Debunking the Sandy Hook Debunkers: #3 Deanna Spingola and C.W. Wade

by Jim Fetzer

The disinformation campaign against NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK (2015), like the “active shooter” drills being conducted around the country (where the latest “false flag” attack has occurred in Paris), continues unabated, where there are signs that the enemies of truth are being defeated, one by one, over the course of time, as more and more students of Sandy Hook stand up for truth, where the occurrence of an elaborate hoax in no one died has been demonstrated in this 425-page volume, loaded with photos, documents and records. Here is a video introduction for those who may have missed it:

A text-book example of disinformation about the book occurred during an interview on RBN by Deanna Spingola of C.D. Wade, Saturday, 14 November 2015, available here. The distinction between “dis-” and “mis-” information is an important one: misinformation only implies that the source has something wrong, while disinformation implies that the source knew what they were asserting was wrong, but asserted it anyway in a deliberate attempt to mislead their audience. It is parallel to saying something that is false (which appears to be an intermittent manifestation of the possession of a mind, as I have else where explained) and lying (which is a practice that is common with devious minds).

Signs of Devious Minds

Having offered courses on logic, critical thinking and scientific reasoning for 35-years, it has become second-nature to notice and identify common fallacies when they occur–no matter whether that may be in the context of domestic politics and foreign affairs (which I explore on a regular basis with my co-host, Kevin Barrett, on “False Flag Weekly News”) or in the more pedestrian context of internet exchanges and reviews. Here are a few of those most widely practiced, which you can test in relation to

(1) The Straw Man: This fallacy is committed by exaggerating the position you attack to make it easier–often, much easier–to debunk. Those who have argued for the existence of a conspiracy in the death of JFK, for example, might be suppose to be claiming that the conspirators–the SPONSORS, the MECHANICS, and the FACILITATORS–all met at the same time (rather like a rally in Washington Stadium), which is absurd. But it was thrown at me by Robert Artwohl, which I dispatched in ASSASSINATION SCIENCE (1998), pp. 85-92.

(2) Special Pleading: This fallacy occurs when you cite only evidence that is favorable to your side and ignore the rest. The new book by David Talbot, THE DEVIL’S CHESSBOARD (2015), for example, attributes the assassination to Allen Dulles, Director of the CIA, in an audacious attempt to distract attention from LBJ, who forced himself on the ticket in LA to ascend to the presidency when JFK was taken out. Lyndon even sent Cliff Carter, his chief administrative assistant, down to Dallas to make sure all the arrangements were in place.

(3) The Ad Hominum: This “attack on the man” entails attacking the messenger when you cannot cope with the message. A recent example occurs in the review by Dark Shadow on (now removed), where she assailed me as a Holocaust denier and someone who does not believe we landed men on the moon. In this case, she is combing the ad hominem with The Appeal to Popular Sentiments, taking for granted that most people believe the “official” Holocaust narrative and that we did go to the moon, hoping they will never consider the proof to the contrary presented in AND I SUPPOSE WE DIDN’T GO TO THE MOON, EITHER? (2015), which demonstrates that neither belief can be sustained.

To test your mastery of these common fallacies, go to 1-STAR reviews of ASSASSINATION SCIENCE (1998) on This book shattered the cover-up by publishing proof that the autopsy X-rays had been altered to conceal a massive fist-sized blow-out at the back of the head (in the case of the lateral cranial X-ray) and by adding a 6.5mm metallic slice to implicate the obscure weapon Oswald was alleged to have used (in the case of the anterior-posterior X-ray) and that another brain had been substituted for that of JFK (because once they patched up the hole, there was nowhere for his brains to have gone).

These were not my findings, either, but those of David W. Mantik, M.D., Ph.D., in the case of the X-ray studies and of Robert Livingston, M.D., a world authority on the human brain, in the case of the latter. But you would not know that from these 1-STAR reviews, which were calculated to bring down the average rating of the book to suppress reader interest. As in the case of the Sandy Hook book, I brought together multiple experts on different aspects of the case to contribute their specific findings. Indeed, one pseudo-critic of THE WARREN REPORT (1964), Josiah Thompson, even called the book “Assassinated Science”!

The Spingola/Wade Interview

The opening segment includes discussion of Columbine, where the response teams were very circumspect about entering the building, and Sandy Hook, where C.W. Wade praises their courage in rushing into the school. Wade takes for granted that an active shooter, Adam Lanza, was at Sandy Hook and would have killed more students and staff, but for the heroic actions of the first responders. Taking for granted an issue at stake is known as begging the question. It required no “heroism” to simulate confronting a active shooter, when they knew no active shooter present, which appears to have been the case here.

In passing, Wade mentions that the Paris attack had just taken place and that many were assuming that it had been a staged event and then went about “scouring the internet for evidence”. But, from the point of view of logic, it doesn’t matter which came first: the theory or the evidence. What matters is the strength of the evidence that supports any alternative theories. Logic is atemporal. But a basic condition of scientific reasoning–the requirement of total evidence–that conclusions must be based on all the available, relevant evidence, which means that special pleading violates the scientific reasoning.

According to Wade, nothing is going to affect “the hard core hoaxer”, because their minds are made up and they don’t want to be bothered with facts. But for a claim to qualify as a “fact”, it has to be both true and verifiable, which means there has to be sufficient evidence to prove that that claim is true. He talks about Adam Lanza having killed so many people in about 15 minutes (with around a 96% kill-to-target ratio), which Wade acknowledges is “incredible”. But when you look at the circumstances, he claims, it did not require any special skill, training or expertise to do it, which is quite frankly absurd. 

Joyce Riley, “The Power Hour”, for example, interviewed firearms expert, Mike Powers, on her show, who explained that this shooting was simply preposterous, even for someone with an extensive background and training. Sofia Smallstorm, in “Unraveling Sandy Hook in 2, 3, 4 and 5 Dimensions”, begins with a monologue by another expert, who similarly explains that this was an incredible–literally, unbelievable–performance, which I can personally confirm on the basis of my experience as a commissioned officer in the Marine Corps. I served as a Series Commander at the Recruit Depot in San Diego (1964-65), where I had 300 recruits and 15 DIs under my command, including marksmanship training.

Listening to Wade casually dismiss the suggestion that a 112-lb., six-foot-tall young man–said to suffer from Asperger’s Syndrome, which entails poor motor coordination–could not possibly have done the shooting provides convincing proof that, if someone has their mind made up and is impervious to facts, it would be C.W. Wade. This is a striking example of the violation of the requirement of total evidence: multiple experts have affirmed that he could not have done it, where Wade substitutes his ignorance for their expertise. 

How could he not know?

As it happens, I have engaged in public debates with several of the most notorious apologists for the Sandy Hook hoax, including Keith Johnson. Because he had contended that registration signs and name tags on lanyards were “standard police procedures” at crime scenes, I contacted Jim Rothstein, a Gold Shield Detective from New York City, whom I know from JFK research, and asked him if that was indeed a common practice or if he had ever heard of it being done.  His response was plain and simple: “No.” He thought that this was a ridiculous claim to make. And so did I, because of which I make that point in the second round of our debate.
During the third round of the first debate, I also observed that, although the “official narrative” would have you believe that Adam Lanza was a firearms fanatic, ATF Special Assistant Agent Gene Marquez said that his agency “has not been able to uncover any evidence that the mother and the son were actively engaged in going to the gun ranges, practicing marksmanship, or anything of that nature.” I published this in “Wolfgang Halbig heads to Newtown for the truth about Sandy Hook” (originally published on 24 March 2014). Could C.D. Wade have missed it?
During the second hour of her interview with Mike Power, Joyce Riley mentions a Wall Street Journal article that stated they couldn’t find any evidence of Nancy or Adam Lanza going to any of the shooting ranges in that local area.  In a video, “No Gun Permit Under Nancy Lanza’s Name in public records, says TIME Magazine”, at 57 sec mark, there is a screen shot from TIME, saying that in a public records search, they could find no firearms or weapons permits under Nancy’s name. Could C.W. Wade, a self-declared Sandy Hook expert, have missed this, too?

Video description:  Published on Jan 11, 2013- So gun permit records are public knowledge, and major news outlets are unable to find any for Nancy Lanza. Not even for the AR-15 rifle? The police are saying that those guns were registered to her and she had permits for them, but apparently the public records themselves are not supporting their theories.

It is possible that C.W. Wade has remained ignorant of the evidence supporting the conclusion that Adam Lanza could not have performed the feat of shooting attributed to him? Could he have missed Mike Powers on “The Power Hour”? Could he have missed the intro monologue to “Unraveling Sandy Hook in 2, 3, 4 and 5 Dimensions”? Could have missed my public debate with Keith Johnson, one of his staunchest allies in the battle against “the Sandy Hook hoaxers”? None of that strikes me as remotely plausible, which means that C.W. has to know much better.

The drill and the manual

The most interesting portion of their discussion was about the nature of FEMA drills and whether we have “the FEMA manual” for the event. Wade talks about the difference between a drill and an an actual emergency, where they would not have used emergency vehicles and sirens to rush to the site in the case of a drill, which means (to him) that it had to be real. Spingola talks about the fact that a FEMA drill would not be conducted in an elementary school in the first place. But they are begging the question and ignoring that this was NOT “an ordinary FEMA drill”: 

To create the impression of a real emergency, they had to feign that it WAS a real emergency, which seems to be an obvious observation that lies beyond the imagination of the parties to this conversation. But they did not do a good job of it, because the proof that it was not a bona fide emergency was surprisingly apparent from the beginning: no surge of EMTS into the building; no Med-Evac helicopter was called; no string of ambulances to the school; no evacuation of 469 other students; no bodies placed on the triage tarps. The road was so clogged that no emergency vehicles could have reached the school (apart from a token fire truck), had they wanted to:

Paul Preston, a Los Angeles area school safety expert, found the reports from Sandy Hook so peculiar that he reached out to his contacts in the Obama Department of Education, each of whom confirmed that it had been a drill, that no children had died and that it was to promote gun-control, which is found in Chapter 6–but not a peep from Spingola or Wade. The manual explains why we had so many oddities at the time: the sign, “Everyone must check in!”, boxes of bottled water and pizza at the Firehouse; Port-a-Potties present from scratch; many present wearing name tags on lanyards; parents bringing children to the scene! It was a two-day drill, with the rehearsal on the 13th and going LIVE on the 14th, which explains otherwise inexplicable oddities like these.

Three Classic Fallacies 

During his interview with Deanna Spingola, C.W. Wade committed other fallacies, where the violation of the requirement of total evidence qualifies as special pleading, citing only the evidence favorable to your side and omitting the rest. Here are other examples, where those who review the entire conversation are bound to discover many more:

(1) He and Deanna talked about “the Fetzer/Tracy book”, as though James F. Tracy and I were the only authors. But there are a dozen contributors, whose names are listed on the back cover of the book and where the Contributors pages provide fairly nice bio-sketches about each of them. Is that something of which either Spingola or Wade could possibly have been unaware? Anyone can find their names by going to and looking at the back cover there:

Or were they concealing the truth because admitting that there were a dozen or more  contributors–thirteen, including series editor, Mike Palecek. who is not an expert on Sandy Hook–six of whom are (current or retired college professors) with Ph.D.s–Vivian Lee, Ph.D.; Sterling Harwood, J.D., Ph.D.; Dr. Eowyn, Ph.D.; Nick Kollerstrom, Ph.D.; James F. Tracy, Ph.D.; and Jim Fetzer, Ph.D.–would have made them look absurd. So they simply left it out.

(2) They talked about debunking the morning photo, which appears as Exhibit 26 on page 148; but they ignore the proof that this photo was taken before the event had even taken place, which is the point: the windows of Classroom 10 are unbroken in Exhibit 26, which can easily be ascertained by comparing Exhibit 26 with Exhibit 30 on page 149. where they are broken, and with Exhibit 42 on page 154, where they are not. And Wayne Carver, M.E., is already there before the shooting has officially taken place! Q.E.D.

Notice they do not discuss the Nancy Lanza bedroom, which shows a red smear (which does not look like blood) on the bed and where (in their haste to furnish the room) they left a moving pad beneath the left-front leg. Their willingness to ignore even the most blatant proof of fraud and fakery reveals the role they are playing in relation to Sandy Hook:


Spingola and Wade make their case against Exhibit 26 because the caption says that it was taken on the morning of 14 December 2012. Allan William Powell, who contributed that chapter, has acknowledged mistaking a sunset for a sunrise, which we will correct in a future printing. But what could be more convincing proof (a) that Sandy Hook was an elaborate hoax than to have Dr. Carver and the SWAT team present with crime scene tape already up before the crime has been committed and (b) that Spingola and Wade are not honest brokers but are willing deceive and mislead the public about the truth?

Shannon Hick’s “iconic” photograph

(3) Wade also attempted to discount the proof that Shannon Hick’s “iconic” photograph of a police woman leading a string of around 15 kids away from the school had been staged, which we have proven based upon at least three considerations:

(a) there was frost on the ground in Sandy Hook on 14 December 2012, when the ground temperature was 28*F; but there is no frost on the ground in Shannon Hick’s photograph, which means that it was not taken on 14 December 2012 and is therefore not authentic;

(b) a second photo Shannon has acknowledged having taken shows the kids in a different sequence, where one is led by a little girl in a pink sweater, the other by a (much larger) little boy in a dark shit and blue jeans, which means they arranged the kids to get “the best shot”; and,

(c) there are parents present with their arms folded or hands in their pockets, but how could they possible have been present at the time? Did someone at the school decide to call parents as Adam Lanza was shooting it up and urge them to rush down for photographs?

Taking a closer look, we find more parents “lounging at the massacre”:

Wade trades on an equivocation, claiming that we were basing our conclusions on “fuzzy photographs”. But while the photos published in the book, especially in black-and-white, could be claimed to be “fuzzy”, the original articles on which this research was based are not “fuzzy” at all. And Spengola knows better, because she has a copy of the pdf of the book, which I send to Dave Gahary and he forwarded to her for a forthcoming debate.

C.W. Wade repeatedly describes us as “liars”, as though we had asserted something false while knowing it was false in a deliberate attempt to deceive our intended audience. Allan made a simple mistake about the time of day; but that was an innocuous mistake, which we are going to correct. Exhibit 26 was taken before the shooting had occurred. The case is less simple for Wade and Spingola. Lies are abounding here, but not from us.

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  5. Too much truth damages the waking world. Let's assume that much of what we have been told about WWII is false. Let's further assume that a few very gifted historians put together a more true and accurate history of WWII. Will it get published? If published will it get reviewed? If reviewed will the reviewers do an honest job? Etc. The world will resist having to change its mind. It is work and can be painful. Do people want to know that grandfather was a rapist during the war and killed children and elderly people at one point? Surely not. How would the gov deal with revelations about previous presidents which reflected very badly on their characters? How would it deal with more true information about the current one? It is matter of economy of energy. Most societies simply lack the energy to know themselves; the same goes for individuals. The Oracle at Delphi was aiming at the rare person when it said, Know thyself. γνῶθι σεαυτόν

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  7. I note with interest that early research revealed that there was no Internet activity at Sandy Hook…. Computer experts could not find anything. Mysteriously I was given a reference to one Sandy Hook School Bulletin that looked like normal activity at a functioning school shortly before the 'Incident'. If this is genuine? there should be hundreds of them going back to 2008, when it is suggested the school was closed. It would not be difficult to fake a School Webpage, by changing the names on a genuine School Webpage. Publishing these on-line might trigger a few memories? I can't yet decide if my contact is a Troll? he claims he has known a teacher at Sandy Hook for over ten years, and tells a long sob story of their terrible ordeal with all the dead bodies in open coffins at a large collective funeral. They all saw all the bodies…blah! This person is impervious to any evidence I present. It is all fabricated by crackpot kook conspiracy theorists who need to stay on their medications.

  8. Hitler was a hero but that does not vouch for Spingola one way or the other. Disinfo agents work their way into trusted positions with legitimate stances so they can then press their disinfo at later dates. Much of the time, they seem like everyone else.

    Panic moments are good times to see them behave like Paris just recently to sell something their handlers want sold

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    Tuesday, November 17, 2015

    Debunking the Sandy Hook Debunkers: #3 Deanna Spingola and C.W. Wade
    by Jim Fetzer

    “The distinction between "dis-" and "mis-" information is an important one:

    misinformation only implies that the source has something wrong,

    while disinformation implies that the source knew what they were asserting was wrong, but asserted it anyway in a deliberate attempt to mislead their audience. “

    Here is what I have experienced in reading, listening to and viewing hundreds of alternative media revelations about several false events of last two decades.

    It is a dodgy grey area to make the determination of whether the source is conveying “misinformation,” that is, has something wrong and is “innocent” of knowing the information is wrong.
    The famous question comes to mind.

    “What did they know and when did they know it?”

    The content of the source’s body of information must be analyzed in toto, especially in regard to the way the source presents information. There are rhetorical, audio and visual “tricks” employed to manipulate the audience. –

    There are literally hundreds of videos about 9-11 and Boston and Sandy Hook where the source certainly appears sincere and simply mistaken, but one has to ask is it possible that this source could make this mistake. (Just today, part of a steady stream of such videos over the years, there were two new “bombshell” 9-11 videos of this false nature linked from But wait! There’s more to come.)

    My favorite example of sophisticated dishonest communication of seemingly factual information is James Corbett’s
    Best under 5 minute 9-11 video. The Corbett Report

    Again, the way in which the source expresses the “disinformation” is what sells the disinformation as true information, and this is where we can observe some of the most sophisticated Sunsteinian communication-to-mislead and deceive tricks. This where “limited hangouts” hand out.

    I think Allan Weisbecker, a somewhat frequent guest on Dr. Fetzer’s Real Deal show, exposes very nicely a source’s, again the source is James Corbett, sophisticated conveying of disinformation to misinform, all the while presenting himself as a seeker of 9-11 truth.
    An Open Letter to James Corbett
    June 11, 2015 in Blog

    “You sounded great, though. Intelligently outraged and so forth. That’s the way limited hangout and NLP mind control works…”

    But there are two kinds of NLP* of mind control, right, James? There is the ‘okay’ kind, wherein you are communicating a truth, or at least what you believe is a truth. Then there is the bad kind, wherein you are communicating a falsehood, and you know it. For the purposes of this essay we’ll only deal with the latter sort. The bad sort. “ end of quote

    Because I want to sift facts from fiction, I found reading and understanding what Allan Weisbecker had to say on this subject most helpful.

    I always liked the expression “Eat the meat, spit out the bones.”
    We should be careful to not reject factual information because of misgivings about some things about the source. However, there can be sophisticated, crafted, engineered techniques of miscommunication in the meat that you are trying to accept as true on its own. We need to learn all about those miscommunication techniques and how to see when they are present. Then and only then will I be able to know when to “eat the meat.”

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  12. It really is fun to see Dr. Fetzer use knowledge and reason in such a patient manner. That's why he is a professor and I am merely a student.
    Then the dichotomy happens! I read another terrific article by James, and then am sucked in to these comments!
    They are somewhat entertaining, and they certainly are a glowing testimony to Dr. Fetzer's tolerance and inclusion of "disparate" ideas. But what a difference.
    Apsterian has got to be one of the most …. I can't find a word.
    Ho ho ho? Calling everyone names.
    What is his purpose here? Is he really hasbara? If so it's pretty brilliant subterfuge. What in the world inspires this seeming madman to spend his time on this comment section? To drown out or scare away thoughtful respondents and scholars?
    In any case, fun to be reading James with all of you.

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  15. Fetzer's Opportunity For Extended Scope Of Exposition

    To be sure, I'm NOT saying Fetzer's failure for context/perspective, as I note above, will necessarily hurt for sales of his latest book, which promises, potentially, to be quite significant, people still quite interested, the subject-matter still quite topical, the very title of the book ("Nobody died…") quite cleverly appealing and intriguing for potential customers willing to look at actual evidence and facts, these being tremendous for potential numbers.

    As matter-of-fact, it might, Fetzer's noted omissions, just present further opportunity and subject-matter for ANOTHER work, this one emphasizing the financial implications for Sandy hoax and similar such-like false-flag, "shooting(s)" incidents, recently, extending then to central-banking, and extending further to implications for such as 9/11 and JFK.

    Regardless, the central-banking item/subject-matter is essential for Fetzer's analysis and exposition as it so over-arches and affects the particular instances, Sandy hoax, JFK, 9/11, etc., not to mention the world-gov. subject-matter. Fetzer still has excellent work-opportunities for further, necessary expo.

  16. the fact is, it is very hard to consider any source more than propaganda these days. Ye develop your conclusions based on your world view as to what should fall into place here, what should be moved there by what you have determined has gone on before. The fact is 90% of the "Hitler is a Rothschild crowd" pretends jews are an eternally persecuted people. In other words, it's Jewish disinfo. I took a quick look at your proof and saw all the same ole, same olds that Jew deniars continue bringing up- yawn!!! This is for Dublinsmick

  17. Dave, your sources may be lying,Please remember Jewish bankers can pay for any kind of lie they wish to manufacture. There is plenty of evidence asserting he was and was not jewish. It is through discernment that one picks their side. I picked my side by analyzing his life, not just by what Jew propagandists say about his life

  18. Dave, your sources may be lying,Please remember Jewish bankers can pay for any kind of lie they wish to manufacture. There is plenty of evidence asserting he was and was not jewish. It is through discernment that one picks their side. I picked my side by analyzing his life, not just by what Jew propagandists say about his life

  19. the fact is, it is very hard to consider any source more than propaganda these days. Ye develop your conclusions based on your world view as to what should fall into place here, what should be moved there by what you have determined has gone on before. The fact is 90% of the "Hitler is a Rothschild crowd" pretends jews are an eternally persecuted people. In other words, it's Jewish disinfo. I took a quick look at your proof and saw all the same ole, same olds that Jew deniars continue bringing up- yawn!!! This is for Dublinsmick

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    But u KNOW unc' Adolf was no kike–otherwise real kike filth wouldn't express such hate and demonize dear Hitler like they do, insisting he's the devil incarnate, personification of "evil," ho ho ho ho

  21. Continued from above:
    The Dean had to become involved. But Earl had the last laugh. At the final examination, judiciously scheduled at 11:00 a.m. so it would automatically end at noon, Feynman and Smythe got into a heated argument which took nearly all the time. Earl basically acted as moderator of the argument. Earl laughed about this and also how cheapskate Feynman would borrow money in the lunch line but rarely pay it back. Earl was the supervisor of over 40 engineers in industry even before he was awarded his Ph.D. degree from Cal Tech. Earl was a top electrical engineer, a top physicist and also top professor of physics and Chairman of a new physics department also before he was awarded his degree. He recently died. Feynman was a great physicist but not the example of perfection which books and articles about him would lead one to believe. It is also ironic that while he attempted to study medical fields, he evidently never read any of the great experiments and facts on cancer by the genius in Germany Otto H. Warburg, M.D., Ph.D., who discovered the prime cause of cancer decades earlier in animals, but confirmed for humans as well about the period Feynman arrived at Cal Tech; namely, oxygen deficiency to living cells or respiratory impairment or the wrong energy supply. Had he read these seminal papers, by the Greatest Biochemist of the Twentieth Century, he might have made seminal contributions to this field by calling attention to them, while even possibly aiding in treating his own cancer. Feynman was known as having contempt for “experts”. But he made a bad mistake in judgment by failing to heed the great discoveries of the genius in Germany Otto H. Warburg, on cancer causation. The cancer generals of the failed war on cancer have made the same error and this is why they have gotten virtually nowhere in the prevention and cure of this dreaded disease which also took Feynman’s life as well, despite squandering over $105 billion on prejudiced “Cargo Cult” non research for about 50 years and counting. Richard Feynman was not the Angel he is portrayed to be in books and articles about him. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  22. The late Richard Feynman, Richard Chase Tolman professor of theoretical physics at Cal Tech, 1918-1988, shared the 1965 Nobel Prize in physics with Schwinger and Tomonaga. An article about him is here at this link But even Feynman made errors. He disclosed one in an early paper on the subject of his Nobel Prize and honestly admitted and corrected it as did professor Fetzer with his error above. I believe it had a footnote number 13 which did not go unnoticed by Feynman. Feynman was a “funny man”, an arrogant showman who could also be very unfair and prejudiced to students. These incidents are not published in the many glowing articles about him. He had a difficult time following rules. While he was a good science student himself, he was not particularly good in other subjects. It was necessary for others to aid him to complete the requirements for his degree. Once there was a top physics student who came to Cal Tech from Chicago. Earl got the highest score in Smythe’s class on electrodynamics, one of the most difficult at the institute, in the history of the school. Earl worked for Carl Anderson who won the 1936 Nobel Prize in physics (shared with Victor Hess) for discovery of the positron. Earl designed and constructed a portable laboratory which he took to Mt. Wilson in search for a new elementary particle in cosmic rays. But Feynman treated Earl with contempt and refused to pass him. He even sought to give him an unfair and illegal examination in his office without other members of his committee present. The Dean had to become involved. Continued below:

  23. Ignorance, Hypocrisy Of Kike-Lovers Like Powell, Ho Ho Ho

    Observe this piece-of-shit lying scum who wants to pretend kikes are not the "bullies"–as we see nearly every day in Palestine, and as we see Jews having holohoax "deniers" in every land being arrested, jailed and fined.

    So this is the sort that Powell is, just a stinking, putrid suck-up for kikes and their buddies, queers, the satanic leaders, though queers have never impressed folks w. being bright as they're so often drunks, like Powell, and filled w. the diseases they've picked-up through their careers, ho ho ho ho

    Spengler?–I simply invoke his CYCLIC theory, and never said he endorsed nazis, as our moron here, above, indicates. Interesting thing about Spengler is his great-grandmother seems to have been Jew, but who was baptized, ho ho ho ho–something like our kike-lover, Powell, evidently.

  24. Yes, Davey dave, the brainless moron, ho ho ho–but Bible says lots of crap, and it can be considered in diff. ways, u know, u poor, idiotic scum, ho ho ho ho. Hate is simply a form of love, sucker, ho ho ho ho, the reciprocal emotion of attraction-repulsion. And Christ = TRUTH, sucker, above all/any. Have fun being stupid, scum, ho ho ho ho ho

  25. The Bible says to love one another, even your enemies if you can conceptualize this. I wonder really, how much of the Bible you have read. Hate and being a Christian cannot co-exist but you already know this with your continued pimping of cognitive dissonance.

  26. Proper Christians Are HONEST–Something Jewwy Puke Never Figure-Out

    What an ignorant, scummy liar u are, pretending u know anything, saying dear unc' Adolf is Jew, but giving not the slightest reference, ho ho ho ho–typical of ur sort of lying. And yes, we know about Kardel's book, but that's just a collection of assertions and speculations.

    And one of the amazing observations to be made about scum like u, Davey-dave, is ur amazing ignorance of BASIC Christian virtue of HONESTY in respect and honor of TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6).

    So if u're a stinking, lying piece-of-shit then why shouldn't the statement be made about puke like u, eh? Ho ho ho ho

    So u see, Davey-dave, lying scum, if proverbial "shoe" fits about puke like u, u may as well get used to wearing it, eh? Ho ho ho ho

  27. Fetzer's Expositional Technique And Grasp Pathetically Incompetent, Mis-Conceived

    Fetzer: it's important to be able to rebutting in detail liars who push the Sandy hoax, and an important crux now is ur pictures of Carver which we think and are sure were taken on eve of 13th. And u note the crucial pictures of the classroom windows which u say are un-broken, which is surely true, BUT WHY DON'T U SHOW THE PICTURES NEXT TO EACH OTHER in the text of ur notes above, in ur article?–it's extremely stupid and incompetent not to doing this, showing the broken compared to the un-broken windows of the classroom–esp. when this comparison is SO CRUCIAL to the larger argument.

    As soon as it's proven and demonstrated the pictures are fm 13th, the hoax is definitively exploded–the windows and pictures thereof are crucial.

    Otherwise, without the pictures compared, shown next to each other, the argument rests merely upon ur word against the liars. Don't forget, MOST PEOPLE don't have ur book, nor will most EVER see ur book or the pictures in the book. Show the pictures of the windows compared HERE in ur blog. This failure to show the comparison of the windows is a major blunder both for the book (evidently) and this blog-article of urs, here.

    Another major and significant error of ur expositional technique, as I've noted before, is that of perspective/context, placing differentia within proper genus. Specifically, Sandy hoax needs be classed along w. other and recent false-flag psy-ops, like the Charleston, SC fake shootings, "Eliot Rogers" fraud, Boston Marathon fake bombing of 2013, and the MANY other similar "shooting" frauds over the last few yrs.

    Further, something u, Fetzer, TOTALLY ignore and leave-out, one must consider the financial aspects under-lying Sandy hoax–as well as the other, similar criminal false-flags, 9/11, JFK, OKC bombing, etc. Simply considering Sandy hoax by itself, the planning had to have gone on for yrs, there being HUNDREDS of players involved–just for Sandy hoax, as I noted.

    Further still, observe simply the AMOUNT of money and funding for this Sandy hoax, all by itself, is STAGGERING–millions upon millions of dollars have been and had to have been expended–AND IT'S STILL ON-GOING, never doubt, for the paying and maintaining the various frauds involved, esp. in the mass-corp. Jews-media. Kaitlyn Roig, I understand, has a new book out, ho ho ho.

    Hence then Fetzer, it's obviously necessary for u to grasp and pt.-out the MASTER conspiracy of central-banking legalized COUNTERFEITING which provides this funding/financing and thus necessarily controls and over-sees all the other particular conspiracies herein noted, including 9/11, JFK, etc.

    So, ur nit-picking and contending regarding mere details of Sandy hoax are not wrong in themselves, but should be understood in necessary, large context, including central-banking, which u totally overlook and omit for proper exposition. Pls attend to the comparison photo evidence for Sandy hoax classroom windows immediately, making that adjustment for this blog, here, thanks very much.

  28. Apsterian: You come on here attempting to promote Biblical truth but appear to have a dim view of God evidenced by your calling part of his creation scum, filth, etc. Do you see the glaring contradiction? By the way, Hitler was Jewish. How do you reconcile this, Crapsterian?

  29. The problem with acting like a jerk to everyone is that one of the the people you acted a jerk to will want revenge. They think about what's the easiest way to do it and today the easiest way is to send an anonymous post which lo and behold tells the truth about the jerk to other people who have been annoyed by the jerk. Now me personally I only need a name to go on. So my foot's in your door Aspertain. Jews and homos must be killed ay? Not that I'm either, I just don't like that kind of talk. I'm one of those people who just can't abide (nice word) bullies. I just have to do something. Can't stand for it. An obsession you could call it. Don't like it on the 'net and especially don't like it the coward's way, anonymously. Dennis Chamberlain? I've got time to kill finding out and a lot of people are watching my Fetzer shows, someone is going to like what I'm doing. Someone is going to like you being caught and exposed. My bet is that I will not have to do much before I get a post telling me all about you. Now you know me, I am very patient, I can post all day and sleep two hours and then I'm as fresh as the cool cola I drink. Some Kike is going to realise it's you that has been calling for the mass destruction of those filthy Jews as you call them and they are going to be rip roaringly happy to tell me who you are. I think you're young because you're particularly dull witted to think Spengler idolised the Nazi Treatment of Jews. Wait till I get confirmation that you are who you are. I will be so thankful to God that he will forget that I am an atheist. Why in all the world do I sound so bitter? Well because I grew up in my first ten years of life hearing all about the war and it froze and terrified me like nothing a dullard like you could image and if I can do one thing to expose a character who even jokingly talks about Jews and homos as if they need to be exterminated I might stop some young kid from starting to be afraid the way I was. They might be a Jew kid or a homo kid and if I have my way, they will know who you are Cheers Allan Powell

  30. I mistook east for west but that is of no consequence because if the image is as close to sunset, it means given that the morturay tent is not in the image, the bodies were kept in the classroom from 9.35 a.m. until 4.p.m.. That sound like regular procedure? Also Carver said he did all the "autopsies" at the mortuary tent. Pozner's death certificate which I got from Lenny himself says the examination took place at the OCME office. Why have none of these images got time and date codes on them like all other police image evidence? another image shows dark but no mortuary tent. How is that explained? Cheers Allan Powell

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