NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK: Further exchange with Michael Flagg

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I must have hit a nerve for you to make a blog post about me and my review. So, you have no facts to prove nobody died and that it was a FEMA drill, so you resort to attacking Keith Johnson. No, you have 50 photographs from the crime scene. Fifty (50)!!! They look like before and after photographs (before the crime scene was disturbed and after it was for evidence purposes). I wasn’t there and you weren’t there, so we can only speculate. Sadly, you only care about being right and not actual facts. Why do you say “his” (Keith Johnson’s) reply? You quoted me and I am not Keith Johnson. I love how you did not bother to cover any of my debunks to you. I can judge the book but doing so gets me insults and a blog post. Real classy, professor.

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Phonies, trolls and shills are dime a dozen. Our initial exchange provides a simply classic illustration of what is going on here. If you are not Keith Johnson, then you must have dual personalities. You can’t even add. We have 50 from the house (one crime scene) and 50 from the school (another crime scene). 50 + 50 = 100. There is nothing to be said on your behalf. Mediocrity will out.
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I’m well aware you said 50 from the Lanza house and 50 from the school. I was simply going by your constant use of the number 50. So, you cannot say my debunks are wrong and rather continue resorting to insults. Real classy, professor.

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You have less than nothing to contribute to the discussion, because (as I have already explained) virtually everything you claim is false. But you are most certainly living up to my conception of you as an “Energizer Bunny”. I have added a clause to read, “Keith Johnson (or his clone).” Let’s let this end now.

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I’ve contributed debunks to inaccurate information presented in the book. All you’ve done is thrown insults. How does that add anything to the discussion? I’m my own person and not Keith or his clone. I don’t find it right for someone to make a profit off of sickening lies about a devastating tragedy.

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You have demonstrated your irrationality again and again here. I feel I am dealing with a child–certainly not an adult, certainly not a man. You cannot even deal with the evidence on the back cover of the book! Spare me. We have photos of them prepping the school for an event that has yet to take place. GET A GRIP ON YOURSELF. Look at the twelve (12) contributors to this book, including six (6) professors. We are just not that DUMB.
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I already discussed and debunked the information on the back of the book. There was no prepping; it was a real and tragic event. I don’t care about the credentials of the contributors. Being a professor has nothing to do with understanding what occurred and stating factual information. Your book is filled with lies and nothing you can say will change that.

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Michael, you are a complete and total waste of time. You are so ignorant that you do not even grasp the concept of a lie. For someone to lie, they have to be making an assertion that is false, that they know to be false, but that they are asserting with the intention of misleading their target audience. The contributors have put their reputations on the line by speaking out publicly on a complex, controversial issue of great public importance, which none of us would do, if we were not sincere.

That means we BELIEVE what we are asserting. Unlike you, however, our BELIEFS are supported by mountains of readily verifiable evidence. You often say that we were not there, as though that were determinative of what we can and cannot know. But we have subjected the record to intense scrutiny. We have appraised the statements that have been made. We have analyzed the photographs. We have studied the behavior of the players. And we have discovered PROOF UPON PROOF that Sandy Hook was an elaborate hoax.

You cannot understand the meaning of “factual” when you are making claims that are FALSE. To be factual, a claim must be TRUE and VERIFIABLE. The claims that we make throughout this book are true and verifiable. Let me illustrate with one of the proofs presented on the back cover that you seen not to understand. We have a photograph of around 15 students apparently being led away from the school by a policewoman because of a young man entering the building and shooting a lot of people. It was taken by Newtown Bee photographer, Shannon Hicks, and sent worldwide.

This “iconic” photo was the single most important form of “proof” provided to the public. But we have a SECOND PHOTOGRAPH, also taken by Shannon Hicks, where we can see a row of parents looking on, some with their arms crossed and some with her hands in their pockets. And when we take a closer look, we discover that some of the children are not in the same place in line in both photographs, which means that the sequence of children was rearranged by moving them around in order to get “the best shot”.

Now I hope you are following me this far, because you claim to have “discussed and debunked the information on the back of the book”. Do you seriously think, under those circumstances, fleeing from a shooter who would reportedly kill 20 children and six adults, any adult, much less a police woman, would stop to rearrange the children to get a better photograph? Do you seriously believe that, if this really were the emergency we are told it represents, that parents of any of those children would be standing around looking on, with their arms crossed or their hands in their pockets?

And how–under these extraordinary circumstances–could they possibly have been notified and have reached the school in time to be present here? Think of what that would have entailed. Someone at the school presumably would have had to have known that there was a shooting and have taken the time, not to eliminate the threat, who was killing their students, but to call some of their parents, who, in turn, would have had to rush down to the school in time to be present for the Newtown Bee photographer–who just happened to be on hand–to take a photo in which they were present? Are you beginning to get the picture?

Not only that, but on the morning of 14 December 2012, the temperature was 28*F and there was frost on the ground. But, in those two photographs, there is no frost on the ground; and the breath of the students is not visible as it would be in 28*F weather. (We have photos of cars near the Firehouse, for example, where their exhaust is clearly visible.) There are also too many leaves on the trees for this to be 14 December 2012. That means these photos were not taken on 14 December 2012. I ask you, what is the alternative interpretation? We aren’t making this up.

William Shanley, a film maker who resides in Connecticut, wrote to Shannon Hicks when I published those photos together and made the points I am making here and now. He asked her about the authenticity of her photographs in light of what I had said about them. At the time, I believed that the woman in the blue jacket WAS Shannon Hicks. But she wrote back to William and explained that I was wrong and that she was not the woman in the blue jacket, because SHE HAD TAKEN BOTH OF THOSE PHOTOGRAPHS.

Now you claim to have read the book. You not only claim to have read the book, you claim to have refuted every proof that Sandy Hook was a fraud. But if these photos were not taken on 14 December 2012, then they were staged; and if they were staged, then Sandy Hook was a fraud. I published a chapter in the book in which all of the evidence I have just described is presented, including the email correspondence between William Shanley and Shannon Hicks. So what exactly am I missing? What is there here that remains to be proven? What leaves any room for doubt?

And how can you possibly claim that you have “already discussed and debunked the information of the back of the book”, under these circumstances? I am very reluctant to regard you as a liar, but I am having a hard time resisting. Because among the claims presented ON THE BACK OF THE BOOK are the sentences, “This photo was sent around the world. But there was a second picture. They rearranged the children to get ‘a better shot’!” So where have you “discussed and debunked” this information, which is ON THE BACK OF THE BOOK?

I am sorry, Michael, but you are in the classic position of having your mind made up, where you don’t want to be bothered with facts. Each of the claims that I have made about these photographs is both true and verifiable. I presented the proof in the book in Chapter 4, “Shannon Hicks denies staging her ‘iconic’ photograph”, which I wrote with Dennis Cimino. You have the book and you claim to have read it. Chapter 4 runs from pages 47 to 53. It is not a long chapter. But it provides conclusive proof that Sandy Hook was a hoax–and that you are either lying or confused.

And that includes what you claim in your most recent reply to me. Egad! We also have a mountain of proof that the school had been closed by 2008. Perhaps you missed that, too. But if the school was closed by 2008, there were no students there. And that means there were no students to be shot or to be evacuated. And when you complain about profiting from lies–royalties from books, by the way, tend to be rather modest–why are you not concerned about the “parents” who are pretending to have lost children at Sandy Hook, yet are pocketing millions? Your beliefs are warped, alas, and your values are misplaced.

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28 thoughts on “NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK: Further exchange with Michael Flagg”

  1. Some people like to argue about their opinions of their ideas of theories of speculation of opinions of views but there is no evidence that “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook.” Even Dr. Fetzer knows this. The “tell” was Dr. Fetzer’s and Mr. Halbig’s meeting in front of the Sandy Hook School Board. Dr. Fetzer, in front of the School Board, did not say “nobody died,” but the contrary. Dr. Fetzer acknowledged that people died at the Sandy Hook shooting event. Again, this was in front of the school board. So it appears that Dr. Fetzer doesn’t want to be charged with “defrauding the government” by lying in front of the School Board. But on Dr. Fetzer’s radio show and other “entertainment” shows, Dr. Fetzer claims that nobody died. So the evidence reveals that Dr. Fetzer knows it is a federal crime to defraud the government.

    3:44 to 6:03

  2. It's blatantly obvious that no counter narrative such as Fetzer's on Sandy Hook would ever be allowed in a public library. Are there books in them that state Israelis did 911? I don't use libraries but I will assume no books that say Israel and international Jewry are tied to 911 are allowed

  3. It makes me sick that I sat in a class, where our teacher went over the whole event in grave detail, as if it necessarily happened. Then of course we had a gun control debate.
    Its funny that Dr. Fetzer's stance is called a "conspiracy theory". This is not a theory, this is the challenging of this hypothesis: "If we hear about something on the news, then it actually happened." People don't understand how claims in science are lent credence by surviving attempts to disprove them. The only knowledge we have is experience itself. What we think our experience to mean is entirely belief. Interestingly, our beliefs effect our experience drastically by affecting what we pay attention to. If we believe that the mainstream media is a source of truth, we fail to notice the discrepancies in our experience of the shit they feed us. This reinforces our belief that they are truthful, as we find ourselves in a feedback loop. On the other hand, the exact opposite happens when we judge our experience from a functionalist perspective, and realize that humans are by nature tool makers, developing things to help fulfill their desires. The media in particular, is a tool, which is not in our hands. It is in the hands of the Zionists. What do you think they use it for? The education system is also a tool, used for the purpose of education. Education is nothing other than the passing on of belief. Take mass shooting from a functionalist perspective. Take everything from a functionalists perspective. Your experience will vindicate your belief and your belief will vindicate your experience.

  4. Michael Flagg is a troll/shill. Whether or not he's the same troll/shill as Keith Johnson, I don't know or care. They're both losers or the same loser, and it's the same loser act.

    Check out the profile of "Michael Flagg" at Amazon. Notice all his other reviews are quick, lame reviews of random products consisting of a statement like "my friend likes this ___," followed by a cut-and-paste description, and capped off with the statement, "Received at a discount in exchange for an honest review."

    Huh? What?

    Yep, here's all you have to do to get free stuff like "Michael Flagg": "Did you know that you can receive FREE and DEEPLY DISCOUNTED products from many companies, simply by agreeing to leave them a review on Amazon? Yes, it really is that easy! The companies will provide you with a coupon code to use at checkout to get the discount on the item up for review (most of the time the products are 100% free or $1). Shipping is free if you have Prime although we have seen free shipping from time to time for non Prime members. After you receive your item be sure to leave your review so you'll be eligible for more offers!

    "Below, you will find tips on writing quality reviews, how to pitch to sellers plus a huge list of Amazon review sites that we've been using with great success. Join each one then watch your inbox for alerts on free offers and deals. The offers are usually very limited (the first 50, etc) so you'll need to act fast if you want in on a specific item."

    So this clown "writes" multiple 4- and 5-star reviews to build a review "history" in order to mask his, 1-star, excoriating shill/troll act –plus gets free stuff. (Vot, you von't think he von't try to provit vile he's at it?)

  5. Continued from above:
    Every citizen in America is expected, and virtually all do, to honestly answer any and all questions to them by any government official at any level, even despite the 5th Amendment Protection from doing so as provided by the great Founders of America. But what about government? Instead of openly and honestly coming forward and admitting they lied and defrauded every good, honest American that day and for almost three years since that day, all we here from these gutless scoundrels is nothing, zero. Not even a simple apology, let alone a detailed admission of all this sting or scam or fleece or fraud or con or ruse… on all good American Taxpayers who provide the money to pay this, under the threats of fines and jail time, by these so and so’s. Shameful is far too polite a word to describe this obscenity by government to their subjects. Polite English is not adequate to describe this gross improper, unethical and illegal conduct to all good American Citizens. Obviously all this lying and cheating by government officials with impunity, all done surreptitiously, all in secret, protected by the full military force and power of government, at the point of their weapons and guns, provided to them by us lowly citizens and taxpayers, with the taxes forced from us, also at the point of their weapons and guns, through intimidation, threats of confiscation of our property and routine government patent violations of the “guarantees” against confiscation of our property without due process of law in the Constitution, and more, only proves a great failure of our great Founders of America: They trusted elected officials far too much and did not provide any readily useful and practical and quick legal, non violent, means for ordinary citizens to bring lying and cheating government servants and officials to justice as government routinely does for ordinary taxpayers and citizens. One set of rules for the goose, another set of rules for the gander. After all, they used violence, or the pretense of it, to commit these crimes or massive ruse on America didn’t they deliberately intended to fool us all, no? The ballot box is far too slow, corrupt and ineffective and many of these lying scoundrels are simply employees on the payroll, not even elected at all. But obviously it is clear this large group of cowardly scoundrels clearly does not possess a conscience because, “CONSCIENCE DOTH MAKE COWARDS OF US ALL”. If my memory serves me correctly, this quote is from William Shakespeare in his great play “Hamlet”. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  6. This is an excellent, well written but brief statement by Lila Rose of the book and situation it exposes. But also think about this: In the State of Connecticut where this hoax was perpetuated on good, honest Americans everywhere in the country, a number of individuals lived and may still reside there, who have inside, detailed knowledge of all this deliberate fraud perpetuated on not only unwitting kids, but all the rest of the millions of unwitting Americans as well. Remember a medical examiner who spoke like a total idiot and fool on that afternoon in 2012. Separate articles have even been written by Professor Tracy and othes about his bizarre out of character behavior that day as documented in the book. He must have detailed knowledge of all this but remains deafeningly silent, hidden in his inner sanctum somewhere, cowardly refusing to honor his moral and ethical duty and obligation to speak out and tell the rest of the millions of American compatriots, the truth about how they were fleeced, had, and lied to that day, and reveal the truth that no one actually died. Instead this sorry excuse of a “citizen” remains silent. Numerous others, police officers, school board members, lawyers, like gutless wonder Sedensky redacting almost everything in his meaningless report of the crime which took far too long to cook up; police Lt, threatening citizens to not make or post information about this hoax, while others actually visited Wolfgang Halbig and sought to intimidate and threaten him from even obtaining perfectly legal information about this massive government crime on all Americans, gutless wonders working at the local newspapers, gutless ordinary citizens and even kids, who walked by that school every day and obviously knew it was closed if it indeed was closed in about 2008, all silent; gutless politicians up to and including our totally lying president, even members of the FBI, DHS and CIA also all likely know all the sordid details about this massive scam on good, honest Americans by their own government, yet all we hear from any of them is nothing, silence, zero, nada. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics
    Continued below:

  7. "[H]ad his mind made up"?–he's just a paid liar, that's all, making no sense whatever but that the people should believe the lies put out by the criminal officials, bureaucrats, politicians, and judges and the lying mass-corp. Jews-media–that's it; that's his entire case, ho ho ho ho

  8. Nice job, Jim. Mr Flagg had his mind made up before he even opened your book and he read your book not with the intention of considering or accepting the arguments after consideration, but, rather, with the intention of finding the best way to "debunk" them without considering if they best represent reality.

  9. Continued from above:
    This is a great and well researched book by some top investigators, especially professor Dr. James H. Fetzer, Ph.D., former Chaired professor at the University of Minnesota, one of the world’s great Universities. However, due to the strong division of opinion about this subject,, despite all the many bits of evidence and facts presented in this investigation, which is obvious by the many contradictory comments on these boards and elsewhere, if you don’t obtain a commitment to place this book on the library shelves in advance, all it might take is a single expression of prejudice or bias against it by someone like the anonymous biased persons here, or even a librarian himself or herself, to kill the book from the library shelves. I know this is horrible to face, but this is the horror we all face today in the world of so called academic freedom and intellectual freedom. Millions of books containing little more than fiction garbage are placed on library shelves every minute of every day, with zero scrutiny, to satisfy the huge demand to read those books, which, of course, is the fundamental right of those readers if that is what the choose to read. But a thoroughly investigated book like this one, due to the strong feelings on both sides, receives unfair scrutiny by Librarians and other members of the public, as we see right here at Amazon. I have had the same problem with attempting to donate some non orthodox cancer books to libraries. Some of them even look at the name of the publisher to determine if they should put it on the shelves. This is all a shameful disgrace, but these are the facts of life in America today. It took great guts and courage for professor Dr. James H. Fetzer, Ph.D. to put his good name on this book, along with the other authors as well. They are being subjected to horrible and undeserved abuse and ridicule, mostly from cowardly, anonymous, unidentified individuals, not unlike members of the KKK hiding behind a white mask as they terrorize others in the dark of night. This is what true, raw, freedom of speech is like in the real world. This is the internet at its worst. This is the intimidation all librarians and libraries must be prepared to stand up to and say NO to prior censorship of any information whether they or you or I like it or not. Political Correctness has no place in any library.
    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  10. When you finish with this great book by professor James H. Fetzer, Ph.D. et al, describing the results of their detailed scientific investigation of evidence and facts and proof, in minute detail, exposing in gory detail, the most egregious lies, deception and fraud, in modern times, perpetuated by our own government on its own citizens, The Sandy Hook Hoax, at Newtown, Connecticut, December 14, 2012, consider donating the book to a public library or a high school or college or university library.
    But here is a word of caution if you decide to donate your book to a library. I have donated many books to libraries over the years. I love libraries and my late Mother was a Children’s Librarian at the Los Angeles County Library for many years. Both my parents instilled in me the values of love and respect for a library which I consider a sacred place, the only final true place of unencumbered freedom of thought left in America today. However, . Libraries today are very sensitive to criticism from any quarters, justified or not. Unfortunately they have become political animals so to speak. If you are not careful, you may donate a controversial book, like this one on Sandy Hook, to them, only to discover later, to your dismay, that it has not been placed on their library shelves at all, but sold or given away by them! Before you donate it to them, talk to a supervisory Librarian at the library you intend to donate the book to or even the head librarian. If the library is not close to you, write or call them. In any case, make sure you have some commitment from them that this book will indeed be placed on the shelves and made available to library patrons for at least two years, and obtain this commitment in writing from them if possible.
    Continued below: Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  11. ZOG Is Active, On Offensive Against The People

    Well, I made use of one of the techniques u were talking about, given the two alternatives, which is most reasonable given the evidence.

    All evidence really does support the truthers, overwhelmingly–the Jews and Jewwies have none for themselves, just lies by liars, then vague, pretend "ref.s" to pretended "debunkings" which always turn out to be question-begging assertions not substantiated.

    Then there's slight fact Sandy hoax is just one of a really large number now of frauds–like Bost. Marathon bombing, Charleston, SC, "Eliot Roger," the recent Virginia "Vester Flanagan," incident, etc., etc.

    These multiple instances are all sustained, clear inductive pattern of deliberate frauds perpetrated by regime of Barry Soetoro, fake and fraudulent Pres. who puts out fake, fraudulent Birth cert., not natural-born if Obama Sr. really was his father, fake "Nobel-prize" winner, murderer of Libya and Qadaffi, who armed and created ISIS, created the refugee waves now deliberately flooding Europe to destroy nat. sovereignty, etc.

    And all these criminal acts are financed and fostered by the central-banking powers for purpose of world-domination and dictatorship, including "agenda-21" pop. reduction, GENOCIDE, going on even as we speak w. poison "chem-trails," GMOs, poison vaccines, fluoride in water, and electro-magnetic toxicity, etc., EMP attack a possibility in near future, aside fm bio-weapons, etc.

  12. Ho ho ho–u OBVIOUSLY are begging for attn., aren't u? Hoh oh oh o ho, but I wasn't talking to moron like u, was I? Do u even have anything of any substance to say?–no, of course not. "Sick mind"?–what makes u say that?–I'm brave Christian soldier, moron, WHAT are u, aside fm pathetic scum? Ho hoho hoh oho

  13. apsterian
    First as soon as I see such a "name" with an empty profile, I will not allow it on my Blog UNLESS the flying unidentified and unidentifiable cretin has something intelligent to say. Or a "name" like "anonymous"!
    Then, why the recourse to "Islamics" when this is clearly (although not in your sick mind) a term borrowed from the imperialist, colonialist, racist, fascist and Judeo Talmudic genocidal war propaganda Book"
    Have you never heard of "MUSLIMS", idiot?

  14. Keith Johnson should wear full-length pajamas with "SHILL" printed all over them in orange. I can't believe CIA lets that clown pitch hissy fits all over YouTube. Keith Johnson is only hurting CIA's campaign of lies, because he's an obvious and lousy liar. Dear CIA, please fire Keith Johnson.

  15. Mikey "Protesteths Too Much," Eh?

    Hey Mikey Flagg: u weren't there at the school on the day, so u really don't KNOW if there was a shooting, do u?–tell the truth.

    U merely beleeeeeeeeeeev there was a shooting in similar fashion as, say, Islamics beleeeeeeeeeev Muhammud was last prophet of Allah, right?

    And the ONLY "evidence" u have is the WORD of . . . whoever insists there was a "shooting," right?–like Keith Johnson, right?

    But Mike why have the officials and various people REFUSED to give info on the company which supplied the port-o-potties? Why did Monte Frank tell Wolfgang's witnesses not to show up at the FOIA hearing? Why did cops not allow Wolfgang to go into the United Way office to ck the paper-work? And why did Gov. Malloy LIE saying he never said he was spoken-to about Sandy hoax?

    And there are no bodies, blood, or pictures, so HOW can u conclude there was any shooting?–u merely beleeeeeeeeev what u've been told, and u want to intimidate and denigrate those who don't so believe, right?

    So u see Mikey, there really are soooo many problems for ur attitude and opinions regarding this Sandy hoax psy-ops, it really isn't justifiable for u to be so sure and pushy about it (a), and (b) to be so dis-approving of those of us who aren't as gullible as u, just going-along and taking word of proven criminals, conspirators, and frauds–not to mention TRAITORS, trying to overthrow US Constitution.

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