South Carolina Church Shooting: 10 signs this was another “false flag”

by Jim Fetzer 

A 20-year Marine intelligence officer and former CIA-clandestine services case officer, Robert David Steele, has reported that every terrorist event in the US (9/11 and since) has been brought to us by our own government. Those “false flag” events have included Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing, which has been established by mountains of proof.

The key players appear to be especially the FBI and the DHS. The shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, and of Walter Scott in North Charleston, SC, both appear to be staged events.  And there is mounting evidence that the latest shooting in a church in Charleston, SC, fits a pattern that provides substantiation that this was another “false flag” as follows:

(Exhibit 1) An “active shooter drill” was taking place in Charleston, SC, at the time of the alleged shooting:

(Exhibit 2) The shooter,  though purportely unemployed, was wearing a $1,000 bullet-proof vest: 

(Exhibit 3) The photo of him wearing white supremacist patches on his jacket was photoshopped:

(Exhibit 4) Shouldn’t church members have been suspicious of someone who looked like a recent graduate of the MK/ULTRA academy?

(Exhibit 5) A “manifesto”, which discloses that he is an extreme racist, was not even the work of the shooter:

(Exhibit 6): Barack Obama immediately moves to use this event to promote his anti-gun agenda:

(Exhibit 7) Other politicians who support the New World Order are likewise exploiting this event for political purposes:

(Exhibit 8) Obama moves to enlist the assistance of Hollywood to promote his unConstitutional gun control agenda:

(Exhibit 9) Pay off the families of “the victims” by fast-tracking (in this case, $29,000,000) in taxpayer-financed hush money:

(Exhibit 10) More and more, the alternative news is perceiving the reality beneath the “(gun) smoke and mirrors”:

Among the most telling signs that this was another “false flag” is the timing, when JADE HELM has been receiving more and more attention and concern from the public and when the TPP is being “fast tracked” through the Congress, even though it would create a corporate-managed world authority that can transcend the laws of any nation, including our own, and require restitution to corporations for profits they might lose by complying with environmental safeguards and controls.

That an “active shooter drill” was taking place, that he was wearing a bullet-proof vest, and that images of him sporting racist badges were photoshopped are all powerful proof that this was a staged event. And the rapidity with which Obama and Hillary have moved to exploit the situation to promote their political agendas affords further confirmation. Obama observes that these kinds of shootings do not occur in other nations (blaming their occurrence on lax gun control laws) but, as Art Olivier observes, they don’t have our CIA, FBI and DHS to arrange these “false flag” terror attacks.

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36 thoughts on “South Carolina Church Shooting: 10 signs this was another “false flag””

  1. Nothing to clean… not only would there be multiple bullet holes, there would also be gallons of blood. All wood, including pews, would have to be removed and replaced. News reports claim that 20 hospital workers volunteered on a Saturday to clean the church. The following day, Sunday, the church had services… bullshit!
    How stupid do they think we are…

  2. Keep in mind that there were more white churches that burned down during that same time period. All of which were due to electrical fires, lighting, and other non-arson causes.

    Had there been any evidence of arson… heck, even without evidence of arson, i'm surprised they didn't try and make it into a race issue. Someone at the white house is slipping.

  3. Because…. They slipped up saying terrorist act cuz thats generally their scapegoat for the fake crisis.. and this fake crisis was actually meant to cause racial tension and (as the fellow befores post states) "unrest" in the community… I.e. racial conflict… In hopes that citizens across america would fight and riot… they way they cud lock us all down an start the fema concentration camps… U see??

  4. Aaaaand surprise: atheist deny the fact that the shooting took place so they won't be held accountable for the actions of one of their people (even though they love to blame all religious people based on the actions of one small extremist religious group). And yet ANOTHER shocking surprise: atheists use this tragedy as an excuse to be complete bigots (or in other words, to be themselves) to Christians. Why be thoughtful and considerate and respectful to those innocent people who didn't deserve to die? Screw that! Being a decent human being isn't the atheist way! They take a horrible massacre, and they flip it around and make it all about themselves. Smh.
    I'm SO nice to atheists in real life even though I'm a Christian, but I'm anonymous right now so… F@$! all atheists! F$&! every single one of them. Disgusting, arrogant, ignorant, intolerant, selfish, stupid, delusional, bigoted, misogynistic, hateful, judgmental, immoral pigs. They all deserve to be burned to the ground. Atheism is a disease!
    That is all. 🙂

  5. You are incorrect. A false flag only requires a false narrative. No one died in Charleston, but national media and law enforcement are lying and saying they did. NOW it's a false flag.
    Also, your claim that 'thousands of blacks are killed by whites' is absurd. The media would be reporting that non-stop if it were true.

  6. Dylann Storm Roof, the patsy, acting out the Turner Diaries "race war" script:

    The Turner Diaries

    William Luther Pierce III – The Turner Diaries author born on September 11, 1933


    From the birth of the Turner Diaries author, William Luther Pierce III on September 11, 1933 to the Dylan Storm Roof event , Charleston, South Carolina on June 17, 2015 is:

    = 777 months, 777 weeks, 777 days


    Mark Gobell

  7. You must be missing something, I am sure you have not noticed the 8 different black churches that have burned down in the last month. This kind of false flag is out to incite violence and destabilize communities.

  8. Obama said other "advanced" countries do not have such a high frequency of shootings. To reply that other countries do not have such intelligence agencies as the US is stupid. Instead of polemic, an intelligent examination requires proof that Obama's assertion is true and what are the causes of similarities and differences.

  9. The speaker of the video about staging on You Tube finds it strange the church worshippers did not notice the shooter's armory and MK Ultra appearance, although the start of the video shows the bullet-proof vest was concealed under a shirt and Bible studies in which the shooter allegedly wished
    to participate do not have such CIA projects as theme i.e. presumptuous: since when does the Afro-American or the general American church-goer such knowledge?

  10. On Saturday, at a press conference in Baltimore, FBI director James Comey discounted the use of term ‘terrorism’ for the Charleston church shooting which killed nine worshipers including pastor Clementa Pinckney, a State Senator. Comely said FBI is investigating Dylann Roof for ‘hate crime’ and not for ‘act of terrorism’. Why? Because Roof is White and non-Muslim.

  11. The "shooter" might be (US Marine Crisis Actor) John Christian Graas. He was a Hollywood child actor on various TV shows (including STAR TREK), but today (2015) he should be 33 years old.

    Notice you cannot find any CURRENT photos of (actor) John Christian Graas on the Web? You can only find photos of him as a Child Actor many years ago.

    That's bizarre, because even elderly actors who haven't worked in decades have a couple "current" photos floating around the Web (even if they're just random/candid photos of the actors at some event).

    Also: The mayor of the South Carolina town of the (fake) "black church shooting" is JOSEPH RILEY. He is RETIRING within 1 year (after 40 years) and he belongs to Bloomberg's GUN SCAM cabal named "Mayors Against Illegal Guns" aka MAIG.

    Dozens of members FLED Bloomberg's con artist front group upon realizing that Bloomberg promotes FAKE SHOOTINGS to GRAB GUNS. A prime example is the (fake) AURORA shooting (Batman cinema hoax), which Bloomberg promoted on his nationwide Gun Grab Roadshow, alongside crisis actor (fake victim) Stephen Barton. Barton claimed he got hit with 24 shotgun pellets while sitting in a packed movie theater on opening night of "Batman: Dark Knight Rises." In other words, these fake shootings are more bogus than a three-dollar-bill.

  12. We might do well to call these fellows the cookie cutter killers. They have by now become a cliche. Always the same MO: drugs, the instinctive look, traces of the past revealing whatever the powers wish to communicate at the time, usually a gun legally possessed, and an apparent disinterest in their personal futures. Generally young. Obama always says about the same thing with an insincere voice along with a few lies. They need to find some new script writers with imagination. This is getting to be very old and boring.

  13. Intriguing possibility. These deranged shooters always seem to be outstanding marksmen. How many shots were fired and how many hit the target for a fatality? One person was left to tell the tale; and one child pretended to be dead. It does seem more like a rough draft for a novel where the writer would come back and make a couple of the shots only wound the victims–assuming now that there were real victims. I agree the declaration is way too intellectually mature for this fellow who does not look particularly bright or studious. For 29 million dollars there are many that would change their lives. A little too pat. What happened to the guys that used to go into a MacDonald's and shoot everyone? As for these not happening in other nations, well, if the USA is involved the numbers are far higher. And no mention of prescription drug control.

  14. For there to be a false flag, there has to be an uncommon event.

    For example, 9/11, an event that in contrast to the killing of millions of Muslims by the US that continues constantly and goes unremarked, some Muslims were alleged to have killed US citizens. Or an incident where, in contrast to the thousands of Blacks killed by whites in the US, a Black person killed a dozen or few hundred whites. Something that doesn't happen and never happens, that can be blamed on people who didn't and wouldn't do it, to justify the continuation of the unjustifiable genocides that ARE happening all the time against those very people.

    A white person killing Blacks is not a possible basis for a false flag op. It isn't even news. It is merely the status quo. It happens all the time, like the sun rising in the east and setting in the west.

  15. There was also a news item purportedly qouting the step-mother of the shooter telling how he was an okay kid until he got on the Internet and how that warped his mind. It will not be long until we see the FCC telling the world how it must supervise the 'net for our safety. In the balance, I'd willingly face the possibility of the Dylann Roofs of this world (they are very few) than be told what I can and cannot inform myself about from the Internet.

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