by Jim Fetzer 

An expert on assassins and assassinations, Ole Dammegard has displayed his research abilities in an impressive, two-volume exploration of the circumstances and conditions of the death of the Swedish Prime Minister, Olof Palme, in 1986. Palme was the leader of the Swedish Social Democratic Party (SAP) from 1969 until his assassination in 1986. A two-term Prime Minister of Sweden, he headed a Privy Council Government from 1969 to 1976 and a cabinet government from 1982 until his death.

Ole and I have collaborated in the past, including in relation to the book, And I suppose we didn’t go to the moon, either? (2015), for which he inter ailia designed the front and back covers. Here is an interview we did together for Red Ice Radio, where we discuss the book, which exposes the moon landing hoax, the death and replacement of Paul McCartney, the first death of Saddam Hussein, the second death of Osama bin Laden, and the Holocuast, the official narrative of which is provably false:

About his new book: For almost 30 years investigator Ole Dammegård has been on a quest to find the truth behind some of the worst assassinations and conspiracies the world has known. This has taken him on an extremely dangerous journey into unknown territories. What have been claimed as acts by lone madmen turn out to be connected to the international military-industrial complex and top levels of international banking and high finance, sanctioned locally with pre-selected “patsies” to blame.

This ground breaking book focuses on the assassination of the Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme, who was gunned down on 28 February 1986. Secret agents, mercenaries, professional assassins, top politicians and innocent scapegoats are identified and discussed in the pages of this explosive book, which exposes a dark side of the Western World that has previously been perceived by very few. No one with a serious interest in deep politics will want to miss this book, which I highly recommend:

Ole continues his deep investigation in Volume II, disclosing how the so-called Police Connection, the South African Connection and the Bofors Connections are intricately intertwined. He presents the murderer’s own hand-written account of the assassination as well as evidence so cleverly manipulated that it can make anyone lose their breath. The final chapter exposes how the scandal is also related to the destruction of the ferry M/S Estonia and surprising and unexpected links to the murder of JFK.

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31 thoughts on “Ole Dammegard: THE MURDER OF OLOF PALME”

  1. Not sure what u're getting at, but note these kikes and flunkies already have their "Agenda-21" "depopulation" policy in place–for yrs and yrs now.

    These satanists, even as we speak, put poison fluoride in the water, spray poison aluminum and barium in the atmosphere ("chem-trails"), as they "geo-engineer," push GMOs and other poison additives (HFCS), not to mention the toxic vaccines and deathly electro-magnetic effects. So it's a kind of slow-kill extermination these satanists are pushing and administering.

  2. Quote; b) YET, we see and we know people ARE precisely that way–INCLUDING FETZER, who imagines, as he's admitted there are "non-Talmudic Jews," the stupid dumbass. And this is someone (Fetzer) w. Ph.d, no less, who talks seriously about such as "ethics" as if he knows anything about the subject, says he actually taught courses upon such subject–NO WONDER people are sooooo goddam stupid.

    The Talmud creates pogroms. Its a "Pogrom Program'
    If another
    pogrom' occurs?
    (I told you so)

  3. Putrid, Stinking Jew-Tolerant "Society" Is satanic And DOOMED

    Yes, very good, and now u see our frustration at (a) all these Jewwy scum, puke, and filth who are willing to tell people they're kikes and people are expected to tolerate them–Jews are worse than lepers, and no decent person would say they're "Jews"–anymore than saying they're psychopaths, child-molesters, or Christ-killers.

    (b) YET, we see and we know people ARE precisely that way–INCLUDING FETZER, who imagines, as he's admitted there are "non-Talmudic Jews," the stupid dumbass. And this is someone (Fetzer) w. Ph.d, no less, who talks seriously about such as "ethics" as if he knows anything about the subject, says he actually taught courses upon such subject–NO WONDER people are sooooo goddam stupid.

    Thus the satanic society–or satanic-DOMINATED–society grows up fm this putrid, brainless ignorance, like Fetzer's, I submit.

    And the West prospered, to great extent, long as this Jew filth was shunned and contemned precisely as Jew filth. But the part of society that tolerated them, like Fetzer, seemed to grow, and now we have a TERMINAL society, that's dead–that's DOOMED–similar to that putrid society of puke, scum, and filth who attacked the American southerners in 1861, led by Abe Lincoln.

    So the formerly American empire is culturally FINISHED, I submit; it must now simply BREAK-UP back into the states which originally made it up–and this breaking-up of the American empire is what Donald Trump SHOULD be talking about, though I guess he's just a little too old for such realism, I guess.

  4. I'm fine with declaring the Talmud an anti human manual for criminal overthrow . In fact, I just did. Let rabbi recite this publicly; “If the Gentiles (non-Jews) knew what we are teaching against them, they would kill us.”
    I guess I just did that for the rabbi. Oh well.

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  6. Jew Question: Persistence Of Lies, Criminality, Psychopathology

    Mkultra: In general, Christianity stands for TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), hence objective reality as premise to such truth, AGAINST Jew lies (JOHN 8:44), founded in subjectivity, satanism being extreme subjectivism and hubris, Judaism hence, being satanism, basic problem w. Jews, foremost criminals, conspirators, psychopaths who gloat over having killed truth (= Christ), but which truth resurrects, Jews incapable of killing truth.

    So u see, it's a great, radical diff. in philosophy, Jews/satanists never failing to use gov. and force to impose their version of subjectivist "truth," always self-serving for Jews, top Jews not hesitating even to selling-out lower-level Jews when expedient.

  7. Quote: Anonymous November 2, 2015 at 9:31 AM

    Did you just spew something, Mr. Self-Loathing Jew? We're onto you now, sad little phuque. We've pierced the veil of your sick little brain and can finally see the cause of your internal misery…YOU are a JEW!

    Are you Jewish 'anonymous'.? Yes or No. (Apsterian asked first)
    The jewish question.
    Is it or isn't it 'Satanic'. Why is it satanic if it is, if anything is.. Why is a cult, that is so openly hostile to Christ suffered to endure its Christian host?
    Re: 'Satan'- the astrotheology myth. Why let superstitious sky worshippers be allowed to
    point everyone to their chosen planet (Saturn) so that public pick pocketing is easier ? Shouldn't it be as difficult as possible?

  8. Fetzer Is Cause For Concern

    Yes, Fetzer isn't without some good pt.s, BUT remember, he's supposed to be PHILOSOPHER, philosophical, which means he's supposed to be capable of putting things in proper perspective and context–which is SERIOUS FAILURE for Fetzer.

    Thus Fetzer fails to see specific crimes and frauds like JFK, 9/11, and Sandy hoax within the CONTEXT of the LARGER criminal enterprise of central-banking.

    THEN, there's the even larger context of satanism/subjectivism for cultural ETHOS, this now utterly destroying our RULE-OF-LAW.

    Further, we see Fetzer utterly at sea, even by his own admission, regarding philosophic value and implication(s) of basic Christianity.

    And isn't it sad, really and truly, to observe Fetzer utterly failing and sitting by as his native culture and heritage of Christianity falls before satanism and Judaism?

    So I see Fetzer as pathetically COMPROMISED and half-baked for philosophy. How is it, for example, Fetzer pretends there's such thing as "non-Talmudic Jews."

    So u see, Fetzer has a few, but relatively minor, good pt.s, but has at least a few, and SERIOUS failings which are cause for great concern–this is not good for American "edjumacation" and culture. American patriots and the cause therewith NEEDS MUCH MORE than just Fetzer.

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    Talking about "leech," aren't u the kike who's assigned to Fetzer's blog as a "minder" for Jews and keeping Fetzer kosher and duly ingratiating towards u kikes?–all this while pretending and lying about sticking-up for Fetzer?

    U don't really care about Fetzer, do u?–u're out to defending and speaking for Jews, right?–that's what u're all about, kike troll, pure and simple.

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  12. Raving Jew Psychopath Comes Out Of His Bag

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    Kike insists I'm only "pretending," ho ho ho

    And observe the lying Jew who says I merely say there's kike "behind every tree and under every rock," ho ho ho–is this what I say? For actually I'm much more precise for my expo, Jews foremost satanists/subjectivists (a), and (b) integral to banking and media, giving references to back what I say.

    So just consider the manifold lying and posing of this Jew troll who pretends he's defending Fetzer, this while pretending he's "Southern Baptist," ho ho ho. Observe the Jew fails to capitalize the "c" for word, "Christian," ho ho ho–really convincing job he does pretending he's not kike, I'd say.

  13. I'll be happy to kick your ass all over these boards again and waste every minute of your time on the internet if you don't change your bullshit, broad-stroke-insult ways, sparky.
    I've got all the time in the world and nothing else I'd rather do. You spew about jews, kikes, Fetzer, blah blah blah and NEVER give any specifics, which is how we know you are a very sick mind. Your obsession tells on you. You are no Paul Revere 'warning the good christians', but an impotent, obsessed, delusional wannabe who has not done, and will NEVER do, a thousandth of the research Jim Fetzer has done. Quit pretending. When I see you spouting your 'jew behind every tree and under every rock' bullshit, I will simply dog your every post and tie you into the same knot I did yesterday. You have been warned.

  14. Satanism = Subjectivism, Taking Advantage Of Hubris, Central-Banking Scam

    (a) Well "happiness" is something in general, hence "Godly," but then there are more specific manifestations. Christ = Truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), only way to God.

    (b) And EVERYONE is "religious" in one way or another, given definition of religion, habit of mind and subconscious, integrity of spirit, both conscious and subconscious.

    (c) And that satanic power is of LIES (Gosp. JOHN 8:44) and lying to which people become addicted, originally called by the Greeks, "HUBRIS," making oneself God or co-equal therewith, w. power of perfectly "free" human will, capable of creating reality, esp., typically starting w. "good"–Pharisaism, also known fm Christian theology (St. Augustine) as Pelagian heresy of "good works."

    (d) And simplest form of such satanist hubris is (extreme) SUBJECTIVISM whence one takes one's own VIEW of reality to be actual reality, making oneself God.

    (e) So we see thus, throughout history, as presently, most organized, "connected" satanists are
    those criminals behind CENTRAL BANKING who literally COUNTERFEIT the "fiat-money" (actually now "currency") supply, buying-up everything and everybody–as we see presently w. US Federal Reserve Bank (see RealityZone.com and Mises.org for expo on central-banking).

    (f) Finally, WHO are most organized, most "connected" of these satanists/subjectivists?–it's always been Jews as it's essence of their very religion, Talmudism (see Talmudical.blogspot.com and Come-and-hear.com for expo), this even though number of subjectivists/satanists among gentiles has always, heretofore, been far greater.

    (g) And historically, long as the central-banking system continues to be accepted by mass of people, the satanists remain on top, even though they know their scam must eventually collapse–for which eventuality they plan wars by which to make their escape, destroying the former host-culture/society, as we see.

    (h) So is there "solution" to this problem of hubris and satanism/subjectivism?–perhaps not too easily as the corrupt culture breeds up substantial numbers of inferiors/weaklings who are yet quite fanatical (Jews, homosexuals, and "Judeo-Christian" cohorts) who must be killed-off and overcome so a remnant can survive. Such then is typical course of CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

  15. As long as human beings believe that happiness is a commodity which can be purchased in the open market, they will contrive to get money and all that goes with it by any means. For religious people there is a problem with posing an evil force nearly, if not equally, as Powerful as God. Then they live in a world with two Powers. I believe the truth of the matter is that there is but one Power, and persons at various stages of development distort the events in their lives. Then a Satan or Lucifer is the problem. In the search externally for happiness a person will follow anyone who claims they have found the end of the rainbow.

  16. Jew: u Jews are the lead Satanists, don't u get it? Ho ho ho ho–that's merely left implicit. What's most and first established is the satanic consp. (a), and then who else or better than Jews (b) as the leading satanists. And I always gave my references which Jew liar like urself wants to ignore. "Egregious"?–ho ho ho ho–righto Jew liar, troll, ho ho ho ho

  17. See, Apsterian? You write much more coherently and truthfully when you leave out your pet hatreds. Most of this post is actually readable. No un-based, egregious slamming of Fetzer or jews, even a concern for the little people in a world run by mad corporations. Conratulations, I hope you heal soon.

  18. Satanic Society Fraught With Conspiracy

    Well, but if society is dominated by horrific criminals and criminal enterprise like central-banking legalized counterfeiting, then it becomes more plausible that everything, if not most things, if not most strategic things, is conspiratorial. For everything is then necessarily construed and contrived to supporting and sustaining this filthy criminal enterprise run and organized by top satanists (subjectivists).

    But I guess I'm constrained to agreeing and admitting that there are still so many people not understanding this sublime fraud and criminal activity of central banking that u're technically correct, the poor people not aware of such gross monstrosity, though they MUST suspect SOMETHING is wrong, and "rotten in Denmark."

    But note, our antagonist/opponent (in this case) refuses to state a thesis, and in court of law would have case thrown out for failure to state a case/cause at law.

    And note when the society tolerates and abides these satanic criminals it (society) becomes thoroughly fraught w. evermore criminality and then strife and increasing lawlessness, illegal wars causing masses of refugees, for example, these refugees then directed to infest the very countries of origin of the illegal wars–as if the native people can't figure this process out.

    At certain pt. the top satanist masterminds must become soooo insane they don't realize their horrid policies are plain and blatant even to the masses of average citizens. Truly, "treason never prospers."

  19. What's wrong with you? The vast majority of events in daily life and world history do not involved two or more persons collaborating to bring about an illegal end. I think something has gone wrong with your capacity to exercise your brain. I am sorry, but I find you continued repetition of the question, 'Is everything a conspiracy?", infantile and pointless.

  20. Google "Paul Wilcher" Paul Wilcher had just asked Navy Intelligence operatives for a copy of the cockpit video from the SR-71 that Gunther had used to fly George Bush back from the October Surprise meeting in Paris.

  21. The assassination of Olaf Palme on the streets of Stockholm had a profound impact on the psychology of the Swedish people, which reverberates to this day. In it's many dimensions, this heinous act is equivalent to the public execution of JFK in Dallas. Ole is to be highly commended for producing such a valuable addition to the work of the global research community. Thank you, sir.

  22. The assassination of Olaf Palme on the streets of Stockholm had a profound impact on the psychology of the Swedish people, which reverberates to this day. In it's many dimensions, this heinous act is equivalent to the public execution of JFK in Dallas. Ole is to be highly commended for producing such a valuable addition to the work of the global research community. Thank you, sir.

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