The “grassy knoll” rider and JFK limo back seat

 by Larry Rivera with Jim Fetzer

During the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) meetings reinvestigating JFK’s assassination (1977-78), it was very odd that Secret Service personnel were required to read from their notes what transpired.
Anonymous writes, “I lived next door to Adrian G. (Mr. Pete) Vial, and he confided to me that after the assassination they (SS) were ordered to turn over all of their records, including their field notes, to the FBI.  He was very bitter about this. [It means that] if their testimony to HSCA was from any SS person, it had to be provided back to them by the FBI.”
Larry Rivera has followed up Beverly Brunson’s lead. where she writes, “[T]he (news) papers were full of the event of this cyclist riding up the knoll” I found these newspaper clipping from, of all places, Robin Unger’s site where he posts the front page of 81 newspapers dated 22 and 23 November 1963.
OKC City Times
Furthermore, I found astounding reference to both JACKIE AND JFK being on the floor of the limousine as it pulled up to Parkland, where Merriman Smith filed a report for UPI on the 22nd indicating they were on the floor, then REVISED it on the 23rd to say they were on the seat instead.
Oklahoma CityTimes 11-22-63The photo featured here, technically known as the “Altgens7”, was faked to conceal what happened.
 The first of Larry Rivera’s reports based on Fred Newcomb’s interviews of the escort officers
Atlanta Journal (better cut)
“The President lay face down on the floor of the limousine . . . . Mrs. Kennedy crouched over him.”
Jackie on her knees on floor
Here, Jackie was on her knees on the floor of the rear seat, with her head toward the president”.
St Paul Dispatch Merriman Smith highlighted
Now they are on the back seat, where Jackie is cradling JFK’s head and whispering to him (which no doubt happened at Parkland), where they had to exert effort to pry his lifeless body from her arms.

Houston Chronicle motorcycle officers
The Press-Courier
Here is the second of Larry Rivera’s YouTubes based upon Fred Newcomb’s interviews
DTH 11-22-63 marked
These have come from Unger’s site, hiding in plain sight! Notice how Merriman Smith changed his story the very next day!  On 22 November, most dispatches reported the escort motorcycle cops dismounting and running up the knoll, but by 23 November, all these reports had been removed.  I don’t think that anybody has previously bothered to actually read the 81 front pages at Unger’s site.

Larry Rivera, the son of a career military man who served as a CID officer in the US Army, is the leading expert on Billy Nolan Lovelady and on the JFK motorcycle escort officers. Among his previous publications is, “JFK Escort Officers Speak: The Fred Newcomb Interviews”[NOTE: This is one in a series of articles being republished since veterans deleted them in a dispute with its Senior Editor, Gordon Duff, about which I have since written several articles.]

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