“U.S. and Israel sign a massive arms deal” by Jerry Mazza

Jerry Mazza, an independent journalist from New York, has just published a new column about a massive arms deal between the US and Israel, in spite of the recent snub by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu of US Vice President Joe Biden. During Biden’s recent visit, the Minister of the Interior announced that Israel was planning some 1,600 new settlements in land that historically belongs to the Palestinians, thereby subverting American efforts to maintain peace talks between the conflicting parties. In addition, Netanyahu further insulted Biden by deliberately breaking the frame of a photograph that had been prepared for him as a gift, telling Biden “All I can offer you is broken glass!” Jerry makes the nice point that, although it is difficult for Americans to accept, there are multiple indications of complicity by elements of the government of Israel in the events of 9/11, as a recent article by Alan Sabrosky, former Director of the US Army War College, has explained in “Gordon Duff: Sabrosky Interview Ties Israel to 9/11”.

For more on Jerry, see the previous blog and also the blog “Jerry Mazza on Obama, 9/11 and Afghanistan” for a sampler of his writings and for my interview with him on JamesFetzerNews.)

Jerry Mazza on New Arms Agreement with Israel

U.S. and Israel sign a massive arms deal
Jerry Mazza / 29 March 2010

Here, I thought the U.S. and Israel were ready to go 15 rounds in the Garden (not Eden).

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’ insulted Vice President Biden, Middle East envoy George Mitchell, plus Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Clinton warned Netanyahu that the building of more settlements in the West Bank definitely will slow peace efforts. Netanyahu basically said who cares.

And then I read this HAARETZ headline: Despite row, U.S. and Israel sign massive arms deal. What, so they can use them on us? You gotta be kidding. But no, there it is, in the first paragraph: “As Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was in Washington this week absorbing the full wrath of the Obama administration, the Pentagon and Israel’s defense establishment were in the process of sealing a large arms deal.” Sounds like they’re playing, good cop, bad cop, n’est-ce pas?

“Well, isn’t that special,” Dana Carvey’s “Church Lady” smiles from cyberspace and asks, “Now, who could be behind that? (Beat) Saaatan?” Well, it certainly sounds like the great dissembler. As Haaretz says, “According to the deal, Israel will purchase three new Hercules C-130J airplanes. The deal for the three aircrafts, designed by Lockheed Martin, is worth roughly a quarter of a billion dollars. Each aircraft costs $70 million.” Ugh, I think, worth a quarter of a billion bucks, each plane $70 million? What? Who’s paying for this deal?

Well, the ‘deal,’ it turns out will be covered by American foreign assistance funds. What does that mean? We’re fronting them the money to buy our planes? Kiss my tassels.

And look at this: “The aircrafts were manufactured specifically for Israeli needs, and include a large number of systems produced by Israel’s defense industry.” What? When? Three new planes, $70 million each? They didn’t make these in a minute. Who ever heard? Well who ever said that you need to know what the Pentagon is doing? It is top secret, not for schlimazels like you, you taxpayer, you American senior citizen, useless eater. You’re lucky you’ve got your Social Security and Medicare for another year. Then it all goes to B’nai Brith. Arrrrrgh!

And what are the ‘Israeli’s special needs’ besides bombing Palestinians? Well, how about bombing the Iranians. Bombing the Jordanians, the Syrians, and the whole megillah? The Pentagon has got to be nuts. Or, once again, the Pentagon is letting little Israel play the big stick for them in the Middle East.

Listen to this: “The Pentagon will issue a formal announcement on the matter on Thursday evening.” That’s it, just like that? We don’t vote, we don’t know, we’re handing these vipers more deadly weapons, more money? Are you serious, Haaretz? Well, don’t shoot the messenger.

Right, but it says, “America and Israel have still not reached an agreement regarding the purchase of the Lockheed F-35 war plane. It is still not clear when that deal, which is estimated to be worth more than $3 billion, will finally be sealed and carried out.”

But don’t we give these characters $3 billiion a year to buy war crap? Is this it? And we have to front them even more for the first deal? And we’re supposed to not be angry at these goons for trying to gobble up the West Bank. Is Obama getting head from Monica Lewinski? What’s going on: Three Lockhead F-35’s; three new Hercules C-130J airplanes?

And this for the country that does more spying on us than any nation, friend or enemy? Are we serious? What are those guys smoking at the Pentagon and who’s supplying them?

And here’s the capper. “If that deal is signed in the near future, Israel will likely receive its first F-35 in 2014.”

If that deal is sealed, wait a minute? Ho, hold on, that’s my, that’s our tax money, putz! Seal your lips before I get the Five Dancing Israelis to dance on your heads while we document Israel going up in smoke, not just the World Trade Center. These guys were videotaping one of their buddies dancing on a white moving van in New Jersey, dancing and flicking his lighter as the towers burned and fell in the background.

And these schlimazels walked away after they were arrested for a couple of months, cold as stone, no remorse, nothing. And the FBI stood there with their hands on their privates, doing, saying nothing, as the boyz were extradited to Israel and claiming on TV there that they were to document the event. How did they know there was going to be an event to document, particularly one of those tragic proportions? How, Secretary Gates, tell me?

See, here’s what I believe. The reason we throw more and more money at Israel is because Israel, the Mossad, does all this dirty business for us, including helping to wipe out the WTC on 9/11. Larry Silverstein and Frank Loewy, his partner, the lessees of the WTC, are now reaching a new deal with the Port Authority for more money to build Towers 2 and 3, after they received $4.5 billion in insurance, and Larry another $500 million in insurance on Tower 7, which he built five stories higher and wider immediately. This is a cash cow for Silverstein and his buddies. That and other little “assignments” the dual Israel/American citizens and Mossad are so good at pulling off.

World Trade Center developer Larry Silverstein poses for a portrait in his office overlooking the site in New York. Silverstein and government agencies that control the trade center site have reached a deal to resolve a 16-month stalemate over rebuilding at ground zero.

So by now you think I’m an anti-Semite saying this? No, everything I’ve said is the truth. When you tell the truth, fact, about someone that isn’t a religious or ethnic slur. It’s just the truth. Throw them all in jail. Go ahead. I am an American citizen. This is my country. And I don’t want my country associated with these murderers.

In fact, I’d like to know why so few people picked up on former US Marine Corps grunt Gordon Duff, who writes for Veterans Today, interviewing USMC Vietnam vet, Dr. Alan Sabrosky, former director of studies at the US Army War College, about his military knowledge that Israel Did It, that is 9/11, and has the potential to launch a nuclear strike. The Mossad, he claims, took down the towers with help of the CIA. Sabrosky, who is Jewish, but also a fiercely loyal American, is seething at the Israelis.

So, bottom line, it all comes back to following the money, and asking why we’re bowing to Israel, spotting them for billions for more high-powered, advanced tech planes, especially when they’ve thumbed their noses at our orders to not keep building new settlements in Palestine.

Jerry Mazza is a freelance writer and life-long resident of New York City. Reach him at gvmaz@verizon.net. His new book, “State Of Shock: Poems from 9/11 on” is available at www.jerrymazza.com, Amazon or Barnesandnoble.com.

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