NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK: It was a FEMA Drill to Promote Gun Control


Proof that it was a drill right before our eyes:
* the portable sign, “Everyone must check in!”
* boxes of bottled water and pizza cartons 
* Port-a-Potties already present from scratch
* Many wearing name tags on lanyards
* Parents bringing children to the scene
Proof it wasn’t a school massacre was also there:
* no surge of EMTs in to the building
* no Med-Evac helicopter was called
* no string of ambulances to the school
* no evacuation of 469 other students
* no bodies placed on the triage tarps
Now we know more. We have 50 photos of the Lanza home being furnished to serve as a prop. And we have 50 more of the school being refurbished and set up for “going LIVE”:
The windows of Classroom 10 are undamaged. The flag is at full staff. Wayne Carver, M.D. is behind the man in the blue evidence suit. Nothing officially has happened yet, but the SWAT team is already on scene. Could we have more conclusive proof this was a charade?
Among the best students and scholars of Sandy Hook have contributed:
  * Vivian Lee, Ph.D. * Sterling Harwood, J.D., Ph.D. *
     * Dr. Eowyn, Ph.D. *  Nick Kollerstrom, Ph.D.  *
   *  Dennis Cimino  *  James F. Tracy, Ph.D. * Allan
  William Powell  *  Jim Fetzer, Ph.D.  * Kelley Watt  * 

And featuring Sofia Smallstorm, Paul Preston and Wolfgang Halbig
The essays have been edited by Jim Fetzer, Ph.D., a former Marine Corps officer and Distinguished McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth, and by Mike Palecek, who has committed his life to the search for truth and justice. They prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Sandy Hook was an elaborate hoax to promote the Obama/ Holder gun-control agenda. If you want to know what happened, who was responsible and how it was done, you want to read this book.

“All political power comes from the barrel of a gun. The
communist party must command all the guns;
that way, no guns can ever be used to
command the party.”–Mao Tse Tung

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160 thoughts on “NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK: It was a FEMA Drill to Promote Gun Control”

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  2. Anyone recall Obama and Holder allowing 2,000 AK-47s to simply walk across the border with no preparations made to track the weapons? Dozens of those rifles have turned up at crime scenes on both sides of the border and some as far away as Afghanistan. yet no one was held responsible for the carnage. The Lib Media only concentrated on gun control via removing the 2nd Amendment.

  3. This is pure bullshit! I don't have to read the book to tell you that. I was there!! Did they prop the 6 funerals I attended? I guess its easy to say it was a hoax, I wish it was I lost my friend that day. Unless you were there and SAW with your own eyes �� the aftermath I don't care what you have to say.

  4. Anyone who doesn't believe this Doctor's writing is a complete nut controlled by society and needs to seek help. I did a tow to Newtown, CT and unaware the father of Charlotte or was it Olivia was the one we were towing. I heard the name "Sandy Hook" come from his mouth and all I did was say "As in the one from tv, for the school" and the guy said yes and never said anything more. I thought it was weird until we got pulled over by a Newtown Police because we were not actually a 'Tow Truck' which they forgave as soon as they saw the gentleman in the back seat of our truck. Later that morning (our tow hit the area around 2am) we went to stop for a soda and found the 'decrepit' almost ghost town had TWO BRAND NEW gas stations, much like Seasons within a minute of each other on either side of the road, the cop asked us a few questions and I returned the favor by saying "Officer, can I ask you something" to which he allowed me to ask and I replied with a "Why were we seeing so much footage from Sandy Hook where the kids were being walked out of the school and it was the same kids in different clothes and a blue explorer kept moving and there was no 'live' in the corners of the screen and that's when I almost fell to the ground in shock he stated "Because Miss, Sandy Hook Elementary's shooting never happened. We were paid to fix our town that was in desperate repair but the school was condemned in 2008 due to a mass amount of repairs and all the kids were moved to the school the next town over, we got the funding after it was staged. Mr. Lanza and all the children are alive and well, his mother died unexpectedly from health issues. So yes dear child, Sandy Hook WAS A HOAX"

    This came from a cop that was on duty that day.

  5. You've all got it half right and half wrong. It's a double bluff. They don't want the guns. If they did, it would have already happened. The "gun grab agenda" theory and hoaxed mass shootings have for years produced one significant outcome – increased gun sales. That is the aim. They want the US flooded with guns because the plan is to have you slaughter each other. That's why they're now pitting every group and tribe against each other….left/right, black/white, christen/Muslim, gay/straight, patriot/govt. They're going to kick start a revolution and get the populous to do their dirty work. A component of that will be the exposition of the "planted" hoax evidence, much of which is indeed incongruous with their ability to perpetrate the hoax in the first instance – an obvious example being David Wheeler on film running around Sandy Hook dressed up as an FBI marksman for all to see….how much sense does that make? Short staffed on drill day, so reuse one of the main parent characters?

  6. Having guns or promoting them has nothing wrong in itself but its use, makes it good or evil. every state should arrange drills and trials regarding massacres and hazards as in case of any emergency, people would remain prepared as these days these incidents are really common.
    MA Gun License

  7. This is not a Democracy, we are a Constitutional Republic. In a Republic the power resides with the people, the people created the government and the government answers to the people. The constitution was written to limit the power of the government, yet the government uses it as a tool today to limit the power of the people. They infringe our rights on a daily basis and this should not be tolerated. The people have become complacent, this is our downfall. We need to take our politicians out behind the woodshed and beat the corruption out of them. Both parties today work together playing a game of good guy/bad guy. We elect a one party this time and in 8 years we elect the other party because the last one screwed up. We never learn from our mistakes and we cant remember back far enough to realize both parties are worthless. Every election you here people say a third party could never be elected and the establishment wins again. Our politicians are just puppets. The people pulling the strings are the corporations, bankers and a handful of filthy rich families. They have 50 different government/enforcement agencies to keep you in line, keep tabs on you and keep you poor.

  8. These false flags won't make sense until you put all the pieces together. The fake shootings are needed to gain public support for more gun laws. The people will not tolerate laws repealing the bill of rights. They need people bloody and wounded playing on CNN 24/7 to change the thought process of the people. Most people would defend the right to bare arms until they see 50 people getting killed every other day. If they can make it seem as though the armed maniacs are out of control and something needs to be done to stop them. As it stands now they can't just ban guns. There are over 300 million weapons owned by 100 million people in this country. If you just outlawed guns one day you would have 100 million people willing to defend their rights to bare arms and many of them would be willing to protect that right even if they had to die doing so. Our government would have 10 million armed patriots show up in Washington DC and they would not leave until their gun rights were restored and they people behind the gun laws were swinging by the neck from the gallows. I like to use the analogy of a colony of ants consuming a carcass of a horse. Sure a few ants couldn't do much damage to a full grown horse but a large colony could pick the bones clean in a couple days. The strength of the armed populace can not be underestimated. Yes, Our government may have better fire power but the overwhelming number of armed Americans that are laying in wait to destroy these politicians must be taken seriously and the government knows it.

  9. "The illegal we do immediately, the unconstitutional takes a little longer." – Henry Kissinger

    That's why they need false flags like Sandy Hook, to ferment the outrage to make us DEMAND our own tyranny. Without our consent, their true agenda would be exposed… enslavement. Then we would revolt. Game over.

  10. There was no school shooting that's why the creepy medical examiner kept saying "ugh" and he was just trying to remember his lines of lies.People really cried over this fake shooting why would people do this just change gun control laws its very dumb why would the medical examiner send a bill to the legislature before the shooting they just did not want us to know because there was nothing to see why would he say we transport the kids in discisible vans because there was no vans he thinks we are dumb but not society they should have been better at trying to act.
    I hope to become CDC Director One Day Thank you .

  11. There was no reason for destroying the school the alleged shooting took place in, and the home of the alleged shooter if this event really happened. These buildings were destroyed to prevent a true forensic investigation from ever happening. All of the alleged so-called random senseless shootings have never been open to a public investigation. The People should be demanding open investigations of all of these alleged random shootings! Also, everyone is entitled to be paid for their work.

  12. I am no longer shockied at the amount of people who have never read the Constitution. The 2nd Amendment does not state…."shall not be infringes, UNLESS…." It simply states, "shall not be infringed". There is to be no registration, permitting or licensing. Those who want that need to leave immediately and move to countries where they enjoy Control and Tyranny.

  13. “THEY … brought down the WTC. ….So why do THEY need to stage mass shootings to get rid of our guns?..”
    “They” (the Israeli/Zionists) brought down the WTC and WE, THE stupid PEOPLE got “Un-Patriotic Act”!

    “They” (including Mayor Bloomer = a rich Jew) stage FAKE mass shootings to take away our guns to enslave Americans (who will work to death to pay taxes to the “Fed Gov’t” which is in total controlled by the Jews)

  14. What I cannot accept is the sheer NERVE of that police chief to say to the parents that "there's a time and a place for everything" What fuckinbg Nerve! If I were a parent, I'd have spoken up, I'd have smashed my way through the glass windows and rushed in to see if MY kid was still clinging to life in that school somewhere. The fucking NERVE!
    That NONE of the "parents" even spoke up but rather meekly acquiesced to this ridiculous statement is extremely strong evidence that the whole thing was a massive fraud.
    And don't forget that so many people made MILLIONS from this fraud– which continues to this day. These people have no conscience and no morals– they'd shoot their own family member if told to.
    Please don't pay attention to that screaming idiot who won't even post a pseudonym, he's so afraid of letting it out about who he is.
    He makes a strawman argument that ONLY proves that he hasn't done a shred of research and only wants to distract the discussion. He is a classic troll.
    And mind the old adage, "Don't Feed The Trolls"

  15. If you do not know that you are in a cage, you do not attempt to break out of it.

    Control the inhabitants of the cage with elaborate scenery that is carefully controlled & centrally contrived and the inhabitants will do whatever you want them to.

  16. Sheer numbers-> More of us than them, money, arms sales( Google SOFEX), greed, power, etc. the ball has to keep rolling or there will be nothing left for anyone to play with. Pushing all of the unclear aside (aliens, underground bases,etc.) if they forcefully take our guns out right there would instantly be way to many pissed off people with guns ready to fight. Regardless of the police, military, or any weapon for that matter, there are simply to many of us who could move to fast with our "small arms" and make an impact.(Think the kids movie ANTS) You really think "ALL" of our police, military, or commanders there of would turn on their own and start slaughtering them? There would be those who resist in short, and gorilla warfare is never easily won… Furthermore, research the executive orders pertaining to the UN, our rights, and those of our under "oath" officials in office(foreign entities???) !!!

  17. Hey is there a higher quality version of this book available? The photos in the PDF are quite blurred and I can't really make out the labeling. Would make a world of difference if the photos were clear.

  18. All the forums for us supposed free thinkers are now littered with verbal hate. I think we can all agree that we are under some kind of control and part of that plan is keeping us hating eachother. That's what I see and read. Try to put ourselves in eachothers shoes and change the viewing glass from time to time.

  19. Just read Nobody Died at Sandy Hook free on pdf through Natural and actually learned a thing or two despite having thoroughly researched the topic since its inception. I have become acutely aware that the rabbit hole goes much deeper than anyone is capable of imagining. The War Industrial Complex Machine just loves to help sponsor gun control in a mock cold war game with the government as more guns are selling than ever before with all these false flag mass shootings escalating month after month. The more legislation the government passes, the more guns people go out and get. People who previously had no intention of getting involved with firearms are even getting on board for " safety's sake " apparently the better get em now before we can't motto is all the new rage, much as the gun makers and the NRA were hoping would happen, oddly contrary to their stance, the government too. I guess they figure depopulation needs a shot in the arm or face. Worthy of pointing out is the fact that most of these atrocities committed are being done with guns which have already been banned, so much for well intended gun control, but of course they knew what the results would be before they put their plans into action.

  20. They prefer to mock us over anything else. Their lust is for lies above all and flaunting the lies in our faces just as you are doing. They control us by making it look like they are not controlling us. They enjoy using hoaxes because they are lies believed to be truth.
    They own everything and anything worth owning via their corporate construct. They own and trade the preferred shares and leave us to fight over the scraps.

    That gives them all of the power they need.

    We willingly follow them like blind sheep. Key word is WILLINGLY.

    Now go troll somewhere else for your masters.

    There's plenty of easier prey out there for you to stalk.

    Jesus taught to seek the truth out because it will set you free. (his words, not mine)

  21. If you want to know why the anti gun Communists use false flag operations like Sandy Hook to disarm U.S citizens then you need to ask Monte Frank and Mike Bloomberg because they are the Communists who resided to attack the Second Amendment using false flag events.

  22. Why is Mike Bloomberg spending so much money to achieve his gun control agenda? Why did Obama come out recently and say his regrets not passing gun control legislation? Why is Monte Frank preventing Wolfgang Halbig from accessing the Freedom of Information that he's seeking and why is Monte Frank leading gun control group to try to bankrupt gun manufacturers and spread anti-gun propaganda? It seems odd that these individuals would put forth so much effort to attack our Second Amendment. Regardless of why they are doing the point is they are doing it which tells me false flag operations like Sandy Hook and spreading anti-gun propaganda to push for anti- gun legislation is the method these anti gun Communist have chose to reach their goal of destroying our gun rights. Why they chose this method only Mike Bloomberg, Monte Frank and Obama can answer that question.

  23. My question about the hoax arguments is if Sandy Hook School had been shut down for several years before the incident, wouldn't their be some people in that area who would have known. Schools generate a lot of vehicle traffic, you know, school busses, parents and noisy kids. It would seem the easiest way to support the hoax theory is to go door to door and ask people. If no one talks then I guess you draw your own conclusion. This would seem more practical then FOIA requests for maintenance records as cited in the book.

  24. They want to disarm you first then if your mind has not been too dulled by the excessive amount of kool-aid you've been administered, you will see just how "all-powerful" they can be. The only thing that is protecting your apologist ass right now is your second amendment. When that is gone, America folds, North America folds, the world folds to global totalitarianism.

  25. The picture shows some people ( you have no idea who the people are and neither do I) sitting at what is commonly referred to as a breakfast table. Please note the table has a brown wood top, white legs and white spindle chairs, the photo of the table in the staged home is referred to as a dining room table ( much larger than breakfast tables) and has a brown wood top, brown legs and brown chairs.

  26. So, the Lanza home was furnished then at some time it was unfurnished. Then they had to furnish it again for this FEMA event. You'll notice in this family photo of the Lanza family sitting around a dinning room table. Years latter the same table shows up in the Lanza home in an evidence photo. What this tells me is that the table was always there and furniture was not brought in.

  27. Mr. Fetzer

    For a long time you were just a liberal professor (I am surprised logic is a subject in universities); now you are doing something useful.

    All that ill-gooten gain which you derive from too-big-to-fail Wall street corporations, in the form of pension cheque is put to good use

    "My firm conviction is, that any other solution to our present difficulties than a reconstruction of but one government over all the states of our confederacy would entail upon us and our children an inheritance of the most fearful consequences" —August Belmont, July 20, 1862.

    Mr. Belmont didn't just write, he acted; he got on the boat, travelled to London and Paris and told certain parties who wanted to act against Lincoln &co to leave the North alone

    Mythology-makers and conspiracist book-peddlers sold to us the tale that the house of Rothschild opposed Lincoln

  28. So a shared event of such tragic proportions is to only be addressed by a single entity, a monolithic investigative body to avoid plagiarism? How does one know with 100% certainty that another researcher is out to make an event like Sandy Hook "his own"? Maybe his research is leading him to conclude the same and is thus in agreement with one or more investigators? Of course that is not the answer you want to hear.

    Your 3 Straw Man arguments can also mean he came into information after "aligning" that changed his viewpoint and discrediting those idiots inhaling thermite dust or other, was duty etc.

    You choose to use Emmanuel Goldstein as your handle and you represent this character how? By discrediting investigative work Emmanuel himself would be doing being an enemy of the state and the state being, is it Corrupticut?

    Or is it that you believe Sandy Hook was not Sandy Hoax?

    Nice touch with his kids names in there and how many other family members names of others who do the same Emmanuel Goldstein enemy of the state type of investigative work as is done by Dr Fetzer, have you used in the same context?

  29. Dr. Fetzer is not a real researcher, Dr. Fetzer latches onto other people’s research, and if Dr. Fetzer likes it, Dr. Fetzer inserts himself into the picture and makes it his own. This is a form of plagiarism…let’s look at some of Dr. Fetzer’s actions of the past concerning 9/11…

    1.) First Dr. Fetzer aligns himself with the nano thermite crowd, promotes them, then discredits them.

    2.) Then Dr. Fetzer aligns himself with the Directed Energy Weapon crowd and Dr. Judy Wood, promotes them, then discredits them.

    3.) Now Dr. Fetzer has aligned himself with the mini nuke crowd, is promoting them, but what do you think is gonna happen next?

    I wonder if Dr. Fetzer's wife, Janice, and children, Bret and Sarah, have to listen to his rants and ravings too.

    BTW- For the unenlightened…

    Emmanuel Goldstein is a character in George Orwell's dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. He is the principal enemy of the state according to the Party, depicted as the head of a mysterious (and possibly fictitious) organization called "The Brotherhood" and to have written the book The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism. He is only seen and heard on telescreen, and may be a fabrication of the Ministry of Truth.

  30. U're a brainless, moronic LYING LIAR WHO LIES LIES LIES. "Goldstein" COULD ONLY be kike name, u total idiot.

    Fetzer is just a sad case of well-programmed, well-trained product of Jew-oriented American empire of Jew S A infested w. kikes and their cohorts and suck-alongs, like u, eh?–who says, for example, there are "non-Talmudic" kikes, ho ho ho ho

    Otherwise, "Goldstein," u utter fool, HOW are u any less a clown, pretending "Goldstein" is not kike, dumbass?

  31. The premise that Dr. Fetzer advances is that Sandy Hook was fake so the government can take our guns away. Does this mean Dr. Fetzer is hording weapons and the ATF should be notified?

    Or, is this a way of identifying those with an interest in guns so that they may be located and tracked?

    Raytheon's Riot Program Mines Social Network Data Like a Google for Spies

  32. Not Jewish- big, big, WASP here. Goldstein is a character from the book 1984.

    Psychological operations (PSYOP) has been defined as "the planned use of communications to influence human attitudes and behavior. It consists of political, military, and ideological actions conducted to induce in target groups behavior, emotions, and attitudes that support the attainment of national objectives." Dr. Fetzer is targeting group behavior with his planned use of communications.

  33. (After Fetzer is sued by the families he can beg for money on the Internet for his attorney fees! *=)) rolling on the floor)

    Fetzer On Fire…

    After publishing “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook”, editor of the book retired Professor Jim Fetzer and fellow contributing academics and researchers have carried out what could be described as a “big move”, to use a chess metaphor. While having spent only a moderate amount of time looking into Sandy Hook since 2012, there are a few observations which might help in resolving this issue once and for all.

    The same view applies regarding the enormously consequential events of September 11, 2001 and other major issues, as 9/11 remains literally the elephant in the room crying out for a new investigation. It’s important to once and for all discover and expose the truth, and thus correct widely held, continuing, false and divisive perceptions – irrespective of which “side” one comes down on. Fundamentally and importantly, such matters call for much more powerful leadership efforts to reveal the truth, including a greater appreciation and/or focus on bringing an end to large numbers of citizens’ hanging on to false views.

    Dr. Fetzer is a seasoned entertainer who has kept us laughing for years. His best attributes are diversion and group-think.

    As a 74 year old clown, Dr. Fetzer is loved and respected by those in the same profession. Maybe Dr. Fetzer should take his wife, Janice, on a Sunday drive to visit The International Clown Hall of Fame and Research Center in Baraboo, WI which is only an hour drive from their home in Oregon, WI.

    Here are the directions but call ahead to make an appointment:

    Get on US-14 W in Fitchburg from E Richards Rd and Co Hwy Mm N 5 min (2.1 mi)
    Take US-12 W to South Blvd in Baraboo 53 min (48.9 mi)
    Continue on South Blvd. Drive to 4th St

  34. The Zionist-controlled MSM is turning "REALITY" into a STAGED THEATER OF THE ABSURD! EVERYTHING has to be questioned now – even the weather report ("Hurricane" Patricia, for example). Those Category 5 photos were FAKES (Google Jim Stone).

  35. Excellent observation. ALL shooting HOAXES (and also 911) are full of such small details, which, while they do not constitute "evidence" of anything, are CLEAR indications that FRAUD is being committed by officials of Federal, State and Municipal governments and their agencies and that "crisis actors" are being used – in addition to MSM LYING! Also, the perps continually exhibit EXTREME HUBRIS since these flaws are many and consistent in all cases! These flaws are never exposed by the MSM, so most people are not aware of them – they just swallow the BIG LIES.

    The MEDIA is now Public Enemy #1 because they intentionally create a FALSE REALITY! The fact that the MSM is Zionist-controlled tells us EVERYTHING about who is behind turning America into a FASCIST and POLICE STATE. I prefer to call it the ALIEN AGENDA!

  36. You know, sometimes it can just be a tiny detail that can be the thread that unravels a fabrication such as Sandy Hook without being technical or any scholarly type inquiry but just something simple as the fact that to date none of the parents during ANY of their interviews ever seem to have a Kleenex, is this normal? A day after your child dies and you begin the interview process I began to notice none of the parents have ever felt the need for Kleexex. Now I know some people who did not follow this story hours a day for going on three years like I did will say this is not true because 5 groups of family members each grabbed a Kleenex when senator Joe Mansion picked up off his coffee table in his office a box of Posh Puffs and passed the box around and parents sitting around the coffee table each took a Kleenex from the box, however, that was not until AFTER I called the Connecticut press, ( radio, print, tv) at least 50 times telling them if they want this to appear real then they really need to put out some Kleenex. Finally they made Kleenex a central prop in Mansion's office. Another small detail they forgot to cover was to have actors playing the role of hazmet clean- up. When I called about it to 3 agencies, nobody could tell me in January of 2013 who cleaned up the soiled school. I contacted Connecticut's EPA, State Police ( and talked to Lt. Vance who asked me " what blood") and the Major Crime Squad Unit. Each agency in that order told me they had no idea who cleaned up the blood and told me to call the next agency. Back in 2013 they had no clue then we were told AFB cleaned it up.( I spoke with the owner and told him I read in the paper his company cleaned up the blood and he replied " no, all we did was move library books out of Sandy Hook into the new school at Chalk Hill") So I asked him who cleaned up the blood and he replied " The forensic dept of the FBI", then we were told it was Clean Harbors (which cleaned up waterways from pollutants, not bodily fluids in a school) Again, sometimes the devil is in the tiny details often not thought about. Remember, we are ONE NATION UNDER FRAUD.

  37. Jim, I am confused, you said, "I faulted her book for not excluding the use of micro or mini nukes while nevertheless giving it a 5-star review," I don't get the "not excluding." Does she really talk about "space-based directed energy weapons?" Where may I find the video of the Vancouver Hearings?

  38. James Fetzer:

    There is now sufficient evidence on the Web, including blogs, websites and YouTube videos, to CONVINCE ANYONE with a functioning brain, objectivity and a compulsion to get at the truth, that:

    (1) The "Official" explanation of 911 is a BIG LIE.
    (2) NO AIRLINERS crashed at any of the 4 alleged crash sites.
    (3) Mini-NUKES, explosives and ALIEN technology (the "Ball") were used on 911.
    (4) Zionist Israel and its agents in America played a major role in the 911 Attack on America and its subsequent COVER-UP.
    (5) 911 truth has been COVERED UP by 2 Presidents, their Cabinet members, Administration members, ALL members of CONgress, the Zionist-controlled MSM, the Pentagon, members of MANY "National Security" Agencies, an assortment of Academicians, Democratic and Republican Party members, "Hollywood", etc.
    (6) The Sandy Hook and other mass shootings were HOAXES to promote an AGENDA of Gun Control or Gun Confiscation.
    (7) America is being turned into a FASCIST STATE and POLICE STATE.

    NO amount of Zionist shilling by countless ADL-trained Zionist Shills can change ANY of the above FACTS. You don't have to defend yourself against nonsensical claims by any of these shills, no matter what arguments they make to discredit your thorough research and your valid conclusions! THEY will NEVER admit that you are right, even if you present a MOUNTAIN of IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE! So why bother with them? They deserve nothing more than Dick Cheney's "famous" response: GFY!

  39. Emmanuel Goldstein is widely believed to be Judy Wood, who is willing to gratuitously smear anyone who takes except to her theory of the Twin Towers having been destroyed by "death rays" or space-based directed energy weapons.

    I faulted her book for not excluding the use of micro or mini nukes while nevertheless giving it a 5-star review, but that wasn't good enough for her and her groupies, who attacked my review 3-4,000 times! I am not exaggerating.

    After The Vancouver Hearings, the evidence in support of micro or mini nukes was so great that I elaborated upon the USGS dust sample proof, which includes many elements that would not have been present had it not been a nuclear event–and downgraded it to a 3-star review.

    To appreciate the absurdity of her position, check out anything I have ever published or presented. It is chock full of arguments and evidence, where I am known for the rigor of my research, for which I have received many forms of recognition.

    The complaint has no merit. Use this book as a case that refutes her contentions about me, which are a form of ad hominem attack, typical of those who can't defend their position because of a lack of evidence. Every posts she makes reinforces the impression that she is running a limited hangout to confuse the public on behalf of party who does not want its role in 9/11 to be exposed.

  40. Not to belabor the obvious, but "disinfo ops" make false claims that implicate the wrong parties in acts they have themselves performed. I, by contrast, am exposing the actual perps, who include the CT State Police, the teachers and the members of the Newtown School Board, the Governor and the Lt. Governor of Connecticut and the Attorney General and President of the United States.

    What kind of a "deinfo op" is that? I have also blown the cover by implicating the government in JFK, 9/11, Wellstone and the Boston bombing–not to mention the moon landing hoax. I am going to take a wild guess that you are still committed to that illusion! But then, if you think I am a "disinfo op", you would be willing to believe anything.

  41. "I spent 35 years offering courses in logic, critical thinking and scientific reasoning to undergraduates and this guy could not have passed any of them."

    Didn't see this before. It's funny, because I'm a scientist, and I teach very similar course. Experimental methods, statistics, etc.

    I'd love to see what you taught your kids about anaomaly hunting and probability theory! Or the fact that in controlled settings, you can rarely explain most of the variance involved meaning in natural setting the vast majority of events are unexplainable (i.e., "anomalies").

    Did you teach them that truth, or did you teach them that every last detail that can't be explained is evidence of conspiracy? I've read your dreck enough to know you believe the latter….

    Please. YOu should never have been teaching anyone about critical thinking or – GASP! scienitic reasoning! I'm always defending tenure – then I see the like of you.

  42. I figured it out – it's supposed to be ha ha ha. Ho ho ho is Santa, dude. I've joked around about you guys never getting laid – but it is DEFINITELY true for you. You exude that geeky 'mom's-basement' lifestyle more than the rest here. Bet you don't even have the nerve to get a prostitute… so sad.

  43. Like I would ever invite you cancers into my life. Please. You don't even have the sense to leave the poor parents at SH alone! On the flimsiest of evidence you're willing to exhume their fucking children, you POS! You think I'm gonna tell you who I am? F that. You're untrustable, loathsome people with no empathy for others.

  44. Right Eric52 – Step away from your computer and TV screen. Listed to relaxing music, stretch as high as you can in defiance of gravity. Go out for a walk, watch the clouds, and enjoy the crisp fall season with all its glory. This is the world that God made.

    Speaking of gravity…

    The difference between the dielectric displacement within a mass and the dielectric displacement outside the mass in the etheric wind, creates a down-force in the direction of the negative polarity, as the etheric wind ‘blows’ through a mass. This is called “gravity”. (WTC Blowin in the Wind)

    The answer is blowin in the wind…

  45. Fetzer and co. would be sanctioned by the court ANYWAY, on any grounds, as the court-system and entire Federal judiciary is obvious part of large conspiracy to commit fraud in all the various ways–as Sandy hoax has already demonstrated. Besides, Wolfgang Halbig is already involved in filing cases in the various courts, even, as we see he was un-successful for his FOIA endeavors, the system there fraudulent and conspiratorial against the people and the law.

  46. So, then I suppose, that means Dr. Fetzer and crew will be filing a federal lawsuit with their "evidence"? Probably not because they would be sanctioned by the court for filing a frivolous lawsuit. What a bunch of clowns! LOL ♥

    1. The act of making an unfounded or unsubstantiated claim.
    2. In philosophy, a method of debate or discussion based of the premise of: I think, therefore I am. I think you're wrong. therefore you are.
    3. The act of disagreeing by employing rancor, name calling, ad hominem attacks or straw man argument.

    Etymology: Fetzering began in earnest in the late 1960's, being implemented by a JFK conspiracy theorist and has since expanded it's use in the 9/11 debate arena.

    1. Without evidence your claim is simple fetzering.

    2. He should rely on his data instead of fetzering.

  47. Peter Levenda has some excellent insights into the "weird" events that have been going on in America since the Founding Fathers, including most recently the 911 HOAX and the (Sandy Hook, etc.) shooting HOAXES. It's all part of OCCULTISM (SATANISM) and the ALIEN AGENDA. "The Nine" sit atop the occult PYRAMID OF EVIL (in another dimension) and also atop America, courtesy of NAZISM and ZIONISM. The OCCULT "equation" is: NAZISM=ZIONISM=SATANISM.

    America and Humanity need an EXORCISM!

  48. Jew-spew: this is false-analogy, kike. Presumably, in a logic class, the teach would be able to pt. out the errors in logic. All u do is assert–fallacy of question-begging, moron. U continue giving poor performances for kikes who insist so hysterically they're "smart."

  49. Jew-Spews

    Jew-spew: this of urs, above, is fallacy of "red-herring," (a), but (b) I believe Fetzer merely refers to arguments given by others which detail how/why they conclude there was another "Paul" who was inserted.

    Hence ur proper argumentation would have to do w. rebutting the reasoning given for the putative substitute Paul–which, typical dumb kike, u don't do. I thought u Jews were supposed to be "smart"?–what happened?

  50. Judaism = satanism

    Jew-spew: don't u know ALL DECENT HUMANS HATE JEWS?–that's why Jews hate humanity, "the best of the gentiles, kill him." Ever ck'd-out what satanic Talmud teaches kikes?–see

    And Jew-spew, there's tons and tons and tons of crap which could be read by whoever has the time–we could give u endless lists of reading to do & vids to be watched, but u'll still remain the same moronic Jew-spew, pushing ur Jew-friendly lies.

    U have to try to making an argument, Jew, conclusion founded on premises, ultimately verifiable in sense-perception, stupid kike.

  51. It's akin to Joe the Hobo standing on the corner of Bowery and 3rd telling us that he's spent the past 35 years delineating the secrets of the Universe in verse form and we're the dolts who just don't get it.

  52. As if you didn't notice that your clock was just cleaned and that you've been exposed as the dumbest professor emeritus in the entire country.

    Why in hell do you bother?

    Well,yes,the paycheck must be hefty but haven't you any shame?

  53. Fetzer we know this you under yet another assumed name.
    This way you get to vent your demented Jew hating and dodge the responsibility of your own collapse.

    Got around to reading Mark Roberts' paper (wtc7lies) yet,by any chance? You know,the one that definitively puts to rest the absurd idea that #7 came down from anything other than impacts and raging fires.

  54. Nice fucking try,Fetzer,but it was you who lost it years ago when you agreed to be disinfo operative # 4,986.
    It's enough just to know that your fellow Jew hater,tiny little Sofia,is on board this particular crazy train.
    What is your major malfunction,numbnuts??!!

  55. Another demonstration of the deliberate ignoring of a mass of evidence by appeals to irrelevant factors. I spent 35 years offering courses in logic, critical thinking and scientific reasoning to undergraduates and this guy could not have passed any of them. It is embarrassing that anyone like him is even posting on one of my blogs, because his posts are pointless. It was citizen/soldiers who defeated the British and it is citizen/soldiers who protect us from the tyranny of our own government. There are only two choices: this guy is either a moron or an op. You pick!

  56. To Anonymous: Jim Fetzer is doing the best he can with a huge handicap. The full military force and power of government is being used to prevent truthful facts and information from being released to him. If you don’t like what he is doing you are perfectly free to feel that way. However, by using a fake name, you risk or lose nothing do you? There is no embarrassment to you personally as you seek to impose on him although to most readers you likely look more like a fool than an educated “scientist” if indeed you are one. Why don’t you use your resources to find a judge anywhere in this land who will order that every body buried in those 26 graves, all also hidden by secrecy, also imposed at the point of a gun also imposed by the full military police force of government at every level, be exhumed to verify that true human remains are indeed contained in those caskets and that those remains are indeed those of the claimed victims as proved by at least two independent scientific laboratory DNA tests of those remains? Actions speak louder than words. But in making your appeal to the courts you will be forced to use you true legal name and prove that you are indeed a true, legal United States Citizen as professor Fetzer and his associates do. You will also have to provide your true legal address in this country. If you could accomplish this feat, and prove that all 26 caskets do indeed contain the remains of those Sandy Hook victims as the orthodox media have claimed, you would be a hero and I can assure you Jim Fetzer would be the first to congratulate you and admit he was wrong. But you have a much higher bar to climb and overcome than he had had to reach this point in his investigation of the Sandy Hook scam on America. The court order must also provide that any member of the public will be provided the opportunity to be present and observe and take pictures of the exhumation of these alleged dead victims of Sandy Hook. Until you can accomplish this feat, you should acknowledge that professor Jim Fetzer and his associates have made the closest approximation to a proof that this event was little more than a Hollywood Perverts production intended to fool a gullible population of saps in America today who love to be fooled, fleeced and had by their own government and many other institutions and individuals as well. Why do you fear using your true name to criticize others? Professor Fetzer and associates use their true names, not phony ones.
    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics, 150 Raintree Ct., Athens, GA 30607

  57. PS Among the MSM Zionist Print Rags, none exceeds the New York Times in publishing a prodigious daily amount of TRIVIA, while neglecting to publish essential truths. DECEPTION in the most sophisticated and CUNNING form, best suited to wrapping fish! "All the news and non-news that's NOT fit to print". So-called "intellectuals" are just as susceptible to MSM brainwashing as everyone else!

  58. Jew-Spew: TYPICAL Kike Know-It-All, Ho Ho Ho

    Jew-spew: u're legend in ur own mind, sucker, ho ho ho ho. U say u "trained" as "scientist"?–u FAILED, sucker. U just babble and pretend u have urself convinced–u're typical kike, thinks u're smart, right?–OBVIOUSLY.

    So why should anyone waste too much time talking w. dumb kike like u?–u're just typical kike psycho, convinced u're "intelligent," ho ho ho, and u got urself persuaded for all ur Jew-spew & b.s., eh?–u're a genius–ANOTHER one among u kikes, eh? ho ho ho ho hoo

  59. Most Americans depend on the MSM to tell them what to believe and they don't come to the Alternative Media, like your blog. Americans (and people in general) are brainwashed from childhood to trust and believe "figures of authority". Many people never escape their blind obedience to the figures of authority who practice (maliciously or otherwise) THOUGHT and BEHAVIOR [ACTION] CONTROL. It starts out with parents, then teachers, then bosses, then religious leaders, then political leaders – and the MSM is there 24×7 to constantly pound the "official" information and subliminal messages (mostly deception, diversion and self-indulgence) into their brains. The "Boob Tube" is responsible for most of the dumbing down.

    The Alternative Media audience is MINISCULE and POWERLESS to effect real change – that's why TPTB allow blogs like this to exist. They are like pressure relief valves, channeling pent-up frustration and potential energy of the outraged few into harmless eddies. But a handful of converts to truth is better than none!

  60. The cabal fearing 100m armed Americans is important so I want to highlight it.

    According to you guys (not me, you), the cabal has:
    1. The military we already know about, which would far outpace the citizenry with private guns. There would be no match. But let's keep going.

    2. Secret super weapons

    3. HAARP and the ability to use at least tornados to take out whomever they like

    4. Alien technology So in addition to 1-3, they can call upon amazing weapons that we can't even concieve of.

    So no, they have NOTHING – 0, nada, nullset – to fear from 100m guys with conventional firearms.

    You have to be an idiot to maintain that a cabal with these cababilities are worried about 100m guns. It's literally the most stupid thing I've ever heard, and no one can give me something better.

  61. "alse premise that the government has nothing to fear from 100,000,000 armed Americans."

    Again according to you, they do not. They have the military we know about (which far outpaces personal firearms) AND HAARP and unknown super weapons AND alien technology AND they control the wheels of gov't.

    So if you're right they have bsolutely NOTHING to fear from 100m armed Americans. Literally nothing.

  62. "What kind of brainless boob could persist in denying the obvious, given this quantity and quality of proof?"

    You calling me brainless is funny. You evidence = SHIT. That you can't separate wheat from chaff is your original problem.

    And all of these misinterpretations add up to absurd conclusions, like an all powerful cabal that can wipe out your town with HAARP and aliens but is afraid of (by comparison) pea-shooters

    You created this edifice of stupidity by adding up all these "details", and now that I point it out you don't want to look at it. Tough shit, JIM. You own it.

  63. "I am stunned by some who seem to think that they can pre-empt the evidence by postulating the fantasy of an all-powerful government "

    HA! The fantasy??? YOU claim they have alien technology. YOU claim they control the weather. YOU claim they've fixed the economy and elections.

    I'm simply asking you to deal with your own claims. Crazy, right?

    Re: your detail evidence is all horseshit. I talk about this above when I discuss the coefficient of determination (referred to often as R squared) in controlled experiments. Anomaly hunting is not evidence because literally every event produces them. The signs in this post is BS, of course:

    I'm not interested in teaching you how to interpret evidence, thoguh. I trained for a long time to be a scientist and I get paid to do that.

    But the fact that your overall theories are self contradictory? Now that is awesome, and it's what I'd rather talk about. And that's what I want answers about

  64. An interesting exchange about the moon landings occurred when Huffington Post published a piece on "Physicist destroys moon landing conspiracy theorists with a single brilliant tweet", where I was astonished that my comments were allowed to stand and are there to this day. Check 'em out at It's all coming out, piece by piece. Some students hae done a huge amount of research. Check out Jack White's Moon Landing Studies, for example.

  65. No, it's predicate upon the false premise that the government has nothing to fear from 100,000,000 armed Americans. You seem to be living detached from reality. The proof that this was an elaborate charade is overwhelming. What is there about your brain that makes you incapable of accepting the obvious WHEN IT HAS BEEN PROVEN ON THE BASIS OF MASSIVE, THOROUGH AND DETAILED EVIDENCE?

  66. Excellent commentary, Winfield! I am stunned by some who seem to think that they can pre-empt the evidence by postulating the fantasy of an all-powerful government that doesn't even need to worry about 100,000,000 armed American citizens. As I have observed, we even have THE FEMA MANUAL for the drill on the 13th and going "LIVE" on the14th.

    What kind of brainless boob could persist in denying the obvious, given this quantity and quality of proof? We have 50 photos of the Lanza home being furnished to serve as a prop and another 50 of the school being refurbished to serve as the stage. I just don't get it! Have Americans been so dumbed down that some of them are incapable of grasping even the most obvious truths when they are support by massive, thorough and detailed evidence?

  67. Anonymous displays his commitment to fallacies in argument. (a) He ignores the proof that it was staged as though there was no good reason to do that when it was done! (b) He exaggerates the powers of the establishment, who are eager to deprive the people of their 2nd amendment rights. (c) He thinks a coulda-woulda-shoulda argument can overcome logic and evidence. Egad! He can't even cope with the most elementary evidence in this case, much less the more serious.

    This is not a serious person but–and I will offer this alternative–if he is not a op, then he is out of touch with reality, because the proof that it was a drill (the sign, the name tags on lanyards and all that) were there from the start. And the proof it wasn't a shooting (no surge of EMTs, no line of ambulances, and all that) was also present from the beginning. Egad! We even have the FEMA MANUAL for the event. This guy has lost it.

  68. It is perfectly acceptable to question the conclusions of this book. I have not read the book so I do not know every argument made by its authors. However, what I do know and virtually everyone knows, is that this crime scene investigation was not conducted in any rational, normal, open or honest way. Secrecy was enforced at every point in this so called “investigation” of Sandy Hook. That secrecy was enforced, at the point of their guns, by the full military force and power of government; namely the Newtown Police Department, the State of Connecticut Police and the Federal Police as well. If you or I or any of the authors of this book sought to enter the crime scene illegally, one of them or more might even be dead, or perhaps all who tried to enter. Even two years after the event the school and even the “Lanza” house were both totally demolished. Why? The answer is because the authorities did not want the public to see the evidence of their lies about all this. The easiest thing to do would have been to allow anyone from the public to enter these crime scenes and view all the bullet holes in walls, or drawings of where dead victims had been slain or the inside of the Lanza home. They did not do this. Even the wrecking crew was sworn to secrecy under criminal threats. In the old days, a good reporter might have surreptitiously and illegally entered the crime scene to get some pictures for the public or even bribed an official to provide some to him. Ask yourself, why all the secrecy if this was a truly honest and open and unencumbered crime investigation? Where are all the 200+ page detailed autopsy reports for all the alleged victims? Why not release all the pictures of bullet hole filled walls and pictures of blood and dead kids inside that day and on and on and on? The answer can only be, there were no bullet holed walls or dead kids. For all we know the motive might have been a flippant one just to see if they could pull this hoax off on a gullible and unwitting public; they were successful because that is exactly what happened. Americans are the biggest easily fooled dupes on planet earth. Secrecy is the enemy of the truth.
    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  69. Now that we have proof that the Sandy Hook school shooting was a HOAX to promote GUN CONTROL (or GUN CONFISCATION), we can safely conclude (with substantial EVIDENCE) that the other shootings were also HOAXES and had the same objective.

    The question now is: Does that strategy by itself actually make sense to disarm Americans, assuming that appropriate legislation is eventually passed? (still in doubt). Is this a MASS MIND GAME and MASS MIND CONDITIONING with an ulterior objective? Is another shoe about to drop?

    Every time THEY pull off another shooting HOAX, gun sales jump. Roseberg citizens want more guns! Putting up obstacles to obtaining guns legally will not be effective because it's so easy to obtain guns illegally! (on the streets of cities). There are now MANY more guns (registered and unregistered) in the hands of Americans than before the shooting HOAXES started! So what's wrong with this picture and strategy, especially since most gun owners are not likely to surrender their guns voluntarily (or even with legislation) – unless something else changes!

    Americans will only "surrender" their guns in substantial numbers IF a National Emergency is fabricated (like a 911-II or a COLLAPSE of the Financial Derivatives "House of Cards") and MARTIAL LAW is declared, implying suspension of the Constitution and 2nd Amendment of the Bill of Rights. 911-II will have to be "airtight" because most Americans are now ALERTED to the possibility (likelihood) of another HOAX.

    911-II is just a matter of time. The stage has been set (by the Zionist-controlled Federal Reserve and BANKSTERS) for ECONOMIC COLLAPSE! Greenspan and Bernanke planted the seeds of ECONOMIC ARMAGEDDON with "Death by 1000 Cuts" and QE I, II, III and IV and the creation of ASTRONOMICAL BUBBLES and DEBT.

    In a severe DEPRESSION and with MARTIAL LAW and RAMPANT FEAR (and maybe a war with Russia, to boot), it will be much easier for the Federal CRIMINALS to buy most of the guns, NO QUESTIONS ASKED about their origin and legality. In such a scenario, organized RESISTANCE by the American people is also not likely, especially with Military, "Police" and DHS tanks patrolling city streets! NDAA anyone? Or maybe THEY are planning for Americans to use their guns on each other – fighting for food and water and looting Walmarts?! In the resulting CHAOS, nobody will think about pursuing the real CRIMINALS and perpeTRAITORS, hiding in DUMBs.

    "Seven Days in May" will likely be America's LAST HOPE!

  70. Ho ho ho–watch–the Jew will continue to spew even after this admission:

    "In David Rockefeller's book 'Memoirs' he admits he is part of a secret cabal working to destroy the United States and create a new world order.Here is the direct quote from his book, pg 405:

    "| Some even believe we [Rockefeller family] are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – One World, if you will.If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it |"

  71. DODGE, DODGE, DODGE. No one can answer my objection.

    There's no better sign of a great theory than being afraid to defend it.

    Then again, this makes sense. Conspiracy theorists are essentially fearful people who see danger around every corner. More neuroticism than cogent worldview

  72. And STILL… no one can explain why this all powerful cabal controls our democracy, yet cares about how we vote re: guns.

    If they're that powerful, why not just fix the vote? Control the politicians (that's done though, right?) and change the laws to whatever you want.

    They can control all facets of the political and economic system EXCEPT where guns are concerned? When it come to guns these conspirator overlords have a soft spot for democracy, despite the fact that this is the one thing that can be their undoing (according to you guys anyway)?

    NONE of this makes a shred of sense, as evidenced by your collective silence in coming up with a substantive answer.

    Jim? SOMEONE??? This is your whole worldview here, care to explain how this can be?

  73. Amazing. I wonder if these all-powerful overlords could force a noise ordinance by the Boise Town Counsel, or would instead stage a fake boom box incident to manufacture consent.

    I mean, they're not MONSTERS for chrissakes! Democracy is obvioulsy important to them despite the fact that they fixed all the democracies across the world, right?

  74. OK – so there are competing factions, but all the factions manage to keep it a secret when OTHER factions fake the Holocaust, meet & treaty the aliens, control the weather (still my favorite), fake 9/11, fake Sandy Hook, cause tornadoes in Oklahoma, control the economy at Bildebergers, fake the moon landing, fake the Oregon shooting, assassinate JFK, assassinate Yitzahk Rabin, assassinate Paul Wellstone and what else?

    So there are multiple factions of conspirators competing against each other, but their "honor among thieves" allow the to continue on with their conspiracies?

    AND, despite this collusion and total control, HAND GUNS in the common person's hands are going to stop them?

    Are you really this dumb, or just drunk? I Hope to Christ for your sake it's the latter….

  75. I have a point and have made it over and over:

    If you guys are right, those behind these conspiracies are too powerful to bother staging mass shootings because they have nothing to fear from private gun ownership.

    People with all the current known technology of our military + alien technology + weather control are too powerful to worry about simple firearms.

    That's my point, plain and simple,and it's irrefutable.

  76. Wow! In the flesh! I love the unsubstantiated detail work with which you trade (that was sarcasm Jim), but care to take a stab at my central point?

    If the people behind these conspiracies are so powerful that they've fixed all things, why are they bothering with these operations to try and change gun laws? Why not just stop making guns? Or declare martial law and say "Fuck Off! – we have the technology / weaponry and you can't do anything about it!" ? Why the long drawn out process and worry about the fake laws that they have control over anyway?

    Why Jim? Care to explain why these all-powerful overlords are bothering to stage these minor mass shootings? Or why they aren't just overtly asserting control? Maybe you know this is horseshit so you hope I'll just go away? Even if I do, you'll know that YOU DODGED ME.

    Don't worry: thinking won't physically hurt you. Please answer.

  77. In every situation, most details can't be explained. I'm a scientist and even in a scientific experiment, where we have control over more than in any other situation, we struggle to account for 50% of what's happening (see coefficient of determination). So you know FOR SURE that in natural situations you'll have a majority of details unexplained or difficult to explain.

    That means that you can say that literally every event that has ever happened didn't happen or has "anamalies", from the moon landings to your last shopping trip.

    It's all bullshit unless they can produce specific evidence, not just inconsequential details that no one can explain. That's applies to literally everything that has ever happened

  78. ‘ Hey, STUPID Anon: THEY LIVE – but THEY DIE, too! THEY know that when THEY come for our guns (100,000,000+, not counting automatic rifles, machine guns, howitzers, rocket launchers, hand grenades and the occasional mini-NUKE), we will just "let THEM have the bullets" – right between the eyes! “ ‘

    So they control the FUCKING WEATHER but you think they’re going to come ot your door for your gun! You stupid sum bitch – they can just send a tornado at your fucking house! They can just disappear you! If they have the power you claim, you are necessarily powerless!

    “THEY are CONTROL FREAKS and CUNNING CRITTERS – but THEY are not STUPID, like you!“

    Right – so follow the logic. They’re smart and control literally everything. That means your resistance is literally futile.

    “Now go back to Abe Foxman and get your money back. You're as STUPID as ever.”

    And the bigotry so that we can check all boxes.

    My point goes unchallenged.

  79. Jim Fetzer, I've been reading your posts and books for years. Always I examine everything you write with a critical eye. Nothing you've put forward, with one exception – but not on this topic – have I had one doubt about. Again and again you've convinced me that your interterpretation of some event is accurate.
    If you read this comment, here're my questions. They're about the Moon landings. I bought "And I Suppose We Didn't Go To The Moon Either", I saw the reated videos, and I agree that many of the Moon landing photos were faked. No reasonable person could disagree.
    What I wonder about is why there's been so little investigation about all the missions, photos, and claims. The JFK asassination, 911, and other national frauds have "legs." For some reason the Moon landings doubts don't.
    Why so many Moon trips? Could good stage photos have been substituted for bad Moon trip pix and that's the limit of the phoniness? How was the rest of the world fooled or coerced so many times? Why so many times to the Moon when one trick trip would have been enough? And so on.
    As I've written time and again and posted, you're the best analyst when it comes to national government frame ups and coverups.
    But still, where the Moon landings are concerned I see no where near the same investigation and exposure that you and others have put out on the JFK asssassination, 911, Sandy Hook, and the Oklahoma City bombing. Surely, if every Moon shot flight was a fraud, there ought to be lots more about the fakery than the obvious photo flubs.
    Keep up your good work. I'm questioning but I'm not critical.

  80. To all: I have no idea to tell truth from the lies. If you search on You Tube :"Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory" ***Well he was Governor, Mayor and over-all lets say he is well known with an extremely high reputation to uphold. He mentions his credentials at beginning of his videos. Between these Conspiracy theories and massive underground Bases & underground roads for Transport Trucks & according how detailed and evidence he speaks of that proves many world-wide issues like HARRP "Weather Control" and much more. On my FB wall I posted a mothership like "hole cloud" that looked odd in Brantford Ontario Canada. I known of an add event that I cannot explain in 1987/88 that changed my Dad & I belief forever & I am now looking for answers. We have to be focused on the reality something is happening and now CERN is highly intriguing what they will find. I wish all success in whatever venture & stay positive looking for answers and wish you all the best. Clint.

  81. Hey, STUPID Anon: THEY LIVE – but THEY DIE, too! THEY know that when THEY come for our guns (100,000,000+, not counting automatic rifles, machine guns, howitzers, rocket launchers, hand grenades and the occasional mini-NUKE), we will just "let THEM have the bullets" – right between the eyes! THEY are CONTROL FREAKS and CUNNING CRITTERS – but THEY are not STUPID, like you! Now go back to Abe Foxman and get your money back. You're as STUPID as ever.

  82. Really? Someone comes to you with a real point and you just refuse to answer?

    Wow – I knew you guys were FOS, but this is embarrassing.

    Why would someone with the power to literally "fix" the whole world need to worry about hand guns? Are they really not that powerful (meaning your conspiracies are BS) so they have something to fear from guns or are they so powerful that they don't care and the mass shootings are real?

    Are you all so much of intellectual cowards that you won't eve take a stab?

  83. Ha ha! I live in my mom's basement but conspiracy theorists don't – that's a good one.

    Has anyone here ever even kissed a girl?

    Still no answer – or even attempt to answer – my point. Because you can't 🙂


  84. You seem to be something of a MORON, Mr. Anonymous Either Or. Your brain is unable to hold more than one possibility in this proven hoax, an affliction, thank god, that most of the rest of us here do not suffer. The government is not a monolithic beast in its intentions, motivations or actions; it is, and has ALWAYS been, composed of warring factions who at any point in time have, and do, take secretive actions to further their agenda. No one here can help you until you stop being willfully blind to the obvious, and the obvious is gun control, the forced medication of the population by the corporate interests that are now in power, and the control of the free forum of the internet by labeling anyone questioning the official story as some dangerous lunatic fringe; the truth is, this so-called fringe is doing the work our national media will no longer pursue. Fuck yes, these people work in secret – so sorry they haven't taken the time to put you in the loop. But one hell of a lot of us won't take it lying down when our governmemnt, that WE pay for, pisses on our leg and tells us it's raining. DUMBASS.

  85. The ops are out in force! This guy has not even read the book! We have 50 photos that record the furnishing of the Lanza home to serve as a prop; and another 50 of refurbishing the school to serve as the stage. The proofs are massive, abundant and compelling.

    Egad! The featured photo above is early in the morning where the SWAT team is already there, the windows of Classroom 10 have not yet been damaged–and Wayne Carver is there awaiting the arrival of his portable mortuary tent! That's right! The Medical Examiner is already on the scene for a shooting that has yet to occur.

    You can tell ops because (a) they don't even bother to read or study what they want to attack and (b) they specialize in making ad hominem attacks that have no justification. This guy is a classic example of a government op at work to deceive the public and obfuscate the truth.

  86. And oh, how I want THEM to take all of your fucking guns! Holy shit, I want that. I want to see all of you sorry, mother's basement dwelling keyboard commandos cry not just because you've never had sex, but also because you have no fucking guns.

    Oh, God, that would be amazing….

  87. Godsend:

    You don't put quote marks around your words, you would put them around mine. It looks like you're quoting me rather than mocking me.

    So it would be:

    >Anon: YOU are just so fucking stupid


    >Anon: "YOU are just so fucking stupid…."

    Also, the ellipsis further confuses the reader into thinking that you are quoting me instead of mocking me. Opt for a "!" instead. it will better communicate what you are trying to say.

    Of course, you have not approached my world-view wrecking point. I don't blame you

  88. GodSend – you're obviously in a serious mental health crisis, so you cannot answer my simple question w/o all of…that. No worries.

    Anyone else take a stab? If they have all the power, why do they give so much of a shit about gun laws? Or guns for that matter?

    To repeat: THEY either have the power and don't need the operations, or THEY don't have the power and your conspiracy theories are wrong.

    Pick one or refute please.

  89. THEY prefer consent to brute control! THEY want to maintain the guise of the current political system. THEY want docile sheeple who blindly OBEY their "elected", lobotomized leaders (ObamaRahm-a, Bush-it, Hillary-ous next). THEY want absolute control of everyone and everything (NSA, DHS, etc.) BUT – THEY (the hybrid, humanoid, reptilian race of ANCIENT ALIENS) want SECRET CONTROL while the human race is being replaced by their genetically re-engineered race of "people" who look just like us – BUT AIN'T!

    The Shooting HOAXES with "Crisis Actors" (ALIENS, incapable of human emotions) and/or their lobotomized humans make PERFECT SENSE from their standpoint!

    Besides all that, THEY have an "Achilles' Heel" – EXTREME hubris and a total lack of (human) COMMON SENSE. That's why these HOAXES are full of flaws! THEY think THEY can get away with it because THEY consider the human race inferior and incapable of taking effective ACTION against THEM! There will be more of these HOAXES because THEY will persist until Hillary-ous becomes the next lobotomized "President" and the FINAL ROUND-UP of the American "Sheeple" takes place. The FEMA Camps are ready! And YEAH – THEY also have a "Homeland" (Zionist Israel), where all their HOAXES and "False-Flags" (911, USS Liberty attack, JFK assassination, etc.) are CONJURED UP! (Mossad).

  90. THEY prefer consent to brute control! THEY want to maintain the guise of the current political system. THEY want docile sheeple who blindly OBEY their "elected", lobotomized leaders (ObamaRahm-a, Bush-it, Hillary-ous next). THEY want absolute control of everyone and everything (NSA, DHS, etc.) BUT – THEY (the hybrid, humanoid, reptilian race of ANCIENT ALIENS) want SECRET CONTROL while the human race is being replaced by their genetically re-engineered race of "people" who look just like us – BUT AIN'T!

    The Shooting HOAXES with "Crisis Actors" (ALIENS, incapable of human emotions) and/or their lobotomized humans make PERFECT SENSE from their standpoint!

    Besides all that, THEY have an "Achilles' Heel" – EXTREME hubris and a total lack of (human) COMMON SENSE. That's why these HOAXES are full of flaws! THEY think THEY can get away with it because THEY consider the human race inferior and incapable of taking effective ACTION against THEM! There will be more of these HOAXES because THEY will persist until Hillary-ous becomes the next lobotomized "President" and the FINAL ROUND-UP of the American "Sheeple" takes place. The FEMA Camps are ready! And YEAH – THEY also have a "Homeland" (Zionist Israel), where all their HOAXES and "False-Flags" (911, USS Liberty attack, JFK assassination, etc.) are CONJURED UP! (Mossad).

  91. THEY prefer consent to brute control! THEY want to maintain the guise of the current political system. THEY want docile sheeple who blindly OBEY their "elected", lobotomized leaders (ObamaRahm-a, Bush-it, Hillary-ous next). THEY want absolute control of everyone and everything (NSA, DHS, etc.) BUT – THEY (the hybrid, humanoid, reptilian race of ANCIENT ALIENS) want SECRET CONTROL while the human race is being replaced by their genetically re-engineered race of "people" who look just like us – BUT AIN'T!

    The Shooting HOAXES with "Crisis Actors" (ALIENS, incapable of human emotions) and/or their lobotomized humans make PERFECT SENSE from their standpoint!

    Besides all that, THEY have an "Achilles' Heel" – EXTREME hubris and a total lack of (human) COMMON SENSE. That's why these HOAXES are full of flaws! THEY think THEY can get away with it because THEY consider the human race inferior and incapable of taking effective ACTION against THEM! There will be more of these HOAXES because THEY will persist until Hillary-ous becomes the next lobotomized "President" and the FINAL ROUND-UP of the American "Sheeple" takes place. The FEMA Camps are ready! And YEAH – THEY also have a "Homeland" (Zionist Israel), where all their HOAXES and "False-Flags" (911, USS Liberty attack, JFK assassination, etc.) are CONJURED UP! (Mossad).

  92. THEY prefer consent to brute control! THEY want to maintain the guise of the current political system. THEY want docile sheeple who blindly OBEY their "elected", lobotomized leaders (ObamaRahm-a, Bush-it, Hillary-ous next). THEY want absolute control of everyone and everything (NSA, DHS, etc.) BUT – THEY (the hybrid, humanoid, reptilian race of ANCIENT ALIENS) want SECRET CONTROL while the human race is being replaced by their genetically re-engineered race of "people" who look just like us – BUT AIN'T!

    The Shooting HOAXES with "Crisis Actors" (ALIENS, incapable of human emotions) and/or their lobotomized humans make PERFECT SENSE from their standpoint!

    Besides all that, THEY have an "Achilles' Heel" – EXTREME hubris and a total lack of (human) COMMON SENSE. That's why these HOAXES are full of flaws! THEY think THEY can get away with it because THEY consider the human race inferior and incapable of taking effective ACTION against THEM! There will be more of these HOAXES because THEY will persist until Hillary-ous becomes the next lobotomized "President" and the FINAL ROUND-UP of the American "Sheeple" takes place. The FEMA Camps are ready! And YEAH – THEY also have a "Homeland" (Zionist Israel), where all their HOAXES and "False-Flags" (911, USS Liberty attack, JFK assassination, etc.) are CONJURED UP! (Mossad).

  93. I've been looking around a bit more here, and I didn't realize that THEY also control the financial and political institutions in addition to having super weaponry, alien technology, and tornadoes at their fingertips.

    So current elections and economics are fraudulent to begin with, but they really need to change the gun laws! OF course, they could have taken the easy route of using all that power to stop guns from being manufactured or distributed, but I guess that would be too easy? They're all powerful, but idiots?

    The more I look around this site, Fetzer, the more obviously absurd it all is.

    Forget all of the bad analysis and interpretation of details that you et al. in your community laboriously fuck up. The most basic logic of the entire thing is unsalvageable. It's literally self contradictory, and simply so.

  94. I mean, they're in cahoots with ALIENS with all of their technology and – did I mention – they control the FUCKING WEATHER!

    BUT – they really worry about concealed carry laws! HA HA HA!

    Most absurd thing ever and no reasonable answer in site. Oh, this is funny. This is rich. I've destroyed your entire world view in 5 posts. So sad for you…

  95. Sorry y'all – but this is a huge flaw in your overall story that you need to account for.

    We either have a democracy or we're run by secret societies. They're either all-powerful or they are not. You can't have it one way when it suits some points and another when it suits others.


  96. T…they also need them to change the laws."
    What are you talking about? They control everything NOW? Why would laws matter to them? They control the fucking WEATHER but the gun laws matter to them? That makes NO FUCKING SENSE.

    Your entire theory is self-invalidating. They either have all this power now (in which case they don't need to do any of these mass shootings) or they don't have this power (in which case your conspiracy theories about the weather, 9/11, and the holocaust are wrong.

    Pick your poison – but you cannot have both and make a shred of sense.

  97. @ anonymous… they need the false flag shootings to bring together the deeper plot to link gun control to the medical establishment and use the technology acquired to expand the prison systems and internally change the laws using these false-flag shootings. The plots are deep and so, you can explore the real reasons. Not just the surface reasons. Sure, they don't need to have false flag shootings to solely take the guns… they also need them to change the laws. (research Washington vs Harper and Jared Lee Loughner). Please explore more articles including:

    The Boston Bombing – Unfolding the truth…

  98. Proof? What you consider proof is absurd to an actual scientist. So to expand on my other post, according to Fetzer THEY faked the Holocaust, control the weather with HAARP, and brought down the WTC. They control every aspect of our gov't and have for a long period of time. So why do THEY need to stage mass shootings to get rid of our guns? For what purpose – they're already in firm control and have been for a long time. MAKES NO SENSE – PLEASE ANSWER

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