Wolfgang Halbig and Sandy Hook: Trick or Treason?

By Jim Fetzer with “Barry Soetoro, Esq”

Wolfgang Halbig, the former Florida State Trooper, former school principal and nationally recognized school safety expert, has made great strides in exposing the corrupt background of the Sandy Hook event, including that the school was in deplorable condition (inside and out), confirming my previous determination that it had been abandoned by 2008 and was used as a prop (or stage setting) for the FEMA drill rehearsal on 13 December 2012 and “going LIVE” on 14 December 2015, available on-line directly or from memoryholeblog.com.

Among the most curious aspects of the Sandy Hook event (which have puzzled many students)include the presence of a sign saying, “Everyone must check in!”, Port-a-Potties, boxes of bottled water and pizza cartons in the Firehouse, name tags on lanyards and parents cheerfully bringing their children to the scene of (what was alleged to be) a child-shooting massacre. Wolfgang and his attorney were able to extract from Newtown First Selectman (which is an office), Patricia Llorda, that the sign had been placed there, not by the city, but by Homeland Security, which drew audible gasps from those who were present:

All of this, of course, is consistent with the FEMA manual for the event, which declares there will be a rehearsal on 13 December 2012, where the event will “go live” on 14 December, where it states (in the manual) that everyone must check in and that refreshments and restrooms will be provided. The reason Wolfgang has been unable to obtain information as innocuous as who had provided the Port-a-Potties is because it would have revealed that they were delivered on 13 December, the day before the alleged shooting, which would have thereby exposed the entire hoax. The FOIA hearings were therefore getting too close to the truth and had to be subverted, which was done by the attorney, Monte Frank, elected to Head the Connecticut Bar, which appears to be his reward for managing the cover-up:

Since the FEMA manual–“Site Activation Call-down Drill Exercise Plan” for a rehearsal on 12/13/12 and “going live” on 12/14/12-can be downloaded to your own computer, I find it frankly absurd that anyone continues to believe that it was a bona fide shooting. Even Alex Jones appears to be finally catching on. But during his recent discussion about a retired FBI agent who found the FOIA hearings strange, he revealed that he does not begin to appreciate the dimensions of the hoax, believing that the Port-a-Potties were delivered on the day of the shooting, when they were delivered the day before. Perhaps this much is progress.

Sandy Hook: Trick or Treason?

By “Barry Soetoro, Esq”

Sandy Hook is coming apart like a North Korean Rolex.

But the government doesn’t seem to care. The Gun Grab Roadshow is full steam ahead – with a barrage of Fake Shootings.

The Regime has unlimited funds, dozens of hoax scripts, and dirty operatives (blackmailed? bribed? both?) to scam you out of your guns.

Recently, I spoke with Mike Shoesmith about Sandy Hoax and the Boston Hoaxathon. If you missed our conversation, it’s an eye-opener. We cover everything from fake 9/11 survivors to the upcoming (fake) “shopping mall attacks.”  We also explore forensic proof that Sandy Hook was staged.

Sandy Hook UPDATE

The latest Newtown events are beyond ludicrous. See if you can follow this:

After 19 months, a judge finally orders a response to (citizen investigator) Wolfgang Halbig’s FOIA requests. But the day before the hearing, it’s suddenly canceled because attorney Monte Frank has to “ride a bike for gun control.”

Finally, the FOIA hearing happens. Newtown CT “officials” stammer and fail to answer simple questions, making it obvious Sandy Hook is a hoax.

During his bizarre testimony, Newtown Police Chief Kehoe panics and turns purple:

Chief Kehoe scurries out of there. The night before Hearing #2, Chief Kehoe “retires from his job.”
But before Hearing #2 can happen, Newtown Police Officers suddenly GET ARRESTED for “dealing steroids/Oxycodon out of the Police Station.” In Operation Juice Box, eight people are arrested including a Police Dispatcher and a Sergeant. Are they arrested because 

(i) They’re guilty of drug dealing, 

(ii) They’re totally innocent but might spill the Sandy Hoax beans, 

(iii) They participated in Sandy Hoax (Treason) and might squeal, or 

(iv) They’re still playing along with Sandy Hoax, but have sub-par acting skills that won’t fly in the next FOIA hearing?

Either way, those arrested officers are removed from the public arena – joining Police Chief Kehoe (retired); CT State Trooper “William Podgorski” (dropped dead at 49); cop “Michael Compare” (killed himself, age 36); and Lieutenant Paul Vance (State Police Spokesman, suddenly demoted to Traffic Division) on the list of “hard to find” witnesses.
Newtown is running out of places to hide its operatives – people are tougher to hide than evidence. Ever wonder why Sandy Hook Elementary and Adam Lanza’s house were suddenly bulldozed? Hint: neither place contained DNA/fingerprints of the (fictional) occupants. Anyone sneaking inside with a fingerprint or DNA kit would find zero evidence of boogeyman Adam, or his victims. Solution? Destroy both crime scenes and truck them off – like WTC debris.

So, weeks later, in the second FOIA hearing, (Newtown CT official) Patricia Llodra states on the record that DHS installed the famous “Everyone Must Check In” sign – a stunning admission that DHS participated in Sandy Hoax. That’s no shock, since DHS recently admitted staging two years of Fake Shootings In Shopping Malls.  I believe those fake shooting “drills” are the “movie production” for the much-hyped “ISIS Shopping Mall Attacks.” Coming Soon, to a TV near you.

But if all that isn’t suspicious enough, watch the Governor of Connecticut blatantly lie when confronted with his own Sandy Hook statements. While in town, Wolfgang Halbig shows up at CT Governor Malloy’s office.  Watch Governor Malloy lie, denying his own (televised) announcement:

I’m dazzled by Sandy Hoax puppets, as they leap through hoops to grab your guns. It’s almost as if they’re motivated by fear – not just the joy of a gunless Utopia. But fear of what? Fear of prosecution, for hidden crimes they committed? Fear of exposure for (alleged) “prior bad acts,” like Dennis Hastert?

Why Are Officials Lying?

Some speculate that certain politicians and Crisis Actors are recruited because they committed (hidden) crimes. That way, they’re under total control by their handlers – who threaten to expose their puppets unless they follow orders. If that theory is true, it means the biggest resume enhancers would be rape and murder. After getting “hired,” such a puppet would face two choices: Obey; or get exposed and go to prison.

The threat of long prison sentences for “prior bad acts” might explain why so many politicians and operatives display odd/risky behavior – such as promoting fake shootings on TV.

According to American Thinker, Newtown parent Neil Heslin is allegedly a “felon with a long rap sheet of fraud, substance abuse and reckless behavior.”  Heslin is the purported father of Newtown “victim” Jesse Lewis. As a felon, Heslin can’t own a gun.  But Heslin “appears to have a new career lobbying against honest citizens having the right to own guns.” Ammoland has more coverage of Neil Heslin’s (alleged) financial/civil and child support issues.
Did the corrupt DOJ take a break from Mexican gun-running, to cut deals with felons – ensuring their gleeful participation in fake shootings like Sandy Hoax?

Maybe that’s why FBI reports “ZERO” murders for Newtown CT (2012). Maybe that’s why NO DEATH CERTIFICATES exist for Nancy Lanza, Adam Lanza, or his 26 “victims.” I’m not surprised the Regime won’t forge 28 Death Certificates – look at the headache they got from forging ONE Hawaii Birth Certificate.

Recently, that theory gained steam when someone discovered that “Sandy Hook Dad” Lenny Pozner’s Website Redirects To NSA. At that link, scroll down for screenshots – captured before NSA quickly hid their mistake. Lenny Pozner’s son is “Noah Pozner,” who dies every two years in different school shootings around the world – on a bizarre “School Massacre World Tour.” Noah “died” at Sandy Hook, then “died” again 2 years later in Pakistan.

Oh, I almost forgot. After the third (and final) FOIA hearing, Newtown lawyer Monte Frank was suddenly appointed President of the Connecticut Bar Association. Some believe Monte Frank’s sudden career luck was a reward for his role in the Sandy Hoax coverup:

We’re In A Race

A few years ago, folks were still asleep. But now, these False Flags smell so bad, folks are waking up. We’ve reached a new level of awareness – but being aware of Treason doesn’t fix the Treason.

So, what’s our next step? How do we (i) Stop these fake shootings, and (ii) Hold the scam artists accountable for betraying America?

For many, a major step will be realizing who the real terrorists are. Someone is planning these fake shootings. Someone is funding them. Someone is covering them up. Plus, local and State police are allowing them to continue.

Not to mention the Gun Grab Roadshow actors’ troupe.  Are these players threatened under National Security “Capstone Event” directives? Are they blackmailed, using their own prior crimes?

Why are children getting strong-armed on live TV during “Sandy Hook interviews?”

And where’s NRA? Are they blackmailed too? How does the “National Rifle Association” pretend they don’t notice these fake shootings, targeting the AR15 for extinction?


I don’t think the Regime can blackmail the entire population of the USA. I don’t think the Regime can openly threaten the population.  Thus, the Regime operates by intimidation – and for the deepest betrayals, by secrecy.

Step 1 is piercing that veil of stealth, to expose the rot.
Step 2 is spreading the word.

But time is short. Can America wake up before Traitors disarm us?  The Regime has managed to contain the truth about Fake Shootings and Hoaxes – in a “free country” of 300 million people. They’ve accomplished this via Censorship, Disinformation, and Psychological Warfare:

Since the Regime has the MSM/Web locked down with shills (and NCS suppressing/deleting material), I’m not sure we can awaken 320 million Americans quickly enough by posting articles. 

We don’t have that much time. We need a game changer.  

I’m open to suggestions.
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  1. From FaceBook

    ‪Raul Francisco Amaya‬:
    "I'm ready to bet any Sandy Hook deniers the cost of a round trip plane ticket to Newtown and all other expenses including lodging, meals plus lost work time to interview people who live there including law enforcement personnel, employees at Sandy Hook school, relatives and friends of the murdered kids."

  2. I find it a little odd that the parking lot in front of the school appears to be recently repaired and painted. Also there is not one oil spot from parked cars. No rubber from tires? It appears that the lot has been empty for awhile and the elements have stripped it clean.

  3. Jct: Imagine using a derelict school to pull off a hoax! They really couldn't care if anyone finds out since the majority won't find out when Big Money runs Mass Media with Government with their Corporations too.

  4. When the last veil is removed from the (mostly Israeli) Zionists, their true nature and origin is revealed: AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE of SATAN! (genetically re-engineered, humanoid, reptilian ALIENS).

  5. "I know the blasphemy of THEM which say THEY are Jews and are not, but are the Synagogue of Satan!" (Revelation 2:9). Zionists are SATANISTS, NOT Jews! Authentic Jews oppose Zionism and Israel (Neturei Karta True Torah Jews, for example). AshkeNAZI Jews are descended from Khazars (Benjamin Freedman) and are not authentic Jews!

  6. Keep digging! Visit my DISQUS channel and take it from there. There IS a solution to "The Puzzle" of human existence on planet Earth! Most people have to erase their brainwashed minds and start over again from GROUND ZERO!

  7. There is only ONE explanation for all the HOAXES, including Sandy Hook, the Boston Marathon "bombing", the Aurora theater shooting, 911 and even 311 (Fukushima), also including Jade Helm, the Domestic Drones program, FEMA camps, NDAA and other supporting legislation. The explanation sounds FAR OUT and in a way, it is!

    Has anyone investigated what is going on in all (over 153) the DUMBs throughout (and under) America? Has anyone figured out what ALIEN abductions and CATTLE mutilations were all about? With WHOM, exactly, did Eisenhower agree to the GREADA Treaty? Were William Pawelec and Phil Schneider liars – or did they tell the horrible (but politically incorrect) truth?

    The ONLY TRUE explanation is the ONLY one that makes sense – in a physical, historical and spiritual sense!

    America and most Western governments are UNDER TOTAL CONTROL by a genetically re-engineered, humanoid, reptilian ANCIENT ALIEN RACE of SATAN!

    THEY LIVE – and look just like us, BUT AIN'T! THEY have infested America, including but not limited to CONgress, the HY, the Pentagon and Military, Federal Agencies, State and Municipal Police Depts., the MSM, Universities and schools. THEY are present even among janitors, garbage collectors, bus drivers, teachers, etc.

    THEY are ALL closely involved in carrying out the ALIEN AGENDA, having at its ultimate goal the enslavement and then destruction of the ENTIRE Human Race and the destruction of the Human Habitat (Fukushima RADIATION over Japan, the Pacific ocean and the entire planet).

    Like I said, it's the ONLY explanation that makes sense!!!

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