Occupy Democrats promote New Anti-Gun Scam

by Jim Fetzer

A new “Occupy Democrats” anti-gun campaign has begun, featuring a host of actors and actresses who are completely ignorant of the facts about Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing and the other frauds that have been perpetrated upon the American public. It began in earnest with Sandy Hook, which was an elaborate FEMA drill to promote gun control. Here is the pitch from some intelligent and well-meaning figures in Hollywood who have never looked at the evidence! This is embarrassing beyond words. Don’t allow yourself to be played for a sap. Share this article with everyone you care about. We have to push back against ignorance!

Here is a link to the page where you can watch it: click here. I have posted a series of responses, with which those who follow “The Real Deal” are already aware.

The situation has gotten completely out of hand. The government is using the mass media to brainwash the public about gun control, using staged events to promote it. Don’t be taken in!

Think about it. If someone were to break into your home, how could you protect yourself if you had been disarmed? Why would you call the police? BECAUSE THEY ARE ARMED. But, in the meanwhile, you and your family may already be dead.

The magnitude of the scams is breathtaking. The Boston police knew what was going on. The Boston Globe knew was was going on. The prosecutor, the defense counsel and the judge knew what was going on!

The scandal here was so blatant that the alternative media cracked the case long ago. There was no surge of EMTs into the building. There were no ambulances. There was no current handicapped parking. The cars were parked pointing in the wrong direction. There was no evacuation. IT WAS A DRILL!

Even the footage of the brothers at the marathon was faked. Tamerlan had a beard, but in the footage, he is clean-shaven. Not only were their backpacks not out of black nylon, but Tamerlan was arrested and place in a police car BEFORE he was found dead. A witness reported seeing the police drive over him several times with (what appears to have been) his own car. But official claim that Dzhokhar killed his brother! How is that possible after his arrest?

John Remington Graham observed that, since the backpacks were not black nylon, there was no probable cause for an arrest, much less an indictment and conviction. And Paul Craig Roberts, our nation’s most respected public intellectual, has now been convinced and published about it himself. Don’t allow yourself to be played for a sucker. Obama has an anti-gun agenda that would leave the public helpless to respond to tyranny imposed by our own government. STAND BY THE 2nd AMENDMENT. The Founding Fathers knew what they were doing. They knew an armed citizenry was the strongest way to enable us to protect ourselves from tyranny. Tyrants take guns. Don’t fall for it!

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49 thoughts on “Occupy Democrats promote New Anti-Gun Scam”

  1. Thanks for this post. Hope so that all this mesh created by guns are all solved soon and the killing due to haterate and all is resolved. Keeping gun is not a bad thing but using it to kill others is the worst thing. People can easily join any Firearms safety training classes and get the gun of their own choice, but the most important thing is to train them well and they must be explained the moral duties associated with it.

  2. Allow me to suggest, for your careful consideration-since you asked- One of three (at least) central objectives, The Money Power, aim to achieve via their hoax disasters:
    These hoaxes/ false flag stunts, share many characteristic similarities, and are staged, not just in US, but also throughout the world outside America. (Which many USans may be surprised to learn, actually exists and is real!)
    Next. Most of these 'events' are planned long before, and so, do not correspond to particular policies about at the time. I.E. One should not necessarily jump to the conclusion that event X at place A is intended to distract from real-life happening Y- though it may be.
    Next characteristic of the hoax event is its apparent shoddiness of operation, with amass of inconsistencies, lose ends, and barely concealed , or sometimes blatant, pointers (evidence) to the hoax's Zogist plotters or perpetrators.
    Therein lies the essence of the plan:
    Which is to identify and document, precisely those elements in society, worldwide, who are most capable, and most likely disposed to oppose and frustrate IT (the World Terror- or NWO) and its aim of domination/ extermination.
    "Kill The Best Goys".
    There is much more I could add, but I do not currently have the time to do so.
    Also, I am always very loth to point out this (above) hypothesis, because dong so tends to provoke the 'chilling effect'.To induce and increase the already high level of paranoia.
    Yet another intentional (I believe) aim of 'Ze (NWO) tewwowww' (Ehud Barak).
    So. There you go..

  3. Davey: get a clue, u old, scummy fool–NO ONE CARES ABOUT UR LIES ABOUT ur fictional "education" or "accomplishments," get it? What counts on these comments pages is the arguments u're capable of presenting, along w. the facts that back-up ur arguments–U GOT NONE, sucker. U say NOTHING, moron–don't u grasp that? U're a big, empty, ZERO–get it? But go ahead, continue to make a fool of urself, babbling ur idiotic crap, h o ho ho ho hoho ho

  4. Look in the mirror: You are projecting. Since I am probably old enough to be your father (perish the thought) and far and away more educated and accomplished, I think you are swinging at air again. Please, go ahead, share with the blog your educational accomplishments. Hint: People who call others morons usually don't have any.

  5. Mr. Fetzer: You have some responsibility here in the effort to minimize liability to corral some of the posters here, namely this gov. op. aspertame with some specific standards of conduct so someone doesn't pull a can of whoop ass out. I mean, enough is enough with this troll baiting by aspertame. Every new piece by you followed by his boilerplate nonsense diatribe. There are plenty of internet sites that provides information on global domination with professionalism attached with no need to dodge the eye pollution.

  6. Aren't you the clown who likes Donald Fox but thinks Fetzer is a gatekeeper? The same Donald Fox who works with Fetzer on several projects together. Wouldn't that make Fox a gatekeeper too? Do you even think your crap through, trying to create cognitive dissonance to smear legitimate truthers? You are a piece of crap for sure.

  7. No stupid, ask ur own kikes, scum: "Jew" is follower of Pharisees who later wrote Talmud, by definition, such kikes only making about 5-15% of population of Judea at time of Christ. Christ was foremost anti-semite, see Gosp. JOHN 8:44.

  8. Hey, thanks for the Jew-spew, kike. But there's no escaping the truth, Jew filth. See Talmudical.blogspot.com for best Talmudic expo; also there's good stuff at Come-and-hear.com. U Jews must die-out, Judaism, not just "zionism," totally, completely exterminated.

  9. BOOM! You just gave yourself away. Nazis were heroes? Oy Vey! Fake history tells us that Nazi meant National Socialist, but the truth tells us that it REALLY means National Zionist, NaZi, get it, dumbass? In another comment you professed your faith in Christianity, but Jesus was a Jew, and you just called us "Jew filth", moron! You apparently lack any knowledge of the religion you dub "the truth"… but there could be none of your New Testament bullshit without the Old Testament to base it on… Jesus was a brilliant philosopher who in his lifetime directed his sermons exclusively to the Jews. The Roman deception fooled you into believing that he was god. He wasn't. Zionists are not the same as Jews, and the Nazis were certainly not any fucking heroes, assterian!

  10. "(c) Fetzer then, further, fails to identify the leaders of this satanism, Jews, (d) playing the "good Jew, bad Jew" game, pretending there are "good" Jews like there are good psychopaths, etc."

    FUCK YOU, ASSTERIAN, YOU'RE NOTHING BUT A NEO-NAZI PIECE OF SHIT!!! You know NOTHING if you think that your white man on a stick is the truth… Christianity is a sham and a scam that hijacked Yahweh and scapegoated the Jews, perpetrated by the Romans. The truth is that God commanded that "you shall have no other gods before Me", and that's exactly what the Romans did by insisting that "the only way to the Father is through the Son". But the only way for Jesus to have actually been the Messiah is for him to have been the son and seed of JOSEPH, NOT YAHWEH!!! Now, you want to call me a bad person because of my personal relationship with God, that's YOUR false doctrine at work. The Jews are NOT the problem! The ZIONISTS, however…

  11. The Oregon "shooting" is quickly resembling Sandy Hook – limited number of photos & information. I'm also wondering about the photos that are released. They look like taken at different times – some warm very weather and the ones mentioned in the Real Deal as "waiting to get paid" actually looking like cooler weather clothing that you would expect late Sept/early Oct in Oregon – not summer wear in several of the photos.

  12. Fetzer PRECISELY, EXACTLY Analyzed, Evaluated

    Of course, above by "activist strumpet" is just same old cheap ad-hominem drivel and lies.

    I present most perfectly clear Inductive theory founded upon ALL THE FACTS, items, and details, unlike Fetzer, (a), and (b) I pt. out EXACTLY what Fetzer leaves out, and HOW his induction and theory are so lacking and deficient.

    (c) I note exactly how and why Fetzer is subversive GATE-KEEPER, Fetzer using the tacit excuse he's sooooo ignorant–as of Christian PHILOSOPHY, not merely "religion"–philosophy perfectly discernible within Christian allegory and literature (d) which Fetzer deliberately overlooks and ignores, and further, (e) Fetzer overlooking/ignoring Jew satanism (extreme subjectivism) within their Talmud (see Talmudical.blogspot.com and Come-and-hear.com for definitive Talmudic expo), (f) which subjectivism Fetzer actually endorses for his incompetent, half-baked, so-called "ethical theory," Fetzer the typical academic hack, thus giving cover for Jew conspirators, criminals, and psychopaths, Jews the natural leaders and master-minds, due to their organized COLLECTIVISM, of the satanic culture in CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. Q.E.D.

  13. As Dr. Fetzer mentions in his latest TV appearance in Seattle, the site that he posted these comments on has been taken down! I believe he may be right, his comments were so clear and well sourced that perhaps some of the celebrities themselves began to rethink and look at the evidence.
    Great work Dr. Fetzer.
    PS The fact that you attract nut jobs like Aspertame in your comments (unless he is a plant from you know who) shows you must have something worth trying to bury in BS.

  14. Judaism = satanism

    No stupid: satanism is extreme subjectivism, dumbass, subjectivism, for practical purposes, given its pretext by moralism/Pharisaism which comes especially fm Jews and their allies and suck-alongs. And Nazis were heroes who fought Jew filth, moron.

    Extreme subjectivism then is idea all reality comes fm one's own mind/consciousness, the hubristic making oneself God, the creator, thus satanism.

    And pretext for this satanism is given most by moralist/Pharisaic obsession-compulsion for "good-evil" subjectivism which doesn't exist in objective reality.

    Judaism = satanism; see Talmudical.blogspot.com and Come-and-hear.com for best expo on satanic Talmud.

  15. The 1st step leading to CIVIL WAR will be the declaration of MARTIAL LAW, after a few more shooting HOAXES (and 911-2) are perpetrated by the hybrid, humanoid, reptilian ALIENS, now in TOTAL CONTROL of the Federal Gov't!

  16. The Zionist Slimeball real goal, as recently stated by ObamaRahm-a, is GUN CONFISCATION. This will be similar to gold confiscation, previously enforced by the Feds. THEY ultimately want a CIVIL WAR and the DHS (in addition to the Military) is already equipped with tanks and billions of rounds of hollow-point ammo with which to WAGE WAR against Americans and cart put them off (before and after) into FEMA Concentration Camps.

    More guns in Americans' hands just means more dead Americans when the SHTF and it reinforces their argument that too many Americans are too heavily armed and that they represent a threat that government must contain to prevent more mass shootings and chaos!

  17. What's in a name?

    Goldstein, Silverstein, Hellerstein, etc., are all cut from the same Zionist Slimeball cloth, spun by the ADL of the B'nai B'rith in Zionist Israel, homeland of the AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE of SATAN! THEY LIVE – and THEY are aka AshkeNAZIS and Khazar barbarians (Benjamin Freedman and Harold Wallace Rosenthal).

    Zionist Israel did 911! https://wikispooks.com/wiki/9-11/Israel_did_it (Alan Sabrosky – "It is 100% CERTAIN that Israel [Mossad] did 911!").


  18. Why not have a stupidity tax? Just tax the stupid people!



    1. The act of making an unfounded or unsubstantiated claim.
    2. In philosophy, a method of debate or discussion based of the premise of: I think, therefore I am. I think you're wrong. therefore you are.
    3. The act of disagreeing by employing rancor, name calling, ad hominem attacks or straw man argument.

    Etymology: Fetzering began in earnest in the late 1960's, being implemented by a JFK conspiracy theorist and has since expanded it's use in the 9/11 debate arena.
    1. Without evidence your claim is simple fetzering.

    2. He should rely on his data instead of fetzering.


  19. Willie: actually, lots of folks have noted ZOG's other avenues they take towards same basic goal they're looking for, slavery of the population under one-world gov. run by Jews and cohorts. It's not only direct gun-control, but also psychologic -control too, by means of drugs, etc., including control of the kids. Ultimate goal is the mass-murder a good 90% of them/us, after all.

    Aside fm general anti-semitism, breaking-up of Jew S A back to sovereignty of the states, nullification, etc. are means to be used against ZOG and one-world gov.

  20. Obama and gun control advocates have sold millions of guns in the past 6 1/2 years. Probably no other president has done so much for gun owners . . . so gun control must not be the real objective, since even a President who customarily resides in a fantasy world must by now realize that his efforts are in vain. Every incident sends new people out to get a gun and training. I am a bit surprised no has taken this fact for what it is. What do they have up their sleeve? I will wager that no one responds to this puzzle here with anything like a satisfactory explanation!

  21. Thank you for this notification about this treachery thanks to Jew owned Hollywood. It is likely that its stars know the truth but are trained liars. TruthHertz, NorthernTruthSeeker, and Redsilver have already eposed the Oregon college shooting story as a hoax.

  22. What's So Difficult For The Poor Fools?

    And no, it isn't "confused jargon" at all, fool, and u're the one "superficial," I'd say. "Dualism"?–hoho ho ho–who knows what u're attempting to talk about, eh?

    Most of all, "satanism" isn't at all "supersensible," even if it might seem abstract to "superficial" morons as u obviously are. For extreme subjectivism makes the subject the God-creator of all reality, created by his/her own consciousness–why is that so difficult, dumbass?

    And Fetzer is incompetent hack, horribly, pathetically compromised for any grasp of ethics–typical of establishment academic scum.

  23. WHO do u morons imagine u're fooling?

    "Provocateur" is precisely what U'RE exposed as, fools, ho ho ho ho. And if u understood anything about Christianity, worship of truth (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), u'd know great virtue of Holy Spirit, along w. reason itself, is HONESTY, which u have none urselves, obviously.

    "Guilt by association"?–but then why do u make it such a pt. to post ur lies so often, scum? And WHAT does moron like u know about "class"? Ho ho ho ho ho.

    Keep up ur idiot little squealings, fools, it shows folks how desperate u are to distract fm real issues.

  24. That's just confused jargon by a superficial thinker. By "extreme subjectivism" he means dualism, by "Satanism" he refers to supersensible entities which he cannot differentiate. Fetzer is a master because he knows his limits (Goethe).

  25. You're an idiot. Nobody takes you seriously or reads your long-winded rants more than once. They might if you acted with any people skills but your boring, immature insults make you just more internet noise to ignore.

    "apsterian" = scroll past

  26. Nice Christian post, fella. You've been exposed as a provacateur. Only you and your fourth grade writing style doesn't take me seriously. And thank God for that. I don't want any guilt by association clinging to my coat. My guess is your are likely a Satanist as every post of yours is pure subjectivity, nasty and hostile. You'll crash and burn and come back with another handle. People of truth and light know the difference between the real deal and low vibration people like youself. Keep up your classless behavior; it's cheap entertainment.

  27. Dave: get a clue, sucker–u're just an ignorant moron–get it?–it's no one who takes U seriously, moron. And these aren't lies, sucker. What do u know about "act" and "acting," shit-for-brains. Why are u so desperate for getting people who KNOW to "move on," eh, punk? Time for scum like u to stfu, eh? Ho ho ho ho

  28. There is a HELL-OF-A-LOT-MORE going on in America than the Feds wanting to impose gun control and disarm Americans before THEY use the DHS and other Federal and State Agencies and the Military to: (1) stage another 911-type False-Flag attack as a pretext to: (2) declaring Martial Law and: (3) using the Military to detain "Domestic Terrorists" (Patriots) and intern them in FEMA Concentration Camps, to finally: (4) instigate a Civil War, designed to ENSLAVE and ultimately MURDER millions of Americans.

    A hybrid, humanoid, reptilian, genetically re-engineered RACE of ANCIENT ALIEN CRITTERS (of SATAN) has INFESTED America's institutions (up to and including the WH, CONgress, Federal, State and Local government Agencies and Police Depts, the Military, etc. and THEY have an ALIEN AGENDA to ENSLAVE Americans before MURDERING them en masse!

    Those "Crisis Actors" employed during the Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon, Aurora Theater, Virginia Studio and Roseburg CC shooting HOAXES are NOT HUMAN! THEY laugh when reporting human deaths (including FAKED deaths), including of their own (alleged) children! Are real humans capable of that?! Hell, NO!

    Jim Carpenter in his film "THEY LIVE", foreshadowed their arrival! THEY have arrived! THEY were the lying 911 airliner "crashes" eye-witnesses, when Jim Fetzer has proved that NO AIRLINERS CRASHED ANYWHERE on 911! ALIEN technology, Israel-made mini-NUKES and extensive video-DOCTORING were used during the 911 HOAX and Attack on America! The "Official" story is a BIG LIE! Two presidents (Bush-it and ObamaRahm-a) and their CONgress CRITTERS have COVERED UP (for Zionist Israel) the 911 CRIME for 14+ years – and THEY are ALL TRAITORS!

    THEY were genetically re-engineered in DUMBs, following the capture of genetic material during the "Cattle Mutilations" and "ALIEN Abductions" of the 1950s! (Google Phil Schneider and William Pawelec). THEY have "BOOB-Tube"-brainwashed MILLIONS of Americans into a mindless sate of STUPOR and BLIND OBEDIENCE to figures of "Authority" (President, CONgress CRITTERS, Political Party leaders [Repugnican AND DemonCratic], Mayors [Bloomberg, Emanuel], State Police, Military Brass, Judges, Federal [CIA, FBI, NSA, etc.] Agents, Corporate leaders and the Zionist-controlled MSM Owners [NYT, LAT, TV Networks, etc.]).



    and DO NOT BE DECEIVED by the ALIEN CRITTERS who look just like us – BUT AIN'T!!!

  29. The objective truth you quote from the Bible condemns people for calling people fools. You speak with a forked tongue. Your presentation style is so bad no one is going to take you seriously until you get your act together. Your name calling schtick has grown old. Move on so us adults can hash things out.

  30. If you want to condemn gatekeepers, try people like Thom Hartmann and Clyde Lewis. This people never talk about the sacred cows. Fetzer is not a gatekeeper. Perhaps a academic within the ivory tower but he talks about the gun grabbing agenda, Fema camps and Israel's role in the JFK assasination. Hardly a gatekeeper.

  31. Fetzer: Establishment Hack, Gate-Keeper

    How is it mere "rant," "thing [I] actually condemn"?–I identify and confront Fetzer w. the essence of the cultural problem: SUBJECTIVISM which is root, substance of satanism.

    Previously, I exposited this satanic subjectivism, as in the selective application of judicial treatment, "hip-hop" music, etc.–which Fetzer and his establishment ilk is deliberately over-looking and ignoring (a), and then (b) FAILING to characterize as "satanism" it obviously is.

    (c) Fetzer then, further, fails to identify the leaders of this satanism, Jews, (d) playing the "good Jew, bad Jew" game, pretending there are "good" Jews like there are good psychopaths, etc.

    (e) Fetzer additionally fails to note the most effective and genuine PHILOSOPHIC value of Christianity, the real thing, which stands for TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), hence the necessarily objective reality under-lying, against Jew lies (JOHN 8:44) built upon subjectivism.

    (f) And how then does Fetzer FAIL so miserably?–I pt.-out his own compromised "philosophy," such as it is, specifically ethics, in which he endorses the very satanic premise, subjectivism.

    (g) Thus Fetzer the establishment hack, as ethicist, for example, too effectively acts the GATE-KEEPER for "truth," failing to note that basic, overall satansim which so perfectly identifies the problem and the enemy of the people and culture. Q.E.D.

  32. A billion muslims believe they have objective truth. Maybe youre on the outside looking in.

    Your first few paragraphs are a nice summary. The last few devolved into a philosphical rant. The thing you actually condemn. Perhaps you should write about how to escape the clutches of zog. Ive heard of alex jones.

  33. Fetzer: Horrendous FAILURE In Face Of Satanism/Subjectivism

    Yes Fetzer, but don't we already know all this, as u say in ur blog article?

    After all, ZOG has all the "currency" (not money, which should be gold/silver) it prints-up and digitalizes at US Federal Reserve Bank ("Fed") legalized COUNTERFEITING scam, right? So ZOG can pay and extort all its prostitutes and captives to parrot and pushing anything it pleases to tell them to say.

    So long as ZOG gets people to accept its currency for goods & svcs, they will succeed quite well w. that large mass of willing dupes and fools.

    Problems arise when the currency becomes so weak, so "inflated," and so dis-credited the people are no longer as easily fooled–which is happening evermore, US Dollar collapsing even as we speak.

    People rather need "unity" against ZOG, but then what's appropriate BASIS for this unity? For ZOG needs be characterized accurately, for one thing, and that accurate characterization is given by "SATANISM"–which is under-pinned by extreme subjectivism, which satanism has been widely noted by numerous observers.

    Thus "satanism" is most accurately and reliably characterized by this subjectivism, a simple philosophic idea, easily understood and communicated. How is it then that u're sooooooooo horribly, miserably lacking for this simple cultural analysis and characterization regarding rampant satanism/subjectivism?

    So we see that ur efforts are so miserably COMPROMISED in that same way observed fm ALL "establishment" figures, u being so strangely affected for ur FAILURE–failure even to name and then characterize or describe the SATANIC problem.

    How is it then u're rendered so ineffective, Fetzer?–is it because u're compromised for ur "philosophy" which features the very same, basic subjectivism which the rampant, raging satanism is essentially founded upon?–as for that putrid moralism/Pharisaism u push as part of ur so-called "philosophy"?

    Thus u've FAILED so miserably, so horribly, Fetzer: compromised for philosophy and analysis by means of subjectivism in form of moralism/Pharisaism, TRUTH requiring that objective basis which u cannot defend or even demonstrate–against satanism/subjectivism.

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