Jerry Mazza on the Afghanistan “Miracle” Coincidence

JamesFetzerNews — 19 June 2010 — Jerry Mazza, an independent journalist from New York, has observed that The New York Times is reporting a “new discovery” of precious metals in Afghanistan at the very time of a contentious vote in the Senate over $33 billion more in spending on the war. In this piece, he explains how the US was negotiating with the Taliban for permission to run a pipeline through the northern part of the nation and advised the Taliban, which refused, that if they allowed the pipeline to be built, we would bathe them in gold, and if they did not, we would bathe them in bombs. This was as early as 1996, long before the events of 9/11.

While President Obama has justified an increase in troops of some 30,000 on the basis that “this is the region from which we were attacked on 9/11” and that we are there “hunting for Osama bin Laden”, he appears to be oblivious that Obama died around mid-December of 2001 and that the events of 9/11 were a “false flag” op with a little help from our friends in Israel. It is ironic, therefore, that even if there were $1 trillion in precious metals in Afghanistan, it is costing the US more than $1 trillion to wage the war there.

Moreover, we should instead be celebrating on behalf of the Afghan people that their impoverished nation may now have mineral resources that can enrichen the nation to better serve its people–unless the World Bank or the IMF has already stripped those mineral rights from Afghanistan under one of the “agreements” it has reached with the Afgan government. Stay tuned! And check Webster Tarpley on the mineral find in Afghanistan where he explains that it is actually old news being recycled for political purposes. More: Brasscheck TV

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