Debunking the Sandy Hook Debunkers: #5 bans NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK

by Jim Fetzer

My earliest warning had come from Preston James, Ph.D., among the most prolific and widely-read contributors to A social psychologist who is an expert on intel and covert ops, Preston had told me, “The book is too good. It has the potential to bring down the Obama administration. They are going to do everything that they can to suppress it–so don’t be surprised when it happens!” The hammer fell on Thursday, when suppressed NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK (2015), where I cannot even order a copy for myself. Try to link to it and learn it’s “not a functioning page on our site”, as I explained was also true of Sandy Hook Elementary School in “Debunking the Sandy Hook Debunkers: #1 Was it an operating school?” We have now made the book available for free.

The notification of suppression

It would be too embarrassing to not have a cover story for taking it down, where Mike Palecek, the Series Editor, and I, the book’s editor, received the following notification from createspace, which is the subsidiary of that published NOBODY DIED and where our earlier book, AND I SUPPOSE WE DIDN’T GO TO THE MOON, EITHER? (2015) today remains available. The notification was intended to provide plausible deniability about an egregious act of censorship, where searching for parallels has brought to my mind the legal and other obstacles imposed to prevent the publication of THE PENTAGON PAPERS (1971), where they’ve enlisted to do their dirty work.

But this is clearly a subterfuge for the sake of plausible deniability for at least three reasons, which support the inference that its suppression is a political move because this book is simply “too good”, “too hot” and “too threatening” to the Holder/Obama administration:

(1) Create Space and review every submission for its suitability for publication and conformity to their guidelines before they are accepted for publication. They accepted and published NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK on 22 October 2015, nearly a month ago. There is no good reason for this book to now be taken down for further review other than that it has become a sensation and has the potential to embarrass the administration of President Barack Hussein Obama, which appears to be the underlying problem.  

(2) Were there a bona fide reason for suppressing the book, would have to have made that determination in advance of taking it down. But as you can see from the notification I have received, no specific reason is given. That belies the claim that there is a legitimate problem with the book. I called Create Space immediately upon learning of its suppression and was told they would get back to me “within two working days” by email: the customer service rep with which I spoke could not tell me why it had been taken down. 

(3) By suggesting that I should review of the content guidelines for, a dozen in number (which are broad and varied in their character–including no pornography, no offensive material, no illegal items or stolen goods and such–I have no doubt that they are combing the book to put together a pseudo-justification for having suppressed it. In other words, they are looking for reasons to justify a predetermined conclusion, which is precisely what you would expect in a case like this. 

A book that addresses a politically-sensitive issue that has been central promoting the political agenda of the administration turns out to be too threatening and has to be suppressed on any ground the can contrive. What could be more telling than that they have taken the book down but cannot explain the reasons for suppressing it, which of course they had to have had in advance of taking it down. Just how dumb are we all supposed to be? After all, if we can figure out that Sandy Hook was a hoax, we can also figure out that‘s suppression of the book is a sham.

The INSIDE EDITION interview

Preston has also observed (in relation to “Debunking the Sandy Hook Debunkers: #4 INSIDE EDITION does a hit piece”) that INSIDE EDITION was only serving as cover to set up an intel evaluation of my ability to defend the book from hostile criticism. He pointed out that the questions I was asked, such as, “Why are you attacking the families of children who died?”, “Is that the best you can do?”, and the like, were unresponsive to my replies and explanations. And I has struck me on reflection that there was no introduction of me or of the book, which precedes a bona fide interview. Additionally, the man who asking the questions left me several times to consult with someone else, who must have been the agent who was evaluating whether they had enough to smear me. But I was unflappable.

The large room in the background, moreover, did not resemble that of a real television studio, where I now believe that Preston was exactly right: they used INSIDE EDITION to arrange for me to be interrogated by an intelligence agent in Langley, where I was being grilled by an expert in psy ops in CIA Headquarters itself. My suspicion is that the proof that I adduced for this interview was powerful enough that, when they could not provoke me into some kind of angry response, they realized the book was too much of a problem for the Obama administration that it had to be suppressed. The timing of this interview and’s removing the book from public access is otherwise an all-too-remarkable “coincidence”. As FDR once observed, “In politics, nothing happens by ‘coincidence’.”

Dennis Cimino has told me that the interview showed them they had a big problem and believes that the instruction to take down the book came from the Department of Justice, if not the White House itself. And that makes a lot of sense, because the book was doing very well, it had been approved and there had been no problems up to this point in time. The connection between that interview and this action by leaves no doubt that the government has intervened. They have no choice but to do what they can by way of damage control, where the situation has been further complicated by Mike and my decision to release the book to the public for free, which is what we have done.

Now available for free

The book delegitimizes the government of the United States, in particular, the Obama administration, which cannot withstand the exposure of its techniques of disinformation. Confronted with this rude development, Mike and I decided to make the book available to the public for free. Notice that, by interrupting access to the book on, they have already accomplished the goal of discouraging others from buying it. We have sold around 500 copies in less than a month, which was a powerful indication that this book was almost certainly destined to become a “best seller”. And in a true coincidence, I was featured on last night and made the book available during the interview.

Jeff Rense had asked me to arrange for Allan William Powell to join us, where Allan had come into possession of a vast repository of photographs. In Chapter 7, for example, we have 50 photographs of furnishing the Lanza home to serve as a prop; and in Chapter 8, we have another 50 photographs of refurbishing the school to serve as the stage. We have photos of the Nancy Lanza bedroom, for example, where Adam allegedly shot her; and there is some red stuff on the top, but it does not look like blood; and where, in their haste, they even left a blue moving pad beneath one of he legs of the bed, which is a sure indication that this was a phony arrangement and by itself proves this was a hoax:

Dennis believes that, after the “INSIDE EDITION” interview, someone at Langley called the White House directly to inform them of the threat that is posed by this book. While the horses are out of the barn and they can no longer control access to the book itself, Dennis (who has a background with intelligence work) does not rule out murdering some of us for having exposed them: that is not out of the question. I suggested that a lot of people would know if something were to happen to any of us, but he believes that they would do their best to keep it out of the media, where, given their success in keeping our discoveries out of the media up until now, he may have a point. Each of us should take nothing for granted.

The only available review has business arrangements with other book sellers who trade in both new and used books, where a few copies of NOBODY DIED are currently available at highly inflated prices. But that also allows for customer reviews to appear, where this one is now the only review of NOBODY DIED that appears on As I have previously explained, “Debunking the Sandy Hook Debunkers: #2 What’s wrong with”, the book had nearly 80 reviews and a flurry of comments on them, which is remarkable for a book that only appeared less than a month ago–on 22 October 2015! But today the only review that you can find is the following 5-STAR review:

Like the large number of other 5-STAR reviews that has now obliterated, this author had actually read the book. Indeed, it was striking that, of those who had submitted 1-STAR reviews–where there were virtually none in between–none of them (with perhaps one or two exceptions) provided any indication that they had even read the book, where many of them explicitly observed that they had not and were not going to bother to read it, which was indicative that a psy-op was taking place to drive down the average rating to make the book appear to be of middling interest to those who may casually search for good books they ought to read.

The irony of suppression

There is an irony to all of this, of course, because the most powerful proofs of the hoax are from the photographs, which we had to publish in black-and-white in the book lest it become prohibitively expensive. In the pdf, however, which we have made available, the color and precision of the proof we have adduced is simply beyond dispute. Take the astounding Exhibit 26 from Chapter 8, for example, where you can see the SWAT team is already present, the windows of Classroom 10 are undamaged, the flag is at full mast, crime scene tape is already up for a crime that has yet to be committed, and none other than Wayne Carver, M.E., stands leaning against a wall with his arms crossed awaiting the arrival of his portable mortuary tent, which is clear in the color version now available:

With the publication of the pdf, therefore, we have overcome one of the objections to our book that has been raised by our critics, as I observed in “Debuking the Sandy Hook Debunkers: #3 Deanna Spingola and C.W. Wade”. If I am correct–that this may be the most important case of book suppression since THE PENTAGON PAPERS (1971)–does that make me and the other contributors targets for government assassins? Are they going to take out a dozen contributors, including six (current or former) college professors and a half-dozen other experts? Maybe they will take measures somewhat less drastic and try to halt the electronic download of this book. So do it now and share it as widely as you can. Our government stands exposes for committing acts of terrorism against the American people.

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305 thoughts on “Debunking the Sandy Hook Debunkers: #5 bans NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK”

  1. Just thought I’d report that Alex Jones is now locking accounts on his site for questioning Sandy Hoax and his caving in to the mainstream narrative. Facebook banned “” so he set up an alias “”. I guess we need a new site, “” for dissenters banned by Alex Jones.

    When people like him cave in, it just makes it that much harder for individual citizen journalists, like James Fetzer, to speak the truth.

    I had gone back to InfoWars various websites after a several month-long boytcott because this election is so important – and he has been covering it and helping to organize “Stop the Steal.” But on Sandy Hoax, his behavior is just sickening.

    Anyone know whether Parler, the conservative free speech site, will shut down accounts for wrongspeak, like quesitoning Sandy Hoax?

    1. Do a search on “Debunking the Sandy Hook Debunkers: #1 (and #2 and so forth) and see if they come up. I will do more later; try this for openers.

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  15. James, You may want to check out the publisher for Eric Dubays works, Lulu Publishers, an online print on demand publisher, that gets books into the hands of people within a week or so of their order. Let's get this book back on the market. I have ordered from them and they are a high quality publisher.

  16. Here is a resource that the snarky Dr. Fetzer may find useful. 😉 ♥

    Department of Forensic Sciences
    2100 Foxhall Road, N.W.
    Somer’s Hall-Lower Level
    Washington, D.C.
    Phone: (202) 242-5758

    Wordcrime: Solving Crime Through Forensic Linguistics

  17. Prof. Fetzer,

    I downloaded the pdf version for free. The photos tend to be blurry. Generally one can't see the details being described in the text. I recommend doing something about this, since otherwise it will detract from the book's reputation and impact.

  18. You foolishly thought you got rid of the King of England over two centuries ago from all that crap you memorized in high school, but we are back in his image with a vengeance. You work for us. You are all our slaves no matter what color your skin. In fact you must pay us to work for us. We all took the course offered at Harvard, Columbia and Yale Law Schools called ‘How to Destroy America in Three Easy Lessons 101’. All we had to do in the class was memorize three combinations of words: Lying Cheating Criminal Lawyers, Lying Criminal Cheating Lawyers and Criminal Lying Cheating Lawyers. We all got A’s in the class although it was difficult for us to memorize these combinations of words. We have also recently bribed the University of California Regents to appoint that female whore thug with last name beginning with a capital N as its new president, to carry out the evil mission on the West Coast as well, and destroy that once great institution of higher education as these cesspools have been destroyed on the East Coast. We have been so busy destroying America in our whorehouse we have developed amnesia and can’t even remember all the criminal and unspeakable crimes we have done in the past. We are almost there; one more year to go and that’s it. F.U. America!” “Oh, and have a good day you brainwashed lunatics of the asylum! This giant middle finger is to you.”

  19. “This is to you America. Screw you. You are the biggest group of ignorant brainwashed saps on the planet. To hell with you. We will do as we please as we have been. We make the law. The Constitution is a worthless piece of horse dung. We proved just how gullible and stupid you all are with the Sandy Hook Hoax. Just look at all you fools who donated $27+ million when nobody even died in this scam! Why the school wasn’t even open that morning almost three years ago you idiots. The donation sites were up before this scam was pulled on you. You were had, fleeced, conned, swindled, shafted, gang raped …and you didn’t even know it. God you are so stupid and gullible. Thanks for being such easy and cooperative targets complying with the Mafia dictum, ‘You might as well cooperate because we are going to kill you anyway.’ Signed, BO (this used to mean body odor), Hellder, Guv. Maloy, Criminal State Police, Criminal Medical Examiner, Newlietown Police Department, Newlietown School Board and the liar lawyers. Have a Merry Merry Xmas you stupid brainwashed fools. This giant middle finger is for YOU every ignorant American and illustrates our contempt for you, all in secret, behind the closed massive steel doors which keep you stupid citizen fools out of our whorehouse, called government, paid for with money forced from you at the point of our guns and weapons of mass destruction. Con't.

  20. Most people have heard or read about the impertinent outlaw graffiti master artist Banksy in New York who has reportedly moved to LA. Here is a suggestion for a new project: Return home and paint a massive middle finger, a whole wall wide, on the side of the Empire State Building all the way to the top or, better yet, on one of the fancy new towers which replaced the old ones destroyed on 9/11/01, while our “distinguished” traitorous four star generals sat around and twiddled their thumbs and did nothing to prevent or stop this attack on America. This giant middle finger to America should be painted with the brightest blood red paint available to represent first, the thousands of gallons of blood spilled by every good American Soldier in defending, with his life, our precious Constitution, and, second, the millions of gallons of blood of innocent civilians all over this planet who have suffered and been injured or killed by all the many wars, proxy or direct, fomented around our planet by our totally criminal government and weapons of mass destruction provided to other countries, or criminals like ISIS, for centuries and continues to this day directed by a Nobel “Peace Prize” winner. Here is the inscription on this giant middle finger to America:

  21. “ON THEIR TRAIL FBI teams tracking at least 48 ISIS Suspects”. This is the headline on Fox News this morning. Isn’t this reassuring? Doesn’t this make you feel safe like Motherhood and Apple pie? Yet this totally corrupt FBI won’t lift a finger or make a trip to the outlaws at the Newtown Connecticut School Board, who, along with their lying lawyer, are and have been obstructing justice in their sudden development of amnesia or possibly Alzheimer’s disease and can’t even remember authorizing the 4th grade class at Sandy Hook School to go to the Super Bowl in February, 2013, as a result of simple requests for the truth by a good and honorable United States Citizen, even a former officer of the law himself, whose only goal is to discover truth! It is very clear what happened here. Their lying lawyer advised them, in secret, to falsely state, under oath, that they “can’t remember” or “have no memory of” or “do not recall”, or “can’t find any records of”, or any of endless obfuscations to simply admitting the truth of what they really know, all in response to the simple and reasonable requests of them by Wolfgang Halbig, on this and numerous other issues, documented on his website, and all aided and abetted by their lying, cheating lawyer or “officer of the court”. . How about it totally corrupt FBI secret criminal organization? When will you stop selling out America in secret and do the job you are supposed to be doing and took a meaningless oath to do? You and all others secretly involved in this criminal cover up of horrible crimes by our government are a shameful disgrace to America. This is not to mention the basic violations of his most fundamental Constitutional rights, in previously sending out two police officers to threaten him and intimidate him with arrest should he continue his quest of legally seeking what should be already published public information about the normal business activities of this totally corrupt cesspool school board in the State of Connecticut. Hey corrupt secret FBI, why don’t you run down the criminals who illegally threatened Wolfgang Halbig and arrest them and bring them to justice? “When the government becomes the lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for the law.” Former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, Why don’t some of you gutless wonders who are on the public dole in our FBI, paid for by taxes from us lowly citizens, forced from us at the point of your guns and weapons, demonstrate a little integrity, gumption, honesty and guts and courage and… for a change and speak up to the corrupt mangers and directors of your totally corrupt criminal enterprise operating corruptly and secretly, just like Nazi, Germany or the former Soviet Union, under the color of law? Shameful disgrace is far too polite a phrase to describe this Government Obscenity and Gang Rape of Justice by our own government, in America Today. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  22. Listen here,Julius Streicher,I don't who the hell "Steve" is and if you're too lazy to rid your nutty mind of fantastic nonsense it's not my fault.
    It's all right there,in the oral testimonies.Are you saying that the FDNY grunts at the scene are lying when they testify in their numbers that they knew Tower 7 was coming down after it was smashed by #1 and burned uncontrollably for hours?
    If so,you really are a useless idiot.

  23. Listen up,Julius Streicher,I don't know who the fuck "Steve" is and if you actually think the grunts on the FDNY are lying about what they saw and how they knew the building would eventually collapse you are truly a lazy moron.
    It's all there,right in the oral testimonies that Saint David Ray cited after they were clawed out of the New York Times.
    You just like an exciting fantasy,that's your thing,dingbat.

  24. Queer, Jew-friendly, atheistic ZERO is suddenly an authority upon Christianity, we see, the stupid piece-of-shit filthy liar, ho ho ho ho–so friendly to Jews, is actually much like Jew liars too, eh? Ho ho ho ho

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  26. Same thing is happening as before: when I clk out of the particular blog here, then try to go back to it, the only that shows is the commentary up to mid-morn of 23rd–I think I know how this is happening. So every time I want to come back to the latest comments, as for today, 26th, I have to type something, then publish.

    But when I clk out of the blog, same thing happens again–all the comments after mid-morn of 23rd disappear, and I have to type and publish something just to see latest comments.

  27. Powell Had 3 Days To Say Anything, FAILED, Ho Ho Ho

    Wow folks: I don't know how this all happened, but for the last three days I seem to have been somehow frozen out fm ck-ing the comments section on this blog–but for those already posted to the morning of the 23rd.

    It's only now since I posted my latest, below, just a few mins ago, that suddenly the comments since morning of 23rd appear so that I can now read them–after 3 days.

    I thought this was rather strange that the commentary had seemed to stop at mid-morn of 23rd, yet observing the comment count going steadily up, yet when I ck'd, seeing nothing new fm aforementioned 23rd.

    But gosh, it hardly matters, does it?–ho oh ho ho ho–as I see here Allan powell has continued to post his idiot notes, ho ho ho ho ho. And I've also ck'd the "real deal" channel, though nothing seems to appear new since episode # 131, ho ho ho ho. But wait, I see there's a new entry up at media broadcasting center, ho ho ho hoho–but it doesn't seem to contain the ravings of powell, ho hoh o hoh oho

    Empty-head Powell keeps babbling, as we see here, just above, numerous times, but saying nothing of substance, just as I note, above, ho ho ho ho. Powell seems to imagine something doesn't exist unless he, powell, takes due and official note, ho ho ho ho ho

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    I missed 3 days, but doesn't really matter, eh? Ho ho hoh ohoh oho

  28. Book Suppression Up-Staged Now By satanic Provocation For War

    Well folks, this story about crass suppression of Fetzer's book, "Nobody Died…," was good story for a few days, but observe now how it's been understandably up-staged by the insane shoot-down of the Russian jet over Syria. For suppression of books and info is mere routine in satanic society and course of cultural corruption and destruction.

    The shoot-down goes to show a few things, like (a) the psychotic kikes WANT serious war, this latest shoot-down being obvious provocation by Jew S A, NATO, et al. (b) That Jew S A, NATO, and Turkey are all behind and supporting ISIS, not to mention Israel.

    (c) And that one of the principle and immediate purposes of ISIS is to moving of "refugees" into West, Europe, and Jew S A, as means of furthering world dictatorship under United Nations (UN) auspices, breaking down of nat. sovereignty and borders.

    Thus Greg Mannarino, noted investment analyst, affirms the Wall St. psychos want war as it will give pretext for "liquidity" and further "QE," spending, and thus saving their "derivatives" investments which are doomed without more inflation. See

    So, my pt. is we see evermore for clarity of outright SATANIC course and motivations for things culturally, the specific instrument being that legalized COUNTERFEIT motif and criminal enterprise provided by central-banking, behind and at top of everything else–including ownership and control of that precious thing, Christianity, which used to guard the West fm satanism and these sublime Jewwy monsters at the center of this satanic juggernaut.

    These satanic monsters and Jew masterminds arise and thrive as humanity becomes too successful, "prosperous," and actually now over-populated, the Jews and satanists herewith arranging for the inevitable, obligatory de-population of these stupid, hubris-filled scum, addicted to watching TV, called "people." Such then is inevitable "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, in accord w. deterministic, Greek Tragedy.

  29. I was so disappointed to not be able to purchase the book on Amazon. I downloaded the pdf, but I like real books better. I contacted amazon and gave them my opinion of their censorship. Just let people read it and decide for themselves.

  30. Continued from above:
    . I look forward to many more victories in the future of his “retirement” as well. He has also suffered enormous ridicule and abuse, from powerful selfish, vested, corrupt… interests, for his courageous efforts to challenge false claims of the existing orthodoxy of the day, regardless of whose “Ox may get gored” by the truth which he exposes and documents with scientific evidence and facts and reason, honestly, truthfully and with personal integrity to the best of his ability under unusually difficult conditions and circumstances; not hot air propaganda and brainwashing defined by the Hollywood Perverts and their goal of brainwashing, with lies, duped citizens of America today. The other day our alleged President improperly awarded the Medal of Freedom to at least two individuals who did not deserve or earn it. That medal should have been awarded to professor Dr. James H. Fetzer, Ph.D., international world spokesman for humanity. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  31. Professor Dr. James Henry Fetzer, Ph.D., born and raised where I grew up at Pasadena, not Texas, but California, educated at South Pasadena High School, Princeton University, Indiana University, faculty member at numerous institutions of higher learning in the U.S., retired as Chaired Professor of Philosophy University of Minnesota one of the world’s top universities; he has won prizes and awards and recognition for teaching and research…. but not in fact retired at all, has clearly won a “victory”, or indeed plural victories, for mankind which Horace Mann had in mind over 150 years ago. All these many accomplishments of scholarship in his search for knowledge, truth and understanding are over and above his recognition a United States Marine Corps Officer, which was a victory in itself if anyone knows the challenge this posed at that time for anyone, before political correctness took its toll on the institution. Continued below:

  32. Horace Mann (1796-1859) American Educator and Politician was an extremely articulate and intelligent American in our history. Here is one of his brief but profound statements:
    “BE ASHAMED TO DIE UNTIL YOU HAVE WON SOME VICTORY FOR MANKIND”. How many twelve word statements have you ever read which can say so much with few words? Some of our great ancestors were much more articulate and intelligent than many of the poorly educated current generations of Americans. I was stunned when I first read this magnificent combination of words in English. How many people with any degrees in education or political science do you know living today who could even come close to this inspiring combination of words? NONE so far as I know.
    Continued below:

  33. Dr. Fetzer is organizing a field trip to the US Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Museum for all his groupies! Tickets are $2,000 each paid in advance to the Dr. Fetzer Foundation.

    The US Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Museum is located on the corner of Ardennes St. and Marion St. on Fort Bragg, N.C. The museum is open 11 a.m. through 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Admission is free.

    Military information support operations (MISO) play an important role in DOD communications efforts through the planned use of directed programs specifically designed to support USG and DOD activities and policies. MISO are planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to select Internet audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of the U S government, organizations, groups, and individuals in a manner favorable to the originator’s objectives. Military information support (MIS) professionals follow a deliberate process that aligns commander’s objectives with an analysis of the environment; select relevant TAs; develop focused, culturally, and environmentally attuned messages and actions; employ sophisticated media delivery means; and produce observable, measurable behavioral responses.

  34. Here is Mark Twain’s “proof”, published posthumously about 1938, after his death, that man evolved down from the higher animals. This proof is related in the great book “Letters from the Earth” by Mark Twain. “I placed one Anaconda Snake in a herd of 500 sheep and observed it took only one for its meal. I placed two hunters in a herd of 500 buffalo and observed they slaughtered the whole herd. Therefore I concluded man evolved down from the higher animals.” Mark Twain, often considered America’s greatest writer. I learned of this fabulous book many years ago from a former colleague and very intelligent theoretical mathematical physicist professor Dr. Pran Nath, Ph.D. who was originally from the country of India.
    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D. Physics

  35. Wouldn't the world be a very different and a more humanly compassionate place if everyone followed the simple dictum known as the Golden Rule? "DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU". Wouldn't most of human suffering in the world be severely reduced if everyone of every language simply voluntarily complied with this simple wisdom? Why do you suppose this is such a difficult concept for man to comprehend and grasp and implement as part of his daily actions and interactions with other human beings and even animals on this planet? Ask yourself this question: How would all the purveyors of the many lies about Sandy Hook, from Obama, Holder, Connecticut Governor, State Police, Medical Examiner, Newtown Bee, Newtown School Board, Newtown Police Dept. and their lying lawyers, … the lying media and their lying so called journalists, … , and many others, all like it if they all were lied to as they have lied to all Americans as documented in this book "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook" by professor Dr. James H. Fetzer and MIke Palecek and many other great and very courageous authors as well? Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  36. “The thing about a pathological liar is that no matter how affable they might be, no matter how good-looking, no matter how successful or wealthy they become, no matter how powerful, there is no compromise with these people. They will deny everything. Only one thing counts with them. I win.”
    Above is a very powerful statement by writer Katherine Frisk in an article published in VeteransToday this morning entitled:
    “Satan’s Production Line When the Unacceptable becomes acceptable” While this statement was made in a slightly different context about the war in the middle east, does not it apply perfectly to everyone involved in the Sandy Hook Hoax from Holder and Obama, Maloy, the Medical Examiner and Connecticut State Police, right on down to the Newtown School Board and their lying lawyers?
    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  37. (or as I call them, "" and "Amazon.scum") have a history of censoring and 86ing people who are simply too effective at shining the spotlight on the N.W.O. and are just too skillful in destroying the Liberal Establishment supporters in reviews and in comment section debates.

    I know this because I too was silenced by them on April 28, 2008, with no explanation. I'm still "Blacklisted" from comment sections by them to this day. Unable to leave comments anywhere on any product.

    But their unwarranted and unexplained action against me inspired me to begin blogging, where I acquired a loyal readership due to my xtremely un-PC writings and the many highly regarded reviews I wrote for before I was blacklisted by them. (At the time they deleted every single comment I ever posted on their website, I was just about to break into their Top 1,000 Reviewer rankings. I'm sure that played a part in my being blacklisted.)

    One of the earliest blog bits I composed told the full story of why and how Amazon.scum kicked me off their website. If you or anyone else is interested, it is still available for viewing here:

    It's actually in Part 3 Of 3 where I presented absolute PROOF of Amazon's disingenuous decisions designed to support the Leftist (aka Corporate International Banker New World Order Fascist) agenda.

    I outsmarted them with a review I wrote for their website which, ironically, still stands there today as proof of everything I've said about them. But outsmarting is nuttin' to boast about. After all, they're a bunch of Liberals. There's no glory in besting a Liberal in an intellectual challenge. That's like saying, "Cheer me, everyone, for I just killed an ant in battle."

    I'm looking forward to acquiring and reading this new book, even though I was already aware of the False Flag anti-2nd Amendment, anti-We The People purpose behind the fake Sandy Hook shootings very shortly after they (hadn't really) occurred.

    Keep trying to enlighten the Americonned Sheeple.

    ~ D-FensDogG (aka Stephen T. McCarthy)
    'Loyal American Underground'

  38. What is your obsession with Dr. Fetzer, Goldstein? Is it knowing that he is correct and doing important work for the masses, while knowing you are incorrect and doing insignificant bidding for the despicable few whom you know deep down will discard you in the blink of an eye?

    Are you able to direct your critical eye on yourself, or does your inbred chutzpah and hubris deflect introspection as a matter of self-preservation?

    You try to appear to be dismissive of him, but here you are yet again, unable to leave him alone. You are not as clever as you imagine. Your presence speaks volumes.

    Shills & trolls always give themselves away. What a pathetic li(f)e you live.

  39. Shame shame shame a thousand times on the gutless cowards running the NRA. I would not accept a free membership in this disgusting and despicable organization. Thankfully I don’t already belong to this worthless organization so I don’t have to waste time resigning from it as I hope and pray all current members will do. Here is the apparent motto this this cowardly organization: “I promise to do my best to help myself and cheat the rest”, just like our government is and has done in the Sandy Hook Hoax as documented in the book: “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook”. In view of this despicable misconduct by the NRA described above, do you think they give an expletive deleted about our country America? Hey NRA, if I am wrong, prove it with actions, not hollow, meaningless propaganda words. Actions speak louder than words. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  40. I think Jim would have told us long ago if he had had any offers of aid from this organization. I would bet he has not. Don’t donate one thin dime or one copper colored penny to this sham politically correct despicable cowardly organization. You see, they perceive that any association with Jim, is like associating with persona non grata, or a person with a horrible contagious disease like leprosy, because most duped Americans do not and would not believe the claims of the book even if the government outlaws admitted them all 100% true! And of course most uneducated American fools won’t or can’t read anyway. Americans have been uneducated and brainwashed by movies and television and lying media from the Hollywood Perverts. These cowards perceive they might lose some dinero ( this word means money in Spanish) by aiding Dr. Fetzer in his fight to expose this massive government scam on America. They could care less about this government rape of America by those evil plotters of the Sandy Hook Hoax. Continued

  41. The National Rifle Association or NRA is constantly whining and complaining about gun control by government and purporting to support the basic individual rights to own and possess guns protected by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. So, as a consequence of this, wouldn’t you think they would at least contact professor Jim Fetzer and acknowledge the many great efforts of him and his associates in preparing this book which exposes this massive hoax perpetuated by government itself to fool the duped population into surrendering their rights for gun possession under the Second Amendment? Wouldn’t they be indignant at Amazon for suppressing this book after only one month? Even if they have not read the book yet, he wrote many papers on all this a year or more ago and they remained silent then as well as now. So far as I know, not only have these politically correct cowards not offered him any moral support, they have not offered to send a few of their many lawyers on retainer to aid him and Wolfgang Halbig even get a single document released from the outlaws in Newtown who are violating the open records law of Connecticut and obstructing release of simple information which should have been made public to any and all citizens long ago without forcing them to go to corrupt courts to seek this information. Continued:

  42. Continued from above:
    I would bet he has not. Don’t donate one thin dime or one copper colored penny to this sham politically correct despicable cowardly organization. You see, they perceive that any association with Jim, is like associating with persona non grata, or a person with a horrible contagious disease like leprosy, because most duped Americans do not and would not believe the claims of the book even if the government outlaws admitted them all 100% true! And of course most uneducated American fools won’t or can’t read anyway. Americans have been uneducated and brainwashed by movies and television and lying media from the Hollywood Perverts. These cowards perceive they might lose some dinero ( this word means money in Spanish) by aiding Dr. Fetzer in his fight to expose this massive government scam on America. They could care less about this government rape of America by those evil plotters of the Sandy Hook Hoax. Continued below:

  43. The National Rifle Association or NRA is constantly whining and complaining about gun control by government and purporting to support the basic individual rights to own and possess guns protected by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. So, as a consequence of this, wouldn’t you think they would at least contact professor Jim Fetzer and acknowledge the many great efforts of him and his associates in preparing this book which exposes this massive hoax perpetuated by government itself to fool the duped population into surrendering their rights for gun possession under the Second Amendment? Wouldn’t they be indignant at Amazon for suppressing this book after only one month? Even if they have not read the book yet, he wrote many papers on all this a year or more ago and they remained silent then as well as now. So far as I know, not only have these politically correct cowards not offered him any moral support, they have not offered to send a few of their many lawyers on retainer to aid him and Wolfgang Halbig even get a single document released from the outlaws in Newtown who are violating the open records law of Connecticut and obstructing release of simple information which should have been made public to any and all citizens long ago without forcing them to go to corrupt courts to seek this information. Continued below:

  44. Thanks, for your book, Jim. I have posted the link via Twitter to help wake up a slumbering humanity that dreams only of being doped with sex, religion and television.

    Interesting comments. It's easy to spot the paid shills, religionists, those almost permanently affected by the "modern" education system, and, of course, at least one complete idiot. My condolences.

    All of it might appear surreal to some, however, these numbers are dwindling. Like all false flag events, there's a formula…and it includes sloppiness and a lot of bad (crisis) actors/ancestresses. And the rabbit hole goes very deep. Most will surely lose their footing along the way; fall back into cognitive dissonance.

    In a society that is conditioned to demand instant gratification, the apophatic approach might be the last one considered. However, it is necessary to come to the wall of truth that is built brick by brick. As one works on this wall, it becomes increasingly easier to spot bricks that fit or not. Unfortunately, many are attempting to fit them into a wall that has already been built for them via an education system that tells them what to think, instead of how to think. Oh, and let's not forget the religionists who cannot fit anything with what they've been burdened with. (It is said that the sign of a true idiot is one who is fastened to their own opinion.)

    Regardless, truth is beautiful. And, thanks, once again, for your beautiful book.

    All the best.

  45. Ho ho ho–"nonsense" and "cup of garbage"?–really?–all it is is idea ZOG lied and faked the so-called evidence (a), and (b) that there actually is no evidence to back ZOG's lies, no bodies, no blood, and no pictures. PERIOD–simple, eh? Ho ho ho ho ho. (c) Further, we now have the follow-on complications of fraud, obstruction-of-justice, malfeasance, further complicating things. U brainless morons pushing ZOG and genocidal world gov. have simply, ONCE AGAIN, committed crimes and further complications, as always, and are trying to wiggle and squirm ur way through it w. further lies by means of ur prop. machines, the Jews-media, etc. Ho ho ho ho–it's SIMPLE, really, ho ho ho ho ho

  46. The individual authors own the copyright on what they wrote but I think everyone basically said to Jim use it as you see fit, I did with my two chapters, no royalties or anything but I think Jim has a contract with Amazon which they have breached. He complied with their pre publishing requirements. I didn't put it together before but Jay Carney works at Amazon now apparently so the White House influence intrudes there. Now if anyone can prove that…..we are on fall of administration grounds, a president interfering with contractual arrangements between two third parties to save exposure of corruption in his government. This thing could get worse and worse in Nixonian style if we had a couple of brave journalists…..yeah see, that's where it falls down. What we can do is ask Amazon for the reasons for the book being suppressed, or sue them for breach of contract and for the loss of expected income. That would only take several years.

    Who told Amazon to do it?……That is the most important question. You can't do a FOIA with the White House, Obama announced recently that the White House would not be answering any FOIA's in future.Ask Amazon? Send a message to Jason Chaffetz saying what has happened and that you suspect Jay Carney has stuck his stick in the spokes due to White House staff interference and can that be investigated?

  47. As some of you know, I am running for President of The United States of America. As President Kopitke, I'll seek a fair investigation here over Sandy Hook. I only hope that these claims of a possible False Flag or other attempt by the Globalists of the New World Order to remove our 2nd Amendment Rights are incorrect. Too many strange things going here; we need a real investigation.

    Please pray for my Presidential campaign.


  48. Amazon is simply low life corporation. If it were a person it would be shunned by anyone with moral standards or a sensitive nose. Cenoring is just one of many nasty behaviors of this corporate entity. Was the book at Barnes and Nobles? Powells? Were copies available elsewhere in local bookstores?
    Who owns the copyrite? Maybe it should get republished elsewhere. Does this violate a contract? I would suggest getting an attorney who specializes in the area of authors and publishers. The stinks rather strongly. The book has been listed at Powell's as well as at Barnes and Nobles–but now is out of stock. What happens to all the already printed copies? "In a bad society a good man can not be a good citizen." –Dante

  49. I'm disgusted. And follow that with a lot of other negative thoughts and reactions. I immediately sent this via Amazon's Contact Us line:

    I learned today that Amazon has banned the Jim Fetzer book on Sandy Hook. You are a book distributor not part of the mind control police. I believe you owe those of us who have been faithful customers an explanation. And if no explanation is forthcoming, I can guarantee you that by the end of this year I will no longer be an Amazon customer.

    Now, I did visit the site when it was still up, but didn't buy the book. Can you please tell me where I can buy it now.

    THANKS, and THANKS AGAIN for the book and for the wonderful False Flag Weekly News.

  50. Dr. Fetzer is organizing a field trip to the US Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Museum for all his groupies! Tickets are $2,000 each paid in advance to the Dr. Fetzer Foundation.

    The US Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Museum is located on the corner of Ardennes St. and Marion St. on Fort Bragg, N.C. The museum is open 11 a.m. through 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Admission is free.

    Military information support operations (MISO) play an important role in DOD communications efforts through the planned use of directed programs specifically designed to support USG and DOD activities and policies. MISO are planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to select Internet audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of the U S government, organizations, groups, and individuals in a manner favorable to the originator’s objectives. Military information support (MIS) professionals follow a deliberate process that aligns commander’s objectives with an analysis of the environment; select relevant TAs; develop focused, culturally, and environmentally attuned messages and actions; employ sophisticated media delivery means; and produce observable, measurable behavioral responses.

  51. Well it looks like our old friend Apsterian is working for the man. The religious bullshit is just the cover story. He's no more a Christian than I am. DHS folks, part of the disinfo stirrings paid for by our tax dollars. Allan Powell

  52. To Apsterian, Anonymous and others: I still have a few copies of Carey's great book which I bought from him many years ago. Send me your true names and physical addresses and I will send you a free copy at my personal expense. I will not divulge your names to anyone. I already have sent out many and sought to place copies in libraries all over the counry. I recently sent a copy to professor Dr. Denis Rancourt, Ph.D., the great physicist in Canada who was improperly and illegally fired for his compassionate support of other humans being mistreated in the world. I paid about $40 personally to get that book to him. He may have put it on the internet. Carey gave him permission to do so. My e mail is The only condition of the gift is that you place it in a public library or in the hands of a trusted individual who will ultimately do the same when they finish reading this book. I just happened to find this fabulous book at a flea market, totally by accident, many years ago. It is one of the most important books I have ever read. Never judge a book by its cover. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  53. Irwin Schiff And His Great War Against IRS

    Yes, Winfield, that's all extremely interesting about Earl Carey. I'm going to get that book, for sure, thanks for ur notes on it.

    And I can guarantee one thing: it wasn't only IBM that was involved–it had to have had collusion of the larger oligarchy and "deep-state" behind it, it all ultimately enforced by central-banking criminal conspiracy of legalized COUNTERFEITING, the topmost criminal enterprise, controlling everything else.

    Such is the HUBRIS of a people in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler–they insist, religiously, upon ignoring reality, substituting their own, which never serves them in the end–as we're now seeing, satanism rampant.

    Very similar things took place, legally, for Irwin Schiff, father of present-day Austrian economic advisor and investment consultant, Peter Schiff, regarding his legal case(s) against the IRS (Internal Revenue). See

    IRS and Feds finally just threw old Schiff in jail, where he died recently, as they didn't want to allow him to sell his book(s) on the IRS and what he knew about the law in regard thereto.

  54. "Personality, Integrity, Identity" On Display In Comments Pages, For All To See, Ho Ho Ho

    Ho ho hoh ho ho–so that's it?–that's what u got, eh? Ho ho ho ho ho–WWWwwwoooowwwwWWWW–that's impressive shit, shit-for-brains scum, ho hoho hoho. And I'm sure so many folks are sooooooooo impressed. Ho ho ho o ho ho ho

    And what's this?–UR life DOESN'T "suck"?–are u sure? Ho ho ho ho ho

    Sucker, I explained to u before, u're NOTHING but a big ZEEEERO, get it?

    We love it:

    "Life sucks moron? Mine doesn't. It would if it were like yours but it isn't, it's mine with my personality, integrity and identity. You haven't got that. You're like little Bart Simpson who sold his soul. Your life undoubtedly sucks and you're laying it out here for everyone to see."

    Sooooooo, u got "personality, integrity and identity"?–Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho oho ho–as if no one else has, eh? Ho ho hohohoho Congratulations, moron, ho ho ho ho ho, for all ur "personality, integrity, identity," ho ho ho oh ho ho ho–soooooooooo impressive, indubitably, for sure, ho hoo ho o ho ho ho ho

    Me?–I'm content to leave it to the readers for whatever substance I've expressed in written text, as I've done here–that's me, sukkah–"what u see is what u get," ho ho ho ho (Flip Wilson, I believe) ho ho ho hoho

    So I don't think anyone really "wins," but u lose, buddy, for ur lack of any real "personality, integrity, identity," for whatever that's worth, as u demonstrate NOTHING–big zero, ho ho ho ho ho

    How can u have "personality, integrity, identity" if u're a big NOTHING w. nothing of any substance to say–as u demonstrate, even for all ur comical, "personality, integrity, identity"? Ho ho ho ho ho ho

    So much for Allan powell, folks, ho ho ho ho. But tell us more, Allan baby, if u ever come up w. anything to lend actual, real substance to all that "personality, integrity, identity," ho ho ho ho ho ho

  55. The above quotations are taken from the book “IBM and the Corruption of Justice in America” by Earl Carey, Bismarck House, St Louis, 1992. In this seminal book, Mr. Carey lists no less than forty two (42) United States Federal Judges, by name and location, who patently, willfully and deliberately and with malice of forethought, just like those who perpetuated the Sandy Hook Hoax as documented in this great book “Nobody Died at Sandy HOOK It was a FEMA Drill” by professor Dr. James Fetzer and Mr. Mike Palecek, et al, violated the law and meaningless, unenforceable oaths they took with impunity. All Mr. Carey wanted was a simple jury trial on the issues of his dispute with the computer giant in the State of Arizona. He tried every legal means to resolve his grievances. He even tried to have judges arrested by the FBI. Every legal means failed in his four year odyssey into the inner sanctum of the horror of our totally corrupt system of injustice in America. But he left this great book as a memorial and reminder to all Americans that tyranny is not ever very far away from any of us. By the way Carey was not a lawyer, but an engineer (not the ones who operate locomotives). Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  56. Continued from above:
    “Set aside justice, and what are kingdoms but enterprises of robbery.”
    St. Augustine
    “I could carve out of a banana a judge with more backbone than that.”
    Theodore Roosevelt
    “Good laws, if they are not obeyed, do not constitute good government.”
    “He whose father is judge goes safe to his trial.”
    Thomas Fuller
    “I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachment by those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.”
    James Madison
    “I have no use for liars, national, international, or those found in private life.”
    Theodore Roosevelt
    “In the last analysis all tyranny rests on fraud, on getting someone to accept false assumptions, and any man who for one moment abandons or suspends the questioning spirit, has for that moment betrayed humanity.
    Bergen Evans
    “O what a goodly outside falsehood hath”
    William Shakespeare
    Continued below:

  57. “It is not what a lawyer tells me I may do, but what humanity, reason and justice tell me I ought to do.”
    Edmund Burke
    “When you have robbed a man of everything, he is no longer in your power. He is free again.”
    Alexander Solzhenitsyn
    “Our nation is founded on the principle that observance of the law is the eternal safeguard of liberty and defiance of the law, is the surest road to tyranny.”
    John F. Kennedy
    “The great masses of the people…will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one.”
    Adolph Hitler
    “All I know is just what I read in the papers.”
    Will Rogers
    “Advertisements contain the only truths to be relied on in a newspaper.”
    Thomas Jefferson
    “Crime is contagious. If the government becomes the lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for the law.”
    Justice Louis Brandeis
    “When a judge departs from the letter of the law, he becomes a lawbreaker.”
    Francis Bacon
    “Fiction in law is a willful falsehood, uttered by a judge, giving to injustice the color of justice.”
    Jeremy Bentham
    “Democracy is a kingless regime infested by many kings who are sometimes more exclusive, tyrannical and destructive than one, if he be a tyrant.”
    Benito Mussolini'
    Continued below:

  58. Life sucks moron? Mine doesn't. It would if it were like yours but it isn't, it's mine with my personality, integrity and identity. You haven't got that. You're like little Bart Simpson who sold his soul. Your life undoubtedly sucks and you're laying it out here for everyone to see.

  59. You think Christ would want something like you in his army? How is that DENNIS? Tell us all about it. Get rid of the Jews and have someone like you in their place? Swap one bunch of nutjob religiousi for another? Don't think so.

  60. Why aren't you in the book "Nobody died at Sandy Hook" ?. Is that why you are so bitter? I'm in it, so is just about everyone else in the world except you. Nobody asked you to put your pearls of wisdom in it? How can that be> You're the most intelligent man on the subject and you don't get asked to? Uninvited? Well that goes with having no identity, no integrity no plaudits. Read your Homer again, you didn't understand it first time round. Sad.

  61. U see?–u're all about faggotty personality, incapable of discussing actual issues, stupid ass, brainless scum. "Lonely, bitter, sad"?–really?–but that's rather u, isn't it? Ho ho ho. Life sucks, moron–u need to get used to it. Have fun kicking around weaklings, like urself, when u can–it's still "lonely, bitter, and sad," dumbass–always will be, stupid faggot moron, ho ho ho ho ho

  62. Well, whatever; I gave u ur chance, began w. something of substance despite those other things, as u presented, regarding me, personally, humble Christian soldier, which u insist, like typical faggot, to dwelling upon. So, golly, but I guess I'll just have to be satisfied w. ur brilliantly thought-out statements to ponder upon. If u ever think of anything, don't hesitate to leave a note, ho ho h oho ho

  63. Hollow voice, hollow thoughts, worthless dross of vanity at its pretended intellect flailing helplessly to blame the rest of everyone for everything it never had and will never get, in his little slough of despond, trapped in his echo chamber of himself everyday all day, always himself hating and blaming, he makes Prufrock look like Hamlet.

  64. Quit Whining And Ponder The Wisdom Presented

    Well, so presumably u DO have a "personality, name, face," but u're pretty "worthless and hollow," if u ask me. I have an "identity," even though it may be merely that of humble Christian soldier.

    And if u analyze, I must be an "individual," even if a composite–because still one of the individuals would have to ultimately determine which idea(s) were to be expressed, though it wouldn't require too much against a moron like u, I assure u.

    So quit complaining, scum. After all, I've given u lots to think about in above expositions for ur minuscule thinking faculty, eh? Ho ho ho ho

  65. Continued from above:
    Why have not the owners of the moving company or the porta pottys come forward and spoke up and said, “Hey, we are very very sorry and feel terrible that we unwittingly participated in this horrible hoax on all good Americans. As atonement for our sins, we offer to provide all details of what we know about it as a public service, just like professor Fetzer and the other authors of this great book did in making it available world wide for FREE to any citizen of any country? But all we hear is deafening silence from these owners just like the other cowards in Connecticut. Obviously there is something very very wrong in America. We seem to be about three fourths of the way through Ayn Rand’s great but thick book “Atlas Shrugged”. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D.. Physics

  66. In the previous comment above, the fines should be paid personally by the lawyers or employees, not the government which employs them.
    Even the moving company which set up the school for this event that day must have known the school was closed and had been closed for some time. The same for the porta potty provider. Even if they may not have known what would transpire on December 14, 2012, they certainly knew after the event happened didn’t’ they? Therefore in the eyes of the law are not they aiders and abettors of the crimes committed that day against America? Under ordinary circumstances would not a U.S. Attorney investigate every aspect of these crimes and arrest and indict everyone involved? But this illustrates the basic problem in America when government itself becomes the lawbreaker: How does the law get enforced on government when government is the lawbreaker? This is a basic failure of our system. The U.S. Attorney would have to arrest nearly the whole state of Connecticut, his own boss and likely the president himself! Obviously this isn’t going to happen is it? Does not this show that ordinary citizens must be provided arrest powers, just like a U.S. Attorney has when government becomes the lawbreaker? The law should be changed to permit any ordinary citizen to arrest any member of government and try them in citizen courts which would be operated with ordinary citizens, not the usual lawyers and judges who all obviously have a conflict of interest. Otherwise, how does “justice” get served when the government becomes the lawbreaker?
    Continued below.

  67. ZOG's satanic Cover-Up Crumbling

    Stevie: u're pathetic miserable liar and dis-info agent, and note this is crime of accessory-after-the-fact–there will be consequences, sucker. "Fires" of bldg. 7 couldn't possibly have burned long or hot enough for simple, obvious reason of lack of fuel–there was only so much paper and combustible material, like office furniture in the bldg. to burn, moron.

    And yes, it's matter of record the higher-ups in the FDNY were and are still "in" on the criminal cover-up. US Federal Reserve legalized COUNTERFEITING continues to pump out nearly endless funds to pay-off and bribe all necessary "players" of conspiracy, dumbass.

    Stevie: u and ur pay-masters need to consider ur idiotically lame attempts to lie, divert, and cover-up are only reminding people of the gross criminal conspiracy which took place that fateful day of infamy and treason by ZOG, Jews, and satanic accomplices. Ur days are numbered, scum, never doubt.

  68. Satanism, The Great Problem, Upon Which People Can Agree, Unite Against

    Flattery will get u nowhere, scum. And besides, note what's important is the SUBSTANCE of what is written–what do u have to say about this grim tragedy of Western "decline" we're facing?–think about that, fool.

    For if u really cared about ur good buddy, Fetzer, u'd say something–like about the horrific cultural satanism which continues to spread like a cancer, as Jew world order continues to take-over, as economy continues to fail. It's all a tragedy, and Fetzer–what does he do?–but to religiously continue his passive deference to these Judaic monsters. It's a disgrace.

    The least Fetzer can do is to analyze the culture like he analyzes the evidence for Sandy hoax, 9/11, and JFK. Fetzer should take notice of the horrific cultural satanism, analyzing it for what it is–subjectivism of extreme sort–what's so difficult about that?

    And for goodness sakes, Fetzer should take note of significant detail of central-banking and the overwhelming role and effect of financing, not only for Sandy hoax, but for all these other fake shootings and hoaxes, and then how it all fits within the larger criminal regime of that central-banking.

    Thus the people of all races can thereby begin to unite and coalesce at least against the horrific negative that has arisen like a great spectre–SATANISM–the worst is yet to come, collapse of currency and economy all but guaranteed, not to mention other likely consequences. The world needs the philosophicals like Fetzer to start doing their proper jobs for placing things in context/perspective.

    Thus as this horrific satanism is understood as founded upon subjectivism, the volk can begin at least to agree to basic Christian principle and value of TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), this then necessarily founded upon objective reality (God-given).

  69. Continued from above:
    An even better way would be a federal law forcing all these disgusting tyrannical local governments in our country to routinely publish all information about their activities and place it in a room in a local library or reading room at the premises for all citizens to access and up date the information every week, with the same stiff automatic penalties of jail time and fines for non compliance. The CEO and all lawyers involved in any obstruction should also be jailed and fined Lawyers should lose their license for life. Moreover, when legal hearings like the one described are held, these officials should be forced to hire their own lawyers at their personal expense, just like Wolfgang had to do, and not be permitted to use taxpayer paid lawyer obstructionists like Monte Frank who was reported to have been trembling. Why do you suppose he was trembling? He should have lost his law license and been jailed for this obstruction to voluntarily comply with the law, but in the usual corrupt local yokel way, he was promoted instead. How about the same rules for government thugs as for ordinary citizen taxpayers who pay for government operations for a change ? Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  70. Everyone should read over and over the discussion of how Monte Frank, the taxpayer paid lawyer for the Newtown School Board, Newtown, Police Dept., and Newtown itself, obstructed simple, quick and voluntary release of basic information by these corrupt agencies to a U.S. Citizen. While they finally did release some information, they refused to release documents regarding the delivery of the Porta Potties for which there is no reason at all to justify this obstruction other than to cover up their crimes. They also refused to confirm that the school itself was closed in 2008. These disgusting situations arise with government because there are no penalties for anyone in government if they refuse or obstruct the process as there are for ordinary citizens if they say refuse to pay their taxes on time. There should be automatic penalties providing automatic arrest and jail time and fines for any public employee of any governmental body or subdivision or lawyer acting in their behalf, for any obstruction to the prompt release of any reasonable information in no more than two weeks from the date of the request. All persons involved in any obstruction should be automatically jailed for one year and fined $1000 per day. Continued below:

  71. Winnie,you can't fool anyone with that blizzard of bullshit.
    No need for any special skills to read the FDNY testimonies and learn that it's a slam dunk case:your Sacred Tower 7 fell from the impacts and fires that could not be fought.The building slowly weakened,so much that it was obvious it would fall and they created a perimeter ("pulled" back for you doofuses).This so easy to figure out that it's a wonder you can get the next sock on.
    Unless you actually think the FDNY is in on the coverup.At That point you need to hand in your pup tent and resign from the Boy Scouts because you'll be dead from a snake bite within a fortnight.
    According to your logic,that pud in your hand is a bag of raisins.

    Who on Earth is "Steve",Senor Crazy Armenian?


  72. Fetzer Does His Best, But It's So Tragically Little And Late In The Game

    Yes Fetzer is not un-deserving of some credit. I'm not so sure he deliberately adds dis-info, but he certainly FAILS to do the full job philosophically, which is what he has degree in and is supposed to knowing something about.

    For WHAT is the very essence of the philosophic's job and functioning?–to place things in context/perspective, as for genera and differentia, which Fetzer fails to do, as Sandy hoax, 9/11, and JFK assassinations are all specific instances falling under a veritable criminal regime and era of central-banking which central-banking Fetzer ignores and overlooks–how?–why?–it's nothing less than amazing and baffling.

    Fetzer never hrd of Christian philosophy or philosophic implications of Christian literature, New Test.

    And Fetzer seems to be speechless in face of overt, in-ur-face, blatant SATANISM (extreme subjectivism) which we have evermore being pushed in our faces as especially in "hip-hop" music–absolutely un-precedented in Western history. Fetzer gives no commentary for this satanism which is nothing less than revolutionary if not frightening.

    So Fetzer does well as journalist and analyst, which analysis surely requires some philosophic/scientific art and skill, no doubt, but still Fetzer fails significantly for proper demonstration and application of his supposed speciality in philosophy.

    For Fetzer seems to be quite PARALYZED in face of the Judaic Regime which has Fetzer so well-trained for such passive obeisance–it's inconceivable Fetzer would even imagine to offending his Jew-masters–perish the thought.

    And to think Fetzer was instructing students, surely thousands and thousands, for so many yrs in public institute(s) of edjumacation, should say something about our present culture in general, now so horribly, miserably blind-sided by these filthy, stinking satanic scum bringing-in "world gov." and "agenda-21" de-population (genocide)–it's enough to make a good citizen cry.

    But such is "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, demonstrating once again that grim truth taught by those wise old Greeks about human TRAGEDY–life sucks, for sure, and we've only found-out part of it yet, as US Dollar and economy continue to collapse horrendously and most definitively. Lord save us; we need another St. Constantine the Great to revive and resuscitate the culture melting-down and dribbling into the sewer.

  73. U're a brainless, bald-faced, lying liar who lies like the filthiest chutzpah-filled kike, and u probably are a kike, too, eh? Rockwell ( is strict AUSTRIAN promoter of "hard-money"–commodity-based, hence gold/silver, as are all the Austrians at (Mises Inst.).

    G.E. Griffin ( is extremely accomplished intellectual and researcher as anyone can see by his numerous ref.s given in his magnificent work, "The Creature From Jekyll Island," Griffin an accomplished author of many other works too.

    So much for u, scummy, lying filth.

  74. There are other companies who print and publish books…..

    Rockwell and Griffin are ones of those 19-out-of-20 in the conspiracy industry who are working on the wrong side; as Jim Fetzer found it out about the conspiracy industry the hard way.
    Rockwell is a realigious promoter of paper money based on non-existent reserve; Griffin is a two-big bag who has never seen the inside of the library, his only claim to fame is regurgitating what he read in Eustace Mullins' book.

    The best U.S. history is the Record of Congress from 1811 to 1895; learned Representatives and Senators gave 1-hour lectures on every side of money, banking, currency; I double dare any of ye to walk inside a nearby library and read……

    tid-bit:– Representative Charles Lindbergh, on September 18, 1913, voted YES to the Glass bill which in December of that year became the Fed Res Act….

  75. apsterian- You shouldn't degrade yourself by making salacious remarks meant to inflame retaliation. How sad ;-( Do you own a weapon stash like Dr. Fetzer has? Do you know how to make bombs? Dr. Fetzer could use your services for his tin soldier army to overthrow the U S government.

  76. "Coward" or not, only proper question is whether what I say is founded in reason and facts, and people can judge for themselves here and on the other comments pages. Anyone can easily see u're scum, shit-for-brains, ho ho ho ho

  77. Goldstein, u're a moron, once again, eh? There's no evidence anyone died–which is what we need for evidence of lies of ZOG (a). And (b) there's excellent evidence of lies, lying, fraud, malfeasance, etc. on part of the various "players," and officials at the scene. (c) Further, there've actually been some extremely questionable "disappearances" too. So overall evidence is u're lying, Goldstein, u scum.

  78. Some people like to argue about their opinions of their ideas of theories of speculation of opinions of views but there is no evidence that “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook.” Even Dr. Fetzer knows this. The “tell” was Dr. Fetzer’s and Mr. Halbig’s meeting in front of the Sandy Hook School Board. Dr. Fetzer, in front of the School Board, did not say “nobody died,” but the contrary. Dr. Fetzer acknowledged that people died at the Sandy Hook shooting event. Again, this was in front of the school board. So it appears that Dr. Fetzer doesn’t want to be charged with “defrauding the government” by lying in front of the School Board. But on Dr. Fetzer’s radio show and other “entertainment” shows, Dr. Fetzer claims that nobody died. So the evidence reveals that Dr. Fetzer knows it is a federal crime to defraud the government.

    3:44 to 6:03

  79. If I'm brainless, why didn't you find what I found before me? We've all seen the previous blog with your psuedo-intellectual dribble. But we haven't seen facts or reason, And pretending you know what Darwin Homer and Machiavelli wrote, doesn't make the grade. DENNIS CHAMBERLAIN Tell us the colour of your hair and your Christian name? You still won't face me whatever twaddle you come up with. You are the coward, scared to show your face, name and voice. Facts are facts Apsterian. Allan Powell

  80. Christian Philosophic Revival Necessary For Human Survival Against satanism

    Why's it so sad?–life sucks–Greek tragedy, u know. Life is war, according to Homer, Machiavelli, Hobbes, Darwin, and many other of wisest thinkers. Humans are sinners by their stinking nature.

    Thus humans get over-populated, suffer hubris, insisting they have perfectly "free" wills, capable of "good," ho ho ho ho–as if they'll be able to demand of God a place in heaven–like the Pharisees, ho ho ho ho

    So some of the scummy puke have to DIE, eh?–such is the way of life–it happens to giraffes, wildebeests, zebras, and elephants. We humans are now well within "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, and it could get lots worse if serious warfare breaks out.

    For what reigns now?–absolute satanism, and this explicit satanism is openly displayed in "hip-hop" music vids–this putrid satanism in-ur-face absolutely un-precedented in human history, at least in the West–how did that happen? Do u think legitimizing Jews fm French Rev. had something to do with it all?

    Sure, this stinking satanism is practiced overtly by some, but merely accepted rather un-consciously by many others–like the stupid, scummy "Judeo-Christian" (JC–see and for expo) hereticalists and traitors who support terror-state of Israel, thinking this is what Bible teaches, the dumb, brainless puke.

    So anyway, over-populated puke have got to be wiped-out, eh?–and it will come to these stupid scum here in Jew S A too, never doubt, US Dollar about to collapse completely, soon, soon–then there'll be starvation and probably war, as the master-minds will need to make get-away, keeping the goons distracted and occupied picking through the garbage to find something to eat.

    Of course, I don't say Jews are original cause of it all, this general corruption, hubris, and decadence, but they certainly do enjoy it, and dominate the corruption once it's spread like a disease among the stupid goyim.

    For satanism is basically subjectivism by which the subject makes himself into God, beginning w. idea that consciousness/mentality is source/origin of reality–which begins in way of moralism/Pharisaism, pretending to non-existent, fallacious/hereticalist "good-evil."

    Jews, being COLLECTIVISTIC subjectivists thus naturally dominate over the more individualist subjectivists among stupid gentiles, Jews most organized, "connected," even though stupid gentiles far out-number kike filth–at least at first, before the great dying-off begins, ho ho ho ho

    But don't forget the great Christian revolution of early 4th cent. led by St. Constantine the Great, reviving, at least briefly, the otherwise moribund Roman emp. of the time–that's what I pray for and work for, much as I can.

    Meantime, how can people unite and begin to act in more successful defense and resistance?–it has to happen w. the growing success of the putrid, horrific satanism, removing worst of weaklings, impressing the remnant of survivors, the fear itself giving motivation for unity, even if only at first against a negative–against satanism, gradually learning to agree upon basic Christian principles, like worship of TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) above all against Jew lies (JOHN 8:44), truth requiring the (God-given) objective reality as necessary premise/basis for such truth, etc.

    Thus, built upon basic Christian principles, truth founded upon objectivity, we'll gradually learn to further agree upon US Constitution, rule-of-law, 10th Amendment states-rights, nullification, secession, primacy of local gov., and necessity of "hard-money," commodity-based, hence gold/silver, etc.

  81. Everything is a lie, so somethings I say just by chance are not true? You're sounding overcooked again, come on the Fetzer show, let's see you and let other people judge for themselves what you are about rather than you judge for them ? No point in asking, you're too full of fear. Anyone can talk the way you do watch

    "You had some Jew stick his schlong in your mouth when you were young? That what it's all about? That scare the little man did it? tell me, I can listen, I can listen all day, you can see that. I can listen for hours. I can be waiting for you every time you come on youtube so I can speak to you and we can talk about the Jew kike scum women and what you're gong to do to them, all that stuff. I got time to kill and I love to hear you talk. Tell me, I don't mind listening."

    See anyone even a dumb prat like me. The real test of what you are will be to face me, which you can't and won't Allan Powell

  82. What's sad is everyone is waking up now and believing/knowing some of these false flags are real, but still so few to talk about it out loud. The media has become a joke. I myself know that mainstream media is for political agendas and entertainment purposes only. Alternative news is where you go for real news. Fetzer and the others involved to expose these truths are the true Heroes!! It's something few dare to do.

  83. Indeed, what kind of a stupid moron chortles over a book being banned and suppressed?–the dipshit not realizing, evidently, ZOG is scared shitless of the info within–that being the reason for the suppression. What an idiot–psycho and perverted too, dwelling upon the burning of a book for at least a min or two. Ho hoh o ho

  84. I have a question for Jim or anyone else: What happened to William Shanley and where is he today? He seems to be the only person in the State of Connecticut who was indignant about all this hocus pocus by the many liars and cheaters of this massive fraud. I have heard reports he was in jail What are the charges, is anyone aiding him? Since there are no coincidences in this field, I assume he is in jail as a result of his efforts to expose Shannon HIcks. So far as I can tell, Mr. Shanley is a hero. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.
    D., Physics And PS: Aside from the three or so lawyers involved now, with Jim, Wolf and the book, where is the indignation of the millions of lawyers in the country about all this law breaking by government? Their silence is absolutely unbelievable. Wouldn't you think they would be beating Jim's door down to correct this rape of America by government, aided and abetted by silent cowardly citizens? How about it you many gutless "officers of the court"? Has the cat got your tongues? Why not set aside your selfish interests just this one time and take a few minutes to think about how you can do something to save your country for a change?

  85. It is now a free download, so just like honr's false copyright claims making all We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook and researchers other videos go viral, having the opposite effect of what honr was attempting to do, you are now going to have to deal with how this book will be seen by EVEN MORE people. Enjoy your book burning, now, but it is too late…its out there and you helped : ) You or you cohort had to buy a copy, too, so you/he could burn it in the video link you posted. Do you realize how you/he looks burning books and suppressing free speech? And you posted a link to it, too! And you think people who believe it is a hoax are not bright, LOLOLOL

  86. Essentially, basically, EVERYTHING u say is part of ur general lying like typical Jew-lover u hold urself to be by ur own admission. I said Jews must die-out, history recording victory of humanity over these Talmudical monsters, etc. Otherwise, u must grasp u're not worth too much effort on my part for rebuttals, ho ho ho ho ho

  87. Fetzer fails exactly as I've pt'd out several times in these comments pages and previous blogs, stupid scum. Perhaps his worst failure is having a lying, brainless moron like u on his show, eh? Ho ho ho ho ho. I guess this short but extensive rejoinder sufficiently covers ur idiot pt.s, such as they are, ho ho ho ho

  88. How does Jim fail? He's the one who reaches thousand of people. He the one who puts out a show on Talmudic Jewish superiority concepts. I don't see you having done that anywhere. Your braggadocio is hollow,you need a rethink,. Here's how it is: you are not the only one who understands the problem. In fact on this blog post you have three people if not more agreeing with you. You sound like you just can't take yes for an answer. The benefit you can do both for yourself and anyone else is to not be like an adolescent with his bb gun taken away. You judge who fails? How has JF failed to expose the same problem you rant about? Ever thought that ranting isn't the way to go? I say there are too many Israeli foreign nationals in the USA government. You say kill the Jew kike scum. Which do you think carries more incentive to consider? Use your nous instead of ranting like a nutjob. If all Jews subscribe to the basics of the Talmud, all must be prejudiced against all other ideologies? Correct ? Has to be. Prove that quietly and reasonably and you control the field. Rant like a loon and people just turn around and walk away. The choice is yours. I've tried and I won't be putting any more energy into convincing you. Cheers Allan Powell

  89. Continued from above:
    Second, they fear, that because they perceive a large majority of the media and general population are sympathetic to the claims of the official report and explanation of this event, and “grieving victims”, not to mention the other controversial issues some of these investigators took on like the Holocaust or death of JFK or others, which anyone, scientist or no, has every right to question, they would lose some personal prestige or benefit or even have their own reputations tarnished by any association with these very courageous writers and investigators should they publicly associate with them even if these authors are 100% correct in their claims. Most of them have not read the book or likely even given a moment’s thought about any of the issues at hand either. In other words, we have a large group of so called “scientists” in America who are in fact not scientists at all, but little more than ignorant gutless prejudiced cowards not unlike the ignorant prejudiced priests and bishops of the Catholic Church centuries ago. Their minds are not open to ideas and evidence and facts, but closed to them. The promoters of certain agendas, which may be based on totally false information, also seek to intimidate anyone from questioning or scientifically investigating their claims via this insidious form of humiliation by isolation and persona non grata guilt. In this way, lies can live forever after without any contradictory evidence seeing the light of day or the light of truth. America has degenerated to a house of ill repute. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  90. In the so called “land of the free and home of the brave”, America today, those who have the courage and intelligence to question official dogma are no longer burned at the stake, as the world’s greatest physicist nearly was by the ignorant Catholic Church centuries ago, but today they are subjected to a form of isolation torture where they are made out by corrupt media and cowardly secret hidden government officials to be persona non grata to the brainwashed population mob of mostly ignorant or cowardly duped fools or others with conflicts of interest. Where are all those thousands of “scientists” in America and why aren’t they on here publicly supporting professors Tracy and Fetzer and Mr. Mike Palecek and other courageous authors of this book? There are two basic answers why: First, many of these so called “scientists” are little more than whores doing anything for government money. Even if they personally believe these authors are correct in their claims, they fear they would lose money or prestige, or future favors from government or other government allies should they stick their necks out and support them. In other words conflicts of interest got in the way of the truth for them. Are they really scientists at all? Continued below:

  91. Fetzer: I know what I'm doing perfectly well, I judge–u're one who fails, as I've pt'd out, problem not merely "zionism" and/or Israel, as if there are "good" Jews like there are good psychopaths, etc., as I've noted.

  92. New Christian-Led Revolution In Face Of Gross satanism Evermore Possible, Feasible

    Thanks much for ur kind words. We gentiles and Christians are presently faced w. amazing, blatant, in-ur-face eruption of out-and-out satanism, esp. in way of "hip-hop" music, just for one thing, aside fm all the other areas and sectors of the culture, absolutely un-precedented in history for such explicit satanism, the people's traditional Christianity having served as bulwark against such gross satanism in the past, but no more.

    For establishment Christian churches are now all sold-out to u-know-who. Regardless, Christian and gentile volk can at least agree and rally against an undeniable NEGATIVE, this horrific satanism now rampant and raging. And it's amazing the psychopaths at top imagined they could get-away w. (a) funding, training, arming, supplying ISIS, (b) causing refugee flood, (c) for purpose of invading nation-states and bringing-in Jew world order and World gov. It all then rather goes to show how Jew neo-cons and Israeli "rightists" work so willingly w. leftist Jews behind United Nations world dictatorship.

    Thus the Christian and gentile people rallying AGAINST this satanism led by Jews can at least agree upon Christian ideal of TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) founded necessarily upon God-given objective reality against satanic subjectivism, the basis for Jew lies (JOHN 8:44).

    Otherwise, Americans see better now virtue of states-rights and 10th Amendment of US Constitution, nullification, secession, and necessity of hard-money, commodity-based, these natural, easily understood remedies against evermore satanic ZOG.

    And never forget the original Christian-inspired revolution led by St. Constantine the Great, early 4th cent. which revived and resuscitated, at least briefly, the otherwise moribund Roman emp. of the time.

  93. Dennis Cimino asked me to post this for him:

    Well, Apsterian, I have to hand it to you, you summed it up better than I could have. Most morons who think these hapless jooz are affable laughable boobs who only seek to entertain us goyim, are deluded and in-fact, in such DENIAL about what is really going on, that as I told Jim Fetzer today on the phone, this gig in France was to usher in a 'global' MARTIAL LAW declaration by all of the jooo puppet governments except Russia, India, Pakistan and maybe China perhaps.

    All of the rest work for these filthy BAUER scum who think they are a red shield. In fact, they're a red blob of dying brain and lung protoplasm blasted out by bolshevik khazarian filth who eat children for breakfast and gloat about their 'humanity' as they listen to N.P.R. (national purim radio).

    Apsterian, don't expect these jackasses to get a clue. They're too busy deluding themselves that singing cumbaya and having 'Co-exist' bumper stickers will keep them safe in their bubble as the jooz exterminate all life on the planet in their quest for the almighty shekel grub.

    Most goyim are morons. They haven't taken the time to look at the real translated speeches given by Adolph Hitler, or for that matter, by Charles
    Lindbergh, or Louis T. McFadden, or one enlightened catholic clergyman, father Francis Coughlin, all tried to warn the populations of every nation about the nature of this scum we call 'jew' when in fact, it should be called 'neanderthalian throwback' more than anything, from the 12 centuries of inbreeding, essentially freezing evolution in their sick tribe.

    Mileikowski has a warrant out for his polack ass, as does his turd FM, from of all people, a spaniard judge.there is a glimmer of hope, Apsterian. just not enough to save humankind from the hubris of these filthy khazarian scum. it's way too late for that, I'm afraid.

    Good post, my friend. Your exemplary summary judgment here is very hard to upstage.

  94. currently broke but as soon as i can I want to send a contribution to the Author. Someone start a go fund me page.

    In fact whenever the satanic elements try to starve out the good intentions of our fellow humans, a special go fundme site can be run against the zionistaswhen they bare their ugly teeth and remove the livelihood of such people

  95. Continued from above:
    This is not about privacy. This is about concealing unethical, improper or possibly even illegal or patently criminal conduct, all conducted behind closed doors, protected by the full military force and power of government, with its numerous guns and weapons pointed directly at anyone who seeks to expose this hidden corruption, and which obviously do a good job of preventing or obstructing or obfuscating what the real truth or facts of a given situation really, in reality are, while preventing all those cowards protected by this tyranny, from embarrassment. These are the real reasons for secrecy anywhere in our many institutions. These are the failures of democracy. These are why most ordinary citizens are easily fooled because of the high bar provided by the full military force and power of government to prevent its true actions and machinations and evil plotting, all hidden behind closed doors, to be known to all citizens and taxpayers. While some of the sham votes of elected bodies are made in public, the deliberations before those votes are partly largely secret; for example, telephone conversations with vested interests, cronies and friends pushing one view over others which are not in the loop. The biggest massive public lie is that we have an open system of government because the fact of the matter is that every government at every level in our country is little different than the former Nazi, Germany or the former Soviet Union; namely publicly open but defacto closed in essential details. All we learned from them is how to copy their insidious, evil example of the gang rape of their populations brought to our shores from across the seven seas. And as recent events demonstrate, things and events are moving in the direction of WORSE, not BETTER. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  96. Continued from above:
    . Suppose our high school and college classes were taught by teachers and professors with white hoods and masks covering their faces so they could not be identified. Suppose you did not know any of their true identities. Whenever you went to his or her office, they would put the mask on while talking to you. They would wear a mask at all times at work so no one could identify them. What would you think about this? Would you regard this as an open, honest, ethical intellectual environment to discover new knowledge, truth and understanding? You could not even prove that the same person you talked to one day was the same person you talked to another day. However, while our so called institutions of “higher” learning have not degenerated to this low level yet, many other aspects of their operations are hidden and operate in abject secrecy. For example, all department meetings are secret; public not invited. All promotion decisions of faculty are secret; public not invited. All administrator meetings, from president on down, secret, public not invited. All telephone conversations of administrators and faculty all secret, preventing any conflicts of interest to remain unexposed and unprovable. And on and on and on. So, there is little difference in the way most of our so called institutions of higher education operate and the way the corrupt authorities in Sandy Hook and Connecticut operate is there? When no one is identified, no one can be held responsible for anything or any decision or action good or bad. Secrecy is insidious. It allows normally responsible and good people, to have a dark side, and do things or make decisions which would likely be severely criticized should they be exposed to the light of truth and the light of day. Continued below:

  97. Here is something to think about: The overriding theme of the book and numerous articles by Dr. Fetzer and Dr. Tracy and many others about the events at Sandy Hook December 14, 2012, revolve around a single word: secrecy. Most of the “official” report is redacted. The Newtown school board and its lawyer have refused to voluntarily cooperate with the open records law of Connecticut and cooperatively, quickly and without obstruction or obfuscation, provide simple public information about facts of the school and its decisions. The so called, autopsy reports, if they exist at all, are incomplete and generally not available to the public. No death certificates. No published crime scene pictures showing bullet hole filled walls or blood splattered floors or dead or injured bodies inside the school. Names of victims secret. Funerals secret. Mum is the word in Connecticut. Even the wrecking crew secret with lifetime criminal threats by government. Even if a good, honest reporter, among the tiny few left, sought to talk to the “grieving” families today, some three years later, about facts and events that day, they would likely be arrested by the corrupt authorities in Connecticut on trumped up charges. All secrecy does is make it very difficult to discover the actual truth of what happened that day. It creates confusion and ambiguity and uncertainty in the investigation which plays right into the hands of those who seek to fool a gullible population of what actually transpired that day rather than what is reported to have happened by the lying propaganda entertainment media operated and owned mostly by the Hollywood Perverts. Continued below:

  98. Winfield, u ignorant old scum, KKK were heroes and patriots of the South when whites were deprived of the vote and right to hold office, lorded-over and terrorized by ignorant, black former slaves, scalawag traitors and carpet-bagger invaders, get it? U'RE THE COWARD, lying scum.

  99. "Stevie,' The "Neuro-Scientist" Back Again

    Ho ho ho–this is "Steve" the "neuro-scientist," fm previous blog comments, once again, no doubt, w. more brainless dis-info lies: (a) FDNY simply provides testimony about the actual facts involving fires and explosion "impacts," not otherwise competent to conclude what brought-down WTC 7 bldg. (b) And extensive analysis indicates it was indeed Oswald in the doorway, not Lovelace. (c) And regarding McCartney, however talented, it's mere matter of assessing facts and arguments which, we see once again, paid liar, "Steve" the neuro-scientist has none, ho ho ho ho. Better luck next time, "stevie," ho ho ho

  100. I recently penned a review regarding Prof. Nicholas Kollerstrom book on the Holocaust Hoax.
    I went into great detail about numbers, time to burn bodies etc. And Amazon pulled it.
    I was completely civil and just stated the facts.
    Censorship disgusts me.

  101. "What is going on here" is the application of the rules of logic, science and reason to reach the closest approximation of what we believe to be "truth". Unfortunately, most Americans are easily fooled and believe everything they are told, hook, line and sinker, every day by the Hollywood Perverts and lying propaganda media, all owned by a handful of large corporations. If the above poster has never developed critical thinking abilities, he or she will be easily duped and fooled. Everyone is free to believe anything they want no matter who said it. If you want to believe that objects fall up instead of down, you are free to so believe. If you want to believe that A is not A, you are free to so believe. But violate the laws of physics at your peril. And violate the laws of logic, science, and reason also at your peril. At bottom, worthless anonymous comments like that one above simply reflect the ignorance of our population which is a reflection of the dismal failure of our educational system for many decades. The above poster likely received straight A's in some worthless college promoting grade inflation. But observe that professor Fetzer did not delete or censor his or her worthless comment on this site provided by professor Fetzer, as Amazon.Com has suppressed and censored the book on a site ostensibly devoted to the free exchange of ideas. This is all a shameful disgrace.
    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  102. Every reader should observe that there is no, zero, verifiable information in this comment to confirm his or her attack on professor Dr. James H. Fetzer, Ph.D. The poster does not reveal his true identity and therefore hides behind a virtual mask just like members of the KKK did when terrorizing people with white hoods over their faces. This poster is a coward who is making an ad hominem attack which seeks to divert attention from the very serious issues of book and idea censorship by a very company which seeks to convey the image that it is for open dissemination of ideas, onto the messenger. But everyone should observe that professor Fetzer did not delete this worthless comment despite its improper and cowardly and false nature as did Amazon.Com with the book: "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook".
    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  103. Apsterian, Here's what I am asking you to do: Put more of the references you have here to inform people. Don't use all that kikey Jew loving scum stuff. Just put it here in simple narrative, the stuff about the Talmud and the Federal Reserve, the Mises Institute and what it's principles are, there's got to be some Hayek in there too, do your best to inform people as I know you can without lording it or bad mouthing. I am asking you in extreme earnest to do this please? And bear in mind that Jim is no Zionist apologist and that we are very unlikely to get this message out elsewhere. Cheers Allan Powell

  104. Maybe they were trying to save impressionable minds from more Fetzer disinfo.
    If Fetzer was a baseball player he'd be designated for assignment and never heard from again except as the punch line to a joke about hapless Major Leaguers.
    The only real question is who pays this nut to do what he does.

  105. Considering that Uncle Fetzer thinks the Beatles replaced a deceased Paul McCartney with a doppelganger who had the same great musical talents (d'oh!) and that Uncle Lee Harvey was standing in the doorway of the Texas School Book Depository (Lee himself said he was in a lunchroom,and the photo No-Neck James cites was clearly Lovelace) and blithely ignores miles of testimony from the FDNY that fires and impacts brought down his Sacred Tower 7,how on the Planet Earth can anyone except the mentally deranged take a word of this veteran disinfo charlatan seriously?

    What is going on here?

  106. Mr. Fetzer, I sent the following e-mail to Amazon today.
    "After reading a lot about "Nobody Died At Sandy Hook," by Jim Fetzer and others, I want to buy a copy. You've have had it for sale, as I've seen the book offered in the recent past. Now when I want to get the book you're not offering it. Why's that? Surely Amazon's not censoring books – or are you? I'd be saddened, and you should be ashamed, if you are. Would you offer "Nobody Died At Sandy Hook" for sale again. I like buying on Amazon, as you can tell from scores or hundreds of my orders over the years. – Ed Perkins."

  107. And download a copy for Jason Chaffetz, he's the Chairman of the Committee on Government Oversight and Reform.Send him a copy. That committee looks at the actions of Federal agencies. It should look at the actions of DHS FEMA, NCS, FBI, DEA, ATF all at the same "massacre" within thirty minutes? Twenty government agencies in all involved in the SH incident? You can't even get a police car response within ten minutes in most cases. And the straight forward statement that DHS out the check-in sign there. How were they there? For a criminal incident? How is that about national security? National Clandestine Service. Examine the use of those words to describe a government agency. Get yourself a dictionary. Understand those words. It's a NATIONAL agency involved in National matters. Fooling the American people and funded by the American people. You are paying money to a government agency to allow it to hoodwink you. Please do wake up people. Allan Powell

  108. Continued from above:
    He denied my request to publish it in the classified ads at my expense. When I sought to discuss his decision, made without explanation, he ordered me out of the building and threatened to call the police on me. This was about 16 years ago. This is the state of your “local friendly community newspaper” in America today. Except today it is orders of magnitude worse. Here is a challenge to any reader: Next time you see a billboard sign with an advertisement promoting say mammography on one side by the American Cancer Society, and some other advertisement on the other half of the billboard sign, call the company and ask them if they will sell you the space next to the American Cancer Society ad for the purpose of criticizing the American Cancer Society. I guarantee the only way you would be able to accomplish this feat would be to buy the billboard sign company. And then, if you do, you will discover that the American Cancer Society likely had a clause in their contract prohibiting the rental of the adjacent sign space for the purpose of criticizing them. In my opinion, based on considerable research by experts, the American Cancer Society is the biggest sympathy charity racket in the country and should be shut down by the Attorney General of the U.S. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  109. Yesterday evening the Amazon website suddenly, and without notice, erased all the reviews and comments from this book, increased the price about three times the available price of about $15.00, and did not even present it first when typed in the search engine. It was obvious to me then that some powerful forces had gotten to the owners and controllers of Amazon. It was clear they were going to kill this book from their shelves and stop any promotion of it. The rather liberal acceptance of positive reviews of it had surprised me. Professor Fetzer had published a number of articles at VT dealing with many of the same issues of Sandy Hook earlier. I believe, but cannot prove, his firing and subsequent removal of his articles from their archives was due to similar powerful censors, or others, possibly threatening that venue with some sort of action. All that hot air about Jade Helm was likely a smokescreen. After all, Jim was probably their best writer. Why would they fire him in that sudden way just like Amazon treated him yesterday? Many years ago, when I sought to criticize the powerful American Cancer Society on Amazon, my reviews would be deleted without comment or explanation. Even the local newspaper would refuse to publish a letter criticizing this organization. I once even sought to submit a criticism of it as a classified ad which I offered to pay for. I presented the ad to a friendly clerk at the window of the multi million dollar Taj Mahal newspaper office, and as soon as she looked at it her expression suddenly changed from a smile to a serious frown. She excused herself and I knew where she was going. She went upstairs to the office of the local manager in charge of this local newspaper, owned by a large corporation. Continued Below:

  110. Follow the following steps if you desire a free copy of the 426 page book “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook” by James H. Fetzer, Ph.D. et al.
    Scroll down until you see the words: “Prof. James Fetzer’s KNOCKOUT book ‘Nobody Died at Sandy Hook’ Is Now Available for Free Reading.” “Click Here to Begin Reading and Prepare to be Stunned.”
    426 pages. Pdf file. You can download it on a flash drive.
    If you want to read this book you are urged to download it to a flash drive as soon as possible. Powerful forces are in a deliberate effort to censor this book. This book could vanish at any instant. If you want to read about the events at Amazon.Com which led to the decision to provide this book to everyone in the world for free, read the article by professor Dr. James H. Fetzer, Ph.D. here entitled:
    November 20, 2015
    “Debunking the Sandy Hook Debunkers: #5 suppressed NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK”
    by Jim Fetzer

    The above statement was posted by Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics, Athens, Georgia
    Please distribute as widely and quickly as possible.
    The above statement was sent to a number of my friends and also posted in the Atlanta, GA TOPIX forum, I urge every concerned citizen her to do the same in different forums.

  111. America (and Humanity) are not quite dead, yet – but are certainly in the DEADLY EMBRACE of the humanoid, ALIEN HYBRIDS, aka the MATRIX! We are witnessing the FINAL (VIOLENT) ACTS of the ALIEN THEATER OF THE ABSURD – including the most recent Paris "Massacre". ALL major Governments (including Russia's) are "IN ON IT"! SEE! for more – A LOT MORE!

  112. Mr Flagg. I have invited you to record a show with Jim and I, ( I'm sure he's agree) You can tell us all how we are wrong. You see what we do is to put our minds, identities, personalities and thought out online for all to see, we stand behind what we say with our identities. Now an identity is something you as a poster here must have or there is no need to even consider what you say as either being correct or influential in any way. I seem to do a lot of offering to speak to people and interview them. Only one bewbmike, has agreed. But again we have a tag and no real name. Now if he does turn up for the interview, he will have to use his own voice and show his own face. We will see what transpires. But you Mr Flagg do not respond either to agree to appear or not. Why then would anyone take you even remotely seriously? Allan Powell

  113. We are in a fight for our lives now. The rule of law is breaking down as we speak. Supreme Court? Now making their own laws.

    Clad the cause of these events as you wish, you'll be at least partially correct. If there is a group of people in this world ready, willing, and able to pull this off, we all know who comprises that group.

    Jim Fetzer's book disaster is no different than Holder's blatant refutation of Fast and Furious. Absolutely total corruption infests this nation. Rats jumping off a sinking ship describes our current plight.

    We've got to hang tough. Very tough. Or else……


    So I knew that the department of ed. for the state of Connecticut and the district that Sandy Hook Elementary was in would have that data out there. (There were even press releases in our area when scores came out so all the public could see how the county and state were progressing to the goals. Annual reports were sent out to families. Schools were rewarded with funds, it was big!) I found a link to it a day after the event, at

    Strangely though, the test scores and population breakdown for Sandy Hook was last reported in 2008. Then I thought how strange it doesn't have the most recent which would have been 2011. Scores and data are put out over the summer months so that you can tailor the next year to meet the goals for the next testing year. On that day, looking at it perplexed me, but after three days of thinking about it, it really started bothering me so I went back to look, again. It was gone…the link was gone to Sandy Hook's test data for 2008 at To see a link just get scrubbed from the internet like that in a few days, really bothered me about the whole event and why would they do that?)

    I heard about this book the other day in a radio interview and I couldn't wait to get a copy. Absolutely fascinating and well-documented research on the subject. As I am reading it, questions I have had about events that day are finally making some logical sense! Unfortunately, it is also so very disturbing to me and saddens me, being and educator of small children over all these years, that children could have been exploited in that way to push political agenda. To me, such a sad commentary on where our country is headed. Just so, so, disgusting and now I have lost all trust and faith in our government, media and what they push out front and center as big issues for our country.

    I look out at those innocent faces each day that I teach and think what world are we leaving these kids? What lesson are we teaching these kids? Let's get it back to where it is a government and media that work for the people, NOT the other way around. What has happened to moral compass of our country? When did seeking the truth become such a horrible thing? The corruption is growing so rapidly, infiltrating everything!


  115. Jim, I posted many replies and review on amazon to the book and the shills, I did save this one which I had luckily cut and pasted.

    By SchoolTeacher

    This review is from: Nobody Died At Sandy Hook: It wasn't a School Massacre. It was a FEMA drill. (Moon Rock Books) (Volume 3) (Paperback)

    I have been an elementary public school teacher for over 30 years and I knew the next day, (I was teaching first graders the day of the event), watching the media running video of the day before, that something was terribly wrong with this story. We practice lockdown drills, as is mandated by our state, six times a year since 9/11 and the DC Snipper incidents, and that school was NOT in lockdown that day from the videos being shown on the major networks. That got me questioning why they would keep claiming that on the press releases put out on the news of footage of the school that there were window blinds up in places and windows open as you watched the SWAT TEAMS circle the building and going over the roof.

    As the stories of survivors came out such as Kaitlin Roig's, I began having more questions. My school was very similar in size and construction of that school and the classroom bathroom on my classroom has two toilets with a curtain in between and there is no way I could have fit my class into that tiny bathroom as she was claiming with a door that opened inward. So I began doing some research to see similarities between Sandy Hook Elementary and the school I was teaching in at the time.

    Because of first, Bush's No Child Left Behind and then Obama's tag on to that, Race to the Top, public schools had to have some sort of state testing and reporting to the state and federal government to be in compliance with those programs to receive government funds. It was a huge push in public schools at the time…all about receiving that money handed out by the feds. So I knew there were scores out there and break down of population of school by things such as ethnic background, those on free and reduced lunch, special needs, etc., and tracking of test scores to show how a class, a school, a county and the overall state was progressing and improving student population performance and growth.

    (part 2 cont'd below, they limit space)