Adam Lanza: The fictional perpetrator of the Sandy Hook hoax

by Dreadnought with Jim Fetzer

Here, “Dreadnought” reflects on the contents of (what purports to be) Adam Lanz’s room and finds anomaly after anomaly, which support the inference that “Adam” was a creation of the imagination. But he also offers speculations of his own that the Lanza’s had a real child, Ryan, and that “Ryan” may be Adam-moved-away. It is a fascinating review of an heretofore unexplored aspect of the elaborate event known as “Sandy Hook”.

We know that Sandy Hook was a hoax. The school was closed by 2008 and used as a prop in 2012. We even have the FEMA manual for the event, which included a rehearsal the day before the “school massacre” would be presented as a LIVE EVENT on 14 December 2012. And in pursuit of his FOIA demands, Wolfgang Halbig has been obtaining more and more confirmation that no one died at Sandy Hook: it was a PR anti-gun scam!

But there have been lingering questions about the alleged shooter, Adam Lanza. Marsha Lanza, purportedly the sister of his father, Peter, for example, never actually mentions Adam by name in a two minute interview about him. She refers to his brother Ryan at least four times and even names a “PJ Lanza” as “gone” along with sister-in-law Nancy, but never says the name of Adam. 


Further compounding questions about his existence, we have two different ID photos, which were allegedly taken four years apart, yet they reflect EXACTLY the same image, verified by super-positioning one upon the other. That would be impossible, if they were real. Photoshop was used to flip the face (pointing his nose slightly differently) and change the background hair.

Now “Dreadnought” takes an inventory of (what purports to be) Adam Lanza’s room, which offers further substantiation that Adam was not a real person but a fictional character who was concocted to play the role of the assailant in the elaborate fabrication known as “the Sand Hook School shooting”. None of it was real, where the proof of fakery abounds from every nook and cranny–including the features of “Adam’s room”. 

Inspecting Adam’s Room

by Dreadnought

I’ve looked at the gaming gear in Lanza’s bedroom. It’s all too old to be used by a kid in 2012-13. The Xbox 360 is from 2005, the games are all the same vintage or older. If we would believe the media, this computer whizz sat playing seven year old shooter games? And didn’t get any new machines? From a doting mother? It doesn’t fit. Ask anyone who has a kid over 13.

Also, I can’t find any Internet trail for him. “Blarvink” is the name he’s supposed to have used on gaming sites but it doesn’t check out according to the sites I researched. Others have thought of this before me. On one of the gaming sites he’s supposed to have used the name Blarvink. Someone was still using it on the same site in December 2013 (Ryan Lanza perhaps?). 

He’s supposed to have started a Wikipedia site by that name but made no contributions to it. Gamers are internet denizens through and through, some would have come out of the woodwork with some tales of him even under a “known” user name if not the name of Adam Lanza. Check the ‘net. Adam Lanza’s Internet profile is and was a desert. Don’t trust me, check it for yourself. It’s as close as Google.

Oddities about his room

There are other odd things about his room and contents.

Not just no dirt–where he was supposed to be a compulsive cleaner–but no wear and tear.  No foot marks on the wall, no bumps of furniture. Two clean bowls.

No jumble. An empty waste bin.

The Antec computer case is old for a gamer; and I couldn’t see any internet connection by way of a modem. This kid would have had Alienware, the latest 2012 games and a high-speed net connection. That’s worth a check: did the house even have hi-speed? And there’s no laptop. Just stop and consider what there is not.

There’s nothing on the walls, no Spiderman posters, Darth Vader, Lord of the Rings, Anime heroes–nothing. 

Nobody obsesses about nothing.

There’s a large empty bookcase in the room. An empty bookcase in the room of a young person who supposedly hides from the world?

The television is cathode ray. 2005 vintage. There’s no sound system set up for gaming, just two speakers side by side.

No modem, no printer. A DVD player, but no DVDs. No Anime nor super hero films. No USBs. No writeable CDs or DVDs. Nothing recorded or to record with. No Tevo.

No desk or workspace in use for projects. A cleared desktop.

No stack of super hero comics or computer magazines.

Gamers usually do modeling, too; none of that here.

Both neat and messy 

It hasn’t got the odds and sods that kids pick up and keep. No junk under the bed. No clothes tossed around like every other kid’s room in the known universe.

The few items in the drawer. Too sparse. Some coins, a spare Honda key, a science club membership card. Two pairs of glasses? Did Adam even wear glasses? I can’t find any Internet evidence that he did. No items post-dating 2010. Nothing of importance to a kid.

But a drawer full of .223 mags taped together. 

There’s two photos of the same bedroom, one jumbled, one tidy. Two different states for the same room. 

Evidence should be “as found”. Don’t trust what I say. See the photos for yourself. They’re annexed to Sedensky’s nonsense report.

Ryan as Adam-moved-away

I think it looks like a bedroom of an older son moved away with some stuff left behind. I think Ryan Lanza was Adam. Adam moved away and became Ryan? 

That’s why there’s two pairs of glasses there left in the room near the science club membership card. They’re similar to the pairs Ryan was seen in. Ryan can tell me different. 

It’s a sterile and artificial, contrived scene. An ersatz killer’s ersatz room.

And here’s a picture of the devil himself at his machine, supposedly taken by a gamer but only lately released. If it’s genuine, note he is not wearing glasses and uses a mic and headphone set, which are both absent from the room photos. 

Those who set up the scene had the money and time to fake a good legend of a young deranged shooter, but like other government perfuncteries, they were lazy. The usual crazed loner story. Why not? It’s always worked before.

And…no Ryan Lanza or Peter Lanza saying anything in the press? After three years? There’s one article by Andrew Solomon in The New Yorker ,“The Reckoning”,  which  Solomon claims to have conducted over several lengthy interviews but Solomon won’t say specifically when or where that took place. He took no photos. 

He claims that he initially met Peter Lanza in a New York restaurant prior to the interviews, but he won’t say which one. I’ve asked him personally both questions by email and he simply stopped answering.

Solomon claims, “Scientists are sequencing Adam’s DNA to see if they can find anomalies that might explain what was broken in him.” What scientists, Andrew? In which laboratory? What nonsense. 

What DNA could tell us

DNA on the Adam Lanza clothes, rifle, cartridges, most importantly the gloves which were open fingered therefore DNA on the rifle without doubt. All that police evidence had DNA on it if it’s genuine evidence.  

All that DNA should be compared to the DNA on Ryan Lanza’s driver’s license which Adam was supposed to have on him. If the driver’s licence doesn’t show two different sets of DNA (brothers have different DNA), and only one person’s, that will be Ryan’s. 

John Rapapport has said we will never get the full medical picture of Adam Lanza because it’s a defeat for “Big Pharma”: that isn’t the reason at all, the reason we’ll never get the full medical history is because it will point to Ryan Lanza. The DNA from anything surviving will turn out to be Ryan Lanza’s.

If there is any way anyone could have the remaining clothes held by Newtown Police examined for DNA? And then get a sample from Ryan Lanza?

Ryan was the gawky kid who moved away and changed his name from “Adam” to “Ryan”. That is why Peter Lanza mistook his own son’s birthdate by four years on the release document here:

According to Andrew Solomon, “scientists” are sequencing his DNA (Adam’s), but they can’t let out those results.  What are they sequencing it from? Give us that DNA result and let us ask Ryan for a DNA donation? 

What’s he got to lose? The result could only embarrass me couldn’t it? I don’t mind. When Peter Lanza doesn’t even know his own son’s date of birth, the pattern of fraud and deception at Sandy Hook has come full circle. 

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105 thoughts on “Adam Lanza: The fictional perpetrator of the Sandy Hook hoax”

  1. the only issue is where you go off on a rant about how the Xbox 360 wasnt relevant in 2012, it was…. the new consoles PS4 / XBONE didnt come out till a year later.

    The Xbox 360 was the most popular console, especially for online gaming like Call of Duty which the media spouted he played for hours..

    now the other confusion is that I don't even see a 360 in the pics, i see an ORIGINAL xbox that came out in 2001 underneath a Dreamcast along side a N64 and a SNES on top of a PS2, those are all dated consoles from the 1990's which required CRT analog connections which explains the CRT monitor.

    And the games lined up on the bottom shelf look to be N64 cartriges or SNES.

    So the notion that the room is a fake/or is his old bedroom before he moved years ago would make sense. but you should really redo those comments cause you spend over a paragraph talking about how inconceivable it is that he played Xbox 360 in 2012

  2. As usual, all these hoax posts are just Hoaxer Shee speculation, on how you think things should have gone or been. No substance in your words. However, here is some evidence to start with. You can use one of many of the sites to dig in the Social Security Death Index, but here is Adam Lanza's, using one of the free ancestry type sites. first in the list.

  3. Once you sign a non-disclosure agreement or take an oath of secrecy ased on national security excuses, you face extreme penalties for breaching that contract. Tell me you would speak out after you discovered after the fact that you had agreed to take part in this.

  4. Dreadnought said: "I have over four hundred photos of the Sandy Hook School and the Lanza home taken during their preparation for the exercise. The Lanza home has at least six different set-ups for the Lanza computer room. It was a FEMA DHS exercise. Now if you want to contact Jim Fetzer and ask him for Dreadnought's email address, do so and I will send you the jpeg images for different set-ups for the bathrooms, the boiler room, the Adam Lanza bedrooms, the basement room.I will send you the photo of the Savage .22 as received in a cardboard box still zip-tied as received from FEMA for the drill. I will show you photos of the money used as props and the plastic bag in which it was received with coins still in rolls. In short I will do everything to prove to you that I am genuine and that what I say is honest. Will you do the same?"

    I would definitely like those photos. You can send them to me at I will make them availale to everyone, rather than sit on them.

  5. When I need to remove vital evidence of my computer crimes, I don't just smash the harddrive, I dispose of its pieces in places where they will never be found. Why didn't Adam take that harddrive and dump it in a garage can somewhere, if it was so vital to hide what was on it?

    Of course, we know now that there would have been nothing on Adam's harddrive that necessitated its destruction. This was just another piece of confaulated evidence created early on to make a non-existent person appear to be real.

  6. I was just looking at Ryan Lanza's tweets. He was in jail for something back in 2014:

    Ryan Lanza ‏@RyanLanza_ 27 Nov 2013

    Just got out of jail Monday. I'm free to do whatever now.
    0 retweets 1 like

    His twitter account doesn't seem genuine. It has few posts and those few seem rather pointless other than to keep the myth alive that there is such a person as Ryan Lanza who is tied to the Sandy Hook shooting. Other than the weather, that's all he seemsd interested in. Go figure….

  7. I just watched a very good documentary on Sandy Hook (can't remember the name of it) where they stated that DNA from the dead school teacher was found on bullet casings that were still in their magazines. Go figure…

  8. In real shootings, the shooter is pushed to act out. They don't just snap for no reason. The situation builds up over time and there are many clues that something is wrong before it comes to a shooting. The real problem is that nobody who is in a position to do so pays attention to those clues, and nobody that COULD do anything to stop it gives enough of a crap about anyone but themselves and their own. So we get police and politicians making these events into terrorist acts to serve their own agendas, we get the news media making a mockery of their own ability to conduct honest journalism, and we get the public crying about gun control and better medical programs because they're conditioned to think that these are the fundamental problems that cause these shootings, when this is not so much the cause as is the general apathy and self-importance of our elected leaders and those professionals who work for them (against the rest of us).

  9. Hey pal, I think that there are enough mass shootings without faking one to justify the removal of firearms in the states. The government don't even NEED to fake them. You've had gun attacks every week since 2013.
    Don't fool yourself.

  10. Quick question. Why are you stating that an Xbox 360 is a vintage machine that is only capable of playing 7 year old shooters? It was the most up-to-date console available at the time. It could play most shooters released at the time. Furthermore, suggesting that two speakers is fishy as most kids would have more than that? The rest of the article has interesting points and some good evidence, but that is truly grasping at straws.

  11. Well, I wrote most of it and my name is Allan Powell. I can produce at least two degrees and probably a third if you could give me time.One is an honours degree in Law. I can take that paycheck any time, tell me how to arrange receipt? Cheers Allan Powell

  12. It's very easy to intimidate people, especially if you employ them or can control local authorities. Let me tell you it is very difficult for some to resist local government pressure let alone State government pressure. Another point is that you can compartmentalise those involved and they may not even realise they have been involved in a hoax. It's also possible that Carver did not know that he was being pushed into speaking about a hoax as if it was serious until the very last minute. What does he do? Power brings all sorts of tools for oppression Cheers Allan Powell

  13. After this whole thing, what size clips did the government ban? Yes 30 round magazines! By the way, the police called them 30 round clips. They are not clips, there are magazines. Any police officer would know this and say it accordingly. For those that do not know, clip is used to feed the magazine. Clips make loading of magazines much easier and faster, and in some cases, a clip is required in order for the magazine to work. In the case of "stripper clips", you simply "strip" the rounds off of the clip and into the magazine. In the case of the "en bloc" clip used by the M1 Garand, you simply place the clip into the fixed magazine and the clip stays in the mag as the weapon fires. Whether this whole thing is or isn't a hoax we won't really know, but the evidence will speak for itself. That is what Crime Scene Investigators base their whole conclusions on. I for one feel in my heart and my gut that something is not right here. Just like the evidence found for 9-11 disproves the whole thing, the evidence here has done the same for Sandy Hook. One more question: Why would he have gone into an elementary school and shoot kids and teachers? If he was so much into "war games", why wouldn't he have gone and shot up a place with only adults? That is what is on "war games". Grand theft auto doesn't have children, there are no children in Gears of War or Call of Duty. He didn't just have an X-Box, He also had a Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, PS 2, and another one I can't identify. he also had a Dance Dance Revolution pad. All the games they listed were 187 games, however, with the DDR pad, there was Super Mario and OO7 for Nintendo 64. This kid was not a slayer, he was a gamer.

  14. The anomalies I am noticing are crazy. 1) It was said he blacked out his room to block out the world from his basement. Basements don't have huge windows to have to be blocked out. This room looks like a prop room that was filmed in front of a live studio audience. 2) Look at how shiny the walls are in the room. Over time walls become faded or dull. Those walls were just painted. 3) Look at the pictures of him. The eyebrows are different, the eyes are different, the nose is different, the philtrum (dent between your upper lip and nose that makes the unique shape of your upper lip) is different which makes the top lip different. These are two different people. 4) I did a lot of digging and pricing. A gamer will spends thousands of dollars on good equipment for gaming, yet there was a pc tower sitting there that looked like a parts tower that someone raided. No useless gaming items at all either.

    Ball park prices for all of his guns and ammunition: Bushmaster Model XM15-E2S was worth $750.00, Saiga was worth $800.00, Glock 20 was worth $500.00, Sig Sauer P226 was worth $600.00, Savage Mark 2 .22lr was worth $200.00 Enfield Albian rifle (which does not exist because Albians only came in revovler and they are from WW2) (estimated) $800.00, Starter pistol $30.00. His extensive ammunition cache would have cost over $1000 (oddly he had .45 cal bullets, yet he didn't have one and there was one never found in the house). Magazine and parts that exceeded $300.00. He took with him Izhmash Saiga 12-gauge semiautomatic shotgun, Bushmaster Model XM15-E2S .223-caliber semiautomatic rifle, Glock 20 10mm semiautomatic handgun, Sig Sauer P226 9mm semiautomatic handgun, Two 12-gauge shotgun magazines, 10 30-round .223 magazines, 6 30-round 9mm magazines, and 6 30-round 10mm magazines. That is a lot of weight to carry around and very awkward to freely maneuver for a little guy. So estimating brings the tally to at least $5000.00

    Check out the photo on this sight:

    Anyone that knows anything about guns can tell you that none of the handgun magazines in that picture are 30 round. Also from the picture there are individual .223 rounds. They do not have clips that hold them together. If he had 10 30 round .223 magazines, there was no reason to find individual rounds. worth of guns, parts, and ammunition. That is a lot of money for a young kid to be throwing around on ammo and guns. Nancy Lanza stated to a friend " She told Durant she had begun to notice that lately her son rarely ventured outside his compound. “He’s like a zombie in front of the screen,” she said, noting that Adam sometimes sat playing the game well into the night and slept most of the day. He had no friends, and now, no future ambitions. His life revolved increasingly around the game of war"…if he spent all that time in his room in front of the screen playing war games, where did he have the time and money to buy all these guns and ammunition? Some of these guns can be hard to find. In around 2009 or 2010 maybe, we were told that the government was stockpiling ammunition. It would be not hard at all for the FBI to plant said ammunition.

  15. My only problem is this. You are saying that the school building was closed and was being used for storage. Who was using the building for storage…the school district? If the school district was using the building for storage then there would be dozens if not hundreds of people that would know this. That would make it impossible for them to pass the story off because so many people that worked for the district would know that the building was vacant and that it wasn't being used.

  16. This is from the official FEMA handbook for the Sandy Hook drill:

    Sensitive DocumentFOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY
    Federal Emergency Management Agency
    Exercise Plan
    Mass Casualty Drill
    Emergency Response For
    Mass Casualties Involving Children
    1. The title of this document is Mass Casualty Drill Involving Children Exercise Plan (ExPlan).
    2. The information gathered in this ExPlan is For Official Use Only (FOUO) and should be
    handled as sensitive information not to be disclosed. This document should be safeguarded,
    handled, transmitted, and stored in accordance with appropriate security directives.
    Reproduction of this document, in whole or in part, without prior approval from The
    Department of Homeland Security is prohibited.
    3. At a minimum, the attached materials will be disseminated only on a need-to-know basis and
    when unattended, will be stored in a locked container or area offering sufficient protection
    against theft, compromise, inadvertent access, and unauthorized disclosure.
    4. For more information, please consult the following points of contact (POCs):
    Agency POC:
    Tom Romano
    Federal Emergency Management Agency
    860-256-0844 (office)
    Exercise Director:

    Cheers Allan Powell

  17. I can publish the names of the four most senior FEMA directors who know Sandy Hook was a drill that went fake if you like? You can then explain to your supervisor how their names came to be on the net because of your silliness and incompetence.

    Sensitive DocumentFOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY
    Federal Emergency Management Agency
    Exercise Plan
    Mass Casualty Drill
    Emergency Response For
    Mass Casualties Involving Children
    1. The title of this document is Mass Casualty Drill Involving Children Exercise Plan (ExPlan).
    2. The information gathered in this ExPlan is For Official Use Only (FOUO) and should be
    handled as sensitive information not to be disclosed. This document should be safeguarded,
    handled, transmitted, and stored in accordance with appropriate security directives.
    Reproduction of this document, in whole or in part, without prior approval from The
    Department of Homeland Security is prohibited.
    3. At a minimum, the attached materials will be disseminated only on a need-to-know basis and
    when unattended, will be stored in a locked container or area offering sufficient protection
    against theft, compromise, inadvertent access, and unauthorized disclosure.
    4. For more information, please consult the following points of contact (POCs):
    Agency POC:
    Tom Romano
    Federal Emergency Management Agency
    860-256-0844 (office)
    Exercise Director:

  19. Professor Emeritus of bullshit, lies, and paranoid delusions. I'll give my paycheck if you can produce a real degree from an accredited college or university. Degrees and self given titles do not give you credibility or authenticity. 2 minutes of reading on this crummy blog reveals the sad state of affairs in your diseased psyche.

  20. What a bunch of stupid bullshit and perpetrated by vile, low IQ, discernment lacking pos's. A staged event? Get a life and a brain and while you're at it get treated for your paranoid schizophrenia. Spreading fabricated conspiracy nonsense when real people suffered the loss of their real children is a high crime in the eyes of the Universe and you will be repaid tenfold for the suffering you are creating and perpetrating.

  21. Please check out the "Vital Records of Kingston, New Hampshire 1694 – 1994". You will see that during those 300 years, only ONE person named Lanza was born there. And that person is Adam.

    LANZA: Peter J. & Nancy J. Champion are listed as parents. My best guess is that Adam changed his name to Ryan at some point. As with all of these scams, they used old photos. I have no idea if Peter and Nancy are still alive. Or using the same names. Did anyone ever see actual video of these two being interviewed?

  22. Give us some names to verify what you say? The teachers were not killed and if you believe they were you are being deceived. Be nice and these things won't happen? What are you? A simpleton? No amount of the greater majority of people being nice will stop psychopaths from not being nice but this is a straw man argument. No one was killed so your touchy feely assertions are pointless.

  23. Yes, that's not exactly the strongest of the points I make is it? Go have a look at Jim's site on Real Deal and the evidence in both the Lanza home and the school and then come back and consider how trivial what you say here seems?

  24. A very close friend of my wife's family was killed in this incident. A teacher no less who died protecting the children in her class. Call it fake all you want. But she's still dead. Nothing is going to change that for her family. I find it incredible with all these conspiracy websites. With 7 Billion people(working towards 8) on the planet, It's really that hard to believe a handful of them could be crazy enough to hurt others. You don't have to believe it happened. Just do your part in being a good person and encouraging others to do the same and these things won't happen.

  25. think of the massive amounts of money laundered in this "tragedy." Also check court/arrest record for an inordinate amount of pedophiles arrested in the year prior. There was certainly something going down. Oh, and conveniently, Connecticut's biggest criminal, Whitey Bulger, was captured almost immediately after.

  26. Why would a kid want an Alienware? Most kids I know don't even care about computers and just whatever the latest gaming console is, except for a few. I game a lot on my PC and don't have anything close to an Alienware. Why? Alienware PCs and laptops are money grabs and pretty much flat out scams. Almost everyone who isn't bought out by them knows this.

    Any self respecting PC gamer would build his or her own PC, and in fact, many if not all do if they aren't lazy or do not want to learn to build a PC. This is why a lot of kids just play game consoles and not PCs, mainly.

    Not trying to debunk your thought process nor this post, but your reasons and assumptions of what kids and gamers want is ludicrous. I know you said you're going by what your kids have said they wanted, correct? That still doesn't apply to everyone, though.

  27. What I'd like to know is where are the whistleblowers? Can't someone who gives a crap whether or not the government can keep pulling off hoaxes (even absurd ones) pony up a reward for anyone involved in the hoax? Or is everyone who could testify to the ruse already paid off? I can't stand them getting away with these farces over and over again!

  28. The original meaning of the word "duff" was "flawed or faulty" according to a definition I found on the 'net. Gary, your personal invective against Duff, though probably true, does nothing to advance the consideration of the post itself. This was about sandy Hook, remember? Not Gordon Duff. I know it is difficult to do so and believe me I am not being condescending but try to keep to point. I say that with a friendly intent in mind and hope you take no offence from it, none was meant.

  29. ps I forgot to say I didn't say everyone games on a laptop. My kids have in the past and have demanded such machines as Dell Inspiron xps 1740's to do so. Are you really going to say that a 20 year old would not want an Alienware laptop in 2012 whether they game or not? I have over four hundred photos of the Sandy Hook School and the Lanza home taken during their preparation for the exercise. The Lanza home has at least six different set-ups for the Lanza computer room. It was a FEMA DHS exercise. Now if you want to contact Jim Fetzer and ask him for Dreadnought's email address, do so and I will send you the jpeg images for different set-ups for the bathrooms, the boiler room, the Adam Lanza bedrooms, the basement room.I will send you the photo of the Savage .22 as received in a cardboard box still zip-tied as received from FEMA for the drill. I will show you photos of the money used as props and the plastic bag in which it was received with coins still in rolls. In short I will do everything to prove to you that I am genuine and that what I say is honest. Will you do the same?

  30. I'm going by when the electrical items could have been purchased.Modelling means making making models, the small things on table tops. Nothing I say is credible? A bit over exaggerative aren't you? I go by my experience from my own teenagers and their friends. A 2005 tv in 2012 is outdated and hardly anyone has one when large flatscreens are so cheap. Sit in a comfy place and think quietly about the whole of the Sandy Hook incident and then come back with a post which says Sandy Hook was genuine and then we will know where you stand.

  31. Xbox 360 WAS the latest system in 2012, having an Antec chassi has NOTHING to do with the age of the computer, a 2005 TV is hardly vintage, Alienware is not a must have for any PC gamer, surround sound is not a nessecity, and who the hell games on a laptop? You know nothing about gaming. Modeling? You mean 40K? Video games and table top games are not synonymous. This right here shows me that nothing you say is credible.

  32. What you say here gives cause for a lot of thought. These mental health laws you mention will not be in the way of doctor's oversight but administrative officers' decisions. It will be social workers who decide that little Johnny shows too much interest in John Wayne films and that his strong individual traits are antisocial. Perhaps they could all be put in a special camp somewhere. The big problem with home schooling and here I speak with a little experience having home schooled my own, is that it might teach children to think independently and not in keeping with the communitarian spirit.It might teach them that they are responsible to and for themselves and not someone else's ideas of past social injustices. It doesn't take a village to raise a child, that is complete "communitarian" catch phrase babble. ( Community is a very handy word because you can never precisely say what the community is and exactly who speaks for it. The imprecise language which political lies continually demand is served very well by the word.) What the Adam Lanza hoax presents is a gift wrapped scenario which shouts that a single mother can't raise a child with Adam's loony proclivities and therefore it needs some form of continual government monitoring to ensure the child develops "correctly". It's a nice windfall too for the pharmaceutical companies because our little monster in this case didn't take his meds and the take-care sign post for parents is then for them to make sure their little darlings are properly doped to ensure the avoidance of the socially embarrassing school massacre. And of course to tie the bow on the package, up steps Andrew Solomon to say that Daddy Peter Lanza is not to blame, that he's recovering well and everybody loves him and sends him confectionry. Solomon's connection to the pharma empire and his miracle recovery from a deep bout of self-indulgence makes him a fitting scrivener for the hoax. Perhaps he might grace us with a tome on how all conspiracy theorists could benefit from a term in a pharma camp somewhere for re-education purposes so that in future they might dispense with reality and adopt Solomon's much more important existential framework of "Meaning". Solomon is the perfect example of how one has to think for one's self. If you don't, there's always someone to attempt to do it for you with language which is in reality so bafflingly inane as to confuse some into thinking it has intellectual content. I digress, I agree with you is what I meant to say in short and with the common core firmly embedded in the US school system you can look forward to more dictation on how your kids should behave and think and corrective action if they fail to correspond to the regulations dreamt up not by health professions but executive officers. I would add that I don't think conservative teachers will be punished. I think they will be removed.
    But do take heart, we are not all going to be Winston Smiths sitting in the cafe at the close of our story declaring our love for Big Brother. That is fiction and a very good lesson too but it has not the tang of reality to it. No oppressive regime has ever survived in history. Orwell knew this. He gave us 1984 simply to say "Don't be Winston". There's nobody as far as I know, no sane person at least, who has come away from a reading of 1984 saying to themselves,"yeah that's a good plan for the future, wouldn't that be nice". We're wise to it. For one thing Orwell didn't see that the proles in our case would have the massive public weapon of the Internet. They cannot win the information war. They cannot even keep their OPM employees' files confidential. Ask all those public servants now how it feels for their information to have been "violated". Control is only what you let it be.

  33. Don't you people see what's going on here? Back in the early 1900s, President Roosevelt screwed up. To save his own neck, USA was sold out to elite bankers. Every since then we have seen one hoax after another perpetrated for profit. Assassinations, Moon landing, Mars project, Bombings, 911, Jeffrey Dahmer. The list goes on. And still going…..

  34. Another goal of Sandy Hoax was cramming thru "mental health" laws, so the Regime can put more kids on MEDICATION. Once a kid gets his first prescription for meds, he can NEVER BECOME A GUN OWNER (b/c he's listed as taking Psychiatric medication).

    Other goals = attacking Home Schooling (since the fictional "Adam Lanza" was homeschooled), AND putting video surveillance inside Public Schools so the Regime can monitor what material is being taught and punish conservative teachers.

  35. Crazed "killer" Adam Lanza left his desk keys neatly on his desk "For the next person." Sandy Hoax was so FAKE I can't believe anyone falls for it.

    Look at these evidence photos:

    Behind Adam Lanza's basement sofa, crime scene photos show a gun-range target stamped "FBI USE." In other words, the cardboard target was PLANTED in the so-called "Nancy Lanza" house to demonize guns.

    Also found in the (fake) "Nancy Lanza home" were a forged "Nancy Lanza NRA Certificate" and an NRA book. NRA announced they had "no record of any Adam or Nancy Lanza" belonging to NRA. DHS forged, then planted the NRA certificate to demonize guns.


  36. Well there's so many annonymous comments. I must be extremely dill witted becasue I see little practical point in anything said by the comments. I can't see what's wrong with suggesting someone "Sit quietly and think". Let's speak plainly, Andrew Solomon is a charlatan as I see it and I suggest anyone else go read some of his work to see what they think for themselves. See if he actually has any qualifications to speak on mental health.If you don't agree with that view tell me what's wrong with the view. "Dreadnought has never learned to control his logic by exact observation". -Yeah thought goes a lot deeper than that and needs a little boot from experience and probability. Think what you want, I do.

  37. ". . . before you accuse me of having any ulterior motive". His "motive" is pleasure he feels when he reads his verbosity. But one sees he's changed his style below in his later posts for the better.

  38. Dreadnought reveals in his June 5 6:53 post why he was nerved by Anonymous' post June 3: Dreadnought misinterprets Anonymous' post June 5 to mean Anonymous supports Solomon ("Your idol"). Dreadnought has never learned to control his logic by exact observation. This was just the point of Anonymous on June 3 regarding Solomon and Anonymous on June 5 pointed to Dreadnought's substitution for the latter's (Dreadnought's) own lack of control over his logic by superfluous language. Dreadnought however is unable to recognize his error and projects his deficiency in sober phenomenological analysis on his critics: "Sit quietly and think", etc.

  39. I didn't say that the whole purpose of the Sandy Hook farce was a big anti-gun ploy. I don't think it was just that. That's a minor political purpose of the ploy but there are other aspects in play which you will really have to research yourself if you don't want to believe anyone else putting facts in front of you. I suggest that in any case is the best thing to do. Ask yourself why the police put out the news that Ryan was the shooter and then they go looking for Ryanwhen they have a dead shooter with that id on him dead in the classroom. Without knowing Ryan's work address they gop there first. It doesn't make sense. Ryan sees the news that he's the shooter on daytime tv so he doesn't contact the police to tell them they've made a mistake, he goes home. He tweets to friends that it wasn't him but not to the police? Don't look for one objective. Things don't work that way. 20 government agencies gathered together within an hour at Sandy Hook. Do you think they did that spontaneously? Even the EPA armed police? It failed in any case by your criteria because people are not that gullible to believe everything they see on MSM and nothing they see on the Internet. Guns are still plentiful because the American public are not totally brainless.

  40. Do you want me to send you the actually clip where says he's not interested in truth any more just "forging meaning"? Give me an email address and I will. I don't mean to suggest, I state and if I haven't been clear on this Andrew Solomon is a charlatan. I have no wish to manipulate anyone. What on Earth power do you think I have to manipulate peoples' view compared to Solomon? Go read "The Reckoning" before you accuse me of having any ulterior motive. Your idol pretends to have a conversation with a man who pretends he had a son called Adam Lanza and then has the article published in the New Yorker magazine, how much more manipulative than that can you get? As for manipulation, I reallly don't care if I influence others or not but I will speak the truth against bullies, liars and the corrupt and if you don't like that I will be suggestive in as much as I suggest you don't read what I say if it upsets you so much. Sit quietly and thinkl.

  41. Hello, that's not quite on the money because you have the questionable involvement of Andrew Solomon with Peter Lanza and the nonsense articel "The Reckoning". Why Solomon and the New Yorker should get the story is inexplicable. He's nothing of a journalist and a psuedo-scientific attempt at Truman Capote. But he does have a direct link to Forest Pharmaceuticals. Solomon's spin on it all is that Adam's "broken" genetic bit can be found. It's as scientific as phrenology. The only thing that I can see Solomon as being famous for is being so depressed for so long at being so rich and writing such a wooden book about it. He is uninterested in what is true only in what an individual can take away from their experience and trials to use in a process of "forging meaning". I kid you not. Look at the silly speech he gave to the recent Sydney writers' festival.It's on Youtube. If you believe Sandy Hook was genuine, then it was is his approach. Rich spoilt kid's twaddle.

  42. Rapopport presupposes the patient exists. If the patient does not exist, the factor of influence of manufacturer of medication is irrelevant in the case in question. Rapopport should control his logic by questioning the truth of his premises.

  43. I've given Jim info that just about proves that a bunch of people were roaming around with bags and custom made prosthetic limb containers so a swap of everyday prostethic could be made with "custom" false limbs complete with gashes and black dots resembling blast injuries after the "explosion" went off. There were at least two photo ops of the drama and a third green screen compilation of the practice run materials.That detail will be released here shortly if I can persuade JIm to let me mouth off on his blog.

    Cheers Dreadnought.

  44. You didn't pick up on the fact that the explanation was "official" in nature. Any sort of bullshit explanation will be swallowed, hook, line, and sinker. It's highly likely that the two brothers are one in the same, just like the room.

  45. I think the brothers have to be in on it. The trial was obviously fake. Look at Corbett's "The Secret Life of Timothy McVeigh." Many believe that McVeigh is still alive. I'm not sure the older brother was actually killed. The gash in his side looks fake to me. It doesn't look like an injury that would result from being run over by a vehicle. Jim has already reported that the 1st brother was killed in police custody. The old man that falls over as the blast goes off was actually trying to catch a package thrown to him by the girl in front of him wearing green. All the other runners pass by unaffected. And as Dr. Loraine Day points out there seems to be a shortage of victims compared to the number claimed. The official story is that many had the eardrums ruptured, but I find that doubtful. Even the old man and the green girl who were both close to the blast (?) give a television interview shortly after the event. It's curious that the one and only person who falls over has no injuries whatsoever. Not even a skinned knee.

  46. Tom, consider the brothers being low order operatives, not set up but set up for life and disappearing. The reaction that the brothers were patsies is just the first level of perception. Go past that. The brothers were in on it. The farce at the boat shows that it took place over at least two sepqarate photo shoot ops. The same with the "bombing". Look at all the photos you can find on net. Spend a couple of hours looking. There are at least two separate times for the majority of photos. Somew even indicate a third green screen blending of images. Ask Jim. Dreadnought

  47. GRB, the bedrooms are the same room. Compare them. As for you being confused, that's acceptible to the bad guys. There's only one social security number from what I hear and that's for Ryan. Do not trust me or anything you read here from me, do your own thinking and research. Cheers Dreadnought

  48. Was the hacker the attacker or was it that the attacker was the hacker? I'm getting these two boys confused. Two rooms used by one, or one room shared by two? Two guys with one ID? This is more complicated than Shakespeare's (Edward de Vere's) Comedy of Errors. I think the evidence shows Ryan and Adam are actually twins.

  49. Isn't Ryan allegedly four years older than "Adam"? Didn't "Adam" have Ryan's ID? This is more mysterious than the packing peanut found in the Ramsey's basement, that the Ace Dick, Lou Smit, from Colorado Springs declared to be evidence of an intruder.

  50. bittercritter is right. Anything is on the cards. Ryan can prove us all wrong by donating a DNA specimen to prove what lunatics were all are. Andrew Solomon has told us that scientists are sequencing Adam's DNa (see the New Yorker article "The Reckoning"). That being the case, we can compare that to Adam's results for two purposes:- 1) To make sure Ryan hasn't got the same loony gene and doesn't barge into a school with a Bushmaster. and 2) For the purposes of scientific comparison, they had the same parents therefore the same genetic material. The second hearing of Wolfgang Halbig with his FOIA hearing is due around 3rd June. He stuff he is pursuing will evidence that the Sandy Hook massacre was a scam. He's getting the real information at the most simple and illustrative level, he could do with some help from what I can see. He's shouldering an enormous weight exposing this fraud.We need people to look at different aspect of this trick. I'm a klutz of the first order, it takes me weeks to realise the obvious flaws in anything that I'm looking at. Once you know, you can't unknow. Help Wolfgang if you can. If Wolfgang doesn't suceed, you can look forward to an America where you can only guess what's going on. That's not the America I heard about. If the Republic falls, we all
    do. Dreadnought.

  51. Don't forget Adam supposedly hacked a sensitive government website which brought the FBI to his door. Then they just forgot about him for the next 4 years? Hilarious! No, once your on the FBI watchlist for something like hacking government websites rest assured they would be keeping tabs on him the rest of his life. Perhaps Ryan is a real hacker and is being protected/hidden by the government while he works for them. Possible. The final irony of Sandy Hook is that the DNA of the victims shows up on the guns more often than the DNA of Adam. How does that happen exactly? The bizarre world of government hoaxes require feats of mental gymnastics that destroy the rational mind and scientific process. This is part of what they want for us – to become so gullible as to buy anything they put out as "truth".

  52. Fingerprints in the bedroom? Fingerprints on taped rifle magazines? Fingerprints on cartridges in the magazines? Fingerprints on computers and games? Did the cops do even a basic forensic investigation? It's hard to fingerprint a ghost!

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  54. Government (traitors) bulldozed Sandy Hook Elementary AND the "Adam Lanza home" because neither building contained DNA of the (fictional) shooter or victims.

    Somewhere in that house would be Adam Lanza or Nancy Lanza DNA. But the gun-grab hoax stopped short of Death Certificates (none exist), since that involves forging Public Records.

    Similarly, they didn't want to start forging "DNA tests" because that requires a bigger scam involving labs and medical facilities.

    So the official reports "mention" DNA but documentation is manufactured, just like the other FBI-planted "evidence" (example = FBI gun range target planted behind Adam Lanza's basement sofa).

    The Sandy Hoax planners should be tried/convicted, then hanged for Treason. Trying to trick 300 million Americans out of their firearms is an act of Treason.

  55. Thank Heavens we can still see Jim's fantastic, detailed and sourced work on his blog.
    Sorry about VT, Jim, Bob Foote has been revealed by your courage to be the pompous liar he is.
    Keep up your great writing

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