Something is wrong at The Protected Review

by Jim Fetzer

When I first published, AND I SUPPOSE WE DIDN’T GO TO THE MOON, EITHER? (2015), I anticipated that it would be controversial. After all, it exposes and debunks the moon landing theory (because we didn’t go to the moon); reveals that the musician who currently goes by the name, “Paul McCartney”, is not the original Beatle; explains that Saddam Hussein was taken out by a B-1 bomber on 7 April 2003 (and was not found in a spider-hole, tried and hung); that Osama bin Laden died on 15 December 2001 (and did not die in a raid on a compound in Pakistan in 2011); and that a widely-accepted narrative about the end of World War II (which claims 6,000,000 Jews died in gas chambers using Zyklon B) cannot be sustained.

So it was gratifying not to be pummeled by attacks from partisans of the Holocaust, much less moon landing lovers or fans of the Bush/Cheney sponsored stories about Saddam and Obama’s taking out Osama, which were both political stunts of great importance to advancing the political agendas of those administrations, respectively. And when a few odd reviews popped up, I was really not overly surprised, because after 25 reviews, the book has a rating of 4.5 stars, which sound about right:

So it was not really a surprise when “Dark Shadow” cast his disdain upon the book, in a review that was remarkable for presenting the very positions that are refuted and debunked by the book, which I took as a sure sign that he had never read it. In good faith, therefore, I posted a reply, which is a common practice on Imagine my astonishment when my rebuttal disappeared–was removed!–by So I posted it again and then again: three times in a row it was deleted!

Click on the image if you have trouble reading it and it will expand. I thought this was so very odd that I tried another tac and posted a single sentence or two, explaining, “This review is completely absurd because it asserts the very positions that are refuted in the book, which the author obviously has never read”. I thought surely that would be acceptable to; but no, once again. I have reposted this short review several times and each time, it too has disappeared. This is unbelievable: 

James H. Fetzer says: 

This person has obviously never read the book. This person is a racist who promotes falsehoods to protect the image of Israel, which has benefitted immensely from playing upon the Western sense of guilt for an event that provably cannot have happened. 6,000,000 Jews were not put to death in gas chambers using Zykon B.

It is embarrassing when shills post, but I have come to expect it. We have 236 references to 6,000,000 Jews in dire straits or fear of loss of their lives beginning in 1890, as the book explains. The number seems to derive from a disputed passage in Leviticus, which has been interpreted as meaning that “the chosen people” can return to “the promised land” only when they are minus 6,000,000 “consumed in the flames”. 

But that requires interpolation, since there was no sign in Hebrew for 6,000,000. And the claim has no historical or empirical support. The International Committee of the Red Cross visited all the camps and kept meticulous records, which were revised in 1993 and supported the conclusion that 296,081 persons had died from all causes. More Catholics than Jews died at Auschwitz. 

The author’s ignorance is so vast that he has no idea that Zyklon B, as a form of cyanide, would turn bodies pink; and its interaction with the walls of chambers would turn them blue. But there are no reports of pink bodies and the only walls that turned blue were those used for delousing, which was being done to combat disease and keep inmates in good health. As the book explains, these were labor camps and you can’t get work out of a corpse. 

On Sandy Hook, the theory he ascribes was long since abandoned on the basis of new evidence and alternative hypotheses. No one died at Sandy Hook or at the Boston bombing. Anyone who wants to know how we know can find “The Real Deal special Sandy Hook Update” and “The Real Deal special Boston bombing Update” on YouTube. We know much more now, but you are not going to learn anything from those who are here to disseminate disinformation of which he is a stellar instance. 

There are plenty of phonies and frauds, but all 13 of the contributors to this book are committed to truth with respect to the issues addressed here. We are in the process of editing books on Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing as well as another on 9/11. Anyone who wants an intro to 9/11 might want to visit the web site of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, which I founded in late 2005, at

I added the links to the “Sandy Hook” and “Boston bombing” updates here. In the original, I used the word “racist” to bring home that deflecting criticism of the Holocaust narrative is a form ofracism, where in another version, I replaced that word with “Zionist”. I had already learned that Wikipedia is a Zionist operation, where they gutted my entry after I participated in a conference on “Academic Freedom: Are there limits to inquiry? JFK, 9/11 and the Holocaust”. But I am simply appalled at the growing indictions that even is under the spell of Zionism. Unreal!


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39 thoughts on “Something is wrong at The Protected Review”

  1. OK, to be precise, what I meant is that Amazon does not allow criticism of any religious or ethnic group in comments or reviews, even if the accusations are valid.
    Amazon does allow publication of books questioning Holocaust (through its CreateSpace self-publishing platform) because Amazon profits from book sales and from various self-publishing services that it sells to authors.
    Amazon also allows reviews and comments criticizing Holocaust skeptics, but it does not allow Holocaust skeptics to defend their views in the comments because this would be politically incorrect (criticism of Judaism and Jews).

  2. Good (Pharisaism): Worst Enemy Of Christ, Christianity

    (a) This, above by "Jeannon," is just more nonsense regarding "universal moral law," which is meaningless and non-existent, but sure does sound impressive, doesn't it?–esp. to those who are easily impressed.

    (b) And racism is virtue, not a sin, of loyalty, in accord w. dictionary definition and 5th of original Ten Commandments, "Honor thy parentage (race)."

    (c) And remember what Jews are: satanist, psychopathic followers of the satanic Talmud which teaches war against gentiles, that it's ok to murder gentiles, that Christ was righteously killed for blasphemy and heresy.

    Never forget: the worst enemy of truth (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) is "good" and moralism, like we get w. "Jeannon," as above.

  3. From this article, I cannot see that Dr. Fetzer posted a comment that is "derogatory toward any one religion or ethnic group" and certainly no one knows any anonymous poster's ethnic or religious affiliation.

    "What we are seeing in these Catholics is the a priori defense of group’s actions, rendering it immune from the strictures of the universal moral law. Anti-Semite racists immorally condemn the actions of Jewish people regardless of the moral quality of their actions; these Catholic racists, however, immorally celebrate, or at least refuse to condemn, immoral actions simply because they are executed by Jews. Both are instances of the sin of racism."

    Analogously, I think Dr. Fetzer is referring to Dark Shadows' "sin" of violating the rules of rational argumentation and discussion of the ideas set out in the book.

    Google is playing the same games of late — powerful, lightning fast Google just can't seem to find something no matter how great the search term is or is found on page 20 of the hits.

    They must all be using the same algorithm play book.

  4. I do not think that Amazon has singled Dr. Fetzer out. It simply does not accept comments that are derogatory toward any one religion or ethnic group, even if the accusations are true. Political correctness. Here are Amazon's rules for comments:

    "Hate Speech & Offensive Content – We don't allow reviews that express intolerance for people belonging to identity groups including race, gender, religion, sexual preference, or nationality. Customers are allowed to comment on products and question the expertise of authors, sellers, or other customers as long as it is in a non-threatening manner."

  5. Jew Spewing

    Right, Jew–it's too obvious all u're about is making excuses for and defending Jews, that's all.

    "Hate"?–it's just honesty, most appropriate for dealing w. Jew monsters, that's all, and justice in face of Jew treachery, psychopathology, murder, lies, and lying–like urs. If u were true follower of Christ (= truth), u'd appreciate truth and honesty which u obviously despise. The joke is u seriously say anyone should care what Foxman says or doesn't say, ho ho ho ho ho

    U couldn't care less about Christians or gentiles. And u've been exposed, Jew; u may as well get hence, ho ho ho ho

  6. You belong in an Insane Asylum. Unless you are "born again from Above" (like all true followers of Christ) and change your hateful tune, you can expect an extended "vacation" on the shores of lake Gehenna in the next life – lasting for eternity!

    Now get thee hence!

  7. Jew Liar EXPOSED

    Right: and every Russian soldier who murdered Germans as they fought their way towards Berlin were potential Pushkins, Doestoyevskys, etc., but still in war u must treat the enemy like the enemy who must be killed.

    And every axe-murderer, etc., is potential Holy-man under other circumstances, but if u see one coming at u, as Jews and associated satanists are advancing so ominously, u gotta shoot to kill.

    Regardless of any moronic "potential," one must face the grim facts: Jews are psychopaths, murderers, and Christ-killers, by definition who KNOW mankind hates them, Jews having been kicked-out of every nation on earth (but maybe for Scotland, the only exception I possibly know of), several times over, ho oh ho ho ho NO DECENT PERSON would admit to being known as Jew, anymore than to be known as psychopath, Christ-killer, or child-molester.

    We see now (a) u're a TRAITOR to humanity and Christ, not a Christian at all, but actually a liar who loves lies and satan, like u love Jews (satanists).

    And (b) u're actually a provocateur who wants to pretend u're Christian in order to make excuses for Jews, lying and telling people they're potential human-beings when they're really blood-thirsty monsters who MUST be made into room-temp.

    U're just the typical traitor upon pretext of being "anti-zionist," working to dis-arm the people psychologically against Jew filth.

    FINALLY, we now see u EXPOSED as a Jew urself–why don't u admit it? For no one could be as treacherous and mendacious as u, lying as u do, refusing to heed to reason and urgent necessity of gentiles to defending themselves against Jew monsters.

  8. Jew-Friendly Traitors: BEWARE

    The enemy MUST be hated in order to eliminate them most easily, without taking too many casualties. SUCH IS WARFARE. "Hate-monger"?–no, not at all, I'm simply LOYAL to my people, UNLIKE U, a traitor.

    And I already noted "racism" is virtue, consistent w. dictionary definition and 5th of original Ten Commandments. See my above note.

    It's revealing u attribute any legitimacy to Foxman, paid, professional liar. Christ is anti-semitic–just see Gosp. JOHN 8:44.

    Once again, I remind u: PENALTY FOR TREASON IS GRIM THING, sucker–think carefully.

  9. Satanism WILL NOT BE TOLERATED–Take Heed

    Godsend, buddy, u're just a joke: consider what u've admitted, (a) the basic premise for Jews having to take responsibility, regardless of "nominal" con-artists who have u led by the nose. (b) Can't u realize and face fact u're being taken for ride? Ho oh o ho ho

    U don't really know too much about Hoffman's expo do u?–Jews preach Christ was RIGHTEOUSLY executed for blasphemy and heresy. HOW can even "nominal" Jews fail to grasp this? There's no excuse for anyone calling himself Jew–they're enemies of humanity, God, reason, justice, and reality–and they need be treated accordingly.

    Yes, psychopathic murderers (Jews) SHOULD BE HATED by any/all honest people–if u DON'T hate these monsters, u're (a) dis-honest, (b) traitor to humanity.

    Don't tell anyone to read a book; just say what it is that ought to be known–I've already got plenty of books on my list to be read, got it?

    And long as u pretend to knowing anything, have u ever ck'd a dictionary?–"racism" is virtue of LOYALTY, noneother than 5th of original Ten Commandments, "Honor thy parentage (race)."

    There's NO "GOOD" Jew, no more than there's good psychopath, Christ-killer, or child-molester. Jews, by definition follow satanic Talmud, no essential diff. btwn Jews and zionists. Only "good" Jew is one at room temp.

    Get a clue, buddy: anyone who sympathizes w. or defends or excuses Jews, including "nominal" Jews is guilty of TREASON, and penalty is grim–think carefully. We're not going to compromise w. "useful idiots."

  10. I KNOW there are nominal Jews because I've met MANY of them and I count several among them as my life-long friends. Jew-bashing is racist, illogical and hateful (also uninformed and plain stupid). Read Alan Hart's book: "Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews". You're right that even nominal Jews who blindly support Israel must take some responsibility for Israel's murderous, genocidal and deceptive (911) actions! When Yahweh finally exercises the "Yahweh Option" (Ezekiel 22:20), whoever is in His path of fury and wrath will suffer the consequences! "The Word of God is living and powerful".

    Michael Hoffman is about as "anti-Semitic" as they come – along the lines of Eisenmenger.

  11. U have all the references u need: to see the satanic nature of Judaism, not just "zionism," ck and No decent person would admit to being a Jew–anymore than admitting to being a psychopath, or Christ-killer, or child-molester, obviously. Pretending there are "nominal Jews" is extremely presumptuous, to say the least, and regardless, must take responsibility.

  12. Michael Hoffman is a heretic only to the extent that he is now a Catholic and believes in Satanic deception, RCC-style. Catholicism (and other "Orthodox" religions) are very similar to Judaism in many respects – rituals and mysticism, combined with BLATANT worldliness and CRIMINAL activities in the upper echelons of those church hierarchies.

    You are MISTAKEN by saying that there are no "good" Jews. Most nominal Jews don't even know what the Talmud teaches – and if they did, they would oppose it! I know MANY "good" Jews personally. They are as "good" as nominal "Christians" or Ecumenists or Hindus or Muslims – or even atheists. ONLY Zionists (mostly Israeli AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE of SATAN) represent an existential threat to mankind!

    Get understanding! WTF are you, anyway!!! Let's see your credentials!

  13. Zionists have brainwashed a HUGE segment of organized Christianity (Hagee, Osteen, Stanley, Solomon, et al – the CUFI "Christians") to believe that Zionist Israel is the homeland of the Jewish ("Chosen") people. That is a SATANIC deception! So your statement is true but only to a LIMITED extent. The "religious" grid and true Christian spirituality (as taught and lived by Jesus the Christ) are NOT the same thing! True followers of Jesus the Christ oppose Zionism as well as Judaism – as well as all other religions. Jesus said: "I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life. NO ONE comes to the Father except through Me!". That's ALL anyone needs to know!

  14. Pt. to my above note is that we live in veritable empire-of-lies, basic nature of which will be up-held by the satanists, Jews being foremost satanists. So ultimately, satanists will deny objective nature of reality and defend their main instrument, that COUNTERFEITING machine described above.

  15. Mike Hoffman is a heretic pushing Pelagian heresy, pretending to fallacious, non-existent "good-evil." Hoffman also lies and says "usury" is charging-of-interest which cannot be verified. See my criticism of him at

    Otherwise there are no "good" Jews, anymore than good psychopaths–they're all followers of satanic Talmud, the "reform" Jews merely following another, similar "midrash" (interpretation–of Mosaic law).

    And satanism is what I described above, learn to read English.

  16. "I know the blasphemy of THEM which say THEY are Jews and are not, but are the Synagogue of Satan." Authentic Jews abhor Zionism and Israel – like Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum and Neturei Karta True Torah Jews. The vast majority of people who call themselves Jews are descendants of Khazarian barbarians and are clueless (and couldn't care less) about the true nature of Zionism (Satanic). A former nominal Jew (Michael Hoffman) will be the 1st to tell you that Judaism is nothing to write home about, either! Most nominal Jews are clueless, just like goyim, and participate in the cultural traditions of Judaism because they don't want to piss off their rabbi and "Jewish" community. They actually think that Israel is the homeland of the Jewish people – HaHaHa! We don't have to worry about nominal Jews and authentic Jews – we have to worry about ZIONISTS and Zionist Israel – homeland of AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE of SATAN!

  17. I absolutely agree we're confronted w. satanic conspiracy, no doubt about it. But what is satanism?–it's extreme subjectivism by which objectivity is denied, making one's own mentality/consciousness the creator of any "reality," making oneself God, in effect–and this subjectivism has been around far longer than merely 9/11. Don't forget Christian truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) vs. Jew lies (JOHN 8:44), truth requiring the objective reality as criterion/basis.

    Jews lead satanism as Jews are most collectivist-oriented, organized, "connected," enabled then to dominate and manipulate the far more dis-organized and "individualist" gentile satanists.

  18. U call urself "rational," yet demand to be spoon-fed the facts and told what to think, u incapable of inductive logic–what kind of "rational" is that? U can't conclude that nothing's true unless proven? U're in "quandary"?–seems like u always have been, always will be, eh?

  19. There is a photo of a "Black Hat" Jew, wearing a large poster which reads: "ZIONISM is a CANCER". Unless there is a popular uprising, America will slowly DIE from the TERMINAL CANCER of ZIONISM. 911 was just the start of the Attack on America! The WH, CONgress, political parties, the MSM, the Military, Academia, School Administrations, State Police, State and Municipal governments, Federal Agencies, Corporate America, etc. are ALL infested – why should Amazon or Facebook be exceptions?!

  20. I bought "And I Suppose…" and the read the chapter about the Apollo moon trips. Despite having been convinced by you, Mr. Fetzer, about the Zapruder film and the Altgens6 Oswald photo, I thought your Moon hoax expose was just an assertion of a because-I've-been-right-before-I'm-obviously-right-again attitude. But, I have to admit, you're right again Mr.Fetzer and I'm wrong again. Many Moon landings photos obviously are stage shots. There's no doubt about it. As for other details about the Apollo ventures, I'm in a quandry. No one's come forward to explain every trip hoax detail and answer all legitimate questions. Unlike 9/11, JFK's assassination, and the many recent false flags, the Moon landings deception lacks an investigator who can explain every detail and legitimate question. Mr. Fetzer, can you encourage someone who'll investigate, write, and explain all the doubts the rational thinkers have?

  21. Don't forget who owns/controls the US Federal Reserve Bank legalized COUNTERFEITING scam–they can print-up and/or digitalize nearly any amount of money to bribe, extort, or assassinate ANYONE–no one can withstand the powers behind the Fed who have literally Midas-like powers to control and manipulate ANYONE. Even Ron Paul must worry about assassination if he goes too far.

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