Rebekah Roth: A fiction producing fiction about a fiction

By Allan William Powell

I think Ms. Roth is a fiction producing fiction about a fiction. 

She keeps the planes in the air. I don’t think they were there. She has no history of any kind and I don’t mean academic or research. 

She has no Internet footprint that I can find and I would be grateful to anyone who can point me in any direction in that respect who has found anything indicating the presence of a Rebekah Roth, this Rebekah Roth on the Internet. All I see are multiples of the same image when I google. 

She throws Dov Zakheim under the bus for the Pentagon missing $2.3 trillion. He was already there. Rumsfeld threw him there the day before 9/11 in a congressional hearing. She points to the Israelis, the missing 28 pages points to the Saudis. So nothing points to the Bush mafia? 

Now we look at the two potential blameworthy culprits, the Israelis or the Saudis. We disregard the Bush mafia. We debate the blameworthiness. Who did it? 

We know it was not the Arabs claimed by the FBI, most of those characters didn’t exist. I think it’s all condensing down into a couple of lucrative insurance scams, the obfuscation of a missing $2.3 trill from the pentagon and the starter’s pistol for PNAC. 

Ms Roth wants to keep the Israeli aspect on its legs. Wherever she points, it is not Washington and that is her leitmotiv. Keep the eyes off Washington. It was the foreigners, whatever creed or colour. 

No foreigners were able to stand down the air defences, the fighter jets were not scrambled because there was nothing to find. Imagine sending in the fighter jets within six minutes as Ms Roth says they would be and the fighters finding no airliners heading for the towers. 

Ms Roth has the planes up in the air doing something, being hijacked, then landed and the passengers all killed and then, the planes take off and hit the towers? 

Jim Fetzer: Rebekah Roth’s METHODICAL ILLUSION may be Rebekah herself


From: Allan Powell
Sent: November 10, 2015 7:00 PM
To: Rebekah Roth
Subject: 9/11

Dear Rebekah,
I have asked before without success if you would consent to come on the Jim Fetzer show if I were to  be the one asking the questions?
I’m repeating this because of my own curiosity about the accusations that you are not a single identity character.
We both know if you are genuine then the accusations are nonsense.
I know you have had a best seller out of this business and I think it is a matter not only of your own integrity but of the duty of honesty that you owe the readers of your books.
You might be well aware that my own view is that none of the airliners in question were in the air that day.
I would very very grateful for you agreement to appear.
Allan Powell


From: Rebekah

To: ‘Allan Powell’
Sent: Thursday, 12 November 2015, 3:40
Subject: RE: 9/11

No, I do not have time to argue with idiots, his accusations are insane. Ever since my second book came out he has attacked my character while completely missing WHAT IS EXPOSED in the books.
Now, so you know, I have been joined by military, Air traffic controllers, DARPA people, airline pilots and I have a terabyte of information that has already uncovered still more information.
I have been told by numerous people that this Fetter character has done the same character assassination to everyone that has stepped into the 911 truth.
I will not argue with him, he is a proven liar, I got an email from someone that was accused of being one of my identities and HE IS A MAN in Australia! So his false accusations have proven him to be a liar to many in the truth movement.
I am about finding the truth for the crew members and passengers that gave their lives that day, and nothing more.
I could care less what this lunatic conspiracy nutjob says, many people know he is lying and only using my name to get hits on his blog or you tube channel.
Don’t ask again, I am busy writing another novel to expose the new findings and a nonfiction book.
Rebekah Roth
You Tube:
the online store:



From: Allan Powell
Date: Wed, Nov 11, 2015 at 11:01 AM
Subject: Re: 9/11
To: James Fetzer

I don’t think she’s genuine now.
Cheers Alla
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76 thoughts on “Rebekah Roth: A fiction producing fiction about a fiction”

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  2. PS : Blaming that ZioStan military outpost colony on Palestinian land for anything in US is a silly as blaming e.g. Hawaii.
    ZioStan is one of AngloZio Empire's uncounted states. They are paid billions to help foment your wars, test your M-Ind-Complex weapons on live subjects; USuk Anglohadis + JS Juhadis + IS Jihadis are joined at the hip in all nefarious colonisation and neoColonisation rape, pillage, plunder of the world …. and they render services to YOUR criminal al CIAda.

  3. So this is why no citizen group succeeds in US? Huge misogynist /over educated egos and ethos of "Winner Takes All" ?
    (that permeates from top down in Savage AngloZio Empire's every action in the world).
    What a pity there is destructive competitiveness rather than collaboration between all the real patriots uncovering the treason of 0911.
    Why not take your own advice and do simple research to find the parentless families of those plane crews?
    Why not respect that airline insiders have intimate knowledge that you don't have … and just perhaps your 'solution' has been shoehorned to fit your personal flawed hypothesis?
    Why not value the novel products and a highly personable, sincere person reaching and speaking to far more otherwise 'switched off' Americans than a great deal of off-putting PhD science amidst much hocus pocus conjecture have done for 14yrs?
    And how can 1 person possibly be expert on the multi- facets of multiple sub-projects that was 0911.
    Is the superb work done by B.Honniger negated because she does not address what happened in NYC or PA? Of course not!
    Why does each scientific group not collaborate on the high probability of Mil-Ind-Complex testing / using multiple new and proven explosive / dustification / whatever modalities to make sure those towers came down … Is it really likely that only some new 'energy stuff' was used?

    Well, I think you are all patriots.
    But have the American disease.
    Winner takes all competitive destruction, eliminate all threat to your personal ego and self centred benefits.
    And that is your nations downfall too.
    In the unlikely event you are all still given a voice in rapidly creeping USSA, y'all will still be dissecting and bickering and promoting your own silly ego's in 50yrs time …. Just like JFK -which I guess is also a money spinner.

  4. This, by les, above, is just the typical, moronic question-begging and un-substantiated assertion. Observe esp. "faulty moral compasses," ho ho ho ho ho–TYPICAL KIKE pharisaism, ho ho ho ho. Sounds like "steve," the "neuro-scientist" is back w. new moniker, ho ho ho ho

  5. This "Rebeka" is a potty-mouthed half-witted boy. The operation is part limited hang-out, part honey pot. These USraeli pikers are collecting names and networks of the most influential thinkers to mislead them, study them, and ultimately discredit them. It's a Sunnstein infiltration operation with a bunch of pimply, inept nerds with poor prospects for genetic reproduction and hopelessly faulty moral compasses. Worth exposing and discrediting though. Keep up the good work.

  6. A "9/11 Truther" who disrupted a press conference after the Super Bowl in New Jersey confronted the sister of a teacher killed in the mass shooting at a Connecticut school during a charity event held in her honor, reports say.

    Matthew Mills, 32, of Brooklyn, N.Y. was charged with second-degree breach of peace Saturday after approaching Jillian Soto and telling her the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. never took place, reported.

    Mills was also arrested following Super Bowl XLVIII at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford in 2014. Mills burst on to the podium during a post-game press conference, grabbing a microphone from a player and shouting, "Investigate 9/11! 9/11 was perpetrated by people in our own government!"

    At Saturday's Vicky Soto 5K Race in Stratford, Conn., Mills' alleged antics brought Soto and another sibling to tears. He shoved a photo of the Soto family in Jillian Soto's face and loudly told her that her sister never existed, cops told the Connecticut Post.

    Vicky Soto is credited with helping some members of her first-grade class escape the shooting that left 20 students and six adult staff members dead.

    Saturday's event helped raise money for scholarships in Soto's name.

    Mills defended his actions in an interview with, saying he donated money to run in the race and "politely" asked Jillian Soto a question about a picture he said might have been altered.

    Mills posted a $10,000 bond and is due next week in Bridgeport Superior Court.

  7. Considering Captain Bush’s affiliation with the nation’s cyber security network, it’s likely some will speculate that his involvement with Insanemedia could be on behalf of the U.S. government, either to gauge interest in conspiracy theories like Sandy Hook or to identify and track the activities of potential so-called “domestic terrorists” by collecting the IP addresses of those who visit the website.

  8. Jewwy Platitudes Sooooo Hurtful, Ho Ho Ho

    "Anger"?–ho ho ho oho–u haven't seen "anger," sucker, ho ho ho ho–just wait till I REALLY get "angry," scum, ho ho hoo ho

    And we see u adopting the usual Jewwy tactics for psychologizing, eh? U can't grasp the "pt. [I'm] attempting to make"?–just more lying by a lying liar, right?

    And terrorism, fascism, and then lying like ur stupid lies is surely something that takes place in everyone's "personal life," right?

    U're just a goddam dumbass, fool–u need to get some more info and/or "theories" for ur schtick, sucker, as I noted.

  9. Climate-Change Obvious Cause Of Paris Terror

    Well, he probably will, in due course; at least he provides a theory which can be evaluated and considered for the good of public info. Inductive evidence indicates it was usual, typical false-flag, the Jews-media too swift, as so often for false-flags, and the predictable reaction of such as Obola, ZOG always, always, always pushing false-flag terrorism as excuse/pretext for fascist dictatorship, ZOG having created ISIS, as is evermore well-known. Of course we know "climate-change" was another fundamental cause of things too, ho ho ho ho ho

  10. apsterian- I'm very sorry but it is very hard for me to understand the point you are attempting to make. It appears that something is bothering you in your personal life and you are misdirecting your anger.

    ♥ The Miracle of Directed Energy Technology on 9/11 ♥
    2015-09-26 2:19 By Tomfarrar Talley | Red Ice Creations

    The fabric of the human mind is flexible, but the strings of credulity can only stretch out so far, and then incredulity settles in. The New York Times reports today that Pope Francis will visit the National September 11 Memorial Museum at Ground Zero in NYC, and view its exhibits.

    The image above depicts an artifact residing in the 9/11 Museum of an open Bible fused to a hunk of steel wreckage, with some of the steel overlapping the pages after it was softened by extremely high heat, or some other process. How could this happen and not have burned the paper? Was it a miracle? Is such a thing even possible in the physical world? And yet, the result can clearly be seen.

    Probably the best collection of evidence making the case for a directed energy technology at work and used as a weapon on 9/11, can be found at the website of a mechanical engineer named Judy Wood, Ph.D – and in her landmark book: ”Where Did The Towers Go?”.

  11. Judy Wood Balderdash Is OLD–Get A Clue, Sucker

    Right, u stupid liar, and we've now hrd all about this a few times, haven't we?–including fm u, eh?–and we DO have Wood's book, right?–and indeed, it's not a bad book at all, is it?–actually quite useful, I'd say.

    "It" that kike filth did was destruction of WTC bldgs. by whatever means, whether directed-energy or whatever, including Bankers Trust bldg., etc., also Pentagon strike, etc.

    Observe ur technique and 4-step process u give, above; is that not a "theory," strictly understood? And Wood denies she has any theory, which is a moronic lie, as logic itself is a theory founded upon Aristotelian objectivity, which is an assumption, assumption being necessarily theoretic.

    And it isn't "Jooooooo," moron; it's rather kike filth; stinking, putrid scummy puke; satanic psychopathic monsters, etc.–or u could just say Jew, if u want to be polite in mixed-company, ho ho ho ho

    And putrid "scientist" as u attempt to pretending to be, U IGNORE reality, don't u?–in ur selective observation, don't u? Chris Bollyn ( PROVES the Jew, esp. Israeli, involvement in 9/11 at EVERY STEP and every segment of the large conspiracy.

    And as I note: U'RE A JEWWY, JEW-SERVING, JEW-SYMPATHETIC LYING LIAR WHO LIES–we know, well enough, what happened, stupid, and there's tremendous evidence, regardless what moron like u or Wood says–get it?

    And we know, well enough, HOW it happened too–I don't deny Wood is correct for her THEORY of directed energy.

    And there's also abundant circumstantial evidence, for example, the phony blips that were reported on the radar screens, which could only have been done by rogue elements within US gov. and military, including Israeli moles, Israeli kikes the ONLY possible foreigners who might have done it, all this abundantly detailed.

    Perhaps, and surely most of all, HOW could any of this criminal activity have taken place without top knowledge and approval of top criminals behind central-banking conspiracy?

    So, in conclusion, u're just a goddam lying, liar who lies for the kikes, u piece-of-shit scum, TRAITOR to the Christian and gentile people, lying w. ur stupid lies–u're just a scummy joke, u dumb, puke filth. Get a clue, moron: ur stupid Judy Wood balderdash is OLD now, fool–u need to come-up w. something new or different, dumbass.

  12. So Rebekah Roth says the Joooos did it. What was "it" that the Jooos did?

    Before you can charge someone with a crime, you have to know what crime was committed. Should a death be ruled a homicide by gunshot, there better be a bullet hole in the body…

    The order of crime solving, that one must first identify:

    1) WHAT happened before determining
    2) HOW "it" happened…before one can determine
    3) WHO did "it" or
    4) WHY they did "it."

    Since writing her book, Dr. Wood has come to understand more clearly how cover-ups work. People are encouraged to skip step #1 and begin arguing about step #2. In order to argue about HOW "it" happened, people are left to IMAGINE what "it" was that happened. From then on, they are only addressing an imaginary problem, not a real problem. And they can never ever solve the real problem unless they begin with step #1, which defines WHAT the problem is they need to solve. So skipping to step #3 is a useless path that leads you nowhere. See how easy a cover-up works Dr. Fetzer! 😉


  13. Rebekah Roth In Large Scheme Of Things

    Yes, indubitably, Rebekah Roth is fiction-writer–not terribly great, but not terribly horrible, either. But she's on an interesting track, for I've listened to about a dozen of her interviews, some of them being 2 hrs long–she says and reveals lots of neat stuff.

    Most of all, and most revealingly, I judge, is her anti-zionism–she's against Israel, BUT at same time she defends Jews in general, as if the non-zionist kikes are a-ok, ho ho ho ho

    So right-off we have the usual "good-Jew, bad-Jew" game, yet once again, and when we see Rebekah is discovered w. a CIA phone link, we begin to understand how things really are, the Israelis being extremely powerful, politically, as we know, but not entirely, always appreciated at the very top-most pinnacle of power, even though these Israelis are indispensable for pulling of BIG capers like 9/11.

    Yet still, what's most interesting is Rebekah DOES indeed seem to understand quite clearly the satanic problem w. central-banking (US Federal Reserve Bank), and this is surely the odd thing. For NEITHER CIA nor Israelis would appreciate this about Rebekah registering the truth about such central-banking.

    So to me, Rebekah is to be credited for fingering those satanic monsters, the Israelis, but yet fails to grasp the equally satanic nature of all/any kikes qua kikes (Jew filth), murderers of Christ (= Truth, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), etc.

    And it should be noted that it's impossible, still, to be entirely anti-semitic and surviving in this filthy Jew-dominated, satanic culture, it only being tolerated if one does as Rebekah, Alex Jones ( and others, condemning or "criticizing" "zionism," while at same time excusing Jew filth–the same old, typical "good-Jew, bad-Jew" game.

    So now the question is (among others too, one supposes) did any planes actually take-off w. any real passengers?–well, wouldn't it be necessary IF the large story was to hold-up?–at least SOME people would have to be missing and dead, right?

    And otherwise, Rebekah surely has important things right–like the FTS (flight termination system) being present and in operation–WHICH CONFIRMS ZOG was behind 9/11, ZOG in collusion w. Israelis, Saudis, etc.

    And cut the crap: WE KNOW WHO DID 9/11–the satanic conspirators at the top, operating by means of their nearly INFINITE funds-creating machine, the central-bank, which is necessarily behind everything, esp. everything of criminal nature, which criminality these satanic filth have a monopoly, LITERALLY–Israel is just a particular gang-faction in this.

    For satanism is essentially (extreme) subjectivism and hubris by which one makes oneself God, Jews necessarily the masters as they practice a sublime COLLECTIVIST subjectivism, able then to dominating and manipulating overwhelmingly greater numbers of gentile subjectivists who are otherwise too individualistic, isolated, and dis-connected–like Allan Powell, for example, hoh oho hoho

    So what must gentiles do?–ORGANIZE, much as possible, this best done upon (a) Christian premises/principles, Christianity then understood as anti-semitism, etc.; (b) then in accord w. original American concepts, as of Jefferson, esp. in light of 10th Amendment, states-rights, nullification principle, primacy of local gov., etc.

    Otherwise, even the stupidest people can see the blatant satanism and horrific destruction of Jew world order, ZOG creating ISIS, for example, ISIS then causing the refugees who then invade Christian, Western nations for purpose of destruction of nat. sovereignty, etc. If they can't see this obvious plan in action before their very eyes, golly, but they deserve death, right?–it's just committing suicide, isn't it?–all in the name of non-existent, Pharisaic, "good"–but "good" for who?–no one but Jews and satan, obviously.

  14. I don't disagree with you Allan. You may very well be right on all those points. I know she's been accused of stealing other people's research for one, and Dennis Cimino figured out she's based in Langley which is obviously suspicious.

    Moreover she doesn't really offer any cogent theory or explanation for the plane crash videos. She merely hints that it could have been real time video editing without committing to this or any other logical explanation. Which ironically only serves to refute her air base explanation. So other times she'll just say it was missiles shot from the adjacent buildings. And just to take it a little further, will say she has witnesses who call her because – she's the only one who figured it all out!

    I very much doubt her anonymous 'witnesses'. That's not evidence of anything so that doesn't help her case either. Especially considering the number of liars involved in 9/11.

    For a woman who claims to be risking her life over this, all she has done is write some fictional novels and that's pretty much it.


  15. People are going to do quite a lot more than be critical, The first chance I get to speak to her I will ask one question which will entirely debunk her and to be bloody frank I'm amazed that none of you people have come up with it yet.

    Let's use the nous her for a minute.The email I sent to her was for me to interview her, not Jim. Have you ever seen me talking to camera? I am as dynamic as a wet cigarette paper. She had nothing to fear from me if she is genuine. I know she is not. I am waiting for her to assert she is. I prefer to have people lie before I face them with the truth, it makes things easier.

    I can find no detail about her anywhere and she claims to have done a terabite of research. To that I say "Balls" .A terabite of research would be about thirty very large semi-trailers full of double sided documents packed to the top. No investigation would either need or produce that amount of information. She can give me that terabite as I would anyone who asked me for any "truther" information I have, Send me a USB and you get everything I have on Sandy Hook, Boston and 9/11. And I got it all off the Internet. I am not in the business of secrecy. I am in the vocation of exposing totalitarian government which uses secrecy.

    She claims now she is dedicated to finding out what happened to those airline personnel who perished. Writing three books and opening a youtube channel seems a circuitous route of doing that. Refusing to talk to Jim Fetzer is a ridiculous thing to do. I never had a conversation with him where I didn't learn something. He is very much less dumb than me and he is always interested in….the truth.

    I think she's run her course for credibility but then that task of proving her a fake has only just begun. She's in there with Andrew Solomon and Katy Roig with the books which has a pinnacle at the evil and lying Sydney Blumenthal. The bad guys have the tv., they have the radio, they have the newspapers. There's no reason to believe they've not ventured into fiction too.
    She can't waste her time with people asking her questions? Kitchens and heat Bekky, Kitchens and heat.

    Cheers Allan Powell

  16. You would think with with her terabyte of data she could've done a simple Google search to see that Jim Fetzer has collaborated with just about every researcher out there on 9/11 and many other subjects. He has even (wrongly in my opinion) supported Judy Wood with a five star review of her book on Amazon.

    Interestingly Rebekah doesn't name any sources. She just makes an accusation and says numerous people told her it's true, therefore it must be true.

    She dismisses all the research that shows there were no planes by saying she's an expert, by virtue of having been a flight attendant – period. Does not actually address the BTS data or Dennis Cimino calling her out on the radar claims. Nor does she prove her background.

    Hasn't even been a part of the movement for more than a year or two and is already acting like the sole expert with all the answers.

    I think her own words make it pretty clear where her mind is at. It's all about the hits and book sales and radio interviews.

    Disappointing but not altogether surprising. She doesn't seem to understand that the passengers she refers to are non existent. By her own admission neither Amy Sweeney nor Connie Ong even remotely talked like real flight attendants would in a real hijacking situation. As for the rest of the purported flights, the claims get even more ridiculous. All the phone calls were faked. She admits that nobody could've made these calls had the planes actually been in the air, while also acknowledging the absurdities of ALL the phone calls.

    You don't draw conclusions before doing the research, Rebekah. Do the research first.

    It makes no sense for flights to be diverted to an air force base only to kill a whole bunch of innocents who never had to be killed in order to pull off this false flag. Why would the bad guys complicate the whole affair to this extent? All that extra collateral for what? All they had to was lie about the CGI airplanes. That's all it took. And guess what Rebekah, most everybody swallowed it including yourself to this very day.

    Having said all of that, I tend to believe Rebekah has been wrongly accused on the whole 'Monika' issue. But aside from that she's just going to have to be realistic in her expectations of others in the same field. People are going to be critical of her claims. End of story.

  17. I rest my case, kike, queer, psycho–U'VE LOST. And I trust u see now why Rebekah doesn't feel like wasting time w. puke like u, eh? Ho ho ho oho Don't be disappointed if I don't waste any further time here w. u, struggling to trying to pretend to "debating," ho ho ho oho ho

  18. How do we know you are not a self-hating Jew? What's your name Jewish is it, that why you use a tag? Tell us how God told you what to think and do? Come if he's on your side nothing I do or say can alter anything. Tell us about you and God.

  19. Kike: see how EASY it is to crush ur scummy skull, dipshit?–why would Rebekah want to waste the time?

    Kike: U'VE LOST. U need to try to start over, try to beginning again, moron, ho ho ho ho ho

    WHY would anyone want to go on radio against a psycho queer moron like u, eh? Ho ho ho ho ho

  20. Is your talk based on scripture? You can't surely be making this plan up yourself,that would make it of the world and therefore of Satan wouldn't it? So tell me if God answered your prayer or if you found a place in scripture that is the reason you hate the Jews?

  21. Victory of Humanity Vs. Talmudic Monsters

    Well, remember, for political purposes and the pleasing of our good Christian volk, we'll have to use Christian means, right?–so Jews must die-out, Judaism itself TOTALLY EXTERMINATED, the Jews themselves (a) interned, (b) confiscated, (c) separated by sex, (d) watched carefully as they die-out.

    Thus history will record the glorious victory of humanity against Jew filth, though it's inevitable another mixed-race rabble of puke will arise, pretend they're "chosen," and organize to enslave the rest of humanity in the next CYCLE of history.

  22. Yes indeed, it is quite a taint, but just to show u what a white-man I am, I'll now answer ur question, above, to carry-on w. our jolly "debate," such as it is.

    WE ALREADY HAVE A WAR BTWN U JEWS AND ACCOMPLICES VS. HUMANITY–we gentiles must now simply win the war now by means of WHOLESALE methods, and let the good Lord choose if there are any "good" psychopaths (Jews).

  23. Ok, now that's a legitimate attempt to debate, but are u a jew?–seems like u probably are as u're so scared to admit it, eh?–though I think u already did admit it in the other blog on Rebekah, right? U're kike, right? Ho ho ho ho Tell us, if u want to pretend u're not "full of fear," as u say above, ho ho ho ho

  24. But I've demonstrated conclusively u're stupid, putrid filth and scum, ignorant and incompetent, incapable of debating, as u've FAILED here and now–so why bother w. a moronic "radio-show," dumbass? U're soooo goddam stupid, u can't even figure it out when I explain it all to u here in black-and-white, eh? Ho ho ho ho ho ho

  25. Allan Is Pathetic Failure, Loser, Scum, Ho Ho Ho

    Well then, there u go–THAT'S ur "debate," right? Do u continue to wonder why Rebekah wouldn't bother to waste her time w. stupid punk like u?–so why should I? Ho ho ho oho

    Hint: hey stupid, u need to try to make a case by beginning to take issue w. a pt. I made in above master-piece exposition. If u can't even do that before the eyes of a candid world, then u're as worthless as I note and as Rebekah presumably considers.

    Do u understand what money is and must be?–and why?–I doubt it. So u see?–u've already lost, u pathetic moron and ignorant incompetent, ho ho ho ho ho U're a gross waste of time, stupid scum.

  26. I don't think the whole world sees anything here, you say you have a valid theory yet you won't give it discourse and appear and show your face, why should anyone take you seriously any more? Why is your time so valuable, you seem to waste a lot of it here calling people names. How can it be valuable if you do that? What mileage do you think you are making? Everyone who posts here makes you look like a complete pratt and yet you have no idea what you look like. What do you think you look like to the people who visit here? Wise, knowlegeable, street-smart with all you little smart phone abbreviations? You have no idea what a debate is. You are a loud obnoxious noise and the face of the ugly American with a fuck you for every situation. If you truly are the best that America can do and you seem to think you are, then you are all truly fucking doomed.

    Allan Powell

  27. Hello darling, you're back, nice to hear from you again, do you want to come on Jim's show and debate me, I'd love to see your real face and hear your real voice. It couldn't hurt a genius like you could it? Cheers Allan Powell

  28. ———–[HERE'S 2, TO ABOVE————-

    Rebekah seems to understand and grasp JEWS (Talmudists) are MASTERS of such subjectivism and even though massively out-numbered, at least presently, by the stupid gentiles, will control and dominate such subjectivist culture/society as Jews are collectivists by nature, far more organized, unified, and "connected" than the dumb, more individualistic, dis-organized gentiles.

    And the Saudis and Bush-Clinton crime families are mere pawns and bag-men of the Jews. Israel itself is mere junior partner in the large Jew-controlled and -dominated criminal conspiracy which rules by means of this central-banking which churns out the funds to buying and bribing, also extorting practically all judges, politicians, bureaucrats, cops, college presidents and instructors, et al.

    And Rebekah surely doesn't want to waste her time mired in the nit-picking and quibbling over details with such as Fetzer, the incompetent academic philosophical who cannot grasp the central-banking fraud to save his life.

    Rebekah seems to sense Fetzer will refuse to do his proper duty as philosophic to generalizing fm details to grasping central-banking and satanism/subjectivism which now so horribly dominates and oppresses our pathetic culture in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. Fetzer rather enjoys reciting long lists of details, and Rebekah doesn't want to "go there."

    For now that Fetzer has given a hearing to Michael A. Hoffman II regarding Talmud and Jews, he now needs to contact someone at (or or to finding-out all about central-banking, legalized counterfeiting, how it so totally takes over a society and entire culture, especially by means of SATANISM, which is mere extreme subjectivism–which Fetzer is supposed to know something about.

    One cannot blame Rebekah, again, for not wanting to waste the time w. Fetzer as she probably doesn't feel too adept at explaining details as to what central-banking is and how it works. It's Fetzer who rather needs to do his own homework and learning how to use inductive logic to generalize to the master conspiracy controlling all the PARTICULAR others, including 9/11, JFK, Sandy hoax, etc.

  29. Rebekah Cannot Be Blamed For Not Wasting Her Time

    I think Rebekah makes lots more sense than Allan Powell–who, never doubt is mere agent of Jim Fetzer who is gross FAILURE as philosopher, philosophers supposed to being competent at placing things within proper context/perspective.

    For 9/11 is an instance within a larger complex or abstraction, that larger criminal complex being that of central-banking, legalized COUNTERFEITING–this is the MASTER set within which one must place 9/11 and all the other particular instances. See for best expo on central-banking, also

    And of course, central-banking is the topmost, most thoroughly sublime of all/any criminal enterprises–literally, legalized COUNTERFEITING, by which one (almost) magically, like fabled King Midas, applies the "golden-touch" and conjures "money" (now called "currency") where none had existed before.

    The only thing needed for this central-banking fraud is a population of fools, goons, morons, scum, welfare-recipients, drug-addicts, in short, the general culture of the old Roman "bread and circuses" whence the people are easily distracted and gulled into thinking such "central-banking" is legitimate business, whose people don't and can't understand simple thing like MONEY–what it is and why it has to be that way–commodity-based, hence gold and/or silver.

    For Rebekah, if u merely read her book(s) understands the fraud nature of central-banking and specifically the US Federal Reserve Bank.

    And it's only the SATANIC culture and empire of lies then which is required to harbor and foster this central-banking fraud, satanism naturally and necessarily consisting of extreme subjectivism whence one hubristically makes oneself God and insists reality is merely what one makes of it by means of one's mentality/consciousness–subjectivism.


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