LIFE ON THE RUN: On Judyth Vary Baker and the Death of Martha Rose Crow

LIFE ON THE RUN: On Judyth Vary Baker and the Death of Martha Rose Crow
by Judyth Vary Baker and (the late) Martha Rose Crow (with Dr. James Fetzer)

Abstract. Marctha Rose Crow, a social activist and contributor to OpEdNews, was the closest friend of Judyth Vary Baker, the author of ME & LEE, which documents her relationship with Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans during several months prior to the assassination of JFK. Judyth has had to live her life on the run because of harassment and death threats she has received since she began to speak out about their relationship after watching Oliver Stone’s “JFK”. Her dear friend, Martha, began receiving threats of her own after endorsing Judyth’s book and may have been murdered because of it. Portions of this article were adapted from her web site for inclusion here.

Martha Rose Crow, a social activist and contributor to OpEdNews, was the closest friend of Judyth Vary Baker, the author of ME & LEE, which documents her relationship with Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans during several months prior to the assassination of JFK. Judyth has had to live her life on the run because to the harassment and death threats she has received since she began to speak out about their relationship after watching Oliver Stone’s “JFK”. Her dear friend, Martha, began receiving threats of her own after endorsing Judyth’s book and may have been murdered because of it.

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Martha Rose Crow

At about the same time Martha posted, “Judyth Vary Baker is my best friend!” on her multitude of blogs, “That’s when she started getting threats,” Judyth has told me. Mere hours after Martha wrote a publisher that both she and Judyth had just received “terrible death threats” and that she wasn’t feeling well, Martha collapsed for unknown reasons in a public market. She was not diagnosed with any heart attack symptoms during her brief hospitalization. Nevertheless, she died that same night due to a sudden and unexpected heart attack. She was in her early fifties, physically fit and in good health until she began complaining of feeing unwell just before her death.

Dr. James Fetzer:


It may be difficult to believe that someone like Martha might have been taken out because of her friendship with Judyth Vary Baker. We know, however, that Judyth’s story is one that the intelligence agencies of the United States’ government, especially the CIA but also the ONI and the FBI, do not want to become familiar to the public. Having invested so much time and effort to demonize Lee Oswald as “the lone, demented gunman,”, Judyth’s story reveals that he was actually a sociable, highly intelligent and very disciplined individual, who appears to have had a long history of undercover operations with the government, where he appears to have been recruited by the ONI, defected to the Soviet Union at the behest of the CIA, and served as an informant for the FBI.

Since I organized a research group consisting of the most highly-qualified individuals to ever investigate the death of JFK in 1992—including a world authority on the human brain, who was also an expert on wound ballistics; a Ph.D. in physics who is also an M.D. and board-certified in the treatment of cancer using X-ray therapy; a physician who was present after a moribund JFK was brought into Trauma Room #1 at Parkland Hospital, and two days later, was also responsible for the treatment of Kennedy’s alleged assassin, Lee Oswald, in Trauma Room #2; I also brought in a legendary photo and film analyst who testified before the House Select Committee on Assassinations during its reinvestigation of the deaths of JFK and Martin Luther King, Jr., in 1977-78; as well as another Ph.D. in physics, this time an expert in the properties of light and the physics of moving objects, which he applied to the study of the Zapruder film—I have been fascinated to learn what Judyth has to tell us, which I find entirely credible.

Our research, which has been published in three books and many articles, has exposed the use of fabricated evidence to frame Lee Oswald as the patsy and to create a false account of the causes of the death of our 35th president. Among those published on OpEdNews, for example, are “What we Know Now” (26 November 2010), “Zapruder JFK Film impeached by Moorman JFK Polaroid” (28 March 2009), and “Another Attempted Reenactment of the Death of JFK” with David W. Mantik, M.D., Ph.D. (21 November 2008). Indeed, those who have wondered about the backyard photographs, which have been disputed for decades, may find “The Dartmouth JFK-Photo Fiasco” with Jim Marrs (18 November 2009), of special interest, where we expose the irresponsible conduct of Hany Farid, a computer scientists at Dartmouth College, for his shoddy attempt to prove the photographs were authentic based upon the study of one feature of one of the photographs, when there are many other ways to prove the photos fake.


Perhaps the most important reason the intelligence community would be concerned about Martha is that her endorsement of Judyth’s book was strong and clear and forceful:

As Mistress to Lee Harvey Oswald,
She Has A Great Story to Tell That Will Change History!

Martha Rose Crow:

The Article: Judyth Vary Baker and Lee Harvey Oswald: “True Love”

He was twenty-three, she just nineteen when they first met in the romantic city of New Orleans. They soon fell in love. But there was one problem – he was on a mission to kill Castro, which would end with his involvement in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. He was living in a dangerous, covert world. His name was Lee Harvey Oswald. Her name was Judyth Vary Baker.

Edward T. Haslam, author of the popular book Dr. Mary’s Monkey, spent years searching for the lab technician he knew had to be involved with eminent cancer researcher Dr. Mary Sherman. “Dr. Mary” was brutally murdered the same day the Warren Commission came to New Orleans to get testimonies about the Kennedy assassination. The murder was never solved. Sixty Minutes investigators contacted Haslam in 2000 to verify what Judyth Baker was telling them about Sherman. A decade later, Edward T. Haslam wrote the foreword to Me & Lee, Baker’s book about her cancer research with Sherman and her love affair with Oswald:

“This book is thick with political intrigue, but it is also a story about something else: something softer, but stronger. It is about that invisible force commonly called “love.” A stubborn and enduring love, spiced with anger, frustration, and yes, revenge. This is the story of the 20-year-old girl who screamed as she watched the man she loved murdered on national television, who saw him summarily convicted of the very crime she knew he gave his life trying to stop.

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Judyth hid in silence for decades, afraid that she too would be murdered. But love eventually overcame fear. And love is ultimately the reason this woman decided to risk her life to tell her story… You can listen to Madame Butterfly, or read Romeo and Juliet, but you are not likely to find a story about undying love in which a woman has “stood by her man” with more resolve. Despite their separation by death, the horrible accusations made against him, or the crude insults she has endured publicly for pleading his case, the bottom line remains that Judyth Vary Baker loves Lee Harvey Oswald. And she wants you to know the man that she knew: the man who ultimately died because of his efforts to save John F. Kennedy. Here is her story at last.”

Judyth Vary Baker:

Lee Oswald revealed his double life as a secret government agent to me as I gained his confidence. “The Warren Commission missed a significant JFK assassination connection,” wrote Prof. Donald E.Wilkes, Jr. about those revelations. He writes a yearly article on the Kennedy assassination for Flagpole Magazine. Wilkes says respected researchers Harold Weisman and Prof. Michael Kurtz have both “concluded that while in New Orleans Oswald behaved as if he were an undercover intelligence agent.

Kurtz wrote: “What the Warren Commission failed to disclose is that Oswald led a double life in New Orleans, outwardly posing as a pro-Castro Marxist, but secretly associated with such rabidly anti-Communist individuals as Guy Banister and David Ferrie.” And Weisberg wrote: “Everything Oswald did in New Orleans in 1963 is consistent only with the establishment of what in the spy trade is called a ‘cover.’”

Wilkes added, “As a result of allegations made by Judyth Vary Baker, a woman who was born in Indiana in 1943, lived in New Orleans in 1963, and now lives incognito in Europe, the story of Oswald’s five months in New Orleans has, in the words of author Edward T. Haslam, “morphed into an 800 pound gorilla” that includes a “sizzling little romance between a beautiful young woman and a soon-to-be-accused assassin.”

Rollin Stearns ( summarizes the fates of those who knew too much about Lee Oswald, Judyth, and a secret, deadly cancer developed for the CIA:

“Judyth Vary had a dream, to find a cure for cancer…Her research won her state-wide prizes and offers of prestigious scholarships. It also brought her into contact with Dr. Alton Ochsner, head of the Ochsner Clinic in New Orleans. Unknown to Baker, Ochsner was working with the CIA on a plan to kill Castro. The plan was to develop a “galloping” cancer virus that would kill its victim within weeks. Under the guise of medical treatment, it would be injected into Castro.”

Stearns goes on to tell what happened to Judyth and Lee in New Orleans and beyond, involving David Ferrie, Dr, Mary Sherman, and Jack Ruby: ).

“…he and Judyth would marry and live in Mexico once all this was over,” Stearns writes,” but it was a forlorn hope. Oswald said he could not leave yet; he had to go on, in the hope that he could protect the President.

The rest is history. It’s possible that Oswald was able to thwart an assassination planned to take place in Chicago, but in Dallas the story was different. When Kennedy was killed, Oswald was arrested almost immediately.

Denied a lawyer, held incommunicado except when he was moved from one location to another, he was shot by Ruby, the friend he had known since he was a boy. He was the first person to die live on TV. Judyth was watching….A few months later, Dr. Mary Sherman was brutally murdered in her apartment…Shortly after Jack Ruby won an appeal for a retrial, he came down with cancer. He said he had recently been injected with something by the prison doctor. He was dead within weeks. The next month — just days after Jim Garrison’s investigation was announced in the New Orleans papers — Ferrie was found dead in his apartment. Also found were two different suicide notes, both typed, both unsigned.”

Stearns concludes,

”Her book, which is exhaustively documented and filled with fascinating detail, is unsparingly honest about herself and free of rancor or blame. She now lives (some say) somewhere in Scandinavia. The world has been turned upside down. Good men are called assassins and murdered while the real assassins bask in glory.”

Martha Rose Crow:

Jim Marrs, whose book CROSSFIRE was a basis for Oliver Stone’s movie “JFK”, wrote the afterword to Judyth’s book ME & LEE:

“Could it be true? I pondered. How could a 19-year-old college student have been dragged into a covert operation to develop a cancerous biological weapon? And if she had, how did this involve Lee Harvey Oswald, who was officially supposed to be a lone nut and a Communist who dreamed of living in Cuba?”
Marrs, who studied Judyth’s case over a period of a decade, asks,
“Can we ever learn the truth? Yes, by studying the wide array of information now available, thinking for ourselves, and listening to the impassioned, unflinching voice of Judyth Vary Baker.”

Judyth Vary Baker:

I have to live in undisclosed locations. Why? here’s an example: The History Channel, in their current Internet film “Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy Theorists” says I ‘claimed’ to have helped a top secret CIA team create AIDS! Now, who can walk safely down the street with that kind of lie hanging over them?”

Dr. James Fetzer:

This production, like many others—“Another Attempted Reenactment of the Death of JFK” (with David W. Mantik), “Death in Dealey Plaza”, and “Spectacular Disinformation: ABC’s Simulation” ignores the facts that the “magic” bullet theory is not only false but not even anatomically possible, that the Mannlicher-Carcano could not have fired the bullets that killed JFK, and that he was not even on the 6th floor at the time of the shooting, as I have explained in “Dealey Plaza Revisited: What Happened to JFK?” So take what you see here with a considerable grain of salt, since it is intended to discredit Judyth’s story, which is true, by surrounding it with unfounded theories and distorting Jim Garrison’s investigation, which would probably have resulted in a conviction but for the untimely deaths of key witnesses:


At this point in the article, Martha Rose Crow had inserted “I want to talk about our death threats. Get me a copy of the Jim Fetzer Interview, to back us up.” Dr. Fetzer had received the first death threat in twenty years of exposing controversy and cover-up in the Kennedy assassination. The death threat arrived just after he created a blog for Judyth. Fetzer, when told of Martha’s death, said “The blog will stay up.”

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Martha Rose Crow:

Baker says she regularly receives death threats. When Dr. James Fetzer interviewed her in February [2010] on “The Real Deal” in a rare, live session, Fetzer said,

” … one of the most convincing aspects of your life story in relation to with your association with Lee Oswald is the massive harassment to which you have been subjected. It’s been a veritable horror story.”

JVB: “Yeah, it’s been real fun.”

JF: “’It’s been real fun!’ [laughing]. In fact, you’ve had to live in one country after another. Weird accidents and attempts have been made on your life. And I must tell you [that] to me, it was astonishing that, when I put up your blog, I received the first death threat I have ever received in about 20 years of doing research on JFK. It wasn’t directly mentioning you but, I take it …”

JVB: “No, they wouldn’t want to do that.”

JF: “That would be too obvious, huh?”



In 2003 The History Channel aired a documentary about Judyth Vary Baker’s life story called “The Love Affair.” It was quickly banned along with the two other new documentaries in the popular series The Men Who Killed Kennedy. No less lights than Lyndon Johnson’s widow, two former presidents (Carter and Ford), Jack Valenti and Disney’s head honcho Eisner threatened lawsuits. However, the banned documentaries, including “The Love Affair,” are posted –and sometimes quickly removed –on YouTube.

Baker says she could have become wealthy simply by saying “Oswald did it.”

“But he was innocent,” she says, “and the world is finding that out, even though it means I lost my teaching career, my doctoral degree, and just about everything I had. There are people who hate me for speaking out.”

Judyth Vary Baker:

But I have wonderful friends and supporters. Without their help, I wouldn’t be safe. This Christmas I was sent a romantic “Me and Lee” ornament, with the words ‘True Love.’ Those who know me best know that’s the bottom line. I loved Lee Oswald, and he loved me. And I will continue fighting to clear his name.”

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True Love Pendant


As stated above, Martha created the outline of this article for the woman she called “my best friend!” in February, 2010, just prior to her sudden and suspicious death on March 1st. Everyone was shocked. One friend wrote:
I had read a number of Martha’s articles and found them to be spot on when it came to understanding the world and pathocracy. When I saw the news of her death I looked back and reread some of her articles just to see if there was anything I missed. She definitely had an awareness beyond many writers I’ve read. I remember she had a short bio on OpEdNews….

Other comments: “…sadly another bright light in the darkness has been extinguished. My condolences to her family… and all who were touched by her efforts on behalf of humanity.” One comment struck home: “This borders on unbelievable. I’m at a loss for words.”

The same day Martha died, she wrote this email to a publisher and close friend:

Subject: Chapter 12 is going to be a couple days late
Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2010 07:07:40 -0800 (PST)
From: Martha Rose Crow

Judyth and I are under harsh attack. Our yahoo email accounts were hacked this weekend (mine longer than hers), her computer got hacked real bad last night (some people came over to help her and stayed up with her all night until it got fixed), she got a terrible death threat…[details of threat removed]….one of her big and famous supporters also got a terrible death threat, youtube took a video of her off minutes after it was posted and on and on…”
After Martha’s Sudden Death

Judyth Vary Baker:

I posted on SCRIBD some of the circumstances surrounding Martha Rose Crow’s sudden death:

I write this in memory of Martha Rose Crow who, with myself, received a death threat a few days before she died, when, in her early fifties, she suddenly collapsed due to a “heart attack” though she’ d never had any heart problems. She died soon after posting that I was her ‘best friend´ and had placed my website address and the book cover of Me & Lee on all her blogs. [They are still there] She had never previously received any death threats in Europe, where she had been living in exile for over eight years.

Her death occurred not long after Jim Fetzer interviewed me by telephone and subsequently receiving his first-ever death threat (concerning his 9/11 activities) after doing so. When I went to London later to complete several YouTube interviews for Dr. Fetzer there, I was seriously harassed at the airport, both coming and going. In addition, several important items were stolen from my possession, and a few other events occurred that, should I repeat them, might not be believed.”

Martha’s body was cremated against her family’s wishes and before they could arrive from America to order a full autopsy. Police did open a case, but with only ashes to analyze, could do little.” Under ordinary circumstances, I would not have sent an article promoting my book, but these are not ordinary circumstances. Martha Rose Crow wrote portions of the article as it now appears, and created an outline for the rest of it. Dr. James Fetzer has supplemented the article with his own insightful comments, offering additional information for anyone who wants to learn more about the root causes of the problems in our country.

For Martha, the threats are now over. Thank God, she can rest in peace. We who knew and loved her will never forget her cheery “Hey!” — her overwhelming kindness — her dedication to peace, justice and truth. She was not afraid to do research into topics as varied as aliens, illegal torture by the US, and political ponerology. I know she is watching from heaven and understands why I will never give up the fight for justice for Lee Harvey Oswald. More than most, she knows the price that is paid for the sake of true love.

Martha Rose Crow’s official website is here:
Also see:

Martha foresaw the economic crash and hard times across America and Europe; she reported on the early deaths of baby boomers, was concerned about FEMA camps, and deplored the torture of Iraqi prisoners. She educated people about Big Pharma and publicized problems with contaminated modern vaccines etc. long before they reached mainstream news. She was the enemy of darkness and evil.

Martha’s OpEdNews biography:

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