Sandy Hook, Oregon college shooting, and the 10 ducks

On October 1, 2015, 26-year-old biracial student Christopher Harper-Mercer shot and killed 9 (and injured another 9) on the picturesque campus of Umpqua Community College near Roseburg, Oregon [Editor’s note: according to reports published in the mainstream media]. After a 2-min. exchange of gunfire with two responding plainclothes police detectives, Harper-Mercer killed himself, resulting in a total death toll of 10.
Dan Bidondi is a reporter for InfoWars. On the day before the Oregon shooting, Bidondi was in Connecticut covering former Florida state trooper Wolfgang Halbig’s Freedom of Information lawsuit for certain Sandy Hook documents.
Bidondi said he found 9 “Sandy Hook ducks” on his car, and a 10th duck in the gas tank compartment., which is the same number as the death toll at Umpqua Community College a day later. Here is what Bidondi posted on his Facebook page:
Dan Bidondi Facebook post
“Sandy Hook ducks” are the inception of a self-described Sandy Hook “school-based police officer” who founded a Facebook page called The Ducks of Sandy Hook Elementary. The page was created sometime in January 2013, just weeks after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre on Dec. 12, 2012.
The page’s self-description says:
“A collection of rubber ducks to bring smiles to the faces of the kids and adults that need as much to smile about as we can give.
I am assigned to the Sandy Hook School as the school based police officer. A donor had sent approximately 500 small rubber ducks, which the kids loved immensely. My counterpart and I spread them out everyday in the lobby of the school kids, and yes adults, take them to keep. The joy the ducks bring to everyone can not be put into words. We plan to keep buying ducks and placing them out everyday as long as the school is in use. Anyone that would like to help us with the purchasing of the ducks, your help is greatly appreciated. If you would like to send a monetary donation or order ducks contact me and I will provide an address. Everyone in the school enjoys the ducks and we never want to have to tell anyone we don’t have any to give them, child or adult.”
The Ducks of Sandy Hook Elementary asks for donations of ducks or money to be sent to 261 S. Main St. #312, Newtown CT. 06470.
Here’s the address on Google Map (click map to enlarge):
261 S Main St, Newtown, CT
A search on Google for “261 S. Main St., Newtown, CT 06470” shows one result:the UPS Store, which has a mailbox service.
In other words, The Ducks of Sandy Hook Elementary‘s address is a rented mailbox at the UPS Store on 261 S. Main St.
Curiously, 261 S. Main St. is also the new address of HONR Network, a “business” of Lenny Pozner, father of alleged Sandy Hook child victim Noah — that Noah Pozner who died twice, the first time at Sandy Hook Elementary School; the second time two years later in a school shooting in Peshawar, Pakistan. Lenny has been using HONR Network to harass bloggers and YouTubers, claiming that their publishing images of Noah violates copy right, although the source of those images is the Noah Pozner memorial Facebook page Lenny himself had set up. The page can be viewed by anyone, which means those images of Noah are in the public domain.
Despite that, Lenny succeeded in getting WordPress, this blog’s server, take down those pictures, without even notifying me first. WordPress also repeatedly threatened to shut down Fellowship of the Minds (FOTM) if we violate Lenny’s copy right again, regardless of FOTM’s Fair Use disclaimer as a not-for-profit site. (See also “Sandy Hook dad Lenny Pozner’s website redirects to Obama regime’s NSA.”)
The Ducks of Sandy Hook Elementary reacted quickly to the Oregon college shooting. On the same day of the shooting, Oct. 1, 2015, this was posted onThe Ducks of Sandy Hook Elementary‘s timeline:
Ducks of Sandy Hook Oregon sign
So what do you make of the 10 Sandy Hook ducks placed on Dan Bidondi’s car a day before the Oregon Umpqua College shooting?
  • Were the 10 ducks a predictive warning about the next day’s Umpqua Community College shooting?
  • Were the 10 ducks a prediction of the Umpqua death toll?
  • If so, that foreknowledge implies the Umpqua shooting is a planned and contrived false-flag event.
H/t Professor Doom 1 and FOTM reader cs.
This article originally appeared on on 11 October 2015.
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34 thoughts on “Sandy Hook, Oregon college shooting, and the 10 ducks”

  1. Sublime Ease Of Fetzer's Task, Everything Considered

    Finally, consider, after all is said and done for this subject of the conspiracy-complex within this satanic and hubristic culture in Spenglerian "decline," how sublimely easy and convenient things are for Fetzer, given my above analysis of the issues, so abstract and hence easy to subvert (a).

    (b) The only thing left is subject of Jews–which people imagine Fetzer is sooo down upon–people incapable even of imagining Fetzer is out to COVER for Jews, w. "limited-hangout," and to maintaining legitimacy for Jews, ho ho ho, insisting not all kikes are "bad"–something Fetzer learned well in all his yrs of academia hacking and contempt for the suckers in the public and among the great majority of students.

    (c) Fetzer merely needs to be sure NOT to covering Talmud–he never hrd of Talmud. "'Talmud,' did u say"? he asks, "never hrd of it," ho ho ho ho

    So Fetzer's function for gate-keeping and limited-hangout is actually quite sublimely easy thing to do, everything considered, too few even beginning to figuring it all out how Fetzer is covering for kikes, not to mention the overall, general tragedy and corruption of our poor culture, society, and people.

  2. Fetzer's Gate-Keeping, Diversionary Method(s) Not Terribly Difficult, Under Circumstances

    So note Fetzer effectively covers-up and diverts fm two related things (a) Jews and Talmud, and (b) their irreplaceable, invincible, primary instrument, central-banking.

    (c) The other thing he ignores, so conveniently, is SUBJECTIVISM, foundation of the rampant satanism and cultural hubris which also is the abstract (distinct fm existential) instrument of Jews and associated satanists and criminals–as not all criminals are outright satanists, though they're subject to it, most not knowing it.

    So Fetzer's task isn't terribly difficult, the abstract subject-matters (subjectivism and central-banking) relatively easy to simply ignore or to glibly write-off if it's ever brought-up.

    Ethics is another abstract subject easily subverted for discussion. So u see the relative ease of Fetzer's task as gate-keeper and limited-hangout artist which then he reinforces and effectuates by means of these long, tedious listings of details, in which listeners are invited to getting lost–and which details Fetzer often is capable of going into yet further convolutions (details upon the details).

    Finally, Fetzer writes-off serious Christian philosophy by just calling it "religion," hence not worthy of his time–actually quite patronizing and contemptuous, but it works in these hubristic times, the suckers willing to go-along.

  3. Fetzer Also Covers-Up Foremost Criminal Enterprise, Central-Banking

    Yes, that's ANOTHER thing, BUT I happen to know fm a note Fetzer made on another blog that Fetzer understands there are problems w. central-banking, but he can't, evidently, figure-out what horrendous criminal enterprise and fraud it is, this despite the amazing history of such central-banking just in USA, this well-covered by Griffin in his work, "The Creature From Jekyll Island." These bankers are TOP criminals, necessarily, and nothing–not JFK, nor 9/11–goes without these "bankers" knowing and integral part–another thing Fetzer effectively covers-up.

    So think of it: if u cover JFK, 9/11, and Sandy hoax, then u're covering criminal activity (a), and (b) ULTIMATE criminal activity/enterprise is legalized COUNTERFEITING of central-banking, which necessarily controls/affects everything else. So HOW could such "banking" NOT be considered by such as Fetzer, pretending to "investigate"?

    So Fetzer is a cover-up artist, hack, and gate-keeper for all his expo, and it really couldn't be un-intentional, everything considered.

  4. It appears he does not connect the dots and where it leads. He could write about the federal reserve and such and what a boondoggle this is but he is rather silent on the matter. So you've checkmated him on this point.

  5. Fetzer: Consummate, Confirmed Hack

    Ho ho ho–of course he's "busy"–doing his part for limited hangout, and his Jew buddies, pushing his moronic hacks' version of "ethics" which is pushed on the the poor students and maintaining that essential subjectivist premise for "good-evil," and then satanism, though he'd surely deny he wants to push satanism.

    Why doesn't Fetzer speak (or write) on the Talmud?–or the philosophy within Christian literature? Do u doubt he's consummate hack?–30 yrs in academia–his brain is fried, a assure u, ho ho ho ho. At this pt., Fetzer is mere raconteur and trivialist for such as JFK and 9/11–not into serious philosophy or any serious discussion at all.

  6. Hes not even responded to my commentary which to say is toned down compared to some. He good be just busy but you have a friend with DF. Perhaps you could challenge him formally. You say this is a limited hangout but your critiques are in a limited hangout setting. This gives you the opportunity to expand your message beyond this sector of the internet.

  7. Fetzer: Exposed, Dis-Credited Gate-Keeper

    Good grief, but u say u're smart, and u can't see Fetzer has all opportunity he needs here in HIS OWN GOSH-DARNED BLOG!–if he won't do it here, he's not gonna do it anywhere.

    Get a clue: (a) Fetzer is tried and true HACK–he wouldn't have spent 30 yrs + in academia if he wasn't purest hack, who holds, as hacks obligatorily must, that there are good Jews, PERIOD.

    (b) So he's NOT NOT NOT NOT going to examine the Talmud–this would be absolutely FATAL to his entire hack's position.

    (c) Observe Fetzer's moronic muddled grasp of ethics, mis-representing egoism, including "deontology" and utilitarianism as respectable theories/systems in all reason.

    (d) So u see why Fetzer doesn't want to even begin to taking Christianity seriously as it holds humans are "sinners"–necessarily egoists, as they're possessed of will, etc.

    (e) Fetzer is strictly sublime "limited-hangout" for Jews, working to distract folks exclusively upon Israel, "zionists," and neo-cons–the "bad" Jews, along w. establishment "ethics" and metaphysics (subjectivism as foundation for ethics).

    (f) Thus Fetzer will simply continue as he does here: laying low, letting such as "activist strumpet" try to distracting and diverting things off on ad-hominem, etc.

  8. You have a lot of good points to make. What I'd like to see is for people to be civil and to hold themselves to the same standards they hold others.

    I think a point I can accept now is that Fetzer gets bogged down in the fine details without seeing the big picture.

  9. See just below for explanation for what's going on. This "activist strumpet" is deranged follower of her master, Fetzer, and this is all she can think of to say by way of response to Fetzer's critics, evidently, ho ho ho ho ho

  10. Quote: As you can plainly see, Asslickiuan…NO ONE gives a shit what you write. Mostly because no one cares to engage a pathetic old assclown who likes to masturbate all over the comment section of a blog he neither writes for nor has anything meaningful to contribute in the way of value. Go Fuck Yourself. Oh, wait…you're apparently already so engaged. Ho fucking Ho.

    There are better ways than this to talk around the problem.
    Maybe you can suggest one that excludes Dresden attacks.
    Only the devil hides its intent. 'Anonymous'

  11. Fetzer's Strategy: Diversion Upon Details, Ignore The Abstract, Theory, "Limited-Hangout"

    Indeed, we see, as the "strumpet," above notes–there's practically NO DEFENSE being done for Fetzer and his gate-keeping and subversion–aside fm the laughable ad-hominem by the strumpet herself–simply attack the critics.

    For even Fetzer wouldn't deny he's against anti-semitism, though he then lacks the honesty to admit he's therefore anti-Christ–for he doesn't want to get into Christianity and its allegorical meaning for simplest philosophy.

    And that's the interesting thing about Fetzer's "limited-hangout" strategy for Jews. Fetzer actually has LOTS of Jews not terribly admiring of him, as for his holohoax "denial," and criticism of Israel, "zionism," and obvious MOSSAD activity in 9/11 and JFK–it's subtle "limited hangout" operation, indeed.

    After that (above about "limited hangout" strategy for Jews), it gets pretty abstract for criticism of Fetzer's mis-representation for science and inductive logic regarding theorizing, ignoring central-banking and basic issue of money, and the mis-representation of ethics, leaving out Hobbes' and Locke's rational egoism–too few seem interested in these otherwise obscure subject-matters.

    Fetzer figures it's easiest thing then to just leave-off w. any criticism or arguing regarding the more abstract issues. Fetzer's purpose is (a) sublime "limited-hangout" regarding Jews, and then (b) keeping the gentiles distracted/diverted upon mis-directed, narrow focus on details, items, tid-bits.

    Overall though, one sees: Fetzer will not defend Christianity, pretending to ignorance and disdain for what he calls "religion." And hence Fetzer refuses to face-up to the plain satanic issue, pretending it's abstract enough for him to expediently ignore, providing minimal confusion/diversion for the basic ethical and philosophic issues, which then provides cover for his Jew clients.

    So Fetzer figures it's most convenient to lay-low, say nothing, and allow such as the strumpet's ad-hominem to occupy attn. for counter-attacking and confusionary purposes. The abstract nature of things conspiratorial itself will exclude attn. for most. Fetzer is conducting subtle operations, intellect-styled, after all.

  12. Strumpet: that's just ur wishful thinking and speculation, perhaps, eh? Ho oho ho ho. Not too many folks seem to be serious fans of Fetzer himself, that's for sure. No one defends him. "[N]or has anything meaningful to contribute"?–THAT'S U, sucker, get it? ho ho ho

  13. As you can plainly see, Asslickiuan…NO ONE gives a shit what you write. Mostly because no one cares to engage a pathetic old assclown who likes to masturbate all over the comment section of a blog he neither writes for nor has anything meaningful to contribute in the way of value. Go Fuck Yourself. Oh, wait…you're apparently already so engaged. Ho fucking Ho.

  14. And don't tell me about Jews of race who don't actively practice their satanic, Talmudic religion, for they ALWAYS defend and excuse their religiously-observant brethren and co-racialists. No decent human would admit they're "Jew"–anymore than they'd say they're psychopaths, satanists, or Christ-killers.

  15. Yet another note I might have added for the fuller analysis of the large satanistic sociologic complex is important observation that there are far more numerous satanist gentiles, but who are organized and effectively led by the top Judaic/satanist masterminds, these including, on the so-called "left," the homosexuals, perhaps 10% of the population, and even more numerous, the "Judeo-Christians" (JCs, also called "Christian zionists") on the pretended "right," these led by "neo-cons." For fullest expo on JCs, see and

  16. ———-[HERE'S PART 2 TO ABOVE]—————-

    (f) Fetzer serves satanists further by denigrating Christianity by over-looking, mis-representing (as mere "religion") and ignoring distinct Christian PHILOSOPHY which is contained within the literature and allegory.

    (g) Thus Fetzer fails for proper science and INDUCTION regarding overall THEORY based upon details and observations, FAILING to note and identify the distinct and definitive satanic element and character entailing extreme subjectivism and hubris. It isn't just zionists and neo-cons, as this is a failure of incompleteness and insufficiency, FAILING to see to the ESSENCE, (extreme) subjectivism, and profound hubris–satanism.

    (h) For note this satanism, easily verified and noted by many observers is further confused by Fetzer's indulgence and partiality for SUBJECTIVISM, the basic premise of such satanism, given at the very foundation of philosophy, and excused and given pretext for Fetzer's fallacious "ethical" acceptance of "deontology" (Kant) and "utilitarianism" (Bentham), both of these founded in irrationalism, mysticism, and/or subjectivism.

    (I) And this basic, fundamental anti-reason and mysticism for ethics and metaphysics by Fetzer is in addition to gross incompetence and ignorance of the rational egoism of Hobbes and Locke, whom Fetzer fails to even mention, and which egoism Fetzer mis-represents, for the typical incompetence and prejudice of establishment academics.

    CONCLUSION: So we see Fetzer, the academic hack, and his practical effects for profoundly and sublimely subverting the truth movement in so many ways, acting as veritable gate-keeper, all of this whether Fetzer knows and admits it or not. For it's only typical if Fetzer genuinely believes in his Jew-serving mystic "ethics" and subjectivism which then acts to aiding and abetting the satanic (extreme subjectivism) enemy destroying the people, economy, and culture. For no less than the corrupt and satanic mass-media, so also does the corrupt, sublime, and satanist establishment "edjumacation" serve to divert, distract, mis-inform, deceive, and corrupt the perception, conception, information, and thus positive defensive activity of the people, the people now stymied, confused and effectively crippled for self-defense and healthy counter-activity.

  17. Fetzer's Role, Place, Function As Subversive, Gate-Keeper

    Thus we see fm our accounting and detailing of Fetzer's numerous failings and defects his real place as subversive and gate-keeper for patriot "truth" movement: (a) he's limited hang-out, subtle and deep-cover for Jews and satanists (extreme subjectivists), pretending there are "good" Jews–like there are good satanists, psychopaths, and Christ-killers, which ostensibly might seem counter-intuitive as he debunks holohoax and criticizes zionists, neo-cons, and even admits MOSSAD involvement in 9/11, JFK, and attack on USS Liberty of 1967, etc.

    But Fetzer, typical hack of establishment academia, always hastens to add that it doesn't mean there aren't "good" Jews.

    (b) For Fetzer studiously avoids examination of the basic Jew Talmud which definitively characterizes very ESSENCE of Jews–subjectivism and hubristic making themselves co-equal w. God, Jews the ONLY PURPOSE OF GOD, God the abject servant of Jews, who does miracles for the Jews and God used as excuse for Judaic mass-murder, God having supposedly ordered Jews to kill every man, woman, and child, even the animals of the "Amelikites," euphemism for all gentiles and humanity. See for expo, also

    (c) Fetzer SUBVERTS and mis-represents the very scientific process itself, masking this w. his numerous, repetitive, long, boring, and tedious listings of various details, giving the impression he's being exhaustive and heeding the proper technique for considering ALL THE EVIDENCE–for Fetzer LEAVES OUT key details, despite his fraudulent manifestations pretending to proper science.

    (d) For as noted, Fetzer strategically LEAVES OUT those necessary details about Jews and their Talmud, only selectively mentioning "zionists," neo-cons," etc. But further, Fetzer leaves out the most strategic detail of CENTRAL BANKING (legalized COUNTERFEITING) which makes everything else possible, practically/existentially. JFK, 9/11, and Sandy hoax COULD NOT have taken place without the lavish funding/financing of all the circumstances, including TOTAL control of the establishment mass-media covering things up and running numerous diversions against the people's proper focus and attn. (e) Another key detail is the simple nature and definition of MONEY.

    ———-[END OF PART ONE; SEE BELOW FOR 2]———-

  18. Fetzer's Single Greatest Failure–Analysis Of Ultimate Criminal Enterprise, Central Banking

    What's Fetzer's single greatest failure for theorizing for the "truth" movement regarding 9/11, JFK, and Sandy hoax?–surely it's the large context of these specific conspiracies, this large context being that of central-banking as of US Federal Reserve Bank legalized COUNTERFEITING, thus controlling the very "monetary" (actually now, currency) system. See and for best expo on Fed fraud.

    For folks, overall and in general, don't understand MONEY, what it is and must be, and why it must necessarily be commodity-based, thus gold/silver being best.

    That's why the best and easiest thing to do, for "truth"-telling, is to move to an easier concept, that of the over-all satanism (extreme subjectivism) which then is psychologic/abstract circumstance for criminal activity in general, hence KEY Federal Reserve COUNTERFEIT-scam, then 9/11, JFK, etc.

    Thus "ethics," in general, another abstract subject-matter is best understood in general cultural terms, ESPECIALLY in way of Christian culture vs. satanism–and this isn't really too difficult, but Fetzer is sadly incapable, as we see.

    This Christian subject-matter is another failure of Fetzer's as he's too willing to write it off as mere "religion," not worthy of serious cultural analysis which Christianity is supposedly bereft of any genuine or serious cultural/philosophic value, substance, or meaning.

    Thus as we understand philosophic enterprise is matter of setting general context for specific items and understanding the various relations, we see Fetzer's philosophic failure, for ethical and cultural analysis, contexts for the various conspiracies, and that key, master conspiracy of them all, central-banking.

  19. Strumpet Fails To Substantiate Allegations

    Dipshit: u're the liar unless u can specify (a) what "other people's work" I've supposedly stolen.

    (b) What have I "lied" about?

    (c) How am I "a fool"?

    (d) How am I "leech"?

    "Scholarly logic"?–well, dumbass, if u can't specify ur general accusations, then u're one who's shown to be liar who knows nothing about any logic, fool.

  20. Asslickian dares to show his weasel face again, proving he has zero sense of reality. You think I or anyone else actually read that steaming pile of horseshit you left on this page? Bahahahahaha! I've read a total of ONE of your masturbatory screeds a month or so ago, but notice you just can't help coming all over yourself with the thought that someone might think you're 'impressive'. Well, you've made an impression all right, Asslickian, one of a thief who steals other people's work, lies about anything and everything, and in general, shows what a fool he is up against people who actually DO know what research and scholarly logic is about. You're a leech, Asslickian. You belong in the muck at the bottom of a sewer. Get lost.

  21. Fetzer's Incompetence, Subversion Is Well Detailed

    Dear shit-for-brains scum: there's no way u could possibly know what u lie about above–get it?–and this is obvious to anyone. People can read my stuff for themselves, moron. All u do is repeat same, stupid lies which have been refuted pt. by pt, detail by detail, several times now.

    Like I say about Fetzer: he's (a) academic hack, pushing same stupid drivel students are taught in academia to keep them stupid and incapable of serious thinking, including esp. (1) subjectivism, (2) "ethics" of "good-evil" delusion, legitimization and puffing of gross, putrid mystics and inferior thinkers, like Bentham and Kant; (3) that Judaism is respectable, refusing and neglecting even for basic investigation of what it is and entails (see, (4) Christianity is mere "religion" w. no philosophic/cultural respectability or substance.

    (b) Fetzer is gross, disgusting GATE-KEEPER who keeps the investigative/analytic focus upon mere details, this while he leaves out many key details, for example, the leading, definitive criminal conspiracy which already is in place (since 1913) and absolutely dominating and ruling the entire culture, the literally legalized COUNTERFEITING scam of central-banking, US Federal Reserve Bank, which has allowed and given the satanists all their practical power to liberally and abundantly finance every aspect of 9/11, Sandy hoax, and the JFK assassination, among all the other sundry and numerous crimes, including WWII, Korean war, Vietnam, etc.

    (c) Fetzer FAILS miserably for INDUCTIVE LOGIC (generalization) to the necessary theory regarding large satanic conspiracy. For example, Fetzer fails to note the steady MONOPOLIZATION of the entire culture and economy by the large and various corporations, this following the monopolization of the "currency" (not monetary) system by the Federal Reserve (see and for expo on Fed fraud), these evermore blatantly criminal corp.s now literally dictating the elimination of free enterprise, forcing the people to be slow-killed (1) by means of poison food, esp. GMOs and other additives, including the poisoning of the agricultural system by means of glyphosates, (2) by means of toxic vaccines and other (deliberately) deadly medical practices. (3) Other poisons include such as fluoride deliberately put into the water, still in many places, and (4) the seeding of the atmosphere w. other poisons by means of "chem-trails," which also works in way of prejudicial and destructive geo-engineering.

    So Fetzer's leading place in the scheme of things regarding diversion fm and cover-up of the large satanic conspiracy is quite plain when one looks and sees thing in the large view–which philosophy properly teaches, but which Fetzer knows too little about, in all truth, hack and incompetent charlatan as he really and truly is–enabling and placing him thus as most effective GATE-KEEPER, as I've noted and pains-takingly detailed here and in other places. Fetzer not only FAILS miserably, but he and many others like him, as in the corrupt academia, are actually integral part of the satanic problem, all truth be told.

  22. That's the point, you meaningless river of shit – NOBODY reads your crap. You have zero of any meaning to contribute, to say nothing of the research, preparedness and logic that Fetzer brings to the table. Every comment I've made previously about your trolling whiny ass stands and from the looks of your ineffective drivel, always will.

  23. Asslickian, this ain't your blog, you pathetic and confused loser. You're doing nothing more than hijacking the fruit of other people's labor just so you have something you can whine about, not that anything YOU have to say holds any intrinsic value. You know it doesn't as well. You're just another Paid Kunt sent to disrupt discussion, but nobody ever actually reads the bs that leaks out of your brain, down your feeble arms and onto the keyboard. Must be frustrating to be that ignored. They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over again, yet expecting different results. Fits you to a tee. Get lost.

  24. Fetzer: Scribe And Pharisee, Perfect Example, Case-In-Point

    Poor Fetzer: observe he cannot grasp the satanic conspiracy–why not?–for isn't the definition for such satanism solidly enough established, along w. all the observational evidence? So what's Fetzer's real problem?

    Problem is Fetzer, amazingly enough, is supporter of such satanism, right? After all, Fetzer supports the subjectivist premise for his moralism and "ethical" delusions–that's the basic problem for Fetzer.

    And this pathetic situation of Fetzer's indeed is the problem generally: subjectivism is the premise for Pharisaism, hubris, and especially fallacious, delusionary "good-evil."

    So as Fetzer, along w. so many others, are determined to preserve the "good-evil" delusion, they find themselves incapable of identifying the premise, subjectivism–this then is the psychologic problem of the age and the broad population, now so miserably fallen to hubris, leaving the society such pathetic victim to the rampant and raging satanism–this is what's going on, folks.

    Such is the state of affairs within CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, the irrationalist, mystic, subjectivist obsession, founded upon non-existent "good-evil," is the pretext at the root of things satanic, ravaging the culture and population which would rather be "good" even than to being alive.

    And we observe the spectacle of such as Fetzer, supposedly one "educated" to being duly aware of such philosophic problem, not only useless to the task, but actually rather responsible, along w. the others of his establishment sort for the great cultural predicament.

    And such cultural corruption pt.s up the perversion of publicly-funded "edjumacation"–it doesn't help, but actually only compounds and aggravates the problem of human sin and hubris.

    Thus we are confronted w. the spectacle of such as Fetzer and so many others of his sort, incapable of simplest inductive logic to the satanic situation steadily working to the massive death, destruction, and horror impending, before our very eyes.

  25. People Must Focus Upon The satanic Plot And Motives: One-World Dictatorship, Extermination Of Humanity

    Eowyn asks:

    "•Were the 10 ducks a prediction of the Umpqua death toll?
    "•If so, that foreknowledge implies the Umpqua shooting is a planned and contrived false-flag event."

    And one must answer, given all the inductive evidence, yes, the ducks were indeed a prediction, and this has all been a literal psy-ops and terror-campaign by ZOG, including the Charleston, SC incident, "Eliot Roger" incident, the recent Virginia stunt, and many others too.

    These incidents, above-noted, and the others, are simply part of a great SATANISTIC plot to bring down US Constitution and its gov. Citizens must (a) take explicit note of the satanic motives and character, satanism readily understood as extreme subjectivism.

    (b) Citizens then must unite upon the Christian principle of TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), which indicates the necessary OBJECTIVE reality and premise, and (c) proceed to make use of Constitutional principles of nullification and 10th Amendment.

    Key issue is the tottering and steadily collapsing monetary system which must be restored to commodity (hence gold/silver) standard(s). For ZOG presently prevails long as the mis-guided and ignorant volk continue to support ZOG's primary existential weapon, that literal criminal enterprise central-banking fraud and fiat-money. The people must face-up to the gory and satanic implications of "Agenda-21" and planned "population reduction"–it's truly matter of life and death.

  26. Dan Bidondi and Wolfgang Halbig are GREAT men! This info about the ducks of Sandy Hook, and all of this report is blowing my mind, especially after listening to the three audio broadcasts of Charles Guiliani TruthHertz last week evidencing that the Zodiac killing and the Manson killings were also all BOGUS.

    And, what happened to Dr. K of NoDisinfo. Thanks to Dr. Fetzer for posting this news. Have a great week, all.

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