Rebekah’s METHODICAL ILLUSION may be Rebekah herself

by Jim Fetzer

From multiple sources, the evidence continues to mount that Rebekah Roth has been playing the role of a stewardess-turned-9/11-investigator rather than being “the real deal”. It was always a rather incredible evolution from “Coffee, tea or me?” to the straight scoop about what really happened to those airplanes and passengers on 9/11. This is rather on the order of Clark Kent turning into Superman or Kara Zor-El turning into Supergirl. That’s the order of the transformation we are given by Rebekah about herself.

Not to denigrate airline stewardesses (or hostesses, the more common term today), but this woman has too much intellectual power to have ever chosen such a pedestrian career. Rebekah is super smart, extremely intelligent and remarkably articulate. My impression is that she has a photographic memory and has been well-rehearsed for her role in bringing the truth about 9/11 to the public–but there is a price to pay, because her story about 9/11 appears to have covert motives with regard to passengers and planes.

During the Midwest 9/11 Truth Conference in Champaign-Urbana, IL (22 September 2013), for example, I had laid out evidence that all four of the 9/11 crash sites had been fabricated or faked. One element of that proof–far from the most important, but significant, nonetheless–was that Bureau of Transportation Statistics records show that Flight 11 (North Tower) and Flight 77 (Pentagon) were not even scheduled for flight, which makes it very difficult to believe how they could have landed at the airport where Rebekah claims all four planes landed and the passenger phone calls were recorded.

Since we also have FAA Registration Records that show the planes used for Flight 93 (Shanksville) and for Flight 175 (South Tower) were not formally deregistered (or taken out of service) until 28 September 2005, we confront the apparent problem: How can planes that were not even in the air have crashed on 9/11? and how can planes that crashed on 9/11 have still been in the air four years later? My surmise is that Rebekah Roth was conjured as the solution to the problem with her rather fanciful tale.

The BTS Records

Gerard Holmgren, for example, an Australian blues musician, had noticed early on that records from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics did not show Flight 11 (North Tower) or Flight 77 (Pentagon) as even having been scheduled that day. Rebekah goes out of her way to trivialize TBS records as nothing but marketing devices, as though the US government did not need to maintain information about flights across the country. She tries too hard to convince us they are meaningless–and for very good reason:

If the BTS records are correct, then Rebecka’s story about the planes cannot be true; they refute her.

Dennis Cimino spent six hours on the phone with Rebekah and was convinced that she was not “the real deal” on multiple grounds, among which was her declaration that shutting down the transponder would have made the plane invisible to radar, which, as I have previously explained, is not the case, since the transponder sends out a signal identifying the plane, while the planes image on radar is the effect of radio waves being reflected from an object in the air. The first does not affect the second.

Who is Rebekah Roth?

In the discussion thread about my earlier blog about Rebekah Roth, “Rebekah Roth’s METHODICAL DECEPTION: Pros and Cons” (21 September 2015), Jeannon has offered her reflections on listening to her interview with Chip Tatum, whom I know and like. I am a bit troubled that someone who has a background with the CIA would be taken in by Rebekah Roth, but there are too many signs for her to be taken seriously. Dennis had already determined from her phone number that she resides in Langley, which pissed her off when he made that observation. That suggests someone with something to hide.

According to several sources, I have been told that Rebekah’s real name is Monika Gainor. She appears to be working for the CIA, which no doubt appreciated her gifts for instant memorization and smooth articulation. She has blonde hair, but wears a brunette wig and glasses to disguise her identity. They have also told me that, far from being exceptionally skilled at research, she plagiarized (actually, stole) a terabyte of data from a long-time student of 9/11 and appropriated his last 10 years of research as her own.  “Rebekah” frequently claims she has “a terabyte of information”, which is stunning by itself.

Now, I am fallible and capable of making mistakes. My sources are highly credible, however, and what they have told me supports my interpretation of her role as that of reaffirming the existence of the planes and passengers on 9/11. As I explained at the Midwest 9/11 Truth Conference, a great deal of evidence substantiates that none of those planes crashed on 9/11. Since none of the planes crashed, none of the passengers aboard them could have died in crashes that did not take place. I believe Monika has been assigned to skate around the evidence to restore the planes and the passengers as elements of the official account.

Rebekah’s interview with Chip Tatum

I am sure that Rebekah/Monika will learn of this blog in short order, so I want to extend an invitation to her to come on my show, “The Real Deal”, to discuss this and explain why I and my sources are wrong and why she is “the real deal”.  I will line up my sources and their sources to address these issues on the show, where she will have the opportunity to confront her accusers and set the record straight. In case she does not know how to reach me, my email address is I look forward to hearing from her. In the meanwhile, here is a recent interview of her with Chip Tatum, formerly with the CIA:

Someone I have found to be exceptionally objective and who follows my blogs has posted comments about the interview, which I want to share more widely. Jeannon has no axe to grind and, in my view, provides a litmus test of Rebekah in relation to her host, Chip Tatum, whom I know personally. So I invite everyone to compare their impressions of “Rebekah” based upon this interview and comment on these issues below. I am sure everyone who wants to know the truth about 9/11 appreciates the point:

  • JEANNON October 31, 2015 at 8:18 AM 

    Random thoughts on listening to Chip Tatum’s interview of Rebekah Roth. 

    Roth explains her coming to the 9-11 truth scene so very late as that she was like most people who at first thought something about the official story being told sounded very wrong to her but she just decided to put it aside or put it in the back of her mind. 

    She made a remark about “retired professors” “who really didn’t know the airline business” and their faulty 9-11 truth ideas. She said she had to “weed through some really weird nonsensical conspiracies”, this probably being another swipe at the “retired professors” who don’t have a clue about the airline industry. 

    There is some indication that Rebekah Roth is a strong supporter of Dr. Judy Wood’s ideas. How strong a supporter and the nature of the relationship of these two entities, I do not know, but this might explain Roth’s ad hominems against Dr. Fetzer but also a special dislike by Roth of all things Fetzer. 

    Roth makes a big deal about her 30 years experience as an “airline professional” and her extensive regular training sessions with the FAA. 

    Roth also makes a big deal of her saving all the newspaper articles and news and writings on CIA etc and geopolitical matters over the years to help her with her writing endeavors. Again, message is she is a knowledgeable “expert.” 

    According to Rebekah…. 

    BTS [Bureau of Transportation Statistics] data base was created in the 1990s just for the passengers. Apparently people, presumably like misguided 9-11 truth researchers, who read those statistics and saw where Flights 11 and 77 were not even recorded as flights at all just “didn’t know what she knows” about that data base just being relatively unimportant marketing type database, and of course again alluding to her superior inside knowledge of how the airline industry works. 

    She also suggests the BTS numbers were often and padded for various reasons and that flight numbers associated with accidents or whereon “terrorist attacks supposedly occurred” were retired and that may be why those Flight numbers somehow got taken off the BTS data set. She treats the entire BTS data as sort of a joke among the insiders and is of light importance and low validity/accuracy of data. [But not of such light importance to Gerard Holmgren who was possibly murdered because of his discovering and taking seriously the lack of BTS recording of Flights 11 and 77.] 

    A few asides here …. 

    McGann [who has also posted comments on my earlier blog about Rebekah] made good comment about we really do not even know if Rebekah Roth is her real name or much of anything at all about who she is and what her background is. This inability to search out and verify new players on the 9-11 truth scene is typical throughout my years of study of 9-11 since 9-11-01. 

    The name, Rebekah Roth, naturally strikes many as the Jewish name that it is. 

    All I can say is that Roth is working for the anti-truth faction of 9-11 research. And the plotters or perps or whatever you want to call them are now more and more injecting the “Zionist / Jew” ideas into the mix. They actually appear to be pointing us toward the Zionists-did-it idea but the pointing as usual is done in a dishonest and crooked way so as to confuse and frustrate. 

    The two main areas of inquiry that are of most importance to the perpetrators to hide in various sophisticated ways are the truth that there were no commercial airline crashes at any of the four sites on 9-11 and the role played by Zionists at the top levels of the U S government at the time of the event. Continually and to this day, the perps are putting out new misinfo and disinfo videos, books, and articles and they all contain many methodical illusions. 

    Rebekah Roth is what we now refer to as a “crisis actor.” She lays it on pretty heavily throughout this interview and makes me “run for the Tums”, that is, she causes me acute dyspepsia. 


  • My (tentative and fallible) conclusion is that Rebekah is indeed a “crisis actor”, as Jeannon observes, where she is doing her best to convince the public that she has unique insights into 9/11, that there were real planes and real passengers involved, where their deaths did not come about from plane crashes but were compliments of other agents of the government who were involved. It’s fascinating stuff–and if she wants to respond and demonstrate that she really IS “the real deal”, I will be glad to hear from her. I will contact my sources and set up a show, where a confrontation between them can take plane and we can lay the controversy about her, if not about 9/11, to rest. I look forward to hearing from Rebekah.

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    2. Here's a new wrinkle. RR was recently interviewed on American Freedom Radio. She mentioned that she had certain comments/reaction to the JFK assassination. Assuming she was at least 10yrs old (and from her comments on AFR it would be more like a teenager or older), this would put her in the 60+yr age group.
      The photo of RR and MG are either very old photos or very photoshoped, or ???

    3. One thing about "Roth" that struck me like a ten ton brick: WHY is she obviously wearing a huge dark wig and glasses??? I think the answer is obvious. She's desperate to hide her face and her true identity.
      Listen to Roth's voice and Gainor's voice…they're IDENTICAL.

    4. Here is a resource that the snarky Dr. Fetzer may find useful. 😉 ♥

      Department of Forensic Sciences
      2100 Foxhall Road, N.W.
      Somer’s Hall-Lower Level
      Washington, D.C.
      Phone: (202) 242-5758

      Wordcrime: Solving Crime Through Forensic Linguistics

    5. A friend suggested this article because I brought up Rebekah Roth. I mentioned liking her arguments. Thanks, you guys gave me much to mull about. The argument between Dreadnought and apsterian was an absolute waste of time to all others in the blog. Maybe they could find their own place to hold random endless rap battles. What I gather from the article and the comments about the article is that Rebekah Roth uses a fake name, and does not make public appearances. That is enough for me to stay away from her material until she faces questioning here or in another credible page. Good night to all.

    6. Fetzer's supreme knowledge, give me a break. I remember all the months he went on about Jade Helm and all the bullshit he spewed from his supreme knowledge and from all his experts. Roth's reasoning makes more sense then Fetzer and his "experts". His biggest problem is his requirement to be in charge, number 1, he needs all the limelight, he is always right, and there is a psychological illness that matches his personality.

    7. Look at what happens when an F4 Phantom jet hits a concrete wall at 500 miles per hour in this Sandia National Labs test… -most of it pulverizes upon collision, except for the wing tips flanking the wall, which continue moving forward and remain intact. I would argue that what we see at the WTC is consistent with the above video, when we take into account the interspersing of concrete/beams and windows. When the jet hits the beams and pulverizes upon contact, the pulverized remains easily pass through the windows, while the beams (not nearly as thick as the wall in the Sandia test) eventually give way to the force of the impact, leaving the hole in the building that we see.

      I may not be a physicist, but simply comparing the Sandia test video with WTC impact videos (especially the Evan Fairbanks video which is closest… ) tells me that there is no reason to doubt that planes could enter the buildings as they appear to do. And, no, I would not want to be drinking a Mai Tai beneath that.

    8. How many times to I have to explain that no plane–commercial, military, large, small–could have entered one of those buildings without crumpling against the facade, with bodies, seats, luggage, wings and tail falling to the ground? I am astounded at the ignorance of the laws of physics displayed by the person posting and those he has cited.

      I am a fan of Susan and regard Wayne (whom I also know) as excellent people but MASSIVELY IGNORANT OF THE LAWS OF PHYSICS. Since I have explained this many places, including at the Midwest 9/11 Truth Conference (where Wayne also spoke), I have no idea why he would persist with an untenable theory of the event. Check out my video about this from that conference on YouTube, which is at ► 1:04:37
      Midwest 9/11 Truth Conference Part 2 – YouTube

    9. Posted on behalf of IO VAe
      9:36 PM (7 hours ago)

      to me

      Attempting to post comments but google/blogger is just throwing up obstacles:

      I agree with Susan Lindauer on planes at WTC- they could have been a retrofitted drones made to look like commercial aircraft -this is supported by Wayne Madsen's recent reporting from the Pinal "graveyard" where aircraft of many types were custom made from the parts made available thereat:

      Fetzer and Cimino's premise that these were "tin can" planes is the straw man of their argument. They do not know what the composition of the planes was, that could have withstood the speed/altitude problem at least for a period of time. Moreover, these towers – beam and floor grids interspersed with windows – were shredders and that is what you saw happen to the aircraft, they were shredded. The notion that you could sit on the deck and drink Mai Tais as the planes flattened like accordions and then dropped against the faces of the towers is simply cartoonish.

    10. The problem with acting like a jerk to everyone is that one of the the people you acted a jerk to will want revenge. They think about what's the easiest way to do it and today the easiest way is to send an anonymous post which lo and behold tells the truth about the jerk to other people who have been annoyed by the jerk. Now me personally I only need a name to go on. So my foot's in your door Aspertain. Jews and homos must be killed ay? Not that I'm either, I just don't like that kind of talk. I'm one of those people who just can't abide (nice word) bullies. I just have to do something. Can't stand for it. An obsession you could call it. Don't like it on the 'net and especially don't like it the coward's way, anonymously. Dennis Chamberlain? I've got time to kill finding out and a lot of people are watching my Fetzer shows, someone is going to like what I'm doing. Someone is going to like you being caught and exposed. My bet is that I will not have to do much before I get a post telling me all about you. Now you know me, I am very patient, I can post all day and sleep two hours and then I'm as fresh as the cool cola I drink. Some Kike is going to realise it's you that has been calling for the mass destruction of those filthy Jews as you call them and they are going to be rip roaringly happy to tell me who you are. I think you're young because you're particularly dull witted to think Spengler idolised the Nazi Treatment of Jews. Wait till I get confirmation that you are who you are. I will be so thankful to God that he will forget that I am an atheist. Why in all the world do I sound so bitter? Well because I grew up in my first ten years of life hearing all about the war and it froze and terrified me like nothing a dullard like you could image and if I can do one thing to expose a character who even jokingly talks about Jews and homos as if they need to be exterminated I might stop some young kid from starting to be afraid the way I was. They might be a Jew kid or a homo kid and if I have my way, they will know who you are Cheers Allan Powell

    11. A clearly insane Dreadnought? My name is Allan Powell and I have a voice and face and personality. I've not seen any of those things from you. You at present are a worthless little bunch of words on a blog site. I think you will remain that.

      Allan Powell

    12. All the Israeli players are gone off into the mists of time, all the current living culpables are around to pin responsibility on. I don't misrepresent her position. Her position is that of a fiction writer writing fiction about a fiction. Go look at the interviewsshe's done. There's a consistent mistake that spontaneous speech wouldn't admit. If you can't see it . it's only becasue you have not realised it.I represent her position as a liar and a charlatan. and I do not rebut that at all. Why would she refuse to speak to me? I'm nobody harmful. She, unlike you, knows that I actually do know she is a fake. Go ask Bekky if she'll chat to me for five minutes to clear up that she is genuine and good fucking luck with that. Cheers Allan Powell

    13. No, she's not removing Washington from our gaze. She's including Israel in our gaze.

      She fully agrees that key US government institutions and leaders were essential players in 9/11.

      You misrepresent her position, and then rebut that misrepresentation.

      Use your eyes, and prove yourself wrong.

    14. First I'm not a Doctor of anything. Second I like to call liars out and I will not be deterred on that preference. I am not concerned to any degree what level of deception you allow into your thinking about a matter but I do care about you telling me I should allow it into mine. Do your thinking for yourself or someone will do it for you. I aim to expose Ms Roth because I have certain knowledge she is a fake. She doesn't know what it is but she will not face me. If she were genuine she would know that I was a liar calling her fake. She is not genuine and I can call her a liar because I have proof. I want her to refer to me by name and say I am not telling the truth. I will then expose her. I an bloody amazed none of you American intellectuals has worked it out from her many interviews. Go listen to them properly and then sit and think about what she has repeatedly said. Cheers Allan Powell

    15. First, the Israelis could not stand down the fighters which she claims get to the planes in s ix minutes. The fighters were not sent in because they would find nothing. Ms Roth says the air controller screen data was faked , she says it was created at 5 a.m.. She was an air hostess and she downplays missing flight plans for commercial airlines? What are we simpletons? Of course that's bloody important. I believe she is NCS. The Israelis she points to are all gone now so how does it advance culpabilty and prosecution. The US arseholes,( Cheney, Rumsfelt, Daddy Bush, Wolfy, Karl Rove) involved are still all around. Use your nous. Why does she not point directly to those in governmental power on the day? Who else is responsible in either dereliction or actual involvement? Go remind yourself what Norman Manetta said Cheney said. She is trying to lead the gaze away from Washington and to do that she needs hijackers, foreigners, Arab or Israeli. She will not speak to me. I will say of her what my thought leads to until it is proven wrong. Cheers Allan Powell ps go listen to the interviews and find the fault and you will have enlightened yourself.

    16. A "9/11 Truther" who disrupted a press conference after the Super Bowl in New Jersey confronted the sister of a teacher killed in the mass shooting at a Connecticut school during a charity event held in her honor, reports say.

      Matthew Mills, 32, of Brooklyn, N.Y. was charged with second-degree breach of peace Saturday after approaching Jillian Soto and telling her the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. never took place, reported.

      Mills was also arrested following Super Bowl XLVIII at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford in 2014. Mills burst on to the podium during a post-game press conference, grabbing a microphone from a player and shouting, "Investigate 9/11! 9/11 was perpetrated by people in our own government!"

      At Saturday's Vicky Soto 5K Race in Stratford, Conn., Mills' alleged antics brought Soto and another sibling to tears. He shoved a photo of the Soto family in Jillian Soto's face and loudly told her that her sister never existed, cops told the Connecticut Post.

      Vicky Soto is credited with helping some members of her first-grade class escape the shooting that left 20 students and six adult staff members dead.

      Saturday's event helped raise money for scholarships in Soto's name.

      Mills defended his actions in an interview with, saying he donated money to run in the race and "politely" asked Jillian Soto a question about a picture he said might have been altered.

      Mills posted a $10,000 bond and is due next week in Bridgeport Superior Court.

    17. You assert Dreadnought, that there were no planes to hijack on 9/11. I currently suspect that Rebekah is right, and there were such airliners (though obviously any such planes never crashed at the WTC, the Pentagon, or Shanksville.) What evidence do you know of, other than the absence of a few post-flight reports of departure and arrival times in some Bureau of Transportation stats, that there no such flights that day ? Your other point, that Rebekah Roth is focusing on both some Israelie Zionists and the Mossad, as well as on some Neocons and dual citizens in the US government and corporations, rather than just on the US portion of that … -that- point is I suspect the answer to my question. Rebekah's work, exposing extensive involvement of certain Israeli elements, is the key point of disagreement here, and likely the fundamental basis on which some, not myself, reject Rebekah's results. I find Rebekah, especially in her second book and in her interviews in recent months, providing substantial and diverse evidence incriminating certain Israeli elements.

    18. Dr Allan Powell — you, me, Fetzer, Jeannon, and Rebekah Roth all agree that 9/11 was not caused by "terrorists" (of the Middle Eastern Arab or Islamic sort), and we all agree that there were no airliners crashing at the WTC, the Pentagon or Shanksville. So I do not see how elaborating on those points, as if that was still an issue amongst us, addresses my question, which is "What's the problem with there being airliners elsewhere, whose control was overtaken by rogue elements of the US and/or Israelie Governments?" Other than the absence of those flights in that day's Bureau of Transportation Statistics, there is little evidence that I know of proving that such airliners and flights did not exist that day (though of course if they did exist, they didn't end up at the WTC, the Pentagon, or Shanksville.)

    19. Apsterian, I think you owe me an explanation, who is this John Goldman? You think you can stand me up like this after all we've been through? Who is this Johnny come lately? And drinks, you told me you were a good Christian Jew killer and you're out on the town with a…..a…….Jew?

    20. She's got the Mossad or similar hijacking planes. That is trying to establish the planes were there to be hijacked. They were not. She is also taking the gaze from the government which was the only power able to stand down interceptors. The gaze should be on Rumsfeld, Cheney and old man Bus.

    21. I did a 9/11 show on Jim's channel Real Deal and I think I just about proved with the images that there was no plane wreckage there that day. She has to keep those planes up there because she has the hijack scenario and planes landed and something hitting the towers. I don't as yet see any real objects hitting the towers. I see cutter charges at the point of impact let off just after the faked television images show planes entirely disappearing into the tower. The bright liquid based explosion from the other side goes off first to distract the eye and then the cutter charges to create a hole. The other two sites don't evidence planes either. I am going now for the quickly condensing rationale of a couple of lucrative insurance scams, hiding the Dov Zackheim incompetence or corruption and the starter's pistol for PNAC. If a genuine terrorist attack was made it would have hit, NSYE or the Langley CIA or the Congress. Sit and think, you have four airliners to fly into targets, what do you chose to cause the greatest disruption to America? The world trade centre wouldn't even rate a mention. Cheers Allan Powell

    22. Better yet,Uncle Blowhard,I was there at the beginning when Nico Haupt was tasked with infiltrating the absurd 'no planes' malarkey into the NYC 9/11 meet-up at St.Mark's Church.I guess you and your fellow parasites have fine tuned the schtick by now.I have no interest in wading through your bullshit as I already know for a fact that large jets hit the towers.Whether they were the flights ascribed I couldn't prove but who cares?

      Don't you fussbudgets know that various New Yorkers captured the second jet hitting #2 on their cameras?

      Uncle,why would anyone ever take you seriously? You've crapped out miserably on everything you touch.JFK,9/11,Paul McCartney,the utterly deranged Sandy Hook garbage,etc.,etc.,etc.You're obviously a disinfo artist or at the very least an addled,closet Hycodan addict.

      Get a load of your useful idiot squad,led by the two headed Jew hating monster,GodSend and the useless,friendless,clueless and hapless Apsterian,plus a clearly insane Dreadnought,who specializes in putting words into people's mouths.
      Hyperventilating fools who can't even read or comprehend a short comment.
      Cute how you allow open anti-Semitic screeching on this site.That's absolute proof that you're disinfo.

      The only reason you are alive is that you're one of them.

    23. Jeannon wrote "Yes, restoring planes and passengers as elements of the official account is obviously very important to the plotters of 9-11, so important, in fact, that the plane crashes element is to be sacrificed in her new theory." … Why, Jeannon, is it so important to you, as this and other comments of yours (and Fetzer's) imply, that there were no such planes and passengers, at all, anywhere on that day? At least until recently, the published evidence seemed slim either way. The absence of some post flight departure and arrival times reported by the Bureau of Transportation is not, in my view, reliable evidence either way, given all the lies told, and truth hidden, that day. You seemed to me to be determined to arrive at a conclusion, ahead of sufficient evidence. To be clear, I entirely agree that no large commercial passenger airplanes crashed at any of the 9/11 crash sites that day.

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    27. Any chance we can met one day, get coffee, take in a movie? Nothing y'know….don't want to rush you. You could show me your collection of shrunken heads……..or your Idiot's Guide To Spengler? I read his book about fashion, "The decline of the vest". I'm sure we could find some psychosis in common. Whadya say. exchange phone numbers? Cheers Allan Powell

    28. @ apsterian
      You're incompetent, and your posts are faulty and worthless. In essence, you are the definition of 'useless eater'. You're probably just some old pissed off fart, killing time taping away on you prison keyboard. Admit it, you love jews.

    29. Dr Fetzer wrote "Most importantly, she is restoring the planes and the passengers to support the "official" narrative." Jeannon makes a similar point.

      I don't get it. This point, that Rebekah Roth is restoring the planes and passengers is apparently a key criticism of her by both Jim Fetzer and Jeannon.

      But Rebekah is in full agreement that there were no Boeing commercial passenger airframes at any of the crash sites of 9/11. Drones, missiles, holograms or pure fantasy perhaps, but no large passenger planes crashed at the WTC, Pentagon or Shanksville.

      Why, why, is it such a big difference whether such planes never took off, or whether they took off and went somewhere else?

    30. See, Jewwy puke, u need to substantiate that, dumb piece-of-shit, filth who thinks it's coooool to defend kikes, stinking scum.

      Hey, kike-loving shit: did u listen to Fetzer's latest show, # 127, first hr?–he had on someone who expounded the Talmud, u stupid puke, hoho ho ho.

    31. He speaks! He talks the holy talkings. Listen with ears like sharks to his pearls of wisdom and he agrees with me on something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh I am bathed in his light. He preaches the Gospel of Saint (or is it Rabbi) Rebekah, she sometimes forgets her own religion I'm told.

    32. Large CYCLIC Process Of Spenglerian "Decline" Must Be Understood

      Right: only thing is exactitude of particular details, the main thing is WELL-KNOWN and understood–"it's Jews, stupid." So now what to do?

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      (c) That WHOLESALE anti-semitism in broadest terms is necessary and virtuous, the ONLY proper Christian course. Let the Lord choose which are the "good" Jews.

      (d) But at same time, always capable of understanding such Christianity and anti-semitism (synonyms) in strictest philosophic terms, for example Judaism = satanism = subjectivism, subjectivism of extreme sort the specific way of making oneself God, hence satanism, strictly understood.

      But again, one must note and be aware of conditions and circumstances, there being a mass number of gentiles religiously addicted to such as "bread and circuses," it being necessary these die-out, out-of-the-way, so that patriots can consolidate w. survivors–the tragic but necessary and inevitable process of ATTRITION of weaklings and inferiors.

      So it's simple, the necessary course of things and treatment thereof, but still requiring virtue of reason and patience as things develop.

    33. Yes, fool, but Rebekah pt.s out the FTS remote-control system which rebuts idea Moooooslims did it–it could ONLY have been done at behest of ZOG (a).

      (b) Rebekah accounts then for Sayaret Matkal Daniel Lewin and Barbara Olson.

      (c) Rebekah then accounts for those phone-calls that were made, so far as we know.

      (d) Rebekah also accounts for other material regarding Jews and zionists.

      It (Rebekah's accounting) may not be absolutely perfect for all details, but it does much for explaining things in useful, informative, coherent fashion–and it doesn't necessarily take-away fm Fetzer's notes and criticisms.

    34. That is from a supremacist Jew speaking her mind. It's impressively worded.

      My take on Rebekah is she's a distraction. However, in my opinion, all that matters is getting a fair hearing on the subject. I don't believe that is likely. What you might get is a trial with scapegoats offered

    35. That is from a supremacist Jew speaking her mind. It's impressively worded.

      My take on Rebekah is she's a distraction. However, in my opinion, all that matters is getting a fair hearing on the subject. I don't believe that is likely. What you might get is a trial with scapegoats offered

    36. Listen up all you GOYIM. Keep parroting the opinionated left/right wing drivel being funneled into your brains via MSM and public education. Keep thinking that it is through your own volition that you hold these opinions as truths. Oy vey, it is with such ease and impunity that I bend your actions to my will. I am the dictator, the taskmaster, the puppeteer and the conductor. I am the wily, undetectable parasite. And you are my eternal slave, my everlasting minion, my succulent and delectable host.

      I feast upon your lifeblood, yet you praise me. I sabotage your every dream, goal, and objective, while you consciously expend resources for my benefit. I bring forth the hordes and armies of the world to march against you, and you apologize to me for the misgivings of men whose bodies amount to nothing more than piles of bones and dust.

      Despite the myriad of conditions you suffer through which would almost surely result in feelings of indignation, your actions suggest complete obliviousness and acceptance of inferiority. Members of your race appear to be on the cognitive scale of a typical cattle, ox, or other bovinus organism. Thus, I have no other term for which to describe you as, other than "Goy".

      If by some chance, you happen to rise above the majority of your peers, I will endow you with the slightly more prestigious title of "Good Goy".
      and committed genocide against us. Seventy years ago, six million of my people were put to the sword under the orders of your "Fuhrer.
      The tide has turned against you. We have the upper hand. Slowly, you watch as your society crumbles under the crushing weight of your own degeneracy. Despondently and desperately, your gaze shifts to the political opposition as your source of blame. But being the unaware goyim that you are, you make no note of the beast destroying you from within, eating away at your core, catalyzing the plague that is so openly and stridently devouring you.It is I, the one you had forgotten about the most. The dark, transparent force of vengeance. There is nothing you can do to stem your fate. Enjoy the twilight years of your great civilization while you still can, for it is in its death throes.

      Written by Alea Acta Est ."

      Two comments from a young Jewess drunk
      on Facebook

    37. Ok kikey, u're beginning to repeat urself a little too much now, speaking of "rats in his head," ho hohoho. I'm gonna let u go, proud and secure in ur knowledge u've stuck-up for ur kikes and kikey "morality," such as it is for u puke, ho ho ho oho

    38. Jewwy: I only go long as it's worthwhile dialectic, and I must say, u've been pretty well exposed for Jew filth and/or flunkey u really and truly are, eh? Don't be disappointed if I don't answer up to any further of ur idiot notes, ho ho ho ho

    39. Ho ho ho ho, a couple of sore Jewwy losers, above here, folks. And note it isn't the brave Christian soldier is really so brilliant–"brilliance" is for the kikes, right? Ho ho ho–no, the Christian soldier needs merely be HONEST, sticking to the scientific and inductive methods, for example, ho ho ho ho ho. The Jewwies imagine it's "fm the devil," evidently, ho ho ho ho

    40. Yea for I have seen the light of his wisdom, I've come over to the genius apsterian's side, he's made me see the error of my ways, I never realised everything was a Jewwy scum plan. Follow the master apsterian, the one the only, the all seeing, the all knowing the anointed one whom god hath chosen to post on blog sites to forward his eternal and all powerful plan for the Jews or whatever the plan is for. Bow before the all powerful intellect of the ass tearing one, knower of knowings, sayer of sayings, thinker of thinkings. All praise him

    41. Hey what's that noise, is it the Jews at your fence planning a secret raid on……what?…..your comicbook stash. You're fun, I've never really communicated with a lunatic before. wanna see how long we go before Jim blocks us?

    42. @ apsterianNovember
      9, 2015 at 10:18 PM

      Quote: "Anon: I gotta judge by the inductive, scientific method, right?–and so if u act, talk, walk, write, and think like kike…"

      "…there's evidence u're kike which now u must disprove…"

      -I don't have to prove and/or disprove anything to you or anyone else.
      That said, I will however, conditionally accept your offer upon proof of claim of the following:

      1) Please share with the readers how you have come to your (own) flawed insinuations, for I am also curious on how people become so fk'd up and paranoid these days; plus, we need a good laugh, so stick your neck out as far as you can.

      2) Not that it matters, though I already shared my nationality, so offer us what concrete evidence you possess to otherwise back your idiotic claim; (you're stupidity and ignorance won't be counted). Lol

      3) If you can't back your claim(s), then someone else might be kind enough to advise you to stfu.

      See how that just worked out for you?
      (probably not; some people never learn) Lol
      You dummy.

    43. Ho ho hoho–awwwww, the Jewwy flunkey is sooooo butt-hurt now, we see, pooooooower Jewwy.

      "Think about what [I'm] saying"?–I merely speak the truth, including about Jew murderers who gloat over having killed Christ. And u?–u defend kikes upon the same old idiot premise, well-known by now, that it's hip, "progressive" thing for advanced-thinkers to do, sympathizing w. kikes. And I'm sure u've made a strong impression upon any who've followed this glorious dialectic, ho hoh o ho.

      And typical of u fuzzy-thinking "sensitive" liberal types, u close ur latest babbling w. "you don't need real enemies, u've got urself," eh? Hoh oh hoh oho, and I'm sure u're very impressed w. ur idiocy, so affecting for sooooo many as u imagine might read ur ravings, Jewwy scum.

    44. I seem to have distracted you for a day or so. "a brilliant defender of Jew"? and "stupid scum" at the same time. You mind must be like a king rat nest. The way you speak, the things you say, if anyone were to look at the posts you've put her and then quietly go sit and think about what you are saying, they would inevitably have to conclude that you are deranged or a spiteful individual who has nothing better to do than call people names. All you post defines you, you don't need real enemies, you've got yourself.

    45. U what?–u "reprise"?–u want to emphasize ur sympathy for kikes, right? And then u write this moronic crap about mountain dew, eh?–u're such a brilliant defender of Jews, buddy, stupid scum–such great work, we see. Ho ho ho ho

    46. Anon: I gotta judge by the inductive, scientific method, right?–and so if u act, talk, walk, write, and think like kike there's evidence u're kike which now u must disprove, which u don't. U're stupid, lying punk, and u wouldn't be able to punch me, stupid, as u'd already be one on concrete w. loose teef–get it, scum?

    47. RE:
      apsterianNovember 8, 2015 at 8:51 AM
      What a blithe, brainless, moronic lying kike is "anon," above at 7:16 am.
      – Incredible, that your ignorance is beyond what anyone could expect from the lowest of denominators. FYI you stupid moronic idiot, I am French/Italian/Irish. And frankly, you wouldn't have the balls to speak like you write, face to face, because you would be picking yourself up off the concrete with a few front teeth in the back of your throat. That's the Italian and Irish in me talking to you. Those like you make it easy for the globalists to run wild. Ponder that, if you possess any logical brain matter.

    48. I think all her moves are done.We don't need further opportunities for anything, She has already shot herself in the foot, some people didn't hear the bang. She won't appear on Jim's show and she'll quietly retreat from here.We will not see "Methodical three" . She certainly won't face me for questions for some reason.

    49. Nope, I don't need her to state that she is anyone to ask her the question I have in mind, it doesn't turn on her identity though I would like to be able to talk to her, I have asked to interview her, I have asked to do it on behalf of Jim as a peacemaker and I have sent her other questions and email to which she has not responded. I cannot for the life of me see why she would not sit down and chat with anyone on the subject, she seems to have done so quite eagerly with everyone else. If she is genuine, she has a genuine history. If fake, no genuine history except one other than what she tells.I agree with you that I would like to see a video of a sit down and a live audience but calling the mistake she has made according to me a big mistake, tragic flaw sounds a little derogatory. Go watch her interviews over time and the point is obvious after a couple of hours of thought. As is……I don't think she's the real article, the planes weren't there, she says they were. Cheers Allan Powell

    50. Monday, November 9, 2015

      November 6, 2015 at 1:23 AM
      Rebekah and Monika are two separate individuals with different features.
      See image link:

      “Looking and comparing all these photos is in my opinion very weak stuff”

      “Monika has one picture of her so it is very possible Monikha isn't real either”

      I have not thoroughly checked all of these but it looks like "Rebekah" has never done a live "VIDEO" interview. All of her interviews that I found by a google search for youtube hits look like just a static photo of her on the screen. No live animate human being speaking. Will post hits below here..

      It it is a fact that there is no VIDEO of this entity presenting herself as "Rebekah Roth",

      If someone has a VIDEO of this entity, please help us with a link. Even having a video of her will not nail her identity as she being who she says she is, but it is an indispensable piece of the puzzle. Do not think comparing still photos of her face is or primary importance here – a video would be Step 1.

      then that is MAJOR indicator that we are dealing with a false identity here. I used the term "crisis actor" loosely to describe her, but since 9-11 is a very much alive and well ongoing psyop and she is a current active participant, I think the term applies.

      Dreadnought, Allen Powell says all he needs is for her to state in a recorded interview that her identity is genuine for him to be able to tell us the big mistake, tragic flaw, in her presentations.

      I say we also need a video of this person and better yet, a live presentation with a live audience.

      I suppose she may disappear from all media after our cursory exposure of her, but that would be pretty telling evidence too.

      Got about 20 hits with google search on same search …
      Rebekah Roth, Methodical Deception, youtube

      They ALL look like NO VIDEO OF HER in any ot these interviews.

    51. No you got it right,I work for Kike International, hours are good, medical plan, plus you get updated on the International Jewry plans every week. We get counselling for the punishment that is meted out to us by the good soldiers of Christ like yourself. Being an atheist there's no superannuation, not afterlife anyway, but at least no eternal flames to broil in. I don't think there is anything I can say to make you even crazier than you are so I'll just leave it there, keep out of the sun Trashcan Man Cheers Allan Kike, oh whoops what a giveaway, Powell

    52. What a blithe, brainless, moronic lying kike is "anon," above at 7:16 am. Just like the kike he obviously is, tells us, "there were eye witnesses…and they were hit by jets. Ask them." But gives no references, ho o ho ho ho–and expects people to just accept it, eh kikey? Ho ho ho ho

    53. re: "plus you have folks like Anonymous assigned to come in here and support her"
      And that is how the banksters have taken over. What does this mean? (you might ask) Let me explain: Some good people have lost their common sense, perception, and ability to for critical thinking. Makes it all so easy, doesn't it. Look, I don't know the woman, either of them, but as a professional artist that studies features, those woman are two different people, period. And as for what hit the towers, there were eye witnesses to the event, and they were hit by jets. Ask them. I'm a truther, but people have gone mad over all the chaos. Therefore, I would assume things are going as planned, to divide and conquer 🙁

    54. Allan Won't Give-Up, Folks–He's Too Well-Paid, Eh? Ho Ho Ho

      Well Allan dearest, I've now replied to u at least a couple times in most contemptuous terms, but u're glutton for punishment, eh? Ho ho ho ho

      Why now do u persist?–are u a masochist? Ho ho ho ho ho Or are u just a Jewwy op urself pursuing ur typical objective?

      In first place, u cannot prove there is no God–get it?–so we know u're pretty stupid just right there, eh? Hoho ho ho.

      And we see above: "Give us some rants about the snakey Jews etc just to confirm your fully qualified nutjob staus."

      So it's u who's exposed urself, eh? What more do I need to say about kike filth? See So Allan, it's u WHO'S EXPOSED AS THE "OP," working for kikes, but u're not the only one, eh? After all, Jews control the money machine, just pumping it out to paying innumerable ops, like u, right?

      Anti-semites (true Christians) got no money, Allan–so if it is truly anti-semitic then it's got to be honest and true-blue–Jews don't pay for that stuff. If "anti-semitism" is just a cover, then there must be an ulterior agenda, and all u gotta do is expose it–which dumbass scum like u just never do, right? Ho hoo ho ho

      That's what it is, Allan, u piece-of-shit filth, Christian TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) vs. Jew lies (JOHN 8:44). And we see what side u're on, eh? Ho ho ho ho

    55. Right Jeannon,

      I skimmed through some interviews that were obviously in place to support her no questions asked and you can assume they are part of the traitor media that pretends to be on our side

      me personally, I'm not a detail person and pretty much obsessing at this time and place on filtering out the liars. I think I know enough about the world conspiracy to know an international entity did 911 and the only international entity I know is made up of Jews, elite Jews and the people they've got under their thumb

    56. Disinfo ignores ppl that are onto them because, they have a support network in place across the alternative media that will back them in glowing terms and the goyim can't be bothered with the details so they just ignore the ones who can.

      In theory, if she's an op, her case is a little different from a crisis actor who was actually involved in the staged event as it happens. Those ppl are protected by the government for reasons of national security.

      Roth doesn't have that sort of backup. Again, Monika has one picture of her so it is very possible Monikha isn't real either

      This massive infiltrated alternative network is precisely why we have to clean up the movement to the point of at least making clear who's legit and who isn't/ No substantial resistance is possible till we create safe communities to present legitimate efforts at getting at the truth without the folks planting deliberate lies

    57. You're getting even fucking madder. Do your family or friends if you have any know you do this kind of bollocks? Give us some rants about the snakey Jews etc just to confirm your fully qualified nutjob staus. What do you think people is he genuine addled in the mind or a DHS employee? My money's on the latter though I don't discount either. Cheers Allan Powell

    58. MC: this Rebekah Roth business is being somewhat over-played, I suspect, and I note the pt.s u make, but don't forget the real substance. (a) Roth insists, quite rightly, upon the presence of the FTS, remote-control equipment which strikes at ZOG's lies.

      (b) Roth brings up neat Jew info, like about Dan Lewin and Barbara Olson, so this isn't good for Jew criminals, the more attn. upon them the better, ho ho ho ho

      That substantial info is what's important; all the crap about Rebekah herself is beside the real substance of things, and it's best to just stand-back and let those issues take care of themselves.

    59. "This however makes a real verefiable bios necessary about this woman"
      A positive ID of who exactly is the entity presenting herself as “Rebecca Roth” is what is needed, all right, but it is not going to happen.

      There have been probably a few hundred crisis actors over the last few false events and we have not been able to absolutely positively identify any of them, nothing that would hold up in our crooked courts, that is.

      What would we accept as constituting verified proof of her identity?

      Looking and comparing all these photos is in my opinion very weak stuff.
      We are closer than ever at identifying this person but we would need the person who had their one terabyte of data stolen come forward with names, dates, and places and all about this theft.

      Dr. Fetzer’s challenge hits the ball into Rebekah’s court.
      If my gut is sending me the right signal, she will not be on Dr. Fetzer’s show and will respond at all to his challenge.

      If Rebekah is on another alternative media show in the near future, I say that show will play out in one of two ways:

      Either it will be another Sunsteinian theatrical production with maybe the network and the show host being on Team Rebekah as well, all toward the goal of exonerating Rebekah and her new 9-11 theory,


      it will just be a big hit piece on Dr. Fetzer, thinly or not so thinly veiled — Jerry Springer type stuff.

    60. Apsterian, check the Susan lindauer interview above where she scolds Roth for playing the anti-semitism card. She claimed she was being criticized because of being Jewish, not for her claims. At the minimum, assuming she's a real person, she's a goy married to a Jew and identifies closely with Judaism.
      This however makes a real verefiable bios necessary about this woman

    61. Youre an op ap using cognitive dissonance and divide and conquer techniques to water down discussion and even debate here. I am going to email Fetzer and kindly ask either you get banned or you are made to provide your real name. You wont reform and like a rabid animal, need to be taken out to pasture. You dont even practice the book you claim as objective truth. You are truly apostate. Good bye Aspertame! Fake name, fake motives.

    62. Maybe I am missing something here Aspertame but there seems to be a contradiction between your calling all Jews evil and your support of Rebekah Roth.

      Please note, Rebekah Roth has been happy to play her anti-Semitism, I am above scrutiny card, as noted in the above interview video Fetzer provided.

      What she is doing is admitting there are bad Jewish actors which is a heck of a lot different than saying there is an evil Jewish plan ala protocols of Zion which, in case you haven't noticed , is a document demonized by Jews on the level of holocaust denial and official story denials

      What you often get is 3rd tier op Jews that use the already out there fact that Jews were involved in the planning and the attack and the coverup of 911.

      Why they do that is to co-opt dissent more firmly in their hands as we continue to be held in paralysis by infiltrating agents that assure divide and conquer continues.

      I might as well tell you my take on Judaism. It's a secret society much like Masonry except it hides behind race and religion. Most Jews you meet on the street are simply loyal Jews because they are part of an apparatus that works that message in very effectively.

      That same appartatus is telling us all white countries have to be multi-cultural to survive. They count on the whites to accept Jews at their word that this doesn't apply to the Jewish state

      Interesting thing about race. Why do most white racists believe in the 100% pure theory but allow Israel to claim itself as a race with a very diluted bloodline, intentionally done so?
      The fact is Judaism is not race, or a religion. It uses a book as "holy" that says to cheat your non-Jew neighbor and take his property whenever you can. It advocates pretending you are someone other than who you are if it serves their nefarious purpose

      The diaspora is and always has been an intentional occurrence using a secret society technique to infiltrate all hosts by using lies deceit and whatever else works and is a process consistently applied by the op for over five hundred years.

      If the diaspora had occurred the way they claimed it would have been a disorganized affair where Jews going different ways would not have maintained their race hegemony. That fact it has says this was intentional, to scatter and colonize.

      The little Jews are simply loyal and are duped but their being duped is clearly to their advantage as it is always to the advantage of a master race to overlook the ways it tyrannizes the subjugated races.

      No, Rebekah Roth would not have played the anti-Semite card if she was really outing her people, believe me!.

    63. Scum: consider the irony fm a stinking Jewwy puke like urself, (a) u claim to being an "atheist," u ignorant piece-of-shit, but then feel qualified to tell us all about supposed Christian "law of love"?–ho ho ho ho–TYPICAL, eh, stupid son-of-a-bitch piece-of-shit, ho ho ho ohoo

      Why should I or anyone debate a stupid puke punk like u, scum?–ho ho ho hoo–that would be dignifying for u, eh? Ho ho ho ho ho

      I don't give a shit about u, puke-ball, and I couldn't care less what u think about for "serious treatment," sucker, ho ho ho ho ho

    64. People this Apsterian character has to be a troll, doesn't he? Who is he? Why are people taking him seriously and wasting good time responding to him? He a ranting lunatic if his posts are valid and he really believes what he puts here. Jews this Jews that, scumballs STFU etc etc. What is it psycho therapy on the cheap or has he got Tourett's? Is this what passes for reasonable discourse? Tell us your real name Apsterian, grow a spine, and a face and let's see you do something more than mouth off on a blog post? Cheers Allan Powell

    65. Now I have to be frank with you, you sound like a raving lunatic….There's no such thing as good Jews? God's going to chose the good Jew? So you know the mind of your creator to (he's yours, not mine, I'm and atheist) So the Christ who gives you the law of love urges you on to this twaddle of hate? And not only are you holier and more intelligent than anyone else, you think your rants are an almost absolute entitlement to the superiority of your perceptions? Fools, scum puke balls, you sure know how to enlist followers with your silver tongue there, bud. Come on the Fetzer show and debate me, you won't have to talk to Jim. Your kind of hysteria needs more public airing. Cheers Allan Powell ps why not use your own real name, that may get people to tret you a little more seriously.

    66. Pharisee Ought To Think More, STFU

      No moron: get it straight, Christ = TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), and Holy Spirit is Honesty and Reason (distinct fm hubristic, self-deceiving Jews who utterly lack honesty) by which to grasp such precious truth.

      That's ur problem sucker, U LACK SIMPLE HONESTY, and all appreciation thereof. U're one who's deficient for proper Christianity. U FAIL to "love" truth, sucker–everything else for Christianity comes fm that honesty and piety.

      Get it straight, sucker: u literally don't know FIRST thing about Christ (= Truth), lacking honesty as u do. So u really should just STFU, fool. Think more, run ur (proverbial) stupid mouth less.

      U BARELY know ur behind fm hole in the ground, yet u babble like the typical, Jewwy self-righteous moron–u stink.

      So go ahead scum, BE "humble, kind and gentle" as u want to pretend to–AND BE SATISFIED, u stinking puke, and quit harassing others who actually get stuff done, and STFU, like I say, as u're worthless and useless and just a pain if u're anything.

      I don't care what u "see" or don't see, scum–as u're just a worthless Pharisee wasting ur time w. moronic advice for others who don't need it fm such as u–get it? On other hand, go ahead and give it, but know what u'll get, buddy–just what u deserve.

      "Doesn't cut mustard"?–u know what u can do w. ur "mustard," eh? Ho ho o ho ho ho. Worry about urself, scum–u really ought to. We don't need to know what u think are our problems, dipshit. I hope I've made myself clear. Amen.

    67. The problem Ap is you dont act like a Christian. Where is your humility, kindness and gentleness? Have you ever heard of St. Paul and his writing without love you are a clanging cymbal?

      The science aspect of your presentation is okay; the artistic aspect needs a serious refresher course in how to win friends and influence people. You are probably right about the soldier part: Militant, insensitive and not compassionate. The Christian part is rather vacuous; I just don't see it. Followers of Yeshua have to have love in them. The two greatest commandants are to love God with all your might and love your neighbor as yourself. Calling people suckers, idiots and fools just doesn't cut the mustard.

    68. "God-send" Is TRAITOR; Will Be Duly Dealt With, Never Doubt

      Well "Godsend": u're actually satanically-sent LIAR, pretending there are "good" kikes–"good" Christ-killers and "good" psychopaths, ho ho ho ho.

      And u're clever, typical Jew (LIAR) as u are, keeping things at level of basic EQUIVOCATION fallacy, concentrating on keeping people confused over simple meaning of words, like "Jew."

      For a "Jew" is, by definition, Talmudist, follower of Pharisees, PERIOD; see and–it also includes those co-racial to these Talmudists, but who pretend to "atheism" or being "non-religious." NO DECENT PERSON CALLS HIMSELF JEW, period.

      There's no essential diff. btwn Jew (Talmudist) and "zionist," Jews (LYING, as usual and typical for them) about "zionist" as "zionist" rather exposes Jews for the criminal murderers they really are, attempting to pretend there are "good" Jews. For note many Jews prefer to remain in land of gentiles where they make so much money, Israel rather exposing kikes for what outright criminal psychopaths they are–a lot like u, eh?

      LIAR (and probable Jew) as u are, "God-send," u attempt to take advantage of confusion in weak-minded people regarding meaning of simple word(s), Jew confused w. "JUDEAN."

      And we true Christian soldiers understand perfectly we'll have to deal w. u Jewwy puke, close accomplices and agents of Jews as u are, sucker. U'RE TRAITOR, working for kikes, and u'll be dealt-with as such, sucker, never doubt.

    69. It's interesting that you should mention God and the "Hidden Hand" because there are extra-dimensional or spiritual dimensions to what we have been experiencing in America (and elsewhere) since 911 and these go FAR beyond the PNAC plan for America and Neocon foreign policy influence on America's Federal government. We have to go several levels deeper into the rabbit hole to get the BIG PICTURE and full understanding of what humanity is up against, and Jim Fetzer (and many others) will not be able to follow (yet).

      Here are 3 links which will lead you down the rabbit hole and to these other dimensions:

      It's not just about taking back the America which once existed, it's about taking back the planet which God gave humanity before the Devil and his demonic race were cast out of Heaven and down to the Earth. They are worth taking back!

    70. I gots to ask. Why is she wearing glasses in a rebuttal photo op occurring to debunk her association with Monika?Certainly makes it harder to get a good view of the eyes
      Again, she never smiles in pictures. These pictures are not random photos from her life but taken for this specific occasion

    71. Interesting and excellent comment.

      AEP is possibly another example of my observation that the Israel / Zionist / Judaics issues are being fake-addressed. Miller made some strong statements against the "Israelis" early on, but your conjecture that "AEP and Mr. Miller have a 911 OBFUSCATION plank in their platform?!" certainly rings true to me.

      Personally, I do not know if I want to take the America back that I observe in reading about what America has done for the last century, at least, to Americans and to innocents all around the world.

      There is an evil "hidden hand" or Brotherhood of Darkness controlling all political candidates and parties.

      I operate on seeking truth and faith in my God, the One Who is Truth.

    72. Rebekah's pictures are all staged for effect. She does not smile in pictures as can be shone with a simple google. The fact you have access to this attempt at debunking makes you an interested actor in this event, clearly with a job to "legitimize" Rebekah Roth.

      How about an extensive bios with pictures that can be fact checked…waiting to see the goods. The fact is, she looks like Monika with tons of makeup and a hair style made to make her look like a "plain-Jane" character, again, to counteract Monika's natural eye appeal. That's a guess but what's clear is Rebekah is a plant pushing the Arab terrorist psyop. The fact she throws in Mossad to disarm would be doubters is a common tactic of disinfo and easily accomplished since her true bosses control who hears what in the MSM and resistance dissent is compartmentalized accordingly to allow truth to be told to certain factions without it spreading dangerously to the mass at large

    73. Grand Rabbi of Satmar, Yoel Teitelbaum: Zionism and Israel are "the final and greatest challenge of the Jewish people in exile (diaspora)."

      "Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews." (Alan Hart)

      ZIONISM = NAZISM (Neturei Karta True Torah Jews. Zionist Israel is an ABOMI-NATION)

      "I know the blasphemy of THEM which say THEY are Jews and are not, but are the Synagogue of Satan." (Revelation 2:9).

      "Jewish Zionist" is an OXYMORON (and so are you, dip-shit-for-brains apster!)

    74. Problem Is Satanism And Jews

      Yeah, but all this info u pt. out is being blocked by JEWS AND SATANISTS. Whatever happened on 9/11 had to have been done under auspices of the top Jew bankers, the master and topmost criminals overseeing everything about our horribly captive culture. See for expo on central-banking.

      And Rebekah Roth DOES NOT at all "divert" fm this Jew/satanist problem; on the contrary. U're just lying on that pt., Goldstein.

      For only further HORROR AND CATASTROPHE is going to change anything regarding this psycho-sociologic strangle-hold Jews and satanists have.

      For in order to deal w. Jews, one must first deal w. their satanic cohorts: satanists (extreme subjectivists, especially moralists pushing "good-evil" delusion/fallacy) and the "Judeo-Christian" (JC–see and for expo) heretics who support terror-state of Israel.

      And the motivation will NOT come without further horror and catastrophe, as I noted. Further, enough of the gentile satanists who prop Jews will have to be removed and exterminated–which again, will not happen without further horror and catastrophe.

      It's simply a grim business, this war against Jews and satanism, there being no easy way of going about things. People must understand there is and was most excellent reason for Jew-hatred all through the centuries–Jews = satanists, and now we see how and why–satanism is no laughing matter.

    75. The following comment [not moderated since Oct. 19] was posted on the American Eagle Party website where Rebekah Roth's "Methodical Deceptions" video is featured. Makes one wonder if the AEP and Mr. Miller have a 911 OBFUSCATION plank in their platform?!

      By Peter K. Joneleit [GodSend] – October 19, 2015 7:45 pm Reply
      Your comment is awaiting moderation.

      In my view and that of other “Truthers”, 911 Truth is THE main issue which must be publicly addressed by any presidential candidate or politician who expects to receive our support. “Political Correctness” and “National Security” are invalid concepts when exposing 911 Truth.

      It is now CLEAR that Israel and its “katzas” and “sayanim” (many dual citizens of Israel and the USA), deeply embedded in America’s Federal Gov’t Agencies and institutions (including the MSM), played a major role in perpetrating the 911 attack on America and/or its COVER-UP. Two Presidents and most members of Congress (from 2001 to the present), as well as senior members of the Military are guilty of an EXTENSIVE COVER-UP of the Israelis and domestic perpeTRAITORS. Zionist Israel MUST be publicly identified as the main perpetrator and as a FOREIGN ENEMY of America.

      Rebekah Roth seems to be on the right track – but needs to go further (maybe in her next book?)

      Professor James Fetzer has proven, almost beyond the shadow of a doubt, that on the basis of the laws of physics and physical wreckage at all of the alleged 911 crash sites, NO AIRLINERS hit the WTC towers or crashed at any of these sites. The MSM conspired with the Federal Gov’t and its Agencies to broadcast DOCTORED videos to make the “official” explanation credible. This lie must be exposed, although the issue of Israel’s guilt is paramount.

      From what appears on the AEP website, there is hope that the BIG LIES perpetrated on the American people by its Federal Gov’t and the MSM will finally be exposed! I encourage Mr. Miller and other leaders of the AEP to make absolutely clear what its stance is on the 911 issue, long before the AEP convention next May. I will become an enthusiastic and active supporter of the AEP and Mr. Miller, if and when that happens. If the political approach (AEP) fails to produce results, clarity and the public identification of the 911 guilty parties (foreign and domestic), then American patriots in the Active, Reserve and Veteran Military MUST consider “Seven Days in May” as a last resort to TAKE BACK AMERICA. There may not be any other effective options!

    76. I thought that the following satirical observation communicated an important message:

      ♥ The Miracle of Directed Energy Technology on 9/11 ♥
      2015-09-26 2:19 By Tomfarrar Talley | Red Ice Creations

      The fabric of the human mind is flexible, but the strings of credulity can only stretch out so far, and then incredulity settles in. The New York Times reports today that Pope Francis will visit the National September 11 Memorial Museum at Ground Zero in NYC, and view its exhibits.

      The image above depicts an artifact residing in the 9/11 Museum of an open Bible fused to a hunk of steel wreckage, with some of the steel overlapping the pages after it was softened by extremely high heat, or some other process. How could this happen and not have burned the paper? Was it a miracle? Is such a thing even possible in the physical world? And yet, the result can clearly be seen.

      Probably the best collection of evidence making the case for a directed energy technology at work and used as a weapon on 9/11, can be found at the website of a mechanical engineer named Judy Wood, Ph.D – and in her landmark book: ”Where Did The Towers Go?”.

    77. Dr. Fetzer knows "Rebekah Roth" is a diversion from the evidence presented by Dr. Judy Wood. Dr. Fetzer knows that creating controversy about "Rebekah Roth" is a diversion from the evidence presented by Dr. Judy Wood. Dr. Fetzer knows I'm not Dr. Judy Wood but creates the controversy that I am Dr. Judy Wood which is a diversion from the evidence presented by Dr. Judy Wood. An opinion and an Internet connection does not make one a qualified forensic scientist with four decades of experience. Where were the "9/11 Truthers" when Dr. Judy Wood filed her federal Qui Tam case and the fact that none of the Truthers were interested in seeing this case in court – otherwise they would have supported it. As a matter of fact, Mr. Richard Gage banned those who supported Dr. Judy Wood’s federal Qui Tam case – or even told him about it. Crazy world…

    78. I also see little information on Rebekah Roth beyond the hyping of her books on the web. There is no wikipedia page on her, etc plus you have folks like Anonymous assigned to come in here and support her. Interesting case and will keep my eye on it. If someone could find another picture of Monika Gainor, I would definitely be interested

    79. am I correct that though Monika has been on Facebook for years and has provided this picture for our use as her profile face, that no other pictures of her are available? I recall, three years ago, this was her profile picture. It is the only picture in google images of her-that seems weird to me since she's somewhat known. Also, looking at 20 odd pictures of Rebekah, she always has her mouth closed- just things I noticed and not sure what it means

    80. the teeth are very similar. Also, it appears that Rebekah was trying to debunk the claim with specific poses made for our benefit. It looks like she held weird poses to give off a certain impression. Again, I would like to know the evidence provided that connects these two beyond these pictures

    81. Fools, Scum Diverted, As By Style, Failing For Substance

      No, sorry puke-ball, no chance, stupid punk. Try again, fool: if the FTS equipment was on the plane (which still needs absolute verification, one must note), then ZOG WOULD be responsible if the planes struck–get it, fool?

      And yes, we understand quite well the vids of planes hitting are totally phony, etc. Don't like "kiddy hissing poison bit"?–then don't read it, moron.

      We know the main pt.s–"it's Jews, stupid," and question is what will people now do about these Jew psychopaths and monsters?–CUT THE CRAP ABOUT THERE BEING "GOOD JEWS"–there's no "good Jews" anymore than good psychopaths, or good Christ-killers.

      Easiest, simplest way, in concept, though still not in practicality, evidently, is to deal w. all the Jews and sympathizers in whole-sale fashion; let God choose who's a "good" Jew, ho ho ho ho

      And this whole-sale method will actually be adopted eventually, of necessity, only question being how many poor, stupid gentiles will have to bite proverbial "dust," before folks grasp sublime monstrosity of kikes, foremost satanists and then the necessity of whole-sale method.

      So presently, immediate problem, as we see, is the scum and puke, failing for the Jew-issue, diverted, as by stylistic issues, and especially the MORALIST fallacies, which are well-used by Jews and satanists to continue their merry way, as we see.

    82. Throwing Doozy Dov Zackheim under the bus is not a big giveaway, Rumsfeld put the finger on him a day before 9/11 in a congressional hearing into the missing 2.3 trillion. The real mystery is why nobody has stood accountable for it. If that's the biggest Rebekah has to vend, she's selling warm and weak beer. Cheers Allan Powell

    83. Even if the equipment was on the planes, it would be of no consequence if the planes were not in the air that day. Are you really here to enlighten or just to vent spleen? Everyone except you seems to be a moron to you. Are you aware of how you sound? If you have any truth to share do it without all the little kiddy hissing poison bit. Any chance of that? Cheers Allan Powell

    84. I couldn't get Rebekah on Jim's show even before she made her unilateral attack on him. She has however made one consistent mistake in all her interviews. I don't think she knows what it is because she works from rote and gets the rote correct every time. There is one thing however that stops being correct when a speech is delivered by rote. And I have it. Cheers Allan Powell ps where is Rebekah in all this to answer what she is and what she isn't?

    85. Anonymous, How could your eyewitness not actually see anything. You seem very angry and confused. Go in to a quiet place and sit down and think about what you are saying… All perfect strangers to you should accept without any doubt that what someone you knew told you has to be true. And you call us cement heads? Allan Powell

    86. Rebekah Is Strange Sort Of "Op," Freely Spilling Major "Beans"

      Well, as I note above, WHY would she pt. to Israelis as the culprits, these working for the top Jew bankers?–though she doesn't so much ID Jews regarding banking, yet she DOES take note of fraud nature of Federal Reserve Bank (legalized COUNTERFEITING)–which is more than u do.

      So if she is an "op," who in the heck is she working for?–it ain't Jews nor bankers, and the bankers are the very topmost world powers who have everyone else on the run, except maybe Russia and China.

      Note only SOME of her claims are inaccurate, not necessarily totally "false." Her version of planes and passengers DO NOT "support" official narrative at all, she saying planes were diverted, the passengers then disposed of, etc.–this is NOT the official narrative.

      If "BTS" is all u got, it doesn't seem like enough to be conclusive, though it may be bothersome. So if she's pt-ing to Jews and bankers, she certainly has the big, main pt.s right–why would she shoot herself in foot for defective details?

      Rebekah has been out recently, just a few days ago, w. some additional info on the little doodlings and drawings made by the Israeli "artists" which seem to indicate they knew what was about to happen to the WTC bldgs.:

    87. In addition, Rebekah/Monika appears to have faked her identity. She was pissed off when Dennis noticed she resided in Langley. She looks like an op, she talks like an op and she walks like an op. I am not sure how much more proof we are going to have at hand with a sophisticated op like her.

    88. Rebekah appears to be CIA. She has a photographic memory. She seems to have plagiarized her vast store of research. Someone like this is going to be hard to pin down. She isn't going to make a lot of easily-detectable mistakes. You are welcome to add those you notice in addition to mine, including:

      She confounds transponders and radar, which proves she does not have the technical competence she claims. She trivializes the BTS records, which show that her claims are false. And she attempts to belittle "retired professions" who are not taken in. Most importantly, she is restoring the planes and the passengers to support the "official" narrative.

    89. Anonymous, did you both to watch "The Midwest 9/11 Truth Conference", which explains how the "planes" in New York were faked? I can't believe how many are so eager to leap to conclusions. Give me a break and actually WATCH the proof I present–THEN come back and offer complaints.

    90. Anon:

      Your assurances are worthless! IF there was a jumbo jet flying low over Lower Manhattan on the morning of 911 and IF it was flight #11 (actually IMPOSSIBLE), we KNOW FOR A FACT that it did not crash into the WTC (the FAKE videos shown on TV PROVE that no airliners crashed into the WTC towers). What makes you or your "friend" think that it was flight #11 and that it crashed into the North Tower? Maybe it was flight #666 which crashed into building #7?

      You and your "friend" have either been "lobotomized" or are somehow "related" to Abe Foxman or Jonathan Greenblatt! We KNOW that whatever 911 was or wasn't, it WAS GOOD FOR ISRAEL and Israel is desperate to keep 911 truth a DEEP, DARK SECRET (the 5 dancing Israelis, bragging about 911 on Tel Aviv TV, notwithstanding).

      Go back to the ADL (with your "friend") and tell them you want your brains back!

    91. More Idiot Question-Begging

      No dumbass: Rebekah's pt. is that the planes WERE indeed equipped w. FTS (flight termination systems) which indicate the planes could NOT have struck the bldgs. without ZOG knowing and allowing it to be done.

      "[F]alse info . . . Boeings . . . equipped w. remote . . . devices…"?–so tell us, how u know this equipment was NOT on the planes–a little moronic question-begging on ur part, again, eh?

    92. Dean Hartwell has written four books on the planes and passengers of 9-11, the latest being

      Was 9/11 a Movie?

      I wrote a review of that book on Amazon.

      I believe Dean Hartwell would be an excellent source to
      to help provide information and arguments against the existence of planes and passengers.

    93. “My surmise is that Rebekah Roth was CONJURED as the solution to the problem with her rather fanciful tale.”
      The more I look at this issue the more I see that “conjured” is the perfect word choice.

      I even think the crafting of her first and last name, Rebekah Roth, is sort of a Cass Sunstein type minor trap. Those who do not believe this smart courageous whistle blower Jewish lady are either “anti-semitic” or at least pitifully ignorant. I could be wrong about that. The name could have been crafted as such for other reasons.

      Yes, restoring planes and passengers as elements of the official account is obviously very important to the plotters of 9-11, so important, in fact, that the plane crashes element is to be sacrificed in her new theory.
      Over the years, the retention of the planes and passengers and usually also the crashes has been a part of the new theories that come forth from time to time. Dr. Steven Jones way back in late 2004 I think quite slyly retained the planes, passengers, crashes and hijackers.

      Here is a video

      Dov Zakheim – 9/11 Comptroller and Remote Control Planes

      recently linked from, but produced in 2011 and it slyly assumes the planes and crashes throughout. It appears to be presenting some impressive factual information and insights but several matter-of-fact references to the planes and crashes are heard throughout the video.
      Also again, it has the element of “pointing us” to a Jewish man, Dov Zakheim, but the pointing is done so as to point us to the false information that Big Boeings were equipped with remote control devices and driven into the buildings.

    94. Jewwy Strikes Again

      Anon: u're the same Jewwy who sounds a lot like "steve" who was afflicting the site a couple of blogs ago, right?–same stupid logic, same stupid choice of words.

      U ask, "What are the odds that a huge jet was flying low over Manhattan and a huge explosive sound was heard seconds later and it WASN'T that same jet hitting the tower?" "Odds" are pretty great if it was deliberate false-flag, moron.

      And u pretend to being a "neuro-scientist," eh?–ho ho ho ho ho–u're more a dipshit-scientist, I'd say, ho ho ho ho

      And u brought up the same Paul McCartney issue before too, didn't u, dumbass? And we explained to u that u need to address the arguments and give one of ur own if u want ur conclusion to be taken seriously.

      Fetzer may indeed have serious problems, but how is a moron like u any better?

    95. Heckle and Jeckle in conspiracy drag,what a spectacle!

      Can you dunces read? I'm merely sharing eyewitness testimony with you.Where's the illogic here?
      He said he saw a jet overhead Greenwich Village where he worked but didn't actually see it hit the building.What are the odds that a huge jet was flying low over Manhattan and a huge explosive sound was heard seconds later and it WASN'T that same jet hitting the tower?
      Of course,I could be lying even if I went on this insane site with our real names.I assure you I'm not lying.It's your right to be skeptical but I could give a flying fuck.
      Yes,there is no possibility that he was lying to me.
      If I gave names I'd have two nutjobs hassling me and you dopes ain't worth the hassle.
      'Most people who read this blog are not simple minded'! A real hoot and absolute malarkey.

      I haven't heard you two cement heads call Uncle Fetzer out on anything,even his mind numbingly stupid alignment with the strictly-for-idiots "Paul McCartney is dead" insanity.
      If you haven't figured out that No-Neck James is a disinfo artist,well,then,you really are saps.

    96. BTS Report?–That's All Fetzer Has?

      I read Roth's first book, "Methodical…," and it was NOT very good kind of story for a thriller, not very well written–I rather skimmed through most of it. BUT I must say she wrote some great stuff at the end of the book, her hero, the newly inducted president, who had been Speaker of the House, coming out against dual-citizens, obviously talking about the Israeli Jews, and denouncing the US Federal Reserve Bank. So WHO is Roth helping or not helping?

      And I noted in Roth's numerous int-views, she presents amazing info, for example, about Dan Lewin, the Israeli Sayaret Maktal agent, and Jew, Barbara Olson, who allegedly made cell-phone calls to her husband, Ted, the Solicitor Gen. at Justice dept. at the time. Roth's thesis is that Lewin was a "controller," working for ZOG.

      So the pt. to Roth's info is anti-semitic, hence surely good news and good work. And the question then is if Roth really were crisis-actor, why is she so anti-semitic?–isn't this counter-intuitive?

      Obvious problem is fact that so much of this necessary info, about 9/11, JFK, and practically everything, is being covered-up by ZOG–ZOG is the problem, and who benefits thereby?–obviously the satanic masterminds behind world gov. and the central-banks. I don't see how Rebekah Roth is helping ZOG.

      And we see Fetzer's pt. against Roth regards The BTS report, but is this all Fetzer has? To be sure, Fetzer may indeed have a pt. regarding a particular aspect Roth's narrative, but does it really accomplish terribly much?–doesn't seem like it.

      So we see AGAIN, Fetzer wants to nit-pick upon details while ignoring the large picture regarding (a) central-banking, (b) Jews, not just "zionists," (c) and the satanic aspects of the culture, including the (d) advancing world-gov. and its agenda.

    97. It's obvious that you have been "lobotomized" because your comment (like your brain) is full of logical holes. What your "friend" undoubtedly heard (if anything) was the nuclear explosion which hollowed out WTC building #5. Thanks for giving us proof of your "major malfunction"!

    98. Why are you anonymous if this is the truth and who is your friend? He heard, he didn't see? What is he, an ear witness? He told you, he told you, why is he not telling us? There is no possibilility he is lying and no possibility you are either? No possibility? Most people who read this blog are not simple-minded Give us names. Allan Powell

    99. My friend who works at NYU heard a huge noise above him at 8:45 A.M,looked out his window and then ran up the short flight up to the roof (three story building in the Washington Mews) and saw a jumbo jet flying extremely low towards the Trade Center.A few seconds later he heard the crash of #11 as it hit the North Tower.
      He told me this the same afternoon it happened and there is not a whisper of a semblance of an iota of a wisp of a possibility that he was lying.
      What in hell is Fetzer's major malfunction?

    100. In all honesty, 'never be disproved' is not worth much. Can you disprove that there's a little microscopic teapot orbiting Neptune which is and will forever be undetectable by our most sensitive instruments? (apologies to the Russell Teapot Analogy)

    101. I approached Rebekah on numerous occasions for either information an interview or for Jim Fetzer to interview her. I had a disconcerting response once where she seems not to know who " Max" was. I think a lot of her detail is just fine, stewardesses wouldn't do this or that., that's all okay but she keeps the planes in the air and I don't think they were there, any of them. As a planner of the scam,the last thing I would want is scrambled fighters finding no planes to attack and that's the reason for the stand down. You might just have to face a future where the truth of 9/11 turns out to be a few pretty lucrative insurance scams and a chance to get PNAC on the road. The planes and hijackers stuff doesn't hold water. Cheer Allan Powell

    102. After over 45 years acquaintanceship with the World Trade Center project, including its Kellogg Corporation nuke based demolition system, I can say with authority that Rebekah Roth knows alot which will never be disproved.

    103. Wallowing in 9-11 controversy instead of utilizing new correct Information to derive logical conclusions is disgraceful. Others and myself have been well acquainted with WTC details for over 44 years. It will take more time than that for self-indulgent individuals to reach such understanding. Truth is eternal and Rebekah Roth does fine in that category. Rebekah Roth's information, at least 95%, is eternal.

    104. To even a casual researcher of 911 truth, it's almost SELF-EVIDENT that NO AIRLINERS CRASHED at ANY of the alleged crash sites – NO identified and confirmed airliner wreckage from ANY of the sites! No wings, no tails, no fuselages, no (correct) engines, no seats, no identified luggage, no identified bodies, etc. ANYWHERE. We need to check the brains and DNA of all the "crisis actors" and "eye witnesses" who swear THEY saw airliners crashing on 911! THEY have either been "lobotomized" or THEY are not human! In either case, THEY are totally lacking in COMMON SENSE.

    105. Listening to Rebekah, the word "bullshit artist" comes to mind. Lawyers use the same technique to flood you with information so as you are totally bewildered and don't know what to think

      Jim, can you give me your info link Monika Gainor, who I used to interact with on Facebook and Rebekah

      Monikah stood out for me because she was a loyal republican activist but was into 911 truth. She blocked me after a short while

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