. in nuclear
    chemistry (Texas A&M), and
    post doctoral apprenticeship in
    geochemistry and cosmochemistry
    under Hans E. Suess and
    Harold C. Urey. Dubbed a
    “maverick geophysicist” (by
    The Washington Post), this
    interdisciplinary scientist is
    responsible for identifying the
    composition of Earth’s inner
    core as nickel-silicide and for
    demonstrating the feasibility of
    a natural nuclear reactor at
    Earth’s center as the energy
    source and production mechanism
    for the geomagnetic
    field. His professional life has
    been one of discovering longstanding
    fundamental scientific
    mistakes; now he reveals
    managerial mistakes that
    have been crippling and corrupting
    American science and
    education for decades.

  16. . Their scientific misconduct is and has been, for over 50 years, a shameful disgrace to physics and the search for knowledge, truth and understanding they publicly purport to follow, but in fact obstruct by their secret, cowardly actions behind closed doors not unlike the government which funds most of this “Cargo Cult Science” as the late Richard Feynman so elegantly put it in his 1974 address to the engineering graduates at Cal Tech. Actions speak louder than hollow, meaningless words and lies. All this scientific corruption has now even infected the totally corrupt means of evaluating NSF and other government grant proposals as so very well Documented in the recent article “The Corruption of Science in America” by J. Marvin Herndon, Ph.D., physics and is a world authority on earth science and other areas. This article is available free on line here the Dot Connector Magazine: Here are some of the qualifications of the author of this very important article

  17. . Shame, shame, shame, a thousand times on these faux paragons of hypocrisy, hiding in their ivory towers like scared rabbits, who have sold out physics, truth and their own souls and are all little different than the lawbreaker government which they cowardly and tacitly aid and abet by their gutless and deafening and scandalous misconduct in their dismal failure to publicly speak up to truth. Our government and the so called “Academy” together form the biggest outlaw whorehouse or house of ill repute in America today. If you add in mathematicians, chemists and engineers, the number of totally bought and paid for whore scholar professors in America likely rises to in excess of 1 million. This is the state of the moral and non scholar obscenity called America Today. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics
    P.S. I personally resigned from this totally corrupt organization The American Physical Society many years ago because they have been using totally unscientific, secret, corrupt means to “evaluate” scientific contributions. Their non scientific means of assigning secret anonymous so called “referees” to evaluate scientific papers, all done in secret, with zero controls to avoid possible conflicts of interest, are totally unscientific and patently violate the very so called scientific method they purport to follow. Con't.

  18. This government money creates the conflict between them and the so called “truth” they purport to seek; because should any of these gutless cowards speak up, and even associate with one of their colleagues in the academy, professor Dr. James Fetzer, Ph.D., let alone admit in public they agree with his many facts and evidence about the Sandy Hook Hoax, they perceive they will become “persona non grata” in the halls of our totally corrupt and criminal government and as a result they might not get any more of that precious government borrowed and printed dinero to aid them in their “quest for truth” and “quest for recognition” and “quest for promotion to full professor” , and “quest for higher salary”, and “quest for kissing more government ass to enrich themselves with at the very expense of the purported “truth” they seek.” In short, these so called paragons of research and truth and honesty and chastity of “knowledge, truth and understanding” of physics, the most basic of all the sciences, have been totally corrupted, with a very few exceptions, by government money, because the very government on which they depend for their success in the corrupt academy, has now become the very lawbreaker they would so publicly reject. In other words, these are not in fact paragons of “knowledge, truth and understanding” at all, but little more than whores just like the Hollywood Perverts and most actors and actresses in any common porn movie. Con't.

  19. A Brief Essay on the Corruption of most physicists, scientists and the American Physical Society in America Today. By Winfield J. Abbe, A.B., Physics, UC Berkeley 1961, M.S. California State University at Los Angeles, 1962, Ph.D., Physics, UC Riverside, 1966, former faculty member with lifetime tenure University of Georgia, 1966-1978; voluntarily resigned due, among other things, deliberate lying and cheating by two deans and three department heads to the physics department tenured faculty for over 5 years with impunity.

    The American Physical Society,which contains about 50,000 members, is the organization to which most physicists, who possess the highest research degree Ph.D., and who are professors at most of the colleges and universities in the country and direct many industry and government activities in planning government corruption, secrecy and lies against its citizens and producing weapons of mass destruction and planning for all the endless United States wars around the world, all done in secret, protected by the full military force and power of government, with all its many weapons and guns pointed directly at any citizen who seeks the truth. Most of these professors of physics have severe conflicts of interest which explain why they have remained so deafeningly silent about this book ‘Nobody Died at Sandy Hook. The reason is simple. They depend on government money in the form of grant money for their so called “research”. In other words they are on the government dole, just like the many poor people and some not so poor people of the country are also on the government dole. Con't.

  20. Hey Geraldo Rivera: Now that you have been locked out of your office in sewer NY for your propaganda radio program, how about reading the book "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook" and see if you still remember what investigative journalism is all about after you sold out many years ago? You can download the 426 page book for free at You might even be able to redeem you wasted career.

  21. I forgot to say I found an image of Alicia Hannan outside the Boston Court parading up and down with Carlos the Cowboy and a big "Boston Strong" flag. She had a muscle strain injury piece on her leg I suppose to imply that she received some kind of injury. What else do you want me to find out by observation, her blood group? Allan Powell

  22. I have to finally say that I find it amazing that I find these images and put them out with the obvious implications attaching to them and some people go as far as to say that I manipulated the images. I don't know what that means.I have absolutely nothing to gain nor have I gained nor expect to gain anything from what I am doing. I expose this stuff to expose the secrecy of a totalitarian government. The American people seem to have no idea of what its government is doing. The choice between who is the dumbest, the people incompetently staging these hoaxes or the chumps not seeing the deception, is a very close one. Allan Powell

  23. Steve12, the "tragedy" was not unimaginable, it was totally imagined and poorly executed. I just received images from Wolfgang yesterday that show the Conn State government is producing false image after false image for the car dashcams. The Current OCME James Gill will not verify the copies of documents I have for Lanza and Pozer as valid OCME documents. Why the secrecy? Why hasn't FEMA jumped forward and said the Sandy Hook handbook is faked? Easy move. Hasn't happened. Don't get me started. Allan Powell

  24. I don't know what direction you are coming from but if they have been out there two years what's been wrong with your eyes and brain? Some of the images I have are not in the police release, I don't know how many times I've said this. ANd you should use your nous, if the images I've used are "official" the hoax has been debunked with official images? Correct, my blurry versions opened up the door what has your blurry mind done? Allan Powell

  25. Typical Puke Hate Truth

    "SH victims"?–what's this, u piece-of-shit puke?–and 99.9%?

    Get a clue, u dumb scum: MOST people don't know their behind fm a hole-in-the-ground, get it?–it's only small minorities at the polar ends of any spectrum who care or know about things, and ZOG always has the money as it just COUNTERFEITS it by means of central-banking.

    What's "disgusting"?–"Nobody Died at Sandy Hook…"?–well, it isn't a mystery the truth is hated by Jewwy, Jew-friendly puke like u, eh?

  26. Do American Patriots (in the Military and elsewhere) need any more evidence to launch "Seven Days in May"?! Has the time (finally) come to "water the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants and patriots" (Thomas Jefferson)? The entire CONgress and Federal Gov't apparatus (including Pentagon and JCOS) are guilty of HIGH TREASON (911 COVER-UP, "shooting" HOAXES and other CRIMES). HANG 'EM HIGH!

  27. The real SH victims are the vast herd of brain-washed American SHEEPLE (including most of the 99.9% moms), who mindlessly bleat: We want more grass, TV sports, smartphones, violent electronic games, TV "reality" shows, robotic TV "talking head" BS and beer!

  28. ticking off 99.9% of american moms is never good for business. probably the same reason amazon pulled the book with that disgusting title. Christmas season coming and there were already bad press in MSM for Amazon allowing trolls to harass SH victims.

  29. Alex Jones has always seemed a little tentative and apprehensive when discussing Sandy Hook. After (I believe) Wolfgang's 2nd FOIA hearing, Alex was discussing Sandy Hook with one of his reporters, and he seemed to be ruminating publicly, saying something to the effect that "we should probably get on this story more aggressively," but that "they" are "going to come after us hard."

  30. True! But don't mistake organized religion for spirituality or the spiritual realm! True followers of Jesus the Christ are not part of organized religion (the system of "Christianity"). No sub-system of organized religion is more mentally abused (brain-washed) than Christian Zionism (CUFI). The "Homeland" of Satanists is Zionist Israel!

    Israeli Zionists (Satanists, aka Luciferians or Illuminati) hide behind Judaism but THEY are really the "Synagogue of Satan" (a race of demonic ALIENS).

  31. If you ever heard of Jeffrey Lash (Pacific Palisades deceased hybrid ALIEN), you may be wondering if he was just one of many hybrid ALIENS, "WALKING AMONG US" (Prof. David M. Jacobs) and found in Newton, CT, Aurora, CO. Wash. DC and in places from the common up to the CONgress, NSA, DHS, CIA, NASA, FBI, Pentagon, MSM, Corporate America and WH? BINGO!!!

  32. GS: I have found out that religion in the ultimate template for social and mind control. Religion promotes the concept of kicking the social progress can down the road because one day, those deemed worthy will be in heaven. Religion mesmerizes people and shuts off their ability to think critically. The elites you speak of use religion against the masses. Ninety percent of Americans believe in God but America is an immoral cesspool. How does the other ten percent explain the difference? It can't. The elites hide behind religion and still continue their evil schemes.

  33. For a better understanding of the Puzzle, it also helps to read "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion", the speeches of Benjamin Freedman, the Harold Wallace Rosenthal "The Hidden Tyranny" interview and the William Pawelec interview (YouTube)! After that, connecting the dots (bloody blobs) is child's play! Watching the film "THEY LIVE" adds an interesting dimension.

  34. Some other Puzzle pieces: Militarization of the "Police", arming DHS to the teeth, targeting "Domestic Terrorists", Jade Helm "exercises" (drills), sinister and growing influence of the "Israel Lobby", freeing Pollard, universal stonewalling of 911 truth, etc. So what's the shape of the Puzzle? Would you believe the "Star of David" (actually an OCCULT and SATANIC symbol – the ultimate 666)?!

  35. We must remember that the Sandy Hook HOAX is just one "bloody blob" of a much larger Puzzle which has DEVASTATING implications for the future of America and humanity! 911, 311 (Fukushima), the other "shooting" HOAXES, ISIS/ISIL, Paris "massacres", Domestic Drones, NSA spying, FEMA camps, chemtrails, GMO, Ebola, HIV, HAARP, NDAA, "Open Borders" Immigration policies, "Migrant" invasions of Europe, Illegal Alien invasions of America, etc., are ALL pieces of the same Puzzle! A more accurate name for Puzzle is ALIEN AGENDA or ALIEN INVASION!

    If you want to know what's REALLY happening, listen to the following David M. Jacobs interview (or read his book):

  36. I doubt they're all that "dishonest" as u so typically and self-righteously make them out to being. Amazon is simply subject and knuckling-under to crass extortion, that's all–they're surely NOT dis-continuing sales voluntarily, but rather being forced.

    U're willing to just throw-away all those Kindle books?–u must be rich, eh?–how'd u get so rich?–collaborating w. Jews?–wouldn't be surprised for someone of ur putrid sanctimony.

  37. Excellent Comment.

    Would love to see the full complete list of "problems" about the Sandy Hook story all in one article, maybe with contributions from others.

    One of the great things about the book is that it is a rather complete compendium of all of the research on Sandy Hook all in one place in easily accessible format.

    Now it is also avialable in color, searchable and free pdf file.

    But the paper book is most important and must somehow still be sold somewhere. Not sure this is a possibility.

    There also needs to be a complete coverage of Boston and 9-11.

    For those who want the power of quality research and truth to have its full impact, I suggest finding other venues for information and staying away from I am going to finish reading a Kindle book by Jonas Alexis I purchased and then I will formally close my Amazon account and will lose all of the Kindle books I purchased. That is a small price to pay for disengaging from such a dishonest company.

    It is amazing how difficult Amazon makes it to close your account.

  38. The Philip Franklin I am referring to just sent me two youtube posts telling me he is…..get this…… MI6 British Government…..His cover was so good I just thought he was a complete spastic. Yes I do have screenshots of the posts so they don't disappear. Allan Powell

    Allan Powell

  39. Customer Review

    32 of 99 people found the following review helpful

    1.0 out of 5 stars One Star, November 1, 2015


    Amazon Customer

    Fictitious propaganda trivializing the deaths of children. Only suitable as toilet paper.

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  40. Reviews Written by
    avery deadline RSS Feed (seattle, Washington United States)

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    Page: 1


    No Title Available

    47 of 64 people found the following review helpful

    5.0 out of 5 stars Truth does not fear investigation, November 3, 2015

    The people giving this 1* should schedule a debate with Jim Fetzer,
    he would eagerly await even one of you shills to challenge any of his
    assertions instead of ad homming him here with one sentence
    kindergarten reviews.

    Why would they rearrange the conga line?

    What parent would be laughing 24 hours after their kid is murdered?

    How can Noah Pozner be killed twice?

    Make Gene Rosen take a polygraph for his preposterous yarn, SH
    researchers would chip in for that carnival.

    Would you stand around all day and be cool with your kid lying in blood for
    18 hours? Would you just go home, turn on a game and crack a beer?

    Who resembles Adam Lanza other than Dr Moreau experiments?

    Was there Internet activity in the all the years leading up to the event?

    Why destroy the school and make the demo workers sign oaths of silence?

    Why did people on the Lanza block say they never even saw Adam?
    And where are past classmates who knew him growing up such as
    the photoshopped "tech" club joke? Let's talk to one of them.

    I could list another 50 problems with the poorly conceived hoax.

    I bet most every negative reviewer did not even read the book.

    The truth will out and already has.

    Good job, JF!

    Comment Comments (10) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Nov 11, 2015 11:37 PM PST

  41. Steve12 might also be that cripplingly hilariously inept b 77 op called Philip Franklin who threatened to extradite me to America. And then said he worked for MI6. You can't make this stuff up, can you? Allan Powell

  42. Customer Review

    14 of 23 people found the following review helpful

    5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic book, finally some truth., November 4, 2015


    Justin Edwards

    Finally ! A book that tells the truth about Sandy Hook. Couple this with the amazing documentary "We need to talk about Sandy Hook", and you have a full understanding of what really happened that day, a drill gone live.

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  43. Reviews Written by
    Mitchell H. McCormack RSS Feed

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    No Title Available

    10 of 19 people found the following review helpful

    5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars, November 5, 2015

    If your interested in the truth.

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  44. another 5 star review:
    Customer Review

    11 of 16 people found the following review helpful

    5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars, November 8, 2015



    thank you Jim Fetzer , the internet supports your discovery of truth

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  45. Here is a 1 star review by Morgan. All of these reviews have a picture of the front of the book "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook" but the image did not post here. Also it appears all former reviews of this book are still on Amazon, but must be located separately as they are no longer where the book was since it was removed. However some can be located by inspecting reviews of similar books or comments to these and identifying those who reviewed this book. Most readers will recall this phony review by Morgan:
    Reviews Written by
    Morgan RSS Feed

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    Page: 1


    No Title Available

    19 of 42 people found the following review helpful

    1.0 out of 5 stars Lies., November 8, 2015

    This is a collection of complete fabrication and paranoid hysteria. The "FEMA drill", document, for instance, was created by a lying conspiracy theorist. This document can be downloaded by ANYONE, who can then enter any details they like. It's disgusting that the authors and their kind are profiting from this tragedy. I give it one star because I am not allowed to give it zero.

    Comment Comments (3) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Nov 16, 2015 6:32 PM PST

  46. Here is another 5 star review:

    No Title Available

    18 of 28 people found the following review helpful

    5.0 out of 5 stars Honest book lies ahead, November 3, 2015

    The provocative title of this book is pretty telling. The information contained inside its jackets tell a twisted tale of a government false flag/psyop run amuck. So many strange things happened that even the first 12 hours television news broadcasts show images of a Connecticut SWAT team running into the wrong school and from that moment on it just got sillier and sillier. The book includes " for official use only" the On Site Call Down Drill manual which states the drill was to take place between the hours of 8 am- 11:00 pm and to be shown as a " live event" ( FEMA'S words not mine) on the following day, the 14th of December 2012. Thank God someone has the balls to expose this mega hyper reality drill in book form. It should be made into a coffee table book and proudly displayed, if nothing else it would make a great gift for the upcoming holiday season. It's debut could not be at a better time. I give this book a 10?star rating for its honesty. The only thing that could be improved are some of the black and white images and graphs but maybe in the Kindle version they will be colorized. Great job Mr. Fetzer for putting this out there and making it public.

    Comment Comments (4) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Nov 20, 2015 10:42 AM PST

  47. Here is another 5 star review:
    Reviews Written by
    Annonymos RSS Feed

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    No Title Available

    1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    5.0 out of 5 stars Informative book, November 20, 2015

    I really enjoyed reading the book, very interesting that The Superintendent of Los Angelespublic schools called contacts at the US Dept of Education who told him "it was a drill, nobody died at Sandy Hook. I also thought Dr. Tracey's timeline was excellent noting Eric Holder was in Ct setting this whole thing up. Is this why he resigned? The pictures were hard to make out but I realize if they had been in color the cost of this resource manual/book would have been prohibitive, however, you could still make out a lot of the pics such as no blankets on either beds despite it being 28 degrees outside, brrrr! You can still make out the rooms had been staged by someone or some agency or moving company because rooms had tons of boxes then they are not there, where did they go, who unpacked them? And why would things need to be unpacked when the only two who lived there were both dead. The book has no pictures of the supposed shooter's dad, how come he has not been interviewed on television?

    Comment Comments (2) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Nov 20, 2015 2:04 PM PST

  48. How about laying out incontrovertible evidence that children died at Sandy Hook? Americans have been brain-washed to OBEY and BELIEVE figures of "authority", no matter how illogical or obviously flawed the "official" stories which THEY flush onto the gullible American SHEEPLE through the Zionist-controlled MSM toilets!

  49. Steve12:

    Ever hear of the NAZI (ALIEN technology) "GLOCKE"? The ALIEN (Satanic) MO is DECEPTION, just like the motto of the Israeli Zionist Slimeball Mossad! Ever wonder why the Devil is called the GREAT DECEIVER (biblical)? HOAXES are DECEPTION. 911, the Sandy Hook "shooting" and the Reichstag Fire were DECEPTION. What you see on TV is mostly DECEPTION. Obviously, you have been DECEIVED (about many things) – and don't even know it. That's how EFFECTIVE DECEPTION works! ALIENS are masters of DECEPTION and mind control.

    ALIENS do not work with "Jews" – THEY have Israeli Zionist Slimeball AGENTS (of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE of SATAN), who exhibit demonic possession (those who are not hybrid, humanoid, reptilian ALIENS – like Jeff Lash). Jeff Lash only ate raw filet mignon, while Israeli Zionist Slimeballs eat raw Palestinian organs! THEY especially crave raw Palestinian children meat – after THEY roast it with American-supplied white phosphor shells and mince it with American-supplied cluster bombs.

    So, where is the incontrovertible evidence that children died at Sandy Hook?

  50. Inductive logic, stevie, psycho schizoid "neuro-scientist," ho ho ho–u act, express urself, think like Stevie Waddock, whom I remember fm Keith Johnson blogs–u're just a shill, wasting people's time, pretending u accomplish anything here, ho ho ho ho

  51. Stevie: psycho schizoid "neuro-scientist," we already know what u'll do when u come up against evidence–u'll say u're "bored," and that u didn't read. U're a psycho schizoid shill, just wasting everyone's time here, eh? Ho ho ho ho

  52. "Stevie: psycho schizoid "neuro-scientist," just type-in "crisis actor" on u-tube search engine, and u get lots of material, buddy."

    I have. It's all this person "looks like" that person. Again, weak, weak, weak.

    I laid out apriori good evidence above.

  53. I recall when Jim and I had a conversation about breaking the Amazon ditching, I suggested we give it away and we both seized on that as the best possible way of making the information as widely available as possible. There was no question of anyone making or losing a buck. My exact words were "I don't need the money and I don't think you do either". You have no idea what you are talking about. I find your anonymity far creepier than anything Jim has done since I've known him. I think you go under the name of Stephen Waddock elsewhere. You must know whatever you say here is wasted time. You are asking people to stop inquiry about government corruption. When exactly do you think you'll achieve that? You must be a complete dunce to believe that anything you do here on this blog is going to alter how anyone else here will investigate this matter or what they will believe. Allan Powell

  54. Yeah, I actually did that with Alicia Hannan, showed she was in Boston and Sandy Hook and where she now works at a university. DId the same with Bob Leukhart and Terri Rosseau and Carlos Soto. Did you not watch any of the Sandy Hook and Boston bombing shows I did with Jim? Are you pretending voluntarily to be a simpleton or getting paid to pretend to be one? Allan Powell

  55. How about this. Identify an actor – NOT with bad "I think they look alike" pictures, but with real evidence. Parent X who supposedly leads life Y doesn't exist – he isn't going to work, no one lives at that address, etc.


    You can find positive evidence of the the actor representing that person – they live at address X, is acting in productions a,b,c, etc.

    THAT would be evidence, provided it was real and verfiable.

  56. "You are embarrassing yourself. The four windows of Classroom 10 are obviously not damaged at all. It is Sandy Hook Elementary School. The SWAT team is there and crime scene tape is up for a crime that has yet to be committed. I have seen some shills and trolls, but few as obvious as you."

    W/o context those pictures are meaningless nonsense. You present them as self explanatory evidence. They're not.

    This is BS methodology. YOu're like a play-at-home scientist or something.

  57. "Why, do you suppose, Hitler and the NAZI regime, in possession of absolute power, were so concerned with public opinion to establish an elaborate propaganda machine?"

    Because that was the real world and they didn't control the weather, the world's governments, and have alien technology. That's why.

  58. satanism Is Immediate Problem, Easily Verified, Analyzed, Countered

    Truth is treason in empire of lies.

    Central-banking (legalized COUNTERFEITING–see and for expo), which controls USA, West, and world is a fraud, so we're un-questionably living in great (financial) emp. of lies, without doubt.

    And note the rise and appearance, in-ur-face, of outright, blatant, explicit satanism, as I note.

    And now that the "banking" fraud ("petro-dollar") is nearing collapse, we observe the satanists are ginning-up war, having instigated Turks shooting-down Russky jet.

    Thus Christian crash-course for the people must make it clear, Christianity is anti-satanic, anti-semitic (Gosp. JOHN 8:44), Christ being TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6)–keep it simple, but truthful, and EFFECTIVE for necessary end–removing satanists, hence Jews. Remember glorious original Christian revolution of St. Constantine the Great, early 4th cent.

    Immediate problem is the closest allies, "Praetorian guard," for Jews, the Judeo-Christian (JC–see and for expo) hereticalists who support terror-state of Israel.

    Politically, that central-bank fraud must be removed, Constitution, esp. 10th Amendment, states-rights, nullification, secession must be understood, enacted, enforced. There's no time to be lost or wasted.

  59. You are embarrassing yourself. The four windows of Classroom 10 are obviously not damaged at all. It is Sandy Hook Elementary School. The SWAT team is there and crime scene tape is up for a crime that has yet to be committed. I have seen some shills and trolls, but few as obvious as you.

  60. Present Era Satanism Must Be Grasped, Understood, REMOVED

    Well, what do u expect in this era, most recent, of absolute, out-right, in-ur-face, explicit SATANISM (extreme subjectivism), sold to the youth in "hip-hop" music–never before seen in entire hist. of Western Civlization?

    Establishment Christianity is now thoroughly saturated w. homosexuals, these in control and under leadership of Jews, foremost satanists. See for expo.

    Thus the traditional bulwark and (psychologic) defense of the people, dear Christianity, the real thing, is GONE–for we can't be "anti-semitic," can we? And after all, kikes are our lords and masters now that they have such total control of nations' finances by means of central-banking.

    And the tragedy is this horrific satanism has arisen right under the nose of our incompetent and traduced "leadership" for such things cultural, like Fetzer–what happened?

    What happened to Fetzer and the other establishment hacks was exact same thing that happened to the Christian establishment–they were steadily and incrementally domesticated, programmed, and psyched into "tolerance" of satanism–which is all satanism asks, this by means of the crass, putrid SUBJECTIVISM featured in philosophy and especially ethics.

    So Christian heroes and soldiers are now required to play catch-up, and easiest, simplest way of doing this is emphasizing the real, anti-semitic nature of the true Christianity, Christ = Truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) against Jew lies (JOHN 8:44), lies founded in subjectivism, truth (= Christ) requiring the objective, Aristotelian premise.

    Such then (just above) is necessary abstract philosophy; for practical purposes, that criminal enterprise known as central-banking must be removed immediately, US Constitution enforced, esp. 10th Amendment and states-rights, nullification and secession, primacy of local gov. above all, etc.

  61. Close

    Dachsie said…

    There has always been a glaring "missing ingredient" in the Infowars team in covering Sandy Hook. I was very disappointed in Bidondi's coverage though he was at the City Council meeting and appeared to be a diligent reporter seeking the whole truth.

    Thought I listen to less than thirty minutes a week of the show, I have observed that touching on Sandy Hook story is always dominated by "gun control" issue. That issue is what sells for his listenership, but that is not the primary overarching importance of the Sandy Hook event.

    It would be almost nice if it were only about gun control. Sandy Hook was a major step forward in the decades long lying to the American people, lying that has killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people. There were at least six people who were killed as a result of knowing too much about Sandy Hook but they did not die at the Sandy Hook event.

    In study of all the other false events of the last half century, never before have we witnessed government officials at every level of government outright lying through their teeth. Serious corruption of the terminal kind for our country.

    November 29, 2015 at 3:28 PM

  62. Steve12:

    Why, do you suppose, Hitler and the NAZI regime, in possession of absolute power, were so concerned with public opinion to establish an elaborate propaganda machine? Unless the masses are "brought along" to support the (veiled) criminal activities of their leaders, the threats of Rebellion and REVOLUTION exist! That's why 911 was fabricated (by Israeli Zionist Slimeballs, in cahoots with their America-based katzas and sayanim) to justify the subsequent attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq! Even leaders without scruples and with absolute power choose the path of least resistance! CONSENT is a pragmatic necessity! THEY (ALIENS in control) don't want to face off against 100,000,000 heavily armed, pissed off Americans! It's far easier to control 300,000,000+ brain-washed SHEEPLE, feeding them TV sports, smartphones and violent electronic "games" ad nauseum!

  63. Jay Carney leaves White House Press secretary job. Jay Carney becomes vice president of Amazon. Jim Fetzer publishes book embarrassing Obama administration, chief Obama having poked himself in the eye at news of the death of the chillun. Obama gets on phone to Jay and tells him to put the kybosh on the book. End of problem.

  64. I said nothing about cabals or fixing laws or whatever, the images Jim has shown are both from my cache on Facebook and from the official police evidence so how do you say they are unknown origin? They are pictures of non-forensics guys doing something to a window. If it's a crime scene the only ones doing anything to the window should be properly kitted out forensics guys. The images were taken at a time when the Mortuary tent was not there, so the bodies had remained in the classrooms for seven or so hours? Sound feasible to you? As far as "from the other end" goes I'll leave that to the omniscients like yourself. I just show the detail is wrong. I don't know who did it. Does it matter if it can be shown to be a con? Too naive for me. Allan Powell

  65. Dread – the point is, no one has any idea what those pictures are of. Your rules of evidence are weak, and they sum to weak conclusions.

    And form the other end, it all makes no sense. Why is an almost all-powerful cabal so concerned with US attitudes on guns? They could just fix the laws and use their weather dominator (or whatever) to take them if we didn't like that.

    If someone could answer that point, I might listen to this endless stream of pictures of unknown origin and provenance.

    But so far, no one can

  66. They don't have forensics gloves on nor are they kitted out properly for forensics guys. Nice that you can accept equivocal when the question of criminality is involved. Wow. Are you going to wait until the flames actually touch you brogues, oh wait you probably wear Nike. Allan Powell

  67. Some two decades ago when I discovered that Alex Jones was also a fake Christian, a bloody liar, a Zionist, a hater of Arabs, Muslims and Islam, I informed him by email backed by evidence from his own talks and from one of his own Judaic broadcaster and website. This is when I stopped trusting him for good although I learned much from him at the beginning! But, at that time I preferred Daryl Bradford Smith of "The French Connection" and Eric Hufshmid of "Huge Questions"!

  68. "perps drilling a series of holes"

    Wow. you know they're doing that how? From that pic? You know that the state police vehicle was there that day? Cops visit grammar schools all the time. How do you know it wasn't from a different day? Those pics are so small that I can't tell whether they're shot out or not anyway, but…

    All flimsy evidence at best. You taught experimental methods or history or science or some such? Those kids need their money back. You're an incompetent humanities professor obviously.

    Whenever I choose to follow any one of these small pieces of evidecne, they always end up being equivocal AT BEST.

    Got I hope you don't make a dime of that book….

  69. And yes indeed, the picture of the classroom windows, group of four, above, right-bottom, w. the three shots parallel and all aligned through the frame would be extremely un-likely. For if the shots came fm the same position, they wouldn't be exactly parallel, but rather fan-shaped at slightly diff. angles fm one another.

  70. It was actually 50 degrees for the bullet holes which were all parallel and the same height from the floor. There are some images in the police file which show the very holes being each measured for the angle and in each case it is 50 degrees.

  71. It was a big enough deal two years ago to "out Spingola, Glenn, and Piper over this caper. TPTB have called in their chips again. Problem though with Jones is his viewership is more clueless than those who follow TUT and Spingola. They will never become aware and many have been fighting against folks they call "hoaxers" the whole time

  72. Classroom Windows Evidence Can Hardly Be Emphasized Enough For Sandy Hoax Controversy

    That's good exposition Fetzer gives here, this article, for the class-room windows, but I'm not sure if it's clear as it really possibly could be, though it seems promising. Such exposition is what would really put the lid on for certainty for the Sandy hoax controversy.

    I hope Fetzer doesn't stop for his emphasis and continued exposition on this classroom windows subject–this subject seems like a real clincher for entire episode.

    So I take it the top two in the group, above, of the four pictures of the windows in question are before-after for the shootings? For as I note, there really can't be too much emphasis or exposition for this subject.

    I take it the picture on the top-right is AFTER the "shooting," whereas the one on top-left is BEFORE, but still in presence of the police and "swat" vehicles. This item regarding the windows could well be most extremely important, as much as the entire book itself, "Nobody Died At Sandy…."

  73. Alex Jones Integral Part Of "Good-Jew, Bad-Jew" Cultural Dialectic

    Alex JOnes ( is limited-hangout for the Jews, posing as a neo-con -leaning "libertarian." Jones often has on his show zionist shills like Mike Savage and Joseph Farah of

    Jones' purpose is to insist there are "good Jews," the only "bad ones" being the "leftists" behind the "globalists" of the New world order. After all, Jews are "like everyone else."

    And homosexuals are cool too for Jones who pretends he's Christian.

    As much as anything else, Jones pushes the "good-evil" delusion for moralism/Pharisaism, giving necessary, obligatory pretext for the general cultural subjectivism, a primary purpose for the cultural masterminds of the present era's overt satanism now being pushed in everyone's face.

    But at least Jones is occasionally willing to have Austrian-type and -minded economists on his show, like Peter Schiff, as well as other like-minded free-market oriented sorts. But it's true that EVERYTHING has to be kosher-approved for Jones; anti-semitism is not allowed.

    So classification of Jones would be he's libertarian-styled and oriented much towards the neo-cons, Jones prominent and proud, self-proclaimed "conspiracy-theorist," BUT never pt-ing towards the Jews, on the contrary, always holding out dear, precious Jews sacrosanct, never failing to denounce heroic Adolf Hitler.

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