Debunking the Sandy Hook Debunkers: #2 What’s wrong with

The earliest reviews of NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK (2015) on were highly favorable, which appears to have struck fear in those who want to suppress the truth about this elaborate hoax. The evidence that we have produced in this 425-page book is so extensive, thorough and detailed that they had to find a tactic for coping with the immense public interest it was bound to generate. Here is an example of one of the very first, if not the very first, reviews to appear:

The technique they adopted was to post a massive number of 1-STAR reviews, which were notable because none of them offered any specific criticisms of the book. They instead offered condemnations of the book for its contributors (whom, apart from me, they do not acknowledge) based upon (real or feigned) beliefs that children actually died at Sandy Hook and that we (the authors collectively) are taking advantage of the victims of the crime for our own profit, which might be a reasonable ground to complain, were it true, but where the contents of the book prove beyond a reasonable doubt that this is not the case, where the critics simply take for granted (or pretend) that they are right. It’s called “begging the question”:

The outcome has been a highly unusual bi-modal distribution, where a large number of 5-STAR reviews are offset by a large number of 1-STAR reviews, which had averaged out to 3.6 out of 5 (when I took the following screen shot). But the striking feature of these reviews is that those who post 5-STAR reviews have actually read the book, which those who are posting 1-STAR reviews have not. It is not rocket science to appreciate that posting reviews of books you have not read is unethical, but those who are engaged in this practice, like the local, state and federal officials who brought us Sandy Hook, are wholly without scruples:

Customer Review Guidelines

After repeated complaints submitted to about some of these irresponsible reviews, I have found that, in order to be successful, it is necessary to cite one of‘s own guidelines as the basis for your complaint. Here are those guidelines, with which those who are willing to engage in hand-to-hand (better, word-to-word) combat with the purveyors of falsehoods, disinformation and false information about Sandy Hook need to become familiar. (Winfield Abbe, Ph.D., and George Bodley have been two champions of our cause–and I am grateful to many others.) These are the tools of our trade to defeat abuse. 


Perhaps the most instructive policies that need to be understood are the reasons why reviews can be rejected. When those posting 1-STAR reviews about this book have never even read it, we have to consider what guidelines of apply to cases like this. I believe the most important in this context is one that maintains that, Your review should focus on specific features of the product and your experience with it.” That implies you should know the product and, in the case of a book, for example, have actually read it. Point out that they have offered no reasons for posting their reviews.

In suggesting how to write a great review, stated, “The best reviews include not only whether you liked or disliked a product or service, but also why.” That strongly suggests it would be appropriate to object to a review on the ground that it condemns the book without giving any specific reasons to justify that. Another reason can be that someone has repeatedly posted the same or virtually the same content in many posts, in which case you can complain that it qualifies as SPAM and it may very well be deleted.


What you most need to master is the steps involved in reporting violations. Here is a sample review by a person who acknowledges (as a matter of pride, it would appear) that he has not read the book. That makes this review a prime candidate for removal. Notice in the lower right-hand corner that there are options for evaluating whether this review was helpful to you or not:  click YES or NO. Beside those options, however, is an icon saying “Report abuse”, which would be most appropriate in this case. This is an easy one:

I submitted a complaint that this person had not even read the book and therefore could not offer an honest opinion about the product or service. But be creative, because we may be making progress. Since I began following the guidelines and reporting abuses that were in violation of the guidelines, four (4) of those 1-STAR reviews have been taken down, where the last time I checked, the ranking had modestly improved as follows (which suggests that, if we display discipline and determination, we may be able to turn the tide in favor of truth and justice). The problem may be less than our ability to properly utilize it:

Some abuses are greater than others

Many of these attacks simply ignore such basic elements as that there are a half-dozen (current or retired) professors who have contributed to the book, as well as a half-dozen other experts, many of whom are well-known within the Sandy Hook research community (James F. Tracy, Ph.D.; Vivian Lee, Ph.D., Nicholas Kollerstrom, Ph.D., and Dr. Eowyn, Ph.D.), not to mention Sterling Harwood, J.D., Ph.D., and me. But others are also extremely well-known, such as Sofia Smallstorm, Paul Preston and, of course, Wolfgang Halbig. That point makes it rather preposterous that the authors are “deluded”.
Reviews like this one, however, are completely scurrilous. Neither the University of Minnesota nor the Duluth campus has “distanced itself from him and denounced his theories”. That is at least faintly ridiculous and it certainly not the business of the administration. After all, how would an administrator know how to evaluate my research on a subject like Sandy Hook? When I was promoted to Distinguished McKnight University Professor in 1996, I was (and to the best of my knowledge remain) the only McKnight Professor not on the Twin Cities campus. The program itself speaks volumes about this kind of subversive report, where the program has been called, “The Minnesota Genius Grants”, because it comes with a $100,000 grant for research and travel:

After all, faculty are (more or less) independent contractors. They are hired to research in their disparate fields. Unlike most university faculty (but in solidarity with James F. Tracy, Vivian Lee, Dr. Eowyn, Nick Kollerstrom, Sterling Harwood and my dear friend, Kevin Barrett), I have tackled some of the most complex and controversial issues of our time, including JFK, 9/11, Wellstone, Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing–and beyond to the moon landing, the first death of Saddam Hussein, the second death of Osama bin Laden and, the most taboo of them all, the Holocaust. For those whose eyes are opened by this book, I would encourage them to consider, AND I SUPPOSE WE DIDN’T GO TO THE MOON, EITHER? (2015), for another dose of reality from those dedicated to exposing it.

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    6. There may be a software program among those I talked of in ep130 of Real Deal that will try to inflate bad reviews as a fog tactic. I should think there's a template structure that requires minimal input, already having a reserve of posting false names that can be applied to reviews of any book the "bad guys" don't like the influence of. And of course there's always the mainstream media to completely ignore the book. Cheers Allan Powell

    7. Consider the Newtown School Board. Mr. Wolfgang Halbig and professor Fetzer both travelled to Newtown, at their personal expense, and politely asked for simple facts and information from them. Instead of willingly and cooperatively providing such facts and information, the gutless, cowardly and corrupt School Board, likely at the corrupt secret advice of their lying lawyer, chose silence instead of quickly, honestly and openly providing answers and facts to simple questions of ordinary U.S. Citizens whose goal is simply to discover the truth about the incident, and have every right to do so. There is even a law requiring this body to cooperate and provide public information to any member of the public. Not only did this group lie and cheat and commit fraud by their dismal failure to cooperate with this investigation, they even violated the open records law in Connecticut along with their lying obstructionist lawyer as well. All of them should have been arrested and jailed, but nothing happened to them. If a citizen responded in this contemptuous way to a judge in almost any court in the country, they would be immediately jailed until they decided to reveal the truthful facts and information they know about the subject at hand. One set of rules for ordinary citizens, another set of rules for government cheaters and liars.
      It is clear that if the conclusions of the book are accepted as true, and I have seen no facts or verifiable evidence to prove otherwise so far, many people have knowledge of this massive fraud perpetuated on the gullible American Public, but are acting like the three fools, no see, no hear, no speak. In other words they are deliberately seeking to deceive and fool and fleece every good American Citizen out of their most basic and fundamental rights, not only to learn and know every aspect of this massive government fraud, and massive crime on America, involving federal, state and local government, but the insidious evil intent of it to strip every American of their Constitutionally provided and protected rights to bear arms and own guns for the purpose of self defense and other legitimate purposes without any government intimidation or harassment of any kind at any level period. The actions or inactions of everyone in government involved in this massive scam or lie or fraud on America is disgraceful and unacceptable and all those responsible must be brought to justice for their crimes against America and crimes against every good American who has fought or died or suffered defending the basic Constitutional rights of every good American Citizen. The present situation is totally intolerable. Someone in authority MUST come out of their cowardly hiding place or woodwork or places wherever they are hiding, and speak up about these despicable crimes on America by its own government. Someone must show some guts and courage and respect for Country for a change instead of only thinking about ME, MYSELF and I.
      Just think of what a better country and better world it would be if everyone simply always told the TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH, AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH, in addition to following the GOLDEN RULE:”DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU.” Evidently there are many government employees who do not possess a conscience or they would not tell all these different forms of lies to us lowly citizens every day. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

      A lie can basically take one of three forms; overt, covert or fraud. An overt lie is a direct one, usually in response to a question. For example, suppose two persons are in a room with a window to the outdoors where the Sun is obviously shining. If one person asks the other, “Is the Sun shining outside?” and the other person, assuming they have knowledge that it is indeed shining, answers, “no”, this would be an example of an overt lie. These lies are usually the easiest to prove and dispute. In this case all that would be necessary to dispute it would be to simply look out the window.
      Now consider the same conditions and question, but now the respondent simply does not respond at all and remains silent but it is assumed they still have knowledge that the Sun is shining. This is an example of a covert or disguised lie, or lie by omission, because the individual has the same knowledge of the situation as in the first example above, but did not disclose that information in response to the question. This is a lie just as the answer in the first part is a lie and I say they must have equal weight. The second type or covert lie is more difficult to dispute because it involves showing that the non respondent had knowledge of the situation which they are not responding about. However, such proof is not an impossible hurdle to overcome.
      Third comes the issue of fraud, or the attempt to deliberately deceive others of the true facts or truth of a situation or set of circumstances. This is the most insidious of all lies and the most difficult to disprove. It must also carry equal weight as the two other types of lies above. The Sandy Hook Hoax is an example of this type of lie as well as both earlier examples as well.
      Let us assume, for the sake of argument, that all evidence and facts and conclusions of the book by professor Fetzer, at al are true as presented. We do not know this with 100% certainty, but we are just assuming it for the purpose of debate. If this then is the case, the Sandy Hook Hoax was perpetuated by a large government effort, initiated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, an agency of the federal government with a budget of about eleven thousand million dollars and eight thousand employees. Now evidently it is a fair assumption to assume that some of these 8000 employees especially the ones at the top, are aware of the national controversy about the public explanation of the event of the so called alleged Sandy Hook Massacre, December 14, 2012 at Newtown, Connecticut. Some citizens may have even written them with queries about it. What has been the response by officials of this large government organization to all the many public discussions and public confusion about this event? None, nothing, zero. Therefore all of them with any knowledge of all this hoax are liars and cheaters.
      Continued below:

    9. Oh big idiotic deal; chump lies and question-begging "reviews" aren't going to sink the book, fools. Book will succeed on merits by word-of-mouth and recommendations which are sure to be many and significant. What a moronic tempest-in-teapot, ho ho ho ho

    10. The anonymous non review of the book by professor Fetzer, et al by Dark Shadow, which contained a ruthless and cowardly attack on Dr. Fetzer, .has been removed by; the Amazon editors as of a few minutes ago.. My comment to it, which had already been removed yesterday, is posted above. The editors are to be commended for doing the right thing in removing that propaganda non review.

    11. Continued from above:
      This is hypocrisy at its worst. This is why our government is a dismal failure in America. This is why there is unrest in the population. There is virtually no, zero, peaceful way to resolve this fundamental flaw in American government. This sort of gross unfairness, by the King of England, is what led to the formation of our country, through violent revolution, in the first place over two centuries ago, and all we have done is basically reached the same or worse point of another group of liars and cheaters and fraudsters some two centuries later. Does anyone really believe these basic failures can be resolved in a non violent way? After all, was not this a violent scam perpetuated and conceived by government against its own citizens? Do you believe in the tooth fairy or that objects fall up instead of down?
      The best and most effective stings are those where the victims do not know or have any inkling they were fleeced or had or scammed, in this case, out of their most basic rights, rights, which have been defended by the deaths and suffering of thousands of good American soldiers, and others, for centuries, yet their own government and government paid criminals, carried out this massive con on their own citizens, and so far, have been “successful” in this gang rape of America by its own outlaw government! There simply do not exist words in polite English to describe this massive gang rape, and expletive deleted, of every good American, all done surreptitiously in secret, also enforced by the full military force and power of this same outlaw government, by their own government from the lowest underling, all the way up to the top, to the president himself! Shame and disgraceful or unconscionable are all far too polite words to describe this obscenity by our own “democratic” government to its own subjects and citizens, whose hard work and collective intelligence, provide every resource for this outlaw government to function in the first place. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph. D., Physics, United States Citizen in good standing for almost 77 years. Born at Cleveland, Ohio, Raised at Sierra Madre, California, Citizen and Taxpayer of Athens, Georgia for almost 50 years.

    12. Quote from NY Post at link above:
      “The nation’s second-biggest for-profit university agreed Monday to pay $95.5 million to settle federal probes, five state investigations and four whistleblower actions that accused the company of obtaining $11 billion in federal student aid through false statements.
      Pittsburgh-based Education Management Corp. (EDMC), partially owned by Henry Kravis’ KKR, has 100,000 students at its four colleges — the Art Institutes, South University, Argosy University and Brown Mackie College — and 90 percent of its tuition comes from federal aid, the government said in court papers.
      EDMC ran a “high pressure boiler room” operation by paying recruiters, beginning in 2003, based on how many students they enrolled, the government alleged.
      Such actions violate Department of Education rules. EDMC swore it was complying with all federal rules.”
      The United States Government uses it full military and “legal” powers of coercion to force a private corporation to pay about $100 million in fines for lying and cheating the government; but this same government lies and cheats every United States Citizen with the massive Sandy Hoax Swindle, intended not just to cheat them out of money, but cheat them out of their fundamental Constitutionally granted rights of self defense to bear arms in the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution which every official of this same government also swore, under oath, to comply with. Shouldn’t this lying cheating outlaw government now pay every U. S. Citizen, damaged by their criminal, lying cheating conduct in this massive scam on America, a minimum of $ 1 million (One Million United States Dollars Each) to every American Citizen to teach them a lesson they won’t forget? And should not every government employee involved, in any way, shape or form, including, but not limited to, all aiders and abettors, in this massive deception of America, be held personally responsible for these crimes on America, be forced to pay 100% of their assets toward these fines in addition to spending a minimum of ten years in federal prison? One set of rules applied to citizen criminals, another set of non rules and non enforceable rules for government criminals who commit the same or worse types of crimes only with much worse consequences. Continued below:

    13. Yes, so says the guy with likely a high school diploma telling someone with a graduate degree he's a 'brainless piece of shit.' Why would anyone want to be like me: I am smart, moral, courageous and fronted your lame ass a second after you came on this site, coward. Don't go away mad, just go away, gov. op. and your lame cognitive dissonance line of crap.

    14. Continued from above:
      This anonymous poster is unfairly targeting the distinguished scholar James Fetzer, Ph.D. because this poster hides himself behind the mask of anonymity just like members of the KKK hid their identities with white hoods when they attacked innocent victims, not unlike this attack on a distinguished and honorable scholar and professor. After all we don’t know anything about the possible belief’s and feelings of this poster do we, which, if known, might and could be used to make ad hominem attacks on him or her? This is likely one of the reasons he or she hides behind a fake identity. It is the same mentality as a common criminal who commits crimes with a mask in the dark of night so he or she can’t be identified and held accountable for his or her crimes. This is a totally worthless non review which adds nothing to the discussion at all. Any civics teacher would promptly flunk a 7th grade student who wrote this attack on the book author to divert attention from the failings of Dark Shadow, whomever or wherever he or she may be. Of course he or she is entitled to believe anything he or she so desires just like all of us are free to so believe. This one sided attack should be scrubbed from this forum by the Amazon Editors. It is also a legal threat to dissuade and intimidate professor Fetzer from his persuit of the TRUTH due to fear of a lawsuit. Lawyers use this tactic all the time to scare people into compliance. In fact, he or she might even be one, who knows? Lawyers love secrecy; that is why they instruct nearly all government bodies to not cooperate with open records laws as Connecticut officials are engaged in; obstruction to reasonable requests for simple, honest information and facts to discover the truth by concerned citizens. This non book review is a shameful disgrace to any intelligent person. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

    15. The following comment was posted to the one star "review" of Dark Shadow on Amazon but scrubbed by this morning. Here is the firs part continued in a second post:. It was posted here yesterday pm but evidently was too long.

      Quote from the Mirriam- Webster Online Dictionary:
      “Definition of AD HOMINEM
      : appealing to feelings or prejudices rather than intellect
      : marked by or being an attack on an opponent's character rather than by an answer to the contentions made “

      This unidentified poster with the phony name “Dark Shadow” is evidently unable to use rational argumentation to dispute the evidence and facts presented by professor Dr. James H. Fetzer, Ph.D., et all in this book, so he resorts to the age old ad hominem attack on him personally as defined above from the definition from the Mirriam-Webster Online dictionary. Nothing new here. He or She, as the case may be, seeks to discredit professor Fetzer by associating him with things which have nothing to do with the evidence, facts or conclusions of this book. I think it is clear he has not read the book or any of the many papers written by professor Fetzer on this subject for over a year, with no lawsuits filed by anyone of the principals so far as I know. There may have been a claim paid by the VT insurance company due to an admitted erroneous identification of one of the crisis actors. No one is perfect but when professor does make a rare unintended error, he readily and honestly and openly admits it in public quite unlike the obstructionists on the Newtown School Board and their obstructionist lawyer who refuse to voluntarily cooperate with the spirt and intent of the open records law in Connecticut and voluntarily release simple information without wasting time and money with cheating and lying lawyers involved. Obviously this corrupt school board has something important to hide or they would honestly and openly and quickly release the requested documents to Mr. Wolfgang Halbig and professor Dr. James Fetzer which they requested when the travelled to meet with the Newtown School Board long ago. Continued below

    16. Ultimately, Fetzer must realize he's not going to get rich or get anything fm goons who can't discern whether conclusions broached by reviewers are founded in premises or facts. Discerning readers of the reviews will surely be impressed by substance, and not by moronic question-begging and un-substantiated assertions.

    17. Fetzer Must Engage That Counterfeiting Fraud At Bottom Of Things

      Fetzer: u bring up legitimate observations, BUT u should consider and now strike at the ultimate source–including source of the original Sandy hoax itself, and 9/11 and JFK too–the master conspiracy at the top, controlling, overseeing everything: that literally legalized COUNTERFEITING of central-banking, specifically US Federal Reserve Bank.

      I've already noted numerous times the effects and consequences of this legalized counterfeiting, owning and controlling EVERYTHING and everybody, directly or indirectly–for they also pay for assassins which even Ron Paul has to consider.

      Hence u should seriously consider getting someone on ur show who can tell u and ur audience about this truly infernal criminal enterprise of legalized counterfeiting. There's G. Edward Griffin at, author of "The Creature From Jekyll Island," and then there are the "Austrians" at, including Lew Rockwell at, who does lots of interviews.

      Even if Rockwell might be busy, he could otherwise help u for getting one of the people connected w. Mises Institute to come-on to explain things about this central-banking and its horrific effects, the Fed itself working since 1913, having much affected the "Great" depression, WWII, cold war, JFK, 9/11, and now Sandy hoax etc.

      The only things under-lying this horrific central-banking are most abstract conditions regarding the general, psychologic, sociologic ignorance of the volk for what MONEY is and must be and why, and the amazing SATANIC movement which has most recently cropped-up, as in "hip-hop" music, etc.

      But regardless, it's urgent and crucial to grasp this strategic financial instrument and element, central-banking, which is behind particular conspiracies, including Sandy hoax, and these regiments of shills flooding Amazon w. their idiot lies and prop.

    18. Also, look at the other reviews made by those giving the ad hominem-laden, one-star reviews. They are phony product "reviews" that are given simply to 1) provide a history of giving reviews, and 2) get free stuff in the process. There is no depth in those other reviews, just a general platitude followed by a copy-and-pasted description of the random, run-of-the-mill household item, and a disclaimer saying the review was given in exchange for a discounted or free item.

      Since these are all 4- and 5-star reviews, it masks the overall average of the reviewer, absorbing the 1-star reviews he/she is shilling against, so that the tactic isn't easily detected by looking at the reviewer's overall average rating.

      This tactic should be pointed out when reporting shills to amazon — assuming they'll do anything about it.

    19. I think anyone looking at those reviews with any sense at all will very quickly see who is on the defensive. The one-star reviews are, with the exception of maybe one or two, blatant ad-hominems. The five-star reviews all have some substance to back up their claims. It is also interesting to note that most of the one-star reviews reject the book because they apparently know somebody who had a child die. Well….anyone can SAY that.

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