Truth vs. NEW$: Whaat? Nobody died at Sandy Hook?!

by Jim Fetzer

Here are some recent interviews with Truth vs. NEW$ in Seattle, which
are hosted by Donald Grahn, who has a folksy approach that makes it
easier for his audience to receive reports that are difficult or unpleasant.

Truth vs. NEW$ 29 October: Whaat? Nobody died at Sandy Hook?!

Truth vs. NEW$ 15 October 2015: Do we really need guns?
Truth vs. NEW$ 8 October: Are Unpqua shootings another false flag?

BONUS: President admits desire for complete gun confiscation
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58 thoughts on “Truth vs. NEW$: Whaat? Nobody died at Sandy Hook?!”

  1. Oh, James. Don't be a jerk. You know damn well that I'm not talking about me going to dinner. This level of deliberate obfuscation speaks to the weakness of your positions.

    How about this: US shootings or public events (e.g. assassinations) that you have investigated and found to be as they appear.

    You understand what I'm getting at. Can this anomaly hunting methodology be applied w/o coming to the conclusion that some conspiracy or intrigue is afoot. I say, per my extrapolation of R^2 argument (detailed in some of my other posts), that the answer is no.

    Set me straight with one of your own investigations that found things to be pretty much as they appear

  2. Steve12, Egad! I thought you were joking. There are millions upon millions of ordinary actions and events that take place every day, the vast majority of which do not involved two or more persons conspiring to commit an illegal act. You may have a newspaper delivered and get your mail each day, go shopping, out to dinner or take in a movie now and then. All kinds of activities are going on every single day that have no conspiratorial aspect to them. I honestly thought that you were kidding, because to suggest everything that happens everyday involves a conspiracy is beyond absurd: IDIOCY!

  3. Solipsistic Psycho Complains, Booo Hooo Hooo

    Jew-spew: ur main problem is u're legend in ur own mind, eh?–u like to talk to urself, pretending u're sooooo "humorous," eh? ho ho ho ho–I believe "solipsistic" is the word, buddy.

    U're psycho liar too, making idiot stuff up (as above at 9:15am), ignoring the facts presented, and then just going on in ur solipsist's manner, complaining in ur mock-serious way that no one replies or pays attn., ho ho ho ho

    So golly gee, but what are we real-life commenters and spectators to do?–only thing is to let u continue to going on and babbling to urself, right? Ho ho ho ho ho

    Have fun, Jewwy moron, ho ho ho oho

  4. Oh, and Apsterian is clearly a bot (all comments are from a small stable of stereotyped anti-semitic saying) likely programmed by Fetzer (takes the heat off him but allows him to vent his clear racism).

    No I am also a conspiracy theorist.

  5. Ya know what I've noticed, beyond the fact that you guys don't like to subject your ideas to scrutiny?

    I am by far the most interesting thing going on here. I don't know why CTs have no sense of humor, but let's face it: you don't. Something in the personality that attracts you guys to this business (and repels women).

    And for all that connect-the-dots talk, you guys sure love the trees and not so much the forest. A few questions summing up the ramificaitons of your evidence and you fold like a pup tent in a HAARP-induced hurricane.

    And I'd like to feel good about that bring some humor and perspective, ya know. But when your competition is Hitler Jr. and a grown man who needs a trigger warning before reading a swear (I think he calls them "swear words"), I'm actually not that impressed with myself…

  6. I don't blame you for not answering in a way.

    You guys have said that every single event that's ever happened since the Egyptians is a conspiracy by a shadowy cabal.

    So now your forced to either expel some of your conspiracy theories (small defeats) or keep them all, which can't be true (total defeat). And each is like a child to you guys – very precious.

    You also lose your methodology if you say everything is a conspiracy. If your methods just say everything is a conspiracy, then they're useless methods. Like a test for Ebola that just says everyone has it. Useless.

    So what do you do? Ignore the questions! Ya can't be wrong if you refuse to say anything. I think that's the scientific method, no?


    Dr. Fetzer is a seasoned entertainer who has kept us laughing for years. His best attributes are diversion and group-think.

    As a 74 year old clown, Dr. Fetzer is loved and respected by those in the same profession. Maybe Dr. Fetzer should take his wife, Janice, on a Sunday drive to visit The International Clown Hall of Fame and Research Center in Baraboo, WI which is only an hour drive from their home in Oregon, WI.

    Here are the directions but call ahead to make an appointment:

    Get on US-14 W in Fitchburg from E Richards Rd and Co Hwy Mm N 5 min (2.1 mi)
    Take US-12 W to South Blvd in Baraboo 53 min (48.9 mi)
    Continue on South Blvd. Drive to 4th St

  8. What a worldview! Afraid to answer questions that come from the opposite direction of "anomaly hunting". Better to be wrong than simply be a coward…..I guess not for you guys.

    Better to continue your insular circle jerk than accept questions from a skeptic. And to use the excuse that I made too many jokes…wow.

    THIS is why you're perpetually mocked and in the margins of society.

  9. Ho ho ho ho–but don't u get it, moron?–IF u were a kike, then u wouldn't hesitate to lie, right? And all the inductive evidence (walks, talks, acts, thinks like a kike) indicates u're kike, SOOOO the conclusion must now be dis-proven, which u can't do, can u?–that's scientific/inductive method, moron.

  10. What?–"shame"?–ho ho ho ho–that's chutzpah, isn't it? ho ho ho ho ho ho

    And "genocide"?–says Jew filth?–ho ho ho ho–what's going on in Palestine, Jew puke?–like what happened in Russia, Ukraine, and Armenia, then Germany, and everywhere u kikes go?–and what's now scheduled for the world under Jewwy "Agenda-21"? Jew filth–there are no Jews, just Jew filth, that's all.

  11. U're just a stupid, scummy, stinking, filthy kike, and u deserve nothing but contempt, kike filth–don't u get it, kike? See?–that's ur problem–U KNOW u deserve contempt, but u demand goyim MUST respect u and fear u–just like ur kike counterpart in Palestine demands u have right to terrorize and mass-murder the Palestinians, right? Face facts, Jew filth–u're Jew puke, and u should get a bullet btwn ur eyes–that's all u deserve.

  12. Ho ho ho–NOOOOOOO EXCREMENT, Sherlock, ho ho ho ho–the joke is u think u know something or are saying anything here that we don't already know, ho hoo ho ho–u're not very bright, are u? Hoho ho ho ho

  13. Proof that Sandy Hook was planned and staged is NOT proof that nobody died. An authority in logic and critical thinking like Fetzer should be a bit more cautious in how he throws around universal propositions like "Nobody died at Sandy Hook," let alone to make it the title of his book.

    And the same goes for "No planes" on 9/11. Existentials (this or that faked video) do not prove a universal negative (no planes hit the towers), and his physics on the matter is not competent.

  14. Jim,
    During your interviews/slides, ZOOM and show everyone the BACKWARDS HAND of Bright Blue Girl (in the Shannon Hicks "conga line" evacuation photo).

    The girl's Right Hand is shaped like a LEFT Hand (it's on BACKWARDS) b/c these bogus pictures were created/altered in Photoshop by DHS or whichever agency staged Sandy Hoax.

  15. You guys can ignore my questions because I joke around, but that's just an excuse.

    Asking why a cabal that has fixed every event in modern times isn't all powerful, or asking how your methods can tell conspiracy from non-conspiracy are VALID QUESTIONS that you REFUSE TO ANSWER.

    I'm looking at you Fetzer. Why no answers? Why the intellectual cowardice?

    These are your contentions. Stand up, be a man, and account to them.

  16. So on person attempted to answer my question re: what events are NOT conspiracies, but unfortunately answered Columbine which is considered a conspiracy by every self respecting conspiracy theorists.

    Anyone else want to take a stab?

    Can your worldview really hold up this poorly to a few general questions? My God!

  17. David Norton:

    So the guy calling for the extermination of the Jews (Apsterian) can stay, but the guy who makes jokes – mainly at the expense of the genocidal maniac – has to go?

    Wow. That's interesting.

    You also need to get a thicker skin. You seem so flustered by swears and jokes that you can't even function.

  18. Nope – Columbine was a Psyop according to this very blog. A little poking around the internets reveals that your conspiracy theory brethren do no agree with you on Columbine. YOu might get your ID card pulled just for suggesting that one.

    James? Care to comment on Columbine?

    The others are not mass shootings – I've not not seen anyone posit that every cop shooting is a conspiracy.

  19. Clearly, any event that lacks proof of a conspiracy, we don't call a conspiracy.

    You asked for examples. Just off the top of my head I think of Columbine, or more recently the Michael Brown shooting which was totally justified on the part of the officer. Or the case where they shot a kid who was pointing a very realistic looking toy pistol, I believe his name was Tamir Rice. So, that's three examples.

  20. Kike "Philosophy" At Its Most Eloquent

    Ho ho ho–but what do/did u expect fm kikes?–who gloat over having killed Christ, don't forget. That's thing about them, u mustn't fail to remember: they (God-like) create their own reality to which everyone else must subscribe upon pain of "anti-semitism," ho oho ho ho, which all gentiles are anyway, in the final analysis.

    Jews are satanistic liars to the very CORE of their being, making themselves co-equal w. God, the very purpose of God's being (according to kikes, anyway)–to having created these precious, holy beings, hook-noses and all, ho ho ho hoh oho–making them sooooo irresistible to females, ho ho ho ho.

    And thus Christ repudiated their subjectivist, always self-serving, interpretation ("midrash") of Torah according to their filthy "Oral Law Tradition" (see Gosp. MATT ch. 15).

    That's entire battle of the world and ideas, (a) Christian TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) and Aristotelian reality necessarily under-lying, vs. (b) Jew lies (JOHN 8:44) and subjectivism by which Pharisees achieve "good," ho ho ho ho ho–or so they "beleeeeeeeeev," at any rate, and if u don't agree, then u're anti-semitic, u see? Ho ho ho ho ho

  21. If this was my blog, I would have told you get respectful or get lost. These comments about living in a basement and not getting laid is over the top lame and reflects your immaturity. You are not here to discuss or even debate but to belittle and to mock others. Go find some other hobby your schtick has gotten old quick here.

  22. Kike: u're just trolling, ur kike question merely pretext, and if u had any "intelligence," which u Jew filth always like to pretend u have, u'd know the moron question is (a) easily answered if u only made merest effort. (b) Further, u're such stupid kike, u fail to give any reason the moron kike question needs be given the obvious answer–OBVIOUSLY the typical Jew lie that there is no consp.

    I thought u kikes were "smart"?–what happened?

  23. Oh, and kike: above dialectic, so clever by u "intelligent" Jew filth, should be better characterized as "rational person" = kike, and "consp. theorist" = gentile. Don't u think this is most appropriate/accurate, truthful? Ho ho ho ho

  24. Kike: u're just trolling the goyim, scum–all in ur psychopathic manner, pretending u're being "rational," ho ho ho ho.

    Kike: get a clue–just ck ur own Talmud (and yes, we know u're probably not "religious," not having gone to synagogue last Sat., but u're "religious" inasmuch as u push kike lies and lying, like holohoax, right, kike?): u're conspirators by nature of ur criminal, anti-human Talmud which gloats over having killed Christ, which encourages kikes in war against gentile.

    So u see, kike, THERE'S NOTHING ABOUT U JEW FILTH THAT'S NOT "conspiratorial"–get, Jew puke?

    Ho ho hoo ho–so no, kike, there's hardly anything about present Jew-affected and -dominated "culture," such as it is, that IS NOT "conspiratorial." Does this answer ur kike question? Ho ho ho ho ho

  25. Rationale Person (RP): Do you want a glass of water?

    Conspiracy Theorist (CT): Some people say fluoride has been put there to dumb us down into reasonable gun control.

    RT: Ummmm…OK – then no?

    CT: Do you drink water?

    RT: Yes. Do you want some? No is a fine answer.

    CT: I am thirsty.

    RT: Then yes?

    CT: They say you need 8 glasses of water a day. Who are "they" exactly?

    RT: So no?

    CT: You're such a schill! Do you believe everything they tell you? I am thirsty though…

  26. I really think that I'm pealing away Apsterian's rough exterior and revealing his wounded "inner child". The problem with Jewish women like Suzy and his mother explains his problems with Jews and women.

    I think the healing can finally begin….

  27. It's OK. I know I drummed up some tough feelings Apsterian. I don't expect you to respond right away. I know you're heart is breaking, so I'm not going to press you like your Jewish mother (yes, Apsterian, I know about that too).

    I'll give you some space to process. Shalom.

  28. It's OK Apsterian.

    It hasn't been easy, has it? All that rejection. Started right from grade school. She didn't even know you were alive, did she? But you were obsessed with her. Then you found out at the Christmas concert that she was….JEWISH!!! Santa was exclaiming "Ho Ho Ho!", but all you could think of was her.

    At that moment you decided it was over. "To the basement!!!" you exclaimed! "This world was never meant for one as beautiful as me! Ho Ho Ho!"

    But it's time to let your hatred of Suzy Greenberg (and your obsession with the phrase "Ho Ho Ho!") go! That trauma will no longer define you Apsterian. Out of the basement! Into the light!

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