Conspiracy + Theory = Kook ?

By Terry Rankin

Conspiracy + Theory = KookHm. Really?

If that’s the formula for “conspiracy theory”, please tell me the formula for conspiracy science in equally simple and precise terms, i.e.:
Conspiracy + Science = ?
After all, any theory is only as plausible as the science upon which it rests, right? Are there no scientifically viable values for “?” to render this formula true?
Tried setting “? = 0”, as in, putting those two together comes to nothing? If so, the formula now asserts that no scientific inquiry could reasonably assign truth to any conspiracy claim. If that seems in any way plausible, please think again and reconsider: what then becomes of the judicial foundation of “conspiracy” as a major crime with extensive enforcement codes and arduous prosecutorial processes? Without meaningful evidence, it’s vacuous, futile, and irrelevant.
In any case, “Kook” just no longer quite fills that blank, does it? The scientific baby didn’t quite make the toss with the polluted bath water this time, did it? The all too familiar ‘kook’ meme is suddenly rather slimy and sticky, eh?  

To Be Perfectly Clear

I am both a conspiracy theorist (as an area of inquiry) and a conspiracy scientist (on principle) — the first precisely because I am the second, not vice versa. If my qualifications as such are in doubt, please review my profile and look closely at my credentials in math, philosophy, logic, and philosophy of science, and my academic and professional areas of interest, achievement, and pursuit in such rigorous fields as artificial intelligence as a domain of cognitive science, with practical application in clinical decision support, et al.
“Conspiracy theory” has become a brand label and a license to condemn, wholly devoid of causal meaning or value beyond its emotional impact on any semiotic encounter, unfettered by rational constraint – and it’s open season for each and every human, predator and prey alike.  If that impact carries equally persuasive force on scientifically obtained evidence and rationally derived proof, entirely apart from its emotional shrapnel, however, the truth emerges.
The first “label and license” case is a blunder of epic proportion, an immorally cruel trick, or creation of a brutal semiotic weapon. The second “scientifically rational” case, by contrast, is a compelling field for scientific inquiry, rigorous investigation, and rational speculation, pursued while struggling mightily to keep emotional bias out of the model, especially as evidence supporting the theory increases.
Before comfortably and casually writing me off as, “Oh, ya – just another conspiracy theory kook”, therefore, please review the scientific history of Western Civilization.

Without exception, every scientific revolution, every subsequent pivotal technological advance, and every paradigm-shattering business venture starts with one kook conspiring with others of like mind and kindred spirit to rigorously, zealously, and purposefully construct theories, technologies, and businesses from the ground up. Philosophy thus grounds science, science yields technology and other practical bounty, and they all eventually coalesce to spawn business venture and enterprise that tend to achieve exponential growth and staggering success with phenomenal speed. The presence or absence of maximally rational science woven throughout the entire process makes all the differences that matter. 

A Problematic Example

A problematic example may help: in Scriptural truth, every Bible-believing Christian commits to conspiracy theory or they violate their own doctrine. Absurd, right? 

So …. Three guys conspire as one to conceive and execute a plan to redeem humanity from themselves. A fourth conspires against them (and against humanity) to convert followers to a rival paradigm and opposite path, set to entrap Christians by (among other ways and means) corrupting the very idea of ‘conspiracy theory’ through semiotic prevarication (he lies). 
The conspiratorial redemption plan and its collaborators become a widespread joke with Christians as buffoons. Christianity manages to survive and advance against the evil adversary, nevertheless, despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of Christians not only don’t recognize and acknowledge themselves as conspiracy theorists at all, they also fail to grasp the lethal urgency of the divine and demonic conspiracies unfolding for and against humanity. Instead, they remain casually oblivious to and quite comfortably disengaged from the ruthless warfare raging continuously all around them. 
[Note: if you aren’t quite sure who the three-as-one collaborators are behind the holy redemption conspiracy and the identity of their unholy adversary, then you are most likely either a poorly informed non-Christian or an intellectually lazy Christian desperately in need of Apostolic Creed review and accountability. And by the way, the notion of Divine Conspiracy doesn’t originate with me, apologies to Dallas Willard].
Worse yet, Christian voices are among the loudest and swiftest to wield what is now truly an unholy and profane sign (‘conspiracy theory’) as a weapon they assume wounds only their enemy. In fact, quite the opposite is true: those parries and thrusts with that semiotic weapon ricochet off that enemy. They indiscriminately and unjustly strike not only all non-Christians (i.e., adherents of different faiths, agnostics, atheists, et al.), but their fellow Christians and themselves as a self-inflicted wound dogmatically ignored by all, risking their own spiritual peril and doom. One can’t help recalling the limbless torso in Monty Python’s Black Knight Fight scene.
Here’s another fun example. Does the tin hat fit yet? 
Go ahead, swallow another blue pill. Affirm the orthodoxy, embrace the dogma, slap the kook label and looney brand here once again. Click away and afar. Have a nice conspiracy-free day.
As if. 
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29 thoughts on “Conspiracy + Theory = Kook ?”

  1. Moron Imagines Fetzer Lacks Reading Material

    Stupid ass: u don't think Fetzer has plenty enough stupid crap to read through?

    Office of Pres. is just position for flunkies for kikes, fool.

    See, only hope for gentiles is in-fighting among the kike leadership at top. Jew S A is now going down toilet, economy and currency collapsing, all according to Jews' plan.

    But question is whether there are dissident kikes who are leery of Jew S A going down, thus stripping away top defender of Israel, and these are the few kikes backing such as Trump and the Pauls.

    So among kike flunkies, Trump has most support fm among the stupid goyim–and dumb-shit like u is soooooo disappointed.

  2. Jim, you were a Professor of logic and critical thinking, can't you see Trump is a blowhard making shit up as he goes? His position on issues seems to be: "I can't tell you now but I will be the best President you've ever seen." Watch pro wrestling sometime and you will see he sounds exactly like those guys.

    Read this one and laugh at this clown and the people falling for him.

  3. Even the "Christian" system of religion in America is controlled by pastors of CUFI (Christians United For Israel) MEGA-churches – John Hagee, Joel Osteen, Chas. Stanley, Len Solomon, Pat Robertson, etc., etc., etc.! America is INFESTED and CORRUPTED by Zionism, through and through, including ALL public and private institutions! The "Protocols" have been fully executed!

  4. ANYONE who supports Zionist Israel CANNOT BE TRUSTED, especially if they also participate in the 911 "Official" BIG LIE Cover-Up! Can anyone name ONE high-profile politician or presidential candidate who is ANTI-Israel and is exposing the 911 BIG LIE? NO – THEY are ALL TRAITORS! (or have been "lobotomized" by Zionists).

    The Terminal Cancer of Israel (Zionism) has an IRON GRIP on America's political, economic and social (especially MSM) systems! Eradicating the CANCER (Zionism and Zionists) will require DRASTIC FORCE ("The Hidden Tyranny"), possibly "Seven Days in May" (or any other convenient month)!

    Nothing less than REVOLUTION will do the job!

  5. "Decline Of West," By Spengler Is What's Happening

    ALLLLLLLLLLLLL candidates, who are "serious," who expect to buy TV time and ads, to appear on all states' ballots, etc., are "pro-Israel," of necessity–EVERY single one, without a single exception whatsoever–why?–simple: u need MONEY, and only–ONLY–the Jews have money–ONLY the Jews, get it straight.

    For ONLY the Jews control "central banking," literally legalized COUNTERFEITING. Thus Jews (but especially the top master-minds) control EVERYTHING, able to buy and own everything and everybody–even Ron Paul has to worry about assassination. And note even Rand Paul, pretending to being more pragmatic than his more principled dad, is seen wearing the stupid-looking little beanie cap and mumbling at the "wailing-wall" in Jerusalem.

    Why do u think Jews are sooooooooo hated, throughout history?–they're top criminals, always, top "bankers."

    And it's because the goyim are soooooooooo stupid, NEVER learning, NEVER grasping money must be commodity, gold/silver being best, FINITE in quantity, having "intrinsic value," etc.

    And as long as people insist upon stupidity, they're going to be ruled by most ruthless criminals, most bald-faced LIARS (subjectivists), the Jews. And to relieve the people upon whom God sooo pitied, He sent his only begotten Son to teach the people anti-semitism, and necessity of HEEDING TO TRUTH above all things (Gosp. JOHN 14:6).

    Even STILL, folks, even those brought-up at least nominally "Christian," have greatest difficulty grasping such simple thing as Christian TRUTH, the only way to Godly happiness, truth thus founded necessarily upon the objective (Aristotelian) reality. Such is the basic Christian PHILOSOPHY within Christian literature and allegory, so difficult for sinful, hubristic humanity to grasp, the poor, pathetic, pitiful scum.

    What are Jews?–they're the monstrous disease God sends down upon humanity to remove the over-populated excess which follows fm CYCLIC times and periods of "prosperity," "victory," and success as Western culture enjoyed fm Renaissance up to French Revolution.

    For thus ensued "middle-class" ("bourgeois," according to Marx) moralism/Pharisaism and hubristic pretense to ethical "good," pretext for subjectivism and Jew lies, as of Bentham and esp. Immanuel Kant, thus socialist dictatorship and destruction of individual liberty, etc.

    Now, here we are struggling soooo desperately against the Jew world order whence it seems there's still lots and lots of excess goyim to be exterminated yet, as w. "Agenda-21," toxic vaccines, and poisoned GMO foods and glyphosate insecticides. May the Lord have mercy.

  6. Plus, too many candidates where it becomes choosing bad or worse. It might come down to voting for Trump to keep Hiliary Clinton out of the White House. Same as eight years ago the nation wanting no part of McCain votes for Barry Sotero. The people have had at least sixteen years of Bush policies.

  7. Why would anyone associate Trump with fascism or totalitarianism? We have plenty of that here today already. He is unconventional, exposes corruption in our political system and excites interest in politics. I think those are virtues. Tell me what about him YOU (not counterpunch) don't like.

  8. Ur problem is the proverbial "leg" to "standing-upon." Trump is HONEST, speaks frankly, which all by itself the people love. Trump relates well w. the people for revulsion of the horrific invasions of alien, enemy races, gross corruption of bought and paid-for politicians. Trump seems to understand USA is in horrible economic shape, needing radical restructuring.

    "Environmental stupidity"?–u're obviously a brainless, gullible moron.

  9. How Could Anyone Even THINK About This Thing, Called, "Conspiracy"–What Is It, Anyway?

    This is absolutely ridiculous consp. theory, just as u so rightly and incisively pt. out. And in fact, one must even begin to question u urself for having the audacity and imagination to even begin to cogitating upon such ludicrous thought-patterns. After all, humans are utterly sinless, without the slightest wicked bone in their bodies–not even angels are innocent as sinless humanity. It's affront against God to even begin to imagining to think God's creation was capable of such treachery, indubitably.

  10. Hey have you heard the latest Kraaaaazeee, tin foil hat conspiracy theory that's going around?
    Well some tinfoil hatted no-mates keyboard freak. No doubt living in his mom's basement-yuk yuk! reckons that there is this massive, world-wide conspiracy inside a huge German car manufacturer. To install secret software, just to cheat its customers about their diesel car's exhaust emissions!
    This is typical of a loony conspiracy.
    I mean. Impossible! Too many people would need to stay silent. Someone would be bound to blab.
    And also. No big and sophisticated organisation-like VW for example would dare take such a risk with the good company name and reputation- even risking bankruptcy from all the potential litigation that could ensue if the conspiracy were ever exposed.
    No. Could never happen.
    Just another whako conspiracy theory!

  11. Adam Austin offers the solution in the book he authored, nREVOLUTIONARY GUIDE FOR A SUBVERTED NATIONl Lulu Pubo8shers, upon pressure from jews, quit publishing it, but it can be downloaded at

  12. Christian TRUTH Vs. satanic Lies

    U're right. Note all this conspiratorial activity is made possible by means of the basic fraud and criminal enterprise, legalized COUNTERFEITING of US Federal Reserve Bank. T. Jefferson warned about this at the very beginning of Republic. People don't know what MONEY is and must be and why–must be commodity.

    Can u imagine what God-like power u have when u can just print-up and digitalize practically all the money u want?–u end-up owning literally everything and everyone. Now the poor, brainless morons are being slow-killed w. poisons in water (fluoride), food, and vaccines, etc.

    AP by GOSIA WOZNIACKA and BRIAN MELLEY Oct 7th 2015 5:29AM

    “Mother-son bond over guns links Oregon, Connecticut slayings”
    GOSIA WOZNIACKA and BRIAN MELLEY Oct 7th 2015 5:29AM

    “The nurse, who moved to rural Oregon with her son from the Los Angeles area two years ago, speaks frankly in the postings about her son's Asperger's syndrome, a mild form of autism. Investigators said she told them he had mental health issues.”
    False and misleading statements based on hearsay, innuendo and likely lies are being presented as
    Investigative “journalism”. Virtually nothing in the article of substance can be verified at all. It is a house of cards. And remember Sandy Hook has been shown to be a staged, fake event. The authors of this propaganda piece fail to mention the evidence for that. Therefore they are comparing the Oregon event with a known fake, fraudulent one. They even show a picture of the now demolished Adam Lanza house, if indeed that is where he lived. This is nothing but propaganda garbage intended to fool an already duped, dumbed down public into giving up their fundamental right to own guns. This is the kind if garbage which passes for “journalism” today and its polluted the entire internet. This article was published by the AOL propagandists today.

  14. I think you are doomed. Utterly off of your bipolar medications. Completely exposed as a fraud, deceptor, trojan horse etc. You are no more Christian than Anton Lavey. You are incaple of critical thought devolving into boilerplate thinking and low vibrations. Apparently you have a high school education as you are completely absorbed in black and white thinking yet bloviate about the subjectivity of others. No one wants you here. You offer nothing of substance but attempt to derail at every turn topics of this blog which is your real goal here. Go away and let us adults hash things out. Your mindset is vapid.

  15. Comments by ap in below-copied text, capped, bracketed.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    "David Norton October 6, 2015 at 9:39 PM


    "God does not have a Darwinian mind in the sense of let the weaklings fall by the way side. [YET ANOTHER (THE SECOND CONSECUTIVE) ASSERTION WITHOUT ANY SUBSTANTIATION WHATEVER, TOTALLY ABSURD, AND WHICH NEEDS NO FURTHER COMMENT.]

    "The only proponents of Ayn Rand's social darwinism are atheists like herself and satanists, [THE THIRD ASSERTION, ALSO INCOMPETENT AND ABSURD, NEEDING NO COMMENT.]




  16. Darwin and Christianity are not on the same side. God does not have a Darwinian mind in the sense of let the weaklings fall by the way side. The only proponents of Ayn Rand's social darwinism are atheists like herself and satanists, as God would have sent his only son as a substitute for weaklings. Aren't you the guy espousing grace and mercy of God over the works of men in August, 2014? You apparently have had a change of heart and not for the better.

  17. "Good-Jew, Bad Jew" Game Pretends To Lie, For There's NO "GOOD" JEW; Judaism = Satanism

    Ur analysis and expo fails as u mis-identify SATANISM which is EXTREME SUBJECTIVISM, foundation of hubris and lies, by which subject makes him/her -self God, the creator of all reality, reality issuing exclusively fm one's own mentality/consciousness–and it all begins w. pretext of moralism/Pharisaism and non-existent "good-evil."

    For reality is OBJECTIVE, hence determined, and all humans are SINNERS–self-interested creatures of will–not a perfectly "free," God-like will–just as Christ, St. Paul, and St. Augustine affirm.

    Thus ALL JEWS, not mere "zionists," are guilty of this subjectivism which is explicitly taught in their filthy Talmud (see and confirmed in New Test. and Gosp. JOHN 8:44.

    Thus "zionists" are mere junior partners for "good-Jew, bad Jew" charade, "zionists" and "neo-cons" pretending to the "right"/"conservative" in phony opposition to the "leftist" senior partners of the big bank establishment run by same Jews pushing one-world-gov. and Jew world order.

    And Jews rule in the evermore corrupt, CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, as Jews are most sublimely COLLECTIVIST, hence most organized and "connected," hence natural masters of the subjectivistic-oriented culture of corruption, perversion, and psychopathic criminality even if and though gentiles still vastly out-number kikes.

    And there are NO "good" Jews any more than there are good psychopaths, good satanists, or good Christ-killers. U're just a Jewwy liar shilling for the Jews, probably a Jew urself.

  18. Consp. Theory Vs. "Accident Theory"

    (a) Conspiracy isn't mere "theory"–it's ADMITTED, VERIFIED FACT: "In David Rockefeller's book 'Memoirs' he admits he is part of a secret cabal working to destroy the United States and create a new world order.Here is the direct quote from his book, pg 405:

    "| Some even believe we [Rockefeller family] are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – One World, if you will.If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it |"

    (b) Conspiracy also exists in manner of US Federal Reserve Bank, literally legalized COUNTERFEITING (see and, the people despoiled and betrayed.

    (c) Note fundamental to Christianity and its definitive literature of New Test., Christ who is no less than God-the-Son (= Christ, according to Gosp. JOHN 14:6), was murdered by Pharisees and Sadducees who conspired against TRUTH (= Christ), but which truth CANNOT be killed and inevitably RESURRECTS, as on Christian Holyday of Easter.

    (d) And of course, don't forget "conspiracy," as of King George III and Eng. Parliament, was EXPLICIT reason noted by T. Jefferson in definitive Dec. of Independence for original American revolution.

    (e) Science is built upon the INDUCTIVE logic entailing the specific details, and only question is whether now these details are verifiable by means of perception. Can the inductive CONCLUSION now be disputed?–NO, not in reason.

    (f) Finally, observe the only alternative to consp. theory is ACCIDENT–so is all this activity by Bush, Clinton, Cheney, and Obola, et al., mere ACCIDENT?–ho ho ho ho–impossible and absurd, even regardless so many fools may accept this lie ("accident"). Such then is utility of Christian truth vs. Jew lies (Gosp. JOHN 8:44).

    How then to exhort and unite the people?–by means of truth and the obvious satanic conspiracy evermore in-ur-face and un-deniable in all truth, satanism defined in matter-of-fact manner as extreme subjectivism, perfectly verifiable by numerous observers (just ck u-tube).

    So what is left?–not much, for remember the present population is over-loaded, still, w. too many weaklings and inferiors, fools, scum, suckers, and morons who must now largely fall by proverbial Darwinian "way-side"–it can't be helped no matter what good Christians do.

    Thus satanists will inevitably fail (as they do even now) as the weaklings continue to die-out and the truth thus makes itself evermore evident and manifest to the remnant of survivors. As people continue to die-out, soon even the top masterminds will begin to falling-out w. one another upon principle of "NO HONOR AMONG THIEVES," masterminds fearing they will be double-crossed by some combination of the others, the top parasites losing as the host population steadily dies-off and -out.

    Meantime the Christian-patriot remnant must continue to endure to surviving, awaiting most opportune moment for overt, active rebellion/revolution, this upon Constitutional principles of local gov. and states-rights (10th amendment), nullification of un-Constitutional laws, etc.

  19. One problem, dear professor of scientific truth, is that most people (Americans and Christians included) prefer to cling to their long-standing fallacies (as Ogden Nash poetically pointed out), rather than believe what by now is self-evident but "inconvenient truth". A closely related and REALLY BIG problem (as Albert Einstein pointed out) is blind obedience to figures of "authority" – such as pastors, presidents, policemen – and even professors! No church-going Christian dare question their pastor (especially a CUFI pastor like John Hagee, Joel Osteen, Len Solomon, Chas. Stanley and MANY others) when he proclaims that Israel is the homeland of the "Chosen People" and should be blindly supported, no matter that the evidence PROVES that Zionist Israel is a ROGUE State which has practiced genocide and State terrorism since 1948 – not to mention their DECEPTION (hallmark of the Devil) when pulling off (and down) WTC buildings and one "False-Flag" CRIME after another! (USS Liberty attack, Forrestal "suiciding", Wellstone "accidenting", JFK and RFK assassinations, 911, 311, etc.).

    The American SHEEPLE have been and are continuing to be brainwashed 24×7 by the Zionist-controlled MSM (see the "Protocols") and they are just not capable of escaping from their enforced mass lobotomies. We can all blog until the cows come home and the Zionist Slimeballs couldn't care less!

    Only 1 thing can STOP THEM: FORCE! (just like that Zionist Slimeball Harold Wallace Rosenthal said in "The Hidden Tyranny" interview). What kind of FORCE? INSTANTANEOUS, ANNIHILATING, MELTING FORCE – such as Yahweh promised in Ezekiel 22:20. Otherwise, THEY will employ their long-promised "Samson Option" (and 400+ NUKES, pre-deployed to European capitals and American cities), to wipe humanity off the face of the Earth!

    Blogging may produce a few converts to "inconvenient truth" but the masses of SHEEPLE will continue to bleat: "We want more grass, TV sports, smartphones and booze!"

    We are fighting a losing battle, especially since there are not enough true American Patriots left in the Military to pull off "Seven Days in May".

    We'll just have to wait for Yahweh to complete His "gathering" (aka Aliyah) of Zionist Slimeballs in Israel before He finally fulfills His long-promised FINAL SOLUTION (literally). As THEY say in Tel Aviv: MAZEL TOV!

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