In her review of David Talbot’s new book, The Devil’s Chessboard  (“Checkmate on The Devils Chessboard”, Consortium News October 27, 2015), Lisa Pease provides a succinct summary of Talbot’s impressive work.  With one notable exception, she has nothing but praise for his seminal research. That exception relates to his reference to E. Howard Hunt’s “final confession” identifying LBJ as the top of the chain of command that brought about the death of JFK, which is not congruent with the conventional wisdom she and her fellow “researchers” have been so anxious to avoid.
Her review isolates that premise as follows:

While Talbot has the facts right in the broad strokes, if not all the small details, his focus was, in my opinion, a tad misplaced in spots. For example, he appears to believe E. Howard Hunt’s deathbed “confession,” which many in the research community do not.  

Hunt, a career intelligence officer who became infamous as a leader of Nixon’s Watergate burglary team, implicated President Lyndon B. Johnson in the plot to kill Kennedy, which has never made sense to me. If LBJ was so ruthless that he killed his way to the presidency, why did he decide not to run again in 1968? Historically, when people have killed their way to the throne, they do not voluntarily abdicate it.

But E. Howard Hunt was far from alone in fingering LBJ as “the pivotal player” or, as I prefer to cite him, “the mastermind”. Madeleine Duncan Brown, Billy Sol Estes, Barr McClellan, and no less than Jack Ruby were strongly of that opinion, where Ruby told reporters dogging him during his appearance before Earl Warren that the motives of the principals were very tangible and that they should be looking at “the man at the top”.

Indeed, as other scholars have discovered, Lyndon not only forced himself onto the ticket in Los Angeles in 1960 by threatening to destroy JFK using information provided to him by J. Edgar Hoover but he even sent his Chief Administrative Assistant, Cliff Carter, down to Dallas to make sure all the arrangements were in place for the assassination. And after the event, he took an active role in managing the cover up, insuring that DA Henry Wade speak no more about “a possible conspiracy” and even calling Charles Crenshaw, M.D., who was responsible for the treatment of the alleged assassin at Parkland Hospital, to ask for “a deathbed confession”. Lyndon Johnson was a “hands on” guy who left nothing to chance.

Ignoring this damning evidence, we have a concise statement from her about why the “research community” is resistant to the premise of LBJ’s direct involvement in the planning and execution of the death of John F. Kennedy:  “Such a concept is simply impossible because five years later, when he had a chance to run for re-election, he chose not to — Case Closed.” But that claim begs for much closer scrutiny.

That she and others have grounded their refusal to explore LBJ’s numerous ties to the “crime of the century” to such a tenuous point is clearly and demonstrably “absurd.”  His criminal record — attested to by the impeccable credentials of Texas Ranger (later U.S. Marshal) Clint Peoples — began decades before the assassination and continued, on increasingly higher levels throughout his administration.  Peoples, for example, would convince a Texas grand jury in 1984 that one of the deaths Johnson had commissioned (through his aides, Cliff Carter and Malcolm “Mac” Wallace) of Henry Marshall, an inspector for the Department of Agriculture, was a “homicide” rather than a “suicide”.

That a man who had been shot five times with a single-shot rifle, had carbon monoxide in his lungs and had been rendered unconscious by a blow to the head could have committed suicide was a complete absurdity from the beginning but was typical of justice in Texas at the time. People’s success, however, came only after LBJ and his aides, were deceased and could no longer be indicted. Unsurprisingly, this development was promptly extinguished by the mainstream media as soon as it was announced and has thereafter remained “untouchable” by the Fourth Estate.

In a four-year-old Salon article (“The Other Kennedy Conspiracy”, November 21, 2011), Ms. Pease declares that she “is an expert on the assassinations of the ’60s in general and the Robert Kennedy assassination in particular.”  The following excerpt from that article summarizes the status of her research into RFK’s murder:

Fact: The CIA was so concerned about Robert Kennedy in the last year of his life that it put spying on him on a par with spying on the Soviet Union, according to a report in the Washington Post after it obtained this data. 

Perhaps the CIA was also anxious about RFK because, as David Talbot (the founder and current CEO of Salon) recounted in his 2007 book, Brothers, Robert Kennedy harbored suspicions about the CIA’s possible complicity in his brother’s death. One of Robert’s first calls after JFK’s assassination was to the CIA to ask if the agency had killed his brother. If members of the CIA were involved in the death of JFK, could they afford to let Robert ascend to an office where he’d have the power but to do something about that? 

I’m well aware that extraordinary claims deserve extraordinary evidence. I have much more to support what I’ve said here, which I am laying out in book form. I hope only to have cracked your mind open, because Occam’s Razor fails us when the simplest explanation is the carefully planned cover story.

Occam’s Razor, moreover, only applies to alternative theories that explain the available evidence equally well. The book that she stated she was “laying out” has evidently not made much progress since, so until it is published we can only speculate about what she considers so “extraordinary.”  But, had she not been so zealous about protecting LBJ’s tainted legacy for at least a quarter-century, she might have connected a few more of his presidential treacheries into patterns that could possibly explain why Johnson decided to give up on being re-elected.  

It had much to do with the precarious position that he had placed himself in — after having won the landslide victory in ’64, how he had been swallowed by his own hubris in creating the Viet Nam quagmire — with his record fall in the polls.  By early 1968, the Tet Offensive shattered the public’s confidence in his handling of the war, Eugene McCarthy had nearly trounced him in the New Hampshire primary, and then Robert Kennedy entered the race, which caused his chances of being reelected to be very much in jeopardy.  

Johnson knew his ego could never deal with defeat, even in the early primaries, and decided that he ought to quit the race while he still could.  But an even greater reason may have existed that should not be summarily discarded.  If the provenance of the order to “take out” RFK came not just from the highest echelons of the FBI or CIA but to the person who had control over those agencies, it is conceivable that by March 31, 1968, he had already given Helms and Hoover (et. al.) the order to eliminate any possibility that Bobby Kennedy might one day become president.  
It is clear that Sirhan Sirhan did not shoot the fatal shot (one of four fired from behind); and there is mounting evidence of a high-level conspiracy involving the CIA, the FBI and the LAPD.  It follows that clear lines might be traced back to LBJ’s possible instigation of RFK’s assassination.  If that could be proven, another possible explanation for Johnson’s decision to quit the race — merely two weeks after Bobby’s entry  — would become that “Occam’s Razor” that she cites:  by taking himself out of the race he could ensure that almost no one would seriously regard him as the culprit.
There have been many other researchers who have also probably been disappointed that Mr. Talbot even mentioned E. Howard Hunt’s “confessions” — which left open the question of LBJ’s involvement in JFK’s assassination — instead of making a stronger case of Allen Dulles’ key role in the 1963 coup de etat.  Perhaps his work will help to put the onus where it should more properly be placed — at LBJ’s door.  My book, LBJ: From Mastermind to The Colossus, explains in greater depth the reasons the “driving force” behind the assassination could not have been Allen Dulles, where that role could only have been fulfilled by Lyndon Johnson.

Phillip F. Nelson is the author of LBJ: The Mastermind of the JFK Assassination (Skyhorse, 2010; 2011; 2013) and LBJ: From Mastermind to The Colossus (Skyhorse, 2014)
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    Matthew Mills, 32, of Brooklyn, N.Y. was charged with second-degree breach of peace Saturday after approaching Jillian Soto and telling her the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. never took place, reported.

    Mills was also arrested following Super Bowl XLVIII at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford in 2014. Mills burst on to the podium during a post-game press conference, grabbing a microphone from a player and shouting, "Investigate 9/11! 9/11 was perpetrated by people in our own government!"

    At Saturday's Vicky Soto 5K Race in Stratford, Conn., Mills' alleged antics brought Soto and another sibling to tears. He shoved a photo of the Soto family in Jillian Soto's face and loudly told her that her sister never existed, cops told the Connecticut Post.

    Vicky Soto is credited with helping some members of her first-grade class escape the shooting that left 20 students and six adult staff members dead.

    Saturday's event helped raise money for scholarships in Soto's name.

    Mills defended his actions in an interview with, saying he donated money to run in the race and "politely" asked Jillian Soto a question about a picture he said might have been altered.

    Mills posted a $10,000 bond and is due next week in Bridgeport Superior Court.

  2. Considering Captain Bush’s affiliation with the nation’s cyber security network, it’s likely some will speculate that his involvement with Insanemedia could be on behalf of the U.S. government, either to gauge interest in conspiracy theories like Sandy Hook or to identify and track the activities of potential so-called “domestic terrorists” by collecting the IP addresses of those who visit the website.

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  50. I know that, Dave, and I only do it because it wastes HIS time because he gets all flustered and stops making mile-long nonsense posts for a while. And also because these trolls have become insufferable and my patience with them is now zero level.

  51. Dr. Fetzer, do you have a means to permanently ban locusts like 'apsterian' or 'Emmanuel Goldbrick' from the board? Why should these trolls ever be tolerated when their only purpose is to distract and slow the movement of actual truth? Truly tedious. Please take him/her/it down…

  52. Apsterian is nothing but another self-deluded cunt who leeches off the hard work and perception of actual scholars so he can pretend he has some sort of life. He deluded himself that anyone ever actually reads his pathetic bloviations. I have ZERO inclination to give him ANY honey. Get lost, asslickian.

  53. What about if some deal had been cut between LBJ and Nixon that Johnson would agree, in secret, not to run in 1968. Also maybe Johnson figured he would lose to Eugene McCarthy or RFK? Nixon was the point man in the White House on Cuba as Ike's VP :-).

  54. Dipshit: as I explained, it's ok for u to say there's no evidence for u–get it, u ignorant scum? But u have no evidence for conclusion that there's no God–if u can't figure that out, it ain't my fault, u utter complete, brainless moron.

    "Grow up"?–ho ho ho–look who's talking, a total ignorant moron who can't figure-out u can't prove a universal negative, stupid punk. Grow-up?–u need to take ur own advice, suck-hole puke, ho ho ho ho


    Dr. Fetzer is a seasoned entertainer who has kept us laughing for years. His best attributes are diversion and group-think.

    As a 74 year old clown, Dr. Fetzer is loved and respected by those in the same profession. Maybe Dr. Fetzer should take his wife, Janice, on a Sunday drive to visit The International Clown Hall of Fame and Research Center in Baraboo, WI which is only an hour drive from their home in Oregon, WI.

    Here are the directions but call ahead to make an appointment:

    Get on US-14 W in Fitchburg from E Richards Rd and Co Hwy Mm N 5 min (2.1 mi)
    Take US-12 W to South Blvd in Baraboo 53 min (48.9 mi)
    Continue on South Blvd. Drive to 4th St

  56. 'Grow up there is no G O D.'
    G O D= Gates of Death. Looking backwards upon while projecting image forward. (Generally regarded as 'satan'.)
    Creator- Even if this is a result of star dust it is a result. Hence a Creator. 'Big Bang' double entedre – sex magick bullshit.

  57. Jew-Spew: TYPICAL Gov. "Scientist," Ho Ho Ho

    Ho ho ho–well, notice I "engage" him, ho ho ho–and in most appropriate manner, too, I'd say.

    Jew-spew says he's "neuroscientist (actual scientist)," ho ho ho ho; that reminds me when I was student work-study employee and and assigned to watch the parking-lots–I always told people I was connected w. "security," ho ho ho ho ho. Such is this Jewwy-spew moron's connection w. science, one may be assured.

    And what really is "science"?–it's production of "knowledge" that's necessarily true, according to Aristotle, the very father of science. Thus a scientist essentially does 2 things: (a) observation, and then (b) induction, a fancy word for generalization. After the generalization is made, more observation is employed, as in experimentation, to sharpen the accuracy of the inductions.

    So a good scientist is nothing if not observant–for which we see this moron, Jew-spew, is utter failure. And we KNOW he doesn't understand simplest logic regarding above comment at Oct 30, 6:42 am, insisting there's no God, etc. Then there are all the simple observations Jew-spew ignores, as he's demonstrated now over several blogs and commentaries.

    So what Jew-spew really is is just the typical cliche'-spouting kike, as we see, who SELECTIVELY observes and ignores facts of reality, and in place of real sense or skill for simplest, basic logic, merely spouts the usual idiot lies and platitudes that we always get fm Jew scum.

    Jew-spew better hope he's saved his tax-feeders' wages as it's all coming to a screeching halt very soon, ho ho ho ho–US Dollar collapsing as we speak, by golly.

  58. Doubtful. You write without panache or class. Rather obnoxious also. I doubt a doctor of neuroscience would be making petulant comments about mom's basement or getting laid. I think you might want to look in the mirror when most of your comments have been off-topic and inappropriate. You're either a gov op or a coward or both. No one engages you here because you exposed yourself as a low grade op and you are worried about the lack of mental stability of of others. You put the cart in front of the horse. Just go away or come back when you have established some class and integrity to actually discuss with civility.

  59. "He's more accomplished than you."
    I'm a cognitive neuroscientist (i.e., actual scientist) at a major university. No, I don't care if you believe me. Yes, I will remain anonymous because I do not trust the mental stability of most people here.

  60. See, kike: it's ok if u want to say u don't have enough evidence to conclude, but it's not justified in reason for u to say there's enough for conclusion there is no God, dumbass. U can't prove a universal negative, dumbass. I thought u Jews were "smart"?–what happened?

  61. Well, kike: I doubt people are willing to entertain ur stupid Jewwy refusal to grasp reality. U pretend u know everything, then want to ask stupid questions and insist everyone must answer up, ho ho ho hooo. Can't u figure-out people hate kikes?

  62. Don't Doubt Sinful Nature Of Humanity, Criminal Nature Of Politicians Like LBJ

    Indeed, humans are sinners and life is war as Homer, Darwin, and all the great philosophers have taught us. Thus original American founders understood the notion of checks and balances as best effort by which the various interests might negate one another. St. Augustine reminds us about nature of gov.–kingdoms–they're a bunch of thieves and murderers, "criminals."

    And this review itself, by Nelson, overlooks the criminal enterprise which has ruled Jew S A since at least 1913, central-banking legalized COUNTERFEITING, US Federal Reserve Bank–see and for expo.

    LBJ himself was mere pawn of these "banker" criminals, as were the presidents before him, esp. FDR, this criminal cabal working through the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR–see for expo) and lately the Trilateral commission and "Bilderberg."

    So JFK assassination can well and best be analyzed as ultimately overseen by CFR powers, LBJ the quarterback, pulling all the operational strings and seeing to the cover-up. Don't forget LBJ was Jew (see, well-connected w. zionist and Jew criminal networks, hence the Jews-media. Israel rec'd great increases in US tax-payers' largesse w. help of LBJ.

  63. I was 25 when Johnson decided not to run and hardly surprised as he seemed by then a broken man. Of course hidden away in the subconscious of most persons is the reluctance to view a former president as serial killer! Part of the American dream or myth is the idea embedded in childhood of the President as a kind of secular saint. Parents, Presidents, teachers, doctors, all belong to this community of people we would like to cherish and hold in high regard. It is a terrible bump to discover it is not the case. The notion that the world is run by various criminal gangs is very repugnant and hard to swallow. But WWII makes far more sense when viewed in that light. Give it try.

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