JADE HELM: Kevin Barrett and Gordon Duff move to The Dark Side

by Jim Fetzer

It was bad enough when Kevin Barrett published a blog that grossly distorted what I have reported about recent events involving Stew Webb, Jeff Rense and Gordon Duff, where Duff fired Webb while he was on the air with me and Preston James. Not long thereafter, he added an “Editor’s Note” trashing an article by Robert O’Dowd, which raised questions about the military operation, JADE HELM. And when I spoke up on behalf of O’Dowd and explained why he appeared to be right, I was given the boot, too.

I subsequently took him to task for his unprofessional and offensive behavior, which included taking down my four most recent and important articles about the Boston bombing and another on (what I take to be an authentic) “confession” of Ringo Starr that Paul McCartney had died in 1966 and been replaced. Now Kevin has compounded the matter by featuring Gordon on his “Truth Jihad” radio show, where Gordon took the opportunity to issue a string of false statements, including a fabricated conversation.

During his appearance, Duff claims that I am a purposeful deceiver who cares nothing about truth or his own credentials or the reputation of Veterans Today. The facts of the matter are precisely the opposite. I am dedicated to the pursuit of truth, as anyone who knows me knows from their own experience. And it has been costly, including in this instance, because Duff appears to have deleted the 150 articles that I published with VT on JFK, 9/11, Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing and more since 5 July 2011. 

An striking illustration of Duff’s stunning duplicity is that he claims the article on “Ringo’s Confession” was libelous since I am asserting that the person who identifies himself as “Paul McCartney” today is not the original “Paul McCartney”. But I did not merely assert that to be the case: I included forensic evidence in the article that these are two different people (where their palates, their teeth, their ears, their faces, their skulls and even their heights are different)! And truth is an absolute defense against libel.

I doubt that Gordon even read the article and, while Kevin acknowledged that the forensic evidence “is interesting”(during a Truth Jihad Radio show about it), he seemed to be incapable of admitting that it’s not simply interesting but decisive as proof we are talking about two different persons. I have learned through the years that Kevin has a hard time admitting that he is wrong, where I can recall exactly one time he has done that (which was allowing that he had let the caller to this show become verbally abusive).

Gordon, however, was another matter entirely, where he made up a story about a conversation with me that never happened, where he claims I told him that I could care less about the truth of JADE HELM or the reliability of my sources but was going with the story anyway! But that is a complete and total fabrication. Not only did the alleged conversation never take place, but from from the beginning, I have been concerned with identifying sources and reflecting the range and variety of the evidence about JADE HELM:

“The Real Deal”, Episode #45 (April 20, 2015):


For my first show about JADE HELM, for example, I invited three other parties to join me in a mutual collaborative attempt to sort out what is going on here–Terri from Nebraska, Preston James and Dennis Cimino–to kick around the available evidence and consider alternative hypotheses. We all agreed that this involves more than 12,000 troops from the National Guard and that it is clearly not “an ordinary training drill”, which is the song and dance that’s been coming from Gordon Duff since the beginning.

“The Real Deal” Episode #46 (April 22, 2015):


The next “Real Deal”, I featured Robert O’Dowd, the former Marine whose article about JADE HELM Gordon had trashed and I had defended, where I observe that an op that endures for two month is not a drill but an occupation. Duff has attacked discussion of JADE HELM as “fear porn” and an attempt to create hysteria in the public, where our concern is that there are too many signs that this is the initiation of martial law in the US, especially against the background of the PATRIOT ACT, creation of DHS, construction of 300 FEMA camps and acquisition of 2-billion rounds of .40 calibre hollow point ammo.

“False Flag Weekly News”, broadcast April 23, 2015:

Because Kevin was engaged in a book tour promoting his We are NOT Charlie Hebdo (2015), which I applaud, I did the show solo, as occurs from time to time. Because of my concerns over JADE HELM, I spent the first 20 minutes of the 30 minute show on that subject, where we publish links to our stories and you can find 20 links to the sources I was specifically citing. The closing of the Walmarts and their conversion, which includes installing 8-9′ fences, covering their windows with dark plastic sheeting and ripping up floors to remodel them for novel purposes are among the signs that have been bothering me the most.

“False Flag Weekly News”, broadcast on April 30, 2015:

To watch “False Flag Weekly News” 04/30/2015, click here.

When Kevin returned the next week, he challenged me again and again about JADE HELM. It was not a pleasant experience. I rather strongly suspect that Gordon had been talking with him about me and my “obsession” with JADE HELM which, he would have insinuated, was not only harming my credibility but that of VT and (now) of Kevin Barrett. So Kevin set out to put me in my place, which is easier said than done, and I responded because, unlike Kevin, I had done my homework, which he had not. Some listeners have written to say that they were appalled by Kevin’s conduct, which was also true for me.
Kevin has repeatedly said that he does not know the sources I have been citing, where I had explained already in “Ringo’s Confession” that it is the content of articles and videos and how they hang together with other available information, where the coherence of the data is our most important criterion about what is most likely to be going on. If we wait until our sources are impeccable and the situation is now certain, that may mean the operation was a success and we are clustered together in a FEMA camp:
our challenge is to take a lot of uncertain sources and figure out what’s going on. If we wait for epistemic certainty, it will (in this case, for example) be too late to do anything about it. I share with the late Capt. May the position that we are better to sound the alarm (when evidence warrants) and be wrong than not sound the alarm and suffer the consequences… which could be meeting in FEMA camps or losing our heads (literally, not just figuratively). I would be glad to be proven wrong, but the risk we run is that I and many others just might be right. The handwriting is on the wall. 
After all, what “sources” does he find credible? The Warren Report (1964)? The 9/11 Commission Report (2004)? The New York Times? As I observed in my response to his blog, Kevin gets everything right–except the facts! And when Duff fabricates a story suggesting I don’t care about the truth or my sources but just liked the story and wanted to tun with it, he is not talking about me but about himself, where this appears to be a classic case of projection. Compare what I have said and sourced with what he has said and sourced: the contrast could not be more striking. One of us may be a liar, but that would not be me.
Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus on the Duluth campus of the University of Minnesota.  He hosts “The Real Deal” on MBC M/W/F from 8-10 PM/ET.
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40 thoughts on “JADE HELM: Kevin Barrett and Gordon Duff move to The Dark Side”

  1. Dear Dr. Fetzer, I have been listening to many programs, and never have I found you to be anything but interested in seeking the truth. As many of us come to 9/11 Truth late in the game, we unfortunatley are all experiencing the same strange feeling of trickery we felt as we discovered the truth about 9/11. As we get out of the gates of AE9/11 Truth and realize we almost got trapped in a cage of half truths, we then get disturbed by the cruelty among the truthers. But, then shining lights appear, that seem to revive as when men like Heinz Pommer presents good information about the nuclear theory of the destruction of the towers. Just now starting your book on nukes on 9/11. Don't give up. However, do spend some time helping new Truthers skip the troubled waters that hold us back from the peaks of where 9/11 Truth research now rests. I myself found Ace Bakers 9/11 The Great American Psy-Opera to be a nice overview of the cruelties of the 9/11 Truth movement, while at the same time informative of just what evidence is worthy. I also think 9/11 Follow the money by Corbett Report is great. Also, 9/11 Solved. Don't give up ever Dr. Fetzer. I thank you for always discussing every possible theory. By doing that we know it was nuclear. Also, I am reading Project Plowshare about peaceful nuclear explosions used in industrial applications. I think there may be clues regarding the plans to bring the towers down by nukes.

  2. FYI
    I posted today on my website:keshefacts ..org a piece about Gordon Duff, with title: Gordon Duff exposed

    Duff tries since one year to promote Iranian nuclear engineer Mehran Tavakoli KESHE and his "plasma technology" as of national interest for USA. However that is a complete fraud. Also Mike Harris and Col. Hanky are involved. They try to get billions of US congress money via DARPA for the Keshe Space Technology. That is the reason why on VT you see now almost every day posts about the wonderful plasma technology of Keshe. And Duff mixes that with lunatic fabricate stories about a worldwide pedophile network, called by Keshe: the Red Circle, that want to block the Keshe technology, reason for Gordon Duff to activate his Adamus Murder team to clean up the Red Circle in Antwerp (Belgium).

  3. I am glad that I finally got caught up on your disappearance and others' from veterans today. duff has produced a great deal of outstanding material but he has dumped loads of crap, including insults about PID (to which I strongly subscribe), and jade helm which deserves close scrutiny and fear.

    duff is not worthy of your presence, and is an egomaniacal loose hinge. veterans today has sealed its doom as an influential or must read journal. jim dean is of the same thought police mentality. I now think that duff is a saboteur – hard to know. he is certainly against open investigation.

    for a brief moment vt was a shining star – fetzer, dean, duff, webb, james, barrett. alexis – the a team – each contributing unique and well reasoned exposes of the worlds of war, conspiracy, and evil. it is no more.

  4. Why is Preston James not writing any new articles for
    VT? Is this more than just a big "family" squabble? Such things can damage the truth and credibility pretty seriously where none profit except the ancient enemy. I think irreparable damage has already been done to VT, which is a crying shame in itself. Could it be that black gov ops have moved in here in order to squash VT? Maybe and probably. They murdered more than 3,000 American citizens in 9-11 and did irreparable, expensive damage (hundreds of billions of dollars), after all, just to name the lesser portion of the whole damage they wrought in and around 9-11. Who or what is puny VT to pose a credible threat to those powerful murderers and treasonists? They could quite easily compromise Gordon Duff or anybody they choose. The only people that can stand against them, being the powerful satanic monsters they are, are those that are favored by and aligned with The Almighty.

  5. Why is Preston James not writing any new articles for
    VT? Is this more than just a big "family" squabble? Such things can damage the truth and credibility pretty seriously where none profit except the ancient enemy. I think irreparable damage has already been done to VT, which is a crying shame in itself. Could it be that black gov ops have moved in here in order to squash VT? Maybe and probably. They murdered more than 3,000 American citizens in 9-11 and did irreparable, expensive damage (hundreds of billions of dollars), after all, just to name the lesser portion of the whole damage they wrought in and around 9-11. Who or what is puny VT to pose a credible threat to those powerful murderers and treasonists? They could quite easily compromise Gordon Duff or anybody they choose. The only people that can stand against them, being the powerful satanic monsters they are, are those that are favored by and aligned with The Almighty.

  6. I just sent the e-mail below to Jim Dean, the editor of VT.

    Mr. Dean,

    I think you're making a big mistake dropping Jim Fetzer as a columnist.
    For me Fetzer's been your best writer. His analyses are well-researched, brilliant, and compelling. I've always looked forward to his next post.

    On the other hand, I've been saddened and repelled by much of what I've read recently from Gordon Duff.
    I had two e-mail exchanges with him where Duff could do no more than call me names. Earlier this year I was appalled by his attack on Paul Craig Roberts.
    Now, he – and VT, too? – take out an animus toward Jim Fetzer by dropping him (and Fetzer's archived columns?)
    Does Duff and does VT think that Duff's image and believability improve with his juvenile behavior? Does Duff think he's helping VT?
    More important, as VT's editor, do you think Gordon Duff's been acting recently for the betterment of the VT website?
    I'd suggest that the opposite is the case. People, like me, make up their own minds and don't think much of internet thugs.

    Hopefully you can revivify VT's sagging image and Mr. Duff's shrinking reputation.

    Ed Perkins

  7. Mr. Fetzer, I've been following your columns and posts for years. No one has authored so many well-researched, eye-opening, believable, and readable columns on likely government ops as you have. On the other hand, I've had two e-mail exchanges with Gordon Duff. In both I received what I thought were uncalled for churlish denunciations. (In one I'd written favorably about his columns!) That you've been treated as you have by Duff is upsetting but no surprise. He's been acting like a thug. Unfortunately Duff's words and behavior diminish VT and its credibility as well as calling into question his articles and opinions.

  8. Jim:

    Looks like Duff to me, but you can kill my comment if you like no problem.

    BTW, I was a top commentator on VT years ago.
    I got Sibel Edmonds and Susan Lindauer on there.

    Duff, treated them like crap and they left in a heartbeat.

    I left when Duff supported the Libyan war.

    We should talk sometime.
    Keep up the good work.


  9. Professor James Fetzer,

    You are a brilliant person and many people will trust you, the Federal Whistleblowers Stew Webb and Larry Nichols and the CIA Whistleblower Gene (Chip) Tatum.

    Veterans Today does not deserve people like you. Many people including I myself are glad that you left that poisonous entity that is a CIA controlled site set up to steal your information so that it will be unavailable to the public.

    You all are a terrific group of people highly talented and capable and good luck!

  10. I trust you over Duff anyday, your articles were among the few informative hard hitting truth for some time. Club of Rome, all masons led by queen, queen owns 1/6th of the world, british commonwealth former british empire (and current), own all banks , control metals, food, water, etc etc Duff sat on all this……thanks for telling it how it is! Dont back off Jade Helm, obviously to burn an asset like Duff there might be fire to this smoke.

  11. I think they have Duff on the wrong meds…….I had my suspicions based on his many comments he makes in his articles. He also acts like a cyber bully moderator. This incident with Jade helm makes it clear to me that he is running a psyop at VT. Similar to what we have seen from others – Alex Jones for one. Divide and conquer. I told Duff that biased embrace of democrats compromised everything he writes. Alas it is now the case. It also calls into question his mental stability and reasoned judgement. Haven't spent much time at VT of late – now I will spend none. Duff is full of a lot of Guff. Or "Bob Foote"

  12. TPTB, are known fore hiding their intensions in plane sight.
    The problem is to translate what they are saying.
    You may however succeed, by using Definition as translation.

    A military action, performed on a living body to fix or remove an unwanted part of the body.

    A Horse broken-down by abuse now turned vicious against its abusers.

    To take undisputed control of the steering apparatus: ie, at the helm.

    A 2015 Military Operation to fix or remove the unwanted part of the American population (broken down by Government abuse), who has turned vicious against their abuser.
    The operation is performed for the purpose of taking undisputed control (Material law) of America.

    Those who coined the name of this operation, has some explaining to do.
    Gentlemen !!: Prepare to defend yourselv.

    PS: James keep up your good woork

  13. So, Dr. Kevin Barrett has now too jumped shark.

    Hope Stew Webb's site takes off and does well. My attempt to register there and to make a donation aborted, but maybe these problems will be ironed out.

    I hope Jeff Rense stops posting articles by, radio shows hosted by, and RenseRadio show guests such as Mike Harris, Pete Santilli, Kevin Barrett, and .Gordon Duff. But that may cut in to Jeff's market share a bit too much. We'll see.

    Dr. Fetzer has over the years made some seeming or ostensible mistakes in certain matters and issues he has investigated and analyzed. But he has always seemed to be careful never to say outright that he outright accepts or fully subscribes to those areas of his work that appear to be wrong. He always has said that scientific inquiry, or inquiry based on seeking and evaluating evidence and facts, is TENTATIVE AND FALLIBLE.

    As Bruce Campbell said on the recent show with Stew Webb, we would be wise to understand that Jade Helm could indeed go live and be a real martial law take-down.

    We fight back by doing exactly what Dr. Fetzer and Stew Webb and others are doing now — publishing as much sourced information as we can regarding Jade Helm and having experienced experts on military exercises contribute important commentary.

    Of course we also fight back in our own localities by not going along with anything to do with Jade Helm at all. I have heard that the state of Colorado sucessfully JUST SAID NO to having Jade Helm in their state. I would hope to understand if that is true and how it was done so that the great state of Texas could do likewise NOW.

  14. If you do some real research into screwy Stewie Webb, you wil find he is a COINTELPRO FRAUD! Working with Barbara Hartwell he FRAUDulently solicited money for a court case against Bush Sr that was NEVER filed in Colorado. And he has made numerous attacks on real patriots like Mark Koernke and others. Webb sensationalizes absolute B.S. in his quest for fame and recognition. Anybody backing him has the discernment of a wet tea leaf.

  15. Duff Admits 40% VT Articles Are False:
    “About 30% of what’s on Veterans Today is patently false. About 40% of what I write is at least purposefully partially false. Because if I didn’t write false information I wouldn’t be alive. I simply have to do that.” http://www.dailyslave.com/gordon-duff-and-veterans-today-is-an-admitted-source-of-disinformation/

    Gordon Duff's Fake Biography:

  16. It is indeed a shame they took such a DiEugeniofied & Cooganesque tact with you – THEIR loss. It seems the invertebrate gate-keepers of the alt media & research communities are continuing their squelching, sloppy march across the field of battle. Glerp!Splish!Glosh!Sploch!Blorp! You can hear 'em from a mile away. Forget about manna from the heavens, Dear Lord. Make it rain table salt instead.

  17. Part of being a news publisher and attracting interest is creating controversy to get peoples' attention. Prof. Fetzer has gracefully allowed his reputation to be thrown in the mud with a few series of positions which unfortunately have poisoned the well of the wealth of good legitimate research Fetzer has had published at Veterans Today and The Real D, with positive results. I warned Prof. Fetzer about destroying his own career about saying holograms bashed in the sides of the Twin Towers, and I told him of the side access panels built in the event that jetpack commuting became reasonable. The hatch work was installed during construction. My father went after the parts back in 1969 and told me about it. It appears these access panels were modified to accept jet aircraft..

  18. You your self may have noticed as well; but it seems to me that when a person lacks power as most of us do we find ourselves going in circles. That certainly happened to the pursuit of Obama's real identity. Although he could never produce a birth certificate which could pass muster with a forensic document expert, nothing came of it. People who tell lies like Duff realize that nothing will come of their lies. So they continue to lie. It clouds issues and ensures that later on no one will know what the case is. It is a stealth move. The problem for them is though that they can not get away from their subconscious minds; and the subconscious does not discriminate. Thus that area of mind gradually gets very congested and strewn with waste and no longer functions well. In the end the person may go insane.

  19. I searched for your articles on VT yesterday and again today and it appears that, indeed, they are gone! Gordon Duff is no more than a book-burner. How could he do that over one issue you and he disagree on? Looks like he wants to abolish all traces of Jim Fetzer on VT. What a disgrace.

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