Editor’s note: NATO’s intervention in Libya has caused me profound concern on multiple levels, since it entails attacking a sovereign nation that has not attacked us and demonizing a leader who, so far as I can tell, has done well by his people. I recommend this blog, by Christof Lehmann, a psychologist from Denmark, and another by Michel Chossudovsky, the editor of Global Research, who also discusses the role of the Western media as “an instrument of war”, where NATO’s crimes are obfuscated, “killing the truth” is an integral part of the military agenda, reality is turned upside down and the lie becomes the truth–which, alas, becomes more and more difficult to discern. And now, without any doubt, we have another war, this time thanks to Barack Obama.

Christof Lehmann

The sudden onset of what the corporate media and NATO want to brand as “The Arab Spring” has turned into a bloody Arab Summer, rapidly approaching Fall and global conflict. What is the reality behind the massive psychological and kinetic warfare operation that is turning the Middle East upside down? Approaching fall, even mainstream corporate media begin to report what reliable sources have reported since the onset of the Arab Spring. NATO special forces have been on the ground in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, even before the uprisings began and gained momentum. Reports from our source in Damascus confirm that NATO Special Forces are also on the ground in Turkey and Syria, preparing for yet another invasion of a sovereign country.

Turkey’s Erdogan government has made a 180 degree turn, and is now training Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda fighters for combat in Syria, while its military is preparing air and ground campaigns under NATO Command. NATO backed terror units and death squads are on a wild rampage in Syria. The first victim of war is the truth, yet the truth has absolute primacy in attempting to achieve peace and justice. NATO is preparing the invasion of Syria and campaigns against Iran. The point where NATO´s aggressions will elicit serious political, economic, and eventually military responses from Iran, Russia and China is about to be reached. The world is heading towards global war, while corporate media in NATO countries sale the confused public narratives of Arab Summers and Singing Tomorrows.

Muammar Gadaffi

Reliable sources have reported about strong CIA and MI6 activities related to the so called Arab Spring in Tunisia and Egypt, where neither the Tunisian nor the Egyptian change could have been brought about by disgruntled, disenfranchised youth, intellectuals and workers alone, without the presence of massive pressure from within the USA and EU. The uprisings are best analyzed by their results. With regard to Tunisia, the product is a new government that is an even more reliable proxy for US and EU interests. With regards to Egypt it is a military government, sharia law, and the dismantling of women’s rights. This is hardly the singing tomorrows of democracy loving idealists.

Reliable, independent sources have reported about the presence of NATO Special Operations Units as well as mercenaries with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qa´eda since the onset of the Libyan conflict. Latest since the Libyan pendant to “Black Hawk Down”, it was obvious for the observer who didn´t get his news from NATO PR-machines like Al Jazeera, CNN, and National Radio / TV in the “Free West”. Reports from independent journalists on the ground, like historian Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley, Thierry Meyssan, and well-connected journalists, such as the life-long peace activist, journalist, and former CIA asset, Susan Lindauer, offer proof beyond reasonable doubt that the armed gangs that were sold as “democracy hungry” youth were in fact NATO-lead Al Qa´eda and Muslim Brotherhood Mercenaries.

This truth was vividly omitted by the free western press, which has sold the narrative of singing tomorrows, and neglected to report how peaceful citizens, who protested for democracy and freedom, were mercilessly butchered by “Gadaffi Forces”, so that a UN Resolution for the implementation of a “No Fly Zone” could be passed and implemented by “NATO” forces. Reliable sources within the US Army at Ft. Bragg and Pope Air Base in North Carolina have reported that preparations for Libya and Syria had been on the way months–long before the onset of the so called Arab Summer. So what is the truth about the situation in Libya and what exactly is being prepared with respect to Syria?

The Military Situation in Libya. NATO Psy Ops, Hollywood in Qatar, NATO War Crimes, and Changes in Strategy. Western Corporate Media reported that the “rebels” had approached and then conquered Tripoli, fighting down the resistance of Loyalist Troops, where viewers and readers are meant to believe that the “Transitional National Counsel” has taken control over Tripoli and most of the country. TV images show celebrating masses on Tripoli’s Green Square, now re-branded as “Martryrs Square”.

Green Square, now “Martyrs Square”

Reports that Islam al Ghadaffi had been captured have been propagated in the media together with equally false reports that the garrisons in Tripoli had surrendered or its troops fled. What happened in the real world, however, has been an entirely different story all along.

The night prior to the invasion of Tripoli, NATO air forces carpet bombed military installations, TV and radio Stations, and a considerable amount of other infrastructure. Then NATO-lead mercenary forces disembarked from NATO War Ships, making an amphibian assault on Tripoli, while Apache Helicopters were straeffing civilians to open a way into the old city and central Tripoli. British fighter bombers assisted with Brimstone Rockets. Sleeper cells within Tripoli used the loudspeakers on minarets to give a signal for the death squads, which had infiltrated Tripoli, to conduct massacres on hundreds of key figures as well as random victims.

Hospitals in Tripoli reported 1,800 death and over 5,000 severely wounded. Most of them were civilians. What according to Al Jazeera has seemed to be a disintegration of government forces was a carefully planned change in strategy. Given NATO’s overwhelming air superiority, it would have been suicidal for government forces to stay in their barracks or to engage in open front-line combat. This change in strategy, which was a necessary adaption to asymmetric warfare, does not mean that an end to the conflict is anywhere near in time. On the contrary, this move guaranties that so-called “rebel” and probably also NATO forces will be engaged in a protracted conflict that could last years, where it is by no means certain that the military outcome will be what would be desired by NATO generals.

The true looser of the conflict is the Libyan population. The only front where NATO can declare a victory is in the field of Psychological Warfare, but this front and victory is also being deconstructed. A closer look at the celebrating masses in the renamed “Martryrs Square” shows that these videos were shot in Doha, Qatar, and not in Tripoli. It was a staged celebration in the best Hollywood style. During the initial chock of the aerial and amphibious assault, such images could pass and have had their desired effect on the population of Tripoli. The outrage over being conned by NATO Psychological Operations Teams, however, will probably backfire with regards to pacifying the citizens of Tripoli.

The NATO/Al Qa´eda Commander of Tripoli is no other than Abdel Hakim Belhadj, also known as Abdel Hakim al-Hasidi, former PoW of the USA.

Abdel Hakim al-Hasidi

Regardless how many aliases he uses, this man is known for being a personal friend of Osama Bin Laden. Abdel Hakim Belhadj has made himself a name for murdering US and NATO Soldiers in Afghanistan, a fact which he reportedly brags about. Knowing history and that Al Qa´eda is in reality a creature of US Intelligence, al-Hasidi is an ideal ally. Very much living up to his reputation, we are receiving reports about wide-spread massacres of civilians in Tripoli, summary executions of all black people who are unlucky enough not to hide from the “freedom fighters”, widespread abuse of women who don´t cover their heads, and other assaults and crimes against humanity, which provide ample evidence suggesting that Libya, until recently a modern nation, is about to regress back into its former state–during the dark ages before the revolution led by Ghadaffi and ousting of the Libyan Monarchy and King Idris.

How much these rag-tag mercenaries would be worth in combat with loyalist troops without having massive NATO air support remains to be seen. What is certain is that a Tripoli under the yoke of known terrorists, mass murderers, and Islamic extremists is anything but the singing tomorrows of pluralistic, democracy and freedom loving youths. Tripoli and Libya will regress into bloody, protracted conflict that could last many years. It is this protracted conflict that probably will be used as the context for establishing a permanent US/NATO military bases in Libya within the framework of the U.S. African Command. A protracted conflict will also increase scarcity on the global energy market and thereby promote the interests of “Big Oil”.

Libya and the International Terror Threat. These developments in Libya and in the wider Middle East, open cooperation between known terrorist organizations and NATO, with the global financial crisis, increase the likelihood that disenfranchised European and American populations will respond with violence: when you have nothing left to loose, you loose your self-control. It will be tempting for rogue, deep-state elements to plan and perform new false flag terror attacks. U.S. American and European populations, therefore, should be on the outlook for police or military exercises, “anti-terror drills”, and similar activities that usually precede false flag operations. Any attacks may well be blamed on Gadaffi, Syria, Iran, or any of the organizations that are supported by them. The scripting in the corporate western media, including the discussion of chemical weapons in Libya, indicates that this is a threat that must be taken serious.

Syria, Turkey, NATO and the E.U. While NATO Special Operations Forces already were training and arming Syrian Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qa´eda mercenaries in Syria as well as on Turkish territory, the Erdogan government was until recently strongly opposed to open war with Syria. Meanwhile, however, there have been meetings between Turkey, Germany and France, and the official stance of Turkey has changed, now agreeing with an open war with Syria. Like the Greek economy few months ago, the economy of Turkey is not invulnerable either. This sudden change in politics suggests that Turkey´s decades-long ambitions to join the European Union may have been utilized for high-jacking the population of Turkey as pawns in a new imperial project that could have disastrous national, and potentially global, consequences.

Our US Army source within Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, confirms that preparations for an invasion of Syria and for air raids against Hezbollah in Lebanon as well as attacks on Iran have been in preparation for months. Taking the Mediterranean climate into account, any ground attack on Syria would have to begin and probably be concluded–or at least stabilized–no later than October. This implies that the Libyan campaign must be stabilized by October, too. Our source in Damascus is reporting honest attempts of the Syrian government to bring about reforms. In fact, it has proposed reforms that are far more far reaching than the original demands of the “honest” Syrian protesters, whose own political process has been high-jacked by imperial forces and mercenaries, where we will bring a special report from Syria soon.

According to our own analysis and that of other independent analysts, an imperial NATO adventure that involves Syria will have enormous ramifications. Russia has her only navy base with direct access to the Mediterranean situated in Syria. Iran can not stand idly by while its main Arab ally is attacked by NATO is almost certainly preparing itself militarily. This preparation will most likely involve Hezbollah. Besides making military preparations, Iran is also preparing itself economically by privatizing at least seven of its eleven oil refineries. This will lead to massive Russian and Chinese investments in Iran and thus to greater interest in protecting Iran economically and, if necessary, indirectly or directly by means of military interventions.

Indirect conflict could manifest in the opening of a Hezbollah front and others incursions. Direct conflict would result in open global war, which is the final goal of “Zbig” Brzezniski and his school of politics, which is currently dominating thinking at the White House. On a wider perspective, it must be noticed that Iran has strategic and economic alliances with Pakistan, China and Russia. Pakistan has now asked the entire staff employed at the US Embassy to leave the country and, in the case of open NATO aggression against Syria or Iran, a Pakistani government would experience extreme internal pressure to respond in hostile ways against the USA.

Is NATO about to commit the classic mistake of “Empire Overreach”? If so, history provides us with countless examples that the collapse of an empire invariably produces widespread conflicts. The Arab Summer could develop into NATO´s Fall.

Christof Lehmann, a Danish psychologist and political advisor to the nation’s leaders, posted the original version of this blog at nsnbc.

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