Debunking the Sandy Hook Debunkers: #4 INSIDE EDITION does a hit piece

by Jim Fetzer

This afternoon, I received a request from Alison Hall with INSIDE EDITION (ABC daily, early evening in most cities). She said they were doing a story about NURTURING AND HEALING (2014) by Scarlett Lewis, one of the purported parents of a child, Jesse Lewis, whom the “official reports” allege to have been killed by Adam Lanza. Apparently, they noticed that advertises NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK (2015) on the same page as Scarlett’s book, which led them to contact me to discuss what we had found.

That sounded fine to me, since it meant that we are beginning to break through the curtain of silence that has been imposed by the media on NOBODY DIED. A media expert, for example, sent a detailed introduction to the book to 1,500 venues across the country, which invited them to contact me for an interview. When he asked me recently, “How many inquiries have you had?”, I had to admit that the number was “Zero!” So this looked like it might be an exception to the rule. I would soon discover how wrong I had been.

Correspondence with Alison

Alison had actually already reached me by phone before I saw her email inquiry. Giving it some thought, I supposed it would be appropriate for me to send her some of the photos we have acquired along the way, in case they might want to use them. The book’s cover was the first that I attached, but I also featured Exhibit 26, which is classic, Shannon Hicks’ “iconic” photograph, the second Shannon Hicks’ photo and a close up of parents in the background, lounging at the massacre, about which I had published my latest blog:

I thought adding the Nancy Lanza bedroom photo was a nice touch, as though I had not already sent enough because, for those who are serious students of Sandy Hook, these are among the strongest proofs we have that it was staged and not real. Because Alison had mentioned the Scarlett Lewis book, I thought that I would send along a photograph of Neil Lewis, Jesse’s father, testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee, which I (mistakenly, it turned out) might be of interest to INSIDE EDITION:

That was an astute observation by Sofia Smallstorm, which might have made a different had INSIDE EDITION wanted to learn about our research rather than debunk it. As I was about to discover, they had no interest in what we had discovered except to trivialize and belittle it. How far they go by way of editing what I had to say will only become apparent when they broadcast the show.

The “hit piece” interview

It was not Alison who would interview me, but a fellow who did not even bother to tell me his name. He asked about me, so I told him I was McKnight Professor Emeritus on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota. And, before we began, I added that I am a former Marine Corps officer. Whether any of that will be included, we will have to see. As I recall, the exchange (which ran about 15 minutes) went more-or-less as follows:

Q: So why are you attacking these families who lost their children at Sandy Hook?

A: Nobody died at Sandy Hook. There are contributions from 12 experts on Sandy Hook, including six (current or retired) professors with Ph.D.s. The families made out like bandits, where each of them has received more than $1,000,000 in donations.

Q: Who cares about Ph.D.s. What gives you the right to intrude upon their grief? 

A: And the school district received $50,000,000 to rebuild a school, where the average cost of a K-4 school across the country is only $7,000,000. They received 7 times that.

Q: We have been to their homes. We have seen the funerals. They experienced real grief.

A: They were closed-casket and we have no proof that anyone died. We have a mountain of evidence in a 425-page book, which is thorough, detailed and copiously documented.

Q: What about the photograph of the children being evacuated from the school? What is your complaint about that?

A: There is a second photograph, which shows parents were present at the time. And in the second photograph, the kids have been rearranged. In one, the first child is a little girl wearing a pink sweater and a short skirt; in the other, a (much larger) little boy who is wearing a dark shirt and blue jeans. And what are parents doing there?

Q: Couldn’t one of the kids run up and changed their place in line? And wouldn’t the parents, hearing that something was going on at the school, have wanted to rush down to see what was going on?

A: But there would not have been time for them to get there. This was an emergency evacuation during a shooting. There would have been no reason for them to have been there. And in the background, you can see some of the parents lounging at the massacre.

Q: Is that all you’ve got: some kids who have rearranged themselves in a line? Is that it?

A: No, we have the FEMA manual for a two-day event. The sign, “Everyone must check in!”, boxes of bottled water and pizza cartons, many wearing name tags on lanyards, parents bringing children to the scene. We even included it in the book.

Q: Couldn’ the sign have been there for almost any event? Pizza cartons? Is that all you’ve got?

A: On the day they went LIVE, we had no surge of EMTs into the building, no Med-Evac chopper was called, no sting of ambulances to the school, not evacuation of 469 other students.

Q. That’s the best you’ve got?

A: No. We even have photographs from the evening before: the SWAT team is there, the windows of Classroom 10 are undamaged; the flag is at full staff; crime scene tape is up for a crime that has yet to be committed; and Wayne Carver is waiting for the arrival of his portable tent.

Q: What justifies your attacking these families who lost children during the shooting?

A: There is no proof that anyone died. One of the fathers sent a Sandy Hook student a copy of his son’s “death certificate”, but it turned out to be a fabrication. If his son had actually died, he would have had a real one.

Q: We here have visited with some of the families of those who lost children–and their grief is real.  They did not “make out like bandits”.

A: We even have a photograph of the Nancy Lanza bedroom. There is something red on the bed, but it looks more like raspberry jam than blood. And there is a moving pad beneath the left leg of the bed, because they were in such a rush to get it furnished.

Q: So that’s what you’ve got: a moving bad beneath the leg of a bed?

A: We have 50 photographs of them furnishing the home to serve as a prop and another 50 of them refurbishing the school to serve as the stage. We have the moving vans and even classroom nameplates with moving stickers still on them. 

Q: Well, it doesn’t seem to me that you have much. A 425-page book, where the best you have is children rearranged in a photograph.

A: The media has controlled access to information about Sandy Hook. I thought that you might do better, but I am obviously mistaken.

Q: Why are you doing this?

A: We believe the American people are entitled to the truth about their own history. This was an elaborate hoax that involved teachers, parents, the school board, the state police, the governor, Attorney General Eric Holder and the President of the United States.

Q: And they were doing all of this for what reason?

A: To promote gun control.

Q: And what difference has it made to gun control?

A: Well, on 16 January 2013, just a year and two days after Sandy Hook, Obama signed 26 executive orders to control our access to guns–and that is only one example.

NOTE: I am drawing on my recollections and may have some of these points out of order. But I am clear that I got all of these in–and probably more. He was not happy with me and intermittently seemed to be looking at someone in the background, perhaps to see if he was satisfied that they had enough to edit and do the job on me. We shall see. If you happen to catch the show, record it if you can; but it will be in their TV archives. My take is that the existence of skeptics about Sandy Hook will provoke public interest. And I will be elated if they show the cover of our book.

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74 thoughts on “Debunking the Sandy Hook Debunkers: #4 INSIDE EDITION does a hit piece”

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  7. I don't think you offered the best possible points, and you even drew some conclusions that may not be true and will only come back on you later if they aren't. IMO, the key issue you should have stressed for why you are doing this is because we are being forced to accept whatever authority dictates without justification. It's that simple.

  8. Jim's recollection of his interview indeed suggests that his comments will be heavily edited and that he will be made to sound like a dangerous fool. I'll respectfully add that he made a mistake by not recording the conversation.

    Anyway, this hit piece–if it is confirmed that it is a hit piece–will be another clue of Sandy Hook as another act of bad-taste theater.


  9. "Godsend" kike has a tough sell: he wants to pretend to lie that there's "Jew" that isn't Talmudist by "textbook" definition. But even the "Reform" kikes follow a midrash (interpretation) that closely follows Talmud. For ref., see,, and Note "godsend" has NO significant, substantial refs.

  10. "Debating" Has Limited Value, Significance

    Not necessarily: conditions and circumstances are significant. People (like kikes) adept at lying, diversion, and ad-hominem, might challenge to debate upon their venues, which they control, so as to stage-manage things to make them look victorious–this is infamous and notorious for kike filth.

    Besides, we have these invaluable blogs and comments pages–what more do u need, really? Getting on radio or vid merely enhances the propaganda or publicity, that's all. And if u can't "debate" in text in the comments pages, like these, then going on vid or radio is superfluous.

    Take "Mike Flagg," above: he's CRUSHED, as he has NO evidence, period–he can't afford too much exposure, publicity, and it's sufficient for these comments pages, as we've actually noted over and over.

  11. "Godsend" Kike, Pathologic, Inveterate, Sublime Liar Who Lies, Making Use Of Equivocation Fallacy

    More lies, we see, fm the lying kike ("godsend"–ho ho ho, what a name, and aren't we blessed? ho ho ho), who continues pushing the "good Jew, bad Jew" meme, fallacy–as if there are "good" psychopaths, satanists, or Christ-killers.

    This Jew, "godsend," wants to ignore the satanic Talmud, pretending "zionists" are essentially diff. fm Talmudists, irony being that Israel endorses the "orthodox" (Talmudic) Judaism above all, ho ho ho ho.

    This lying liar of a kike, "godsend," u notice, continues to harp on the "Jews who say they are Jews but are not" quotation fm Book of Revelations. But that quote only and merely refers to fact that these Talmudists are, so often, CONVERTS to Talmud and Talmudism, not fm Judea–referring esp. to Khazars ("Ashkenazies").

    Thus lying liar, "godsend" kike, makes use of the subtle equivocation fallacy in order to pretend there are "good" kike filth, like himself, lying for his fellow Jews. For note, NO ONE could possibly lie like "godsend" lies, UNLESS he was a kike himself. Ho hoo ho ho

  12. Apster is most likely an ADL-"lobotomized" Zionist shill, infesting cyberspace from an ADL-run Insane Asylum, located in some sewer in Tel Aviv (or Brooklyn) to give "Christians" a bad name and to generally disrupt Truth blogs with inane idiocies and repetitive, filthy ad hominem attacks, delivered in the classical ADL style. A thorough spraying with RAID would do wonders to send this mindless roach scurrying back to his sewer. We must remember that Zionists are the REAL ENEMY OF THE JEWS (Alan Hart). THEY (Synagogue of Satan) want another pogrom!

  13. And if u want to count my anti-semitic comments that were deleted, it'd surely be in the THOUSANDS, ho ho ho ho ho. People need to realize that even though kikes don't control I-net like they do the mass-corp. Jews-media, they yet have a tremendous presence and influence on I-net–which still doesn't work for them, try as they might, the puke, ho ho ho ho hoo ho

  14. "Troll" Ought To Be Defined Properly, Understood

    I wouldn't say Goldstein is a "troll," unless "troll" is anyone u don't like–a legitimate, but useless definition.

    "Troll" is better defined rather as someone who isn't sympathetic, even hostile, but refuses to state their premises and motivations–this here, gives more useful meaning to word, "troll," someone who's rather under-handed.

    Goldstein, here, never hesitates to state premises, and provides quite legitimate criticism, I'd say.

    Judy Wood is great scientist, even excellent philosopher in many ways, but she's cracked when she denies she has "theory," not grasping meaning/definition of the word, "theory." Even so, the "theory" of Wood's is quite informative and worthwhile. But I can understand Judy's attitude which emphasizes her evidence for her quite sound theory.

    Judy should rather emphasize the diff. btwn mere "theory" and actual facts which are not theory. What Judy presents isn't only mere theory; she gots the "facts, Jack."

    I always like to listen to Judy Wood; she's quite brilliant; too bad it seems she does so few vids these days. Perhaps Goldstein here could keep us up-to-date for Judy's latest productions.

  15. Ho hoho ho oh ho–as if getting "kicked-off" a moronic blog is some kind of sin, eh? Ho ho ho ho ho–I'm proud to say I've been kicked off of dozens and dozens and dozens of Jewwy, Jew-friendly sites–if not HUNDREDS of sites, ho ho hoho ho oho

  16. Yes come on the show Mr Flagg or Johnson, it'll be interesting, you have to put up with Jim and Chance though, that's the most difficult thing. Chance gets through to you first and he deliberately has a box of fried chicken there RIGHT IN FRONT of the camera, he doesn't offer you any, doesn't even offer to email you a piece. ANd then on comes JIm with a couple of birger which he sends his wife out to get. The other day when we recorded, the snow was up to the door latch and I heard him forcing her out to get the burgers, The car wouldn't start so he made her take the dog sled. You don't see what goes on behind the scenes, And he snores when I'm on too. No do come on it would be enlightening and at least we could see your face, hear your voice and appraise your identity and personality much as you can ours. Cheers Allan Powell

    This excellent article, although the subject is quite depressing, illustrates the great failure of the great Founders of America. They provided almost unlimited military force and power of government against citizens, with its many guns and weapons pointed directly at those good citizens and taxpayers, but did not provide any quick and practical legal actions against government liars, cheaters and thugs who patently violate our precious Constitution on an hourly basis with impunity. Also the corrupt Supreme Court should not be allowed to pick and choose the cases it accepts. They should be forced to accept and promptly rule on all cases in no more than one month, or perhaps even one week, each, with stiff personal penalties if they fail to do so, like fines and jail time. Why do they drag around so long in deciding these cases anyway? This is ridiculous. One set of tyrannical rules for lowly citizens who pay the freight of government, another set of hypocritical rules for government liars who also operate in secret so it is difficult for ordinary citizens to learn the truth of what is going on behind closed doors. The mistreatment of this honorable Marine is despicable and all those involved should be jailed for no less than 20 years and fined $ 1 million each; but of course in our usual corrupt government fashion, nothing will happen to them at all; in fact they likely got a raise in pay. But every good citizen thinking of joining our military services, just think about this: You could be next. Or, in fact any citizen could be next. We have all been totally sold out by a lying, cheating, secret, tyrannical, corrupted bunch of thugs and anyone, from Jim Fetzer, to Michael Flagg, to you or I could be the next victims of these rapists of our precious Constitution because there are no, zero, practical ways to hold these goons responsible or bring them to justice for their illegal actions against this good Marine, who put his life on the line for all of us. No one should join our military services until these basic issues are remedied and until a draft is put in place to put all Americans, rich and poor alike, in harm’s way, not just poor kids who can’t get jobs. At present our military is basically a mercenary force consisting mainly of poor kids who can’t get work, except, of course for the top brass, who are always safely well behind the battle lines and look forward to a high undeserved pension at our expense. One set of rules for the goose, another set of very unfair and hypocritical rules for the gander. This is the unfortunate state of America today.Winfield J. Ph.D., Physics

  18. Dear Mr. Flagg: I respect your or anyone’s basic right to disagree with the claims of the book by professor Fetzer, et al and question anything in it. But the word lie implies a deliberate intent to deceive and that is most certainly not the case. While it may not be easy to fake grief, the Hollywood Perverts do it all the time in movies. The sympathy scam is one of the oldest in the book. There is nothing like sympathy to bring in good, quick cash. Even kids use it on their parents. Right now, the evidence is on the side of the conclusions of the book. The evidence indicates the only fraudsters were the government agencies on down to the Newton School Board which has stonewalled and obstructed release of simple, reasonable information to clarify the situation. In fact, it is all the government imposed secrecy surrounding every aspect of this event, which leads to the conclusion that it was nothing but a totally evil scam perpetuated by government itself. I urge you to sit down somewhere privately with professor Fetzer and talk this out. But in order to learn something both sides must have an open mind without preconceived prejudices. That is what true science is about and a scientific attitude is about. For example, if you could provide some indisputable proof that even just a single person died in this event, that might even change professor Fetzer’s mind about it all. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  19. Hi, Mr. Flagg (or Johnson), why don't you be a man and go on Fetzer's show to debate Allan Powell and Jim Fetzer if you're so tough and so confident. That's right, you won't because you know you will be eaten alive by people who actually know specifics rather than generalities like "Fetzer lies". Come on Sparky, send Jim an email, go on his show and prove how wrong he is–on his own show! What a triumph that would be for you and your crusade against the ignorant Jim Fetzers of the world!

  20. Mike Describes Himself Best

    Mike: this is on vid, and u can't deny it–why did Gov. Malloy LIE to Wolfgang, saying he didn't say what he's plainly on vid record saying, about being "spoken-to"? See:

    And Mike, remember, u're the people who say public must beleeeeeeeeeeeeeeev known liars, criminals, and psychos. U have no evidence for ur lies, no bodies, no blood, no pictures. Where's dash-cam vid of 400+ students being evacuated?

    And hey, didja hear?–there've been some people who've disappeared fm Newtown scene–like witnesses of JFK assassination "disappeared"–do u wonder what happened to them?

  21. You debunked nothing, and of course the reporter wouldn't believe your crap. You lie and lie and lie. When you are caught in a lie, you tell a different lie to do damage control. As long as you can make up stuff to go with your hoax narrative, you will continue to lie and show a huge ego. You and the contributors. A man is a woman; Bill Sherlach is Rick Thorne. What a freaking joke. When will this utter nonsense end?

  22. Oh that's great. So many millions of things you could have said if you had the time such as Adam Lanza's friend turned down $20,000 in cash ( Alan Diaz) for ANY picture of Adam he had but he said " out of respect for Newtown I won't give you a photo." Yeah right, what 21 yr old turns down 20K in the real world ( I have all the emails to him about this) and how come Enside Edition is not interviewing Peter Lanza, first time ever the media has not wanted to talk to a father of a killer, they talked to Jeffery Dahlmer's parents, Ted Bundy's parents, John Hinkley's, but no, not ol Pete Lanza, not interested, nota could care less about 'ol Pete.

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    But get this, u little bastard son-of-a-bitch: reality is determined according to will of God and iron law of cause-effect, there being no perfectly "free" human will, and hence, anti-Christ traitors like u are going to be dealt with, buddy, never doubt.

    So u've been warned, and we know, like typical Jew-tolerating puke, u'll just laugh it off, like u do for everything about real life–AND THAT'S GOOD, sucker, 'cuz it just shows how easy it will be dealing w. likes of u, even if other things might be more difficult, eh? Ho ho ho ho ho

  24. apsterian
    It is wonderful you have read all of those books and seek to impress us. Most here most likely have read them also. Don't beat yourself to death explaining the matrix to us. I think you will find most here knew what you are poorly attempting to explain when your diapers were still just yellow stain. Save it all for your next high school prom and spread the word, dance the hava nagila and have some fun.

    If we throw a stick, will you just go away?

  25. Stupid Puke Is Amused, Ho Ho Ho

    "…Has to be an op," says the puke, ho ho ho–without giving any reasoning, stupid scum. Guess what, fool: I'm simply dedicated, humble Christian soldier, dealing-out heavy doses of TRUTH, sucker.

    And my msg for stupid puke like u is this: ur scummy, stinking, filthy Jew-loving culture having wallowed in subjectivism and hubris for so many yrs now–since at least "Civil War" (War of Northern Aggression)–has now gone "CRITICAL," now fully SATANIC, Jew S A gov. having funded, supplied, and armed ISIS which is now behind literal invasion of Western nations for satanic purpose of destroying national sovereignty and instituting full-blown world dictatorship, goal being literal, explicit pop. "reduction" (GENOCIDE, suckas), according to "Agenda 21."

    So u need to getting a clue, for once in ur worthless, useless, miserable, Jew-tolerating life, scum, the urgency of things becoming evermore critical, evermore drastic for saving of ur idiot lives.

  26. Start To Getting A Clue About ZOG, Suckas–To Save Ur Idiot Lives

    NO: they won't–unless there's some special reason, say the book selling insanely well, and even then their only motive will be to (a) hitch-hike upon book's success, and (b) to subtly degrading the book's arguments. How many times do u have to be beaten over the head, the proverbial football taken-away by Lucy?–Do u ever learn?

    ZOG does things only for ZOG's purposes, PERIOD–get a clue. Such is the nature of criminal psychopaths and satanists who seriously and avowedly want to "reduce world population," according to "Agenda-21."

  27. Pray For Resurrection Of TRUTH (= Christ), And Work For It Too

    The fact is, the frauds pushing the Sandy hoax, have LESS than nothing, their ONLY argument being "beleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeev" what ZOG tells u, these being PROVEN liars, murderers, and criminals.

    Notice the satanists hysterically demand we beleeeeeeeev ZOG lies while making fun of beleeeeeeevin' in Christ (= Truth, Gosp. JOHN 14:6).

    Observe the criminals REFUSING to honor the FOIA requests duly submitted by Wolfgang Halbig, this constituting CRIMINAL fraud and malfeasance, pure and simple.

    And note the criminal Jew (a redundancy) shyster, Monte Frank, telling Wolfgang's duly subpoena'd witnesses not to show up at the FOIA hearings. And the criminal Governor, Malloy lied insistently to Wolfgang on video that he didn't say he was "spoken to" on an earlier video seen by millions. Get it?–we live in la-la land, run by Jewwy psychopaths, nothing more nor less.

    The liars insist that all the pt.s brought-up by Fetzer, et al., "have been debunked," these all just idiot lies.

    So u see, the poor people KNOW "something is rotten in Denmark," and that's why, I'm sure, they will find Fetzer's book, "Nobody Died…," quite useful and informative–for a great many of them. Fetzer only might have improved if he'd provided an over-view including the master-conspiracy, central-banking, BUT that isn't fatal, and it can well be subject of another work, esp. if current book does well. People will then be more receptive to Fetzer and co. as writers/investigators.

    But in the end, u MUST realize, as long as ZOG has that legalized COUNTERFEITING machine working for them, the people continuing to accept the currency, ZOG will remain invincible, it only being matter of flooding-in enough money in strategic places, the broad masses caring ONLY for "bread & circuses," patriots only capable of trying to survive and waiting for inevitable collapse, the oligarchs however, planning for such collapse no less, always able to get the nation embroiled in foreign wars–this being the determinist, CYCLIC, and necessary course of things for "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, the only glimmer of a hope being a Christian (anti-semitic) revival, as that of St. Constantine the Great, early 4th cent., which, even so only delayed the inevitable by a few yrs.

    Our hope and prayer then is the dear old Christian RESURRECTION of truth (= Christ) which cannot be killed, the joke being on the satanists led by Jews, foremost conspirators, criminals, and satanists.

  28. Can anyone tell me where Noah Pozner's THIRD "death" will occur? I'm trying to gather opinions before I bet money. Death #1 was Sandy Hoax, and death #2 was Pakistan. Noah can't stop dying. He's a globetrotting fake victim.

  29. How about:

    FBI report shows ZERO MURDERS in Newtown CT during 2012. Ask the media if FBI is lying.

    Iconic photo of Sandy Hook evacuation shows Bright Blue Girl (blue sweater) with a BACKWARDS HAND. Zooming reveals anomalies that prove these Shannon Hicks photos were fraudulently created in Photoshop.

    No Death Certificates for 26 dead + Adam Lanza + Nancy Lanza.

    Bulldozed house and school to conceal lack of DNA or Fingerprints from the fictional shooter and fictional victims.

  30. A: On the day they went LIVE, we had no surge of EMTs into the building, no Med-Evac chopper was called, no sting of ambulances to the school, not evacuation of 469 other students.

    Q. That's the best you've got?


    That twerp's repeated question is better suited to be directed at him:

    That's the best YOU'VE got?? What about no surge of EMTs into the building, no Med-Evac choppers, no string of ambulances to the school, no evacuation of 469 other students = hoax do you not grasp, you tiny, little zio-whore?

    I really hope if there's ever any real justice dispensed for this criminal hoax, these pin-headed, little accomplices-after-the-fact who continue to try to sell this preposterous lie get prison terms, too. See how his little "tough" act goes over in that setting. He'd wet his drawers within five minutes.

  31. Pragmatism: Same Old Subjectivist Clap-Trap Styled For The Times, Ho Ho Ho

    Pragmatism is "original"?–ho ho ho ho. NEWSFLASH: pragmatism is mere version/flavor of the same old Platonic SUBJECTIVISM–get a clue. Peirce (I believe is correct spelling) just made sure to making his so-called "exposition" filled w. moronic complexity–a lot in style of Immanuel Kant who knew the more obscure was the lingo, the more the idiots and morons would be impressed, ho ho ho ho

  32. Hi Jim, I just read the list of your favorite people on your bio and I was delighted to see that most neglected of all philosophers, Pierce. All the attention seems to go to James and Dewey who were not very original compared to Pierce.

  33. When Alison called me, I thought she was calling about the book. And I told her we had a lot of 5-STAR reviews from those who had actually read it and a lot of 1-STAR reviews from those who had not. And she said that was the case for Scarlett's book, too.

  34. The reporter said " their grief is resl" really now, and none of them ever, ever need a Kleenex while telling their story which has them grief stricken, not one parent out of 20 ( not including the fake adult victims). That's 40 parents and not a single one is shown holding a Kleenex to wipe tears, ever? Really? Let's get real.

  35. Fetzer: Like Charlie Brown Trying To Kick Football, Held By Lucy

    Fetzer: one, like u, can't be blamed for seeking to having fun, but don't under-estimate the power of ZOG and especially, specifically, it's (literal) legalized COUNTERFEITING instrument/machine, central-banking, which puts out nearly infinite funds to buying, bribing, and extorting everything and everyone.

    These criminal-oligarchal powers own and control ALL the establishment TV, radio, and reading press, a main priority for these criminals, with no exceptions, don't doubt. Evidently, u're one who insists upon learning the hard-way, refusing to heed the eminent and abundant inductive evidence

    An empire, like Jew S A, absolutely dominated by criminal enterprise of central-banking, is determined to suppressing every vestige of truth and any notion of objective reality, necessary foundation to such truth as they know COUNTERFEITING is key to all their practical power.

    Only thing underlying this key COUNTERFEITING scam of theirs are the abstract notions of subjectivism ALWAYS carried by moralism, Pharisaism, and especially the Pelagian heresy of non-existent, hereticalist "good-evil," which gulls and corrupts the over-populated masses of such empire in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

    Otherwise, u resemble Charlie Brown suckered once again in attempting to place-kick the football held by Lucy.

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