NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK: Michael Flagg vs. Jim Fetzer

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 No Ph.D. required to know that this book is why we cannot ignore mental health! Sickening title and a book of lies!, November 5, 2015
This review is from: Nobody Died At Sandy Hook: It wasn’t a School Massacre. It was a FEMA drill. (Moon Rock Books) (Volume 3) (Paperback)
Book title: “Nobody Died At Sandy Hook: It wasn’t a School Massacre. It was a FEMA drill.”
The title of the book is bold. It is a title that causes commotion. The title of the book is certainly a lie, but when the book is advertised around people who have the same or similar beliefs as the author Jim Fetzer, the book will get positive attention and positive reviews. However; if more and more people who do not share those beliefs knew about the book, the title of the book alone would have the book receiving much more negative attention and negative reviews than the book is currently receiving.
The title is presented as a statement, but in actuality it is just an opinion. Jim Fetzer has no evidence to make such a statement. No one does. The fact will always remain the same: 20 children and 6 adults were killed from being shot in a real shooting that took place on December 14, 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Sandy Hook, Connecticut.
It was not a FEMA drill. There is no FEMA manual. Someone edited a PDF file to have people believe that FEMA announced an exercise plan at 8:00 am on December 13th 2012, expecting it to end at 11:59 pm on 12/13/12 and to be evaluated on 12/14/12 as a real-time event. The original document is generic with no specific time indicated on when an exercise plan will begin and when it is expected to end. There is simply [Time].
The book is flooded with inaccurate information that is trying to be passed off as facts, such as saying no victims are in the Social Security Death Index, FBI says no one died, the school was closed, photographs were staged, donation pages were up before the shooting occurred, etc. These and more have been debunked over and over again. Jim Fetzer and the so-called “best students and scholars of Sandy Hook” have done a poor job in their so-called contributions to this book. The book includes a background of each contributor, as if their credentials are supposed to mean anything regarding what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The fact is, none of the contributors were first responders, none were witnesses, none were ever inside the Sandy Hook Elementary School building, and none were part of the investigation. The fact is, these people are simply researchers and poor ones at that. Below are a few debunks, but there are many debunks on the awful research author Jim Fetzer and contributors present.
Debunked: No victims are in the Social Security Death Index:
Debunked: FBI says no one died:
Debunked: The school was closed: and
Debunked: Photographs were staged:
Debunked: Donation pages were up before the shooting occurred:
The cost of the book is outrageous. At this time, $16.21 with Prime shipping from Amazon, and there is a 3rd-party seller selling the book as used – good for an outrageous $50.84 + $3.99 shipping! The information in the book can easily be found online. It is mostly copy and paste from other people’s work without a care on checking to see that the information is actually correct. Amazon should be ashamed to have this book on their website. It does not even deserve to be called a book.
The title of the book is a lie. The contents of the book are riddled with inaccurate information that author Jim Fetzer and contributors try to pass off as facts. The book is a total insult and highly offensive to the families who lost their loved ones, survivors, the first responders, and all of the investigators. Amazon should remove this book from its website.
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This “review” is virtually complete nonsense from beginning to end. It is loaded with one lie after another. So many were complicit that they are not going to go down without a fight. The virtue of this review compared to many of the other 1-STARS is that it actually offers reasons, which is not the case with the others. This guy comes on with a commanding tone of authority, but virtually everything he claims here is proven to be false by the very book he is so stridently assailing. Let me make a couple of obvious points that demonstrate this guy is a complete and total fraud, who is on a mission to deflect your attention from what the best students and scholars of Sandy Hook have unearthed based on years of research:
(1) Anyone can see he is a phony from one of the last arguments he makes–that the book is overpriced! Egad! We priced it at $18.95 so it would be easily available for less than the cost of a meal at most restaurants. It has a dozen contributors, 425 pages that are chock full of photos, document, diagrams and hundreds of photographs. Does anyone seriously believe that this massively substantial, copiously documented book is overpriced? And has it available for $16.04. Get serious. For a book that exposes an act of terrorism that was perpetrated by local, state and federal officials to instill fear into the public to manipulate us and promote a political agenda, this book is a fantastic bargain! He is lying to your face.
(2) The FEMA manual is specific to Sandy Hook for an exercise going LIVE on 12/14/12. Technically, FEMA edited its standard form for drills to make it specific to Sandy Hook. So the “someone” who completed the form was a FEMA official. This is a clever use of language in an ambiguous manner to convey a false impression. The generic form is also available on-line, but this one is not generic but specific for a rehearsal on the 13th and going LIVE on the 14th. So he is committing (what is known as) the fallacy of equivocation by offering an interpretation (about blank FEMA forms) that is true but trivial to divert attention from this particular document (which is specific to Sandy Hook). The guy is clever, but he is a fraud.
(3) That crucial distinction, of course, explains the anomalies that have bothered so many, such as Wolfgang Halbig, who has even been denied information on who provided the Port-a-Potties (as though that should be a state secret). But that would have revealed they were in place on the 13th, the day BEFORE the “shooting”. They did not respond to FOIA requests about even the most trivial matters (such as this) and had local homicide detectives visit him in his gated community in Florida to advised him that, if he kept asking questions about Sandy Hook, he would be prosecuted, which makes no sense at all if the event were real but makes sense if it was not.
(4) We have a host of oddities–such as the sign, “Everyone must check in!”, boxes of bottled water and pizza cartons, Port-a-Potties present from scratch, many wearing name tags on lanyards, parents bringing children to the scene–that make no sense if they were being done on the occasion of an actual school child shooting massacre, but fall into place and are easily explained as part of the drill, which took place on the 13th. Does anyone in their right mind seriously believe that PARENTS would bring THEIR CHILDREN to the scene of a school shooting massacre that involved the death of 20 children and six adults?
(5) And every student of Sandy Hook has been blown away by events at the scene of the alleged “crime”, where there was no surge of EMTs into the building, no Med-Evac chopper was called, no string of ambulances came to the school, no evacuation of 469 students (not to mention 70 teachers and staff, including secretaries, administrators and custodians), and no bodies were placed on the triage tarps. The parents were not even allowed to see the bodies of their “deceased” children. These facts by themselves make a mockery of the claim that this was a real bona-fide emergency involving the deaths of children. It did not happen.
(6) Egad! We even have 50 photographs documenting the furnishing of the Lanza home to serve as a prop, including of Nancy Lanza’s bedroom, where there is some red (it looks to me like raspberry jelly) on the bed (but it is not blood) and there is a moving pad under the left front leg of the bed. How stupid are we supposed to be? And we have 50 more photos of the refurbishing of the school to serve as the stage for this fabricated event, including some of the most staggering in the early morning hours, where the SWAT team is already there, but the windows of Classroom 10 are undamaged, crime-scene tape is already in place, the flag is at full mast and, just below it, you can see the familiar figure of Wayne Carver, M.E.
(7) This is such devastating proof that Sandy Hook was an elaborate hoax that I have put up several video introductions to NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK, one of which is more general as a discussion of the contributors and the contents of the book (which you can access on line at and another entitled, “SANDY HOOK starring Wayne Carver as The Medical Examiner” (which you can access at, which I just published a day or two ago. The proof we have of fraud is so massive, thorough and compelling that I am impressed this guy has the nerve to come onto and deny the obvious truth.
(8) Many of the chapters of the book originated as articles that were published on blogs and other web sites. But there is a mountain of material out there ON BOTH SIDES. Look at the number of cites he has offered, which have been created and published to counter what we and other students of Sandy Hook have found. He is attempting to resurrect mountains of bad arguments and nasty attacks, where our task has been to sort through all the evidence and present to the public a well-organized, extremely detailed and throughly documented explanation of what happened at Sandy Hook. His task is to sow confusions and obfuscate our findings to conceal the massive deception that has been perpetrated on the American people–not surprisingly, by more and more deception, which you are witnessing right here.
(9) Consider the source. I have never heard of this guy before. But virtually every student of Sandy Hook knows James Tracy, Ph.D., Dr. Eowyn, Ph.D., Vivian Lee, Ph.D., and Jim Fetzer, Ph.D., not to mention Sofia Smallstorm (who produced “Unraveling Sandy Hook in 2, 3, 4, and 5 Dimensions”), Paul Preston (the Los Angeles school safety expert, who confirmed with his contacts in the Obama Department of Education that it was a drill, that no children died and that it was done to promote gun control) and Wolfgang Halbig (the former Florida State Trooper, school administrator and nationally recognized school safety expert), who got into this to learn what happened so he could advise other school system how to avoid it happening to them. And Nick Kollerstrom, Ph.D., is a distinguished historian of science from the UK.
(10) While the others may be less familiar, they are no less important, where Kelley Watt, for example, who owns a commercial and home cleaning service, called various agencies to determine who had cleaned up the blood (which is a bio-hazard and must be disposed of in accordance with very strict rules), where she finally reached Lt. Vance and asked him, “Who cleaned up the blood?”, to which he candidly replied, “What blood?”; Allan William Powell, from down-under, who has proven to be among the most brilliant by discovering the photos of the Lanza home being furnished to serve as a prop and the school being refurbished to serve as the stage; and Sterling Harwood, J.D., Ph.D., who is both a professor and attorney at law, who does a masterful dissection of the fake “debunking” of Sandy Hook skeptics by, which offers a parallel with the performance here today by this Michael Flagg.
His name is telling and gives new meaning to the phrase, “false flag”. Because that is what Flagg is performing here on a massive attempt to discredit the best work that has ever been done on Sandy Hook, which exposes the fraud, the deceit and the deception that led to the families of the “victims” averaging over $1,000,000 apiece in donations from a public overwhelmed with grief, where the administration got a publicity boost for its on-going efforts to subvert the 2nd amendment and take away our guns (which, as I document in the final appendix, does not mean less murder and homicide, contrary to what has been claimed).
And let me observe that, for all the denunciations coming from this blow-hard, he has not even overcome the proof of fraud THAT IS PUBLISHED ON THE BACK COVER OF THE BOOK, which includes exposing that the “iconic” photograph by Shannon Hicks, which was sent around the world, had been staged, where we have a second photograph that proves the police woman leading the string of children actually stopped to rearrange them to get “the best shot”. Well, Flagg has taken his “best shot” and I can only hope that none of you are going to be taken in. There is a mountain of proof. No one died at Sandy Hook. It was a FEMA drill to promote gun control. But they aren’t going to go down without a fight, which is taking place–right here and right now–on

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24 thoughts on “NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK: Michael Flagg vs. Jim Fetzer”

  1. Thanks for sharing all of the resources! It was a very interesting reading! Also, I have the same questions as unknown – This woman lost her child(specifics I dont know) in the massacre. How could that be faked I ask?

  2. I enjoyed this read. But I have one HUGE QUESTION FOR YOU? If this was truly an elaborate hoax to further a political agenda for gun control, what about the families friend of victims? Surely any person couldn't hide the death of their child from family and friends potentially living in different areas. Not for life anyway. So for instance. I have a friend whos mother ia childhood frienda with a woman from newton Connecticut. This woman lost her child(specifics I dont know) in the massacre. How could that be faked I ask?

  3. Hey Talmudic Michael Flagg, are you the one who just had me BLOCKED on my own facebook page after I had ignored your "Friends Request"?
    Useless, my friend, as you are helping me to get back my life instead of wasting it casting pearls before swine!
    Thanks, Sayan buddy!

  4. ZOG Psychopaths Will Not Cannot Admit They Failed

    And when one stops to think about it all, for Sandy hoax, and the gross enormity of the fraud to it, one sees there's the very same UN-REAL quality to EVERY aspect, every detail–why?–because it was precisely that, a gross, totally made-up FARCE, pure and simple, fm beginning to end. It would thus only be natural and to-be-expected that there's this phony element to everything about it, Sandy hoax.

    And so naturally, when one looks at every and any detail of the Sandy hoax farce one sees this un-real quality everywhere to everything–to all the particular details and to the whole thing. And it's no wonder then these criminals act in the way they do–BREAKING THE LAW, refusing to turn-over information, the crooked lawyer, Monte Frank, telling Wolfgang's witness not to show-up at the FOIA hearing after Wolfgang had him subpoena'd, etc.

    And any honest person looking into this Sandy hoax complex could not fail to spot and note this downright criminal element to it, the pervasive fraud and corruption of government and bureaucracy. And NO ONE could fail to see it–unless they were deliberate part of the fraud–that's the only way it could possibly get by for anyone–deliberate stupidity, which is actually unusual for folks.

    Sandy hoax was thus a FAILURE for ZOG, one must conclude, for the effort to deceive the people and overthrow the US Constitution. So will ZOG learn fm this lesson?–surely not, as they're necessarily insane and psychopathic. And ZOG can't stop now. As Alex Jones ( likes to say, they (ZOG) knows they've got to "go for broke," continuing in their mad plan for world dictatorship and "Agenda-21" de-population genocide, etc.

  5. Sandy Hoax Just Doesn't Stand Up To Scrutiny

    U're absolutely right about the "cute kids clothes" line, which was actually quite "flip," and "throw-away" in style and mentality, if not rather sardonic in tone–"cute kids"?–really?

    I myself could imagine saying, "little kids"–but "cute" kids?–doesn't really quite fit, not entirely appropriate. But if it was all part of a script, as we now know it was, then yes, they'd put in something flip, like the word, "cute," just as they did.

    For if there was really a horrible tragedy, like the "shootings" they insist upon, then "cute kid clothes" wouldn't be appropriate way to express things, being too flippant, too cruel for reminding people for the horror of such malicious murder.

    And consider the question, "what were they wearing?"–well what else would they be wearing?–but school clothes? The whole scene is un-real, fake.

    Even more than Robbie Parker or Gene Rosen, the person that gave it all away for me was this Wayne Carver clown–literally, clowning, smiling, joking all through his so-called press-conference–WHO would do that if there really were 20 dead little kidsoes, aside fm the others?–utterly un-real, phony, contrived. And he's supposed to be a "professional," hence trained and experienced to being much more matter-of-fact, business-like.

    Was it a "clue"?–absolutely–and there were and are many such clues, evermore the more one looks and examines upon reflection and second-thought. Of course the clincher to it all is the gross fraud, malfeasance, and criminal obstruction of justice which has gone down now for refusal to turn-over simple info–as for Wolfgang Halbig's inquiries. The criminals obviously have MUCH to hide and conceal.

  6. And selling such a photo to the National Inquirer. I actually called the Globe and told them I had a photo of Peter Lanza that I had taken of him at work, would they be willing to buy it and they were very interested, so a photo of Peter Lanza is worth some money, think what an exclusive would bring in by way of an interview? This is one small piece to the puzzle of how we know this is all FAKE

  7. Nobody wants to interview this false flag phantom, does that make since in the real world, imagine that, nobody in the world wants to interview this man in the flesh even though this was supposedly a horrible, horrible shooting. In the real world this would never happen, there would be " exclusive interview" wars had he been a real person, since he does not exist, nobody obviously can show him in the flesh. Imagine not even a secretary snapping a clandestine photo of him in his

  8. I think the title of the book was meant to be an attention getter, at least that is what is happening when I put the book in front of someone's face. This book certainly makes mince meat out of the official concoction but there would not be ample paper to write upon all the small things to this tale. For example, whereas all other shootings in the past ( the real ones such as John Hinkley, Jeffery Dahlmer, Ted Bundy's, etc.) the media ALWAYS interviews in person the parents of the deranged shooter/ killer to gain insight as to their background, what made them tick, what were they like as children but in this case is it realistic to believe that NOBODY IN THE MEDIA EVEN 3 YEARS LATER, is interested in interviewing the father of " one of the worst shootings in the US, second to Virginia Tech?" Let me repeat, nobody, not Diane Sawyer, Chris Wallace, Geraldo, Bill O'Riely, Anderson Cooper nor Opra, or Barbara Walters ( with her series line up on Dicovery ID does not include interviewing Peter Lanza)

  9. Jim, did you notice when Carver is asked by a reporter " what we're the kids wearing" his reply, " cute kids clothes" why didn't he say " school clothes". Was that a clue thst there were no school children there in the morgue?

  10. Dear Sir,

    Winfield J. Abbe, born Cleveland, Ohio, 1939, raised Sierra Madre, California 1943-1966, citizen of Athens, Georgia almost 50 years, married to Mary Anne Hoit Abbe, a retired high school mathematics teacher, from Mobile, Alabama for almost 50 years, graduated Pasadena High School, Pasadena, California 1956, A.A., Pasadena City College, 1958, A.B., Physics, UC Berkeley, 1961, M.S., Physics, California State University at Los Angeles, 1962, Ph.D., Physics, UC Riverside, 1966, Institute of Science and Technology Fellow, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1966-1967, Faculty member with lifetime tenure, University of Georgia physics department, 1966-1978, awards for superior or outstanding achievement In mathematics, physics and chemistry, U.S. Citizen in good standing for 76+ years, last 15 years studying the failed war on cancer.

    I hold a degree in fingerpainting and, paste eating,
    Today I learned a new word.' Cognitive Dissonance.'

    What about the thing we have learned to talk around?

    This—> J E W


  11. Basic Criminal Enterprise, Central-Banking, Must Simply Burn Itself Out–All That Can Be Hoped-For

    Winfield, asking these psychopaths and criminals to "pretty please" speak truth is useless as they're PAID-OFF by the nearly infinite funds and fiat-currency pumped-out by US Federal Reserve Bank legalized COUNTERFEITING scam.

    And if a given amount of money isn't enough to bribe them, ZOG just ups the amount as, after all, all they do is print it up or digitalize it on computer screens. And if the corrupt politicians, judges, and bureaucrats won't take the bribery, then they're extorted for past bribery and other compromising things. U don't get to high office without top criminals having something on u, u see.

    And if nothing else works, then they just assassinate u by paying-off a crack-head to do the job for cheap.

    So it's pretty hopeless to imagine things will change until that time when the currency collapses–as seems might be happening now as US Dollar is replaced as world reserve currency and famous "Petro-dollar" is de-activated.

    For that's what under-pins US empire, the once great US Dollar, now evermore worthless as it's been counterfeited and inflated practically to oblivion. Presently US just literally terrorizes nations to maintain petro-dollar, threatening them w. what happened to Iraq and Libya.

    U gotta be realistic: looks like Jew S A (controlled by the Jew criminals at the top) is seriously trying to start a war somewhere, somehow–that's aside fm the one already going–against "terrorism," which Jews and accomplices created in first place.

    U just need to face-up to HOW things work–and they're not going to loosen their strangle-hold grip as they know they'd then have to stand trial and face certain execution as mass-murderers.

    For central-banking is a monopoly over money and credit-creation, by definition, a criminal enterprise, and once begun cannot be stopped or ended voluntarily–like the raging forest-fire, it can only burn itself out, and it's what we must endure and hope to survive.

  12. Continued from above:
    The late President John F. Kennedy said in his famous speech many years ago: “Ask NOT what your country can do for you. Ask what YOU can do for your country.” Each and every one of you, regardless of personal consequences, has a moral and ethical and professional duty and responsibility to speak up, offer to be interviewed by professor James Fetzer or anyone else, in public so everyone can listen and evaluate your comments, and openly and honestly respond to any and all questions to settle the many conflicting claims on all sides for once and for all. How about it some members of the wrecking crew? Were there any bullet holes in those walls inside Sandy Hook School or not? How about it kids and adults and members of the Newtown School Board? Was the school closed from 2008 or not? How about it Shannon Hicks? Was that photograph of the kids a staged event? How about it Medical Examiner Wayne Carver? Did 26 people die that day or not? How about it Governor Malloy? Was this a faked, cruel hoax on America or not? How about it lawyer Sedensky? What are you hiding in secret about all this fiasco in America and why are you hiding it with the full military force and power of government? Do you work for the people or not? If not, who do you work for? Why all the secrecy? What do you all fear by revealing the truth of everything you know which happened that fateful day almost three years ago? The silence of all of you and more is disgraceful and deafening. Shame, shame, shame, … a thousand times on all of you for failing to honor your most basic and sacred duty to the country which has provided so much for you and all of us and our families, and for which the great Founders put everything on the line for the many benefits and blessings we all receive daily from America, despite all the many problems.
    There must be someone out there with the guts and gumption and courage to come forward and speak up to TRUTH for AMERICA. How about some DUTY, HONOR, COUNTRY for a change in place of ME, MYSELF AND I?
    Yours sincerely,
    Winfield J. Abbe, born Cleveland, Ohio, 1939, raised Sierra Madre, California 1943-1966, citizen of Athens, Georgia almost 50 years, married to Mary Anne Hoit Abbe, a retired high school mathematics teacher, from Mobile, Alabama for almost 50 years, graduated Pasadena High School, Pasadena, California 1956, A.A., Pasadena City College, 1958, A.B., Physics, UC Berkeley, 1961, M.S., Physics, California State University at Los Angeles, 1962, Ph.D., Physics, UC Riverside, 1966, Institute of Science and Technology Fellow, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1966-1967, Faculty member with lifetime tenure, University of Georgia physics department, 1966-1978, awards for superior or outstanding achievement In mathematics, physics and chemistry, U.S. Citizen in good standing for 76+ years, last 15 years studying the failed war on cancer.

  13. To anyone directly involved in the alleged Sandy Hook Massacre at Newtown, Connecticut December 14, 2012, or any persons or kids living in or around the school or in Newtown, or any members of the wrecking crews of either the school or the former alleged home of Nancy Lanza, which were both destroyed, or any members of the Newtown School Board or any officials such as Governor Malloy or Attorney Sedensky or Medical Examiner Wayne Carver or Public Relations Officer Vance for the State Police, or Shannon Hicks of the Newtown Bee, or kids or adults living in Newtown who knew and observed that the Sandy Hook School was indeed closed from about 2008 to 2012: You are all Americans. You are U.S. Citizens. How about placing country and truth over personal selfish interests for a change? It is absurd for other good American Citizens to be fighting among themselves because many of you do not come forward and divulge the truth to a gullible, unwitting and fooled public about the events that fateful day in December almost 3 years ago. Please, please, pretty please, come forward and voluntarily offer to disclose everything you know about what transpired at this event that day so the rest of us can stop fighting among ourselves because the details of the truth of all this are a carefully guarded secret, enforced by intimidation and threats by the full military force and power of the government of which many of you are a part and make a living by, but paid for by taxpayers everywhere. It is absolutely morally and ethically wrong for you to maintain your silence any longer. Even President Obama. What do you know about all this and when did you know it? The silence of you and everyone else involved in this fiasco is deafening and disgraceful. Continued below:

    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  14. NOAH POZNER funerals have become a growth industry!

    The Noah Pozner funeral industry is BOOMING — with funerals all over the world for that magical Noah Pozner.

    Sometimes there's a downturn, and Noah doesn't die for awhile, but then BANG, he dies again in Pakistan.

    I'm trying to open my Noah Pozner Funeral Home before Noah's next death, so I can profit from the Lenny Pozner DHS scam. I'm going to be rich!

  15. Sandy Hoax Truther's Book SURE To Be Success

    Fetzer does a fairly good job here (blog) and in his rebuttal, above, to the paid-liar and prop. artist, Mr. "Flagg," ho ho ho ho

    But Fetzer might well have taken a different tack, citing Sherlock Holmes, “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”

    For there were no bodies, no blood, and no pictures–NO EVIDENCE, which is what's necessary–Flagg has a serious problem. So Flagg essentially says we must simply BELEEEEEEEEEEEV known liars and criminals who are caught in deliberate fraud, malfeasance, and obstruction of justice.

    Monte Frank, the lawyer, actually admitted to telling duly subpoena'd witnesses not to show up at Wolfgang Halbig's FOIA hearings. Gov. Malloy is caught on video lying and denying he said what he's on video record having said–that he'd been "spoken to."

    And the "evidence" is thus necessarily INDUCTIVE, as usual for science and legal investigations, the evidence considered, the conclusion being, indeed, no one died; it was drill, for all the evidence leads ineluctably to this conclusion, this conclusion not falsified by any facts. Q.E.D.

    Flagg insists the inductive process is what disqualifies the conclusion, offering no evidence of his own but for the lies of known liars and criminals, this for the TREASONABLE purpose of overthrowing US Constitution–this is what's going on.

    Thus Flagg falsely insists that since opponents haven't conclusively proven the liars, frauds, hoaxes have no evidence beyond their lies, the liars' word should be accepted by the citizens, this again, for purpose of overthrowing US Constitution.

    But I suspect enough people will buy the book, at least ck it out fm the libraries, so that the book will be a resounding success for sales (a), and over an extended period of time, and (b) for purpose of exposing the conspirators, frauds, and TRAITORS trying to overthrow US Constitution.

  16. Michael Flagg must have received the usual Talmudic training to pass all truths as lies and all lies as truths!
    Like the Holocaust dogma, State Flase Flag or FEMA DRILL Sandy Hook has become a dogma for those fanatics and they are unable or unwilling to see the truth or simply are paid to or benefit from vilifying honest researchers like Pr James Henry Fetzer.
    The sad thing is that they always find a very gullible audience or simply Sayanim and trolls passing as genuine opinion givers.
    Pr Fetzer is one of the best and bravest researchers the world has ever known.

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